The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 7, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
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Tuesday, August 7, 1934
Page 8
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PACE EIGHT THE PARIS NEWS. /TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, Whiteside And Whiteside Rally Fails Celebrate Anniversary «7 I *• •* ^ •*> •* YORK, (5=5 — The stock j n tried to rally Tuesday, but j quickly ran into fresh selling, then turned dull-' By early afternoon the market was sluggish, and price Trends mixed. * Bonds were again somewhat »O5S5*. notably rails, but maintained a better undertone than Monday, Grains encountered profit taking after their recent sharp advance, but cotton, rubber, sugar and hides advanced moderate- Established in Paris 24 the business firm of I side and Whiteside has been situ! ated in the same- office for IS i years- Although devoted «acclu- I siveK- to fitting glasses, tc« firm I numbers among its regular customers residents of Los Angele*, Corpus Christi. El Paso. New York, Chicago and New Orleans* Among the thousands of cases handled since establishment of the business here are patients ranging in age from three to 91 "- } years of sge. General Motors rose 11, in re-j The year just close4i . ic addi , sponse to the 30 cent extra divi-j , iOR TO ma-k^g. t >,e twenty-fourth dend 'ordered :a:-? Monday, then I consecutive vear of business in lost much of its gain. I?uPont j p ar j 5 ^, as t ^ e thirty-ninrh year of up T points :n the first; business for the senior member of "half hour, then siid back. An advance of l^s in .American Can was about lost. Grain Prices Holds Strong CHICAGO. u5"> — Despite tensive profit-taking. -which times knocked prices back cents a bushrrl. Errair!; rnsr: showed strength •wile as early. Sharp upturns in foreign txire. The strength abroad was taken here ss implying that foreigners who have been generally "bearish the last three or four years have finally concluded that there Tuesday late as fea- Is a serious situation wi respect io world foo-3 supplies, and have znace a right about fac-e chancre of market posiiion. clese-d firm. I-S-T-S Mon-day"? finish. r>ec- Xe^'> 5--S-7-S. c-c-rn *i to 1 cent up. 2>ec- 7S l-S-I-4. -;>ars 2-4-1-" ac- vartced. and provisions vary;ng from ± cents d-ecline to a rlsv 01 15 cents. Orleans (Continued Fron: Page Onei r-e-gistration armed. The ,tse r-ek-ong- -^,-a.r is a prelude SepteniD-er congrressional e'.ecxion in Tvhich Lo"s almsley st:pportirg cp- candicates. senazor himself was calied in court and sho'K' rea- or Governor O. K. Allen's -doaaination of the city voters .regisrra.rios office w-fth TLZ- tlosal gt-arc "troops, helrr.etea and arni«d -srizh rifles anc machine gTizjs, tender the executive's "par- tlaj ssartial ISI-K-" proclamation of early last week. Isssec by Judgre Nat "vT. 3on-i, of civil district court. ordered the •troops disbanded- The senator has tXiSE 3~ej>oT"tec "'missirigr" for the jKS-gr fwo cays. .. As in the 'prar *>*t«".-eerj the states, two brothers shoulderec arms Tuesday on oppcsir-g sices is tlie "war'" b-eivreen Senator Xx>2sr and Slaj-or WaJmsle^'. One of the brothers is Anthc-ny 23-yes.r-olc khaki -clad the rnedicai corps of tSe aati'Ons.1 g-uard who was called ictc- service in the political and and AJIea. Tile oilier brothet*. i= Patrick 25. -who armed hint. self an -2 OG duty as s. E— -ec:£] p-olice- for gun and is holding the city ha.H against any possible attempt at ir:- b" ~B« national srtiard. the firm. Z>r. G, P. Whiteside. Dr. Whiteside began his optical business in Mississippi in "1S?5, the year his son. Dr. £?. I* Whiteside, junior member of rfce firm, was | born. Dr. G. L. Whiteside has | been in actuat practice for the last 15 