The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 10, 1970 · Page 21
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 21

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1970
Page 21
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By Richard Lebherz Sex Is Better Than Ever (Or It Should Be, Anyway) ^^^^9^^^"^9 f $ Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * but were afraid to ask. Explained by David R. Reuben, M.D., pub. David McKay, price $6.95. According to David R. Reuben, "In virtually every patient, I see a person living in the Space Age who has left his (or her) sexual organs in the Stone Age. The cumulative effect of thousands of years of education, culture, and refinement have not had much impact on our knowledge about genitals. Despite all the frank, 'for adults only,' films and books today, most people still are abysmally ignorant about sex. "In a mysterious, barely comprehensible way the members of our society who are least qualified scientifically and emotionally have taken control of sex ... Sexual behavior is often judged by clergymen whose qualifications include their solemn renunciation of sexual intercourse. "These are the reasons I chose to write this book. "Most people," he asserts, "have more sexual freedom than they know how to handle. In pur sophisticated society it is usually a .simple matter to find a willing partner, a quiet place, and get down to business. Knowing what you're doing is another story. "The purpose of this book is to tell the reader what he wants to know and what he needs to know to achieve the greatest possible degree of sexual satisfaction. It is designed to answer questions that have never been answered except in obscure medical books. Dr. David Reuben "The goal of this book is to replace ignorance with knowledge and replace fear with confidence by telling, honestly and directly, EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX - BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK." Dr. Reuben says, "Sexual intercourse actually involves three distinct experiences masquerading as one." The first type of sexual intercourse is reproductive. The second type of sex can be a means of expressing love. "Everybody is in favor of love-sex, especially writers of popular songs, though not everyone has the chance to be exposed to it." "And the third kind of sexual intercourse," says Reuben, "has acquired a bad name over the years . . . This is sex for fun, for the sheer physical and emotional exhilaration of feeling all the good feelings that come from a complete sexual experience. "Whole libraries have been devoted to amassing arguments against the sensible enjoyment of sex. Even after centuries of this insidious form of brainwashing, most h u m a n beings r e m a i n b a s i c a l l y unconvinced. But there is a major obstacle to getting the full pleasure from sex." That obstacle is in not knowing how to obtain it. "Apparently this is quite true, because "Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know about Sex," is at the top of the bestseller list in America. The book has been at the top for well over three or four months. The book is in' the form of questions and answers. Reuben's answers are usually direct and sometimes even humorous. Chapters are broken down into such topics as, Male and Female Sexual Organs, Aphrodisiacs, Impotence, Frigidity, Prostitution, Masturbation, Sexual Perversion, Birth Control, Abortion, Venereal Disease, Menopause and September Sex. Some of the questions asked are: What percentage of men suffer from impotence? "The figure hovers around 100 per cent . . . because every man, at one time or another in his life, has had some malfunctioning with his sexual apparatus." How many orgasms can a woman have? "Nobody really knows Recent investigations stopped the experiments after fifty or so consecutive climaxes..." Isn't pornography harmful? "It is very difficult to see how. Pornography simply represents people as they really are, sexual organs and all. . ." How does a girl get started as a prostitute? "Most girls become prostitutes because they like it." What's the best douche available? "Coca-Cola. Long a favorite soft drink, it is, coincidentally, the best douche available." What is an abortion? "Abortion is simply the interruption of a pregnancy. It can happen either of two ways -- accidentally or on purpose.'' What is the treatment for male menopause? "First and foremost is replacement of the waning testosterone. When docs a person get too old for sex? "Never!" You mean sex is good for arthritis? "In a sense, yes! Hormone studies have proved that it is sexual activity itself which helps protect those beyond mtddleage from the degenerative changes of this condition." David Reuben's book is frank, honest, and as I have said, touched with his humorous