The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 13, 1975 · Page 55
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 55

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 13, 1975
Page 55
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Page 55 article text (OCR)

Page 56-THE HERALD, Provo, Utah, Sunday, April 13, 1975 A Gerald ft. ford Medal One of Canada's oldest and finest mints has just issued a Gerald R. Ford Medal. This month the Lombardo Mint of Sherbrooke, Quebec, will feature a 24-karat geld medallion honoring the United States President. The new medallion's design, in the tradition of the Lombardo Mint, is overwhelming in simplicity, accenting the strong facial characteristics of President Ford in profile on the obverse. The inscription reads: "Gerald R. Ford, 38th President of the United States." The reverse of the medal is the legend "Communication, Conciliation, Compromise and Cooperation", key words reputed to represent the overall Ford policy in dealing with Congress. mm CLIPS byMort Reed The medal is a full 1.5 inches in diameter (silver dollar size) and available in 24-karat gold for $350, a frosted proof finish in .999 Fine silver for $14.50 and bronze for $3.50. Order from The Lombardo Mint, P.O. Box 15225 Santa Ana, Calif. 92705. Add 50 cents for postage and handling. CARSON CITY (CC) DOLLARS With roughly one third of the original number of silver dollars still on hand, the General Services Administration is going back to Congress for permission to try an alternate method of sale. The original legislation was very explicit in its specification for the method of sale, in that it required minimum bids for coins of each date in the CC hoard. The coins were offered to those bidders who offered more than the minimum bid. Despite the elaborate promotion which accompanied the Carson City silver dollar sale, the GSA found $2,185,000 in funds still remaining at the end of the five auctions it conducted. Under the new Budget Reform Impoundment Act, passed last year, it became necessary for the agency to report these funds back to the Office of Management and Budget on a deferral basis; that is, they will remain available for use in the future. The publication of the deferred status of these funds on Feb. 19 confirmed rumors that no additional GSA auctions of the "CC" dollars would be conducted during the fiscal year. The coins that remain have been offered for sale at least twice before and the response was insufficient to deplete them. "Right now we are reviewing our procedures to see if we can come up with any alternate method of sale," said a spokesman for the GSA. Overall the GSA has been absolutely satisfied with the response to the auction in each of the sales conducted so far. These netted a total of $55 million; though there is some chagrin over the fact that around a million of the more common dates still remain on hand. While the spokesman insisted that no plans had yet been formulated for disposing of the remaining coins, he said they would not be returned to languish in Treasury vaults for another half century. He admitted melting the coins into silver bullion was one option necessary to consider, but that such a decision was not likely because "we'd lose too much money." (NEWSPAPER ENTEHPKISE ASSN I Backstairs at White House They 'Tell It to the Boss' By HELEN THOMAS UP! White House Reporter WASHINGTON (UPI) Backstairs at the White House: Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger and Treasury Secretary William E. Simon have found a way to deal with the White House palace guard when they feel they are being undercut. They take their case forcefully to President Ford, and so far he has backed them up. A couple of months ago rumor had it that Simon was on the way out as a Cabinet member. The rumors were aided and abeted by other Ford advisers who did not like the Treasury Secretary's .trong arguments against a large budget deficit to fight recession. But Simon counterattacked. Holding firm to his views, he mustered support for them on Capitol Hill and then marched right into the Oval Office to tell it to the boss. The result was an artraordinary statement from t-\;rd strongly supporting Simon p.hfiost in a "he's my boy" w"hion. fvtore recently Kissinger has fed a turn at defending himself fmro political in-fighting. His Cabinet post seemed secure —at least for the time being —but rumors flew that he would soon be asked to give up •1; second hat as national security adviser to the President in order to lighten his work load. But Kissinger's been around too long not to know where the power center is. The President's national security affairs adviser gets an office in the White House only a short distance from the Oval Office, a location far more strategic than the State Department offices blocks away. Kissinger quickly got Ford to lay it on the line to the other White House advisers that he would remain the President's chief national security adviser. Whenever Kissinger travels, he believes the mischief begins. Ford then finds he must go to great lengths upon Kissinger's return to reassure him he is still in solid. The newest and still strengthening power center at the White