yearji. Both members of this firm are graduates of the Nee-cLIes iTastirute of Optometry cf Chicago and nieinbers of the American Optom- ctric Association: the Texas Op- tornetric Association, and the Better Vision Institute of America, Dr. G. P. Whiteside- was a niem- i-rr of the Texas State Boar^ of Examiner;: from 1?23 to 1926. The office of Th^> firm is ecnli 1 *- r>ed -.viih all V^test scientific in- str-unsersts and appliances for testing eyes anfi fitting srlasses. In commenting upon the close of their twenty-fourth year of business 5n Paris, both members of the firrr. expressed deep appreciation for the patronage -which has allowed them to give efficient ^orvio*: 7 ' to their c-jsxomers. He-arular customers of the firm. In addition to those ir, the immediate vicinit" of Pars inc-!t2GC citi- —^n 6 * of rt^snv other ststes. Among oth^r states from -^hich custoTn- -r? com* 1 arc Okls.rson'ia, Arkatt • ~£-^. Florida. California. New-Tork. Arirorra. New Zir^xico, Te-nnessee. Missouri, Illinois. Ohio, the H>is- trict of Cr-lr.rnbia. Mississippi. L.0^- isiana. Michigan sn-5 South ' Carolina. In recslling the various customer? from outs:de the vicinity o-C •j>~^^ = Dr. TVhlteside said Tuesduy •nev had one customer who -wss connected wfTh the Rin'Sriins Brothers circus- E^ach time the cirrus r-Iavr'G in Paris, they •?ro'G;<3 r«e called T2T>on to test the customer's eyes and make snch cnanses in h := s'la^ses s.s -were nee-fied. Both members of the firm said Tuesday that irriicli of ~he success of their business has been c-ae to their rractice of advertising' con- pi.^tentZv jn the local ne^rspaper- T""*" said thev have received G. JP. WHITESIDE Revolution | Arkansas, Missouri, Peel Plot Bared Searing Breath Of Drouth Seventy Persons Taken In-j One of Worst Drouthft Ever to Custodv Bv Mexi- Experienced There. can Authorities MEXICO. D. F-. C??.—The newspaper La Prensa said Tuesday a revolutionary plot against the government had been discovered and 70 persons, including- numerous students and followers of General Antonio I. Villareal, have been taken into custody by military authorities. * The paper said tna- Colonel X. !x»pez had informed authorities of the movement, which was to start with the dynamiting of the ''Foreign Club." a huge gambling casino recently opened outside of this city, and a simultaneous- uprising by 300 armed men in the j . j ie WO rst Missouri state of Guanajuato and by small [ en ced. E. A. Logan, er groups elsewhere in the repub- RELIGIOUS RIOTS SAID DYES'G OUT Acrhoritie? Ponr Troop? Into Const? ntinc to Control Situation COXSTANTIXH. Algeria, (**-— R-elisicuiF riots b-e.wees Ara,hs 'and Jr^-s — "hich have cost e.n estimated 100 I:VA« appeared so be eying rut Tuesday. Auth-crities poured troops into j — ?ec th-e city a_nd claimed the sfitiaricT; is well in hand. Forty persons are "r.5«r arrest anc wfl! be tric-c Sowever. the paper stated, a. careful investi£^.tion had failed to locate tae armed gronps. or tne S stores o? dynamite- supposed to 1 have been prepared for the- attack on the Foreign club. Circulars recently have been posted throughout ifce city urgljisr the public to attack tb^- jrambl'ng- casino. Say Statisticians KANSAS CITY. (*??.—Starving and thirsty livestock, parched pasture lands and brown fields of corn and - other row crop* mark the drouth's effects in Missouri and Arkansas, With tli« exception of a smitll area in the southeastern part of the state, the devastating hand of the drouth has~ reached its sear- in? fingers into every section o' Missouri, In Arkansas, a tost of the heavy crop damage is confined to western and northwestern countiesDescribing: the present drouth as ever experi- seaior statistician of the United States Bureau cf Agricultural Economics, said it Hog Market Goes Lower FORT WORTH. (.3>> — (U. S. Dept- Agr.) — Hogs,: 1.100. including 4S2 direct; truck mostly iic lower; no rail; top 4.S5; bulk better 173-275 Ibs. 4.75-S5; : good underweights averaging 140-170 lbs.