Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 21, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1961
Page 5
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Friday, July 1 21, 1961 r Capital Affairs *fiswef to rVevteu* PuMle CARNIVAL H O »» E i T A H , H 0 f y Dick Tiiriiil E, ARKANSAS uwaauu ACROSS 1 White House chef 5 President's brother 8 Former U.S. president 12 Russian river '13 Exist lATaj Mahal site l(i Posed 17 Time measure 18 Manipulated dough 20 Arctic islander 21 Bow slightly 22 Fuss 23 Cheer leader's stick 20 Jackson and Johnson , 30 Drinker 31 Table scraps - 32 Cistern ' SiMale child , ^Identical 35 Antitoxins 36 Hunting dogs 38 Droves 39 Owns 40 Compete for political office 41 Communal 44 What Kennedy and Nixon had 48 First man 49 Vehicle 50 Tropical plant 51 Weary 52 Shoshonean ^Indian flPGeneral Bradley 54 Termini 55 Best friend GO Remainder DOWN 1 Secretary of state 2 Ireland 3 Man's nickname 4 Former first lady 5 Founded G Mouthward 7 Wager 8 12th U.S. president 9 Awry 10 German wife H Pastry 19 Put on 20 Augments 22 Poker stake 23 Singing voice 24 African plant 25 Canvas shelter 26 Weapons 27 Always 28 Henry Beecher's middle name wrou aura ULJi i UHWL3H 29 Musical directions 31 Rowing tools 34 Aquatic mammal 35 Kennedy's former job 37 London river 38 Wheel part 40 Revolt 41 Tardy 42 Norse god 43 Pasteboard 44 Facts 45 Domesticated 46 Ages 47 Kind 49 Mug Q1M1 by NEA, Inc. T.M. B» t . U.'.:. •'.•, 7-21 'I just can't figure you, Jimmy; Heie~you are the schoo champion debater and you haven't been able to ge; vour father's car once this week!" NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Seltzer (D1061 by Ny. Inc. T.M. Dee. U.S. Pit. Off. "Careful what you say in front of Polly! She's the biggeat blabbermouth in townl" "I don't mind mowing the lawn. A new boy moved in next door and I'd like to attract his sympathy!" FRECKLES AMD HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosscr SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith •1 '! GUESS I HAD Vou FIGURED ALL WROMQ, HECTOR-— MORTY MEEKLE ( llM liT**™ / V. „ . v^-i j$4h^\ © 19«1,by NEA, Inc. T.M." Rt(. U.S. Put OH. 1-31 "Good heavens! I might have known this would happen after the fire department got the cat out of the tree!" By Dick Cavolli I'VE FUGLING THAT<5OMe0ODY'5 TALKING ABOUT AAE. LOOK AT THE EVIL- INTHAT FA05— THAT LOOK WHO'S COMING... IT'S •5FDTLE65 THE ONE WHO'<9 TRYING TO WIRE ALL U6 GERM'S ((Ti 1941 t. NEA. Int. T.M. R«g. U.S. P'l Oil. 7'.2/ By Wilson Scruggs THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE I 6UESS VOLIR A6E, O'Hii?A? TELEPATHV, I SUESS/ J MR. KAKPEK, WE'Rf SETTIMS MAKKIED MOMTH, COLLEEk AMD I . . TO VOU/MKS.WAYI-ie, / MISS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN E'/ER TO VISIT MY / ISLAND/ FLASH GORDON fa go Pitt ly Dan tarty re BOAT STATIONS, IF IT REACHES THE rua TANKS WE'RE DONE/ PANIC WC MATTERS' THE RADIATION LEAK 15 ' THROUGH 'lllfe . PATCHING HASN 1 T SLOWED IT... Al ERT THP P-W5ENSERS' CHH-I PON NOlli'f. THAT FfKMi\ra i I NO SMOKING •t.. IN THIS ARF.