The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 3, 1924 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Wednesday, December 3, 1924
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WEDNESDAY. DEWttMRER X 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE THRFE. SPORJT W NEWSCf AND VIEWS California Still Boasts Big Record In Football World New York, Dec. It.—This wns a lough «onson for unilafcntml ieanis with ft long Hiring of victories. Marquette nnrt Cornell, lonK tin- 'letoated until thla fall, both suffered worses. Until Williams trounced Cornoll, tlio "Dig lied" team hud not lost a cam* since 1 !»20. Marquette, undefeated BIIICO Into In 1*21, w»a lianded Iho surprise of Its Ufa whon Crelglilon beat, the Milwaukee collegians, 21 to 7. University of Cnllfornln now stands nlono as the uno team with SII unbroken string of victories which extends over four years. Hut during that period California nai been Hod four times, by Nevada. Washington and Jefferson. Ifnlvwrslly of Washington mid Stanford. Moderation Urged In Quail Shooting During Open Season ff -urry licensed hunter in Kansas shoot's tho ling limit, of fifty, on (l««ll this season llioro will not be •nougii riuail left In Kansas to m«ko a whlstlo. It is pointed out \>j J. B. I'ozc. statu fish and game warden. The department's estimate last spring on the finall population of the sin'. ) was about TOO.OOrt. A normal increase would solid the total to around 2,500,000. Sportsmen are urKt'd to leavo at least eight ;,lrds to a covey In order to provide need Tor next year. Sonio hunters, not spnrtsmon, will clean nut a envoy hut these kind of fellow:! :irn on thn del reuse. It Is a vlolittiiin of the law to shoot a iiuaii on iht* IM-HIUHI '"'d no real .-.'nwt nil!. The figure of ((null i-lmoilns; and ilio attitude of the ',< : .:l «la( urn and land owners toward ]:i !ure shunting doiieud upon what kind of sportsmen wn have during thi* present season in Kansas which ends December 111. WESTERN. WILL AGAIN PLAY LONG SCHEDULE. ll.Ttfiinl. Conn., Dec. ;).—The Western I.CHKUO Held Us annual Uri'i'tllli: >e-|e;-i[;iy ;unl deeblcil to : lay a ft'. 1 - .s.itn'.' sch"diile next, .sea *-e :i to open April 111 and cluse on •s 'Pteinl 'er John Holland, president of Iho (ililahoum City club was appointed to work with President A. R. Tearney to draft the eeliedui". The league will meol ;i-.iin in Kansas City on February 1*'. t.» appreve tin* sclieilnle. 'I'hose who attended tin- meeting ic hided James Humphries and J"!ui lliillanil, OU.'iliom.i City : James K. Crawford, Tulsa; Krank W'.ei, Wichita; Milton Auflnner, l '"-n\er; Warren Miles, K. j, Tracy, Hi. Josepli, Mo.; Harney llurch, tini.jha; Lee Keyser, lies Moines, and JoKRpli Hark, Lincoln. \\m FANNING BEE HP/Ej Wilbur Slnrr, Hutchinson high solionl hoy who sprang ln_to prominence on the Kansas University team this year, his first, was given honorable mention In the soloctlon of the all-Valley teams by C. E. j McUrltlo, sports editor of the Kansas City Star. Starr should tomo Into his own noxt year. Ho was not counted as a first lino man to start this season, tlio veteran Hart having tho call, though In tho season as a whole Starr played about, ns much as Hart, Kmerson Carey Jr., another former high school star hero won a regular north on Iho Cornell team .and should bo a bulwark of Sad till Doblo'a varsity next fall, his last year at Cornell. Carey played tho full route In Iho final game with Pennsylvania, In which Cornell was defeated. —x~Those hero Interested in baseball and basketball will gel. to seo Ote