The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 13, 1975 · Page 53
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 53

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 13, 1975
Page 53
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Page 54-THE HERALD. Provo, Utah, Sunday, April 13, 1975 SIDE OUNCES by Gill Fox Tell Me Why NANCY By Ernie Bushmiller General 'Mad Anthony' Wayne ROS6IR£C£ LETEGASBVG ByA.LEOKUM Win Tbe New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "TELL ME WHY!" cafe of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will dedde the winner. Anthony Wayne was one of the well-known American generals of the Revolutionary times. He was nicknamed "Mad Anthony" because of his daring and recklessness. When the Revolutionary War began Wayne raised a regiment of volunteers and was commissioned colonel. His regiment covered the retreat of the American forces from Canada to Fort Ticonderoga, New York. He was then placed in command of the revolutionary forces at the fort. Wayne was promoted to brigadier general and joined George Washington in New Jersey. At the Battle of Brandywine his troops held the center of the American line. That same year (1777) he took part in the Battle of Germantown and showed himself to be a great leader. He helped get supplies for the army during the terrible winter at Valley Forge. In the spring, at the Battle of Monmouth, Wayne led the advance attack. In 1779 Wayne, in a surprise attack, recaptured Stony Point, the strongest fort held by the British on the Hudson River. For this deed Congress presented him with a medal. When Benedict Arnold's treason would have given West Point to the British, Wayne quickly moved his troops and saved the post. Wayne was with the Marquis •Tsk, tsk. When they hauled her Into court last night, about all that covered her was the news!" LI'L ABNER By Al Capp /AH NEVAH TOUCHED / VO', AN' AH NEVAH V TeP TO D-DV XOUS6 HIT ME ?CUDDLE UP A LITTLE CLOSER, Heimdahl & Stoffel ILL TELL HIM HE CN QUIT- HE'S BEEN AT IT OVER AN HOUR/ . SCME DAY HE'LL THANK ME PER IT... I HOPE/ CICERO SQUAWKED WHEN I , SAID HE HAD T' PRACTICE / Lite KiiiCir 1 iklCTPA.n -X MUSIC INSTEAD PLAYIN' BALL By Frank Hill SHORT RIBS ALL I WAVE TO DO RUB MY OIL ...AND I CAN 6ET ANYTHING" 1 WANT/ THIS LAMP CONTAINS A GENIE WHO WILL DO YOUR SIPPING. I'LL S£LL IT CHEAP By Dick Cavalli f KNCW WHAT I WANT TO BECOME" V WHEN! I ORCW LiP? / r <suL=ee iTte TIME 1 TO OET RIP OF THE V ou: APE SUIT. SURE-... KINS KON©. MARY WORTH By Saunders & Ernst I'VE SEEN \ HIM PLENTY OF TIMES / WHEN HE-/ ^~\ HAVE IT IN YOUR ROOM PAW/-YOU KNOW HOW EPWARP PISLIKES YOUR PRINKING IN FRONT OF THE CHILPREN.' THERE'S NO HURRY, PAPA! EPWARD LIKES TO RELAX ANP LOOK OVER THE fttPER BEFORE THEN I GUESS I HAVE TIME FOR A LITTLE ELBOW EXERCISE.' SHOULP I WASH UF» WILMA?'--YOU SAIP WE WERE HAVING^EARLY PINNER .' NEVER MINP.' - I'LL GO UPSTAIRS.' CALL ME WHEN PINNER'S REAPY.' By Sounders & Overgard STEVE ROPER & MIKE NOMAD "W/," p JUST ONE MORE HOUR, HOW MUCH LOKI6ER ) PICK/-IF THEY DON'T DO WE WAIT, .-/PAY OFF BY THEN, VOU ADRIAN 7 J CAN MAKE 50ME VERY NA5TY NEWS/ LETS <50 BACK TO THE INN/ -I'VE GOT A PROPOSITION TO PUT TO YOU* SUEiTS/ By George Lemont DR. SMOCK f «P« I'M STIU* f PRIKIKIN* TOP I MUCH ON / OR AH ANT'S f CANPy PISH, OR I A MC?K)OCL-0 V AN /HMAA, THAT'S I glTHBR A UOST V CONTACT U0NS... de Lafayette in the South in 1781, helped to lay siege to Yorktown. Under General Nathaniel Greene he helped defeat the British and Indian forces in Georgia. After the war Wayne served in Congress. Then Washington called him back into the army to settle the Indian troubles in the West. Anthony Wayne died In 1796. FUNTIME The Riddle Box 1. What hangs on the wall and gives everybody a hand? 2. What goes day and night and never gets anywhere? 3. What has a bed but never sleeps? ANSWERS 1. A towel. 2. A clock. 3. A river. DID YOU KNOW? When we go swimming on a beach, we wonder whether the water will be warm or cold. Well, that depends where we are. Did you know it varies at the surface from about 29 degrees Fahrenheit in the White Sea - to 96 degrees Fahrenheit in the Persian Gulf in the summer! Answer to yesterday's Puzzle Box: Groceries, Vegetables, Fruit. Wta the New Book of Knowledge Yearbook Send your riddles, Jokes, to: "RIDDLES, JOKES; TELL ME WHY!" Include Zip Code. NAME THE CAPITAL OF SPAIN AND WIN 5O DOLLARS ~y THE BORN LOSER By Art Sansom THEN I PIDN'T REAU-V THE JACKSON TWINS By Dick Brooks SHE V\OULDNT 0E THAT SWEET WITHOUT A BEASON.' I GET ITC SUSIE'S AGOOC? LITTLE CHVEB, TOO i* THANkS. EJUTT'LL GET IT OKAY.' IF 6UKIC GOES OP NOT? TWO CHANCES AT UH.SUkSE.I HEARP >OU SAY VOU PIONT HAVE GJUITE ENOUGH MONEY TO GO. COULD LEND- REDEYE By Gordon Bess IT EVEN 00TMER YOU A UITTL& WHEN SOMEONE. PUTS YOU ON? WHAPPYA MEAN ? YfiAH LIKE YOU JUST ASKED M WHERE WAS t-ll. ...AND I SAIP TO TH£ SHOE STORE FRANK AND ERNEST By Bob Thaves Frank & Ernie> Bridal Boutique WEDDING GOWNS KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andriola BELIEVE WITCH'S CURSES, FOOLISH FABLE/ IT IS TRUE/ ^ EWRONESS/ THAT FOUL SPELL HAS HAUNTEP EVERY MEMBER OF FAMILY/ FRANKLY, I DON'T CARE WHAT you eaiEVE, MR. DRAKE.' WHAT I KNOW IS WHAT COUNTS.' I WILL NOT CONSENT-NOT TO HER DEATH WARRANT YOURS, FOR J MATTER/ AND RORIE MUST WILL NOT- MARRY R ANYONE PRISCILLA'S POP By Al Vermeer IT'S OUR FINEST ACCIDENT POLICY WEEMS IT PROTECTS YOU AGAINST ALL TYPES OF MISMAPS. HARDLY WORRY HAT ALLEY OOP By Dave Graue WHAT ABOUT TRANSTORT; ALUEY? HOW ARE WH / TBLU QOINS TO GET TO / 'IM, , UB8LE.' is EVERYONE, . READY? /YES! THE CASUEf YOU, ANP I/ AND OOP, WILL. USE YOUR UJRCHM00IIE." ,-:THE OTHERS win RXLOW ) IKJ THE VEHICLE THOSE TWO REPOSSESSION MEN PROVE/ IT'S F*RKEP T/tES MOVE OUTSIPE•' / —NJ-"V OUT/

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