~3.70-4.70; packing sows steady, 3.50-4.00. Cattle: .2000 commercial. 2,400 government; calves: 1.500 commercial. 300 government: slaughter cows 10-15 lower: general trade other classes slaughter cattle <iuiet steady; some plain and common grass slaughter steres. ---5-3.50: well finished heavy fed. steers held slightly above 6.00; bet- had extended to more crops than j ter fed yeariisgs 5.25-6.00; J>R- MARKETS At A Glance Gibraltar TORS COTTON . Clos* High, i^ March Mav . I3.1S 13L33 ORSI-EAN5 COTTON CB3CAOO GRAIV Lake A.II but three cf the identified 25 dead ~'ere Jews, The exact {Continued From Page One) •^\ f^>—^ e—* sr^*"^ ch^I— to order RESCUE WORKERS HAMPERED BY GAS ~*.or.e?ap coie Here's real relipf for >T^iarla. — .Grove's Tasteless Ch:!l Tonsc! Qrrickly it «r*c-r'^ the eh.Us end r and re-stores ~-~c"jr r>od" t'» - Many remedies •?.-::• ali€'vig.t* the ffyrrsp: orris of Maiaria. tenr:porar:!y. but Grove's Tasteless Chi!: Tonic «c-es aH the "way 2,i3d completely rids your rys- t«m of the 1-fection. Grove's Tasteless Chill Is & r^aJ corr<-ct.v«' c' Ma.Iaria be cause it contains two thiriC-s. First. tasteless quinine which ki,",5 th^ infect: or, ir the bl<w><J. tonic 'Iron which heips tfce rava^'-s of rh*-- T-h:',"e attack, Grove's Taste now comes in times as nice?; jfiTes you 25 yotir any store. play sjif^r Take Ch;'! T^rric. I' ivj * — *«'-c ariff «: : -^ r* r ,-,- r ~r • " ' • 3S.*^*T- ^L^'-.j.^* ;r:t ^ —^ y the S?>c •*- «.r<5 -'h:_-r, took r.-g-h t'ist tr-y <f;ec ol "~" 'tsv-i ar.d t-sh orridor abc-t;* on North Z*Ia.:n street north of Pro-vine street, stating' thst they •vtere inforrr.ed an application •would c-e presented, ask-ing- for per- •used a= a grocery store and cabins for a. tourist camp o~n the- lot a.t Main and Garrett streets, and pro- fc-r such ccnstructiort- As the application had not been filed -with resctie -=vors%rE j subject to action sfcoi32<f tne ap- ^ii th^ ezplosion-iors plication be filed- Alderman Payne stated that he to enable them to get faoS which they -arere unab!% to get at the re- !• i !:•=•? office .and there was g-eneral 11 discussion cf the problem -which j' developed that the city is spending { metre rrror.*-" than it'can afford. In view of the heavy expense* already incurred, and that it wou"<5 be impossible to undertake to re- I:*v* individual case* of n<?ed -arirh j* E^TT:pathetic bt;t the .rceans s.' corn parry en were either the explosiosj, th*-r Zives, o: i^oroas fun:es. College t<_;ontiiiue<J Krons Past; Os-e* sel that worry, aggravated by a fall, might have caused death failed to shake his testimony. Mrs. Brown, the state's chief witness, was called to testify Tues- ] 2-nsas Jh. day afternoon. Few of the university set were in the courtroom crowd. compose<i any previous one. More than 12.000,000 acrei- of pasture lands in the state have been made useless for grazing. f Nearly half of the counties in i Missouri have been designated as j primary relief areas. Cattle are ] being purchased by the government either for slaughter or removal to better grazing sections- Kain within SO days would revive some of the row crops and alfalfa, Logan said, adding that sufficient moisture could save some late corn. Many Missouri farmers few fax cows up to 3.00; butchers 1.75- I'.Si; cutters and low cutters 1.0050: stockers trade very poorly tested; slaughter calves 25 lower; good. heavies S.00-50; other weighty averages ( mostly under 3.00 level, occasional sorts heavies of short yearling weight above 3.50. Sheep: 700; all classes steady; medium to good fat lambs. 