Olson, temper- mental sborlslop in tho Southwestern league a couplo of seasons ago In action In a new- sport. Olson manages the "Terrible Swedes", a barnstorming cage team, which meets the Cripo llakery five hero on tho night of December 11. Klmer jUcMuIlcn. a former Hutchinson boxor who has been headquartering at Dodgo City, Is forging ahead. Negotiations are under way for a bout In Kansas City between Mc.MiiUen nnd Morris Schlatter of Omaha, ono of tho best men of the welter division. Cletus tlross, who Kliort. stopped for Topeku in 1U22 and who was with John .McCloskey's wandering Southwestern Leaguers during the past season is to rocetvo a trial with the Louisville, American Association team next season. Hope the St. Joseph club didn't get a pair o£ aviators In the trade whereby the management swapped Harney Bureh en aeroplane for Catchers Wilder and Luohba. - x — t'hief Juii.ii .Motor-uah, Indian boxer, who appeared here and at Wichita many times a short timo back and who has been campaigning In Cuba, South an Central America Tor tho past year or so, is reported to bo coming homo about Christmas time. Metixiuah has enjoyed a successful tour, winning a big majority of bis bouts. Cleorge Weaver, a formor Arkansas Valley league star will pilot the Friends University basketball team this year. Ark Valley cage stars will be. prominent all over the CROSSWORD PUZZLE il I IL 3 I 3 10. n. IS. M. 16. 20. •i'l. 24. V. 2S. SO. Jl. 33.. il. «8. SS to. HORIZONTAL^ Encourages. ' Appease. Utterly depraved. [Kind of fish. Small sleeping place. Agreement. Fifteenth of March. Twinkle. Disseminate." Conceited person. Tooth. Wishes. Kitchen utensil. Plod (slang.) Covering for tho head. Ftecompense. Female bird. Consumed. Procio-s Btone. Large constellation. Using few words. Orderly. Saturday night function. Shallow hell. Digits. VERTICAL. Combinations reformed. Range of mountains. Prohibit. Flap of a garment. Pierce. Nuisance. Caso for . carrying artlclee, Torment. Purposes. interdict. Understand (Seal I. Con fused type. I 15. Thus. ' 17. Signal of distress. US. Strife. | 20. Encountered. I 2t. A color. ' 22. Jluiit. 2". Mere taste. 21. Seize nnd hold firmly. 2li. Sileuco by forco. 2". Pronoun. 2D. You (poetic.) ill. Part of a circle. 'i'i. Epoch. 34. Ce:eal grass. .13. Point of a pen. K(i. Loiter. 8". Domestic pet. IIS.- Negative. ',10. Print r's measure. II. Proposition. 42. Masculine pronoun. Kansas conference and Missouri Valley. Hutchinson high school cn- gcrs certainly have drawn a t.irlar to open the season. Newton Is always a main contender for the Valley title, no matter if every player on the pre\ ions year's team Is lost toy graduatlon. Mntchlnson's cago prospects (his sei:sun would have been considerably hotter bad not tho ago limit barred Olt Wangeman, n star of last year's team. Wangemnn's loss was felt keenly In football too. Lyons shooters will help boost tho fund lor needy families by staging a benefit shoot on December If). Turkeys, fieeso mid other fowl will be given as prizes for the shoot. «MUT am BY. They v re "Riders" Both * * * ¥ * * Mr. Ever*, Bete Noir of Umpires, Meet* Epinard's Jockey in Dear Old France. JOE Villi A M S j I The featherweight tournament j | wns a wonderful thing... .It reveal-1 i od to the world thore Is a fighter by the name of l,ombnrdo. I * * * Old John Levi has finally finished at Haskell, and nobody had to Answer to word Puzzle: LEADS THEM * * * English Maiden Captains Crnck Virginia Hockey Eleven. KUTH KEHdl'SOX. Some of the host tfirl hockey players iho world knows uro in Kngland and Australia. An English