Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 27, 1962 · Page 10
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 10

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 27, 1962
Page 10
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AUGUST 27, t962, Ufce Charles Affierka* Eresi Fall Campaign May Hinge on Economics By JACK BELL | chances in critical House, Senate \ tion that the economy still isn't WASHINGTON (Api — Voters ; an d governor elections. If the j moving fast enough to please him. may have to choose this fall be- j reading is not so good, Republi- Drawing on the same reservoir ttt-een conflicting Democratic and j cans are bound to feel they have | of informationi Republicans con- Rpnublican claims that the same | something going for them. tend thgt undef {he Democrats , he economic figures show the country j But if the present trend is any economy isn - t keeping pace with is prosperous or recession-threat- indication, no matter what t h e {(h t " he population growt h O r med. indices say the Democratic and what Wes t e ™ Europe is doing. By the time President Kennedy Republican interpretations are ?h . , Kennedy's delay be- likely to differ widely. ! J K J and former President Dwight D. Eisenhower take off on the campaign circuits in October, the re- 'urns on September's business barometer readings should be piling up. If they indicate a more-than- seasonal fall pickup. Democrats will breathe easier about their Democrats have picked up the cue from Kennedy's recent national television and radio broadcast that the country is now a lot more prosperous than it was under Eisenhower. It is convenient for most of them, however, to omit mentioning Kennedy's qualifica- fore he decided not to ask an im mediate tax cut as a sign something is amiss. The pattern of conflicting claims was well established in weekend political pronouncements. Sen. Clair Engle. D-Calif.. hit the prosperity note hard in key- CALLIK 13 ALWAYS RIGHT SARASOTA. Fla. (AP) — Ash Wing, his nap interrupted, told a woman caller no Andrew lived at his home and she must have the wrong number. "Wrong number nothing," snapped the caller, "you answered the wrong phone, that's all. Now hang up!" Wing gladly hung up. "And I didn't feel sorry for myself." he said. "But, Andrew, poor Andrew." Funds Asked For Survey Of Pollution George Washington Bridge Gets Six Additional Lanes By BILL BENDER ihren $145 million, compared with .deck was added, and the new steel NEW YORK (AP) — Historians $(50 million for the original bridge. anc | concrete are expected to add say the world's first, bridge was; This over-all investment in excess to ^ e bridge's stability built eons ago when a primitive! of $200 million will make the _, ,. . ' . . . man felled a tree across a chasm. ; George Washington the most ex- ; Drudmg s old boss, designer Since then many bridges have i pensive bridge in the world, and Ammann, now 83, has served as been suspended, swung and its 14 lanes will make it the larg- : consultant on expansion of the arched over the inaccessible to est in terms of capacity. bridge he designed in 1927. He is ease the passage of man. But few; A lower level - for trains or . ft desicner of the Verra- have had the majesty - both in; automobiles-was provided in the also ™ e ° esi «^ ot tne verra style and setting-of the mighty I original plans by the designer, zand-Narrows Bridge which is un-, Jim Mack Brnwn 1908 , mh George Washington Bridge. | Othmar H. Amman. The bulk of der construction across New York street, Lake Charles, La., re"The most beautiful bridge in ' the cost of the expansion has gone harbor from Brooklyn to Staten ceived the bachelor of arts de« SCfNT SELLS PAINTINGS BRUSSELS fWNS) - Sales of surrealist p a i n t i ngs in- Increased 85 per cent when a local art gallery perfumed its display rooms every 45 minutes. The name of the perfume: Flattery. Student Receives Degree at Baylor Jim Mack the world" was what the great for the web of approaches to the i s i an d. French architect Le Corbusier' bridge on both sides of the river, i called it. j On the New Jersey side at Fort It spans the broad Hudson Lee. for example, work crews River between New York, with its carved out 1.8 million yards of zig-zag skyline, and the green- : rock from the Palisades for twin brown New Jersey Palisades, 600-foot-long tunnels to provide (hose long-lived descendants of the access to major highways west of ice age. the Hudson. Busy Week Ahead (n Senate, House Mexican Phones Total 565,000 MEXICO CITY (API - Mexico Armv Fnr 31 ycars jt has slonfl as a At 17fith stroel - Manhattan, the, has more than 565.000 telephones moder "- cla y miralce of steel, con- expansion includes the George and orders pending for 130,000 By WILLIAM F. ARBOGAST WASHINGTON (AP) - Heading into what they hope will be the final month of the session, the such taxes. Thev are Virginia. ,,,.,„,,. Texas. Mississippi. Alabama and of lhe third Republican recess.on WASHINGTON (AP) - ^ ' The George Washington s broad, j the Harlem River and leading to eight-laned back has borne 575 the Bronx beyond. New and breader-curved links run from both levels to Riverside Drive and the Henry Hudson Parkway. The expressway will run beneath a new $13-mi!lion bus terminal and several new apartment with an earlier decision of Demo cratic party leaders at a Midwestern party conference in French Lick. Ind., to blow their horn about prosperity. Arkansas and Red River They recommended at a Senate fice the nation was "in the throes in six years. Since then. Sharing top billine in the House been economic recoverv, "made dies 38 million vehicles a year. The tests would be designed to Thal back is abou , to hp ' hroad .: hmises eliminate or counteract chloride cneci with lhc a{ yj tion of a six-! Even said