Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 8, 1975 · Page 25
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 25

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Page 25
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2-B—LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL—Tuesday Evening, April 8, 1975 Stories On Recruiting Can Be Frightening WASHINGTON (APi The stories about recruiting o( high school athletes for ilip nation's college sports programs can he lightening. Two high school officials in! wise." Foster said in n spot I called on coaches and athletic written by the NCAA. "Rumor [officials to report any knowl- and occasional severe ill-ledge they had regarding pos- fraclions give H generally falsejsihle violations. "We need a impression. network of responsible people "Also false is tiie assumption lolling us where Ihey think the Ntw York were quoted as say-'thal it lakes m.;re than a per-' violators are," he said. "We ing they had no qualms about i missible grant-in-Mid lo recuit; will check them out. 1 ' changing grades on a Iran Jan outstanding players. Actual-1 "They talk about recruiting script. From other parts of thells. when many different collegejviolations and guys with bad country come stories about of-;are recruiting a young man. ev-!grade.-> and so forth fers of cars, cash, apartments, women, jobs for Mom and Dad. Altli iugh many of Ihe stories arc not true, some are. Recruit ing hy colleges for the high school athletes has come a very big and cnm petitive business. Some say it is a race in which humans arc bought and sold a rat. race in which winning is tho only goal. College coaches say good recruiting is R necessary evil if they are lo devel ip a winning sports program which, in mm, said ery move by each institution ^Maryland coach Lefly Driesell, usually is known by its com-lone of the naliiin's most suc- pelilois." jcessful Others sayins; col-| speaking. the nalhiii's most suc- recruitcis. "Normally thai is over-em- For example, if all bcslhege basketball is in for its own; phasi/ced. be j Watergate because <\\ ihp wide-'the recruiting violations went turn them in." he said! ""Say 1 probation. "1 can tell you this, and most of the coaches in the country arc I he same way, if 1 knew somebody was breaking a rule, I'd turn them in in a minute and I know they would turn me in." On the other hand, Joe Paterno, Stale highly football successful Pcnn coach, said knew of, and had proof of, mating schools. I hem. "I don't lie re school and given carte blanche to win at any cost. 1 don't think I should lie in a position lo cause a coach to lose his job when our whole society has produced this attitude." Under NCAA rules, a school may legally offer a high school prospect a granl-in-aid, including tuition and fees, room ducements to tempt a blue-chip a t h 1 e t e—such as money, clothes, cars, women and apartments. Such reports are not new. In its historic 1920 report, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching found a college sports establishment "sodden" with commercialism violations by other but did not report think it's my job to ipread abuses IKW going At. a recent sr-miiiiir. <in. ion dial people Bvrrs then evervhodv say went would lie on. f In First A Series will rfvull in sell out crowds, television exposure and pest season competition. Tile economic dividends from a winning team, especially in a time of spiraling inflation, puts tremendous pressure on n lege roach to make his team number one. The search fnr talent brought hy that pressure is now on in earnest across the country. A good high school basketball player who is n senior may be besieged this week. The best fines, the blue chipper? the Moses Alaloncs—may he living in (heir own hell because they are the ones lo whom Ihe inducements may be offered. National Stalling Day Wednesday is tlie national signing dale, the day when one NCAA school can sign a prospect, and be assured no other NCAA school can gel him. "livery infraction dc;\].s with the blur chipper." says NCAA investigator Bill Hunt. "I've had a kid tell me that a coach told him he bar! a wife and iwo kids, and that he'd lose his jrtli if the kid didn't go lo his school. Thai make? you sick to your stomach, but it reflects how the coach may very well fed." The search for talent is especially acute in h.