Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 27, 1962 · Page 9
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 9

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 27, 1962
Page 9
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' Bloomer Qirls Are Bock in Style 3S5SSL " k ~ '* - -r^r sirr- - SPRAIN WILSON . Writer Kicking breezily from the laundry lines across the country are teen-age unmentionables which look as if they belong to some gay but modest old grandmother. • They're pantaloons of sorts, j reaching to the knees. And they jare meant to be both mentioned land seen. j Among junior and high school i age girls and even younger they iare a current clothing fad born of necessity. Petlipants, one of the many names the long bloomer type i lingerie has, came inlo being after the 1958 Paris collections in ; which skirts were slim and dresses were lined. Under tight skirts petticoats were inclined to be bulky and the | lined dresses of course, did not ! really need them. Furthermore, those skinny i sheaths awkwardly climbed up|ward when the wearer stepped Ihigh or sal down. Well, anybody knows lhal a teen miss does like her freedom of movement. Still, the real rage for petti- tights, pantilegs, pantitighls, knik- kerliles, peUiloons, bloomerettes, underliners, or whatever your name is for them, didn't really get going until this year. During the current century other atlempls have been made to bring back knee bloomers. In 1919 pellibockers. which ion and Arthur. The Hixson family has been visit- SEAMS TO ME Tips Qiven on Mohair Knits By PATRICIA SCOTT ( If you've been reading Fall , fashion articles, you know that! mohair knits are very important fluffy fabric lends itself parlicu- i •larly well lo jackels and loose' over-lops. In sewing wilh mohair, there! are a few things you should keep in mind — as you should for other .knilled fabrics. 1. All garments of mohair should be underlined. China silk, light- Aveight laffela-, or lightweight soft liner fabrics are all suitable. 2. Pin your pattern lo Ihe fabric with the pins horizontal to Ihe scam line. . 3. You can, of c o u r s e, mark your darts and other details with xhalk, bul lailor lacks are more: accurale on this fabric. ; .. 4. Immediately after garmenl "and underlining fabric pieces are cut, basic underlining lo mohair to keep raw edges of mohair from curling. Then, handle mohair and underlining as one. 5. When machine stilching, it's a good idea lo slilch over tissue •paper, because the loops of the mohair lend lo catch in the presser fool. Rip tissue paper off after seam is slitched. j fi. Use a medium stitch (10-12 j stilches per inch) and No. 50 mer- j cerized cotton thread, Test your' stilch on a scrap firsl because the lension and pressure will probably have lo be adjusted. The pressure usually has to be lightened for bulky fabrics. To lighten the pressure just turn the pressure screw (on the lop of Ihe machine head) counlerclockwise. 7. Since mohair has a tendency to fray, seams must be finished. You can 1 — bind all raw scam edges, 2—overcast raw edges, or 3—machine stitch mohair to underlining on the seam allow-1 ance. ' j 8. All shaped seams such as armholcs, waistlines, etc., should be reinforced with twill tape to keep them from stretching out of shape. 9. Underslilch facings to keep .lliem from sliding to the outside of the garment. Do (his by stitching on top of the facing, ¥4 inch from Ihe facing seam, with the seam allowance turned toward the facing. The stitching goes through both the facing and Ihe seam allowance. 10. Hand-worked or machine bullonholes are nol recommended because they will fray after some use. Always make bound bullonholes and be sure interfacing is used under all buttonholes. 11. When pressing mohair, use a dry iron set al a medium to cool temperature. Steam is apt to shrink Ihe fabric. (Copyright 1962, By Field Enterprises, Inc.) Miss Scoll is always glad lo hear from her readers, and whenever possible will use their questions in her column, but because of the great volume of mail received daily, she cannot answer individual letters. Patricia Scott has prepared a booklet, How lo Aller Your Dress Pallerns, which gives complete instructions for altering so thai finished garments will fil perfectly. For your copy of this guide to correct filling, write to Patricia Scott in care of t h i s newspaper, enclosing a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope and 25 cents in coin lo cover costs of printing and handling. In 1938 a well known lingerie J™ 3re * h ? th f dcsigners thinfc