The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 6, 1956 · Page 12
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 12

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1956
Page 12
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12 Haufnmn 'Shut Explosion At Convention?-Sen. Humphrey Urges Democrats To Act On Civil Rights Program I',y mYMOMt l.AUU I tmod riv.*. siait CiuTt'sjmmli'n \V.\SH!\'C,Ti.'>N IT — S-T. 1-h; b'-'i! i! H'ir.!!V-.! i ey s-;i-i Uni/'y th P<•'iifhir^in'-ieti <";>:;^iv? now clnuiiou roi Stevenson romos fm- ihe nomiuatior.. was not men- fiom tho .South, where tension, is iionod. ii! '- i! "' or 1h '' i'lu-ia! seaiv.saiio!', Forniei 1 Cov. Hoi-m.iii K. Tiil- rr.oMion. A Demoeratic pki'.torm 1M:U !, : ,, o f Ck'oro-ja Wednesday >ii.i:,Mi -A-!-,, h provoked a Southern walk- op! ,,,,,,j ] !ls ra m pai s n for the Soii- npiilatifm cr it or cvo;-, i.-,nsed So-..-lhfi n dole- .,(,, ^ 0 .,, , low | l( '-.;,j'|-,y Demorrauc !hi:' v-N.r :•• he:;-; avoi.; ;,<> 'e\pio- -a:-- !.. c\u !,>)-v fiom Stovonson Sen. Walter F. Goorco with ;i sin:; :=.'. the .• V'-r.'n'craDc :;.itiu:;;:: couid -.ianiiso hif enanees. sposvh utlai Uinj;- the I'.S. Supreme <-i>n\eiiin.,:i. ••] : - 0 ,,j i; is no,.oss,ny for the Court. Ta!mndj;e i-oferrod to Iho Tiie M!'iiie-o'.a Pi'iiiucval .iiivo I), moe] atii Ci»)j;:"S.- 'o ncti'iiiii- coiui as !ho "l)lack-roV)ed arm of this SUE;S<''--' ! :.V; :'or de.i'.uis; with cirale ;t.= <z<irn\ faith on civil n^his judiciu! . tyi-amiy" and said he i\ v , :.-,-,;.-' v\-!',;i'i: looks Vdcr= the hy<:!i!; losiisiaiion -• a; leas; wcuKi work to cuib its jmisdic- to-iehc^' CM.e jti'is'oni; "he I-'on'o- soiuet^inc to set up a civil rights iion. f:rai? •.mil tiv.v :.:-o :v:,dy to name , llllinl i. ;on ..... j- we aiv LJOIIH: to Humphrey sui-estod that the a piT-st'if'itKi: r-ouuniv. rivr-v: .".n i'-xp:osi.i!; :>i ;he i .in-.'en- ^-i ]) t -ino<'ratic platform plank on i; is ar. i-=.-tte I'; IVuno- V:or.' l!'.mp!'i! oy Ui.u a lopurlor. ,-ivii rights was a jrood ono. "if r r:;;> ['.<<• H':mph:''vy. who !,i~. or Tiie ei.iiuiiissioi! wiiieii iie pro- \vo a^'d to that our re.Manition of AO,';.\'. K. Si'-'.vr.sou (uv - ,ho •'.;i;in- p-xoi, winil'.i .n'.'o?ii;:a;o ro* iw! Uic rolo of iho. Supreme Court in P'ilio:i. Tlvso T).'i;-,o. rai> <o,- a e? inuri.'iiini'i problems an,; make oi:r sy<totH of ^ovornment." By ;-.o,ii .•niilo poiMion of the i :v;j :',.,.'i-imn]OM.i;;;:or!.= ;•::; ionics with iliat aoi.i.m. lie said. ;ho prifty r;£h:= iss,:e ss iv.-.hai).; ii-,i> biases; ;iiem. would "ho oouii: what is honora- j. |v ..,-,,-,, ,,,-,.,;. ii.-;H\--en SV'Y- 1 !;^):; Cliiior po.ilica; deve'ii'iplVuM':!.-: Me 'Ilki wh'it is I'xpoetod." End sue no-.m^aiiu::. ,ic!y s;).:o t -:i ••; B;oi:mi;;j:!on. ii. . ['„-. v ; ; s jiius celioiitfr Iho views Ci;.=" to a ih:id 0! the s-.iV'poii v:d:.".!ori the^ Ki-cnho'.vov admuus- O f many -lorihern nomocratic *~ ~~ ~ " ii:.!'!.!i « i'i; ^or au unpruved j,-. ;( ,iors who hav- insisted that tho roiiu outloon. rfe cnar^od 'we party pia'fo"m misst at least acv- i,:l:tnir i^o.'iirc, !!• "a; 1 Critical ,.,-.p; [i^.-, Suprome Court decision 1'ivsi ,i~;!-: i ommun;<m. The ns;:-iins{ srhooi .-osivs'ation. \\T.ilo uiu'.'.isiv.'vf.or: s toieisn p o i ; c y Snuthern deiopates will disagree. iit'-meiits. no s,i.;d. are ;-, ".uet .j,,, ... invn - r . v j,i,. n , :( % i-idicaii^s thai , swert i-omp::;.