maiden captains -a_ formidahhi Virginia Kqnud, tho Harrisonuun; Stale* Teariiors* colloids (cam. Her unmet la Knth Kergusuu. Sho comes from Uri.itol, Kng., nnd is a star half hack. Many Rush to New Branch Library Thft brunch library at Lincoln school ImlUHng is In full working order now. Tho people in tho neighborhood have showed their appreciation of it by swamping tho librarian in charge, with a demand for about 50 more books than bad been supplied for tho opening: day. The branch will be managed from the, public library by MIPS Jessie McCord, Alius Man Chapman and Miss Ida Day in turn, and Miss Myrtle Weatherholt children's librarian will be at the library to handle mi imildrcn's books every Tuesday afternoon. burn tho eollego to got him cv either. * * * Babe Ituth has refused In go into ( tho movies This means we : must continue to look to Chaplin | and l.loyd for our mirth. * * * The Kottr Horseman ot Notre Dame havo played their last. game. . . .Among those not publicly expressing regret are tho Princeton and Army conches. * * • Perhaps Cornell conhl Improve her football situation by hiring a schedule-maker with loss optimism. * * • The boys are saying Flrpo was badly handled ... He certainly was badly handled by Messrs. Dompsey, Wills and Welncrt. t » • Wonder what roto page editor will win tho annual reward for printing the first, picturo of ti bath- girl swimming iu and Ice-strewn lake? * • * Even If there Is a shortage of nuts Iho squirrels should worry. . Walter Malls is coming back to the big leagues. * • • The difference between Jim Corbett and the present-day fighter Is that Jim puts his act on In a theater. * + • Walter Camp says there is nothing new about the huddlo system. Anyone who over rode on a street car at 3:30 p. m. knows thnt. * < * Now Yorlt is making much ado over an Italian biko racer who Ladies' Holeproof Hose Silk $1 to $3 ChiHon $1.85 to $2.25 .No. JJOl.i $1.95 Full I'ashioiit'tl Silk l.islc ttljl Mild Suit', all iii'w* I'I ili'irs. This is the lino \\ I'r'.vinu host 1 . Holeproof Hosiery A lot-Tie I in i"i' iltri'c tiinc- llu . I'.xx II.-O >i' ur.;i; l.LilT ill.'i ii in'i' 35c- f»orirtg»rm>o(*1oriifi I JACK BRITTON IS ! WINNER OF BOUT. I*s Angeles, Calif., lv.\ 3.-Attempting a como buck. Jack Tlrtt- ton. veteran wolterivcight. champion, outhoNcd Sailor Hilly Vincent, claimant lo tin- all-navy till,', and took tin- decision in the main event at Vonion arena 1..". night. lion nf for air "iti.-in~ piir;.,i>, Th >-so small HUTU nmt cril* a easily lust and make it impo .--il to stack, mall or lie it in bnndl' to say nothing of reMsiini: i'i.- IM chines for oanoelltiir, i inn are b ing installed over:. WIK-IV :ab and t im.' navels. .Ml th'-r • . tii."> pice... h-n,' lo , .i m ...||-il I.- iuiii.! This shows a couple of noted "riders" in earnest conversation, apparently over tlio mechanical construction ot a baseball bat. The gent In baseball regalia Is uono other than Johnny Evors, noted in ins active plavinir ilavs for his supreme skill in "riding'' umpires. The oilier dhinilary is Kveretl Hay nos, American jockey, who rode Kpinard here lasi. season. The picture was taken in Paris, inking educational line . I be presented at llu LOOKING BACKWARD (Fr»m «h» PIIM et Th« Navw) MAIL ORDER HONEY DEALER ARRESTED AT DENVER .Many Hutchinson people have been victimized by a man named Charles It. Johnson, supposedly a dealer in honey at Denver, who advertised in the Hutchinson News- Herald but failed to deliver Iho honey after tho money was received. Johnson is now in Jail In Denver having been apprehended by