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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
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Wednesday, June 28, 1972
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PAMPA. TEXAS MIDYEAR *tdnesd*y. June 21. 1*?2 Council Predicts Many Will Be Injured In Fireworks Accidents CHICAGO (API-Thousands of persons are injured each year in fireworks accidents despite strict state laws which have reduced fatal mishaps almost to zero. This Independence Day will be no different, according to the National Safety Council which predicts that hundreds of injuries will result from use of bootlegged fireworks around July 4. The council says many otherwise law-abiding citizens ignore the laws, which cover more than 60 per cent of the population, and bring fireworks into a state or municipality which has banned their possession, sale or transportation. The laws have succeeded in cutting the death toll from 4M, tabulated by the American Medical Association in 1903, to none in recent years. The AMA says another contributor to the absence of deaths is the fact that Americans take to the roads in automobiles on holidays instead of staying home and shooting fireworks. The council says that bootleg users find a black market connection or bring fireworks from some rural area where they are sold in the open. Mail-order chemical kits, containing potentially explosive chemicals, are available through magazine ads even though they are illegal, the council observed. Deuel Richardson, a spokesman for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in Boston, says that although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has banned Class B explosives, it still allows use of Class C fireworks which carry a warning note. Class B fireworks include cherry bombs and some types of aerial bombs and rockets. Class C fireworks are small firecrackers and nonexplosives such as sparklers and snakes. "We are still puzzled by the attitude of the FDA in allowing Class C fireworks," Richardson says. "It has taken the position that as long as these fireworks carry a warning label, they are not harmful to children.'' "We doubt very much," he says, "if any 6-, 7-or 8-year- olds pay any attention to warnings on small firecrackers." Phil Dykstra, manager of the council's home department, says even Class C fireworks are dangerous and destructive enough to warrant banning of all fireworks except those used for licensed public displays. He cites a study made jointly by the NFPA and the National Society for the Prevention of Blindness which showed 42 per cent of fireworks accidents resulting in personal injury and- or property damage were caused by Class C fireworks. House Expected To Take Action On Spending Bills MARSHALL GAMBLIN ...young Texan Optimists Nominate YoimgTexan Set For Today AUSTIN, Tex. (API-Texas House Members planned to push the special legislative session's main item of business, appropriations, today after being blocked for more than a day by a Senate filibuster. House leaders had planned to substitute their version of the Assault Trial Pampa Optimists have nominated Marshall "Marsh" Gamblin, 18, for their current "Young Texan of the Month" candidate. Young Gamblin, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Gamblin, 721 Bradley Drive, will be entered in competition with nominees from other clubs in the district as Pampa 's representative. The Pampa High School senior is an impressive candidate for recognition of those qualities Texas Optimists have set forth for their ideal Young Texan. Marsh's record of achievement carries a perfect blend of athletics, scholarship and hard work. He played Little League and Babe Ruth baseball, junior high football and was a varsity leUerman in basketball and baseball. He had a 90-plus grade average in junior high school and a 88-plus in high school. He made the "A" honor roll in grades 7, 8 and 9. He was a member of the National Honor Society both as a junior and a senior. Marsh is a member of First Christian Church where he has served as a junior deacon, president of his Sunday School class and an officer in Christian Youth Fellowship. His