Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 31, 1942 · Page 7
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 7

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1942
Page 7
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m;/^.-^M : i;\-'• - A ^ft •• ' Mft^ *•«_.» ^ '_^ // ^-THE MORNING AVALANCHE Pir^i>tfi / 31, T943 •.Dial,, 43,43 For The AyuTanche-J'aurngrQfffce* KMcii »D'J ttcquiieuieDU ;, ;, •-' CltUtUlcd 4dt«rtUll!| •'•'• 01 Xh« Rfttu. Rule* and Reiuiiraenu at r '•••• ClMi-illed Adtertliioj L •. Ol The 4343 "THE RESULT NUMBER" To Buy, Sell, Trade O .(Lubbock Evening Journal Lubbock Morning Avalanche Sunday Avalanche-Journal /: AU - clMslfltU sdvtilUiai vii: «l)pc»r in botij Uie Mornlnj and AJwruccu papers, both 'papers counting one insertion. All 'oUuUleil advertising U printed lu (n* Lubbock Morning Avalanche (irjt »nn Uj» Dills Journal of the snoe dale, nu Cl&ASlflea orUm»tlr.ji In thi« afternoon pacer. nsasltittl for Nuaiur< JJSLC wilJ appear In the, Av&lancbe-Journal counting one luertioa as the p»p« K «<et to *U snb- icrlbtrt OJ botb th* ifteraooo i&a ceorcinj paper i. EFFECTIVE J.lfiUARY 16. 1»M A V A LA.VCBE- J 0 D BN AL Ccmb'-aed '.IsWJ 16 Wort Ulnunuai 1 day. per vei-d - *f t days, per word _. 6c ] days. v*r word t d»r«, per word 1 days, per word POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS lOc , Then rst« for eonsectitlTe Insertion caly. All oti*-cMown ads received by mill must bo cash «ith order. Ka exception. "NO REFUND" oc «d staged after rt bu •ppeired tn paper, DIAL UU Oir experienced e.d ttfcer ~U1 r-WIte youi 44 and bejp you to vord It then flttf collector will call the following day. IHESS ACCOUNTS ARE "ACCOMMODATION ACCOfJSTS" FOJl OtJB PATRONS AND FOR O.VB DAY ONLY. So adTertlseoients accepted on an '*untU forbid" order. A sjecliied nunber of IS' Mftioas tcust be fireo. vVo /eserre tte rlfat to place an adier Usem»nt tuider tie proper elasslttea< tiou and reject ane!«aji or cbjectlosablt copy. Obttaaries it^d cares or t£in£i at r«STilir classified adtertisLc; raids. ft» pabl.'5ieJ3 are co: response e for ccpj ocuslom. t.Tpcgrsphlca! errors or any ' usintenUsnil trrcr tisit sssy occur f'ir- :her tbaa to correct it atxt isice a£t<;r it ts fcroujht to their attention. All «d TertlSiCff ordpri »r^ arcuated on this bull only. DIB ATalarJche-Jourrou i^-^ not oe respon- siblo for more Uian oca lacorrecv iaser- tloa of a classified td, AdTertifers thould check thttr ads oa first diy of publication a=d IzciediatelT noUIy tne Classified Depsraaent rf any mistakes occ-jr. CtisiUled AdTsftls^ES accepted ontl! 6:00 pi n. on week dari asd Sarardays. For eiassifled d'_«p!iT sdTerlisU;! infor- 1313 TO Disco.vnxtrE AX AD Nociea to DlsccnUnut an Ad mast be glrea after S a. n. asd b«fo» f p. m. to some r^Kniser c! the CIus!f!ed Advertist- neat Depsroaent. We cannot be resporul- blm for notice slTEn b«!o.-e or after these bours. and to raenit^rs of scnie other departs e=£. Notice To The Public TJso irilasche-Joarual is a tcejaber of Uis Assc«iaf.oa of Ne-yspaper Classified AdTertlstag Miaageri. trhJch Inslades lead- tcs Ke=spapers thrccshout th? country has aj Its aim the elimination oJ and <ala!eat>ic« cia^'.ried Ad- Announcements 1—Lodges and Societies Ujdgs No. BU A. P. ssd A. Ji. Stated cooununlcatlons the Plrit Friday night each month. JOHN H. POHTWOOD, W. H, ETIGH J. iicCLELLAN Secretary. 