The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 3, 1924 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1924
Page 4
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VAC.K FOUR. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS i-UhllahiMi hy Tl\i> ,Si-w» c-,ii,imn\ W. V. MORQAM, EDITOR, ESTABLISHED 1872. Entoreil HI iho I'oin>f;iro in Dutch- lriann, Kiinea*. for trmiBm-tiaii-t. throuih tha malls aa acn.i.d.ctaar matter. TELEPHONE *MO0 I'rtvat-. branch --ncliiing":'. -vlipn • Ptirator answer.*, flvo ncraun or tl«" liaittnmit wanted. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION Flrat, ticono and Third Zonei By mail, una year.. s*.t*n By mail, ais months ii.'i 'J By man. three mntit.ha.. I. •J! Hy mall, one month h< Fourth. *-'"th, Slum. «"0 Sntnlh *on.a. By mMi. on© ytai.i ,...liiU ! liy mall, an mnuilia........ .t.»i' By mall, throe nionlha S- 1 " 1 Hy mall, one month J b By catrler, net wet-k * Weekly Nona, on 1 rear » • •" MEVBEB AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION MEVDER AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS' ASSOCIAT.ON. MEMBER OF ASSOC! A TEC PRESS Th« A»B-i-tM»<l Vtvtn " itxcltislvW- entitled to the in* fui rrtl'Uhil .-nlhiri "' P.II newa credited lo It « not oihor ••|»« ci edited In tlila paper, und nln tho local nrn iinijllalii'il neri-ln. All rlKlu nf •r|int. , lratlnil nr alioHa (tlBl'it'li/.-. h. It 'n nir> .')!.•.'• r ( > S( T.. nil The bidlinger Urug Co. PBESCH1PT10N SPECIALISTS, retention, ft- No. 17 Nartn Main Strait. Hutchlnaan. ILLUSTRIOUS NAMES My cousin's breast, is frill of woe. lio thinks this We Is hurd his fruiter nHincd lilm ttdgur I'or, in honor t'f tlto ban!, unil ovorv pricing hour or so his gentio soul Is Jarred. lie couldn't write mi ode sublime if thiit tviiitltl bring ItIin little: hi cinililu'I Inline tt decent l'livinc to s:ue himself frulti jllll, Kllll people josli hlui till the tiiiif, wiih .iokelels wlurd rinil slitli'. They incut lilnt liy the village lcIrk anil talk about his; "'The Unvou' is your noblest iiork." siiyp one. "h''; rim so \.oi>e, although m'iin i fiiiii^iits « Hit it lurk. .-ilg'-ieNriri': -hroml ;uol hiiiese." .Into s >;i> " The l.oUlbllg' u;is your le-st. It's venHy pvet- ty ftitt 1 ;'' ;md so tln-v 'prlnc. t lie line icllt je.-l till lidmir pirns lie- nir. unil rends the button,, \. K | in aii- Zl*r :ilnl (tes,ntlr. My iiuiet ceil-in linr no truck with criin- lllitl- o;- C! ill)" ; ;iitll .C!'., , ; 1 lie bus n IICIO'H iiliick, bin patience is :;iiblinie, hut some- tltiy he wiil inn ntntlck. I'll hot a pc\v- ' ter iliine. Sonic liny n wet. elm he'll IMV , :mi] il 'ivn Hie nl met Ic'll UO. illtll tliv'Cl 'K jl!r|iiei':i i 'i:i ' .\|i!l'.' lo limbic ,s;ul mill •I..'-' ; .tiill Ic'll (lellOiltlCi: the en ilc: -iii' u lio 11 :t incl liliii Tie . U U it tenifuJ i]i to :iny liot'tllill ..itllte lo li"ii|- the 1111III*., of home dead I 'lmp v.'lin IVIIS iinilnly crcni: ami ,in>' jarin! i^ a Hii|> ivhu rfn/> trill chiilli ii):.' i';ii«.. ' W.\|,T .MASON l-:.l «:ir ii;.niiic THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE. 1'i'i.sidi in i'ooli'l^e'.-f tnesiiime i* jnsL like otlttT liociini ttt^ which lieve eolne lrom ill,. Vre^ilont. It. ii. car -y to reiul ntni impou-ihle to llliiitaiie. lie write- just what he llthtkh ((built pwl'iie quohtlotis in woiilv that ai • i.l.tin ami in n- t .ellcr .i i 'nat toe Miol '1. He iloe:i noL fiml I'antt or iei ulie or .