The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 24, 1948 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 24, 1948
Page 6
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HO-iUTiM MY I'VE HANDLE M/ FEET ARE ^OP»HC TriplePlav jNinth Straight |Membership Meet TO \EndPlaylnStrategy i «£, , :__ rr _ _ ~ Be Held On August o | T ../. *»· ,,. , Made By Phils Won By Boston ! To Win slam Bld Ciaclsaau. July 23 «$*· -- The Philadelphia Phils put together a ! Boston. July 23 JP~--With slugger Ted Williams back in the lineup riiiiitUiC*k*a-i*i *· ·***-* w**» w-w^--"---- -- -- . , «_ ··· brilliantlv executed triple play m after missing 15 games, the Boston tLeiourth inning a*d . 14- hit at- Red Sox won their ninth straight .-..i, *~ ^.f.,r ri^n-^t, sorfav 6 start with a 13-1 decision over the defeat today, 6 tack to 1. It was the second triple in the National League this season, and the fifth in the Majors. Pittsburgh made the other three- play killing in 'the older major « ame series, loop, while Philadelphia. Cleveland ,nri St. Louis performed the feat in the American League. The score: R, H E Chicago White Sox today to pull plav within a game and a half of the top- 'ace Cleveland Indsaas. Those American League leaders here tomorrow for a three- Lefty Mickey Harris pitched a * five-hitter as the Red Sox made a five-Kame sweep The lowly Chi- '· sox escaped a shutout in the fourth Philadelphia Cincinnati 6 1 14 8 L£(l^l~UUa fc* " I J Roberts and Seminick; Fox, Pet- j SI "E led - inning when Luke Applmg walked and Pat Seerey and Mike Tresh erson and Lamanno. Giants Blank Cubs Chicago. July 23 !Fi--Provided The score: Chicago . Boston Wight. Rotblatt. R. H. . 1 5 13 13 Pearson E. 0 2 and with a two-rut." working margin in; Tresh:Harris and Tebbetts. the first inning. Larry Jansen went j TIjfers BUst £^ on to pitch the Xew York Gtantsj Washlngton " July 33 .'£_ The Presentation of the annual port of Southern Slates Cooperative, and election of new members to the local Southern States Advisory Board and Farm Home Advisory Committee will be among the highlights of the Southern States annual membership meeting at 8 p. m. Thursday. August 5, at Odd Fellows Hall. Adamstown. A business session and entertainment will be features of the session, according to Harry Kanode. Adamstown. Advisory Board chairman. , who will preside Approximately 150 Southern States members and other farmers and their families are expected to attend. ; ' Nominees for vacancies that will · occur this year on the Advisory ' Board are Milo Chick. Carroll i j Shry. Tuscarora. and Monroe' Thomas. Adamstown Nominees i for posts on the farm home com- I mittee are Mrs Austin P. Renn. · Adamstown. and Mrs. Alvin Frye. \ Route 4. Frederick. Other nomina- 4k A 10 3 V K 9 4 · A I08S * K Q 3 A 9 7 5 V Q J 1 0 3 4 K Q 7 + J I 0 3 N Dealer *362 If None · J 9 5 3 + 8 7 6 5 4 2 Lyons A K Q J 4 V A 7 6 5 3 2 4 4 2 Tournament- South West 1 V Pass 3 A Pass 5* Pass 6 * Pass Pass Double Opening--4 K -N-S vul. North East 3 4 Pass 4 N. T. Pass 5 N. T. Pass 6 V Pass Pass Pass 24 R " WILLIAM E. McKEXN'EY to a 5-0 f:ve-hit triumph over the* »«»»·*«»·. -"· ~ JT · ^ t l o n s ma v be made from the fl °° r - Amer.cas uara Autnority SrfaJo ££ 'today. · ?«?* .!?!L! rs _.? I 2f J~T__*!^ ! The Southern States Cooperative Written for NEA Service iv Miie started Jansen the road to his 12th victory by slamming his 23rd homer with Bill of Mize's Major career. The score: R. H. New York 5 8 Chicago . 