The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 24, 1948 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 24, 1948
Page 4
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Nnrt. rrcitrick. M4~ fetwrftar. J»ly 24, IN* THE NEWS f-l--'-j )7 th* T movrmat rtc. A HFC at SATURDAY, JULY 24. 1948 To Rededicate Methodist Church At Mt. Pleasant A rededication service will be held at the Mt Pleasant Methodis* church Sunday. August 1. Having completely redecorated the church. t both interior and exterior, a special ol OfCTdatiocii s recognition service will be held s-t |2 p. nv. Sunday. August 1. Proceed- I ing the rededication service the I members and friends will assemble ' in the Mt. Pleasant Community With RllSSianS Kail for * basket dinner. All members ai* being invited to bnrj"? K the American people are not their dixnisrs. Many former pas- ittliv aware of the perils of the tors have been invited to attend the Berlin crisis, the sort of talk they special services. Dr. Ralph D mr* now hearing from Army lead- Smith will preach the sermon at the «rs thouM make them so. Alto- afternoon service. Charles Web- ·ether too often for comfort and **r. of Walkersville, will be the peace of mind the word war ap- · pears ia coaver«tioa-not cold u . UI sjng a ^.^ prograrn o , ff _ war but shooting war. ligjou* music at an evening «ervice The mistake American leaders beginning at eight o'clock. Soloist-; made in establishing aa occupa-' during the concert will be the tion zone ia Berlin entirely sur- Misses Peggy Hahn and Betty rounded by the Russians ss now , Strine and Kenneth Mercer ar.d coming home to roos:. It is of Howard Moler. academic interest now whether the TM? church has been "«P«vea by . ' j i. T ._·. toe installation of cathedral glass m«take was made by Roose^e.t,, windowj and with , he reiccora , ion Truaian or Eisenhower. Recently h a j ^^ made a ^^ attract ; vc an inspired story was released in ,,.,,! c H U rch. Rev. W DeWnt Dick- Washington attempting to place C y is the pastor. the blame on John Wmant. who was appointed ambassador to Eng- HOLD A X X fAL PICNIC - laad by Roosevelt and who has The Ne , v Market w . C. T, U. held since committed suicide. jt s annual picnic on Sunday even- Whatever the feeling of Ameri- ing. July 18. in the Kemptown cans may be. the British and the Church Hall. After the table pray- French are not viewing tKe matter er by Rev. C B Smith, the picnic calmly. That couirl ue because lunch brought in by the members. they are closer to the scene or it l! «-» r families and friends was serv- couW be because they an accus-' «*· Mrs. Monroe Browning, pro- tomed to take a more objective- « r a m 'Chairman opened the meet" . _ _ .. . . . . ms bv group smimg. America and even pessimistic-attitude to- The ^ u n t v ^ residenu Mrs Ford ward international developments. was inlrod - ueed . M | O w«| by a olo In any event, their governments by Rev Mr Smith. Mrs. Ivan Lawand their newspapers are desper- $on president of the New Market ately afraid that the incident is not \v. C. T. U.. brought greetings and far away which will once again also sang. Rufu* Baker of Kemp- plunge the world into conflict. town. 5-ang several selections. Obviously there must soon be a After which. Mrs. Jacob Shawbak- showdown. This business of feed- , er. state secretary for L. T. L and ing by air the 2.000.000 people who a ' 5t secretary for the New Market live in the western zone of Berlin " n!on was introduced, along with can not be a permanent arrange-! M i » Mary Sliawbaker. former i » j ·» · _. j- - - u president. Miss Shawbaker had ment And it a a standing insult £ een |dent for 22 _ to the sovereignty of tee L-m-.ed Rev and Mrs _ SmUh sang a duct States. Letter To The Editor Fanner and Labor Must Pull Together. C. L O- Official Says To the Editor of The News. Sir: As a rule it's bad policy to en- ' gage in an argument over something ' that if continued could only lead · diction, to bitter results. There are times. . Rev. Smith spoke on temperance. i Rev. Smith stated more money is I spent each year on alcohol than Is t spent in rchools and college-; for j education. An instrumental se- · lection was played by Basil Max- t well and Kelsel Day. Jr In clos- . ing the group sanu "Buelah Land." We Meet Again" and were with the Mizpah benc- however. when one must either. »«·«/*"«; stand and be counted or be tramp- ; * ° - -,, , i £ o · led. I refer to the letter from M, I Q -^e, Ju^^-R^signation Thf article mentioned by M, ! %£££?tes^af £"£."