The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 24, 1918 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1918
Page 10
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I'Anr; TEN Tttfi tttJTCatNSON KiSWB, S TRONG character and simplicity of design make a piece of Jewelry have distinction. . -:- -:•> We lmy nil our Roods with this in mind and can satisfy the most fastidious. We PeMKti and Make Jewelry Willi Individuality. M. WELCH, Jeweler 18 North Main WE MOVE WITH C^RE Our packing and moving service is everything that the most exacting could desire If you want your home's furnishings moved SAl'I'XV, call S38 and entrust the work to us. i UNION TRANSFER and STORAGE CO. Phone 838 15-17 Second W. SAVE FUEL BY USING Monarch Weather Strips on your home. No obligation to show you. G. T. BRONLEEWE 120 14th West Phon« 523 ALFALFA SEED l-'or Hall Planting $6.50 to $12 .00 per Bushel All central Kansas grown. Non- irrigated—write for samples. YOUNG'S SEED HOUSE Hutchinson, Kans. WHEN NEURALGIA ATTACKS NERVES Sloan's Liniment scatters the congestion and relieves pain NO BAN ON SWEATERS Or Other Knitted Articles That Soldiers Want to Take With Them Overseas. STANDERS, WALKERS, "GETS-ir FOR CORNS World Hat Never Known Itt Equal. "What will pet rid of my com*" The Ahflwrr hiw been tnnde by millions— there's only one corn-ITmover that you can bank on, that's absolutely certain, Jesse Langford AUCTIONEER Si'pi. 2-1 —A. O. Temple, 2 miles east, 1 'i north of Saxman. S<"|it. 20--C. It. ('Mark. 12 miles south and - mik -K west of Raymond. Out.'1—Mr. Hovvmun, 2 miles south 1 and \ miles east ot Arlington. Or'.. 1ft- J. II. Kins;, 1 miles north, Vj mile wesl of Abbyville. Oct 3—Dave 10. Uride, 2V4 miles west of Lyons. Oct. If,— .£00. Raymond, 4 miles west, 1 |.j south or 1'retty I'ralrle. Oct. IS—I. S. Van Ordstrand, 2Mi miles w-st, uvi south of Haven. Oct. 17 .1. Y. Devlne, 4 miles north, l'/a east of Nickerscm. Fifty head of while face steers and 50 head white face heifers, weight 4U0 lbs., for sale at n:y corral. Dales can he arranged at any time by calling my office phono, NIckerson 2 '.i at my expense. Jesse Lsngford A little, applied without rubbing, wHI penetrate Immediately and rest and eoothe the nerves. Sloan's Liniment la very effective In eJIaying external pains, strains, bruises, cchea, stiff joints, sore muscles, lumbago, neuritis, sciatica, rheumatic twinges Keep a big bottle always on hand for family use. Druggists everywhere. Sloans Should I T'S different fror others because more t is taken In the making^ and the materials used are higher grade. Black Silk Stove Polish Mates a brilliant, silky pollsh'that does nut rub oil or dust off, onJllmsti die lusts four times as lout* as ordinncy *>tave polish. Used on sum pie atoves u.nU sold by hardware fin<t k'n-efry dealers. Alt w» nnk van triut. Ufa* It on yonrcook «tovo t vtn;r imrlor stave or your RUB mnire. If ycii i)oVt find ft thf b**t mtvvm pollch ycu uyer iwt-cl, your (k't.l«r *a tmib"r\n-6 iu refund your uimit'V. Insist on Wwk Bilk Store I'u'.uttx. Mud* In iiijuiij or puKr-ooo quality. Blade Silk Stove Polish Worlca Sterling, 1111 not* I U M Black SltU Air-Dry In*- Iron Crwm»l on I arati'o. rfjristpn.Btovp-ptpua -l*re\*cfita rusdns. I Via.- Black silk M*t«l PolUh foritflvcr, nickel ^<jrtiruJ». It hw no equal for uaecm automobiles, 'Mhine in Every Drop" No restrictions have been placed upon soldiers taking with them any knitted goods, providing that such articles as they might lake should not weish over the allotted weight which a soldier has to carry. This announcement has been made recently by Ueneral Wood at Camp Illusion. It is welcomed by friends and relatives of soldiers because the Idea had become current that no knitted articles could be Bent for them to carry with them overseas. J. t". Bigger received a letter from Charles It. itesn Field Director of Hed Cross activities at Camp l'uiiston concerning thla matter. The letter is as follows: Kuiiaton, Kansas, -September 16. IMS. J. L\ HllfKt*. Jiutrhlnsoii. Klin. My Drai- .Mi. Ullfljer: Sub|ect: Individual Knitted Goods. Uenerul Wuud hna directed me. as Held Dli-eotor of H IH I Cross activities ut t'mnii fujivtou, t» nn-Hwrr youi- lettpr uf yeptem- bor ;tt<l, relfillvu to th« itliuve subject. 