manufacturer produced what he, e made the sl 'P-P an t combina- frankly called grandma's draw-' ers, literally a bfoofner type pet: tipant. j He also sold anklelenglh panla-j loons which were described in a i fashion trade publication as "justi the thing to wear under t h e j fashioned hoop-skirted eve ning i dresses." i Although they are long, most| pettipants are cut on the same slim line as briefs. And, because they are supposed to be very snug on the leg, they are usually made of tricot, a knitted construction, which has more cling and more strelch than a woven fabric. There are some woven petti- pants, fuller in cut lhan the tricot ones which are worn under flared skirts, kilts, or knee ticklers rather than sheaths or stretch pants. Whether the fabric is of woven or knit construction, though it is usually wholly made of a test tube fiber such as nylon and dac- ron or a combination of one with cotton. In any event they wash and dry quickly. Antron is another fiber often used because it is softer and. best of all, can produce three-dimensional effects in color. And colors, all kinds in wild success with tht scholastic crowd. That, and the other thing, tht desire to be modest. Are Qiven To Miss Edwards GOREN ON BRIDGE WEEKLY BRIDGE QUIZ Q. 1—As South you hold: *Ai00642 *K3 *K3 *J103 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East Pass Pass 1A Pass ? What is your response? Q. 2—As South you hold: AAK104 * 108654 2 +A5 +A The bidding has proceeded: South. West North East IV Pass 2* Pass 2V Pass 3* Pass 3* Pass 4* Pass 7 What do you bid now? Q. 3—As South you hold: AA953 V8 4K1094 +QJ73 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West 1* Pass 14 1* 3 + Pass ? What do you bid now? Q. 4—As South you hold: AA43VAKfi246.124.X53 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East Pass Pass 1 + Pass t • What do you bid now? Q. 5—As South you hold: AA62 VA9754 +J3 *Q42 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East Pass Pass IV p a ss 3V Pass 3 NT Pass >r What do you bid now? Q. 6—As South you hold: 4KJ98742 4852 *Q7« The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 34 Pass 4V Pass 9 What do you bid now? Q. 7—As South you hold: AA652 VKJ987 4 A6+A10 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 1V Pass 2 4 Pass 2 NT Pass ' 4V Pass •> What do you bid now? Q. 8—You are South, vulnerable, and you hold: 4AJIO VK07642 +AK83 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East IV 24 Double Puss Q What do you bid now? DEAR ABBY Two Wrongs Never Make a Right in Anyone's Book ABIGAIL, VAN BURKN AR ABBY: 1 have two daughters. One is 28, married and has two children. The other is 23 and single. The single one was employed by my son-in-law for Swo years. All this time they carried on a secret love affair. The Mer one found out about it and itatied divorce proceedings, J got jpsel and forbade my unmarried daughter to enter my home again. *tow, the older one is being court* »d by her husband again and it ooks like they are going back to {ether. She says if 1 have any- fling lo do willi her sister she never speak to we. i love both, Abby. The older one blames her sister — not her husband — for what happened. What should 1 do'.' BROKEN-HEARTED MOT111-JR DKAK MOTHER: Your older daughter is wrong to demand that you have nothing to do with your younger daughter. I can't blame her for fceliug reseutiueiit toward her sister, but if she has it iu her heart to forgive her husband, she should forgive her sister, too. „,..,„ ABBV: My husband and I are going to celebrate our loth wedding anniversary shortly. 1 have heard (hat some of o u r friends are gelling together and giving us a surprise party. Should we be "surprised"? DEAR NOT: You can't "be" surprised—bul you can ACT it. Unload your problem on Abby. For a personal reply, send a self- addressed, stamped envelope to Abby, care of this paper. For Abby's booklet, "How To Have A Lovely Wedding," sand 50 cents to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. Plight of Washington Bachelor By JOY .MILLER AP Women's Editor NEW YORK (AP) — Being a I bachelor in Washington can be ! ! almost a full-time job. . i | If the unattached male has a! j prominent position in government 1 | it's a lossup with the hardworking; hostesses whether he is doing! more for his country in his offi- < cial capacity or as a dinner part-i nor for some widowed, aged, vis-j , iting or temporarily unescorted' ! female who simply must be I invited. ! Few among the unsung, unwed: but well-fed stags feel the urge to analyze their meal tickets in print. Robert