••.•:•.:> \vhie":- c; : .i; t ! K ,y v ,-ii; ,, 0 ; V . ; ,M ; olit n f {lie c on- Arc joucxpcctins a horrific c\- ';«'•:: : i^o;-:v •'•' -ray tio.aon.-T.-d.'on. 1 \ rnrifm _ pcrlcncc in moving ;.cn:r vai'j- : —" >'•!•!i".or _ i ro.-^li'ii'.^ - : » ». a :i Stevenson forces nre wc.ndorinp- sh'c po«ession5 io a new home? plaiim-d to broakfasi !!',;.- irornuis whethe: 1 backers of Harriman. now if so. lake a lip from experienced ' Vi! ' 1 -'•°"' v ^ . 0 ''''' ( - = ov - -^ v '"'" l "'_ 1 ' " : ; ! '" regarded as Plovensor.'s chief" ri- , mevers and call vcur local inii.::;. ayioiner i or-ioivioi- iov Jtio va!. wili try to fan the eivil rig his ' North American Vsn Lines DemccrHti:.- r.nmirwtion. out .\ir. j-omiir.; a partv rcr.din? fisht. Tr;:;!V.--i ?:v.u thoir mcotir;: 'nad no B ,.j ir - ,],,, -,,;,. ; ? .„ !v avoidr.l. iirivticoiar ;^!;iic;i' sis;r:i!ier.iieo. j ; oi-onahi-.- will h.-svo io be ai-cnt Mo-.inccin be piejsaiil. •*•" " HASTY TRANSFER & STORAGE CO. A. C. COKKK. O\vn«-r E. Ti-.vas ni;il 2050 .' ;i!- . D-Tenr i. a thir \ieU]:os:;:'V iio ;jiii'' i veii without ronnrossiona 1 np- !;l;e,i be-h S:-venso!; and Hani- p r ,-,v,,; of ten-islation whirh Humpii- in.oi. T'ao !:;)l'nr «: .>-::'.. F.svs Ke- ; rv .-jdvocatpi. With Congress LIQUOR STORE HIGHWAY 146 PHONE 5928 rs'EXT 10 MITCHELL'S DRHT-IX GKOCERY SPECIALS BONDS I. W. HARPER 3lh # 5 5 OLD HEAVEN HILL 3lh S 3 S BOURBONS SUNNY BROOK » Vrwt -^ ^3" OLD CHARTER xsi-mor. :vr>. oidoih '"5"' TCU uir* u *'3- 1 I CPI niV7n S6 Proof nth •J ECHO SPRING RB p rnof M, S 3 BLENDS KING » r r ,„ T SCOTCH VAT 69' GIN GORDON'S VODKA RELSKA 49 7'riiul WINE pair, if 11 '! to\V' ]•<: ruling ;"!injoni !ruo Of -l;Min'; n;- ,;ny '•;•/•: vi£;ht> bJM i:i i l'.^ ; "i>>•:"' of So''iih': ;i (ipix;^iiio:i. Loogbough Has New Reservoir On His Farm (F.nrrOR'S XOTK: This infor- loatinn from HIP Harris .Soil Conservation dKlrict is jiiinlly prepared by Ihc rnllowiin; supprvis- oi-k: Tlieo \\ilburn. rhairmnn. chali'iiiiiii. Hnytnwii; l-'rcd Henry. vicy I'liairuian. Humtilc: Mr*. Oor- fluii KHi^. s''* i rt'tar>. LaPort**.: Clifton .lack^on. Cypress; nnd (jail AX'liitMinih. \\'i > b>.tpr.) H. .1. Longough of the Q\ - p''P->s roni.-Viunity rrcrntly complp'ed a ."•II sui'fa.-i' aero reservoir on his .farm. Tho r"S"rvoi>- wil! he used io i'tdiv water for ricf irrigation ar.d W/.! s-'tTc as a habitat for f:?h a.-.d wildlife. The conservation of v.-alfr and '.vloiif.-' is an iniportant phase of '!•!•• pri-i! ,"ir:i of the Harris Soil <'o:i.<'?rvaiion district. i.,(r'..a':.'OtiE:h is •• or'!»'r,-t;ii!g- wiih :.;:c dUtric: ir, d'-vlopi:'.;,: and a))\!\'-\ r. s i o:5>»'f-;a'. ior. tu'av tu';«',- or. r ; i:j t';-;:'in. Pr;i'. 'i. hj .'S otbf'r than •:i<-»vi- Ki»jV(- whirl: iia\'p bi'cr. ap- T>ii' 1; ii hi- farm ir.i lurio land icv- I'.'liii:. fert:li;:st:<ir, and the re: •:;•!•. n"' -' rop rc.<-:iii:f to ihi. soil to ;>'iiii:i up the organic matli-L c»n- Du,;^:,!s ;.r.-iifii;iii. who farms r.'.rtn of Houstn;]. hss .1." acre. 1 - of Aiy-'r/ •.!tiV(/r for a. s-'.iDii'm'f cove; r ! o !'*. '.\fn:ri':M:". is . i-'UMr.^ moiv land of v.'ui" h".c.