-iskelball, because a Wilt Chamberlain, a Lew Alcindor. a Rill Walton, can Uirn a team around and take it, lo a national title. With Ilie intense drive l-> be come No. 1, illegal recruiiing becomes a very imporlanl factor in Ihe search for the blue- chip athlete. Rut there is great, disparity over how widespread violations occur. For instance, the NCAA's In fractions Committee met, in New Orleans two weeks ago to hear reports from Ihe NCAA staff. Despite nearly 700 member institutions, chief invest iga tnr Warren Brown sairl only seven cases on improper re- cuiiliix were presented to the uommiltcc. The schools have 15 days from notification by the committee to appeal to the NCAA Council. If t.he schuml docs not for incidental expenses. Nothing more. However, rumors persist that some schools, or over- have information on a certain {enthusiastic alumni or local :oach, HP'S been hired by this [sponsors, offer added in- and board, books and supplies] and professionalism. which are required for the stu-l The report also said (hat by dent's courses and J15 a month j 1019, through the East, South and along the Pacific Coast, there spread "a contagion of ready assistance to promising athletes, which was initiated and hands football assistant.. "Say I wanted lo change a D; I'd just put a little piece of white paper over the D and type ihe grade I wanted on it. Then I'd run the w'holo thing Ihrough a .copying machine." The Post said the bending of academic rules for athletes is athlete's high school grades lolhardly a recent phenomenon, make him eligible, or having j Collier's magazine reported someone else take entrance cx-iin a series. "Buying Football animations for him. i Victories." in its November and "In the three years 1 was I December issues in 1905, that I altered Ilie transcripts! Walter Eekcrsall. Amos Alonz-i notwithstanding many state nients to the contrary, the colleges and universities of the United Slates are confronted with acute problems of recruiting and subsirlixing." Another illegal recruiting lactic which has taken on new meaning is the changing of an (here of three four kids." the Slagg's All-America quarter- coordinated by older quoted an . The resull is thai today,'Missouri Washington Posl recently back, enrolled at Chicago three unidentified former: credits short of the entrance re- Valley Confcrrm e|quiremcilts. Houston Hosts Knicks Tonight By Tlif Associated Press The National Basketball Association playoff wars begin tonight with opening shots being fired on t\vo fronts. The New York Knicks and Houston Rockets trigger the Eastern Conference series in •Houston while in Seattle, the SuperSonics host the Detroit Pistons in the West. Winners of these first-round, tliree-game series will have the dubious distinction of facing the teams wilh the best records in each of their divisions. By virtue of their records, jlhe Boston Celtics of ihe Eastern Conference and the Golden .State Warriors of the West ihave drawn first-round byes 'and will await opening-round winners in the conference semi I finals. i In other playoff action, the Chicago Bulls will host the 'Kansas City-Omaha Kings ! Wednesday night in Chicago in the opening of a seven-game Western Conference semifinal scries. On