'I'here is no restrictions put u |R .»n »ol- dlits taking knitted articles eveiBeus, except hixolar «s the carryhiH of nueh knitted Kueds, may cause then- tiass^Ke to exeet-a the weight allewed under Army Ke£UMttloits for overseas servlei-. Sol- JI IMS are renulred u> take certain articles of equipment and clothing with them, and \I the weight, of these articles dees nut i-.)ual the weight allowance, other at-licles of elotliini; may he Included tn the inck which, as you know, is carried on the M>hHci*s hack. No General Order. This otfice Is Informed that no oi-der or u geireral nature, which reference lends subject, hits been issued at this camp, or applying lo the 10th Division, and from reading a compilation of camp oiders. which ant of general application, In Camp Funsion, no such order luis been nulnl. This office is also Informed Hint no general order from the War lX'puri- menl at Washington. . relative to such gltls, has been issued. The writer recalls hav-hor heard last winter, that no packaged could be received by soldleis on overseas duly, except with thi press permission of their Co 1 <ma Officii-. It Is thought Dial this rail, was reported In the newspapers of the country, and whether It Is official or not, cannot be said. How Reports, Originate, There Is this to be said, in discouragement of .the promiscuous giving of knitted article* to soldiers: a fortuuat'- and popular man may be deluged with sweaters, wristlets, helmets, etc., and a less toi- tlinate man may get none. Cases o( this kind have been known, ami the man receiving the surplus, with a tine trading instinct, has sold his surplus to his mates, giving rise to the numerous reports that Red Cross sweaters may be bought. These reports grow In the heads of Oerman sympathizers, and cause your Ftcd Cross no end of trouble In dispelling them. Again the popular man with a surplus of knitted arlichs. if he docs not sell tliem, probably cannot lake all Corn-Pfcin ll E*l«U~the Com U Doomwtt : ttia.t makes any corn on earth peel right off tike ii banana skin—and that's irnflu "Cieta-tl." Tight slioea and dalicltiK even wuen JIIU huve a corn need not disturb you If you Rpply a few drops of "Clots-It" on the corn or callus. You want a corn- peeJer, not n corn-footer. You don't have to fool with corns—you peel them right off with your fingers by using "Oets-Il." Cutting makes corns grow and bleed. Why use Irritating Hahes or make a bundle of your toe with tape or bonda^ces? j Why putter and still have the corn? ("so "Gots-If—your corn-pnJn is over, the corn Is a "goner" sure as the sun rises. "Gets-It," the guaranteed., money-back corn-remover, the only sure way, costs hut n trine at unv drug store. M'f'd by I-:, ijawrencc & Co., Chirngo. 111. Sold In Hutchinson and recommended., as the u-nrld's best corn remedy by A. & A. lh-ug Co. Flour should be sifted before measuring. New England Corn Cake. 1 cup eornmeal. 1 cup white flour, 3 teaspoons baking powder, 1 egg, lVi cups milk, 2 tablespoons melted fat, i tablespoons syrup. Sift together the dry ingredient*. Beat the egg light; add the milk, fat and syrup. Stir into the dry mixture nil 1 beat well. Poul Into a \veU;grcased. shallow pan and bake 25 to 30 minutes. Note—This cohnbread may be made from any kind of corntneal. Virginia Pone. 1 cup hot' boiled bontlny, 2 cups " ,; "i .'