The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 7, 1956 · Page 1
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Saturday, July 7, 1956
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f'-'t'nci Uo - - BAVSIIOKE WEATHKR — Partly cloudy and warm Iliru Sunday with widely scattered thiindershowers. Temperature "0-95 GALVESTOX TIUKS: High Low Galveslon Tides: High Low Sunday ~>:32 ii.m, I0:-I3a.m 2:42 p.m. 10:16 p.m. YOUR HOME NEWSPAPER VOL. 36, NO. 249 TODAY'S NEWS TODAY Saturday, July 7, 1956 BAYTOWN, TEXAS TELEPHONE: 1302. RY. Cmh frn (Jne Up; 30 Can Be Handled It's 'Hurry Up And Wait' To Take Driving License Tests J5y ROSALIE ,MYEKS Sun Staff Writer A crackdown on Houston traffic law violators has far-reaching effects. ll even scares the living daylights out of everyone in the Baytown area who is driving without a Texas driver's license. Every Friday nnd Saturday, the scared ones line lip down at the court house on South Main and stand in line, Availing to apply for a driver's license. They come at 5 a.m.. and the determination to "keep my place in line" hasn't been so strong: since the days of queueing- up for food and gasoline ration stamps. As many as 150 to 200 are there by the time the driver's license examiners arrive at & a.m. Most of them know they stand only a five-to-ono chance of getting a license for the two examiners, working all day long without a break, can qualify only 30 persons each per day for driver's licenses. They give written tests at. 8 a.m. and 1 p.m., and driving tests immediately after the written tests. K:;:<miner Gerald Stone is working: alone this week while Examiner Gene Fagala is on vacation so only fiO of the -(00 applicants this week will Ret the driving- tests immediately after the written tests. Stone said many of the applicants for licenses are students who have restricted licenses and arc applying to have the restrictions removed. Some are people who live out-of-town and believe that a license can be obtained easier ami quicker by coming: to Bnytown. But a reporter's interview with some of the applicants Friday indicated that most of the people have been shaken up by the crackdown of police and the courts on unlicensed drivers. Newcomers around Bnytown think the waiting line at the court house is mighty long- each Friday and Saturday and do n lot of fuming- about it, but— They should have been here a few years ago when the county, the state and the city teamed up in a drive on unlicensed drivers and set up blockad«»— booby traps, they were called—on the roads imrt highways around East Harris county and stopped every driver to chock his license. Of course, the courts ruled that this was an tin- constitutional method of enforcing the license law, but. it hnd its effect nt the time. Examiner Joe Berry thought a mob was storming the jail when he arrived one "license clay" and saw 750 men. women and teen-agers swarming in and around the court house waiting for him. Thank You, Mrs. Smith- An open letter to The Baytown Sun, School Supt. George H. Gentry and the Baytown School Board of trustees: "We wish to express our thanks to your newspaper for your courtesy toward our community in your truthful, unbiased and first-hand accounting of our events. "Especially in our present issue — our high school proposal — do we thank The Sun reporters who came to see and hear for themselves and to so honestly report the actual happenings. "To Mr. Gentry and the trustees of Robert E. Lee high school, we offer our deepest appreciation for your .assuming in past years the responsibility of finishing our young people's high school education when our community was unable (too poor) to do so. "You are men of honor and honesty, and there will always be a warm spot in our hearts toward you. "But we've outgrown the community poverty now. not only materially but in thoughts and deeds, and are now ready to assume this