Thursday night, the start, of an Eastern Conference semifinal series will take place in Landover, Md., where Washington Bullets will the Buffalo Braves. the in a seven-game series." But home if the court Rockets have the edge, the Knicks host have the edge in experience, i They've been in these playoffs The Knicks took their regularjnine straight years—even if they did squeeze in this time with a sub-par 40-42 record in the Atlantic Division. With Walt Fra/.ier and Bil! Bradley in seven previous play- season series 3-1 from the Rockets, but Houston coach .John Egan still tbinks he has an advantage. Two of the three games will be played at Houston, he points out. "I think the home court is the best thing we have going for says an a short optimistic series, it: Egan, could make the difference. I don't seems doesn't. "I don't confidence when we think it makes any differenceiDetroit-Seattle series. Seattle [Celtics. "1 did like the way \ve have it. Detroit (ended our season, If Tommy j( center Tom Burleson) plays think we're on that]well and Spencer (forward level we were on I Spencer Hay wood I is good, we were going well."[can really be tough up front offs each. New York boasts anjSonics have the confidence notes Detroit star Rob Lanicr.i against Detroit. "Plus, as of last month, we've: "The playoffs are the time been only playing six or seven j when you really have to treat men. 1 don't think you can go: each game as a single entity, anywhere in tlie playoffs with-1 You play the percentages more out any depth.' ' !ihan hunches, and it's more On the other hand, Ihe Super-'physical. If it wasn't playoff overall total of 38 years of post-[their coach, season experience. Confidence—and lack of; basketball, it dull, because would be everybody very — ~co o*> "I'm confident." says Bill; conservative—you tend to stick Russell, who bad lots of playoff;«' i t h the bread-and-butter of appears to be Hie key in the'days as the star of the Boston things which worked for you." Chaparrals ((.'on tinned From Page One) Bruins, Black Hawks Seek To Improve NHL 'Status' By The Associated Press The big. bad Boston Bruins. don't scare too many people anymore and the rough, lough and shortstop Andv Busies will ;Chicago Black Hawks aren't " '" any longer. But the two mis.s the games due lo disciplinary action. John Harris, who will pitch no Fridays only the rest of the season, will step into right field SOUGHT AFTER--Reggie Carter (21) of Brookville. N.Y., hangs on to the ball during the Capital Classic High School All-Star game in Capital Centre in Landover, Md.,'recently. Carter, pictured here in high contrast, is one of the high school players college coaches are seeking to develop a winning sorts program. (AP Wirephoto) Crampton's Career Missing One Thing AUGUSTA. Ga. (AP) — Vet-jislic approach to the game. He rran Bruce Crampton nf Aus-jhas long hold that fate and luck iralia can. and does, present a j lias a great deal to do w p ith appeal, the ruling and penalliesjtl'iur, forbidding, scowling coun-|victory. are marie public, which menus iterance when he's working at, "To be successful," he said. bullies teams playoff scries dismal season tangle in a first-round thai will end a for one club and from his normal designated hit-;0thor. improve a poor season for the don't think anyone is pick- thei will i ng us to win ;> Bobby Orr. "not tor position. Gary Olivo, team's No. 1 utility man, be the shortstop. Koary Bailey, who has been relegated of late to a pinch-hil- fer's role because of a shoulder injury, wil serve as the designated hitter. , . ... . Elsewhere, Don Worth will beu'l'i {"]?