The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 10, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1948
Page 6
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^mJt,f«m mj tP/Vrff* ..3.~.. fHB DAILY REGISTEB, HABBISBUBG, HE. TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 10, 1948 Wednesday Nites VENICE CLUB DEACON WATHEN and His Band Join the crowds and dance to * your favorite tunes. OFFICE nurse By Adelaide Humphries by Melotic Humpfciici; Dnlnbutcd \i NEA SERVICE, INC Out Our Way THE STORY: Janice H»ary.lstccply up to the top flpoi and its pretty, efficient young nurse to three bedrooms, The «hole house Jopular and handsome society doc-1 was dark and narrow. \et it was " U $xpeeJwi#! Mother's Friend massaging preparation helps bring ease and comfort i to expectant mothers. M '"~ OTHER'S FRIEND, an exquisitely prepared emollient. Is uselul injail - more than TO__yea»tov^ugd ^ta tor Eric Holbrook, runs his office for him. When rich Mrs. Stoval creates a scene because she is kept waiting, Janice says she is going to ask the doctor to dismiss her as a patient. Little Betty Jane Coxc, the other nurse, is amazed when it appears the doctor is going to do what Janice suggests. When Betty Jane suggests to spinstensh Miss Willows, one of the doctors' two secretaries, that Miss Hilary might get married and leave, Miss Willows replies,: "Miss Hilary will, never leave. Not unless something unforseen occurs!" Then she adds: "It's a pity, a terrible pity." o * ·» III "Is that you. Janice?" her mother called from the kitchen almost as soon as Janice had let herself into the house. Her mother would know that it would be. Janice's father did not come home for dinner on Tuesday nights: he had not missed his lodge meeting in she could not remember how many vears And when Albie. her younger sister and the only other member of the household, came in, it was always to the accompaniment of such "a clatter and confusion a lovable little house, one with character, tucked as it was between high, wide apartment build' . . 1 i · 1 ,, * * .* * r s+f\t i »«f t**ll*r1 ings and 0 ,, to the casual observer. Janice's father had bought it for a song 27 years ago; it could have been sold for a small fortune in so that its tiny courtyard grilled gate were almost lost o that no announcement was needed to know it was she. this postwar period of shoitages. But neithe housing . he nor Mrs. Hilary would have dreamed of such a "proceeding. The little house was home. When Graham Hilary had purchased it. the house had had others of its kind for companions. It had been far enough east of Park Avenue not to be fashionable and it could be bought for the small down payment that Graham could afford. " ,, Now most of the narrow old houses were torn down: and tall modern apartment buildings had taken their places. $ · · · * * "Aren't you coming down, dear?" Janice stopped, a hand on the polished balustrade of the narrow curving stairs, to look down the even steeper straight flight that led to the lower floor. due , « o « Tn^? fcTSS'tSrsSSSS lu the legs. Qulctty ought to sound natural and gay enough to assure her mother that it was she, and that all was right with her world. So it.was, even if the gaiety was a little forced at the end of a long day. I-urses Minions or DHues sum. -«j"-?;~ The Hilary house was an oio a'ny druggist for Mother's Friend--tne , , one( j three-storied one witn *. emollient and lubricant. Do try it., gsmonea ^ ^ ^.^ ^^ ^ low street level, the parlor and living room behind the entrance hall, and narrow curving stairs leading "In a sec," she answered, raising her voice to the pitch required - ,,. .. ., .. Jto carry below. The entrance hall Janice called out a - hello that j wag the Darkest place in the dim house. Her mother usually turned Mother's Friend on the switch that lighted the crystal chandelier in the high ceiling before Janice's and her husband's} return. Tonight she must have forgotten and Janice had not thought about it. She had been impatient to reach her own room; she had wanted, although she did not know why. to be alone a short while before facing her mother's By Williams UP THERE"! COUNTED STEPS/ YOU TOOK TWELVE, AMP THERE'S THIRTEEN GUESS THIS FAMILY IS MERELY SUPERSTITIOUS, WOT LAZY ^ OH, ~ TERNA1MAU FREIGHT Gambling King Near Death from Bullet Wound BEVERLY HILLS. Cal.. Feb. 10. j _tUK--Tony Corncro Stralla. west coast gambling king and oncUnic rum runner, was near death toda from a bullet wound in the abdomen fired by an unidentified) gunman who handed him a package , at his home last night. Doctors worked feverishly to save the life of Hie 4«.yeai;-old foVmer "Admiral" of a luxunouj| gambling fleet. His wife, foiinci actress Barbara Land, who onl last week took an overdose of sleeping tablets as the result of a "slight quarrel," was at his bedside. Right the First Time SANTA CRUZ, Cal (U.R)"Man; ucl Nunes was fishing off the Santa Cruz dock when he dropped his car kevs into several fathoms of Ser. * He headed for home and showed up an hour later h a 15-pound magnet on a length of line. He-recovered the Ke\s insi try. MORE CASH FOR YOUR USED WATCH Regardless of Ago or Condition Bring Them In Get Our Offer EWELL WINKLEMAN Graduate Watchmaker The Daily Register. 