Keith Gray is an! exception, and his recently pub- : jlished book "Eighteen Acres Un-j | der Grass" (dimensions of the! White House grounds) is a good- humored guidebook to, among other things, Washington's terribly serious social life. When handsome, uncommitted Bob Gray was secretary of Ihe Cabinel in Ihe Eisenhower administration he was listed by the press as one of the Capitol's" most eligible bachelors. lie was able to preserve his native Nebraska! modesty when he discovered another most-eligible was Sen. Theodore Francis Green of Rhode Island, aged 93. Gray recalls that at a French Embassy formal dinner he surveyed the other extra men and found them in a considerably advanced stage.of maturily. U was! clearly Ihe duly of a youngblood j like himself to rescue the lovely i daughter of Madame Alphand, the! ambassador's wife, from their el-1 derly caperings when dancing be- 1 gan. They were whirling around i the floor when on the third turn! she looked up at him and asked i sweetly: "Tell me, have you any: children my age?" | He's now a far-from-feeble 39,' and his white hair, which he's had! from school days, lends a man of] distinction air. Since leaving gov-i tTiimeiit service he's been vice' president of a public relations! j firm and a continuing pel of Wash- i ington hostesses. "The amount of business trans- ', acted at a social event is substantial," Gray says. , "Women have a greater part in! running the country here than! anyplace else in the world. Men! may hold the key jobs, but the! influence of their wives is tremendous." I Gray says he feels himself only a temporary bachelor, bul "it's hard to break out of the bachelor status in Washington. You're! sought after to fill places, and hostesses don't team you up with eligible girls. You're never asked, even for dances, to bring a date." MKAT BUYING KNOWLKDUK To buy wisely, learn a new meat' cut every lime you go to your market. The average homemakcr can name only a few popular cuts, leaving many she never prepares. I If you dou'l know a cut, ask your i meal man, He'll be glad lo help j you. You'll be repaid in more in- I ieresting, thriftier meals to please your family. A special service held recently in the First Baptist church of Lake Charles honored Miss Winifred Edwards who has gone into full-time Christian service for the church and will be moving lo Bossier City, La., soon. She was presented the citation for Outstanding Leadership and contributions of service to the Young Women's auxiliary. She was also presented the Citalion Key. Making Ihe prcsenlalion of the citation to Miss Edwards was Mrs. George B. Walther Jr., Carey Association WMU president, who staled that the requirements for attaining the award were high and that it is one of the highest honors a YWA member can receive, j Mrs. Don T. McCollister, direc-' tor of Carey Association Y W A Council, presented the Cilalion Key noling that Miss Edwards had worked for and earned lhat special recognition. ; Miss Edwards was also given a gifl from members of Ihe Career Girls al their recent meeting. ! Miss Edward is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Z. Edwards of Noble, La. She lias lived in Lake i Charles three years, teaching elementary school at Moss Bluff. < She leaves September 1 to assume her duties as director of kindergarten for the Norlhside Baptist church in Bossier City, La. ! She has been an active mem- i ber of the First Baptist church, having scrvcd-as a Sunday School teacher. She was assistant lo the secretary of the Young People's Department in Training Union, a member of the adult choir fnr which she also served as librarian. She was president of the Carey Association YWA Council, made up of 40 churches. She was j elected president of the Louisi-i ana Stale YWA Ihis pasl February and will preside at the slate convention to be held here next February. PRETTY PETTIPANTS . . . Among rhe variations of the undergarment combining panry and petticoat are, left, a striped style with ruffles at tk« knees made of knitted dacron and nylon; and a pettipant made of antron tricot fiber with a gay trellis print motif. Louisiana Tour Business Week to Climax Observance DERIDDER (Spl.) - In keeping with the state federation theme of promoting "Lovely Louisiana," the DeRidder Business and Professional Women's club is planning to close national Business Women's Week Oct. 7-13, with a tour of places of tourist interest in the state. Mrs. R. L. Terry will be in charge of this project, of Saturday, Oct. 13. Mrs. G. C. Van Xeste is chairman of the plans for the firsl