there had and ntner P ollu lants in waters of ]ane lmver 1eve)> gree at Baylor University's summer commencement exercise in Seventh and James Baptist church last Friday. Approximately 313 candidates from 23 states and four foreign countries received degrees. Hilton E. Howcll, Waco attorney and chairman of the u n i- versity's board of trustees, delivered the commencement address. Baylor conferred the honorary doctor of laws degree on HowelL possible because the new administration wasted no time in launch- me a positive programs." While Engle said he was proud of the administration's record of "fiscal integrity," Sen, Harry F. he taken up with an unexpected i the Senate before passage there, ficht over a House-passed tax re-: and is back in the House for ac- vision bill stripped of many ad- tion on Senate amendments. and House buckle down to- today are hills Healing with nous- <iay In a full week of work. ing for elderly persons in rural Twenty-two hills, several of , areas, hank mergers, several ( hrm highly controversial, were I measures affecting internal se- crnwded onto today's House cal-: curit >' and establishment of a endar. to be followed Tuesday by communications satellite system, consideration of a $900-million; The sale ,, jte m d ^ public works bill. ;HOUSC once before s(irred up a |Byrd. D-Va., told a farmers' pic- The Senate's week probably will!hornet's nest and a filibuster in! mc al Berryville, Va.. that if Kennedy's proposal to cut taxes next year isn't accompanied by spending reductions "il will be the most, irresponsible recommendation of this kind and magnitude in my recollection." Byrd said he finds little, assurance that the administration plans to cut spending. On the Republican side Sen. John J. Williams, R-Del., told Other ^measures likely to come' Sen. Kenneth B. Keating R- N.Y., on a taped television program he thinks the country "is in the midst of some form of recession right now and if the President isn't very careful, we may al be in moire. "There seems to be a growing fear on the part of industry as to what this administration is going to do," he said. Sen. Clifford P. Case, R-N.J.. said on another taped television program that Kennedy had shown "weakness of leadership" in not asking for an immediate tax cut l» ?ift the economy. the two rivers which drain over The new 1eve , wh|ch U)ok four — 000 square miles of. Oklahoma.. ycars to huild and cost twice as wi(h jts |wo deckSt thc | George Washington Bridge has a Stop Asthma Attacks In Minutes With Formula Prescribed Most By Doctors Relief Last* For Hoars. Now Available Without Prescription. nlorarln ' Mexico. Kansas, murh as lhe or j RJna | bridge, will i cables. fragile, graceful look, belying the weight sustained by its slender! series of imaginative and T cxas ' Mississippi, Arkansas and he dedicated at mid-river Wednrs-i Henry DniHing. resident i Louisiana. Sen. Robert nnpi- day by the present governors of neer who has supervised the sec- S. Kerr, D-Okla., New York and New Jersey, \el Top attraction on the House: House's attention, would give the' •locket is a proposal to eliminate j President standby authority to' uayment of poll taxes as a quali- ] aunc h building and other public! 'ication for voting in elections in- projects as antirecession meas-' '.wing federal office. It is one of U res if needed. i 13 bills slated to be called up to- lay under a procedure requiring , , i two-thirds vote for passage \ hefore the House if lime Permits Inasmuch as the proposafwould befnre the end of the week in- =ubmit the poll tax issue to the ! clude an omnihus farm b 'H passed states as a constitutional amend- i P reviousl y b . v th e House but •nent, it would need a two-thirds i cnan § ed b - v lhe Senate, vote for passage at any time. To i The House did no business last become effective it would have to' week. The chamber was on vaca- oe ratified by three-fourths of the tion except for brief sessions Mon~> tates - 'day and Thursday. The Senate The poll tax measure easily ( passed two major measures. One mustered the two-thirds count it; was the farm bill, permitting the praised the proposal, calling ilison A. Rockefeller and Richard 'probably one of the most im- J. Hughes, portant projects of its kind ever' Tha cost of the expansion has ond-deck project says the hridpp j has been known to sway as much j as 30 inches in a heavy gale. i But that was before the second i »»» York, N. Y. (Sp*<-lil)—Medical ncience has developed a new formula that stops RstJ^ma attacks in minute* .,. (fives hours of freedom from recurrence of frightening asthma spasms. This fnst-actinfr formula is so effective that it is prescribed more than any other by doctors for their private patients-so safe when used as directed it can be sold-withont prescription in most gtntes — in tiny tablet* tailed Primatene opens bronchial tubes, loosens mucous congestion, relieve* taut nervous tension. All this without taking painful injections. The secret is —Primatrne emit' bines 3 medicines (in full prescrip» tion strength) found most effectiva in combination for asthma distress. Kach medicine performs a special function. Ro look forward to sleep at night and freedom from asthma upasm*. Get Primntenc at antf drngstora. It costs only 98*. / leeded in the ! louse backers Senate and its were confident government to reduce sharply price supports for surplus feed they could steer it through their grain in 1964. The other was Branch. Only five states still bill providing stricter safeguards impose' on the distribution of drugs. IVES ON TUESDAY 2137 Oak Park Blvd. 3533 Ryan St. 2nd Ave. and 2nd St, Maplewood Shopping Center New tops of Alcoa*Aluminum make Pearl Beer in cans better than ever! ANTONIO, TEXAS» §T, JOS£PH« MISSOURI J

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