responsibility which is rightfully ours. "You'd think the people here who are pledging heavily to the building and keeping of the many wonderful churches would be afraid of this ,.ne\v venture of building a. high school, but the marvelous thing is that they are the supporters and stalwart strength behind it. "They know the miser who sits and starves, counting his money, is not a happy or constructive man. But the one who is ready-to undertake the impossible, even to giving his mite, which is 'his all, is the man who is a doer, not a dreamer. "With figures you can destroy a vision. But with facts, faith and ultimate effort, we can achieve splendid things — not only in building homes, churches, schools and communities, but in sustaining our nation in its highest precepts. "So our thanks and highest respect to all of you." Most Sincerely, Mrs. Lanis Smith Channelview Ike Believed About Ready To Talk About 2nd Term GE'ITVSBUP.C. Pa. (UPi—Pn-s- The temporary White House ident Eisenhower today appeared dropped two main clues Friday. In be Kettins ready to talk agnin Both led to almost unanimous soon in public about his second speculation by White House news- t"nn plans. Observers believed the men that ihe President soon would NO WORD ON KIDNAPED BADY Speaks At Rally Here Sen. Daniel Hits U. 5. School Aid Two Men Are Freed After Questioning Ky I'KKSTON 1'KNHKKGHASS Sun MiuiHuini; Editor Sen. Price Daniel, one of the lending contenders in the Texas WESTBURY, N. Y. (UP)— Two men held for questioning in. the ,,,,,, ,. . Peior Weinberger kldnapintr case- for the best educational system and chairman of the women's hostess have f-iiled to give any helpful In we should see to it that our teach- committee for the reception at formation" about the three-dav-old ers are paid good salaries." Rebel Int,. crime| „„,(,,,, IinOimCL ,,| kx | ;iy / He promised to use the influ- "I '>"> very Kraleful to U K , WO men Nassau county Detective Chief " . , , * i'j i r tit i i i ni.t.-Mi 11 «- win i t yij'v i,v i. ti v \j v, 11 n.:i governor'* race, told a group of <'"<•<• "I the governor's ollice. to of Bay low iv for their ii.ter.-st In .stuyvesanl Pinnell also announced XOT PLOTTING, BREAKFASTING—KreaUfastiiig in New York with Gnv. Avcrcll ]-larrim:in (left), former President Hurry S. Truman scoffs at reports that he anil Harrimun were "plotting" to keep Adlni Sleven.sou from getting- the Democratic presidential nomination. Said Mr. Truman, "Plots urc outside my ken. The convention is wide open." llnrriman nlso is .seeking the. nomination. (International Soimriphntn) supporler.s tit a public reception in f.aytnwn. Friday that he would always oppose federal itid to education and that if elected governor he would work to make the Texas public school system the best in the nation. Spontaneous applause sreetcd the Senator's statement and another in which he declared that "we have — the money—Texas money--to pay leathers' .salaries in- government and politics, and especially this campaign In whieli "No wonder our teachers arc u ' e im> \vurliiiijf sit hard," Sen. K the classroom." Sen. Daniel }) "" M f said, "they can make much more Sc "' U»»Ws speech nt the reception will be bromlcHSl at 7 p.m. Saturday over Radio Station KRlSo money in industry. It. is our duty to see that they are. paid on an equal bn«is with other professions. 1 ' '" l.aytown. •Sen. Daniel was introduced lo n ° r individuals of the group by Mrs. Jean Schweitzer, who .served us Soys Reds Draffed Desegregation ... 