£ Dudley does not refer, m my opm- , Frank ,_ ^ f . Davis" said he ion. to the milk increase to the , wouW 5WMf in G c w Mc _ fanner but rather the da-.ry inter- . Ce former counly roads super, ests. The farmer received but two visor ; to succeed Vollten on Mon- tenths of a cent per quart of milk. day volHen will become a tax while said dairy- interests received , investigator in Montgomery and from three tenths of a cent to eight- ' Howard counties. tenths of a cent per qusrt 'figur- · ing the breakage of the twenty and _.,..,, cent price). TO SUPPORT TRLMAN The ture has come for peoples of ' Washington. July 23 ^--Sena- all walks of life to pull together, i t o r Connally .D-Tex.. an opponent The time is here when there must i o £ President Truman s civil rights not be dissension. So please Mr. ! Program, announced today he v.-;ll Dudley, lets not try to have special support the Democratic ticket of groups, where one is greater than I Mr - Truman and Senator Barkley all others. We of labor need the; D - K - v K J ! farmer. We have helped fight his' " J havc consistently supported battles in Washington. «c have, i t h e nominees of the Democratic and still do help support his co- P art " in , thc P a ^ and l ^. nal1 no .! operatives, legislative and financial- i i** 1 *!* ./TMTM =1 -' ..?. C _!!l. n ° W ' ly. We are always interested in the farmer. In return, we are vain enough to feel the farmer needs us. Connallv said in a statement. We ask for no special favors, only ! pf/f'V YfJQfS AoO an honest attempt of the farmer to , * - -* try to understand our problems. I Local Items From The Columns have been pleayed to find that most Of The News. July 24, 1898. farmers not only try but really do , T , v n R rwu TOX" KA.S BFFN' understand our problem. MATcOR CHILTON HAS Bc-i-N Mr. Dudley, there are no special | self-sufficient groups. We are ail de- '. pendent upon the other. I would like to quote to Mr. Dudley, a great American President ,' "All that harms labor i; treason j to America. Xo line can be drawn : between these two. If any man tells appointed to head locally a State-wide movement to raise a fund by popular subscription to secure and present to Commodore Schley a testimonial expressive of the pride of the people of Maryland in his achievements at Santiago. you he loves America, vet he hates QUITE A NUMBER OF PEOPLE labor, he is a liar. If any man tells you he trusts America, yet fears labor, he is a fool. There is no America without labor." Abraham Lincoln. Thank you for your space and time. "RAYMOND HARTSOCK. sitting at their front doors on East Second street were annoyed last cvcnine by a colored man unnecessarily beating a horse on the opposite side of ttse street. MESSRS. ALBERT GILSOX AND W. G. Buckey have returned from a pleasant visit to friends in Emmitsburs and Rocky Ridso. Pre«, United Stone Workers. ,.\N UNKNOWN THIEF ENTERED C. I. O. Local 81. July 22. 1948. WOMEN-S GUILD MEETS Tae Women's Guild of the Utica Evangelical and Reformed church met recently at the home of the president, Mrs. Elsie Snook, ir. Lewistown. with Mrs. Snook and Miss Frances Snook as hostesses. The president, Mrs. Snook, presided. The meeting opened with a piano solo by Mrs. Randolph Stull. followed with call to worship by- Mrs. Snook and Scripture reading by Mrs. Frank Martz. meditation by Mr?. Harold Young and prayer in laisxcs. The program was in charge of Mrs. Charles Stull. Twenty-one the chicken house at the home of Mr. Thos. East Church street extended, and s'.oie 20 younji chickens. LUTHER KCHLMAX George E. Zimmerman. Dr. U. A. Sharrett?. E L Boblit?, and W. J. Parsons, committee on repairs for fie Lutheran church, have asked for bids for repainting the interior and exterior. Years Local From Thr Cnlnmns Of The News. July 24, 1S2S. ineTn^ers responded to the roll caii THE COUNTY COMMISS1OXERS and two visitors were present Mrs. Veraon Baev gave the report of June's basket sale. Delicious refreshments were served by the hostesses. The next meeting will b* held at the home of Mrs a«ked for b:ds on an adequate heating plant 'or the county jail. along with some plumbing work there. The grand jury had asked that improvemenis b^ made Stull 233 West Fifth steet." Fred- TKE THURMOXT COMMCXiTY crick. IS KEAERESTED Several hours after he forfeited collateral in Police Court Friday night for being drunk on the street. William Cromwell. West Pa'rick street an old offender. v.