4.005.35; good, fat yearlings 4.25. other fat yearlings 4.00 down: medium grade aged fat wethers 2.25: have | f ee £«" lambs and common lambs Child Killer Says Insane fortunately ne was called too lmt» to head all the armies of tn« «™^^, r™ mi . •» ! Reich. Nevertheless, for two year* HOUSTON. <& — The aaoihar j more * ie 'aspired that army to un- and the brother of Elijah Stuart.} Campled victories, unemployed man on. trial for the! "TV.. „_,__, .' _ , - s trans«lauon klUlnc of his four- _ J^* ™ f ^ tnBa * e - *°* of ^* •** ^^ * war can under no circumstances to* charged against him. it merely passes judgment on the inability of of his four- year-old daughter. Dortha, testified Tuesday in support of bis iti- saaity plea- Mrs. -Rosetta. Sruart. the mother, said that while the family was living near Henryetta. Okia,, { name is indelibly written on and when "Elijah" was only book of historv. eight year?, old. '*he,faad his head split open with a double-bitted axe."' ...-.-. "He always had been the politicians of that day. "When the war 1 was over. a. leader returned to private Ufa whose the „ "When ,in 1925. the German people could find no better xnmn than the field marshal-general to kind of head the nation, his election con- weak-minded and that put nim j stituted the last triumph of th* crazy."- she testified. [great army of the world war. The \vitness added that when j "It was under hia presidency her son was 10 years old he was that preparations could be made kicked in the head by a mule and for the resurgence of the~"Gerznaa \vas '"crazy steady for over three { nation; it was he who opened the months." Stuart has brooded over j door to the representative of that the death of his wife last January) resurgence. In his name, a ttnloa and his Inability to find a job, his; «"as achieved between the past and mother said. j the future. Th«- defendant showed emotion I "Twenty years ago the bells of for the first time during Tuesday's j Germany rang out the name of von. proceed'ngs. He bowed his head j Sindenburg. Now, as we return to and wiped his eyes with a hand- 1 rhe sce " e of hls S reat achievement, kerchief. The killer's brother, Kem. said that he "accidentally hit Elijah on j the head with a double-bitted axej^ when Elijah, was eight years old." j .^'^? \ the bells again are ringing in his honor. *•• "The soldiers ana the flags hold eternal parade. The German peo- however. will make a pilgrim__ ,, ^ ^ . T- j- - • -=>- -o the dead hero to gather the The witness stated that he dia not i s *-e T -"*h *"e remember about his younger bro-1" " ** • i =<-- «-— ther's being- kicked by a, mule. been forced to haul -water for their livestock. | Twenty-three counties, la Ark- i been designated as { emergency drouth areas, 11 of i them in the primary class. The FERA reports that 5.S95 families counties are on drouth ^ 2.50-3,50. Cotton Mart Up Tuesday farmers, in to^n to get their cotton checks. Tiit Myers, sitting with his father The Arkansas river at Little ! and'mother. Dr. and Mrs. P. B. Rock is at its lowest stage on Myers, of El Reno. wore grey | ord. Most of the streams trousers, a light grey suit and a j nave dried up. . . • blue tie. Seemingly he had regained his composure and had lost "he drawn. haggard look he wore Tvhen Linka Back From Europe ;mes "Our field-marshal has gone into Valhalla-" Chancellor Hitler closed his eulogy in raised voice trembling 'with. emotion. hisl, ^.ool boy, and }in I? o« counts .re on «o™ U U JL IIC^U*! V mo^£ SSS^lJT^miSfr "n S i,,». housed a= fl d-um cM r*£ The^™^ £ «£ I ^ J B - a — ta - KW U "r» «% "^ * " , ! ro-turn^d Sunaav saying I wcuid ^*; ;^ ansas .,-v^ at L't'iel XE *" OSLEA *S- (?) — Cotton nft Hve th ^ asa?u for S50 a Tne ,-^ansas -ve. a. L-^e { was modcrate acsive nearly all U av ., Ks ^ & business cond'.uons j morning. Following the firm start, j , h ;^ e are very dull ^tj, snaxfe . oi I prices cosUaued to improve owing J tr , e j,.