20c a week. ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIR SERVICE WORK 1 GUARANTEED J. W. ALVEY SON ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Mill Locust Sts. TcL 894R Harrisburg Agents for Myers Water Systems Wholesale Meat Prices Frozen By French Gov't PARIS. Feb. 10--UE--The gov- »iuic uTM^ .-0 .- ernment today ordered wholesale serene vet searching, eyes. meat prices frozen as part of a ' * brisk offensive against the rising prices of food, in some cases up Southern Threat to Bar Truman Election would Invoke 12th Amendment [261 and each being just five short f , t _ t -- -- ^ A ·»!*·** ** AAaooQl"\* T rtlT Til be down in a little while," she added. "Unless it's something that can't wait, Mother." She started up the stairs, pulling off her gloves as she went. "It can't wait long." Her mother's voice followed her. a voice that usually was tranquil, but to- , night held a touch of suppressed . eagerness and pleasure. Janice paused. She did not want to go down, she did not want to face her mother--but there was no sane reason why. "I'll be right down, then,' she called as much as 70 per cent since Jan. 1. The Secretary of Agriculture. Yvon Coude de Foresto. announced that the government was taking by decree four new steps designed counter the upward trend in ·orices. "-«· men o opposn He ordered wholesale meat pric- nl t h ose offices By LYLE C. WILSON United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 10--U.K-- Southern threats to sabotage President Truman's election chances this year would invoke the 12th Amendment to the Constitution. The 12th Amendment was ratified i 21 it,! t»·»£*·*·* »^-"----- i-- - - -- . -- nal plan for electing presidents and vice presidents could place men of opposing political parties was ^.WA. Oils* \.W^-*» M » - « - O j --- - -of the bare majority necessary tor election. The electoral college would be powerless to function under such circumstances. The house would proceed then under the 12tn Amendment to choose a president among the three candidates es frozen at the level of the last! week in January. The .freezing gen James 0 East iand, D., · . bran d is hing the amend- i As she reached the bottom step 1 of the lower flight, the light from the kitchen, in contrast to the hallway and stairs, was almost too That may have been why ..v,.,... A-- , r , i - - - - _- ~ "VJISS., IS uraiiuiaimis i"t ,,...,,..v. was scheduled to remain m effect mgnt ' flt Mr Truma n in protest until June. . . . . a g a j nst his anti-lynch, anti-poll tax and anti-racial discrimination Eastiand and some other . The government decree called for the following measures: r tne loiiowing n ie«»uie:. p ro o ra m. Eastiand and some otner 1. Weeldy publication of the cur- PJJrv southerners suggest the nt wholesale and retail food " ° r _. ... ... : n,v rt i/? ;»= oiontnrnl . rent wholesale and retail food prices. 2. Resumption, of the double i price tag system under which re- THAliKS TO COUNTY OFFICERS The Saline County and Harrisburg Dry Associations wish to express our thanks to the officers who are making an effort to remove liquor and gambling from our city and county. AVe want these officers to know that the Dry Associations are behind them one hundred per cent in this endeavor. Saline County and Harrisburg Dry Associations Esther G. Gall. Secretary. ongm. a ice ^g system u n e r wc Janice did immediately recognize (ta ji ers mus t p0b t the wholesale he person standing directly be-t price they pa \. ? along with their hind "her mother. '·Now you see why I said it couldn't wait." Mildred Hilary's ace was wreather in smiles. i price they pa*y, along with their I selling figure. 3 A large-scale import program in vegetables, where suming there were as many as three with any electoral votes. The amendment gives each state a single vote and provides the winner must receive the vote of a majority of ail the states, meaning that the minimum number of votes which can elect a president in the house is 25. If the house is unable to elect a president by January 20 follow aPSrv souineiiieis ouo-3., ·.·-- a ^^om^...