'Pappy' Raps 'Detestable Edict reception, which lusted about an hour. Sen. Daniel met. with Ihe Baylown Kmployos ,. n || ( , r I'VdcM-iilinn council at Ihe Cum- | n | ( | n. that a mysterious coded message received Friday niRht by a television newsoasior "means nothing to us." The child's well-to-do parents, waited at their home here for expected word frnm the kidnaper who took the four-weck-old child from its carriage on a patio Wednesday afternoon. A telephone nilng- to be Ihe kidnaper father Friday Peter la "alive and well." After riuosllonlMg 1 the two men throughout the night, authorities announced they had "no cnnnee- Hv \VAIJ HEX KmVAHDS Sun News Kditnr Candidate for governor \V. Lee O'Danicl Friday night accused the U. S. Supreme Court of calling in the Communist party for advice in preparing the court's ruling ito-liels and politicians in the Communists' advice nnd issued it as their detestable edict against segregated h-chools," Daniel said. The white-haired Pappy — *. •imlty building. "I enjoyed lalk iK with the council members," he said later. A native of neighboring Liberty County Sen. Daniel is well-known , ., „ nctunl . Wc , na p inR ... in Last Hums County. Me renewed One of the rncn was reported 1 tn have made a "crank" phone call lo the parents. The other was A crowd estimated at 150 gath- , ,„. v , ,. ..„,„ ,.,,,. ,„„ -.V,,K • •.••»-.•,. ,,,. i,n- ered when O'Danicl's "Hillbilly days when the flour salesman Daniel family who has known the "f'Xhborlmod of l"c Boys" began playing Western filled football stadiums with spoil senator since he was a year old. tunes from the "bed of a. bright bound spectators who voted him "He is without it doulil the best. "Id acquaintances an.| greeted friends or long- tilnndlng nt thc reception, including .1. O. Hiinni- II was a far cry from the old cult, n. life-long friend of the picked up while driving in the on desegregation in schools. "The nine old men copied down 1938 candidate In a 1956 campaign red fire truck. But approximately into the goT«7nbr's mansion over man in the race for governor,'' also attacked millionaires, cap- half the crowd drifted away when 13 other candidates without a run- Himnicutl. said nftor the reception. . I! ..1 _ _ 1 tFiIt . .„-._ J .r w ..... f, , , off. ' Mrs. T'resjpn Miller, a career The candidate repeatedly talked school teacher, who was among house. John McDonald, press secretary for the Nassmi county police Announced toduy limt speech nt the city barn here Friday night. the band stopped and O'Danicl began a rambling talk that lasted an hour. no ransom has been paid nnd none has been loft where the kidnaper (Sec O'DA'NIKL—I'mce Two) several women attending the recep- m ' ( ; 1 'i. pi ''f i ,, 11 I' 1 *' answer would he "ves.' SUN spots reaffirm his Feb. 29 decision to run again. "•? The two main clues were: | Thc beaming face of While i House Press Secretary James C. Hagerty when he told reporters he and Presidential Assistant Sherman Adams had talked "both per- workers strike. Special Fit MADISON, Wis. (Ul 1 ) — Former State Sen. Clifford (Tiny) Krueger, redistricle<l out of office In lit."]I, filed noiiiiiiatlon pajwrs Friday to gel his old chair back. It's H special clniir, ciisloin-ltiiilt, to hold "Tiny" Kriiegcr'n 4(M) pounds. 40,000 Miners To Feel Pinch Of Steel Strike PITTSBURGH I UP I V p w a r d s of -tO.Oflfi coal miners will feel the pinch of the nationwide steol shutdown when they return from vacation next week, adding to the more than 65,000 sideliners :il- readv laid oft bv the United Steel- Mercury Soars To 96 For Hottest Day Yet Friday was the hottest day of water situation in Baytown cither, the summer in Baytown—a. blister- There is still a definite throat of ing: 9<> degrees, according to 'two a shortage unless people cooper- official thermometers—and it was ate in conserving supplies, city of- the Ifith straight day the tempera- (icials say. lion, said; McDonald's report dashed hopes has climbed above 90. Little relief is offered from the heat wave. Not a smidgen of rain is in prospect. And unless some r-iin comes soon it. will be "all she wrote" for Baytown area garden crops. They point out. that sufficient storage of water cannot, be maintained under present, conditions ini- Iws consumption slackens. A number of factors are responsible for the water "famine"—failing pumps and dry weather head- Thc hot. weather isn't helping- the j n ,, tnc Iis | The (finjxM-atnrc range in liny- town, according Id the Houston Weather Bureau, is expected to In 1 76 lo 95 over the weekend. Tin- low in Baytown .Saturday morning was 7f>. Jaycee Meeting BAYTOWN JUXPOR Chamber of Coiiimcrce will meet at 7::5o p.m. 