-.coe!. He le.H to i'on t ;ie:-- ami to the people what he llUukH the. country nm.'ils ami n hi. in pai'tiKrunhb- thai at'i' luiei' atul clear. Unite naturally the I'l-e^i'lent emiihasiiies tlie plain tind iitilnt' t- c-Mt!n^ snhject of .-vii.-nlie -says that ilie irovi .niuieiit shoitl'l fi-'tliice iis eel anil inciileiil.iHy .sn;:7'-ri s tiiat local ^overntneiit ii I K o In- llliole les^ exlieiisivi- ami Unit Intlii iilnals v, i,i ijit i!o well if they lilo w|«« ailopii-il n policy of tOtrelrclllllellt. The I 't'cHiili -nl ;-.a.vr-: "The LO-, • crmi :eN! c;in do mi,;v to rene'd>' lite i .-olioie'-c ni ill" p'.opU- hi n s,..Ueui of ri:id e'\j !l "ini in p.i • 1 e.'.i'i t '.ilii Mt,'e t hull call he LOiiiiil '^hctl tiiro.uh an\ o:lur , lion." Tli.rU he calN aiienitoa lo fact that !lin e:.poii .... n.' lie ^. .- etllliH.nt. nnlioii.' and Im';-.! ...a.- hlncO. now s:aad. ,i a .i..ii ( . - •* lO SlOl |'u r nil' '.-'.at In ii. land. While tie na, iohal ^^\,-::: ilium in r.-'luiioK ii . • i- 1 tii i a 1 ... till.' ninotiu;, ihc local — o. i• r 111111..11' • toiottltl lie iloin^ yoiiietliin .4 aloa (lio same line w,:h tiic-r iw.v thirds. And he conciMdefi uiili a tiu.Mit u! wii'cii thi^ is a pan, "Tltc fallacy id' the claim 1I1.11 lite cosls of Koiei .'iincitt aic lion: liy tltu rich cannot lie too ufii -n >-x 'lObed. Xo .^v.-li.-ni lets heen d< "rlBcrl, ) (lo not think any e could lie deviM -d. ntiilr-r whicii any pei'Hon llvlim in IIIIK I 'iitinii'.i 1 ..led «n ;ttpi; beiti^. affeited h> ... ' uf our tA .vcraniint." • Allll lllPIl let 111.- rullKl •esMlleti COIIBIIU'I ' lliin -lalenn nl 11, an fIn* J'l'psl'lwu: "Anyhody can r. due.' ta \e. i u 1: IL Is not so easi 10 sluml In t!; SHU tiiiil ri -Blbl tbo par-line of in rruitftlii'! ii|i|eo :i !'liitioii bills v. lit. ' . ivmilil iiiaile reduction inipun-Mible IX nl. tilt' flti.Hl of tin.' lli .'.iellt. ,-e-. llfon tltu CunRrvtui ba<i kept ivithl: tilt' budntrl wltleli I iirujio.-si- to pi'i!.-,, »ent, it will (lion be iioasililo. lo '. Juve a niuricrnle amount of lax re-. .Iiiciion. and all'Mhe lux refoi'in Unit j i lio foncie.'S il 'ay wl»li for ililvlll* ' Hie nc \t fi-cii) year." i In lllel-' few lO 'lllelp -cH 1111 (1 ,l|io<e which en with lliein In the , "we ..el.;", llle I 'l'ev -ldvv.'. Uu *i ti\l\l t!|C people tllC cxill 'l t til' 11. Ii, ,f : i, ,« tlie aiti'iciilluial isittiaiion the I 're .ildcti! ray."'. "I 'A- Jwy biiottiffs lias its, rlfks ami it» , 'tnici of deiM -e.^rtion. H Is wi.dl known tha' in 'be litis I 'm H"''"' -nil lie a in .if.' CM-II v \ -or-Hfi'll y • under lie- ntiiutii! -voiklnK nut of i -eoniiio, • I i••. ' '•• ill w hen tie.' !-'oi- iciimiciit uiidi a.ikcs Hie nt'ilfti (til ..liptio, : • . laa:-;,-. t- ami Indusi trie--. ' I. lint tec I'icslilent ...ayn tbtll llllli b ... : !'•' ilmii by liie .Uiiverlimen: ami til" pi'olei'llon ot il" I'll- I^.n^. ill.- c.'.lcti.-lon of mal'keiti, and |. ••• •, Ici.-iiiies mclhods. "Kv- ••: v. :,h • " b" "a'v.,, "that I lio : (•rent need of the tHl 'lller ia Ill-it' kei . Tie- country Is not t-nifi-r- . in;; on Hie »ide of pioilitcllnu. AI' inie! lb,- entire, difficulty is on Ibu «!di- of ili .