hobbies are golf, fishing and all competitive sports. Stock Market Quotations Tk« Ioll«wl«| Him Cklcue E»k»u Hot tittle lulurM art furniihcd by lit Anirllto otfkn of Mtrrllt, Lyiek, Phrct, Pr«». r«k. Airll JVM All| Oct. 0«c. .. Oftf KM Hlfk Law Lilt .n CkiM M ii KM M.n it.u MIT 1IH M.71 II.M U.I7 JIM MM MM MM MM N.M IT.U 17 M 17.11 17.47 17 M H.7I tt.U M.U H.47 11.11 U.I7 li.M ll.W 11.17 M.M Tk« lollowlo| II a.m. fnla quoUlleil •re furatiktd ky W bettor Grain « Pamu. Wheat .......................... IIJIBu. Mllo ........................... II Hot Tkc fgll*»loi quoU!U»i ikgw tae raafc •Itkln which Ikca* teeurlllta could kave bte» (rated al Ike time »t compllalloi. Amarei ...................... IW IH B.I.I .......................... 1% 14 rraikhn Life ................ HH II* Gibraltar Life ................ 14 I Ky.Ceol.Ule ................. 7% 71k Nal.OldLlae ................. 7% I Rtpuh Natl. Life ............ 14* l>4 Southland Plaance ........... 11% M4 So. Veil. Life ................ 14% II 1 * Stratford ..................... 7% I Tk* following II:M N.Y. Hack market aiMUIiui are fiiraUked ky tkt Pamaa office of Schneider Bcrntl Hlchmaa. lie. American Tel and Tel ................ 41% Cabot ................................ 44% CelantM ............................ 414 Clllca Service ........................ M% DIA ................................. 114 DPA .................................. I Geaeral Electric ..................... M% Geaeral Melon ...................... 714 Gwdycir ............................ 17* GiilfOil .............................. 14% IBM ................................ Ml% PctMy'l ............................ 71 Pklllipa .............................. M4 PNA ................................. 144 Itara Roebuck ...................... 1114 Ske'lt ............................... 41% lUnilard Oil of Indiana .............. U% Standard Oil of Ne> Jcraey ........... 71% SculkwetUra Public Service ......... 11% (VC ................................. 114 Ttiaco .............................. U4 Tciaco ............................. 11% U.l.Sltel ............................ M SUBSCRIPTION RATES (The Oaily News By carrier in Pampa and RTZ |1.75 per month $5 25 per 3 months f 10.50 per 6 months 121 00 per year. By motor route $1 75 per month By mall in RTZ $13 per year By mail outside RTZ $19 50 per year and RTZ Single copy 10 cents daily 15 cents Sunday Published daily except Saturday by the Pampa Daily News Atchison and Somerville. Pampa. Texas 79065. Phone 669-2525 all departments Entered as second class mallei under the act March 9. 1878 Mining your Daily Newt? Dial 46»-JS« b*fort 7 p.m. weokdayi, '° ° m Sundays The trial of Freddy L. Wilbon, 17, 528 Crawford, on assault charges is scheduled for 1:15 p.m. today in municipal court. The charges were lodged by Deimar Durrctt, Amarillo, father of Robert Durrett, Amarillo basketball player who became involved with Wilbon in an altercation at a game here last February. The complaint contends that Wilbon struck Durrett on the playing floor knocking him unconscious. Judge Don Lane will sit on the case. Man Found Unconcious A 19-year-old Pampa man was admitted to Highland General Hospital unconscious and in a state of shock last night. He had been found in that state by a 21-year-old man who got him to the hospital. The official police report of the incident said the man's condition was believed to be the result of "sniffing" glue. Police will investigate further when the man recovers. On The Record Highland General Hospital TUESDAY Admissions Mrs. Jessamine DeMoss, 617 N. Frost. Mrs. Patricia L. Hinds, 1238 S. D wight. Baby Boy Hinds, 1238 S. D wight. Mrs. Helen L. Lofton, 1817 N. D wight. Mrs. Lena Dial, 506 Lefors. Clifford R. Williams, 633 N. Wells. Mrs. Gladys Annie Kirchman, 1910 Mary Ellen. Mrs. Ruth Grossman, 2015 N. Russell. Mrs Laverne DeVoll, Pampa. Billy L. Fields, 417 Doucette. GregCaldwell.ElmSt. Robert S. Weatherly, Skellytown. Dismissals Mrs. Gladys Davis. 