The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 6, 1951 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1951
Page 11
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Expect Television To Play Vital Role In '52 Election Campaign Rocf/o Program By DOUGLAS LARSEN NEA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Dec. 5-- (NEA) ^--One of the big problems facing ihe presidential candidates and the national committees of both parties is how to use television most effectively during the coming campaign. The election of Rudolph Halley, television star of the Kefauver ·rime committee hearings, to the office of president of the New York j --- ^ordy a negligible amount City Council largely on his TV Qn Ty _ This campaign is go- fame proved beyond doubt^ just .£ g ^ re quire about the same radio time (because TV cannot reach a great many areas) plus a lot of TV time. And" that is where the rub comes in, as far as money is concerned. Cost May; Run Into Millions Thirty minutes of the best time -early evening--on one of the low vital that new medium has Become in American politics. Ken Fry, director of radio and rV for the Democratic National Committee, estimates that when the 52 campaign is in full swing there vill be more than 15,000.000 TV sets m operation in the U. S. And with ihe coaxial cables he estimates that i candidate making one speech will. have a potential audience of 55 per cent of the total population. This gives the politicians television whether they want it or not. According to the experts. TV is going to mean several things. First, it's going to take a lot more money from candidates and parties. It's going to mean more planning for speeches. It's going to mean candidates making movies. And it's going to mean that the women's vote is more important than ever before. In the '48 campaign both parties spent about $700,000 each for radio NBC IBS MBS ABC WFMU WOK VVMAI* 1090 ke 030 ko 710 ko 630 ko ;SW£ET RAIN -- The reason tfaose Japanese kids at the bottom of this picture are running around like crazy is that the two SB. S. Air Force planes above them ase-dropping candy. Sponsored*by the -Mainichi Fress, it of an a* 1 show ma Pack, Tpkyo, -largest TV, networks, which has 64 stations, costs 527,405. And if a commercially sponsored program has to be canceled,-the candidate or party has to pay for. that show, in addition to. time charges, which might cost in this -neighborhood of $30,000. At these prices, it doesn't take many ·televised, speeches to run into the 'million-dollar figure. One answer to this might be the outright sponsorship of political speeches by big firms. But it's a loi of money no matter how you do it All TV. experts agree that televi j sion will not put a premium on fiet | ting some photogenic, movie-hero type as a candidate as has been predicted. Julian B. Goodman, director of TV news for NBC in Washington, explains: "A candidate does not have to be an actor or pretty boy to make a convincing speech to the voters. Most important, he's got to be forthright and honest because television ·gives a much more discerning look at a candidate by his audience than any other medium. "It also gives a voter a better look at a man than ever hearing him at a big rally because the viewer sits quietly in his own living room studying -the man and isn't distracted or influenced by the other whoopla of a rally or demonstration." Fry says he gives speakers three tips for a,TV speech. First, he tells them to iget a close shave. Failure to do this can make you look like the crook type. Next, you should dress neatly, he warns. And. finally, he advises them to. talk just as though they.are explaining something to a friend in his own living room, because, that." in effect, is just what they are doing. To Have Separate Plans Both Fry and Ed ingalls, radio and TV director for the Kepublican National Committee, plan to keep radio and TV entirely separate as far as planning goes. TV speeches will be directed mostly at city audiences. Radio speeches will be aimed at the specific areas where no TV is available. TV will also require candidates to make movies of speeches for distribution to local TV stations. Goodman, Fry and Ingalls all agree that video will put special emphasis on the women's vote this time. .Women, Goodman \explains, Evening 5:00--News for 15 Mm.--nbc-cbs Network Sih'iil llr.--al.KMiilis-c.iM Kiddles Hr. (rpt,)-- nbe-mbs-wosl 6:15--.Discussion Scries--cbs 6:45--Xowsoasc By Throo--ubo Nesvs Bvwuleast--cbs 7:00--Xt'ws Commentary--nbc Beulali's SUil--cbs News Coininouiary--HOC News Commentary--mbs 7:15--.Tack Smith Show--cbs Dally Commentary-- al)c Dimier Date--mbs 7:30--X*\vs Broadcast--nbc Bob Crosby Club--cbs Silver KaRle Drama--abo News Comment--nibs 7:45--One Man's Family--nbc News BroaoVast--cbs Evening Newsreel--mbs 8:60--Father Knows Best--"1C F.B.I, in Peace War--cbs Defense Attorney--abc California Caravan--rnbs 8:30--Mr. Kern--"be The Playhouse--cb» Holly wood Theater--abc Rod'and Gun Club--mbs 8:00--Dragnet Drama--nbc Hearthstonn's Mystery--cbs Amateur Show--abo True or False--nibs 9:30--Counter Spy--nbc Opera!ion Underground--cbs Reporters Roundup--mbs 9:45--News Broadcast--abo 10:00--Hit Parade--nbc 'J'he Lineup--cbs News and Club--abc Comment: Mystery--mbs 10:30--Al Goodman Music-- nbc The Waxworks--cbs Feature Prosram--abc Orchestra Show--mbs 11:00--News Variety--all nets Television Summary 7:30--L,ons .Ranger Film--abc 8:00--Groucho Marx: Film--nbc Feature Show--cbs Stop tlie Music--abc Georgetown Forum--DuMont 8:30--Treasury Men--nbc Amos 'n' Andy--obs Headline Clues--DuMont 9:00--James Melton Show--nbc Alan YounR--cbs Herb Shrlner Show--abo Ellery Queen--DuMont 8:30--Big Town--cbs Film Theater--abc 10:00--Martin 'Kane--nbo Kacket Squad--cbs Paul Dixon Show 2--abo Film Theater--DuMont 10:30--Crime Photographer--cbs candidate 1« action. ThU factor U something candidates will have to be very careful about, they claim. Among ,. party strategists, the question is already hot as to the candidate who will nuike the most effective TV personality. Senator Taft is said to be excellent. Governor Warren of California is also pood. President Truman is rated only fair. General Eisenhower is considered best of all. It is not claimed by any of the television experts that TV alone | will elect or defeat a president in ' J952, But they do claim that it will make a bigger change in the character of campaigns thaii was caused by radio. who will pl«e« «ny reliance «m «ur judgment or on our capncittes. Conceit is an evil, but solf-respect and a good measure of self-confidence are undoubtedly the Ingredients of a wholesome personality. H u m i l i t y is a v i r t u e , but a souse of inferiority can neutrali/e the most outstanding c«p»cHU»» «nd make one ineffective. Think well of yom-M'Jf--it pays. Hiilmtm N««w«p«pfrr Synd.) There are about 1.000 well-defined species of minerals in the world. Strength For Today By Earl L. DoiiRlass WHY TALK YOURSELF DOWN ? More than forty years ago th*e members of a college class voted a certain student the most conceited man in the class. The chap who had received this vote wes greatly pleased by it. He- said to a roomm'ate: "l" consider that the best compliment my classmates could have paid me. Nobody ever amounts to anything who doesn't have a high opinion of himself." Now, forty-odd years later, it must be confessed that this egotistical chap is the best authority in the world in a certain field. The writer of this column would hesitate to praise conceit or to commend it as a virtue. It usually causes men to grow long ears and to become jackasses in every sense of the term. But it must also be confessed that the world usually adopts the estimate we make of ourselves and of our abilities. If we think little of ourselves, the world thinks little of us. 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