-in'iiiiiioit." Tin! I'resi- Metl; ilien to I e i'ol 11111 e 11 ll :I • liule- alotl:: tie- !im - be thus pi 'o. piwe . a-- soon as lie i;eis the ill' fornialion and the reconintend.t- ', tlon of Hie i-eprei-enlatlves of ag- rieilllnre whom ]te has iipnollitiid lo ncctn'c tie.- raris. '1'he ines .-.ii-^e iii tilled with tbe iioinin.'itin.i' noie of coniinon sense. iitid on ninny donicHiie niatteis the . rresldeitt makes aonsihle and siralplttfrirwaril Tecomm-inilutlons. ; >S'hcn he cutnea to tho Interna- jlional situation lie dons not take i so much time hut lie -jets right to the point. Hf! recommend*! that 'the l'liiled Slates continue H8 pol- • icy uf h<,'ls >fiiliH >s*s but of keeping out of I'Jnropean politics, lie tlt'-jus :that thfl t'lilted StnlcK adlierii to Iho iniitiicol cstuldiBliins tha Court i of Inlvrnatiomil Justice, which he | bt-llcves lo be tlie best tribunal now In existence for Hie poucefui sclilcmeut of ilis-ptitiHl questions. AM -oi.n as ihe conditlom! in Kn- tope liave .settled and the Hawes phut has had a chance to change confusion and chaos Into opi>ortun- iiti. the I'tesldi nf. says he Is iire- I pared to call or to Join in the call ; for an Iniernafionitl conference for ilie limitation of (imminent and the prevention of anirrcssivo war. There is one thine about I'resl- ; dent t'oolldtfe'.s message. Ho doetf 1 not promise rvuytbini; which cannot be accomplished. • There is Mill ton much of tho war spirit '• '.*'." i' ' i I to a tempt (o destroy it by mere worils. It will take etlii- i ii Hon iuitl a chaiiBo of heart, both of uditWr arc (o be hoped for. tin Iho subject of the foreign debt, the 1-resUlv.m Is very {rank. ! He is willing to concede tonus and ea.-.y conditions for the payment, but he says the principle that each country tshoulrt meet it« obiiKtttlons ; is of universal npiilk'ntion. • * Ii i* prohaldy too much to ask : ei ITI body to read the I'reitideiifs 1 - inessiiKe. but every citizen should ' look it over carefully, pay special .nlienliou lo Hie introduction and lie conclusion, and read those par- , airnpbs com ernltu subjects which : o it- of Intel i'.st to hi in. Of course I lb:.t im'iid-ail of them but Bonin : • may skip the Hues which refer lo , w. :t i-y, or io civil service or lo • our rchilioijs with South America. ; To lir; wv 'l iiiforuted on the ae- : mal condition i,r the United States|i' Is necessary to read the mos- i :.i: J .e of the President to I'onjrress, t for in tlift: d i itaten: i .s concisely ; told He. -act , wliicb all eood cltl-. zeiiB should store in their minds. \ It is a sejiidid m. ssni-e. It is a ; t'oulitlK" mes .-,a '',e. It is. an Ainer- i jean m::**w. ' W. Y. MUliHAN. • TROUBLES THAT CLEAR " THE SLATE. ' It\ Until t'lillleion. Tliui'n '9 one tliliii! about, a is real grief or n ureal trouble II. sweeps all the Utile ?;rle '.".H and anxieties rlRhl. out of our hearts. It. makes us I'ni'Ki'i all about litem. Or If we do remember, makes us realize how- petty Ibey were. Tho itrcitt Ki'lel makes ns wonder hotv we over let our sky be clouded by the Utile ones when we mlf'tit haye been so happy wllh iiothluR hut those trtvnl thliiKS to disturb us. W'u look back nt yesterday and s»V; "Why wasn't 1 linpliler lietore this real trouble came to me'."' Here's n susRcstlon. Why