420 W. Crawford. Mrs. Barbara E person, 2804 Rosewood. Baby Girl Everson, 2804 Rosewood. Buddy Hartley, 1225 Darby. Mrs. Carolyn Hanover, Lefors. Glenda Kingham, Panhandle. Clyde Lawson, Truth or Cons.. N.M. Mrs. Connie Pipkin, 1032 Charles. Mrs. Wathena Wyatt, 1947 N. Nelson. Mrs. Carolyn Winningham, Pampa. Bill Bennett, 1700 Coffee. Billy E. Morrison, 1609 Mary Ellen. Mrs. Mary E. Grossman, 601 N. Sumner. Oscar L.Ray, 310 Rose. Edmond G. Ben ton, Borger Wilma Louise Durham, 1129 Sierra. Congratulation! Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Hinds, 1238 S. Dwight on the birth of a boy at 10:04 a.m., weighing 5 |4.1 billion general appropriations bill for the Senate Tuesday. But that step now is expected today. A three-day period for study of appropriations bills is required by new "reform" House rules, and Speaker Rayford Price had hoped for floor action Friday. But Dallas Sen. Mike McKool's record-breaking filibuster to talk his colleagues into beefing up spending for treatment of the retarded and the mentally ill forced a delay at least until Saturday. McKool broke the Texas filibuster record of 29 hours 22 minutes at 6:23 p.m. Tuesday and kept on talking. Miami Studies Antiprotest Ordinances MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (API- Ten proposed antidemonstra- tion ordinances aimed at maintaining order during the Democratic National Convention by outlawing acts ranging from cop baiting to rioting go before the Miami Beach City Council today. The consideration comes one day after a renewed pledge of peace for the convention was offered by members of the Youth International party (Yippies). Two of the 10 proposals are supported by Police Chief Rocky Pomerance, whose information officer, Lt. Pete Corso, stressed the chief's desire "to start out on a harmonious footing." Pomerance had been reported as supporting all the proposals, but he later said this was the result of a mixup. He said he sent the measures—culled from those used in Los Angeles and Washington—to city lawyers only for analysis. However, all 10 wound up on the council's agenda. The chief said he supports proposals giving him power to establish emergency curfews, and allowing police to rope off a trouble spot and permit entry only by the press or other people approved by police. Pomerance said he did not want ordinances banning the singing of obscene songs; disorderly conduct; derogatory remarks to policemen; public use of obscenities; participation in a "riot, rout or unlawful assembly"; remaining at the scene of a riot; inciting to riot; or malicious provocations. Yippie leaders Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman said at a news conference Tuesday all activities of the Yippies during the Democratic convention will be peaceful. All major nondelegate groups have said they would try to keep all the demonstrations peaceful. Ed Sanders, another Yippie leader, said, however, that special arrangements were being made for Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, whose role as an Illinois delegate is being challenged. "We're going to bring him his seat at the airport. Then we're going to follow him everywhere he goes," said Sanders. "Just like they did to us in Chicago in 1968." Other activities planned by Yippies during the July 1014 conclave are a march, two picnics and a ceremonial "marriage" of the young protesters and Miami Beach senior citi- Houston Lawmen Probing Multi-State Theft Ring BIG THINGS are under way in the Michigan art world. A 35-foot copper statue, above, of one of the state's major historical figures, Bishop Frederic Baraga, Is being created of native Michigan copper for the Shrine of the Snowshoe Priest above Red Rock Bluffs, overlooking Lake Superior at the Upper Peninsula's Kewecnaw Bay. Below, sculptor Jack E. Anderson webs a 28-foot snowshoe with brass tubing. Missionary and educator, Bishop Baraga wrote prayer books, dictionaries and grammars Into Indian languages In the early 19th century. Four Witnesses Granted Immunity In Federal Grand Jury Arms Probe FORT WORTH (AP) - In a move similar to that which resulted in the jailing of Kenneth Tierney, a U.S. district court judge here has granted immunity to four more witnesses in a federal grand jury arms investigation, despite protests from defense attorneys. Tierney and the four other men are all being questioned