The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 3, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1932
Page 3
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THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK, MD., FRIDAY. JUNE 3. 1932. OF mmim Dailv Radio Program Officers And Directors Re-E!eci- ed And Reports Heard. YEAR'S WORK IS TOLD ".'"-·? Fnec- OScers ar-2 c at tie arm-al erick Free Kir.der^ir:er. held a; 7.30 o\-:.vk Th-^rscav ever^ig is the kir-dergarter. roos c: :lie Federated Charges builcir.g. The a:eeti=? was featured by :~? i^:uil repor: o: Miss Margarc-: £iser,l-^ue.-, pr:r.L-:?al o: the 3tincersar:en. Miss Bertha Trs.:: ~xas re-c-:e::ei prfti- Sdent of the asrciation: ilrs Gra:."s^u S. Bowers. v::e-?r«iien:; Mrs. Rob': , E. Ee^?^hie, ie^retar;.- ar.i Mrs. N^--r.- an J. Engli^c. treasurer. Directors re- ; elected were: M^s Tra:L Mrs. Bo-.vers. Mrs. Delaplaine, ?.irs. Engla^c. ilrs. . Thomas A. Chaphne. Mrs. George M. Gittinger. Mrs. Ernes: KeUer^tein. Mrs. H. It G. Kieffer, Mrs. Albert L- Pearre. Mrs. Jacob Rohrback. Miss L:^ar. K. 5ch!ey, Mrs. A. Aosun ?«rre, Mri. ' R D. Worthtsr-oa. ^'^. CirroII H. ; Eeixiricksor;. Mrs. Riihard F. NaU^-u : M«« Eiseshauer's re-par:, ir. part. , fo!loa-s: "The tincergar:-;-ri opened o~ October Is: -.vith an enro'.lser.i of 68 ehiSdren. The present, enrollment is 92. The highes; average a::enc.ince any month was December, averages 68. : On many da%"S during the months there " were smre than 70 presen:. but our ; HjagniScent quarters maie i: p-sssible to accoraotiate our full enr3lln:ent of 92, with perfec: comfo'r:. Most ever.- day a half hour is spent playing games in the lovely yard. "Our holidays have been, elaborately celebrated. The first, on Hallrc'en. was held on Friday, October 30. Our · Thanksgiving conation on Wednesday. ' the eve ot ThaiAsgivtng. is an annual . event and by each child bringing one ; article of food and the help of a gen- ; croas friend, -xe were able to Sir seven j baskets of provision -x-hich -*'e carried ! to the homes. These donations make ; a lasting impression on the children ar.d · also stimulates the act of charity in , each. I FRIDAY, J U N E 3, (Central and Eastern Standard Time) Programs subject to charge. P- M- COayiijtit tin:* cce Sour Later.) (Note--AU prcsra~s to Key a =4 basic csa'a or grcurs tt*r*c! -unless specl- ISy rfc* Assocwrti f?«j; | Cent. East. S:SO-- 6:30--eesy Aces--Basic; Helen oar£. Soprano--!:x:* 5:45-- 6:43--Connie Scsoell--c out 6:O3-- 7:00--The C!u6--Bai:c. Oro»n- al.ties--vie^t 6:15-- ?:ii-- Si"gin' Sam--Basic: Mel- cdy M33:c----»:x:e. So«ss--west 6:30-- 7:£ -- Tooay »R3 Yesterday-Bas:; Dictate's--i f .x:« 7:00-- S:00 -- Week-End Proe r « m -- Has.c Grand Op« r a --*U-i^* 7:33-- S:S:--Btllsco Orch.-- . to c 7;ij_ 8:45--Gus Van -- Basic; Am. 8:00-- S:M--Sn :*r« Orch.--f to c S:t-- 9:»;--Adventures n Health S-C-j--10:03--Nelscr.'s Orch.--c to C S^S--1C.15--Larr.y Ross--west repeat NSC-WEAF NETWORK j BASIC--East: wea.: U«:y .'