2—Floral euid Nursery '5VERBHARE»G stra^rberrr piaatj 7Sc hundred. Broken. 2522 Huij street. Arce' addition. TYLER ROSES SPECIAL AH varisttss, S for Arbonritaes. 3 Jor • _ Cypress. 3 for HUB NURSERY 2215-ISti S:. 25c SI Si 13c -ay 1,000 Roses Fresh Dug . BAKER BROS. NURSERY 2 mi on Slaton Highway Dial 4521 Complete plant food •Fertilize your jura a era- with Vlgoro lor tha fcesi results. No irecd s-eds. no foal cdo-s—easy to apply. COJIPAKE OUR PRICES AXD QUALITY JOTJ CAS-I BEAT THEM KaaienJas JJQ DP Z~ 98c DP 'from . Pfltzei JoaJpers froii' •'_'_' .ChlEt£« Nica 'Fruit Trees, SCc eaen or Plant*. Best Ererbeirlnj. 100 for .$5.00 noz Uany otli-T itesu on aale not listed. TEXAS FLORAL CO. Lubbock's Leading Florist ~" . .. and Nurseryman 2107 21st St. Dial 8561 .WHIT!SIDE NURSERY See us tor select nursery stpc.X ' including jiiacJe and frnit 'trees, shrubs, everzreens ~ana~3a raneues or roses. . . . FKEE LA.VDSCAPE A.VD DELIVEBY • . "^ SERVICE ' : Mite ^Kortb of Tecs College oa UtUeUeld Highway. .OVERBEARING Gem, best strawberry knoix. 100, 31.25 prepaid. L. W WUliam- soa. Route 6. BIG MASTODOM everbearing berry plants cheap. Dial 2-3608. straw- ETS Z. -L. EVASS Nnrsery. ShaUowater, Teias for state tested home gro-Bn berry plants, plumb and cherry trees. 1-ante Stock of Smoolb. Strsizht CHIHBEEIMS .and other shade trees RED EUD- Bloora- rag slie 50c to Sl-50 smaUer sizes 15c and Eversreena. Flowenns Shraus. Ealbs, Strawberries. - KERSHHER NURSERY Vila E. or ATC. H on Erv>a Highway 3—Lost and Found LOST: Tarpolin; rope in corner. V- type Jsavher Jcoj> rcinforcexcat. Reward. 4 —Personal Wotices READINGS from Amye entirely different 1512-ltth. D:al 7378 '_• :'• '- SEADEB, ..iConsu;t me today atxret year love, mar- <-:aje or.businftsi problems. Palm readings »n* Dtusiaology analysis. Near Easiness district Rtaeinss sac and en. 1415 Avu. I. Djal 2,3503 PSQP. ion, astrology, carij 1625-Eth. Dial The Avalanche-Journal Publishing Company has been authorized to present the names of the following citizens as Candidates tor office subject to the action of the Democratic Voters at their Primary Election on Saturday, July 25. 1942 FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE, 119th District Hop Halsey FOR CHIEF JUSTICE, Court of Civil Appeals <7th Dist Amarillo) E. C Nelson ot Potter County J. Ross Bell of Childress County E. L. Pitts, Lubbock county FOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY 72nd Judicial District Burton S Burks, Re-Election) FOR DISTRICT COUHTS CLERK Royal Furgeson, (Re-Election) FOR SHERIFF Tom AbeJ. (Re-Election) J. W. CWoodson) Boyd FOR TAX ASSESSOR-COLLECTOR H. B. Bryan, (Re-Election) FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY Ralph Brock (re-election 2nd term) FOR COUNTY SCHOOL SUPT. Roy Boyd Claude L. Hale, (Re-Election 2nd Term) FOR COUNTY CLERK Ed D AUen, (Re-EIection) R. L. Hooten FOR COUNTY JUDGE G V. Pardue. CRe-E!ection) FOR COUNTY TREASURER Winnie Roberts Coletnan" CReelectioa, 2nd term) FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER PRECINCT 1 G K. Horton, (Re-Election 