The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on December 2, 1982 · Page 12
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 12

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1982
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

4-B THE BAYTOWN SUN Thursday, December 2, 1982 Television Guide Sun Classified 422-8323 EVENING 6:00 Off) NEWS CD AGAINST THE ODDS "Martin Luther King" Martin Luther King was one of America's greatest leaders. At the forefront of an emerging Civil Rights movement, he fought for freedom, justice and equality. His goal was for social change without violence. © SPORTSFORUM (R) O VICTORY GARDEN CD CBS NEWS © © ARE YOU ANYBODY? © QD BARNEY MILLER SD LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE © CED INSIDE THE NFL Hosts Len Dawson and Nick Buoniconti review highlights of the previous week's NFL games and interview key players and coaches. © GD SOAP HfCDMONEYLINE ©THEJEFFERSONS SD ONE DAY AT A TIME 6:05 ®GOMERPYLE 6:30 O FAMILY FEUD CS THE ADVENTURES OF BLACK BEAUTY "The Recruiting Sergeant" Vicky and Kevin help a young neighbor escape from an overzealous military recruiter. GO SPORTSCENTER O MACNEIL / LEHRER REPORT © SHOWTIME CD AEROBICISE CD NEWS © © SPORTS LOOK ©THEJEFFERSONS GD BENNY HILL SPORTS TODAY S3 THREE'S COMPANY .M. MAGAZINE 6:35 © ANDY GRIFFITH 7:00 G FAME GD LIVEW1RE "Images" Guests: Bow Wow Wow, rock band; Peter Scolari, actor, "Bosom Buddies"; Jerry Delia Femin, author / ad executive. © NFL STORY: LINE BY LINE O BUSINESS REPORT (6) SHOWTIME CD MOVIE "The Border" (1981) Jack Nicholson, Valerie Perrine. CINEMA 6 \ SAN JACINTO MALI 420 2116 OLTf.HCE1ST% J Tilt B 5:30-7:30-9:30 ^Heidi's S 011 * Jimmy The Kid (PC) CINEMA 10 SAN JACINTO MALL 4 2O 2116 An Officer* A Gentleman J MAGNUM, P.I. JOANIE LOVES CHA- CHI (S) 3D HORSE SHOW Coverage of the Royal Winter Fair Horse Show from Toronto, Canada. (S) CB MOVIE "Cheech And Chong's Nice Dreams" (1981) Richard "Cheech" Marin, Thomas Chong. © CD INCREDIBLE HULK €D HAWAII FIVE-0 ® (S) MOVIE "Alma Grande El Yaqui Justici- ero" Manuel Lopez Ochoa, Sonia Infante. dB ® MOVIE "Modern Problems" (1981) Chevy Chase, Patti D'Arbanville. © CD MOVIE "A Raisin In The Sun" (1961) Sidney Poitier, Claudia McNeil. ©CDPRIMENEWS © JOKER'S WILD © MOVIE "Man With The Icy Eyes" (1971) Keenan Wynn, Faith Domergue. 7:05 © MOVIE "Downhill Racer" (1969) Robert Redford, Gene Hackman. 7:30 © FROM THE 55-YARD LINE Action highlights of the Grey Cup. O SNEAK PREVIEWS CD STAR OF THE FAMILY © TIC TAG DOUGH 8:00 O CHEERS CD THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY WOMAN A tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Eighteenth Century Woman" featuring glimpses of Madame De Pompadour, Catherine the Great and Marie Antoinette, women who molded society's attitudes and expressions. © COLLEGE BASKETBALL UCLA Bruins at DePaul Blue Demons O AT CITY HALL WITH MAYOR WHITMIRE (D SIMON & SIMON CD NFL FOOTBALL San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rains DAIlf BlRGlrX 1IM( S OO'S 30 «U SHOWS ii 00 ® (D COLLEGE BASKETBALL De Paul vs. UCLA S3 MOVIE "Big Gun- down" (1968) Lee Van Cleef, Thomas Milan. ® MOVIE "The Trojan Women" (1972) Katharine Hepburn, Genevieve Bujold. 8:05 O HOUSTON WEEKLY 8:30 OTAXI (S® QC MOVIE "Carbon Copy" (1981) George Segal, Susan Saint James. §9 © MOVIE "Terror En La Montana Rusa" Henry Fonda, George Segal. © CB) MOVIE "Oh Heavenly Dog" (1980) Chevy Chase, Benji. 9.