concerning possible traffic of weapons to rebel forces in Northern Ireland. U.S. Dist. Court Judge Leo Brewster Tuesday granted immunity to Mathias Reilly, Paschal Morahan, Daniel Crawford, and Thomas Laffey and instructed them to testify before the grand jury. Attorneys for the four, William Cunningham and Frank Durkan, protested the ruling, calling it "use immunity" that would leave their clients open to prosecution in another coun- Bentsen, Tower Introduce Legislation On Freeway zens. • ._ The volume of. the sun is about 1.3 million times that of Earth. SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (AP) Texas Sens. Lloyd Bentsen and John Tower introduced legislation in the U.S. Senate Tuesday aimed at lifting a 10-year legal blockade against a controversial freeway through local parkland. Tower told San Antonio newsmen that the move was intended to correct "an intolerable situation in which courts ruled a state may not return federal highway construction assistance funds in order to be able to proceed on its own without federal assistance." The legislation was drawn up in an effort to free the state of Texas to resume work on this city's long-stalled North Expressway, although it does not mention the freeway specifically. Opponents of the expressway have successfully fought the project over its proposed route through part of San Antonio parkland, arguing that feasible alternatives exist. Tower said an overwhelming majority of local citizens favor completion of the expressway and that "this has been evidenced by a petition I have received containing 103,000 signatures." The State of Texas has withdrawn its request for federal aid on the expressway in an unsuccessful attempt to remove "federal questions" in suits against it. The Tower-Bentsen legislation provides that state highway departments can notify the 3 Youths Charged In Firebombing Of Houston Home HOUSTON (AP) - Three persons were charged Tuesday but were still at large in the firebombing of the home of a Houston business executive early Tuesday. A burning railroad flare was thrown through the window of the home of Ray K. Bullock Sr., vice chairman of Surety Savings Association. The flare landed in the bedroom of Bullock's son, Gordon, 16, but he had just walked out of the room, his father said. "I heard it explode when it hit the floor," the elder Bullock said. "In two minutes the whole room was on fire," Transportation Department that they wish to terminate federal aid on "any particular project" in their highway programs. After the Transportation Secretary receives such notice and approves termination, and the state returns the funds involved, "the particular project shall immediately cease to be a federal aid project and no further federal action shall be required," the legislation states, in part. try. Reilly and Crawford say they are from Britain. The other two men are believed to be from New York. Last week, Kenneth Tierney of New York refused to testify after being granted immunity and was jailed by Judge Brewster for contempt. Dunkan and Cunningham, also attorneys for Tierney, have filed motions for his release with the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. After the immunity ruling, the four men were called to the grand jury room but it was believed none of them testified. Judge Brewster was expected to conduct a hearing today on what, if anything, the men told the jury. Also on Tuesday, Brewster ruled on a request from defense attorneys to determine if telephones in their law offices had been subject to a government wiretap: "I'm going to make further findings on the matter of the wiretapping to the extent that there isn't any." Brewster said he was satisfied with a report from government attorneys that there had been no wiretaps. Heart Specialist Testifies In $4.5 Million Damage Suit HOUSTON (AP) - Dr. Denton Cooley testified Tuesday in a $4.5 million damage suit against him that Haskel Karp was near death when he operated on him in 1969. Cooley performed the world's only artificial heart transplant on Karp after an operation to repair Karp's damaged organ failed. Karp's widow, Shirley, of Skokie, 111., is suing Cooley