not summon the spectre of such a real trouble tp tlrivn awny the Tielty trowWesI ' . When you find yourself worrying iilxiul. a lot of small thlmts; wbeth- er the new frock Is really ^oum to look well, whether yon couldn't hnve. done better in solectiiiK the new wall paper, or the tapestry to cover (he davenport, whether the Kroner's bill '» B'llliK to be a little InrRcr Ibitn usual, whether Jiimny citui:Ut. the i-HickiMi vo\ from tHe 111 He alrl ncxi door, whether Sally's father will let her go to tlial party her heart is so set on—when you find .yourself feeling blue and fretted und. Uarrassed tvntl sick of. Ufa over theso minor matters, why not J ii at lake yourself in hand and summon to mind that awful time when father had the pneumonia and you fell sure, that lc Hod let htm live you would never be- troubled about any Utile lliings again*. Or tho day that Jimmy (tot hold of tho iodlno and splashed It all Daily Thoughts He shall gWs his angels char(jc over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up In their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.—Pa. 91:11,12. Providence has *tive.t its* hope and sleep as a compensation for the tunny caves of life. — Voltaire. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3, I92i traeted from Iho larger. Thus 100 less, 1) from the InrRnr. TIIUH 100 less II. or HI Is tho difference of the snu.'ires of 10 and 3. Take any number nn iltho number one below It—as 1113 und 132; or U. > and Hi. How can you find Uie difference between tho squares ot two such numbers without any multiplication or siibstraction; hy one slnude audition? ' s u over his face ami you thought for a few awful minutes that ho was goltii; lo be blind. Or the time, thai business looked so bad tliat lather Ihouirht he was KOIIIK to lose his position any day ami used lo come home and sit wllh his head on his hands and try to tlilttlt tin some way to improve things. Vou were sure then that if conditions did improve find things •tot to Koln*; on an even keel again, you would never be worried over small things again. Suppose any of Ihoso tt-Dlniles should come again. How they would wipe tho lessor troubles off tho slate: Hut can't you wipe them oft now with the very thought of the bluster tragedies" Not. altogether, perhaps, but 1 do think you can help yourself to a better perspective that way. 13 LB 19 LB. G A 27 LB. COFFEE TEA 11 LB. 17 LB. A Puzzle a Day The. "stninTo" ot a number is Unit number multiplied by itself; thus 1U0 !» (he square of' 10; il is the square or 8. Tho "difference of two squares" is tho smaller square sub- Yesterday's answers All tho packages contained sugar except the 11-ponntl, which held coffee; and lite 17-pound, which contained lea. Since Iho grocer received JIB much money for his coffee as for his sugttr, and coffee was six times as much as rngar, iu price per pound, ho m»Rt have sold « pounds of sugar lo one of coffee. There wyre fll pounds altogether; eliminating IT pounds for lea leaves 77. a number divisible by i iti sugar and coffee.) ABBYV1LLE The M. K. revivnl closed Monday night, Nov. Milt and Rev. tb-n derson returned to Ills home a Florence. We feci Hint the meet lug has been a blessing and a spit' lUuil uplift to the community. News was received here hy re la lives that 31 