-00 Q HILL STREET BLUES GD THE SIXTH VAN CLIBURN INTERNATIONAL PIANO COMPETITION The preliminaries of the most prestigious piano competition are featured along with the youngest entrant, Australia's Kathy Selby, in the first of a threee-part series on the competition in Fort Worth, Texas in 1981. O SIX GREAT IDEAS © SHOWTIME CD A NEW DAY IN EDEN A powerful family encounters many difficulties in an industrial town. (Part 6) (D KNOTS LANDING © ® NBA BASKETBALL Philadelphia 76ers at Phoenix Suns (Due to mandatory blackout regulations, this game may not be shown in your area.) © CD FREEMAN REPORTS £B INDEPENDENT NETWORK NEWS 9:05 ©NEWS 9:30 © SHOWTIME CD ROMANCE: TEST OF LOVE O CD MEET THE MAYORS O THAT QUIZ KWO CIOOCDNEWS ® SPORTSCENTER O PAUL HOGAN CB SHOWTIME . CD ERNIE KOVACS: TELEVISION'S ORIGINAL GENIUS John Barbour hosts a tribute to Ernie .Kovacs, the technical artist responsible for the evolution of television comedy; also featured are interviews with Jack Lemmon, Chevy Chase and Steve Allen. © fj) MOVIE "Carnal Knowledge" (1971) Jack Nicholson, Ann-Margret. 3D © GD MADAME'S PLACE © CD SPORTS TONIGHT § SATURDAY NIGHT BENNY HILL 10:05 GS GREAT PAINTINGS: DUCCIO'S THE BLIND MAN The two most precious senses to any painter, those of sight and touch, are captured in this symbolic portrait of Christ's miraculous healing of a blind peasant who "sees the light." ® WOMAN WATCH 10:25 CD NIGHTCAP: CONVERSATIONS ON THE ARTS AND LETTERS S.tuds Terkel and Calvin Trillin discuss architecture and how it affects, our daily lives with Paul Goldberger, architecture critic of the "New York Times" and post-modernist architects Robert Stern and Charles Gwathmey. 10:30 f) TONIGHT O PBS LATENIGHT (D QUINCY QD BOB NEWHART © © DEPORTES DE GALA @3) CH) MOVIE "The Wild Geese" (1978) Richard Burton. Roger Moore. & GD RACING FROM YONKERS 8 CD CROSSFIRE SOAP 10:35 CB MOVIE "Who Is Killing The Stunt Men?" (1977) Robert Forster, Fiona Lewis. 11:00 © BOXING (R) flDSSNEWS O©TWILIGHT ZONE § WILD. WILD WEST GD GREATEST SPORTS LEGENDS "Larry Mahan" Host: Ken Howard. © CD NEWSIGHT CD THE ROCKFORD FILES 11:30 O LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN ODICKCAVETT(R) © SHOWTIME CD MOVIE "Pretty Maids All In A How" (1971) Rock Hudson, Angle Dickinson. <B ABC NEWS NIGHT- LINE © CE) MOVIE "The Male Animal" (1942} Henry Fonda, Don DeFore. © GD YOU ASKED FOR IT © CD MONEYLINE UPDATE ©ALL IN THE FAMILY 11:40 CD MCCLOUD 11:45 (Sg CB MOVIE "Love Me Or Leave Me" (1955) Doris Day, James Cagney. 12:00 CB BONANZA SD MOVIE "Destry" (1955) Audie Murphy, Mari Blanchard. @3) GD WOMEN IN CRISIS Gary Collins and Carol Lawrence host this examination of the plight of the • 1.6 billion women in the world's developing nations through the stories of six of these women. © CD PEOPLE NOW 00 LUISANA MIA ffl KOJAK 1230 O NBC NEWS OVERNIGHT (HI CB COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER OF THE YEAR(R) ® (D MOVIE "El Castillo De La Pureza" Claudlo Brook, Rita Macedo. 12:35 © MOVIE "Juarez" (1939) Paul Muni, Bette Davis. 12:45 © ® INSIDE THE NFL Hosts Len Dawson and Nick Buoniconti review highlights of the previous week's NFL games and interview key players and coaches. 1:00 O> CBS NEWS NIGHTWATCH CD NEWS fjT) CE) SPORTS PROBE © GD JOE FRANKLIN © CD SPORTS UPDATE © JIM BAKKER G) INDEPENDENT NETWORK NEWS 1:05 © SHOWTIME CD MOVIE "Enter The Ninja" (1981) Franco Nero, Susan George. 1:30 ONEWS © SPORTSCENTER CE) THE LAST WORD © CB NBA BASKETBALL Philadelphia 76ers at Phoenix Suns (R) (Due to mandatory blackout regulations, this game may not be shown in your area.) g§ CD CROSSFIRE 83 MOVIE "The Failing Of Raymond" (1971) Jane Wyman, Dean Stockwell. 