remarks. Its tone is healthy because his approach is healthy. He assumes that sex is to be enjoyed, and it is obvious that he enjoys his. But at the same time, he pushes aside the myths that surround sex, and the old wives' and old men's tales that have endeavored to destroy it, jr disguise it. He takes the scorn out of sex and puts a sock into it, instead. BOOKS AND SYMPATHY Wearing a lavender linen dress (This isn't lavender, it's plum!), Lola Wenner of Brunswick, sat before me and stated her mission. "We need help over in Brunswick with our Public Library," she said. "What we're trying to do is build an additional room. In fact, we're in the process of building it right now, to be used as a Children's section. We want to be able to institute a Story Hour for children, also. We can't now. There is only one large room." The room they want to add will be dedicated to one of Brunswick's most beloved general practioners, Dr. J. G. F. Smith, who died a little over two months ago. "We need at least $4,000 just to equip the room itself. You see, we ran into termites," she adds, with amusing glint in her eyes. "But we've got the cutest swinging miniskirt librarian names Mrs. Patsy Hortman." The library has been in this one room for six years. The circulation. Lila says, has increased, in fact, it has tripled itself. Children do most of the reading. "You k n o w t h a t t h e C o u n t y Commissioners have already announced that they are going to cut the library budget, so we just have to ask for public donation. We have designated June as the month to raise the money we need." The Brunswick Public Library is next to the "Post Office. The Library is open every afternoon from 2 to 5, and from 7 to 9. Every day, that is, except Monday. Bill Wenner, Lila's husband, is Treasurer of the Library. "Don't write about me," said Lila, as we argued over the exact color of her linen dress. "We need money, not sympathy." "Don't be silly," I said, "you need the sympathy first, and then you get the money." "Well,*; says Lila, "maybe we need both!" Donations they do need, and you may send them to either William Wenner, or to the President of the organization, Dr. Leonard Carmack in Brunswick. HISTORIC DISTRICT COMMISSION APPOINTMENTS DUE For the past few meetings, The Historic District Commission has been having its meetings in a bus, as sort of a prelude to resurrecting the organization, which went out of existence a year ago . . . or at least the appointees' terms did. Mayor Magaha it is expected will a n n o u n c e new appointments either this Thursday or next. This Commission is favored with young members, a few of them from other areas, who had a firm interest in Frederick's historical future. There has always been that emotional "freeze-out" that out-of- town-members of our community receive whenever they try to be heard in certain other historical organizations, under the creaky cry of -- What right have they to say anything about Frederick. They weren't born here! or, I've lived here in Frederick for 20 years or more and I'm not on any commission. Why should these outsiders be? With this limiting viewpoint, growth is automatically choked and enthusiasm squelched. But the Historical Commission, if it is to succeed at all, must look beyond these local prejudices in order to face the future with one hope in mind -- to save the historical buildings in Frederick from destruction or worse than that, financial restoration without taste. There is another worthwhile organization called the Downtown Action Committee, which is also in existence, and has made great strides lately. Thanks to both of these organizations, Frederick may be preserved in the end, by Fredericktonians who were not even born here . . . since the ones who were born here seemed to have done so little. STATE SENATE POSSIBILITIES While it is admitted by politically-aware Democrats that their candidates for the State Senate primaries will most probably be Ed Storm, Goodloe Byron and Charles Smelser, there also seems to be some speculation on who the Republican candidates will be. The rumor circulating around at the moment is that one of them will be John Derr, Frederick's ex-Mayor, and that another may very well be Ed Thomas, 'Chairman of the Frederick County Republican State Central Committee. While there was much speculation on what would happen to Ed Thomas once his good friend, Spiro Agnew moved from Maryland's Governor's House into the position of Vice President of the United States, nothing seemed to come of it. Perhaps this might be the reason. He's going to work his way up politically from a State Senate position. Only time will tell. FIRST DIABETIC SURVEY PERTH, Australia (AP) -- A diabetic and general health survey of the 4,000 residents of Busselton, 148 miles south of Perth, to be held soon will be the