·'««! wile- v.'C-a wcae wtcmi arir; ivt^l. M:£Mr«st: ·w-aq «·-·" Ksi \\oo--Ar.o KO.V wci^f NORTHWEST i CANADIAN -4 ', : ~'j SO\)TH -- wrva w:··: n-w-c w:s wJ3i! irc-a: ktss i'.Ss M O U N T A I N -- ioa ks! i^.r igt! PACi?!C COAST-- kso i!l ig Cent. East. Woman's Radio R M;jr« -- lo 2:3J -- 3:CD -- Tea Djr-.jnte 2:-!5 -- 2:45-- Ti:-; Lady Next Door 3::^-- 4.:0 -- Vzriey Sr.erris -- \v.'.i* c-- -7 ' ·SrCC-- 5.33--Dinner " tus^c--Also 4:45-- 5:-S5--Fur.k's Orch---To ci S:CC-- ::·--D'Avrey ct Paris 5:*.5-- 6:"5--Organ Reveries 5:3C-- c:Sj--The Tores Graces 5:45-- 6:45--Tne Gs'Cbergs 6:M-- 7:CkD--Orch. £. CavailffrS-- S:CO-- 9;CO--··^ati^nal Oratorio--. iv 9:C^-10:CO--Ruis CciumDO Orchestra 9-1--1D:-.5--Vi-.c*nt cocez Orch. ·!0:00--11:30-- Ralph KirEery: Pettis Or. 13:33--11:30--Tedoy Blac'« C'chestra C5S-WASC NETWORK BASIC CHAIN -- EAST: wabe (key) wide \voJso trcao waao w=ac wgr wjis wean wrijl wspil w:r.a:; M;dwest: v.'iji:-"- rr^ w ; w*brn KH^C wc*o Kin EAST A N D CANADIAN -- ^wps D I X I E -- wss: wf^a wtrc «'t; wise"w:J!*r \vhas «tar wibj wfiw wwva MIDV/EST---.vijccJ wsbt wcah w n;^ MOUNTAIN--kvor klr fecb tdy! PACIFIC COAST--khj kr.i kc:n } kjrc ko! kfpy kvi kera k ~ j kfbi kwj Cent. East. I:3t3-- 2:33--Arthur Jarrett--c to c 1:45-- 2:4S--Etfucaticnal--c to c 2:CO-- 3:00--Marine Band--c to e 2:45-- 3:45--Light Oeera--e to c 3:30-- 4:3C--Geo. Hall's Orch.--c to c 3:45--- 4:45--piano Pictures--c to c 4:CO-- 5:CO--Int'l Exchanse--c to c 4:20-- 5:30--Friedman Orch. "o c 4:45-- 5:45--Madison Singers--c cut 5:00-- 6:CO--Morten Dcwr-ey--c out 5:".S-- 6:15-- Lanny Ross--eas£; Four Clubmen--I:x!e . 9:30--"0:50--Redman's Orchestra 13:00--',i:X--J:e Moss Orch.--e to e :?:30--T. :33--S.SSle Orch.--c Xu c ·1:3u--".2-.OD--Dirice--vrab; wear, w iac NBC-WJZ NETWORK SASSC CHAIN--£^.s': w.'r (key) wbz- wbia woal w^ara iiiii -.vga: «;r wlw: Midwest: «ci;y *yw =i-ii -.vesr vi-^ ic»k iiVv-r iC-:! Kr*^. wmaj NORTHWEST £. C A N A D I A N -- W.nsJ vr-c-3 ksta webc wiav itvr cksmr cfcr SOUTH -- wrva wptr w.v.^c wis vv'=a-wsun w:od TISTM «K; v.-sb vvjoi wssb kvoo vvky irtaa wtaa tprc vroau Ktbs kths MOUNTAIN--JJCd itsl SLS?r k?hl PACIFIC COAST--kso ^r: kKtr komo Lhij ipo keca kei k;r k£a kfsi i'.ar Cent. East. 1:30-- 2:30--Helio Marie. Sketch 1:45-- 2:45--Kosen's Orch.--Ta co*st 2:16-- 3:15--Radio Guiiti--e to c 3:15-- 4:!5--Stckes' Orch.--To coast 3:3O-- 4:30--Singing ua-y -- east coos:: Old Pacpy--.~.::dwest 3:45-- 4:45--Orphan Annie--east o=!y 4:CO-- 5^3O--Tranter Srclh-rs 4:15-- 5:15--Pro-Art String Quartet 4:30-- 5:30--Impersonations--Also to. 4:45-- 5:45--Topics In Brief -- eist: Orphan Annie--m:*i'.vest repeat 5:00-- 6:00--Amos p n- Andy -- east: Slng'na l_ady--n-.:Jw«t repeat S:15-- 6:15--Bc Ripley--Also kouth 5:30-- 6:30--Stebbins Boys--c to c 5:45-- 6:45--Jones £. Hare--A;so souib 6^X!-- 7:03-- Leonard Joy's Orchestra 6:3O-- 7:SO--B. A. Rclf- Orchestra 6:45-- 7:45--Sisters of the Skillet 7:CO-- S:00--Friendship Town--e to e 7:30-- B:30--Roy Shield's Orcn.--c to c, 8:CO-- 9:00--Whiternan's Band--c 13 c S:30-- 9:33--Love Sonps ant) Waltzes- S:45-- 9:45^-Pickens Sisters 9HXJ--"0:00 -- Slumber Vus:c : basic: Amos 'n Andy--Kep^ar or west 9:30--10:30--Dornberger's Orchestra 10:OC--1"^X!