House is Chief of Staff Donald Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld has a say about nearly everything as one of Ford's topmost advisers, and also has influence over the small coterie of top officials who have free access to Ford. Rumsfeld uses a standup desk. He says he prefers to work standing up and found the desk in the old Executive Office Building next door to the White House. A long time friend and close associate of Ford's when the two were members of Congress, Rumsfeld later served as head of the poverty program and as head of the Cost of Living Council in the Nixon White House before going to Brussels as NATO ambassador. "Bellwether" which has come to mean "leader" was originally the word for the wether or eunuch sheep which carries a bell around its neck and acts as leader of the herd. Susan Ford, 17, may be becoming more history-minded or maybe she just likes to pal around with her dad. When Susan found out that her father was going to take a trip to New England next weekend to address the joint state legislature of New Hampshire and take part in a bicentiennal celebration at Boston, she said "I think I want to go along." Susan has a date for the senior prom she will give at the White House in late May. But she's not telling who the mystery man is. She dropped former beau, Gardner Britt, when he became somewhat outspoken in opposition to the women's movement. WORLD ALMANAC FACTS The Fords' son Steven, 18, passed up a chance to meet his parents in Palm Springs, Calif., for the Easter holidays. The reason was he had to take care of 1,000 head of cattle on the Montana ranch where he has taken a sabbatical to be a cowhand for a year. Ford said that his son is really learning what work is, and the President appears proud of Steven for persisiting on the range. Thousands of bottle-nosed dolphins are killed annually because some swim with schools of tuna and drown when they are netted by tuna fishermen, The World Almanac notes. The 1972 Marine Mammals Protection Act gave fishermen two years to develop procedures to reduce these tragic deaths. Ford often looks like he has a cold when his nose gets red, but Dr. William Lukash, the White House physician says that his runny nose is due to a sinus problem. He says that Ford is highly susceptible to sinus attacks. The President began to show a little sensitivity during his Palm Springs, Calif., Easter stay about the jibes and cartoons about his daily golfing. He told reporters he was on the job at 6 in the morning — when they weren't around to see him — and that playing golf for relaxation does not mean that he is neglecting his heavy duties. Oklahoma Bill To Ban Cock Fighting Fails OKLAHOMA CITY (UPI) - A tape recording of a crowing rooster echoed through the House chambers and a state legislator rose to defend the sport ofcockfighting. "Cockfighting —the great sport of cockfighting —is the sport of all free countries," said Rep. John Monks of Muskogee during debate Thursday on a bill to prohibit cockfighting in Oklahoma. "In every country the Communists have taken over, the first thing they do is outlaw cockfighting," Monks said. Monks said the British Empire's current woes might be traced to the fact "the government got big and went to suppressing the sports of the people." Early American advocates of cockfighting included George Washington and Henry Clay, Monks said. But Rep. Charles Prentice of Tulsa, the author of the Ban the Cockfights bill, said cockfighting has been practiced by leading Communists and Socialists. Prentice said the proposal would give Rogers County Sheriff Amos Ward "something to do besides stopping longhairs on their way to California." He also said the Bible says man was given dominion over the animals, but the right to slaughter them "in cruel and inhumane sports" was not included. The effort to pass the bill failed, 34-52, and it was sent back to committee for study until the 1976 session. Male Sheep Turns Out To Be a Mom AURORA, 111. (UPI) - An aoudad —a sheep from North Africa with big spiral horns — surprised zoo officials Thursday when it gave birth to a baby aoudad. Zoo officials said they were surprised by the birth because they had thought the zoo's two aoudads were both male. They said the new 3-pound arrival is a male for sure. Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices INVITATION FOR BIDS Th* R«d«v«lopm«nt Agency of Provo City Corporation will rtctlve sealed bids for an addition to th* house located at 777 West 200 South, Provo, Utah, until 10:00 a.m. on the 2la$) day of April, 1975, It the Redevelopment Agency office, 351 West Center Sfreet, Prove Utah 84401, at which time and place they will be publicly opened. Contract documents, Including drawings and specifications are on file at the office of the Redevelopment Agency at 351 West Center Street, Prove, Utah 14401. Copies of the contract documents may be obtained by depositing 15.00 with the Redevelopment Agency for each set of documents so obtained. Each said deposit will be refunded If the drawings and contract documents are retprned In good condition within four days after bid opening. The Redevelopment Agency of Provo City Corporation reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to waive any formalities In the bidding. REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF PROVO CITY CORP. By Alan L. Smith Rehabilitation Coordinator Published In The Dally Herald April 13, 1975 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Probate No. 17,818 In the District Court of Utah County, Utah. In the matter of the Estate of Ralph L. Goodrich Sr. Deceased. Creditors will present claims with vouchers to the undersigned at 230 East, 400 North, Orem, Utah on or before July 1, 1975. Claims must be presented in accordance with the provisions of Section 75 -9-5, Utah Code Annotated, 1953 as amended and with proper verification as therein required. John Goodrich Administrator F.H. Butterfleld (Attcyney) 439 So. State, Orem, Utah Published in the Dally Herald: March 30, April 6, 13, 20, 1975. BEFORE THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF UTAH In the Matter of the Application of STRAWBERRY WATER USERS ASSOCIATION for approval of Its proposed rate schedule. NOTICE OF HEARING Case No. 7089 Notice Is hereby given that the above-entitled application of Strawberry Water Users Association for approval of Its proposed rate schedule for electric service will be heard before the Public Service Commission of Utah In the Auditorium, Zlon's Bank, 80 East 100 North, Payson, Utah, commencing at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, the 23rd day of April, 1975. By this application Strawberry Water Users Association alleges that, based on a rate study It has undertaken, it has been determined that In order to maintain a fair, reasonable and just rate of return and to sustain Its obligation to serve Its consumers that a new rate schedule should be adopted whereby the existing rates for the various customer classifications will be increased approximately 40 per cent, resulting In an Increase In revenue of $121,000. The applicant 'requesfs'fhat, following ahearlng In this matter the Commission fix a fair, |ust and reasonable rate of return for the applicant, and that the Commission approve the proposed rate schedule to become effective upon the date of the Commission's Order In this matter. By order of the Commission. Dated at Salt Lake City, Utah, this 1st day of April, 1975. Ronald E. Casper, Secretary Attorney of Record: Elliott Lee Pratt 351 South State Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 Published In The Dally Herald Apr. 13, 14, 1975 SUMMONS Civil No. 41516 iN THE FOURTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR COUNTY OF UTAH, STATE OF UTAH PETRA SERRANO, Plaintiff, vs LORENZO SERRANO, Defendant, BRIAN M. BARNARD, Esq. Attorney for Plaintiff 214 East Fifth South Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 Phone: 328-9531 THE STATE OF UTAH TO THE ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANT: You are hereby summoned and required to file an answer In writing to the attached Complaint with the clerk of the above entitled Court, and to serve upon, or mall to the Plaintiff's attorney, at the address above, a copy of said Answer, within 30 days after service of this Summons upon you. If you fail so to do, judgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded in said Complaint, which has been filed with the clerk of the above entitled Court and a copy of which Is hereto annexed and herewith served upon you. This is an action for Divorce. NOTICIA: Lea Usted estes papeles con atencion. Estes papeles representan un contesto legal en que Usted tlene parte. Si Usfed tenga preguntas sobre los asuntos contenidos en estes papeles, habla con un abogado, inmediatamente DATED: 3-12-75 Brian M. Barnard Attorney for Plaintiff Published in The Daily Herald March 23, 30, April 6, 13, 1975. NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice Is hereby given that the Provo City Commission will hold a Public Hearing In the City Commission Chambers, City Center, on Tuesday, April 29, 1975, at 7:30 p.m. to discuss the suggestion that the Sprinkling System be abandoned between the sidewalk and the curb and gutter as follows: On University Avenue from 200 North to 900 North on both sides of the street. Center Street from 100 East to 400 East on the North side of the street On 200 East between Center street and 50 North, the East side of the street. '°£ South between 100 East and 500 East on both sides of the street. 200 South between University Avenue and 200 East on both sides of the street. 100 East from 100 South to 300 South on both sides of the street. 200 East from Center Street to 300 South on both sides of the street. 500 West from Center Street to 300 South on the East side of the street. ., 5 °? West 'rom 100 North to 500 North on the East side of the street. This old sprinkling system Is obsolete and the suggestion has been made to abandon the old system. Anyone wishing to speak for or against the possible abandoning of this sprinkling system will be plven an opportunity to be heard. BY AMD FOR THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF PROVO CITY, ON THIS 7th DAY OF APRIL, 1975. R. Glenn Olsen City Recorder Published In The Dally Herald, April 13, 1975. 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