'j°")" f S< l t "|'; Tuesda- -' "-- "" ..--.--. — -. doctors said sonal and general politics" with Mr. Eisenhower. Hnjjerty wouldn't put his smile into words, but. one. veteran observer said, "He gave it away." An optimistic medical report later in the day on tl'.c President's Layoffs will mount even higher in other steel-centered industries should the contract dispute remain deadlocked. The crippling' walkout is in its seventh day. Efforts to end the strike, which cut off 90 per cent of the nation* President's steel production and sent RoO.DOT June 9—the day of millworkcrs on the picket line, re i. i t !i T i " i MUUIUI.-. .xim —e y o orcrs n e e e, rc- ai me lower restaurant. hjs j n t os tj n!1 i operation—that there mained at. a standstill. Negotiator I he stale president, of the Jay- u , ns no mcdic ' al ,. cason wh hc for (hc usvv anf , thc . stool cee.s will he . . , aml r "P>™cn- ro;l |dn't run for a second term. tauvc.s of Jayccc clubs through- -r^j,. lalost wo 'rcls a montn aftor tluccrs made no move to rcviv- _ contract talks which collapsed Sf< out^the Bay.shorc area ar c ex- the- operation seemed to lenvc the unlay, six hours before the strik- pected to attend. Wooster Meet DIRECTORS OF Fresh Water Supply District. No. Eight, at Wooster will meet at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at thc district's office. LcRny Willcic. chairman of thc board, will be in charge. Around Town- H. V. HERBERT'S junior hj;>h department at First Prosnyteriai. busy cleaning and painting the middle room in the old church building . . . James A. Law serving "s-.!ck" time at San Jacinto Memorial hospital . . . J. Bryan Stratton and family leaving for iVew Mexico . . . M. A. Curries report a fine time in California . . . .Sherwoo ' Hensley home on leave this weekend . . . Barry Nettles and family have returned to Baytown . . . David McPhail postcards from his stopover in London, on his way to India. Marilyn Padgett reports she plans to stay a year in Hawaii where she xvill teach IcincTcrgarten . . . Justine Martin getting the hobhy show results reported from Ashbel Smith recreation center. Larry Brill. 2801 Virginia, will i-" happy to give away three male kittens. e""'!ior prediction unchanged. Big Day For 6. K. HatNiwcn* New Optimist Prexy Wed 25 Years Mr. nnd Mrs. Gentry K. Hath- they go to the Optimist club in- away will celebrate two outstanding events of their lives when «. K. stallalion dinner at T.-:iO p.m. Saturday. They will observe their silvei wedding anniversary and he will be installed as president of thc Optimist, club of Baytown. Hathaway, owner of a food rmrket, will be inducted into office along with 10 other ncwly- ''!:-ftid officers. He succeeds Ed Clark?. Curtis McNabb and .lames B. Carter will be the new vice presidents; Kddie Garrett, the new secretary-treasurer. New members of the board of directors will be N. V. McVVilliams, Charles Fuller, Dr. A. P. Shaddix, Wilton Roper. R. S. Beverly, Paul Anderson and Jack Bro\vn. Holdover directors are B. B. Williams and Dr. Kenneth W. Ford. District Gov. Morris Clnningcr of Beaumont will install the nexv officers and he will he assisted by I.t. Gov. George Goodwin of Houston. The principal address will hc <*w HATHAWAV—F«ne Two) Hold Your Nose, Fish Dying Again Head fish, packed intn the rVtliir Itoiil basin by I)', tide. bbinketc<l thi- nreu with a >ii % ktMiinn- odor SnturdHy. Tin- sdiiree of the crontJimiiiH- ti'iii which caused tile drnth of thi' fish WHS not, known hut •;nnie wardens were ronduclini* •Hi investigation lo