- ~. ~ - _;,,,,«. ; c Stmth might withhold its electoral ing the election, the Project is vo?e from Mr. Truman. There abandoned and the vice president vote from . are 531 electoral votes, each state having as many as it has members of the house and senate. A bare majority necessary to elect is 266 votes. - - I registered. Some 35.000 tons of "Why. Bengy!" The old nick- j American potatoes arc expected name came spontaneously as Jan- to arrive in about two weeks. Cab- ce took a step forward, her face ( bage, carrots and onions from Hol- jrightening. "It can't be! When h an d a i so are expected, did vou get home? We all sup-j 4. Establishment of a network posed it would be much longer. | 0 f "sample shops" which would coming from so terribly far, and' try to set the pace by charging · · _ _. l _ _ ^ . _ J £« **imVi ocfOC Ti I 1n*i nr* t-ttM/tfkC tion must be by a the whole numoer ciLJallUUUC'U, «**v» v**w . . » -- jr - - takes the high office. But if Mississippi or other southern states also had refused to cast ballots for vice president and the office was not filled in the usual manner, it would be up to the senate to elect him. \_\st»^A**O . « , » . . * , - . _ _ -- _ - T* I ** " not having heard in such ages, it j lower prices, is you, isn't it. Ben?" '·In person," returned the young man who stood so straight and tall behind Janice's five-foot-two mother. He stepped around beside Mis. Hilary now, sliding a purposeful arm around her compact waist. He beat and gave her a resounding kiss on her smooth j cheek. When he straightened up | his eves were merry with mischief., "That's the way your mother 1 greeted me, the proper greeting for the hero returned from the .wars. I don't suppose"--his tone , -j--j-~ Vj =. d Stales Ibecame mockingly.rcP^hful -i ot ^^ the department said. S hLrtwarmTng C ?nt appropr^i^ll ^ held.for.deportationjo ate salutation from her daughter. Not unless you want to be put majority 01 ot electoral votes and therein would lie the power of the South if those states actually opposed the President^, election. . i In a close election a single state i could prevent the electoral college from functioning by withhold- in" its vote when the ballots were counted bv the president of the senate in "the presence of both I houses some weeks after the Nov- election. In that, event the Carrier Mills Register KENNETH HART Correspondent ,_.. i -Not unless you want to e pu important Commun- t m vour place. Janice retorted. . arrc; f so r ar ·· - ' - ^ Justice Department Arrests Communist Party Secretary 'WASHINGTON, Feb. ,10--CR-The Justice Department announced the arrest in New York today of John \Yilliamson. national labor secretary of the Communist party- . j is the way it goes it won't iat . ve Scotland A dcpartm cnt ^y difference whether southern cast lheir votes for Mr. Past Noble Grand Club Meets Friday in UWL =»«... v..~ The Past Noble Grand club of election of a president" and vice, the Comfort Rcbekah lodge met president would be thrown into!Friday evening at the home 01 the house of representatives. JMrs. E. E. Keel of Harrisburg, Republicans, who have been en-lf or the regular monthly meeting. * - . . . . _ - / · --.1 -,.a tt en dance were the follow- Mesdames Eva Arnold, El- JtAtMl* 1 ' 11 ^-* 1 "*'* ---- joying the complaints of southern statesmen against a Democratic o-esident, smilingly insist it is ing: 1I1- llik- «». -- - -- ---- . i en Kingery, Helen Gibson, Thel' D-eSlCient, smiling!* maui " " icu ivnisti.j, » * * , . » . « -- - a teapot tempest. They point out ma O'Neal, Jane Pankey, Addie that thev expect the Republican Ciller, and the hostess, candidate to have well more than Refreshments of chicken sand- a majority of electoral votes when w iches. salad, pie and coffee were ballots are counted. If that served. referred to tnc arrest MEN WANTED FOR INSIDE JOBS Producing Building Materials Semi-Skilled and General Labor Work JOBS ARE PERMANENT Employer will assist in locating housing for single men. Company representative will interview and hire all day. "Monday, February 9lh. through Wednesday. February llth. at the Illinois State Employment Service 155 N. Main Street, Harrisburg, 111. . her'quickly extended hand , contra- j dieting the rebuke. \ ou re jus i , a couplc of the same. Benjamin Earlj Arcner · .. Blake - and "Beattie Truman or withhold them. publican A Re- just ,,,,,,. would be elected sometimes uses| lne sam e. j names, too-- ji( iuse Would Choose the same. Benjamin E.UM -·«»·"« ;«-Bi a ke" and "Beattie" -- was ar- Suppose Mr. Truman and uu --a great big overgrown tease, even | restcd unaer t he act of 1918 which Rcpu blican candidate for presi if you have been off to tne w a r , bans immigrants .nostile ;o lhc U. j^t ran a neck and neck rac for three years -- can it be t n a t l S f o r m iof government and dedi- ~ -- · J »f:~5c long? You