2nd Term) Barrett Penney PRECLNCT 2 Ben Mansker, (Re-Kls^tioo) C. Z. Fine PRECINCT 3 Edgar E. Gray, (Re-Election 2nd Term) T L. Holt Ottis Isom PRECINCT 4 Newton Stokes, (Re-EIection, 2nd Term) V. J. Farris • 3VL J. Barton FOR JUSTICE OF PEACE PRECINCT 1, PLACE 1 - Walter Davies PRECINCT 1, PLACE 2 . D. W. Robertson J. T. Inmon, (re-election) FOR CONSTABLE P^ECENCT NO. 1 ......:T. E. (Chief) May CITY ANNOUNCEMENTS Subject to the action of the City of Lubbock Voters in the Election on April 7, 1942. FOR ALA.YOR Carl E.iSlaton, Re-E5ection L. D. Thomas FOR COMMISSIONER Place 1 .W. B. (Bill) Price, Re-EIection Place 3 Hub Jones, Re-Election Announcements 4—Personal Notices PATROYIA Astrologist and Psychologist Eipert »a*i« on baj!n«., love, marrlaie Special Readings 50c i;.» 10 "• m - to 8 P- m -. dally SZO Aye. J, Aparlment B MADAM BETH, READER treet and Sunday. 33S3-19tij Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractor* Lumber Pay Cash and Pay Less OFF THE RECORD Ed Reed "See? There's no future in music—Now can I quit practicing on the piano?" Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors CEMENT, Fresh, per sack ATLAS, While, per sack WALLRITE Building" Paper, 500 it. toll _ P O . Slate Roofing SLATTERS FELT per roll 30 Lb. Felt per roll 15 Lb. Felt per roll _ 67c $1.75 -_99c $1.95 __89c $1.79 $1.79 * M« v5»75 35,000 Ft. No. 2. 2x67" all lengths, per hun. ft. 25.000 Ft. No. 3, 2x6, all lentjlhs, pc-r hun. ft. 9.500 Ft. No. 2, 2x8, all lengths, per hun. ft. 2x8, No. 3 ptT hundred ft- _ 15,000 Ft. Bull Pen per hundred it. ________ P-S.— Notice: I apologize to the lumber dealers of Lubbock for these drastic prices, but we must reduce our stock EARL WALLACE, Mgr. Avinger Lumber Co. li2S Eas.t Broadway Lubbock. Tc-xa* BOWMAN LUMBER COMPANY 619 131B DIAL 5718 5. P. A. GRADE MARKED (KILN DEIED LUMBER) BULL PEN ^0,000 feet one-Inch boards 23 larger dimension, pick U out, per hundred : '_ 35,000 feet IxS red heart yellow pLoa £hiplap, per hundred 4 sp'ools heavy 2-pIy twisted black wire, per 100 Ibs. A spool . ' ^p Mill-end 3 ,i" inch sheetrock £ 21x48 Inch sheets, per square —. r^ '/i-inch sheetrock liner <£ board, per square >P RED CEDAR SHINGLES IS" No. 3 shingles, per square 16" No. 2 in per square 16" No. 1 Shingles, ICOCi edge grain. lOOCi beart, • <t C >f C per tquare 4*3.4,3 3 end 5.65 $3.50 cable 1.50 L50 >.85 $4.00 ''°!!1- $4.95 WALL PAPER SALE Beautiful 1942 patterns m LOT BUNDLES.. $1.00 up . 5 3-4c $1.49 . $1.25 $1.65 12.70 wall paper LL canvas, per yard ; Good cheap house paint, gallon Reliance red barn and roof paint, gallon Some inside flat paint, gallon Lowe Brothers higii standard <t"3 OK house paint, gallon «|>j.jSD Lowe Brothers Derby red semi- d-l Qf- paste barn paint, gallon •? » • * 3 Cement, ,„ per sack . OyC Gold Bond and oriental CT on stucco, per sack Jf I ."U '/•-Inch fir wall board. per square 31-inch fir Tex, per «r>o CfV 100 sq. ft. .pO.OU Call us for competent carpenters and painters and remember we can sell you better building materials and hardware for less. __ $4.50 BOWMAN LUMBER CO. Tour Friendly Lumber Dealer CAPROCK LUMBER CO. 19th Street and Arcane O. 2x6 and 3x8 Yellow pine • and 2x6 Slightly crooked :* B and Better • Beaded celllnj and petition _ M ft. Goodyear boss With connections ood used Vt Inch ply-board Painted on two Hides Master Painter's lead zinc Per gallon White House paint ood straight Ports, e»ch DI«1 SSS3 :$3.50 $3.00 .