--Cab Calioway Orchestra 10:15--11:15--Hahn. Jr.. Orchestra 10:30--11:30--Jones 4 Hare--:oast j b:r:hda. t:w -2:-.Q of February wa* · j observed by :he cliUdrer. singing PJ- , :r:o'.:\: sfiiss and ciarcnius »:tii flags j There were over TO ciuidreu present, j "The Cb-lJ Hea:tli co:!!crc::cc or; ! V-^;;L »as hold the -O'.h o! Apr:! ·ft!'-"- I by their ni.'.herv. They were g:ve:i a i ge.-.era: physiril exan-.::-^i-.;,ii uh;ch »-.U i :he ?cbl:»- sohx^. i: was hfli ur.-ier the ' auspices oJ the Hej!:h r-par:r.:t?r.-. snc the Bureau o! Child liysx-r.e \1 *.i» : Maryland S'.d'.e Departr.-.^r.: oi Health ·The loci! heaS'.h r-urse. MVs ; ar.i '.-xj r.'jrses froai the J-'rrceri.-i City I bcspital assisted ·*:'.!·. '.he -Av»ri. . :i the study ol var- t ; child l::o. sre fresj'-en". j visitors a: the sc :.vl t obsf-.-e the ac- I tivitles is pr^rfis. : ! "Tho s-.-.:.-^l trrni cl.x^d vr. Tuesday. ; Miy 31. -A:-.:-. 09 ^hilire:s :ro^e:-.t T!;e i wvrk o: '.-le cil.ldrr:-. wi* 0:1 li--:-liy i lor :hnr pare::'.* d:ic Jrie:ids that ·*v:v j presen: to v:e» " i t h * -.'-oi. M:s. L. Victor Bji-iiia^a. j Miss 3r::ii Trill. Mr.-. AUx'rt L Pearre. · Mrs. Jacob Rohroa^i. Miss Louisa S?12- Str. Mrs. Graysou E »or. Mr G^."rse iMrs. Prasi D Wv)r:h.:i,-.o;-.. Mrs Cari roll H. Ke^drici^r.. Mr;. Walter Corner. Mrs. G. Har.vr Eo-*irb. i Jar.e Shoe^iak^r. Sist S.-u:h street, i-i-as presents l\iosdiy niorr^r^r n::h l a pr^e 'or r.o- hii'.nu aliped ? ses- ! s!on of t:ie i^::der.;ar.e= ;n the past three, years. NO POLICY CHANftE Takrs Oath .Vs Nw Gcrtoin Cbatu-rllur. ould be dissoived. thus ' ti'.vxar'.lr.K a va'.e L! nor.-confidence. i DIS-'-O'.U'.A:: of ti'.i- K«?K-;istaK uildrr I such ciri.'uai'-'.in'i's would coiistitute a :ai'.! sUelvii:; of tlse viarliiiner.tary ; :TO.VS* :HI* ::-.a:ii:o^t'-.i by the fall o' in:;vrtiiit -iv·.·la:.i'.;,T. after he ar.ol h:s Pre^.ir:: 1 . r'^-.:l '.^:: Ki::ie::'Jius i::d lr Nc» Buildiot or K«-J«»lr »rk ROY W. POOLE CON IK AC TOK A .Bl IUEK ISO lairic» Av*. SI3-J BLOOD-TESTKD CHICKS Brown mud TCfelU S. C. lAfterlU. U-1M. Mar. Whit* and B»B B«x. *~~*TM- BK iu) Black MUwrcu. Bc4a. OtUcz WWte and SllT«-L»ced Wu4*tic*. S* »«r M*. Jrne? HUack Gluts. Uchi RrakBV. B*C Orplaiteu. Sli per hundred. «in»ftr4 ·riud. S* ptr 1M. 1M ffi cent. to 8-v*ck-old cbieka, Tree CatiJvt Itww Ml. Al»7 BECK'S HATCHEKZ Dept. U, Sit. Airy. MdL A FEW Take . . . GREENAWALT'S Only six months married but already she has those EXTRA SPECIALS -j Dandelion Liver Disks for GOOD HEALTH! SMOKED PICNICS THREE CHILDREN PERISH SWIFT'S SMOKED HAMS 12 IB. Two CoIHe Do;s Hrroe» In Ontaria "Otir Christmas enteriaimnent; was held v.'ecnescay. December 23rd. and el^htv little c"cc v;er5 present anc elev- ed. Each citij-d received 3. box c: cancy. Biswoxi. Ont . CAH . Juno ---A backwoods Sre toiiy took, the lives of th.ree r's children ar.i raised to a hero :~xo collie d^ they had rotr.p*3 i only a fe*~ hours before. ! The dogs probably saved the life of j ' Miss Lorettj Page, schjol tva?::*r. -Aho ! [ had leaped, her clctinn^ afire, from a i u-irido'*'. They scratched at her sniou'.