1:45 m CH) MOVIE "Modern Problems" (1981) Chevy Chase, Patti D'Arbanville. 2:00 © GD MOVIE "Drum" (1976) Warren Dates, Isela Vega. ©QDNEWS © GD MOVIE "Mandy" (1953) Phyllis Calbert, Parents Left Behind Dancer, 14, Sacrificing For Art's Sake ALBUQUERQUE (AP) —Michelle Sari- doval knows all about making sacrifices for the sake of art. For Miss Sandoval, a 14-year-old dancer, sacrifice means a lot more than giving up movies and shopping sprees to practice three hours a day, six days a week. Two years ago, she gave up her home in Las Vegas, N.M., and forfeited a normal OUR NEW POLICY BAY PLAZA ALL SHOWS ALL SEATS $|00 NOW SHOWING Rocky III 5:35-1:55 Secret of Ninth 7:20 Annie>c) 5:5*-l:15 AK'l'Kl =* •! :J =1 3 !€«n: 1 =1 . T . fiVt> s- *O AA IKON.TH4HJ SAT. ALl SHOWINGS MFOmAPM *A. VV SUN.t HOllOAn FHil MOTIWf SHC>W OISK.T "SUPERMAN II Cfcrittiplur RMV«« m nrvt R|M^ life with her parents as well. She was just 12 when she decided she had to move from Las Vegas to Albuquerque to get the kind of instruction she needed for a professional dance career. That meant leaving her parents behind because their jobs tied them to Las Vegas. It was a gutsy decision for a 12-year-old to make, but it was even tougher for Lawrence and Antonia Sandoval. Their daughter is their only child. "At first we totally dismissed the idea," Mrs. Sandoval said. "We said, 'No way. She's our only daughter.' But we finally realized we were only thinking of ourselves. We put our feelings aside, but it hasn't been easy." Miss Sandoval is still very close to her family. She sees them every weekend and talks to them on the phone every day, sometimes two or three times a day. Her separation from her mother and father is made bearable by her warm relationship with the David Sample family of Albuquerque. Dana Sample, 16, is her best friend, and, like Miss Sandoval, is a member of the Southwest Ballet Company. "Michelle just fit right in," said Miss Sample. "She acts just like my brother and sister. We fight just like she was my sister." Miss Sandoval lived with two other Albuquerque families before she moved in with the Samples more than a year ago. As an only child, she admitted she had to make some adjustments to living with a "large" family. "But it's working out better than we had anticipated," said Mrs. Sample. "Michelle is a very outgoing girl, and because she is comfortable here, she makes the rest of us comfortable." Mrs. Sample said she expects Miss Sandoval to stay in the Sample household even after Miss Sample is graduated from high school and leaves home. "Michelle is one of our kids now, and we've told her parents that this is her home in Albuquerque as long as she wants it," she said. As dancers, the two teen-agers treasure the mutual support their living arrangement offers them. "Now there is someone at home to talk to about rehearsal and what goes on in the studio," Miss Sample said. Miss Sandoval said living with another dancer makes things, a lot easier. "You know what each' other is feeling," she said. "When I'm feeling homesick, she knows and comforts me.' r Miss Sample said the situation "has so many emotions in it, it is hard to pinpoint them all. Ballet is like that. It has a lot of emotion inside." Ballet has. been a major part of both girls' lives since they were 5 years old. Mrs. Sample said she put her daughter in a ballet class because "one of the neighbor girls was in it." Mrs. Sandoval said she