first of its kind of an Australian community. All residents over 21 will be invited to take part in the survey which is voluntary. Doctors expect that about 80 per cent will cooperate. The aim is to detect unknown diabetics and people with high blood pressure, anemia, kidney disease and gout, so that they may be helped by early treatment. The survey is also designed to establish a pattern of metabolism normals within the community. Doctors can then define the pattern of blood constituents in normal people, so that minor changes indicating disease can be detected at an earlier stage. Miss Janet Snader Weds Peter Manfred Comings Mill Janet Irene Snader, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sterling N. Snader, RFD 1, Wert- mlMter, and Peter Manfred Comings, ion ol Mr. and Mrs. James H. Comings, RFD 1, Manchester, were united In marriage May 30. The Rev. Roland A. Reis officiated In the double ring ceremony at St Gary's Lutheran Church, Silver Run. (The bride's ring was her maternal grandmother's wedding band.) Mrs. Robert Spangler was organist and accompanied selections by the choir. Given in marriage by her parents, the bride wore a floor length white organdy ante bellum gown, featuring a tiered, ruffled sKirt with ruffle edged overskirt, natural waistline and laced bodice. The scoop neckline had a wide collar, and the long full sleeves ended in five- button cuffs. The gown was designed by the bride after an actual 19th century gown, and was made by the bride, her mother-in-law, and Miss Sandra Comings, sister of the bridegroom. The bride's organdy picture hat was made by Mrs. J. H. Comings. She carried a nosegay of white roses, baby's breath, and daisy pompons, with detachable rose corsage. Mrs. Yyetta Brehm Whitehead, Los Angeles, Cal., was matron of honor. Bridesmaids were Miss Patricia Conner, RFD 1, Finksburg; Miss Evelyn Letras, Westminster, and Miss Sandra Comings, RFD 1, Manchester. All the attendants wore floor length gowns of Cohama in rainbow colors of blue, pink, green, and yellow, respectively, with high waistline, scoop neckline, long full sleeves with four button cuffs. Their picture hats were of matching fabric. White daisies trimmed the honor attendant's gown, and all the attendants wore daisy earrings, gift of the bride, and carried nosegays of carnations, daisy pompons, baby's breath and . sweetheart roses tinted to match their gowns. Dennis Schell, McAllister- ville, Pa., was best man. Ushers were John Folkemer, Gettysburg, Fa.; Robert Blackard, Florida, and Robert Outman m, Llnthicum. Following the ceremony, a reception was held at the church Parish House for approximately 150 guests. For the wedding trip to central Pennsylvania, the bride .wore a sleeveless dress with long jacket of navy and white print waffle weave pique and matching jewelry. The newlyweds will be at home at Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettytburf. The bride is a 19M graduate of WeatmJatter High School, and a 1970 graduate of Western Maryland College. She was awarded a National Merit Scholarship In 1966. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Industries Foundation was her sponsor. The bridegroom is a 1965 graduate of North Carroll High School, and a 1969 graduate of Western Md. College. He is currently att*" 1 "^ Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg. Frederick Bicycle Club- Ride Schedule On these pleasant summer evenings, the Frederick Bike- Club is beginning a series of, evening rides. Members of the club will .meet this evening at 6:45 at , the YMCA for the first of such. .'· rides. Anyone interested is invited to join. Riders under 1 . years of age must have written permission, signed by parent or guardian. Wednesday. June 10, 1170 Page B-3 CELEBRATE 25th WEDDING ANNTVERSARY-Mr. and Mrs. Elvin W. Flook, Middletown, celebrated their silver wedding anniversary May 16 at the Middletown Fire Hall. They have one son, E. Wilmer Flook Jr. and two grandchildren, Rick and Kim Flook, of Waynesboro, Fa. today's FUNNY TH/KNXTO BOB LITER WASHINGTON, ILL. BUGS DANGEROUS Cotton losses due to insects can run as high as one out of every eight bales. Automobile Accidents According to figures recently released by the Insurance Information luUtnte, the economic cost of automobile accidents during IN* rose to a new Ugh of $16,581,000,000, up $2,332,100,000 over the previous year's figure. Toe figure* also listed 56,400 penoai killed, 8,010,000 persons injured and 22,025,000 accidents. Tak M us about your automobile *"·»·«·. W » n a * e *ra that yeerra amply R. W. BOYER AGINCY, Inc. 26 S. Market St. "Convenient to Downtown Parking" You don't have to got wet to get in the swim SWIM SUITS Featuring · BOBBY BROOKS · DUNE DECK · BEACH PARTY WISHING To Be A Size SMALLER This SUMMER? 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