$4.00 $3.98 .$3.50 .$1.50 per gal. 15c Ornamental Sron of «n Una*. Porch r«Hz »nd Ia»-n fence*. Wire work chain link fences. LUBBOCK STEEl WORKS ATft. O Dill »161 I.UBBOCK IRON & METAl CO. NEW— STEEL —CSETJ Wtnflowi. SUlnrayj. Angles. Chancels 1817 AT«. B . •* DU1 «32 "PHA Quality Lumber sold Direct. Save 30 S-. \Vi have NO AGENTS OR LUMBER YARDS. TrucS: Delivery. Write lor Catalogue. EAST TEXAS AVETGEK, TEXAS." 6—Beauty Parlcra \TA\1:t. BEAUTY SHOP \.'rs. Mvrtlc Hubbard. Owner lOOS-lSi'n Dial 6172 Reguiar S6.50 wave with new ^o C/\ Ifather-rcVfe trim ^>J.JU NESTLE BEAUTY SHOP 6 OPERATORS FREE PARKING 90S 18th St. Dial 4542 BALBERT8 BEADTf SHOP • Corner 8Ch ind Ave. U Dial J-J25J M.OO SirdH, oil ' %V" S3.UO permanent ——___ SI Stt SS.OO pe;manent j.', a Plain shampoo rnd trt "sis c , »n the want «<r. tnut -Mil rent It. Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors $3.75 .90 $1,10 GEO. W. GRAV LUMBER CO, CASH & CARRV No Charge Sales No Deliveries Doors 5-panel, any size Red Fence (4-ft.) 50-foot roll . 35-1 b. Roll Roofing 45-lb. Roll Roofing 55-lb. Roll Roofing 90-!b. Roll Roofing, slate surfaced 100-lb. Sack Asphalt Asphalt Felt Per Roil" %-in. Gypsum Board %-in Gypsum Board _ ; Vt>-in Gypsum Board Vlz-in Liner Board ; Above prices subject to stock now on hand and subject to change without notice CEO. W. GRAY LUMBER COMPANY $2.00 $1.50 $1.75 $2.50 $3.00 4th & College Texas & 23rd 8-=— Business For Sale FOR SALE or trade beauty shop and building in Sundown. Dial 5i'i2. h 7 CLEANING plant, equipped with the best Hoffman modern equipment, practically new. Low rental contract. In good bnck building. Doing a good city business and also a contract at the Air Base RALEIGH MARTIN Over J. c. Penney Co. Phone 7181 FOR SALE Beauty equipment. One 8 operator shop °5 tw » four operator shops. 2009 14th ial 8 ° 21 - " - %••*«!* FOR SALEr—Cheap. steam laundry, 4 " e 5> ' 5tcm - John XI "ler. Jr., Hurlwod , i-aundrr. 10 machines. Roundhouse Laundry, Sundown. Texas. 1°—Tailors, Hatters, Laundries Finest Quality Cleaning SUITS or PLAIN DRESSES PANTS . . . Cash and Carry STINSON'S 1708-10 Bdwy See Us For Cleaning Of Your Rugs end Upholstering Lubbock Laundry Dial 6S5 * 1001 Ave. G Whftworth Cleaners 1315 Texas Ave. Dial 4562 All Work Guaranteed Announces as New Services MORRIS PICKUP STATION 1303 Collega Ave. 1Q-B ProfessionaJ Service DR. J. W. PHILLIPS DENTIST Z37 LoOBock S»f|. 8!<!g;. LOBSOCK DI»1 J-J Employment 13—Help Wanted, M a | e Road Construction Men Wanted: Capable operators who can do first class o- U1 "i bu " dozc "- LcTourncaus and '°' .f rad « s - Also efficient capabls road J. FLOYD MAICOM Abucr.c. Tc^r " WANTED: Experiences ^3 fli^ rtiilr- r=T-M«n. ti..» daily. Hu; C s.ncr, 10 Ca:c. Lame.";. Employment 13—Help Wanted, Male WORKING yard-man, experienced, Lubbock yai-d, riust have references, 125 ween. Box IB. Ava'^nchc-Journal. 