-as picked tip again on a similar charge by Officer Kanode and jailed under $25 and costs. Cromwell had been arrested for the first time early Friday. was shocked today by the death of Stanley R. Damuth. Jr.. assistant postmaster and son of the cashier of the Farmers State Bank. Err.mstjburg. xvho was fatally injured v,hen tl-.e Thurmont Sre engine, respondinc to an alarm, swung around a corner and hurled the 21-year oid man against a signboard. Damuth. a member of the company, was riding on the engine MRS. IDA WOLFE. MYERSVILLE. sustained a severe leg 1-icera- tion when she was struck by an automobile \\hile entering the MVEXtTES INCREASE Baltimore, July 23 Western Maryland Railway reports , , . ite coal hauling revenues in" the' driveway to a local garage. firtt two weeks of July jumped 83 j CHILDREN PLAYING WITH per cent above the comparable! matches are reported 10 have caus- period a year ago. ed a fire which destroyed a shed Coal receipt* for the same two on West Patrick street belonging weeks were $506.000 compared with «275,*48 in the same period M 1M1. to Isaac Shipley and rented by John Lonjf. All of the fire companies responded to an alarm. Washington Daybook Special Session Faces Report On Depletion Of C. S. OH Reserves By IRIS COFFIN Washington. July 24--A startling report on oil is v ur-" to start a scrap in the special session of Congress Written by five of America's keenest economists and circulated privately, this, report warns that the L". S will be caught short unless it makes up its rnind JR a hurry on a long-range oil program. The authors are- Robert Nathan, the burly chief economic bra;n- truster for FDR. ex-deputy Foreign E c o n o m i c Administrator Laughh.'i Currje: Isador Lubsr. former Commissioner of Labor Statistic.-. Randolph Paul, one-tune general counsel of the Treasury, and Leon Henderson, Some of the ?\ e-opemng facts revealed are. L;.t! :,esr, more than half the energy of the U S was derived from petroleum products We produced and used u, about 2 000,000.000 barrels of petroleum last year, or f.vw-thirds of the world's o:l yie!d . . ' I n terms of national ecunty, w e need a domestic supply far i;i excess of World War 1". We would need Z-3 mil- hou more barrels p«rr day m another war than we used last time. We certainly have to have some synthetic plant ready to no into production " . . . V.'e have pumped 35 billion barrels out of the U. S. and the mars "» of new discoveries over current consumption is netting smaller and smaller. This report lays out five ways for the U. S. to get its o:! needs: 1. American t! c v e 1 o p m e it t abroad. There is a potential of 50 billion barrels plus in the troubled Middle East, or 4! percent of the world's proven reserves. 'The t". S has 32 percent of the total.) The hsKh profit in mideastc-rn oil has pulled in American capital and know-how. With a 100 percent profit thrown in. Middle East oil can sell, delivered on the east coast, at $2.10 a barrel for crude, as compared to S3 to S3.27 for domestic crude. A postscript tacked on these figures says. "It is doubtful that the Middle East is our bcit bet from a -.ccurity standpoint, and it is entirely possible that good economic sense would dictate other more desirable alternatives." 2. Domestic and " Latin American reserves can be developed only at a high cost. Reserves in the U. S tidelnnds alone are estimated at 50 billion barrels. Nathan Co. suggest the oil is better off there where it is not being used up. 3. The potential supply of synthetics from natural gas. oil shale, tar sands, and coal is 130 times the present known reserves of petroleum. But this program has been held up by lack of steel, opposi: tion from the oil barons, and the : reluctance of Congress to shell out money. A synthetic plant to meet 40 percent of our demands would · take ten years to put up. use 16 I million tons of steel, and cost f S9.000.000.000. i 4. Wistfully, the repo-' recom- i mends conservation, but points out i that oil profits are the greatest in ; many years, and the companies are j in business to make mono;.. The « economists also note that manu- i facture of oil burners is at a new ! high. i 5. The United States could buy j oil from western European nations ; and thus avoid too rapid depletion | of American reserves. This would | also case the shortage of dollars. ! The final conclusion is. "It is not ; present policy on oil that is at · fault--but. more primarily, a lack of any c o m p r e h e n s i v e policy .' that takes into consideration =il of ' these alternatives. As a basic I source of energy fo.