(* behind the plate, Ric Weaver or u ll ' Mark Lisle at first, Rodney- Gardner at second. David Cari-r ame "It has been a disappointingjthcy won 6-4 there Sunday familiar ice. sporting 23-134 season for all of us," said Chi-1 night. marks at home, compared to cago goalie Tony Esposito. who: "We've met challenges well ; on Ihe road, will he facing shots from hisithis year." said Islander roach "It's crazy," Boileau said. brother Phil, the second-leading;Ai Arbour. "but we are a different team at scorer in the NHL this year.' Pitsbwg'h has been running home." "We didn't finish first " and ihot and cold this year—hot on Tlie Kings skated to their that's what hurls. 'home ice and very cold away best record ever this season, "The playoffs, it doesn't Trom home cooking. Since the posting marks of 4'J-lj-L'l. said Bivton's ! t00 -" our fans, the! If (he matter who you play because | Penguins are scheduled to play everybody should be ready.}two of the hcsUif-three scries Yes. 1 hope we'll be ready, jin Pittsburgh, they would seem |to have an advantage. Hawks aren't ready,; "It's a good thing we're play- coach Bob Pulford acknowledged that his leam hasn't, played well recently, recording just si.x victories in the team's last 11 games, hut said, "1 think we'li our parents. They don't think!'''' 10 Bruins long'.'ing at home." said Penguin l)r ;l different team in Ihe play- see "Our to er at third. Buddy Davis in Ieft| and Randy Evans in center. For ENMU, Andy Reeves will handle Ihe catching, Mark Vinal will be at first, Larry Hunni- to thatJcoach Marc Boileau. we'll go much further than thejBoston. which finishd 19 points!record isn't much first round, hut when we get tolbchinri Division 4-icading Buf-'about." maybe we can lalklfalo, also is trying to skate; The Penguins assembled a l'."i- iaway from a disappointing o-IO record at home (.hi? season "We didn't win a crucial regular season. [and were 1L'-2.'1-,") on the road, all year." said Chicago' "We've EOI lo hustle, play St - '- ou ' s i- s also better off on This team, when motivated. plays very well.' coach Riil - v third. Ricky Rapp Dennis Wright in left, Mims in center and" Ron his trade. But Crampton. course personality j "you off-imust need ability. And you find a way to produce the , ..... .......... ., is diametri-fabiltly when you need it. You different, turns wistfullalso need the nerve to play cer- shots when you have to, ofjtain land "Golf has been very me," said the stocky you need luck. The chal- good tojlcnge is to find out how to do 3!)-ycar- this and still control vour emo- jnlri, now in his 13th season on illie American tions in Kmcaid. navis anil (Vary neminc a tight situation." | "'o'o^S''-^n,^!"ftM* 1 ',,^. That control has brought! J,j,,.," ud " v 8; Thomas and Fiemim ; deal rnorejc rarn p fon a i arse amount of 1 TRIPLES—rtavi*. BIS,,, publicity. He rarely pro lour. "I have great expected to in this[ ac j vcr ' se ! have accomplished .sOj sm j] c . s wn j le •much more lhan I dreamed Ii e ven when he's in the pen- would. Bui there is one thingj 0 f winning. His expression missinc from my career.'' ! blank except when his face lie hasn't won r>ne> of the'creased wilh a frown. on the course— process is is few friends. But hu;;e respect for that, the sanctions acainst, some.. schools mi<:ht be announced lat- Km Crampton. whose er this week. Six Penalties Although tlie NCAA refuses to'and longing when he talks dir-ciiss ils investigations in anyi'he Masters. \\av, some schools rcporlcd to bp under investigation it; recent months have been Canisiu.s. Clcmsnn. Detroit. New Mexic'i. 1 ouisiana Stale. Tennessee, Ok-'achieved a lahoma Stale. Scion Hall, ithan I ever Maryland anrl Ohorlin. ganv If ' the NCAA finds Ibal a school broke its rules Ihr ally could range from a repri manrl. !!ir> mildest form nf sanction, to expulsion. The NCAA's stiffest. penally was handed to S 'iithuestorn 'four victories and the 1 !