-^ i-dostrial plants c>os- j to ed-varices_ir. stocks and ivheat- i October traded up to 13.1S. and j December to 13.32. or 12 points net higher. Allied he returned, en August 1 after a haphazard three veeks" night through ; Tlie parents of the erirl beauty, I Professor and Mrs. Albert II, Mills of the university, edged through j 5 e the courtrooni shortly before the { -"--"-"hearing began, and vrere seated. Mrs. Mills, the first witness, tes- j -personally. I love good, clean tilled briefly. She said sh^ last, j sports." Alired's letter coritinued. sa.-^- her daughter alive on Men- ; "3'ui I regard gambling as the many j.t.ople cut of v.*ortc. Mr. Linka. became a na.tura.uzti citizen of the U ited Stat-es iissi (Continued From Page One) imary is coming up August 25 determine which of them shall the party's nominee- Soth s-rong support a-nd claim ; thev T^ill be victorious. } >ea.r. *» after having lived in the Late in the morning, as stocks l~nit*Kl S'a-ten an *ti~ 23 : ears Us | arid wh^at eased off somewhat, trip to se* h.ji* mother this yert_* ] prices here receded in sympathy. | vras the first visit he had nia-ie- October dropping to 13.11 and' r-?r in 24 years- December to 13.25. down 7 points' air. Lin*-a sailed, f-om r^ew /ork from the early higrhs but still 5 • and made- the trip to Kasa^^r^ points above Monday's close. j in 12 days. He said he started !Xea.r mid-session the market re- [ from, there on the return trip the covered one to three-points of this! day after Chancellor I>olifxiss of reaction. ( Austria was killed. He said mat ?aw her, she fternoon at where Mar- aa?-. Jr.]y ?. "She said she Ttilsa," sn^ testif*e<2- The next time she said, was *~th-e n?-xt Mrs. Brown's ho-ase," ian died. Z>efense counsel objected -when ilrs. j-Iills was asked if her daagh- fr-r •was nTarried- TT^e mother replied. finally, that to hey kr.ov.-'.- ed*^£ FG^ ^"as not, 3Dr. Jet^r testifie-c over ob^c- tions of the defense that :n h:5 beli-rf. an illesra! s^ir§rica-l op-era* :OT: •^~as attempted a few minuter b-e- fors tli* girl's <is2.t5i. He also testified that Miss Mill; would, have become z. Tnotn-er. "%VHS there any necessity for art abortion to save her life?" asksd. County Attorney FatsI ITpd-rsraff. ""No."' said J'eter. Defen^e Attorney T^T. I*. ^-lorri- scn zien. on eross-ejcaminatior!. attempted to sho"^r tha~ Mariar. mi—hr have- died from •worry or as the result of a fall. '"Assuming' that the girl was o' a. nervous a_nd higS-Iy *x :o j i~fi,T C dition. :n vievr be possible for of that •woul'f that a;c>~e to i'? 'i^fr-nse at- "It 'S'Otild p-redispos? her t shock." replied I>r. Jeter. After persistent questioning h >"s:d s. jjersoa ca-n cie from worr slon?. bi3t""th3t Ii triiist be stimy lated bj" Pouie exciternent. n^ost baneful character-destroying ce la Texas life today." JvIIred. in commenting on the endorsement of his opponent by r, C. McDonald, a candidate for the governorship who was eliminated in the first'primarr. said: *1 am not at all surprised at Charley Mcl>ona.!d's endorsement of 3ilr. Eiznter. A few days ago. while Hunter and his friends were maneuvering around, he issued s. statement ant of a clear sky. de- nyin = ce wa_ making a trace •with McI>onaJd or Jim Ferguson, but admitting he had asked, their support. No one had accused him of making a trade, or even suggested that he was going to do so. "1 don'i believs the friends of Mr. MoDonsld o"r Jim Ferguson will appreciate the effort to deli~- er them like z. sack of chips to some other cancidat*. 