- the United , States, and for the rest of the world, petroleum is too important ,' to our national welfare to permit anarchv to be supreme in the field." " | Brisht Your.; Mall--A new-type political figure has come out of ; Mayor Frr.nk Hague's baMiwick. New Jersey. He is almost the exact opposite of the oli! fellow with the stiff, high collars and florid face, but Hague smiles on the Democratic "find" paternally. He is Archie Alexander. \\ ho was pushed into politics by rank although ;ea!o'.is. ar .ateurf Archie js boyish, slur 1 ., intelligent, and puffs On a p:pe thoughtfully. A major in World War I!. Alexander has done special JODS for Allied Military Government. Atomic Energy Comm;s»ior.. ar.d State Department. He is a member of the liberal Americans for Democratic Action, which shoved h.m into the Democratic race for V S Senator. The CIO chiefs in New Jersey heard Arch'.c express his ideas plainly and honestly and ?aid. "He's our boy. tx " Arch.c doesn't have too much chance to grab the election but he dees prove the Democratic Party has "prove!! reserves" of aicrt and liberal yoi.::sft?rs Liberal"-; I"!rmir.a--A brewing storm over forcer: policy was tip- peci off i". a paragraph of a speech by J. Howard McGrath il-.e Democratic N?t:orjjl Chairman. McGrath ar.d h;s speech-writers are obviously lea"' v.s over the big ha"d given Senator Arthur Vandenberg and h: GOP backers. 50 the Democrat ch.ef launched out. ' On the bi-'.inrt'.san foreign policy. RepuWicrn leadership sought to be all things to ali people. First they aided in the passage of the European Recovery Program: then, in the House thc bowed to the dc- mands of an isolationist croup and sought to destroy the ERP by denying the appropriation reccssary for its operation ·· One reason that Vander.berg has touched only gingerly on the edges of politics is that he's been afraid some hot-headed Republican or Democrat would make an issue of foreign policy (or the sake of stirring up an argument. The Michigan Senator will work mightily behind the scenes to keep t his GOP brethren from bolting the bis-partisan policy But if the fie'.it comes into t h e op:n. he w i l l stand loyally by his party--whatever course it lakes. (Copyright. lj}*8, by Globe Synd.) , Today In Washington Republican Administration Next January Will Find It Necessary To Apply Controls NEWS Side Glances By OAVII JLAWKEXCE , .. 4 . , _ ' Invitations Issued T» , j Washington. July 24.--The "third J As long as the President claims ' Jefferson Wedding j round" of inflation is here. Af- ' credit politically for the high farm ' Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo W. Corun.' ter the labor-union leaders insist- ' income and for the high wages and West South street, have issued in- j ed on a third round of wage in- attempts to derive benefit at the vitations to the marriage of their j creaies. business managements na- polls from :t. there is l;ttie chance daughter. Gladvs Ramona, to Mr ' turally began increasing their to do anything about inflation. The Charles Hearv Remsberj *n of! prices to offset the increased ex- message to be delivered next week Mr. and Mrs. L. H, Bemsber* near pense. · by the President will achieve little Frederick ' ! The present inflation--or "boom" attention in a legislative way for The wedding will be solemnized i as some people euphemistically the reason that it will be regarded j n fee Jefferson Evangelical Re-} describe it--must inevitably lead as palpably political. Whatever formed chur"ch " Sunday evening i :o some form of government con- chance there was for an objective August 1 at 7 30 o'clock, · trols. The controls will never handing of the economic situation -r^e bride-'o^be has been enter er a Democratic Admin- was forfeited by the President's tained at several showers bv mem- because President Tru- blunder in using-the stage of a po- j^^ of her we iaiaK oa-^v " · anxious to et th l a b r litical convention as the l - '· trols. The controls come under istration man is too anxious to get the labor litical convention as the place to vote and so will not favor wage announce a ca!! for an extra s«-s- controls. sion The Reoub::car:s wall play The Republican Administration politics, too. this summer and the next January will find itself com- inflation will continue at least ur- peHed to apply controls--if only til the legislative and executive for the purpose of keeping the branches of the government are :n " vas spiral from going higher. the hands of the same political at a ous shower In honor of Miss Corun i The present inflationary trend is party, which may be confidently ,°f r ,^._ a j^ :he direct result of government ac- exoected for next January. " *~~ t son--some of it unavoidable and The Recub-ican partv then w:M some of it avoidable. With the b* divided on the issue"of "controls! On the evening of July 23 Misses 'me of her mother, Mrs. Roy j Fogle. West Seventh street. She '· miscellaneous ! shower given by Miss Doris Rems- j Frances Remsberg) at the latter's home near Jefferson on July 20. would be intensified and prices i'ed sometimes with the harsh com- O n July 22 Sirs. Lester Dudrow. | would be bid up. ment that a depression might be friend of the bride, gave a crystal \ Likewise, with a $ · a aood thing. shower in honor of Miss Corun at \ armament program, the demand If Governor Dewev is elected. 