The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 7, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 7, 1934
Page 7
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 1994. 1HE PAMS MEWS, Sell It Or Trade If l/lfif/i A Paris News Classified Ad CLASSIFIED AD Information Alt»* IB .Ut*_ «tfic« of ta* Peri* oi I&x*r ttuuct • p TBU for *t Tim* tc p»r W * Tin>«* «*> p*i « • Tim** Ac v*t ** Itc P*i . of w *•» oo th* |ULU> of „. in «b» «»<-„ _ -* 0tt ID «J* c«plt«J l*tt*r» rmct raui* •!« «>* it p*r <»<»4I ««^li tn» rf-town or<l«r» tor iac«rr«ct ln»*nion. W* r»**rr« '' copy for tb* best iRt*r*»t» of - 891 namtwr* CAT* N*»« «1U b* *1»-«B a«l»*rtt»«r» dolric* hlinrt aildf*****. ' T«l*ohot>» your *<J» to owr •*»•- OK iee. Announcement* All Societies and L«o*lse* - - 1 ORDERor EASTERN STAR PARIS Citayter No i O, E. S. me»ts «»ery 3o«3. »a<J 4*b Thtinsflfey olsbt* »t S:CC p iru VTaittas ca^rriTiers welcomed- >Sr» WliJSt Ca.vlTH:3»l "W. M." 'Mr*. Don*. -Martin. S*c. - " _____ O. 27 A. P. a.n<S A- if i -io^£ *n£ s.Q(3 ^tfc *^r2 * W __ T _ ici* JQODtfa 7l30 p. ETS Vlakla* brethren corrtia.l!y isvlted 1. J H. G. B-rcoemao. Sec. Feed Plant* and Queen of Dixie Poultry Feeds Sure Nrff Stock Feed Field Se«<t — Garden Seed Poiiltry remedies. Bulk Bird Seed. Bird Remedies and Supplies, Dot and Puppy Food Chiggtr Chaser. Guaranteed to Keep the Chigsers Off HARRY BOOK 37 Grand Are. Tel. C04 Livestock for Sale AUCTION SALE — Monday, August 13, S 5 head good horses and mares. 2 to 7 y-^ars old. good colors. 800 to 1200 pounds, mostly broken, all fat- Sale starts 1:00 p.' "at,.' rala or shine, McAlester*s Live Stock Barn, rear 1301 Spruce St., Texarkana. Tes. Merchandise For 5 Good Things to Eat 3£T>B£RTA peaches now ready. O. A, Dixon, Caviness Wanted to Buy StatetJ UAFAT1STTS M.. Stated it, E- H. NO <S S, A 3r«3 T&srwiav . 7:SO p m. Vtsitin* ,e<J J J CuanSa£, H. G Brea*rr»ar; i; CS3CNCI1- KO. 34 H. *n<! S 51.-= * Stat«c assembly • itis T»««Ja> >acb moatii T;*C p, rn. Visiting -cons- paoton« w«lcom%<3L J J Cosci=S~rn, T - u M- K- G Bressmta. S«c. NO S KN1OHTS PAT CASH for a good used car. Nothing older than "23 model considered, and prefer lisht car. Must be a bargain. Ray Morse.' Morse Bee Line Station, corner 13th and Grand Ave. Roont and Board Rooms »1 TWO furnished rooms, lighthouse- keeping:. Phone 57. 41 South 23rd street. •'.... TO GENTLEMEN bedroom close in. Phone 1223. G: . Sir Knlsctia cor<i**I!y Buryi D Jofcc^on B. C,. K_ . recorder GROTTO M. O V. P. E R. znoatb 7-iO »L m. Visttics Prorh-et* iviteS J 1EV H»rrl» Mot>-H U. Fsr*oa». Sec. , OK TH£ SASTETRN 3TAH chapter «53 r3**na tfa* l»i r c'.giit aisJ :is« titrt! Fn<lsy e«efc tnostli. Visitors «r«:eorn«- id« Sectt. W. il. Mrs TKHKE rcoms and bath, private entrance. Phone 1474., Real Estate for Rent Apartments for Rent *B cool furnished aoartment, T«» "if Vft«--n "«-*'i PUBLISHED apartTTieTit Bills paid, Phone 915-W. House* ror Rent »S LOST—Parry who picked up SIO { 5 . RO OM HOUSE—Modem. 