1 would, of course, be grateful for the votes of any o* tfce honest and conscientious men and women who may have foHowec. ilr. Ferguson or ~ho voted for Mr. McDonald; bet to b* perfectly frank a.bout it. I don't -want to be under any obligations whatever to Jisn Fersrusos. Charley JMcDotialfi or any other politician who/ claims, to be able to deliver the votes o- Texas citizens." A group of flatfishes or flound- s have rwo eyes on one side of no newspapers, books nor publications of. any kind can now be brought from either Germany nor Austria, The average guess 01 members of the New Orleans exchange as to the crop fig-are to be shown by the government bureau Wednesday was announced at 9,419.000 | bales. The average guess of Ne-w J _A. sixtssr.ta century Sauor: suH York exchange members, is 9,-j of tilting armor brought $1.700 in 434,000 bales- {Ix*ndoa. Futures closed steady at net ad- j vances of S to S points. NOTICE TO WATER CONSUM3EKS licenses issued !r. > "Water bills must be paid on or -June. I5S4. in Kansas City totaled before August 10 in order to secure cOT. compared with 543 in the I th-e 10 per cent discount, same month in 1?33. ' Superintendent of Water Worfcs, .^i 3- i*i J * \TE KECOGX12E OVB, KESPONSLBILlTlt: In ca.rin.g- for the Eyesight of-ojn?'. patients. Our interest is of a. scientious, sympathetic governed by the desire to alleviato visual defects. A thorough, painstaking- examination to all offers the answer to why our patronag* is constantly growing:. WHITHSIDK & WHTTESTDE. Optometrists and Opticians SC2 First TCatl. Bank. ' •' :ALL 401 tVe will buy or trad* lor year o!d" furnfture. Come in to ««* a* 'or the best values In home- fur. sshinffs. " D. H. Baker Furn. Co. The House Thar SelSs Per Hubert Evans Formerly W!U> FRED GREGER Is N'ow Located At ALL CAFE 14 LAMAR AVE. And invites His Friends To See Him at His NCTT Location G IT- "-':..- sav;r-? '.-f t-wo Hies shortly found! tvro n-ier: bodies in & malr: '-» fee- from th* MOKJE U vVA.£Ki:<G c*gr«ss is re ut rej>ort.e-i *.-?, atting corzj^troner rre-cy. lie sa;<J CS> a *jor:;.A:' :r;»t:tyt;or:5. •with' 524,472,0^0 hs-i b^pjj • basks F. C. of the Death In Master Cleaned and Pressed Suits Th««re''« no h*Jt-'i» i Ay cieariinfr when ensr AJ«*-t«r Cleaners ha.n>i3« T!J*» j*>b. Finest work oft M*t)'s SUITS and Women's I>r*s6«r« for only .,..,, 5Oc CITY STEAM LAUNDRY TELEPHONE 21—22 spent rriu-'h of h:« time at bis eujrrr- mer hc-rr.*; In Atlantic City ari'd eome cf the -winters in Florida. The Pesro»« wing ic the party -waa never fciiy reconciled to Vare"* i«s.d* i r«h!p ar.d opposition to him siov/iy err*.-*- until after the laat May f?rlrfi*r>' he -was <J*po**^ a*t ms.rr,^<l honorary chairman of tli<c city commi«*« and hi* ca.n<!idate»s for cfea*nKKn s,»<S other, office* wtre not r < ! p -*! J 53Ct < £d- f p to the tifne ?>"? -wa^ r*fftsjt<sd c «*«s.t in th« senate. %"ar« had h»!-l public office morf: than thirty years. Starting •».--lth election to «. ward offJc*. Vare becaujt recorder of cl**tdn of l*<! state senator, and then wajt ejected to the U. £. Senate. Vajre ie 8ur%"|v«d by a widow and two raarri«<i xSaaghters. Mrs. Wit- }iam JCifjp and Mns. John Rhaw, A twphew, EkXwin H. Vare, Jr,, of the former Gienn*. LI HO CHANG Master of BLACK MAGIC Plaza Theatre 11 IP. "LOOKING FOR TROUBLE 1 Rollicking, Roizteroos Comedy Without A Dull Moment -ThorwJa 7. Gotox Spanish—fjeab Ray "MURDER IN TRINIDAD" Heather An^«I — Nigel Brace — Victor Jory 10* Day* Kiuliarfne Hepburn Printed Crepes Chiffons Cantons Former Values to $1.98 Yard Crepes are sBovn in dots, stripes and florals on light and medium color grounds. Chiffons arc in medium to dark designs on white ground*. Cantonsare all dark, many suitable for Fall wear.. Every yard of this goods is of the fine*t quality . , . and it*** all this year"* flock. It will hurry out at this August Cleanup Price. Shop Early for These Bargains MAIN' FTXX>R <*t*one i

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