51 her home in Lime Kiln. i for materials and manpower has is not likely (hat he will allow ! · created shortages that also send ' the inflationary boom to ran its" Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Brown 1 " prices upward. . course, for the break, when it does and three children, of Stamford. ! ; The Federal government Is . come, could be so severe a? to . Conn., are visiting Mrs. Brown's ! ; spending in the neighborhood of make him a one-term President, parents. ?.Ir. and Mrs. T. Stuart ' t 540.000.000.000 a year which means ' He must avoid a major deoression. HalSer, Rockwell Terrace. '' a tremendous demand for goods - This means that, while he may | i and services. The situation in Eu- \ not have in mind any such pro- : Mrs. Harry Criswell and daugh- j cor*. IM* wt m* scmcc. MC. T. «L MS. v. *. MT "- "Oh, yes, I quit the office job! When I was made an executive In | jy husband's department, he was afraid it would stifle his ambition!" ! Play grounds Bills ;|Coming Week IFantasy Week ] ^ l The movie schedule for Freder- j This coming week will be known Mr. and Mrs. Clarence P. Hand-! ick theaters during the coming j as "Fantasv Week" in the citv's .ley. Jr.. 1!S East Seventh street, i week has been announced as fol: niavcrrounds. Fvpnf c r,i»^»/i *,,- rope has brought on the armament ' gra^-. today, hr will find himself ter. Mrs. Ralph Barrett, both of 1 | ipendin-; and the international aid " confronted with the necessity of Carlisle. Pa., and Miss Florence i , program. Nobody in either politi- advocating some form of wage ?nd · Feese. of York. Pa., visited with · cal party here can be blamed for price controls -- that is. a holding Mrs. Bessie O. Painter, Lewistown, either problem. - of the line at levels then existing, on Thursday. ' i America has the biggest crops iA ; If the result could be obtained by ] j history, but food is still high in ' voluntary cooperation, it v.-ould he ·cost because the demand is unpre- even more desirable. But the f ey - Jr - lis tasl ^eventn street, i week has been announced as fo!- : playgrounds. Events planned for Icedented. The Truman Admin- "voluntary cooperation" urged have »oved to their new resi- ; lows: ; observance of the week ir-clude an i istralion spokesmen have misled . early this year just before :he third . aence 3? - Reels Mill. | ^At the Tivoli: Sunday through ; ^i par ^ s t re et art fair . a pet show i the public by trying to connect the round of was?e increases and the : - ! Wednesday -- "Romance on the ' a toy =hoo show and a' ha- show : prices charged in steel, for in- attempts of some big companies : M!SS Frances Ann Delaplaine ! High Seas." with Jack Carson. ; Th« "program for the week is as ·stance, with the cost of living. ! to hold the price line as a means ??? he f orotaer. Mr. George B. j Janis Paige. Don DeFore, and SfoUows- Mondav 10 a i m stor^-h ou^ [There is no connection between of warding ofT the wage increases : De^apiaine, Jr.. Lindbergh avenue. : Doris Day. Added are z Bugs ! :,, r pf " 4 r'r T ih« *° i the making of industrial prices and · rarr.e to naught. ' expect to return to their home Bunny cartoon comedy and Uni- ! a . R 3 , " ^'^. ,,, t,,^l* : , [ t h e making of food prices. There' The moment the Fed-a! gov- : :oda v Allowing a five-week motor j venal KewsreeL ; a. rfa.^er Par^ of playg.ouna staff. i is. however, a direct connection ernment enlarged its huge spend: :r! ? to the p 2C' fi c coast. -, Thursday -- "Casbah." starring : Tuesday 9:30 a. m.. softbali league : between increased wages and in- ing program, wages rose and prices : -, , , T - 7T~ » TM -iw ' Yvonne DeCarlo. Tony Martin and i games at Baker Park; 10 a. m., I creased purchasing power and the : rose. Somewhere arid =o-.ehow : - ,- ,, and Mrs " John A ' Devilbiss. · Pe{er Lorre .-r- nis Is Anserica .