1S3 bip. :in front of Automotive please | E Washington St. TeL 157. flewatrd, . i . ; ] 5 RKI- Funi, Km. a.nd Dap.—85SJ This for That for hay. 131S-\V, grood 3"ear old" heifer | H- Dicksoa. Phose | Notice «-•» i '•- i— • I ar Wante<! — Miscellaneoo* Must be 'barsain. Address '.Motor/' i prcr>*rty for from a -visit to Pontotoe. 1 «4 in *n a.ntomobil« aecl4*nt In |Pari« Sunday nicht- X*roy Emi mon*, «Jio_-ica« jwith. Mm. .«**_ not hurt.. .' J : : ." • - lu It. Turner of QuaJiali 1* *i«it~ ; h*re« Mrs- Tsida Kinr ajid aon Murray have reutrned from a visit to.Ver- non, Mrs. Odell. Franklin of McKinney is " vislfln^ Mrs. Floyd Boazman. Miss Joseph Kennemer of Ben- nincton. Okla.. is. visiting Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Blair. Roy Rowton of Oklahoma. City spent the -week end nere. Mrs. A. B- Guthrie and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Guthrie and son of Idabel turere guests of. Mr, and Mrs. J. E- Thompson Sunday.. Miss Voneille Atkins of Cleburae has returned from a visit here. She was accompanied home by Misses Lola. Mae DIckson and Lucille Blair- Misses Elizabeth Saylor and Frances Black left .Sunday for Chicago xvbere they Trill attend the "World's Fair, Mrs. E. H- Hitchcock of McKinney visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A! M, Srreley here Sunday. Miss Ruby McClure is visiting lh Houstbn". Francis C!arke and family are visiting In ' Kerrville and other points in Southwest Texas. Miss Emma Lou Self has returned from a visit in San Angelo. Mr. and Mrs, Steve Dobbs of Vernon are visiting: here, Miss Huth Budd. teacher in TTil- !iam and Mary College at Williamsburg. Va^ is visiting her parents Mr.-and-Mrs. Ben Budd here. Roy Jenkins was sligi>i!y injur- HOWLAND WOMAN IS GIVEN DINNER MKS.LANGER RECEIVES NOMINATION HOWLAXD. — 3Ir». Boy Jon« iven a «urpri«« birthday din*. ju«r Thursday »t her, home.^/€tae*t» j included Mr. and Mrs. Ed Croa* I of K«w Orleans, if r«. Helm* of j Austin Dr. and Mrs. E- C. Hlndnmn j M. S. Bledsoe, Mrs.. W. A. B!*4«>e j and Mrs. E. G. McGlasson of How| land. M«mhers of the Epworth. league, accompanied by DLxorz Shelton-enjoyed 9, chicken roast on Sulphur river Thursday. j Buster McDanlel and family are | attending the World's Fair Ul CM- Slra. Joe Shiver and »on of P*ri« spent last week here w!th Mr«- JW. Shiver. Some of the farmers In this community have begun pidcins cotton- Continued dry weather has caused much of the crop to open before it is fully matured- Miss Crede Baxter of Dallaa *nd Mrs. Sam Baxter of Paris visited Mrs. Xettie Wilson here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs, Jesse Jusiiw visited in Dallas Sunday. COURTS ODCXTST AX7TO XICEXSES Commercial Cars Bratch«r. l>ei>ort. Chevrolet truck. Mr». Acsie A. B. Burthay Bevinm." • H. M. Armstrong aund Miss M. B, Caldwell. -"Woodroirr Itoddy and Miss Edna- Bay, trustees rs TV. 3|. Teargstn ct s.1. suit