Jas. 11. Robertson, postofiice Inspector at Denver, who charges him with using the malls as a moans to defraud, ills real name Is John B. Nelson. "Y" Alleys Repaired. The howling alley at tho Y. M. C. A. will bo closed the Inst ot this week whllo some repair work Is heing done. New pins have boon purchased and will be put up for the games next week. Tho first round ot tho bowling tournament will close tonight. trains on spaghetti It's just little tilings like this that ills- tiiisnish tile metropolitan from the \ OiU'ls. • * * Holding Is not allowed in girls' basketball. . . . You can't expect a flapper to get worked up over kind of a game. Denies It Now FIFTY YEARS AGO IN 1874. Mr. Frayne erecting a fine two Htory house in the enst part of town, .\'ews itern of the day: "We understand that some young ladies ebiim to hiive recently 'made a young man very angry by turning thflr backs on him at a party. Bui th° young man claims they were simply attempting to exhibit then- new overskirtH. FORTY YEARS AGO IN 1884. A furnace wns brought from Wichita and installed in the I in! verbalist church to mako that Johnson, former bnndsmnn. A comm It too composed of Harry Deau. William P.lack and Don limes was appointed ui the rlo.-n of the meting to arrange for a hiiiuutet for the ladies ol' I he bandsmen sometime this month. To Topcka Meeting. S. V. Rowland, comity Hijperin- tendent, will attend a ii:.-etiiii; ui' the leidylalivo cotnmltt"e of' the .State Teurhet 'K A^sociat win at. Topeka Friday. The i -nmiuiti ec peet to draw up several m* aivs w I'irh wiii xr session of the leyislature. Ilia A tn't Atncsaory, e UU' Ine-.-lr '..1111 v.i. ell," remarked .h.- aulo •iiowv lb.;:' livi' pui"''i ):isi | ]'. "So yon tan p; suburbs and rid< : Lite. aslted t hi> pri).-.[!, i•. r\< ><i ; ir i ;u' In inlo llu' nffpre." War Against Tiny Letters. I 'oHtal aniboriiies OVT i.iie country are waging a t*i?mp;iii;ii (o do away wiiii ihr vry small tvpe-; r,\ "p.velope.s and postcards u- ed in i tho mail cither tm ». : ocia! nfr'e »'ta School for Illinois Miners ediflce more comfortalilc Z. Kbafer was a "vnicci culture Institute" in die llapllst church mi week days. John II. .\li;rf...u. arrested in f'amden, X. J., im a bigamy charge, lias admitted the story bo told ot taking the place ot a iwln brother Is false. He now confesses, authorities say, that ho merely was dividing his time between two families. SMITHS IN THE LEAD IN NEW PHONE BOOK Wo aro always ready to give vou service, just call 59. Rngland- Klngsley Motor Co. 3-lt The winter tlephouo books are being distributed to the 7,000 telephone users "In this city," according to H. .1. Qulgley, local manager oC tho Southwestern liell Telephone Co., who roports that the "Smiths" are still in the lead in the directory with G« representatives. The "Browns" come nest with 45 and the "Jones'" third with 38. THIRTY YEARS AGO IN 1394. E. S. Guymon returned from n short visit with friends in To­ peku. A. J. Jflgley was pulling many improvements iu tho IJrunswick hotel. W. 0. Filireliild was rhtroducing cannol coal from his mine in .Missouri and presented the News office with a couple of buckets full. Mrs. T. J. Talbott gave a "rabbit" party for her brother. John Currau and Roy Gillespie of Sylvia. TWENTY YEARS AGO IN 1504. Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Hearth celebrated their wedding 'anniversary with n dinner party at. their country home. Ed 'Bulger resigned nR lineman of the U. and B. telephone company and took up tho same work with tho Missouri and Kansas telephone company at Lynns. Judge \V. H.' Lo'wis went to Mcl'hcrson to open court. Miss Nora Scott, gave a recital at the NIckcrsou normnl and was assisted by Mrs. Henry /.inn. TEN YEARS AGO IN 1914. Tho Kan Carlo opera company closed a successful season here and brought in some money iu the promoters. Claude Adams and i Erwln Moore. ! Walter lloehm and Miss Merry | L. Vance were married at the j home of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. lloehm ' 'LTZS^r* '.. ..jr. Coal nuii-T-S in southern lllinoi-. are going to school. William A. Daeeh (below >, president, of the fifth suibdiMriet of Iho Flitted .Mine Workers, originated the sehoi'ue .if providing y-ehoo's for miner.-, young and old. The plan has be.-u unusually successful. Above is shown a ehi^s-room Full of miners at TaylorviHe, 111. 1 DRAWS HEAVY FINE ON LIQUOR CHARGES Wesley iWis. negro. :m N'ortn fSregory si reel drew a S 'Jat 'i fine and was sentenced to t *>0 days in the eUy jail on two charges, when he v;afj tried in poliei.- court yesterday evening. He wa* eonvieLed for having liquor in hU possession and also'lor attempting to pour it out when his home was raideo .Monday night. H A* DR. HUNTER AND ASSOCIATES SPECIALISTS nil • • n t v •0 PILES THE MUNICIPAL BAND AS IT WAS YEARS AGO Reminiscences of the old lime i bandsmen nf Hutchinson were (riv- j en at the dinner of the Hutchinson Municipal Hand at the RorabaiiKli- Wiley Tea Room last night. The speakers were John Starr and Will Basket Ball Season Is Here. We are in a position to outfit any team with any priced equipment. We *!so carry a large assortment of Basket Balls and Foot Balls—ideal Christmas Gifts for the junior player. These balls are built to THE HUTCHINSON OFFICE SUPPLY AND PRINTING COMPANY ' Phone 127 408-410 N. Main j ind'ci'shci'i. Con'tiD.tlion, Dy stie ;».».•. Gall Bt -lttdiM YrCMihl?*. Uhrum im.-.., Neurliia. Went*. Back. Cit.'nh, Kicint/ and Bl3tltlfr Comj)l .iMt5, Nervo-.isn-sj,,'init Slrenfjth, Blsatnut, Pa'n m W6i:. Onltie, D.pMt*psy. Ar-Untia. Uton- cnitis, Cliro'iic Ol o Jit Poison, Hei:t .-t CH ::orttftrs. Disci^cs ot Wnnifn -i"'l Diseases oi Mftn. ho-pitjil. rhlorofiiv!u or d-'lMillon frum ;vorU or busiiK'^' 3 . Our Ai rophie mv^ttod cnroH in a IV \?„. treat men tp or w«: will refund '-v^rv didhtr p:trf. EL ECTR1C-TH ERAPEUT1CS Our f^i'iinm'.'nr iMclndr-, 'ill Kk'r- ti ;c molhodH— X-Ii:iy, Violet Hay, tlnlvanhMii. SimiFo !d:il V^r.tflisii!. Anto-C'ond'/n«ation. Oiatliormy. Ozone, Vlhnitioti, Liehr, fIcat ur.d IXnv Th-'iaitx BIOLOGICAL LABORATORY We >Mpiinp 'K) :Vr ri:i> idmi)i;:d rui ion t^f "'1'hJ/* Anti-Klionm.iii^, [!!..:.•) Iliri Scrnn,.;, Ilnrf 'Tin,. I'hyJnrrr: Auf-rious. Vacci.".'-^. <'[o. A Modorn I.'qn! ;i;i'd c 0;ir M-.Tirim-n! meilunls h;tv» ' hoii ^a nds nf ro^Hrnonla!.-; KaH and Knrroii 'idini; «rnt I ;M!«. 1. Consultation Free Examination H So. M »in St., entile second tiaoj BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES—Why, Allerton! By Martin Yesterday's Cross- STEP 15 ft. BOW-WOW : , MOW-OME, TW0.T0RN- HOP J HOT 00«Ati SK NOW? CMOT.tN-YOU> SO HOCrt , N0I<K--VHH«S| SOMEOWt ftT THE W30R THE MlS<iU«> ASlcEO tAE TO COME OP ANO POT A STOP 10 AU THE N0I9£ AND RUMPUS GOIU'QMUP HE«E1 lOOttV WJOWI WJWS COMIN' OFF OP, HERg BUT THE VLASTER. OOWN'aTA\R^ OH.IM *iO >> 60URy-\'L\. AS\< bOOTi TO STOP IMMEDIATELY AW, MR ,c>VODOODVE - WE ^ WEWE iU?.' UANCIN' i 1 LEARNED A NEW STEP TOOAY A,N' I WAS TEACHIM' IT TO ANOTHER rEU.A! DOMV Y0(J WAMWA CON\E IN AN'WATCH /"\ 0<=>-\Tc, f\ p\pp ((jjJiS NOW - OMt TV JO , TURN HOP— J AUJtRTONJ - \Ou COHii 14.

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