- : rhythm band time at Harmon Field: ! demand for more and more farm this trend has to be reve'-cpd Mav- j ^Murray street, announce the and Warner p athe News are add - : 10:30 a. m.. dance club meeting at j products. be the government mav be com . ! birth of a aaugnter Friday morning | ,^3. (Baker Park band shell under di- I The government, moreover, is ! pelied under a Republican admin- at u "- e Fredenck Memorial Hospital. : Friday and Saturday-- "Fury a t ! reckon of Barbara Kauffman; 1.30 1 pledged to support farm product ' istration to do that which Presi- ^ olher anci Daughter are doing · Furnace Creek," with Victor Ma- j P- m.. street art fair on North Mar- 1 prices so there is little likelihood dent Truman refuse? to do now -- nicely. , ture ^3 Coleen Gray. The March ! ket street in front of McCrory's: the ! that these will reach a natural · name!y. to treat wa?e control and j , ._ , ,- - . , of Time, "Life With Junior." and a j show is open to all children of Fred- j level even when supply does start pries control on the same basis. . ,_-, demand. i (Reproduction Rights Reserved) Sir. and Mrs. Thomas ' 49 Wilson avenue, announce , cartoon are added features. I erick and all entries must be in by: o * » r t _ _ ___ **., , -_. __ "i . _ r t _ _ _ . - , » i ^*»» fc-w^ii ***. -,, uu*^t\_vi i\,u.viu ^w?. i \-i. iv.i^ am cxu. Ciit.1. ico iilLLaL LrC II h -h of" SS£ a rTJnd Cae i^ C At ^ ° pera House--Guns of j 12.30 p. m. Tuesday: Miss C ^.^JM^S^^I??*-: Barring Tim Holt and Nan jlotte Koontz will be at McCrc KnOlV America Dorothy Di X ~Says: A youth writes me that he is very . Willard. daughter of Mr. J. Today's Anniversaries s 1796--John M. Clayton. Delaware's · much in love with a girl whom he j famed lawyer. U. S. senator and ; wishes to marry, and he thinks secretary of state, born in Sus- j t h a t ='"ie s willing, but he has never sex -County. Del. Died Nov. 9. been able to summon up enough 1856. . courage to ask her flat out if she i 1798--1150 years ago) John A. Dix. XV *H be his. He says that whenever j U. S. senator from New York, i he works himself up to the propos- I famed secretary of the treasury. · '"S point he gets cold feet and j governor. Union general, born ! drops the subject. j Boscawen. N. H. Died April 21. ; Well. son. you know the old prov- ( 1879. erb that says faint heart ne'er won { 1819--Josiah G. Holland. Spring- -fair lady, so if you have found the j field. Mass, newspaper editor, i giri who is your heart's desire, all j noted Xew York magazine edi- · you have to do is brace up and tor. author. Jborn at Belctiertown. j mumble something in her ear. and Mass. Died Oct. 12. 1881. if she wants you she will cast her- I 1855--William Gillette, actor, born self on your neck and say: "Oh. | in Hartford. Conn. Died April 29. , John, this is so sudden:" and there ' 1937. you are. Married before you know ', 1866--James E. Freeman, from rail- it. . road man to eminent Washington. ! Th ; s is a f avO rite formula for 5"_.!r-v5 P , iSC £!? a i r' 5 ! 1 ^ 1 !' ^TM '" i P°PP in S the question and is much T-._J T.. ^ , n «o uset j by bachelors who are tired New York. Died June 6. 1943. , 1898-- 50 years ago Amelia Ear- _ o f being the communitv bov friends · hart, famed aviatrix. born in ; and want wives of their "cvn Of ; Aichison. Kansas. Lost in the i course, there are many diflerent : bouth Pacific, early July 1937. . ways in which a man can get his Today In History ' proposal across to a girl, no matter , 1701 -- Detroit founded by Cadillac. " how dumb and tongue-tied he may 1 a^French soldier from Montreal. ; be. The most efficient one is to let 1S47 -- Salt Lake City. Utah, found- · Georgina do it. After she has , cd by Brisham Young at the head : watched a good catch flounder of a small Mormon band -- Pioneer : around in a sea of romance until Day in Utah. he is about to drown, she can pull iS70 -- First through train from the off a wedding by just assuming that iv -- "The Return of the ! ,,. Wiilard and the late Mrs. Pearl i Whistler." with Michael Duane. I an dell and voung daughter left this morning to return to their home in \ Wednesdav a n d " ~ " Norfolk Va.. after spending several » G n * comedy. ;Teddy , marked with name and addres ^.| a snapsnor. ·Holly-| T:ne classifications are: Freehand Hershol^ and Cora- i c^on drawing, freehand chalk Thursday-i draW:£ng: - XVater paint P ictures - P a ~ I s of W v O l r n g w i m days with his mother. Mrs. A. Le- ; Peggy Cummins and Charles Co- ! pictures, spatter painting, | painting, decorated plate . . . - . Roy McCardell. Rockwell Terrace. | burn. A short. "Cooenhagen Pag-i The Frede " c ^ Civitan Club ,r w ^ cu . ,, leantry.- and Warner Pathe News.' spons ? r and 3U Mrs. Edward D. Shnner. Ceres-: Frjday 3nd Saturdav -- -Timber : awara prlzes to viile. returned to her home this j Trail starring Monte Hale """ I " f """ - week from a her brothers in Marion, Pa. the show- Tuesday I ^0 p. m.. is drama and story ^ w . 