for debt; and Ciarene* Adams and Mary Adams ^s' o? Beulah 'Pritcbard, s-oit to title. Marriage licenses Issued : ' G. L- Allen, and 3Irs. Afisa. Ma* Tumiia_na, Glade^ater; James Leonard Johnson and Bertha Holder. Antlers; Ho-asron Cochrum. Snow, and Mrs. Clara iloore. Xasboba: H. B. Livingston, Jr., and Mr*. Mamie Simsss. Paris. Charlie Smith and Mrs. Ruth. Smith. Albert Ellington and lona. E. j Youn*. JSenry Henderson and Miss Ruth Gentry. Clarence. "Wilson and Miss Dorri» Taylor. O- H.-Huj:he« and Ethel Moore. Mr*. Winiam L^ngar, wif« of North Dakota** d*po**d governor, la shown as ah* r*c*iv*d notification of her nomination a* the republican candidate for th« governorship. W. J. Flannigan, chairman of th« notification committee, Is handing her the notice on behalf of the state committee. (Associated Press Photo) ITTH DISTRICT OOtTRT OF : , OKLAHOMA (Hua-o) George T. Arnett. Judy* Criminal ]>oclcet Aivis Pettia and Cleo Pettis, chicken tiieft; Willie Daniels, burglary; Jesse Hendricks. burglary; and Jesse Diron. making threats against person. DOCKET T. H. Rogers L«znb«r Company vs Ricliard Olive, *ult to? debt; James P. Tncker and Geors* W. Andrew - Redaaond, oldtim* tramp printer berter Icaown mM "Miiskogee Red,'* recently celebrated his sevestletii birthday anniversary in, Marion a neu3 industry COMPANY PLATES Designed ** M• .;> Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE By E. C. SEGAR SEND MV TO NORTHERN ttfcZiU UDtTB VOO- HE MUST COME BACK coc\Qo€R \l r^/^/mJI -WEUJ«tT£ \\ W UCJft' SAWKGES!! N^ r ^ T ^r-< George Wants Another Subject By HARRY J. TUTHILi: at to k R«»oiut!o: CattKcJi or tb<- Cl;y of Paris oo the <tli jlay of laly 1334 I hereby "W4JSTEB TO BUT—Muiiclue OUT- I c«ai;r:«<3 \ ot*r» of tt^ City cr >*ri* board motor..I %,or 2 hors* power. [ ^ ££ '*«*'* iST^^^ 2.IS | lUou, w£lt_ >»• B-!<J oe- cr s:t?S o'clock. ,*_ il_, o'clock. F M.. o= "ii» 7th iJaiy ~~ ~ I T | c-f A'ltcsfi. 1534. for ifc* jsiirrcs* c-f fie;i>: C-oc^ci miLi cow for., her .^-.^^^^ , ie roiio»ir. s »roposjt',on: leec. Phor.c>, 2134, " ! »-^" fc b!i b * ? -""o-*°«f<: ""'•.^.f B" •*****£• Automobiles anrf Rap Renovating 2S NQTV YOU CA>* HAVE YOtTR MATTRESS RENOVATED On Tfe*» Easy Payment Flan!. ,- One Day Service Paris Mattress & Awning Co. C-0> "&•»=•£-_ --rt cr-«a:*i a. »'jff;ci«-nt tc sdl fm therri ar r^atcrlry: »aid bo;3<!a tt> Sw^r Sr»ter«*t Jrosr; a." j. rav- so: «ic?e£'r>s « p«r c«ct rr.. lnt«r**t payab!* s-r^i-aanaitTy bcafi* mater, rx serially ar th« r*- !n? :!rT7C« a— •-•? In tie rrs^ect"^* r.t». «jt ~«> b-s f;s<?<J iy tta Citj x^i; ao bond to be !»c*d tr?r a d «irtf?^ thirty yrars frorn Its «.KiI »I. fconris to iyr *assi3«<; for W. Sherman Phone 370 { ^^3*' «^7*?R*^.^'-''"a^"^^r-o^?!^*^ 0 "'** ': , . • f iJTJsJwo »" $••*•**•? Cor^strsicTfos Bo=<i* ! S«ri<r3i "!*;• "* Employment \ ^ *rt« *?'""'• s>:*--» »^« rr*wns:r»s or. tVARD t: C*r-"-Ki fir* Stati«Ti I>. P urt Hcu»«. A- W. N form cf £>siiot to t>- " /^ YOU £AT YOU WHAT A U?