-s : :ef.s (i.'i-.i brush :o 'm. i.;i.::teo :o improve..! psxt'iri?. Women Backers Of Ike Launch Campaign Drive HOUSTON iSpl-.'IYxas women backers of President Eisenhower have staricd a "Thank You. Mr. President." campaign and are staging a door-to-door drive collectinj; dollar bills to be used for his re- eioetion. it was announeod from Republican Headquarters. Chairman of the "Thank \ou, Mr. President" Committee for Texas is Mrn. .lanh.ts \\'. Fair of Tyler, ii, was announced by Mrs, Krank Buhli-r of Victoria, stale vie? chairman of the Republican --Hate Kxoeuiive committee. Other member.* of iho stiite- svide U'omon's Division comminei; are Mrs. John Dii.Moni of Abilene; Mrs. Hargrove Smith of Ka«ie Uake. •and -Mrs. J. c. Over- ba'.igh of Lake Jackson. Texas' member of ;he National Advisory committee of the "Thank You. Air. Presidom" drive is Mrs. Hugo Neuhaus of Houston. | ••Ineuosd of sending .net-well! esrds io iho President, we feel it much more effeeiive to collect dollar bills and use them ir. the .state ami nationally far his re- t'toctio:i campaign." Mrs. Fair said. Texas is the tiviriy-thiirl Slate to participate in the nationwide; grass-roots appeal for .1956 cam-| pai°n funds. The drive, handled exclusively . by women, is «imod ohicfly at. gelling modest contributions from a iarg'i: number of people. Contributor* will b<- given niem- .licfshtp cards and also n card iul- Jivsseu to President Eisenhower | which they u°n mail him to ii-il | h:m tiivy are giving- him ihclr .support. "Between now arid el'Xtion day. !:•..•• drive wiii be conducted in i rvcry senatorial district in Texas '. by organizations set up by the District Committee - women and j County Vicf Ciiairmen." Mrs. ' Fair said, "and 50 per cent of Uic j money contributed will be retain- | ed in state and county campaign funds." U.S. Public n.\ I'ATKinc run: t'nilcd l'ivss stuff CoiTt!s|Hiii(i<'m NK\V YORK il'i'i KroroniisN look H Umj; kKik :il Vhc sl:Uo of !iu' n.ilion's prusiK'i ily \vil!i ;ho beginning 1 uf the srconii half in' 19."t(i ibis wool; :m>i ilivitk'il ilu' public miglu s|*:ml itsi-lf into :in- olhrr boniii jviir —- \vith SOUK' reservations. "As lon)r ;i< ihi> public li;is money in its |K.x:i\-' l t it will probably sfK'iui it," SMU'I Soi-iviury at I'ornmoive Sinclair U'rcks. lie put this at tiio lop of n list of optimistic iinlic:>iions fur the cronomy in the final h;ilf of iho yoMr. I'm 1 pinployer.s \vero nourin;; Friday. July 6. 1956 Spend Itself Into Big Boom roooid saiarios. bonuses and commissions into tho pockets of their emp'.overs. Kmploymont ap- proaehes record levels. Dividend payments Io a grn\vm«' number of sloekhnldois :opped all oilier half- years by a eonxidorablc margin, i) the bright outlook for the half of the year there was ;!oom. And most of it. cou- lered on iho sivudinj;' habits of tho Ameriean pul.ilic. .Men with money iirthr-ir |x>ckets wore si>yuii: al buying uutouiu- biies mid TV .sols, because holding 1 economy in some restraint wore the high cost of liviii!:'. a reduction m demand fur now farm iiiachin- rry. and the unknown influent:? that the steel strike might exert if it continues for a long time. The brightest reports came from government sources anxious for high business activity during this election. But on most points their reports were backed up by industrial, business and financial sources. They predicted industries and individuals would buy S!05 billion v.