4 ^ ^«^ c "'"Trail, starring Monte Hale a n d i ; H ' "*- " "^· ll " a - 1 ""- *-vry v;sit at the homes of Lynne Robert s. Chapter 11 of j nour tlme at tin " tot tov TM'- 2 -°° Pm Seasiae. N. J., and Brick Bradford." and the cartoon m - *een-town meets at upper end of | -Hop. Look and Listen." are add- j Baker Park. 6.45 p. m.. folk dancing i ed. j at Staley Park under supervision Mr. and Mrs. Milton Benner and At the Frederick: Fridav- i of Joan Johnson followed by, social · - ' v n O T B e n n e d son. Milton O r. Benner and ; story hour and group singing ^un- ilrs. John esselring. south of i»JLtS. J V H I l lV.CJSCl.JHtlfi. ,3-JU.U* V*. i , - , . , , --^- _. , . ,, - , J - · * . . - * » M Thurmont. and with his niece, Mrs. ! , Saturaav -- "Blue Steel, with jder supervision of Ann Meadows! George Shook and Catoctin. Mrs. Michael Zook and daughter j Pathe News. have returned to their home in j Thurmont from a visit ivith rel- ! atives in Akron. Pa. Sgt. Zook, who has been suffering from a back injury, is slowly improving. near i John Wayne. Also added are z j Tiny tot town plans to have a mu- ! cartoon. "Bone Sweet Bone." Chap- I sic hour during their evening ses- j ter 7. "Tex Granger," and Warner : sion. Mr. Luther H. Hetterly. Chicago. · and his daughter, Mrs. Robert Lee jTemperatures Take Tumble j Wednesday from noon to one [o'clock, free swiiri lessons at the j Municipal pool under sponsorship I of the Frederick Red Cross: 10 a. | in., special story hour at Harmon Field and Staley Park and folk dancing at Washington street; 7 p. m., Mullinix Park will hold a pet and youns son. of Grand Ledge, i Temperatures dropped to their ] snow a t , E a K e r Parfc ban l she! ilich.. relumed horae Sunday af- i lowest point in a week today and j s P ons °red Dy Recreation Commis- ,, . . _ , . . _ . _ _ ,, , _ _ - - O - s » , - J ·_«^7». t » ^ . ^ V 4 . i » l A J L I ^ V t l d t -I · * - - -- - -- *--- j » uu , - -Q - " I T l , J _ 5 T _ Pacific Coast reaches New York she and Romeo are engaged and ' {e r visiting Mr. Hetterly's brother-j were expected to fall into the fifties j " on - t, rizes Wl11 be aw arcied by ' Cii -. telling him the kind of rin^ she "-law.- and sister. Mr. and Mrs. ' for the first time in two weeks tne foU °wmg classifications: JL^rg- Generosity Helps 190?--The American. Hayes wins wants. Marathon at Olj-mpic Games in London. 1915--Excursion steamer Eastland Sut in courtship there are many turns over in her Ctiicago pier-- small nuances that should be ob- S50 lost 192S-- KellogC-Briand Pact. Jawing war. in effect. H. O. Miller, Thurmont for two ; tonight as the long-awaited break ! est pet smallest pet, most unusual · weeks. i hi the warm, humid weather oc- i pet - faest traine d pet, greatest num- curred follovring thunderstorms. !^ of pets - bsst cared for P et The mercury hit 61 last night to ' " pets to be eatered should be at -' Ir - and ilrs - Glenn Routzahn, Betty Main, northeast of Mid- served if a man wants his sweetie , S iet ? v " T: out- to Ea - v "yes." instead of telling , hirn l ' lat she will be a sister to 1933-Prcsidcnt Roosevelt's broad- *»«"· One is in the matter of gifts. and Miss Mae Keefer. provide the first pleasant sleeping ! * he park at 6 30 p - m - From 7 night in some time. Tne observer · 8 p - in - tweensters will hold a dance . ..,,. ailu . lil;5 . VB:lut: cast appealing to the people to Uon - be a tigntwaa. She will sir.e _ n d da u?h-er Vanceen Middle- i ate on Sunday. emergencv .you up by the pries tags on them, town, left" for loorehead. Minaes- ' Although dance will be held oa Thursday! . . . . . . _ _. f . , . Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Horine. ! Monocacy ~was~ reported "hisjh a n d j h o u r and sand box pla y for {in " ho reside in an apartment at the i muddy, while the Potomac was be- ] 4o ts:^1.30_ p. m.. rhythm band time you are not a elib-love- horr - e of JIr - and Mrs - John w - ! ginning to muddy on the Marvland : a t ^ a sh»ngton street: 2.30 p. m.. - j--·* ..-- ,. - .. Hol'pT- ·'.Tirfrlotn-n.- " - t n m band si En up on industrial ernergencv o u "P °y ihe price tags on them. tov ,- n left fcr - oor ehead Minnes- ' Although one thunderstorm ' code to help put millions back D . on £ S lve practical presents. Xo to work. . °' r ' wants IP4.~--American planes bomb Kis- * OKen ka in the Aleutians. , fcd on 1945--Railroad Trainmen and Lod °S s - £O S« v e ner a bite of sen:;- comotive Engineers file demands , merl i- fnr 25 1 "; wage increase. · J f 1946--Ki.story"-; fifth atom bomb ex- maker. don't try to say. it. oioded in Bikini tinder test. 1947--Soviet Russi? den a House labrr committee on srounds of a Kick of housing and other facilities. Kenneth C. RoyalJ secretary of possession are ? bundle of Jo'veTe"- ij-c^' jtnkfns"returned^ith^theS · Company reported x-irtually no Une ; f war , ded ^ tiniest toy. funniest the army, born Goldsboro. X. C. 54 ' ««. tied v,i:h blue ribbon, that scrT'o Dumo.t and spent several Damage from the storm. '^^ t^b^li^Sde to?! j Story hour time will be held at 7.30 . at Washington street and -vdil be n bomb ex- maker. don't trv to =ay- i* "olter. Midclstown. are receiving j s ide. Many small creeks were i _ ytnm bana time at T ider water W r i t e it. You can b° as congratulations on the birth of a i raised by the rains. Carroll creek 1 * lela: 3 " 30 P- m - ^ P la " · eloquent and roman'.ic and po"tic ro ? ?I 5 nda ? at the Frederick Mem- j ran bank ^n for a time | toy-shop show at tiny tot t ies visas to and make as many passionate vows or:al Hos P :taJ: j A heavy rain struck Middletown i ji? ^PO^ored and judged by at Harmon yground ov.