^:! HA, AFTER I'LI. SET TO THAT LATE^. ( KA£> 5AD t_UC< , A T>VO WEZKS' .NIGHTMARE: MY FE£1T HUrO" M£ SO ON THAT YACHi; I HOME: TO FI WHA: \ i -__£- P , A M O TUL-L CF SCRAVCH^S *A??-D*ED ^ j A?4D KOV£D , NTO -^ OESJINJS ON inr. / . i J^OQM,. -<5xUSS ?U!_!_ED OFF ^X ^__^ SOr-CT' ^ * I «\,o—*•*» •- -. *-^ -* *—. — ^ii— ^—-^ J iL 3 T i OOOrv^ PvMO sLJi^^t-'^LJS» >\ s G!_D SHOES IM THE V^ 'ANTPCT; =1=H3ON£H "" CiN THE. f I I V/IAJDOW \ Sl!_I_S...- ) IMK I ^ H>v^ r-'/4F ! C- • ^ !i' DIANA DANE Hidden Talent and Salesmen SALESMEN wanied^—Maydays- ar* •litre-. N>*d three "" Ph-oce TIT cr lSlS*«.v'.- M3v:a^,-Sa!e» ; -Co.. 112 East A us* in/ Hrlp Mstlc -•4* u:d *t-*t TVAXT 3 MSN for ioca! off<&<P. Route-* paring: up to $60 a } »tr™^T* •e«k. No capita! or experience ]__ ^~* ired but rr.usi be -wisting to.j jriv% prompt service to approi. 260 j • steady consumers. Brand - new j Ir ! Fords River: AJ« bonus. "Sprite Al- \ wi bert iliUy. Ro«te Msjr., S55S Mon- moath. Cincinnati. O. til* *.»»TiaBC» o* tc Financial ft* CH ARIES PRICE ?*?>«; * Wwr: "Hou Genera! Insurance. GALBRbAFH. AND PKOCK 35 St«t«. ta *o far »» 5!?* »arr.« *r» r>i'c»bl» and act Sr? confJ!«»t wjtjx t>rovl»JcB» of *t* City CJifcrter, ICfery o^of-r of ta.x*fc!« property th» City of P*ri». wno ttnjt «a'.y r for *jis!«t!on. » » ro;» for rr««m& of th* »ta;» » Kr, GILL'S.\i i /^o, HlS.MrSE^V'Si j ^J^ -** F " s-a-sur 'NCZ. *s DOINT tr rr j DS BAMO AH. H us HOMER HOOPEE And She Knew Better, Too Money To Loan AUTOMOBILE LOANS >><*le* R^flSMtBWrt. C««!i A«l»»»rw« GENERAL INSURANCE OHvcr Jft Yftncej Sf»t» It»nl> Ride. Tel. * . J M CROOK Mayor. City o? P*r at: Mr» Oio-a* Park. " {HONEY GROVE ! PERSONAL NEWS To fxwn DON'T TRAWE TOX7K CjVR STA. MORSK *t HOXET GKOVS. — Mts» Eliia- ? beth McCJurt »r.d Tom Ford, students a* Commerc* spent the week | end *-ith Mrs. I* K. McClure. ! M<x>rc. Jr.. •-.; Houston has <J home froTJ'. «. visJt wtth comparsicti by his grandfather J, B. Miss*s« Ruth «nd Helen Jones have returned fr«>rn a visit in Sherman. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Han-smack Livestock f-Ywtl BURR CLOVER SEED— SOc Ocr t>u*ijel, Oscar Sulttv-an. C«vln*»». stay Grandfather mountain Jn Kortli Carolln* onca the in that ,waa Til|fh*r thnn -of "O** Mt»^ T HOPE H~E .DOESW" A FIGHT: v "UUCMG MO VOU WOKITl rrfe A BOO* : VOU STAY AWAV ^/ FRQNK TH^ POOS - WJEN/E <=OT EUOUStt BOOKS SCORCHY SMITH To The Hospital ptrwes uss snu. ieft^e of «.n<! Da!5a» this w^ck. Sir, «rs<! Mr*, Jack Daitaft ?p<»nt the n*«^ek Mr. arsd Mr». Atvin \v«rr«n of I>al!»i!« visited h*rft ^urtdtay. AJix A. »\ Doft-J*-n of . 18 vi«Jtir.p Mrs, jr. Wen Kead T. F. WtlUnmson. Jr.. tof OKla- hcma City x-JsUiT'tl his father Mayor T. F. AVHlUmwon ov?r the we«k end. Mis» Jan« Thompiw>n h»« return- fed from * at Gate»vill*. J* in Mrs. W. don ^rts vhrttlruE Jn Ada, £d BalUy and tamiljr tomv* r*-

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