and Dr. Domingo Liotta, a designer of the artificial organ, claiming that the <* ors should not have used the artificial heart, which until that time had been used only in animal experimentation. Karp lived for three days with the artificial heart, but died the day after a human donor heart replaced it. Cooley testified Tuesday he was operating on another patient in an adjoining room when he was told Karp was about to die. He completed his operation and hurried to Karp. When he came into the operating room, Cooley said, Karp was "mottled and blue and breathing in sharp gasps...he was virtually moribund." Cooley estimated that Karp started failing about an hour before surgery. "It seemed for- tuitous to us that we had predicted correctly and the man almost expired in the hall before he got into surgery." John Holloway, the lawyer for Mrs. Karp, asked Cooley if the anesthetic given to Karp might have caused his problems. "It's very likely we opened him without it (anesthetic)," Cooley replied. "They are in an anesthetic state when like that." Cooley said he had promised Karp he would try an operation to repair the heart but that prior heart attacks had so damaged the organ it was "virtually hopeless." He went ahead and performed the repair job, but the heart would not pump, Cooley added. It was then he implanted the artificial heart until a human heart could be found. Dr. Michael DeBakey, another Houston surgeon with extensive experience in heart transplants, was due to testify Tuesday but did not. He left the courthouse after spending an hour and a half in a closed session with U.S. District Court Judge John V. Singleton and lawyers for both sides. It could not be determined whether DeBakey will testify later. GOOD FOOP TO GO at Low Prices Burgtrs-40* Chtmt Burg«rs-50 c Fri«« and Tot$-29 c Malts and Shaket-38< Ready To Go Pinto Beans, Cole Slaw, Potato* Salad, Cold Sandwiches S&J MART 669-3661 HOUSTON (AP) - InvMtigi- tion of a multi-state theft ring, which officers say may involve two police officers, will continue today. The police chief of suburban South Houston said Tuesday "it looked like" one of his officers was involved in the alleged ring while intelligence agents with the Department of Public Safety say they plan to question another police officer in the Northeast Texas town of Clarksville. The agents say the operations of the ring stretch from Texas to Missouri to Florida and involve the stealing on order of motor cars, mobile homes and boats. About $50,000 worth of boats and vehicles have been stolen in the Dallas area, they say, and four stolen luxury cars have been recovered in the Houston area and two stolen mobile homesinWinfield.La. The DPS, the FBI, and police officers in South Houston and Conroe have all been investigating the case but have refused to relate many details about the case or the persons , being investigated. 1 "We're still investigating," said South Houston Police Chief Boyd Rochelle. "We'll take our findings directly to the grand jury for action." The DPS agents said the theft ring operates by transfering Alabama open title registrations from wrecked or worthless vehicles to expensive stolen ones. In most cases, they said, orders were taken for a particu- People In The News TOKYO (AP) - Visiting Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Ceylon has presented a baby elephant to the children of China, according to the New China News Agency. The elephant is named Mith- ura, which means friend in the Sinhala language. Mrs. Bandaranaike made the presentation Tuesday at Peking's indoor stadium. On hand to receive the elephant were Premier Chou En-lai and six Chinese children, the news agency said in a broadcast monitored here. FT. CAMPBELL, Kh.