haven't changed one, cated to its overthrow by violence, whit, at least not so it shows. i jj e IS being held without bail j He took her hand in his and j at gjjjg i s i an d pending an appear- hcld it a rather long while. His' ancc fc - · merry eyes -- certainly they be-. spcc tor traved no evidence of the things. } n g s a Navy man must have witnessed; The Justice'Department dcscrib- ^/.i "£e "that'Mr Truman and ^ att ^. during" three endless years of war C( j Williamson as a member o f , r:" Rcoublican opponent would -,,. » v»« , _ . . ,, , . . . ......,., ie American hu^ ^ rcmaining 522 , electoral «-^i , before an immigration in- in deportation proceed- the ran a neck and neck race L November and angry Missis i decided to withhold its elec- vote instead of casting it. jamed electors instructed to for some Democrat other than j T-ruman for president. Missis- has nine electoral votes. It ~ and The Daily Register, 20c a week. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Witlumt Calomel--And You'll Jam? Ont of Bed in the Morninf Raria' to Go The liver should pour out about 2 pints of bile juice into our Ixrada every dmy. U this Lfle is not llo»mj frcrfy. your food m»y oot dicwt. U may d«-«iy »a tb« bowtU. Then bloats up oar otnarh. You Rrt con*M VAU led sour, auk aad. the worM Ulll|li£^ ^Hi \-\* %..»»-..».^^ » -- - ^v. .- - · - - -- · - - · - -- -- -- -- -- ---looked her over slowly, as though . -;i ie t op echelon" of the thev had hungered a long while for Communist party. i this moment. , It said he "had lied all his life" (To Be Continued) .about his citizenship, claiming to . ibc n -ia;ivc resident. Seek Divorces Williamson's story, whenever, Violet Rice seeks a divorce questioned, has been that he was from Carl Rice and Geraldinc born in San Francisco before the McDowell Rccdcr is asking a di- earthquake and that his birth pa-j vorcc from "Wayne Rceder in pcrs were destroyed in the fire, complaints filed in circuit court.'that followed the quake, ihc de-l 1 . partmcnt raid. t Sentenced to Jail ," But recently obtained informs-' Countv Judge Ralph W. Chois-jtion. the source of which the dc-, *crtodav sentenced Paul Simpson , partmcnt would not divulge, proves, to a 60"«lav term in thc Saline ahat Williamson «-as bom in Scot- divide the remaining equally, each getting a It takw tho*c mild. £raU? C«rt«"s Little I'flls to set tbcac 2 pints of bile Slowly V make you f« "up and up."* partcacc today. Take as dir«Vd. . -- « u -e in raaViac bile flow fredy. Ask ,,,. i for Carter's Little Livir I'jUs. fall countv coumj Thc Daily Register. 20c a week. ^- l^jl IH III 114V w*»«i i*v- ' *!·*· v - « « · ··*····*' v -- --«.- 'on a charuc of vagran- land and came to this country in 1913, thc department spokesman said. Furniture with Style Furniture with Quality-- ijxary for Your Home at Economy Prices Walk up a flight and Save iTEN FURNITURE STORE "Over Woolworth Store" Circus Will be Major Pow Wow Attraction At High School Friday An evening of amusement is planned lor the public at Ihc annual HTHS Pow \Vow on Friday night. A major attraction will be, a circus in thc B assembly of thc school. i Miss Eleanor Ethcrton. chairman of thc B assembly show, a n d . her assistants. Misses Bcmice Pal-; tcrson, Miss Virginia Pcnncll, and' Miss Louise Rice, announce 1hat]| they have planned a "real" circus;! which wili include tumblers, a ; weight lifter, a clown, lions, ti-i gcrs. freaks. aiid«cts, and oven 1 Siamo.v .wins. Naturally they' \vill haxc a hand to provide a background for their program of enter-' ·ainmenl. j General admission to thc Pow Wov; is 25 cents, and ten cents ii i admission price to the circus. NOTICE ·There will be a call meeting at the board member's office February 11, 1918. at 7 p. m. All members and officers of the following local unions please be present: Local Union No. 118, Sahara 4 Local Union No. 119, Indian Head Local Union No. 109, Old Peabody No. 47 Signed, CHARLES HOWE, Board Member District 11. P. M. W. A. ttOSS LANE. Alternate Board Member District 11, P.M. W. A. IMPORTANT CALL MEETING of County Legion, and VFW Members HARRISBURG CITY HALL Tuesday, 7:30 p. m. ADMITTANCE BY MEMBERSHIP CARD Chester Thornberry CANDY Nice Selection of Beautiful VALENTINE HEART SHAPED BOX CANDY Price Rance §1.00 to $3.30 HARRIS DRUG STORE Carrier Mills Phone 7R2 S 8 by Manhattan V 6 Ray oit Under wear They're JYTV ligiilircifhl. Titcy'rc f and rfirr ctinp. TJtry don't feel Intlky around lhc uatsJ. More and. more men arc mulching lo Mansco rayons--diwls and u --for comfoil. Try them and sec if )t don't agree. Shirts $1.50 Shorts $1.50 (Men's Store) HART'S 101- OS -05- 07 N O R T H M A I N S T R E E T NFWSPAPFK!

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