13-A—Help Wanted, Female WANTED: Girl for housekeeping and car« for baby. Room, board, salary. Dial 23464. WANTED: Two experienced ftaltresse*. J12.SO wefkly. Green Hut Cafe, Latnesa. WANTED: Educated, refined, white lady between 30 and 40 to llvj in home Hein car« for children. Salary. Dic.1 J-1523 WANTED: White girl for maid. In fam- ROOKf. board to white couple in excna lor wife's work. 2407 10th. «« WAITED, oldish colored woman, lull charge farm house, for American man. Roy CrandalL Vaughn. New Mex'co 13"C—Salesmen Wanted ATTENTION' SALESMEN! Have good proposition for lalesman In Wes Texas selling supplies and equip- lTJ?in ?,fi? ys ii c ' ans and hos P»^- Must Jive In Lubbock, o»-n automobile for traveling, and be exempt from military service Poistlon requires unusual saies and mechanical ability and a pleasing personality. Apply m own handwrliins to P. O- Box 1260. Fort Worth, Texas. 13-D—Help Wanted Provisional AERO- CRAFTS Institute INCORPORATED OUR COURSES PREPARE YOU FOR I M M E DIATE EMPLOYMENT IN AIRCRAFT FACTORIES, AND ARE BASED ON HE- QUIREMENTS OF AIRCRAFT INDUSTRY. COMBINATION §HOP, CLASSROOM AND TEXTS. DUE TO ELIMINATION OF HIGH SALESMEN'S COMMISSIONS, OUR LOW CARRYING CHARGES! FOR TIME PAYMENTS' ABILITY TO CONTINUE WITH EMPLOYMENT ON REGULAR JOBS WHILE LEARNING NO TRANSPORTATION COSTS NO BOARD AND ROOM PROBLEM WHEN LIVING AT HOME WE ARE IN A POSITION TO QUOTE YOU MUCH LOWER TUITION FEES THAN OTHER TRADE SCHOOLS AND STILL OFFER AN EFFICIENT COURSE LEARN in SUPPORT LOCAL INUSTRY QUALIFIED INSTRUCTORS Excellent Facilities Visit our offices, shops and classrooms, and SEE FOR YOURSELF DO NOT HEED SALES AGENTS- EXTRAORDINARY CLAIMS. Phone or call in person for interview. DAY and NIGHT COURSES TEXTS-^-UNI FORMS TOOLS—INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION. There Is A Demand For Graduates AT ONCE Women 18 to 40 Men 18 to 55 Aero-Crafts Institute 1400-02 Avenue J Lubbock, Texas Phone 2-2272 Employment 13-D—Help Wanted Provisional F R Y E AIRCRAFT SCHOOLS CAN QUALIFY YOU FOR U. S.. CIVIL SERVICE DEFENSE POSITIONS At starting salary of approtmately 51,900 per year and paid vacation. Requirements Age 18 to 55 l-A draft classifications not acceptable Must be willing to accept position anywhere in United States where Civil Service Commission wishes to station you. Physical eamination waived for well-qualified applicants. Ask Any FRYE Student JACK N. McCRARY MGR. LUBBOCK OFFICE 1620 Broadway Phone 8301 14—Situations Wanted COMPETENT accountant, bookkeeper and office manager desires position. Would i " plo>iiieiit - write BOX Financial 16 —City and Farm Loans For Your .Own Defense Repair Your Home We Will Finance, and Insure It Read & Bonduranf Compleie Insurance and Loan Service 1210 Avenue J *' DIAL 7455 REAL ESTATE LOANS Farm loans City Loans P. H. A. Loan* RANCH LOANS See us lor loans. GREEK BROS. Lubbock Hotel Bldg. Dial 7222 loans to Improve you- far company loans - 20 Briley & Jay Room 201. Conley Bldg. P. O. Box 221. Dial 5411 CITY, FARM OR RANCH LOANS 3 flcancla) correspondent for the Con- netlcut mutual life insurance company T " i8 von • "" •• • "- I? IT IS A GOOD LOA.N I CAN V • ~v IT CLAUDE B. HURLBUT CllUena.NafL Banx BIcJg . Dial S923 16-B—Money To Loan MONEY TO LEND Life- Insurance Company funds available at all times, any amount at low Interest rates and easy terms, to lend on Lubbock homes, and South . Plains farms and and' bti 1 m -^ e ""l«««oi» ™r»n™5 and obtain qu.ct approvals. Loans closed S Financial 16-B—Money To Loan SMALL SECURED LOANS .' 