(AP) Gen. William C. Westmoreland, the retiring Army chief of staff, has presented a Presidential Unit Citation to a unit which he formerly commanded. Westmoreland, who will step down as chief of staff Friday, ending 33 years of military service, presented the citation to the 3rd Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division, the highest honor presented to a unit by the nation. During the ceremony Tuesday Westmoreland praised the unit for its "extraordinary heroism in action against the enemy" in Vietnam. Westmoreland, the former commander of all U.S. forces in | South Vietnam, also was commander of the 101st and of Ft. Campbell from April 1958 to June 1960. WASHINGTON (AP) - Wil-" liam J. Stoessel Jr., a career Foreign Service officer, has been nominated by President Nixon as assistant secretary of state for European affairs. Stoessel was named by the President on Tuesday to sue- | ceed Martin J. Hillenbrand, who has been named as ambassador to Germany. Stoessel, a native of Manhattan, Kan., who now claims Santa Monica, Calif., as his home, has been serving as U.S. ambassador to Poland since 1968. LOS ANGELES (APl-Re- tired Air Force Gen. Curtis E. LeMay has settled his 15.3 million suit against the company that fired him when he became Gov. George C. Wallace's running mate in 1988. lar type of vehicle before it was stolen. The first arrest in the case came Monday night when Wallace Gary Melton, 26, of Dallas, was arrested after he allegedly tried to tow a stolen mobile home from a sales firm on Interstate 45 in Conroe. Officers said questioning of Melton led to the recovery of the stolen vehicles and to the other suspects. Mainly About People Garage Sale-1227 Christine. Everything, S, 10, and IS cents. (Adv.) Special Plate Lunches-Bar-b-q beef sandwich plate, $1.; chicken plate, M cents; burger plate, 69 cents; fish plate, 71 cents. Don't cook today-call S andJ.6«9-3Ml.<Adv.) Vine-Ripe tomatoes. Delicious Texas peaches. SltJ Mart, (Adv.) Miscellaneous trims, material and elastic. 715 W. Foster. Wednesday-Friday. (Adv.) Kittens Free! Call 665-2777, (Adv.) 1971 Early American RCA Stereo. 6694495. 2134 Sumner, (Adv.) Kirby Vacuum Sweeper Company is now selling Bison Vacuum Cleaners. Still servicing Kirby at the same location, 5121% S. Cuyler. 669-2990. (Adv.) Grand Opening! La Siesta Restaurant. Formerly the Silver Spur. Monday, June 26.9 a.m., East Frederic. Specializing in Mexican food. (Adv.) Mrs. Jerry Gray and sons, Steve and Todd, of Maracaibo, South America, are visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary Summers. 1719 Aspen, and her grandmother, Mrs. Ava Jenks, 4<5 Buckler. Obituaries MRS. LELLA LARD Funeral services for Mrs. Leila Lard, 78, of Deming, N.M., will be at 2p.m. Friday in the Carmichael-Whatley Colonial Chapel, Pampa. Rev. Roy L. Moody of the First Baptist Church of Miami will officiate, and burial will be in the Miami Cemetery. Mrs. Lard, the former Leila McDonald of Miami, died at 7:25 p.m. Monday in a Doming hospital. She was the widow of James Ed Lard. She moved from Miami to New Mexico in 1935. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Doris Shockley of Deming, N.M.; and two grandchildren. MRS. LOIS KING Funeral services will be at 10 a.m. Thursday in the First- Baptist Church of Canadian for Mrs. Lois Carol King, 48, who died Tuesday night at her home in Canadian. Rev. Troy Noland, church pastor, will officiate, and burial will be in the Canadian Cemetery. Born at Canadian, she was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, the Daughters of the American Revolution and the First Baptist Church. Surviving are her husband, Jack King; one son, Bill King of Lipscomb; one daughter, Mrs. Karol Tyson of Lubbock; her mother, Mrs. Lois Bryant of Canadian; and throe grandchildren. Pampa i leading FUNERAL DIRECTORS 665-2323 UNDMNIW MANAGEMf NT OPEN DAHV AND SUNDAY 11 o.m.-2 p.m.; S p.m.-l p.m. ~J^J' <Vv-S .(Q&ti&J Child'. Plate 65' tane)u»« Icomt Avail**!* Enjoy Piano Artistry Evenings at FuiVi THURSDAY MENU Blue Cheese Tuna loaf with Mushreom Sauce 69« Chicken Fried Steak with Pan Fried Potuteet W Broccoli with Parmesan Sauce 30* Green Peas Lorraine 22« Froth Fruit and Cottage Cheese Plate '. .79' Romaine and Tomato Salad , 2$« Millionaire Pie ., 3Q« Butter Chess Pie ' .30* FRIDAY MENU Baked ChooM Souffle $$< Fried Jumbo Shrimp with French Fried Potatoes and Seafood Sauce »i.2S Sunshine Carrot* 20* Huih Puppies ' ,22* Stuffed Purple Plume ]' .jjc Strawberry Cream Cheese and Sour Cream Gelatin atV Umon Chiffon Pie UM Cherry Banana Wo .' " lai

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