day, Sunday, when the club members will all attend morning services at the Presbyterian church. They will gather at the home of Ihe president, Mrs. M. E. Nelson, from 4-6 p.m. for an informal coffee. At the "Woman of Ihe Year" WEEK'S CALENDAR MONDAY, AUG. 27 The PBX club of Lake Charles meets Monday at 7:30 p.m. at Magnolia Life Insurance building. Adult Dance Instruction by Mrs. James Regan will be held Monday, 7:30-9:30 p.m., College Oaks recreation center. The Sixty Plus club meets Monday, 7-10 p.m., High School Park recreation center. Beginners' ceramics class is taught Monday, 9-11 a.m., High School Park recreation center. Civil Air Patrol, senior and cadet squadrons, meets Monday, 7:30 p.m., Chennault AFB. Ceramics classes are taught each Monday, 9-11 a.m. and 1-4 p.m. and 6:30-9 p.m., Hieh School Park recreation center by Mrs. A. B. Nevils. TUESDAY, AUG. 28 Sulphur Trinity Lutheran Lanes Aid meets Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in Fellowship hall of church. The SPEBSQSA meets Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., 1710 Hwy. 14. Social Dancing night for adults only, High School Park recreation center, a-io p.m. Amazing New Medical Discovery Quickly Fills Out Ceramics classes for beginners j taught each Tuesday, 1-4 p.m., 1 High School Park recreation center. Civil Defense Women's Police i unit meeis Tuesday, 7 p.m., in court house basement. ; Advanced ceramics classes taught Tuesday, 9-11 a.m. and from 1 to 4 p.m., High School Park recreation center by Mrs. A. B. Nevils. dinner Monday night, Mrs. Lorraine Mule of New Orleans will, be guest of honor. Dinner chaii- men will be Mrs. Terry, Program, Mrs. C. H. Williams, decorations, Mrs. Jessie McDaniel, tickels, and Mrs. Helen Bailey, food. Mrs. Jo Cart of Crowley, district director, will be guest speaker on "Employers' Night," Tuesday. Mrs. Verda Baker is chaii- man in charge. ' ! Mrs. Creighlon Pugh, who is i general chairman of the plans for 'the week, is> also chairman of 1 Wednesday's aclivities. The members will take flowers to the hospitals and the past presidents will have luncheon together. Thursday night all members will meet at the bowling lanes for a Dutch supper and will watch the performance of the clubs bowling leam. Friday, Mrs. Nelson, and Mrs McDaniel, second vjce president, will appeaer on a Lake Charles telecast. Mrs. Nathan Lewis is chairman of public relations. LOSE OR GAIN WEIGHT REGISTRATION Now In Progress Lady Leah La Fargue School of Dance Call HE 3-11:25 or HE 8.4011 FIGURES In a hurry to make potato salad for a picnic: Use canned white potatoes—you'll need two 1-pound cans lo serve six. VANILLA FRUIT CREAM Mix 'i pint .sour cream, % cup . sliced bananas, 1'A cups green : seedless grapes and 1 teaspoon i pure vanilla extract. Chill. Serve in sherbet glasses. Top each wilh a dab of whipped cream and a 1 maraschino cherry. llVX WITHOUT OVEREATING IH %l I If hkmny, thin and under- u weight because of poor ay- petite or poor eutiut; habits take \Vute-On KmulsioiiurTablets or Ntnv Super Fortilied Wale-On. Puts on pounds and inches of firm solid flesh or money buck. WATE-ON is nupiir-rich in weight building calories plus vitamins, minerals uud body building nutrients. Hospuul tested. Fast-weight gains of 10 tp •to pounds reported. No over- eaiim!. Helps make bustliue, cheeks, wrine, leys £11 out, helps put tlesh ou skinny figures all over body. Fightu fatigue, low re»\» tunce, sluopletwitest! due to underweight condit km. if underweight is due to disease, ask yuurdoctoraboutthevuluecif H'u (<-(>« for you. Satisfaction or money back. Wat«-0n EruwUion, plot. . . $3.00 Wate-On Tablets, (96) . . . 3.00 N«w Super Watt-Oo, 19 »*. . 3.»» 4T OBUQ than Allen FOR FAMILY \ LIVING If you enjoy tfae pleasures of fani. ily living and bicuJly entertaining, y ou '" love lhc ^"TO'h and welcoming ;heer of our open stock Flhan Allen furnjturo by Baumritter. Astonishingly iovfly solulions 10 storage and decorating problems in every room-morr Ihjn 251) pieces to choose from. Moil modestly , too. 2012 RYAN HE 9-9096 Slenderizing Special COMPLETE 6 MONTHS ONLY $1O 50 19 No Money Down 6 Months to Poy Special rnH, We.-ir.^day at 8 P. M, "Unlimited Number of Visits!" Your Course Includes: • All tMt reducing machine* (JU : Mechanical mgjsagei Light toning «x«rcii«s • Isometric Equipment 0 Coma at your cwwenltnct if Guaranteed Results You will IOM as much at 40 Ibt. In 6 month i, or your money back) Weight 5alq«r» GuamottM? It M Slenderizing Salon 4343 Common 477-2937

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