51000 to $75.00 WESTER "Banker tci the Multitude" Room 2 Upstairs, IC09V£ Texas S5. $10. $25. $50 • OR MORE • FOR EASTER FOR AUTO TAGS DIAL 4378 Today — Don't Delay FAIR FINANCE CO. 204 Leader Bldg. 1104 Bdwy Over J. C. Penney's SKOJ^ED worsers la greatest demand te- Say are WELDEHb for aircraft and ship yards and other national defense plants. My system trill prepare you In a few ?, re ^ s - D!al 8I65 at n '* n£ or lee me at aQ4-Broadway. MAST WET.DKO SCHOOL 14—Situations Wanted FOR PRAT!CAt» nurjinp. csre for children. Dial Nurses' Club. 9818. CARPENTER -work, painting, paper-banging, first class wort. Phone 5228. after S WANTED: Bookfcecpir.g or office trorfc E.tpcrier.ccd and over draft sgc. Phone Z- CARPENTER wort, painting. paper-&ane- inj. first class work. Dial 2-2683. H19-10tb. WANTED: Position as hostess, saleslady or cashier. Will leave city. Wnt« Bos 40 Avaianche-Journal. J.fAN uimu farm job. Experienced tfii» tractor. 720 Avenue K. colored mart want Job In vulcantein? or retrcadlr.<; shop G W Gordon. P. O. BJS 511. (.tos'oyton.-TexisI Gordon. P. O. BJS 511. Cios'oyton.-TexasI *miL EXPERIENCED waitress w*tit.i part-lime esst jTork while attecd-.r.g school. p; a i ««. L. Wesley Read 813-H-15 Lubbock National Bids, L 0 A N S DIAL 4971 IF YOU NEED A LOAN RIGHT NOW! MONEY FOR TAXES - TAGS - BILLS Or Any other worthwhile need will be advanced within ten minutes after application is taken to $60 S FINANCE CO. 407 MYHICK BLDG.. Miscellaneous 17—Instruction Classes QUICK training for service in government business, military offices. New condensed Jjecretanal -Course. Draughem's. 18—Furniture For Sale TOP PKICES oalo lor used (urnltur. Balp Furniture. I6n-Jatn. . Dial 2-166L STUDIO couch for sale. Apply 1508 Avenue J, after 6:00 p. m. HIGHEST cash bidders on used furniture. Harold Griifiih 1212-13th Dial 3-3 Highest Cash Prices PAID FOft USED FURNITURE PLAINS FURNITURE CO. • Phone CUT RATE PRICES ON NEW FURNITURE 2 PC. Davino Suite Wine Velour ________ 2 Pa Living Room Suite __________ ;. ___ 2 PC. Bedroom Suite, Walnut ___________ ___ Floor Lamp, I.E.S. Including Bulb Fibre & Wood Mothproof Wardrobe High Chair, red or Natural finish Platforn'i Rockers, Tapestry ___._ __ Throw Rugs, Wool. 27"x54" (S<*» MA §37»50 At*. _ A $37*50 fr+n—-< S 10.75 Furniture Dept. Upstairs W..D. WilKINS &CO. 2200 Ave. H 'Cheapest Prices on South Plains' WE WANT To Buy Tour Osed Furniture EAST SIDE FURNITURE Dial 2-3362 1105-Ave. LOANS $5 io $75 Your Signature Onfy For Easter & Auto License $10 Loan $1.00 weekly $15 Loan $1.25 weekly $20 Loan $1.40 weekly $30 Loan $1.75 weekly $40 Loan $2.40 weekly $50 Loan $2.95 weekly $10 Also $100 Furniture and Auto Loans Quick. Confidenlial Service PLAINS FINAKCE AND INVESTMENT CO. 1105 Ave. L Dial S942 Money to Loan Diamonds, watchei. SUES, radios, typewriters or anything of value. LICENSED AND 8ONDKD PAWNBROKERS GEM LOAN & JEWELRY 1203 Broadway 8761 t MOS-I ineipMsive term or «n»r.rt!s- is the tu-ia that crin« 5 resaib "o\ can w, or reni almost anything thnueh tes« inw-eost A^.ianer-.e^lo-jmiH Want