detcrininr '.bether oil from wells along th« aynu nnrtli of tbc boat Imsin, r pipeline installntion in thr '>ay or along llie bayshore might .tave let oil into the water. This is the first report of dewl fish in the waters around Daytown since early spring. Thr. floating dead fish are so mmwr- ous they cnn only Iw removed by the tide, which washed them ashore. "There »re. millions of fish floating along (be. shores of the linyoti nnd in the boat basin," en,- man said. "Smn!!, Inrgf. nnd medium sired fish—also n few • nibs. The bayou looks like * snowbank ha<l piled up Mon* the shore.'' Trusting Soul TI'KI.V. Italy (IJI') — TldHy- ,vi:ar old Kino Uossi iH-gjtn « 2(1- month prison term tmlny 'or lore- ing his wife, to we:ir a chastity belt. Itossi was cwnieled Friday, several months after a doclor diseuvered the, hell during his wife's pregnancy. had in many yours.' Tn his closing remarks. Sen. Daniel urged his li«teni!r:i to "get out and work us you've never wnrlicd before so that, we can win the i-ace in the .(uly 28 primary." Me reaffirmed what he called note, left beside the empty baby carriage, demanded $2,000. A telephone call to Morris Weinberger, Ihe baby's father. Friday morning ii-oiighl" a demand for $15,000.. Weinberger said. A man cl'dmlng I" he the Itid- the "cornerstone of my platform- - „;,„,,,. t,.]e|)honed TV r ne'.v:-i-/;|er Mimplir honesty and inteicrity in j,,),,-, K ,\], McC-iff.-i-y l-'-M-v •.•rivernmr'iit" :ind pledged In "re- n |, ; |,| ;|M| | n .<il;e(l him tn read on "lore the confidence of the people 'n state Kovermnent." lie r.'Iterated previous statements ''•ml. an anll-narcolli:;! law pal- ''•rne,| afler_ Ihe new federal law '•<••• needed in Texas and proposed •lie creation of an il-rnan IJHV 'Cnforcemenl commission to Investigate allegations of misconduct of public office In Texas. (See KinNAI'IMi— I'age Two) Has Anyone Ever Heard Of Mildred? No Joke KAKH.. lOOKKD—Asserting H WIHH a ,:nse of "niislnken identity," netor Iliiddy liner IK booked (above) at Van 7Vuy», Calif., jail on a inisile.mennoi- oomplnlnt of annoying nnd molcsling thren trenagn girls. Ife. pleaded not, ruilty; posted 'mud. Dow Official To Address Fund To Aid Hunt Professional Engineers Here For Depot Site "A Professional Look at the (Bill) Broyles, A partner in the Engineer in Industry" is the nub- ^ngincering firm of Eroylcs and site for the San Jncinto ordinance ject of a tnlk to be given Monday FACT OR FALLACY Joe Louis could throw a punch faster than Jack Dcnip- sey? No. 'twas the other way around. Tn his prime, Dempsey's best punch traveled 135 miles an hour. Louis' about 127 miles. But when you place Classified ads in the Baytown Sun thc "punch 1 ' is felt all over B«y- town in a matter of hours! To sell something, rent a vacancy, hire help or solve some 'other problem, phone 8302 for an ad-writer. This ad did a bang up job for Mrs. A. y. Piewetz in two days. The cost, SI.50. WfO. ailS-.a-ro^m rurnisherl hmij»7 > r*fi»r cnnpl- or Mrhflftr. t'rtltti*« fiifni«h«!. .K2.SO month. Ph. .Vsr». Bynum. depot near Channelview has been _,._ M • -a , v, -u -r, Cooper, the guest speaker is approved by the appropriations nigni m Baytown by Harry P. v ,. ith Dow chemical's Texas dl- committee, of the U. S. House of Cooper, an official ot Dow Chcmi- vision at Frceport. Hc is to relate Representatives, cal Co. HP will speak Rt. a dinner meeting of the San Jacinto chapter of thc Texas Society of Professional Engineers. The dinner is set for 7 p.m. nt the Tower restaurant, with the program to start at 8 p.m. Also on the agenda is a discussion on the formation of a TSPE chapter at Baytown. Police Chief \V. U. Montgomery was hoping- Saturday that someone in Bay town would delve into the long ago Mid help him locate A womnn whoso father died •"> fow years ago and left some properly whf.'h she will Inherit. Tile woman's nnme before she married was Mildred Kemp. She