r. and Mrs. Chas. Wad­ dle formerly of thin place, hut for some lltito have been living in Nebrnsltn, have n new baby girl, horn Nov. 11th. The Indies of the Hapllst church will hold Ihelr bazanr and food sale. Dec. 13th. Mrs. Chas. Itiin.sey spent Tuesday afternoon at lite Cunimlngs homo while Mr. Hatnsey attended tt sale down by Partridge. "Did Fashioned Wood Party." Mr. Jim tlagnebin invites every one who earns to. lo come to Hie north side of his farm Ions about Uec. lath to loth end they enn have all the trees they can pull for $1.00 a load as he wait's lo clear j*out ft tree row. Mr. and Mrs. t'. 11. Myers and givls entertained lo Thanksgiving dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Corwln Myers mid Miss Kretlia Uemuth of Plevna. Miss Kredl.t remained hero over Iho week end with Miss Florence Xlvers. Miss Alberta Mclvor came home from Wichita to spend her vacation. Booze In Possession, F. It. Mulnlx was arrested at (! o'clock yesterday evening for having liquor In his possession nud for driving his Ford touring car without, lights while Intoxicated. Shopio-Scope will snow you n lot of things you never knew about Xlll.'is shoppin*:. tt. H SAY "BAYER ASPIRIN"-^* Unless you see the "Bayer Cross" ori tablets you are not getting the genuine Bayer Aspirin proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians 24 years for Colds Pain Headache Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis Lumbago Rheumatism Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proven directions. # J %»**-y Ifnnd-- -"Barer" box-ts of 12 tablets ^••^ * Also oottlet of 24 and 100—Draggiata. Aqilrln la tho trade mirk of Hay-r MBnufaeUir-! ot UomiiwltctcMcitcr or SallcyllcaeM AGAIN HUDSON-ESSEX Reduce Prices Effective November Twenty-sixth ESSEX i HUDSON COACH COACH $895 I.$1345 Hudson Five Passenger Sedan now $1795 Hudson Seven Passenger Sedan now $1895 All Prices Freight and Tax Extra M ^™, "World's Greatest Values" WHEAT Everyone Says It—Sales Prove It CORN AND RICE 1 rtfi flour •••ujlMMMi The world's greatest automobile values are now priced below allj comparison. They are the finest Hudson-Essex cars ever built.* Such price reductions are possible because they are the largest! selling six cylinder closed cars in the world. * 1 Hutchinson Motor Car Co. on America s Olympic Victory W E have all read with a thrill of pride how America's splendid athletes triumphed over the pick of the world at the Olympic Games in Paris. To Lawson Robertson, famous University of Pennsylvania coach, much credit for the victory is due. It is interesting to learn that one of the factors in keeping this team of champions physically fit was Pluto Water. A quantity of Pluto was included among the necessary supplies that went with the athletes to Europe. This same, safe, efficacious water physic, that acts gently and positively in 30 mm- tmt j utea to two hours, will be of value in -SfJ safeguarding your health if you use flV it periodically this winter Prescribet l^Kjk by physicians, sold by druggists an' bottled at French Lick Springs, Ino mm PLUTO WATER ^$& S Whtn Nature Won't PLUTO Will Phone 271 Disti'llitiloi'.s flfuDSON ami KSSHX Cats 104-106-108 Second West Read tlic Classified Ads in The News-Herald.

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