>.">(> Louisiana in l!VT'l. banning the iralian open. In 197:;. lie school from imercollegiale has- four limes. Thai year he al.-o kethalJ competition for tvvorhecame tho first foreign player,••p| 1 j s j s \ v here I work years. land only the fifth c\ or. to earn vvhore I do my job. Oilier penalties include pro-;SI million in pri/e money Ironi, "You don't sec tile piiol of button and a ban on any post- I', s. lournamoms. enormous jei laughing and Foason play: penalties in the in- 1(p - s t - nr nn i y f oro ign player smiling when he's landing, do to wjn the 5 Vardon Trophy for]you? You don't expect a pro ihe low stroke avarage on theiqiiRrlorback lo lie cracking lour, lie has won 5100,00(1 or!jokes in the huddle, do you? more seven seasons in a row. a'They're doing their job. string thai is matched only by, "Well, out here I'm doing my Trevino and CNcecded onl\-jnb. If the people want to he by ,I;ick Nicklaus. ;amused, hear funny stories. He's done almost everything they came to Ihe wrong place, there i> lo rio in coif. F.xcop't ' r lho .V wai1 ' ln sec good golf win onr- of the Rig Four. shots. I'll try lo provide that "1 can't say I'm disappointed for them." I've accomplished so He's provided them in abun- mucli more than I ever thought Clarice for almost two decades. I would." Crampton said after N' 1W ; 'ie SCl ^s to highlight that at short, Ron Long in right. Aiken will serve as the jdh when he i.s not pitching. HHTI.Vf! I.KAntiUS (1 *5- KRA J? 1 'i~? e '.'. Bul! i- Mltlwcsltrn. .5-K (LNi-ili- flS-."6); .lohn Harris. I.CC. ' .39-1 (SMIli- nave nurt'ey. Phillips .387 <S9-7S>: .Tnlin \n- lirrson. Philllns. ,3S4 (X-i-SS): Jjnce Kin- cairt. Phillips. .3H1 (^7.71) : S i eve Ma.ltlox. Oalls. Banllst. .r>B7 (ll-rx» HITS—Don Carr. Tp.v U'e&lftvan •!''• Harris .".i: Rn.d.i- .Iscol)*. Te.v ivo^l'svan' .16: Jim Thomax, Tex Wesleyan. 3S: Ran- fly T;v«ti5. I.CC. M: Andtrsbn X'.: Biitlcb- navis and Rodney Garrtner. htilh I CO 32 pat-h: Mike Hcathirly Phillips. "1. " lot! LoflU'v, Olsla Banlisl. T-Yank Stun*, MMwcsl^rn. 41 , . Gerry Nixon. OCC. .4011 (1S-4SI: R Bis— Harris Havn. PhilliDj. Sumsky. Tex weslcv 34; :>9 .Jacobs anrl Tern- Dmll«v :>fi : paiil n. 25; Thomas 22 : and a chance to prove differently inlicaguc the playoffs." With ' 12 of the 18 Hockey League loams entering a rather non-discriminating playoff picture, teams which were disappointing during the: "We'll have jsmarler," said Orr, who led Ihe in scoring with 135 Ipoinls —an amazing feat for a National'defenseman. "This series is two -. -._ - out of three, so you can't afford cut^at second, Paul Valigura at]*, 5f (lher _, non-Qiscriminating! to mak( , many mistakes or you're gone." ' have for atonement. The Bruins and Black Hawks get their second chance in Bo.s- lon when the NHL's second sea- wit h four Olher first- More Sports Page 16-B best-of-three series. round pairings York Rangers playing' host to their suburban rivals, the New Y'ork Islanders; Ihe St. Louis Blue.s meeting the Penguins in Pittsburgh, and the Toronto iMaple Leafs playing' the Kings in Los Angeles. game's four major lilies! ; lie has won : He's collected II American he has gained Aus- his game. won "This," be said, pointing to lie golf course, "is my office. This is \vhprp T rln rrui iob Ironi Carter. L.CC. r. rarli HOME RUNS—Harris. Sumskpy d'viriual coaches and players involved: a reduciiun in Ihe school's number of pvanls in-• aid; curtailment nf recruiting: returning money from postseason games, and forofeiiuiv of games. f'onstunl Reminilcr.s Although most coaihcs and athletic officials are rclticianl , to discuss iliegal recruiting ex c-ejit to say they don't. :hink it ' s .i,^.^],;'^" Hays f o.-ioh: .lartihi S: Parrel nfinalrt-ithp "in and nan Mnnriy, holh T« Wcslcvan .1 P-^ch. STOI.KN RASKS-MarV Rfnedrttn Trv \Vc.-lrvan. 1.1: Evans. Have an .