0 5 Jansen and Cooper. Meyer. Bo-. rowy and McCullough. , report will be presented in ' Tournament bridge Is becoming blast the Washington Senators 11-5 j tne form of a brief film slide series popular throughout the world, today. ^ i by L. B. Baldwin. Southern States j There is a very good group of The Senators took a 4-1 lead in district manager for this area. He players in Kingston. Jamaica. As the third when Gil Coan smashed a , A .JH a j so represent Charles D. ] a matter of fact, one of the Kings- tw-o-run homer off Stubby Over- j oiand. Adamstown. local Coop- ; ton players was a member of the mire. ^ j erative service agency, and will' team that tied for Uie national f . But the Tigers roared back in the ; report on services rendered locally. ', women's team-of-four champion- j ! next stanza with a triple by Pat: p r j zes w in be awarded winners i ship last vear. 3 i Mullin. doubles by Jimmy Outlaw in a lucky number ticket contO st. i Frank E. Lyons, one of the most and George Kell. and singles by , Karry Kanode will give the in- ' active members of the tournament I Bob Swift. Johnny Lipon and Vic vocation Group singing will be' group there, sent me today's hand. I Wertz to forge ahead. _ i ed b y Mrs. Earl Remsberg ac- j and it is one of the prettiest hands Bncs Edged By Bums ! Virgil Trucks, fourth Detroit companied by Mrs. Howard Frye Pittsburgh. July 23 (--The fast- I pitcher, was credited with the win. ; bo th of Adamstown. Entertaln- stepping Brooklyn Dodgirs main- j h i s nln{ n of the season and his; ment wi u be furnished by H. _ . - . . . * * _ _ _ _ _ : * * _ _ f f i f t h «rtr-niCfKt trir-frtT-^F TTn r-atirorl ' tained their second-place position | fifth straight victory. He retired in the National League tonight by U»« last " Senators in order defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates j Losing pitche before a crowd of 33.702. Pee-Wee ( ner. It was Reese and Tommy Brown homered year, for the Dodgers, both circuit blows [ The score: coming with the bases empty. The score: R. H. Brooklyn . . . 4 8 Pittsburgh 3 7 David Hagan. Chairmen of several committees j i Detroit E. 3 1 R. 11 5 H. 12 Palica. Behrman and Campa- j teroth a "d Qkrie. Early, nella; Queen. Lombard! and Kiuttz. ] Washington Overmire. Gray. Benton. Trucks j Thomas." Adamsiown and Swift: Haefner. Candmi. Wcl- J A n organization meeting I have seen in some time. Doesn't it look as if West must make two heart tricks? Well, here is the way Mr. Lyons made six hearts. West opened the king of dia- dummy. was led to Adamstown: lucky number tickets, i declarer's ace. Lyons then led Uie -- ' Monroe Thomas. Adamstown: ush- ' four of spades and won it in dum- 1 j ering. H. S. Ranneberger. Lime i my with the ten-spot. On the * 1 Kiln: refreshments. Mrs. Minroe ; king of clubs he discarded his four | of diamonds. Then the six of dia- o f ' monds was led from dummy. ier wa«: Mickey Haef- , j n at will assist in staging the meet- j monds. whlcli wss won in his ninth loss of the j J R J, arc: Receiving. Howard Frye. 1 and the three of clubs wa i Weekend Games games start 2 p. m, dst, ex- Cards Bombard Brr-«-es St. Louis. July 23 i;p.--The St., Louis Cardinals bombarded John- j nv Sain and Nels Potter for fifteen i base blows tonight as they downed ! Maryland State League the league-leading Boston Braves., p t- Rocks at Mt. Airy. Umpire 7 to 5, before 20.000 fans. Al- f Miller. though hit freely. Al Brazle went' 'Woodbine at Liberty 2 ) . 