-n to Junior All entries must fa ·f years aso. Dr. Ralph C \va? davs there. her hijsba^sd v.-rrte her v--hen he Williams, chief of «urt-.c her But I never r - 3 vc :hc bureau of medical services, the k novrT! a wo-rjan v.-h -.vnu^'5 tell Public Kesr.h Administrators, bom Jusi * vjlat """ hy^bann ?a:-! ;o her in Husseil Coursry. Ala.. 60 years wh « n hs proposer a Co. But there are tirrje^ :n a man"? Dr Charles Spurgeon Johnson, love life when he fhou'd watch orrsident of Fi?k Tjinversitv Xash- his step and be careful el what he v:!iC. Term . born in Bristol. Va . 55 say* 1 before he pops the que-:ion VC.TJ ago. One is -.vhen he meets a "woman Thomas K B?ck. board chairman wh -o is a fres weeper. Practscally of Cro\\ ell-Collier Publi.s?-,ine Coman ' "-vorrsan. w:o?e ten- duc^ are Monrovia, oany Xew Yor'K. born in Oakland. ' n good working order, can float Ca! . 67 vears ago. any man she wants to the ?' : tar nd Mrs. Mavnard Bsttle. QllSttOTlS And AnSlCGT* son Gary. City. Florida. arrived on Saturday for a vis:t with Mrs. Bittle's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. Toms. My ; follo-K-ed by group singing: 6:30 p. Q--What vice president took the i m - rhythm band time at tiny tot oath of oSce in Cuba? ito-sn: 8 p. m.. Mullinix Park -will A--William R. King who was j ho^ an amateur show at Lincolr, elected vice president on the Dem- i High School to be sponsored tfl Mr. and Mrs. James Allen Hend- ocratic ticket with Franklin Pierce · their playground director Miss r:ckson of Chicago. 111., have been ia 1852. look the oath of office in :Thelma Bailev and her friends. En- v:s:i-r.g Mr. Her.dricksor.'s ur.cle. Cuba. King died without ever per- tries should be in bv three o'clock Mr. WiHiarr. E. Hendrickson. near forming any of the functions of that day. Prizes will be given for ·his new office. ; vocal solos, vocal duets, piano solos. Prof. Herbert S. Langfeld of Somehow there i* a chemical" :r7a announce the birth of a daughter.! A --The° Koran 'consists^of the '. ^FricL^mcfrnln'g'at 10 o'clock the Today's Horoscope · ,, , . - - - - - - - d:an.s are found along the lower Myersville. left Monday for Seat- T^. . . . . . . ,. ; s e u "P to «o it. use some sentiment Vv . a ] Is OI - jj, e can yon in many tie, Washington. They left bv Saturday morning from 10 to II Tins is a s.rong aay and indi- , and tact in selecting «:e time and 0 -, accs . Route 40 . traveling in the car o'f i$ stor ' h TM r "me at the children's They i room of the C. Burr Artz Libra-,-. cates a person of great dignity, place. Don't por the vital question self-reliance and. generally, good j while you nre crossing a busv street. judgment The native may be , or when you are eating in a res- ment and the boob has wrec ked it ship the car to their son in Tokyo. their son. Richard Flook. 'plan upon arrival at Seattle t o ] ^ - , , K _ · i i i. ', ' " " CT " H l C i l L H l i u Hie uuou Ilija \%icv.ivcv4 i L ^"»K v»*s. ^«» vv. v t i ^ i . ovii i t i /.ur^j'u, · Master Jo^Snh H F'^actpr rnn nf rather jealous of honors and per-. taurant and a xva.ter i, breathing bv m a k i n g it comn - on pi ace . ; Japan, where he is employed as ' Mr. and Mr7 P j o " cp h H FeLter H£ nn'.^L-, 0 ", Pra ! Se ' ' f '* lf . Ao TM. ' ftur back - Mcn "= v « " n ^ r - "Bui. anvwav. it doesn't matter J assistant manager at the old K a i j o i J r . . of Frederick wa" operated oa .h P ^rM,VJr^nd 0 nn r ; hSm , " S 'f n n W h y 3 C i r l bUI " ;::; i n '° trars ?on - h o w VOU ' D( P the Question. If , Hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Flook plan a ; for the removal' of hi= ton,?!, aV it n» »M h h r " ' ' h e heart.,«h.en a """ propose, to her. but A n f . e l i n a wants y OU , s h e wiu say five-week trip, returning by t r a i n ' S t . Agnes Hospital BaHimore T V h a r m f u l , but therein ; u i« because all of her life she has .. , ·- to the Rockies, and by plane for | July 21. He is Bettine alona nice- lurks danger to the fortunes. J looked forward to her sreat mo-i * Th. B«U fi^xdicata. to^ ^ j the rest of the journey. Jly. 8 g »-._ NEWSPAPES.fiRCHIVE (

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