FURNITURE NO. 1 Billy Spikes. Mgr. John FURNITURE Eddlc s .j, Spikes-Sellers Complete stock fnrn'.tare. Stoves. esrpeSs. We trade for and buy your used furnlture- 12Il-I3th. Dial 2-JI21. Livestock 19—Livestock For Sale KEETON PACKING CO. Free removal of dead horses, cattle and hogs. Dial 6671 collect See Us For Keeton's Western Brand Tankage We i>ay highest prices for hogs. Highest Prices Paid For Cattle — Horse Hides, Sheep Pelty, Wool, Tallow. NOBTEX HIDE AND PRODUCE CO. Din) 4M2 Eait i9tn trig Sant» ft rrackx Livestock 19— Livestock For Sale 18 PIGGY sows and one boar for salt. Iiiquir'j Associated Iron and Metal Co.. 4th and Ave. G. DIaj 2-3942. 19-A-—Poultry & Supplies WANTED GraJii-Foultry-Fgsfj See us for : Bsby Chicks, Seeds and Brooder* Ralph Robertson's Independent Dealer 2707 Ave. 11 DU1 6012 50 LAYI.VG vhiteiechorn puUeta tar Dial 2-9810. . • ' COX HATCHERY R;meraber. Cox ChlcUs Don't Cost • They Pay 1111 Avenue P LUBBOCK. TEXAS See us for 12 breeds of the finest chickens. • It's cheaper to pay more for somelhinz better. Delivery days 'TUESDAYS AND . FRIDAYS," buc haro plenty already started chict« oa hand. Complete line of Poultry "Hemer.ics. also exclusive RED CHAIN FEED DEALER. QUALITY HATCHERY <| 341 Avenue'H *J Oncle 6am needs morn eggs tot aeienst You can supply them with pullets- from our dish-powered vitamin fed freo rarua tlocks. - - '" MURPHREY'S With rears or oreedms experience oehlnd them. From carefully culled and blood- tested flocks. Straight run and sexed chicks, hatching days eacM Tuesday and- Frlday. . MURPHREY'S HATCHERY ISSt Ave. H Olal 6022 FOB VOIIH TOP MARKET PKICES ON POULTRY, EGGS & CREAM INDEPENDENT PRODUCE & COLD STORAGE 2427 AF« H D'aJ «07 BABY .CHICKS From my TRAPNEST STRAIN OF"!"ENGLISH LEGHORNS AND AUSTRA WHITES will make you more. STARTED and DAY- OLD Leghorn and Austra White COCKERELS, oil. gas and electric brooders ' MRS. VANCE'S HATCHERY AND LEGHORN FARM • Snallowater, Texas THE LDBBOCK HATCHERY Is hatching lots of chicks and hive" lots of started chicks. Come and gel them. East of Fairgrounds. II. W. SIMS DON'T take chances! Buy- good chicks tnd feed RED CHAIN Chick Starter. A 5 weE combination for excellent results Cot Hatchery. Lubbock. ill! Ave. P. Dial 4262. SAVE OH WARDS GRADE A" BABYGklCiKiS White Leghorns Barred Rocks Rhode Island Reds in stock! Other breeds - available. BUY ON MONTHLY TERMS! Monlgomery Ward's Farm Store St. and Texat Avt. FROM' START.TO FINISH SM IGOR itality Let Swift's premium quality bai»v chicks lead you to victory with Swift's Chicks Are Healthy Chicks.- Swiff Halthery, 506 Ave. H Lubbock. Texas AGAIN HICK'S CHICKS LEAD THE WAY TO GREATER POULTRY PROFITS FOR YOU OUR PRICES ARE DJ L£NK Don 1 1 delay your chics bny!n3%ny joacer ^ « u Purchase HICKS' OEPESDABLE rtab? n r °t a ^ ? " Chlcfcs that afe hatched CHICK<5 P y J' g!U ~ DEPENDABLE a=v » r^f lh ° Ugh " a should h * T « «0 pay a lutle more tr. additional cost to get ?* ^"""l 18 chic ^ "-•« will retnro to «afit? -K I!mcs ov " 1n « lra «SS. «tra profits. The small aJdltlonal first cost sud «h.r"."~S, n: . r '. El low yo-j n greater profit^ Al- HICKS' HATCHERIES 1829 Avenue H Dla , yjjj POULTRY WANTED

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