1 p. the route to post his seventh vie- ' m - Umpire Trump. I Advisory Board and Farm Home j trumped with the deuce of hearts, j Committee members will take place i and the jack of spades overtaken · following the regular session. Re- j in dummy \\ ith the ace. The eight j tiring members of the two groups ' of diamonds was trumped with They Say It Does Happen Sometimes--I Dunn*! %SHKSfe-. I VttWC: A WoHDEAR! I V^ OFCOURSE, IMGLAD TO I CAME ACROSS IT HOME. MUTT! K^VE HAPPY; IN My RANTS POCKET OH'ITSGONE! fTSGOKE! THiS MORNING' HAVE SUPPED BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ='_WSHSR'.", I'M SUCH A 5X3 LUrriE '-·T, RED/ SWt.E, W!7^YCl!R h=L?, I , N=W 6'JA3C^ \ s f=f/?E TAGE CCACriES TO RO5- The Heat's Oa * FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS the three of hearts. Now Lyons led the five of hearts tory. The score: Boston St. Louis . Sain. Potter and Rice. R. H. E . 5 12 1 7 15 1 and Masi; Brazic Woodsboro a t I j a m s v i l l e (EST(. Umpire Strine. pire Twentej. Tri-County League Lovcttsville at Doubs, Umpire City League Closes x\ii2f. 9 are Austin P. Renn. Mrs. Harry ! Ksncde. Adamstown. H. S. Rnnne- berger. Lime Kiln, and Mrs Earl j West put on the ten-spot and the Remsberg. Buckeystown j trick w?« won in dummy with the i king. The queen of clubs was | trumped by declarer with the six j of hearts, the queen of spades xvas ! cashed, then the king of spades ! was led. and eight of hearts, while dummv had the nine-four of hearts and ten of diamonds. Lyons was left with the ace and seven of hearts. If 1? ,, 11 T A 1 lTe«k. Iron And -r- Jes,, * ° 1 - s " 'Cupola Sparks" is the name I %-*-»k^vi« *^j-»*J**v^ »; t » t c Halild * T»» i i_ ·» *» · » Frederick at New Market. Um- \ selected for a plant newspaper, a ' - ^t r tf I ST"!; * new enterprise instituted at the Frederick Iron and Steel, Inc. and which it is proposed to issue monthly. I Walkersville at ; Umpire Lambert City Softball League, /deep in the red financially, will close August 9". calling it a season at 27 Heart Of Maryland League , Alt. Airy at Broad Run. Um- played by each team. Exe- pi re Weltv. cuti-es and managers in meeting' *Dav at Thurrnont at Pickett's Cor . Umpire Xoonan. Myersville at New Windsor, Umpire Wachter. Countv Softball League at Brunswick Jefferson ( 2 ) Ballenger at Harmony Catoctin idle. i 2 Citv Softball League V. F Ycsierdsy's Results \V. S; Legion. 1. Game Monday Coca Cola vs Dr. Pepper Game Tuesday Dr. Pepper vs V. F. W. Standmfs Of The Teams managers in mee-ing -Day at Florence 2 K 1 p Thursday decided to attempt re- Umpires Curry and Sheffer couping losses by sponsoring a City-County All-Star game to be played at Baker Park. August 4. Despite monetary setbacks, the City League will as usual reward the leading batter and foremost pitcher of the loop This year the batters who will be eligible will have to have appeared at bat 40 times and been in at least 18 games Pitchers -who have participated in nine or more games will be screened to determine the best record. President C. Cyril Klein announced "yesterday. Secretary Pierce Gaver. Sr. frankly admitted that the annual all-star contest set for August 4. is intended to get the City League "out of the hole" financially. "The ali-star go will be called 'Boosters' Day"," Gaver announced, "in hopes that softball fans will turn in enough coin to keep the league on Its feet sad ready to start in 1949." Whale the County Softball League all-stars have rtot yet been selected for "Boosters' Day." the City League's executive corr.mitiee named the following for their choices to play: Pitchers John O'Neill (Dr. Pepper^ a-.d Red Shaffer. Pop-eve Gross -V. F. W. 1 .. Catchers Luther Murray Coca-Cola and Mel J^eyser c V. F. W.i. Infielders-First basemen Simon 'V. F. W . Lyerly · Dr. Peaper . Secsnd basemen Norwood i Dr. Pepper), Slagie American Legion). Third basemen Ramsburg 'Dr. Pepper).. Powell f Coca-Cola'. Shortstops Anders 'Dr Pepper*. Moss (American Legion 1 . Outfielders Cannor. VFW\ Marts (American Legion). Swomley *Dr. Pepper\ Rothenhoefer 'American Legion^. Kennedy fVFWs. Holland t Dr. Pepper "Tinex" Kreh Palmer D , I Selection of the name was "made West trum Ped the king of spades Buckeystown. by a committcc requested to serve v -' ith the " ieht ° f h-arts. Lyons by Jacob Goldberg, the company w °uld ox-ertrump in dummy witF _ " «· ,».- _ : _ - T* · , , - _ _ . j with the would i contest conducted over a period of , b _ e forced to lead from the queen- several weeks. Each employe was eight of hearts into Lyons' tenace entitled to submit a suggestion, position, together with his own name and -department. | National Leaaue The winner was Richard A Smith, a molder. and he received a company prize of $25. The committee making the selection was composed of a disinterested grouo -- Rev. Joseph F. m.. Thorning. R. E. Delaplaine and Results Yesterday 1 Philadelphia. 6 - Cincinnati, 1 New York. 5: Chicago. 0 Brooklyn. 4. Pittsburgh. 3 . St Louis, 7, Boston, 5 Brunswick Eagles at Pt. Rocks John R Fitzpatrick i Through the paoer. the company Moose olans to keep its employes informed concerning business op- Games Today New York at Chicago (2) Philadelphia at Cincinnati "Boston at St. Louis Let's Got WE WANT ~K BORROW A RELIABLE HEM, ONE ThiATXL BE SUfiE TO LAY AM E66 BY 9 O'CLOCK iMATS A LARGE CJJDER , BOY - HENS ARE MfHTY INDc- P5NOENT CRITTERS / YOU JLST MATU^ALLY CAMT HURRY Y 3IDCXES A!NT USED TO AN AUDlEMCE/ I RECKON THEY'D BS PLUMB SELF-CONSCIOUS/ WHAT YOU WAMT IS A , PROFESSIONAL/ s Bur WHERE WOULD We GET A PRQFESStCMAJ_? erations and also ^afford employes Other clubs not scheduled the opportunity to advance sue' gcstions as the occasions warrant. game Standing Of The Teams Boston ; Brooklyn ! St. Loub: 1 Pittsburgh Dr Pepper V. F. W. Le _ oa W. 6 4 i 1 L. 1 I 4 6 Pet .857 .800 .200 .143 : TVo Cars Damaged In Route 240 Accident Two cars were damaged in ex| cess of a Sl.OOO. according to State Xew York I Police, w h e n they collided on Philadelphia j Route 240 near the highway bridge Cincinnati over the Baltimore Ohio Kail- Chicago road at Frederick Junction about' S:15 o'clock Frzciny night Xo one '.va5 injured State Trooer Mel van Snvder IV. 51 44 . 43 43 '42 42 39 36 L. 34 39 40 4i 41 46 43 51 American Leasue Rcsnlts Yesterday said Margaret Keating Derringer. Detroit. 11: Washington. 5 Three Injured In Sideling Hill Crash Hancock. July 23 ·?·--Three were injured early tociay their car failed to make a curve en Sideling Kill mountain west of here on Route 40_ State Troopers identified the in- biologist. 4531 Lowell street, N" W.. Washington, stopped her coupe ·A hen another machine slowed do\\n for waier over the highway. and a car driver, by Thomas Andrew CatDn. Jr. 1344 E street, N. W.. Wash:ngtor.. ra-. :rto the rear of the coupe Xo charges were preferred FLASH FLOOD Parkton. .Tulv 2S 5».--A flash flood hit Park tor. early today Cleveland Boston. 13. Chicago, i Cleveland-New York, rain St. Louis-Philadelphia, w et i Game- i oday Chicago at New York !2"» Cleveland at Boston (2 Detroit at Philadelphia St. Louis at Washington Standings Of The Teams jured as Gideon 3 Smith of Cym- when heavy rair-s in nearby Penn- Philadelphia berland: Burley D. Smith. 