- . i derinj gfarments. she taid. until :he fire j j m shem '.vis extinjxiishec. j j The three dead children '.vere pupils ; i in Miss Pace's rjral school. j [ The fire started today after the fam- j ily. celebrating the return to ·rork after i ' an orange and the xork they se^-ed . six nionths' unemployment of the fath- : ! as presents for their parents. " i er, Ernest Gautheir. had retired. The · I "The hsUdays of "the kindergarten! fartner. avfakened to Sr.d the | '· are the same us those observed by the · craciiins near his bed. ;r;ei vainly to nublic schools. U: Valentine's Day was i reach the other children before he and · C'.l?brjtod bv th: chlla.rv;i sc'.vins hearts. , his o'ife cashed to safety. : Here's new relief from this complaint · If Tou've r\rr fell vou just couldn'l look another li*Itpan in the face--then you've knovn those di»hpan blure. Herr'n a new »oap diccovcrv that makea ii-bv,a~hiug raoicr anti quicker. Its name u Oxydol and il« secret U extra longer lasting nidi--5O^ more -«uu!.--richer instant MIU» in any vnlrr. hard or foft. Jt fairly ocoott the grea«! from clihe«. Oxydttl i* KTfal for clothe* too. It SOAKS thin-:« »no*« white without rubbing. And it*»k.inii to hands and delicate fabric*. Procter Gamble ^^ NEW OXYDOL «·*·. U. ·- V T H E C O M P L E T E H O U S E H O L D S O A P aven't yon ^ i O noticed it ( The Cigarette that's The Cigarette that TASTES BETTER © 1952, L2SGEI7 2uY£ES TO2i£CO Co. ... And here's the Reason Why! TSETRE 3LiBE of ripe, sweet, mellow tobaccos. These tobaccos are blended and cross- blended .. .^welded 75 together in such a ivay as to bring out the best in each kind of tobacco. C3IE5TERFIELDS are seasoned with jast the right amount of fine aromatic Turkish tobacco. ISot too much, but just enough. CHESTERFIELDS are made right-the right size--to give a cool and smooth smoke.They're mild--yet not flat. They're not oversweet--but sweet enough. They're as pure as the water you drink. PURE HOG LARD 5' "»· PET MILK The cheapest GOOD MILK you can buy can 5c BEST VEAL CHOPS SUPERIOR MEAT MARKET Aum 29 East Patrick St. ·······«··· A BOX Box. conUlninr Bre Uma» the quantity-| $1.00 « FOR SALE AT ALL DRCG STORES ' AND MAW GENERAL STOBES · THE PEOPLES FINANCE CO. [LOANS · PAY OFF m\ YOUR BILLS! J; Do not hesitate to see us if · | you need money. It's our · i business to lend it to you. " i Quick service. Strictly con5: fidential, friendly and dig- · ^ niued. WE WELL LEND YOU UP TO $300 Peoples Finance Co. 15 N. COURT ST. (Mr. Sam In eharce) PHONE 1173 NOTICE! Due to death in family our store will be closed Today and Saturday, June 3 and 4. GILBERT'S "Exclusive Ladies' Shop" GIFTS FOR THE GRADUATES Never before has this store had such a stock of such beautiful gifts of Jewelry and Watches at such remarkably low prices. It is to Your Interest to Shop Her0 McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE 48 North Market St. Frederick, Md. Y1B · lummmmmmm I VACATION CLUB JOIN OUR Vacation Club FIRST PAYMENT JUNE 9, 1932 Payments may be made ; n weekly amounts to suit your needs. The only sure way to provide for vacations, taxes, insurance, coal and other pleasures and necessities is by regular, systematic effort. Our Vacation Club Affords The Ideal Plan mm \ Farmers . Mechanics National Bank · Corner Market and Second Streets i I K M M L B B M A M M I

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