\ ALLEY OOF IT S OUR NEIGHBORS, OOP.' TH' LEMIAN3!/ HOLVCOW! THEY'RE UNDER ( MOONMEN, ATTACK. 1 PRO&'LV, WIPED OL I FlfcifafcK. IHtY-Ll. ^T JUMP US NBCf! I'M/0000! WHAT \COMPANIES SCMTER1N' OUR / ABOUT THOSE COMMANPOS TRAINED CAPTAIN EASY By V. T. H«m»l> OKAY.., By Leslie Turnei TO DIVERT SUSPICION FROM YOU A irEWTIFIED ME AS QUINMi TOO.., HE SAW MY ARREST ORGANIZED THE RESCUE TJ'- YOU ALL TOOK A TERRIBLE RISK. HBLPIN6 tAE ESCAPE'. IP CASTRO'5 MBM 6U6PECT, VOU'LL GET NO MERCY! THE COP5 ALSO HEARD/ IF WE BOTH MB TELL THE REBELS / FROM CUBA, f>OUC& I HAP OVERHEARD'* CWT BE SURE WHICH PLAN TO FLY A PRI90XA ONE WAS GJUINN! WOW ER HERE...ANP IVAWTED VLBT'5 GET STARTERl RESCUED.TOO! I GOT tHB X HURRV! THE yAWQUI MAY TR.V key^ FROM \ ro RECOVER A FORTUWE HE'D YOUR WIF&J HIPPEM AT WICAROl IM05T CAPTAINS / ALERT THEIR POLICIA»,AL50- ^ViASTRO'5 ORIEWTE TROOPS 1 . BLONDIE By Chic Young y:i:ij •'"[; 'i iTi] - -'ul il .- . ,TRAkiHTi"MbP ) • ..... '•-- ...... ( THEY TOLD I; , ONE CROSSED IN FI-'ONT OF ME VJHEN J 1 WAS WALKING .. HOME VF.STEROAY AMP TODAY Tl-H'-i BANK <_>M. l.l ; :n ,'M-J HECKING N'l VVA'j; ;,, . DIMV.'I-J '•1 / •-•AY ABOUT V BLACK CATS AND v -f BAD LUCK (.10 V, -'( ME TO WATCH r pi?i..v:,iiMP i V our FOR '.<. BLACK CATS *1 By Al Vermear PRISCILLA'S POP FORGOT WMAT? FORGOT/ WELL; THAT PAYS MORTGAGE FOR ANOTHER By Frank O'Neql SHORT RIBS NEW COMMISSAR BROW BEWINS ME AGAIN! DONT LOOK wa Hooploj PUUL 1 ? OUT DEt FLUGj VYAU3C By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE OUT OUR WAY X ODN'T ELSE- WHAT HAVE VOL) GOT TO THIMK ABOUT? MACHINE'S AUTOMATIC- ART; AIUSIC.MACHINEK'/ LITERATURE, EVERVTHWfi YOU Ml SHT THINK ABOUT HAS ALL BEEN FISUREP OUT PER you—JUST GIVE ME A NEW IPEE, JUST ONE THAT YOU CAM'T FIMP IW A BOOK/ WHY, THIS GENERATION! IS MOTHIMG BUT PARROTS/ THE WE POME SO MUCH TO GIVE PEOPLE MORE TIME TO THIWk.THAT THERE'S MORE REALTHIKIKIW' POME TOPAY THAM THERE EVER WAS.' LET'5 SEE —X START WITH A __ . y ^ COL ,, ODO fALK OMTHe FONOAWEKTALS OF) VL .fP-Vi" 00 '' THEY HAVEN'T HAMLET'S SOLILOqUV/AlJO I. TAKE 8OTM PARTS iMTHE LINCOLrJ- DDLSGLA5 DEBATES.' e&A,-D,MAVSE ' DME OF AAV SPEECHES WHILE- RecoRD'eR is STILL FOKTHEMTO THIMK ABOUT/ TO TALK A TKOOP^K Dl OP A SPE£D RN&ST SHOULD BE- HIS FIRST PUPIL- BUGS BUNNY THAT MUSIC'S COM1W' FROM ONE 0' MV CAR RAPIOS' HEY! WHATTSA PORKY? — — T J HOPE ) N-VOU / PON'T WANTEP TO PRACTICE OUR DANCING LESSON WHILE WAITING FOR THE BUS!

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