25. of Denvood. and Elmer Kepl:r.ser. 39. of Galthersbarg. All were treated at Washington unty Hospital. Pol-.ce charged Barley Smith sylvania put the --.t'.'.e Gunpowder R:x-er of its banks The \\ater stopped traffic on the main highway to York. Pa. for about :*o hours and flooded the cellars of s:x houses. t\vo business driving without an operators establishments and the Whtte Boston Xe\v York Detroit Washington St Louis Chicago W 51 54 51 49 43 38 30 L. 33 37 36 36 43 48 32 5S Manager UCCnse ' Coaches RECORD MELON CATfGO Legionnaires Lose Cola). A T J o Arr ' erican Le ~ Baltimore. Julv 23 Aiden Summers f Coca- _ Wayne Christy . a 'converted Army [ scow, put into Baltimore from Edenton. X C. today with 7.500 watermelons--the largest melon ever brought into the pori URBANA LOSES Urbana Independent softballers lost a 5-1 decision to Rocky Springs. Thursday evening in an exhibition game played on the Frederick Elm Street School diamond. Ra!n held the contest to six innings. Sun- i Haii paper -ni!I. State Pol.ce cut off traffic on the highway when nster rose to a T o V F W TFT?T j 4 «_ f * f A V7 T · JL · TT · J. ^,dHi depth of lour feet m some oiaces The lowest soot? st«il were covered to the dppth of a foot well into to- 1 day but cars got through V t. W handed American Legion an 8 to 1 defeat ir. a City Softball League game in Baker They were packed solidly acre's risen. me food receded from its maxi- Park Fridav evening. Three Leg- mum depth almost as fast as it had , e = k , a depth of almo£t slx There was some ra:n here, but not enough to put the stream out ion miscues helped the winners, who locked the :ssue in the first rour.d. Kennedy singled to start the i the line in Pennsylvania reported heavy rainfall. So^^T^* ^ "^ i ^iST S o^rtks 6 * m£Z2 %? * · M °" nta ' nd ? !e - a M Capt. Clarence Christy of Cris- Urbana, the_.w,n bill starting at fie j d . M d . operates the Wavne BOMBER CRASHES i.»op. m. fDST). 'Christy. Later in the season he 1 Newark N. J , July ine score: R. H. E will use it to ferry loads from the U. S. Air Force B-25 boi of it' hanks Communities across opening session and after stealing Urbana 1 2 Rocky Springs . 5 3 2 E. Lenhart and D. Lenhart; J. Blank and C. Blank, melon growing belt on Maryland's Eastern Shore. He can also use the scow for planting seed oyster*. 23 ?·-- A bomber carrying Maj Gen Robert M Webster, crashed and burned today while making a landing at Newark airport i second he scored on Cannon's single. N. Keyser flied out but Mel , Keyser singled Cannon home. Coli hflower hit for the circuit with one aboard in the fifth. The score: R H. E. j Legion . 1 5 3 V . F . W . 8 6 1 Davis and Ambrose, Gross and Keys«r. WAAL.'OU MIGHT TRY OVER TO TSJ.E CDU_cG=/ COPB. Iftf f f MtA SERVICE. ISC- T. M_ BEJL U. S. PAT Girl Needs Help ! nao just got back front lunch when my phone ran*. PROM A Gltil NAMEL TllSON.SHE .ME45D US ON JOHN DOE 830AD- IM TRCMSLE. DO ' OVS.VIC. THEPft l'.'A5 HMI5HSD WiTP TME AiATES j VIC, THJS IS PAULA G4LLAM- \ TREE. iVt A tETTH? KESE THAT 1 CONCERNS \OU, AND IT'S VCOY J URGENT Riiciuccc: . _ / THE AIA5OHRY/ TOR TAFFY TILSON'S IHG POOL ? MO TO THE FAMOU WHAT RENT. WHAT'S PKISCILLA'S POP Reasonable Error ~- tfcoss n t/7G / OCR BOARDING OUT OtTR WAT vss, BLTT rr OSSMT PCS SOME PEOPLE, AMD iTrxeswTRc!=os HCSS SfS THEX'LL' LP, IP I T£Ll- --\ ) : ^s s^,^ ^--j v/r ·· V-^ V ^~z-^~*r -*^L^^g HE SILEVJT PARTMER

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