| Ldrrv- Hncur. n«l nxptisl. 11 each; Anderson in,1 Rod Mc.=uaflrfrn. Phlllms in rach riTCHIXO I.F,.1I>Bhs VKrrOP.IES—Boh Barr. Piiillips. 7; Kpn Carpenter. Te.v We'sleyan and Karri? f eai'h: Byron Thornlon. Te.v Wrclevan and r.qdney co\. I.rc, r> each: rani Kinoaid. Phillips anrl Mark Blaii. 1 eac-h. r\NINOS PITCHBD—r-anifnler Barr 57: Thnrntnn 52.1: Harr:>: 17: Bl'aii ^STRIKE OUTS-Bnrr f,~: ramr-nter W: 'rox'tPLRTF.' nAMKS-'narr '.- • Hani, and Cnmr.nter R enrh; Ulan ton /> each KlfOTOirrs-Biirr ">; Rlau, | rainfn(e> '_' parfi. KRA —Ban- O.K1: rrx-ddv F I [.LT> <J1,-; IPi; Ken Oim-on. an. l.r>0 f'J, IP>: fanwnlcr l.ffi; r l.S'i. The Black Hawks, who fin-i ishod a humiliating third in Division 2 to a pair of expansion clubs which weren't around : when Chicago won its last Stan- and|!ey Cup iii 1%1. are looking to playoffs to restore some; lost pride. 1 out of the playoffs each of the last eight years. They haven't; won the Stanley Cup since 1040 and haven't been overly impressive this year. , ,. ., "We've got lo tig'hten up our ; have the New!^,^.. Saif1 Ran ., ci . ,, cntcrl Pete Slemkow-ski. "We're going to have to gel the jump on them in our building." ! The third-year Islanders, in the playoffs for ihe first time,' had never beaten the Rangers al Madison Square Garden until * 100,000 PIONKKR .N.VITRAL GAS CO. 9^2% BO.NDS Cut Dtte^bt. 13. I9E? Price 104.50 net Current Yield 9.09% Yield to maturity 8.63% v.t c~« o"d cHt<«T Woody's "A" Rating lopnoi K>i« o. tho^j. ^ pnct! p or information coll: Schneider, Bernel & Hickman, Inc. Stixl<s— Bonds— Comn'odilies Court Ploce— Main at Te»ci Ave. 763-1951 ,.? and Thorn. Torre*; and 20% OFF All Golf Equipment Shots-Men t Women's Clufes-Sili J. Individuols • Hats-lalls-Ingi Sole Storli March ?4th bills April 5lh a practice round at the Augusta .career career with a major National Golf Club, site of ihe triumph. Masters lonrnamcnt that begins " II would he very nice to win Thursday. : the Masters. It would cap my "But I foci I hat my career is i career. incomplete. I've done almost i "All I can do is try, play my everything there is to do but lwst - If ' am meant lo win, I'll win one of ihe majors. I'd like win - I f nnt ' [ ^''l 11 ' 1 -" Ilia! ver\ much.'' there HIT cmslant rr minders I ha I it is in the (ore- Iront. of their thinking. Walter Byei";, NCAA executive director, says. "The pro rurcmenl of talent is one nf Ihe most vital things in any organ i/.ation whore vou liase a 'ram. And in sports it's vital: ii is ihe v;!al tiling. "So when you look- al college athletes. I think tlie mos! unfortunate problem has been re cruiling. ^ of the stigma and most of tlie unpleasant things that you hear aboiu college athletics comes in the recruiting process. I think some 1 one should have some sympa thy for the colleges in attempting to restrain Ihe excesses ui recruiting while at ihr> same time giving the prospect a fair opportunity. . . lo nvike up hi.s mind.' 1 During the NCAA haskelball tournanicnl. Bill Ko.sler. Jiearl coach a^. Duke and incoming | The South Plains Racing As-j president of the National Asso- j sociat.ion will hold i!s monthly j ciation of Basketball Coaches, j meeting tonight at 8 al the went on national television j Drover House, .'i02(i Ave. A. All three times in an effort to per-! drivers are urged to attend. | suade the public: from believing The meeting will center' illegal recruiting is widespread, i around tho Friday nighl pro-j "Most coaches and in-! grains r.l Arena Park Raceway.' slitulions do nol break recruit I which will begin Friday at 3 , ing rules, knowingly or other- ip.m, I He lias fome close, lie's second in Ihe POA llHT.'li. the , Musters (Hi7'2i anrl tiic U.S. iven (l!)71'i. I'.'vcrv time, he " ; was beaten by Nickiaus. 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