WHS the daughter of Charley Os- wrilfi Kemp and Norma Ellison Kemp who lived in Baytown in the early oil field boom days. Kemp wns an oil field worker. Kemp and his wife were divorced when Mildred was two years old. He went to OIney to live, but Mildred nnd her mother are believed . to have remained in Baytown— old Goose Creek or Polly. In those days. Kemp remarried In 1932. He. died 10 years later, leaving a house and A ?25,000 survey to find a new a small tract of land. His widow is trying to locate Kemp's daughter N.C. (i;r-)—M™. Robbie K. Kiker of Concord, N.C., thought ulie'd piny „, pme.tlciii joke, on lier liii.ibnncl »nd reported Ihe family cur stolen while, he Wii« out driving It. Police arrested Klker, who finally convinced (hem lie was thn enr's owner. They then nrirstcd .Mrs. Klker for giving; fiiNn Information ID the police. Her pracli- joke cost her K $10 fine. in order to settle thc estate and dispose of the property. She a/skeil Police Chief Montgomery to help her. He will give the name and ad- thp successful experience Dow has The survey was requested by ban" in its movement to promote Rep. Albert Thomas of Houston, dress of Kemp's widow to anyone and encourage engineering pro- who has asked that the depot, be who can help him locate Mildred fcssionalism within the company, moved from its present location. Kemp. 28 Little Leaguers Win All-Star Berths Class Of East And West Open Playoffs On July 23 Twenty-eight Baytown Little teams in the East and West leagues. M;i::iig<:rs amf league officials J. B. Dannebaum, state presi- League youngsters Saturday had dent of the TSPE, will be present qualified for places on fill star tw " tcftms f , roi P Rou i h Hm'ston to advise the engineers on the procedure for organizing a chapter in this area. At present, the professional engineers of the Bayshore *r**, Including Pasadena and L» I*ort», belong to the Sun Jacinto chapter In Houston. Players for the Bayshore Motors TSPE members from Hou»ton Yanks with six and from the are expected to form a motorcade Pxine Bros. Cardinals with five for their Monday night trip to dominated the two K-man clubs. Baytown. Heading the Houston Hap Marshall will manage the delegation will he Gilbert I^ach, West, team with the help of Bill <:hancc to P la . y Harp. Sam Bozich find Wendell Biggers will handle the East flint. Marshall managed tht The Baytown teams are in Area nals), John Kilgore (Dodgers), 4 of Little League playoffs with Tommy Vanya (Cardinals), John May (Giants), Sammy Masters and one each from Dayton and 'Giants). Ellis Smith (Giant*), Liberty. Roger Adams (Tigers), Bobby Representatives of the leagues Cr > i(;r <Cardinals\ George Bird will meet at the Baytown Com- 'Cardinals), Jerry Franklin (Dod- spent most of the morning mak- mllllit Bllil(iinK , lt 7 . 30 pm next gets). Gary Vincent (Tigers),Jack ing the selections and preparing Wednesday to plan the first roumf Andrews (Tigers), Bobby Bowers .ir the playotfs. They will open O f the playoffs. The ruies provide 'Cardinals), Gailamf Smith on July 2J thftt th(j A , star tc ran not (Tigers). Players for the Bayshore Motors b*gi n practice until Jub-15 West-Bill Stewart (Yankees), The players were not placed at (Tigers). West-Bill Stewart (Yankees), David Barsalou (Yankees), Wayne president of the San Jacinto chapter, and V. Benncr Dow*, chairman of the motorcade. Arrangements in Baytown »r« winning Yanks, and Bozieh's Fel- bcing handled by William D. ton Giants won the East title. e managers a icrn where he •? of the most Stanley Ccrnoch (Red Sox), Jame.i Kelly (Red Sox). Ronald Kluch 'Cubs), Dan I.x>n f :acre (Red Sox), Ri!l Marshall cvankpc.t), Robert thinkj they can help. Hfl» » the personnel of the two Oliver (Yankees-. >Tickey .Reilly tp;tm -' !: 'Indians), Tommy Robert* (Tn« East—Jerry Kemplfty (Cardi- dians), Vincent Voytek (Yankees).

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