-orllt of goods and services this ynar, which would make 1951) a more successful business year than Ift.Vi when the figure was SHS2.2 billion. Another boom year prediction came from industries <ui\I businesses who expected to spend ?35 billion to expand and prow and meet the demand for more products. .Aluore <;oes It; Houston SAX AXGELO. Tex. I UP) — Tom .Moore. Waco district attorney who \viits to be Texas attorney general, left San Atijsrelo Wednesday night to attend the State Bar Association meeting today and Friday in Houston. He will open an East Texas campaign tour HI Rusk Saturday night. Th<- First .Step JOHANNESBURG. South Africa i UP i— 7.urk Kruger. S.". who has gone to school only one '.lay in his life, enrolled in a 1ype\vriLing course Wednesday because he wants to writ^ liis life s'or''. >1K. AM) .Ml!>. NK1I. B. C'OOK TIIK IIICIIT I.VCJRKDIKNTS I-'(.)K TUK ('OOKS—Two Chc\ ndi-ts fill th« bill for the .Neil H. Conies. K.iutc !. Unyloxvn. Oiu- is the family car—a |!»r>fi C'licvrnlct I'.el Air Sport Cnupc. and the other all OK used Chevrolet f;ir \vnrlc. Conk i« rmiilnyeil as a Brou'n \' Knut bnat iiperaliir at O'dar t'nint. TT\e funks have two children: Ksthfr -Mae. Ij. :itul J'l'K'u.v Nell, seven months u'hn were, nt homo when llie pictorc vs:is made. The Conks nttcni! .Memorial ''aptist Cliurch. They bouslit (hi- new Chevrolet Inuvi llavc Oliver ami the other from U'nrren Andersnii. Oliver ami Andersup an.' bntb members of the sales staff at BnoU Turner Cbcvrolei Co., 115 N, Main and HI K. Tt>v;is. (Adv.) Coin by friermood. A CTI SAI,'TKKNK. SHKRKV. I'OKT MO I I I'.t H(,| VDV. MI'SCATKI. I .A 7 IMPORTED TABLE WINES COUNTRY CLUB BEER, BOHEMIA ALE, AND ALL TYPES OF MIXTURES. DRIVE-IN WINDOW FOPx YOUR CONVENIENCE Quality Merchandise At Special Prices! Specials For Friday & Saturday JULY 6 & 7 CATERING SERVICE - DELIVERY SERVICE 27 Pounds Of Opium Seized Aboard Ship HAVANA ' I'F'i —Cubyn nuthori- "\ 'I'ry Sun ("l:iisifii»il Ads- I Squinted 'Till I Got 8 out o/ every 10 750 patients ore referred by someone we have examined and fitted with glasses. FINEST QUALITY S70 VALUE SINGLE VISION GLASSES 13 35 INCLUDING EXAMINATION VVtAR WHILE YOU PAY Folks all over Texas recommend TSO for examination by experienced Optometrists, lenses ground to individual needs and lowest possible cost and Over 2V? MILLION TSO PATIENTS are your BEST GUARANTEE OF COMPLETE SATISFACTION. D* S. J. fcorjers. N. J*y r.&gpr., Gpic/^ri See "She^locV Ho'mes" 'vvcsnsido/s, iO>iG:30 p KGUL-TV, Crwmci I! 305 W. Texas Diaf 7006 OPTICO Big 10-cubic foot refrigerator that's loaded with features. Now magnetic door- closes automatically. Full width freezer and full width chiller tray. Special price inciud-ss trade. Regularly $299.95 AUTOMATIC WASHER Controls operate mono ally or automatically. Fluorescent light across fop lights work area. Wafer-saver and water temperature controls assure economic operation. Special price includes trade. Regularly $269.95 IE1C1H CHOICE AUTOMATIC DISHWASHER SF/-OM Eosy top-loading model that needs no installation —connects io any faucet. Washes and dries dishes cleaner than by hand. Moves effortlessly on 4-roller- bearing coasters. Regularly $269*95 Gives you more working, storing and serving space. Does big range cooking job in jusl 74 inches. Pushbutton controls. Huge new master oven. Special price includes trade. Regularly $249.95 324 W. TEXAS WILKIES PHONE 2967

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