enrolled her daughter in ballet school because "she was a klutz." Within a few years, both girls knew they wanted to be professional dancers. "I've always enjoyed dancing as a hobby, but then when I was about 9 or 10, I started to feel what it was really like and I started to get. in. terested in it and to understand it more," Miss Sandoval said. Miss Sample said she enjoys performing before an audience. "You can feel the audience, and I always feel like I have something to give them," she said. Both had prominent parts in the Southwest Ballet Company's "Giselle" in Albuquerque in September, which featured professional guest artists. "It's so neat because you- work day in and day out, and when you see these principals and how good they are, it gives you an idea of how good you can be," Miss Sandoval said. It is seeing their daughter perform that helps the San- dovals tolerate the pain of separation. Jack Hawkins. 2:30 (9 COLLEGE BASKETBALL UCLA Bruins at DePaul Blue Demons (R) (D MOVIE "One Of Our Own" (1975) George Peppard, Oscar Homolka. O (D TOM COTTLE: UP CLOSE ® (D PRIME TIME NEWS ffl MOVIE "Battle Of The Commandos" (1971) Jack Palance, Thomas Hunter. 2:45 (S) SHOWTIME CD MOVIE "The Border" (1981) Jack Nicholson, Valerie Perrine. 3:00 © (E) MOVIE "Randy Rides Alone" (1934) John Wayne, Alberta Vaughn. GD MOVIE "The Conquest Of Otemanu" Documentary. 3:10 ® MOVIE "D.O.A." (1949) Edmond O'Brian, Pamela Britton. 3:20 (ID CH) MOVIE "Father Figure" (1981) Hal Linden, Timothy Hutton. 3'50 © CD MOVIE "Improper Channels" (1981) Alan Arkin, Mariette Hartley. © MOVIE "Singapore, Singapore" (1967) Sean Flynn, Terry Downes. 4:00 ® CD MOVIE "The Hideout" (1951) Howard Keel, Valerie Hobson. © CE) TO BE ANNOUNCED © CD SPORTS 4:05 (H CD NEWS 4:30 © FROM THE 55-YARD LINE Action highlights of the Grey Cup. (R) H) MOVIE "Perilous Voyage" (1969) Michael Parks, William Shatner. @1 CD MORNING STRETCH ©CD MONEYLINE S) PERRY MASON 4:45 (S SHOWTIME CD WACKY WORLD OF JONATHAN WINTERS V IP Catering By Joyce Woods Enloe •Weddings •Anniversaries •Special Occasions (713H22-Q927 For a Christmas gift art of this world! Satellite TV 100 Channels • Qiality Pictire • Financing Varionics, Inc. 420-1844 4910 N.Man, Baytown .The EXPERIENCED Satellite TV People! SmitJt - DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS ; LIVE CHRISTMAS TtEIS ft roiNSHTAS \ iMHoB^vM/fU, WWt« ft THINK PUNTS fp» THIS HOLIDAY \ V 1102 THOMKON RD HIGHLANDS 426-32l i^-^j^ttA-QtAJKj M&M CERAMICS Green Ware & Firing Paints & Supplies Open: Mon. thru Sat. 9 am to 7 pm Thursday 9 am to 9 pm 11830SRALLA Crosby, TX 426-7921 STERLING FFA ALUMNI "Fund Raising Dance" Friday Dec. 3, 8-12 pm Baytown Fairgrounds Bldg. 7900 N. Main Music By: The Ghost Riders Donation: $ 15°° per couple • Set ups furnished Proceeds to benefit the 1 983 Baytown Youth Fair Auction. 909 N. Commerce 422-4751 .tors: Hn.-Sat 1M SB. 1-5 fg The Christmas Place \t^^ •[^•n CHRISTMAS SALE 7 ft. Scandinavian Pine green Regular $ 180°° NOW ONLY $ 126°° Novelty Garland Popcorn • Candy • Cranberry O OFF i • • i TAKE TIME FOR GREAT MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT! CALL 427-5607 5423 lAMULOO RD I •••• •• • Open Sundays Beginning December 5 Join Us For Champagne Brunch From Noon til 3 pm Dinner Served from 3 pm til 8 pm Prepared By The Famous Chef JAY FUSELIER-Of Memorial Drive Country Club • • «" HAPPY HOURS 4 p.m.- 7p.m. Weekdays 6908 GARTH ROAD/BAYTOWN, TEXAS GOOSE CREEK SHOPPING CENTER

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