.'.'i'.'£ ! milk. M cup fat, '/j teaspoon salt, I cup white cornmeal, 3 teaspoons baking powder, 2 eggs well beaten. Add the milk and fat to the hominy. Cool, and salt, cornmeal and baking powder mixed and sifted together, thou i the eggs well beaten. Bake In an earthen dish la minutes. Serve In the dish cut in triangular pieces. Note: Any kind of cornmeal may be used for this pone, though' white cornmeal made of the whole grain Is preferred. Southern Spoon Bread, y cup fat and cracklingB from pork, beef or chicken fat, 1 cup cornmeal, 2 eggs, \i teaspoon salt, 3 cups Add fat and cracklings to water, of them with hin--, because Ihey will } kolllDS "waTer. cause Mis weight allowance lo be exceed- I P , cd and become a burden. When he Is i Add fat am ordered to move, be moves quickly and , tmd when boiling sprinkle in salt and may not be able to dispose or these In j Ja vmnP; ,i stirring constantly. Cook' in nnv way, and the oflicers and men have , 'v^n... ,!,.„„ „„„i „„,i ...i-i no time to be concerned with what is | a double boiler I hour, cool, and add left behind, th-reliy entailing great waste i wi -ll -bralen eggs. Turn* into oiled JI IOU Sutler Witn IP 5IL* EJ S The Absorbent Me,'hod . Will Cure Yon without pain, without cutting, tying, burning or the Injection ol carbolic - or other irritating acij, without an hour's detention from business and pleasure. This aeems almost too good to believe, and we don't ask you to believe it, just investigate this wonderful new method of curing Pllei and see for yourself. Other pile doctors who claim lo cure Piles without the knife always use the scissors or an injection of carbolic or other burn, ing acid. The ABSORBENT METH. OD Is a new discovery, absolutely different and far superior to any other method known. It is known to only seven rectal specialists in the United States, and can bo obtained in the Wet.1 only In Hutchinson at this office. A number of Kansas people have taken the Absorbent treatment for Piles since It was introduced here re* cently. You may ask them about it. Every cure guaranteed for-llfe. Greincr says: "Half an hour after Cr, Hover treated my Pile3 I went shopping for cuveiai hours without any stiflcrlng whatever. I was entirely cured In a few painless treat, ments." Wo cannot cure ami tUt nol accept cam's of Cancer of the Itcclutii. If you delay treatment until cancer tie- velopis, yutt are beyond hope. The ABSORUENT cure Is so easy to take and so quick and positive In Its power to rel.eve and cure that patients are astonished. It is almost liko wizardry. In fact Or. Hover is known as the "Pile Wizard." Charges moderate—far less than the old-fashioned Pile operation would COM. Positive guarantee In every case. Fistula, fissure, rectal ulcer, and all other rectal diseases cured by our latest im. proved methods without the knife. Consultation Free. Dr. Kover, "The Pile Wizard," With THE UN1TEP DOCTORS fi!4 West First street, Hutchinson, Kansas The only pl»ce west of the Missouri liver where the AB80BBENT METHOD for cure of Piles can be found. Ceilings and Walls If you contemplate renovating a room, and your fancy turns to panelled effects, you don't have to go to the big expense of reaj woodwork. ,' For artistic walls and ceilings, for turning two rooms into one, for many general domestic interiors, investigate artistic and economical NEPD.N8ET WALL BOARD For Wails and Ceilings Only a hammer and saw arc needed; it can be nailed right on walls or studding and will not crack! It comes In sheets, ready to use^ in two styles—quartered oak uml cream finish. It iwcd not lie painted, but can be. U is waterproofed ami bani* tary; easily cleaned with a dump) cloth. For Sale by , L. J. WMilli LUMBER CO. 100 Sherman Weot Phono 65 >f w<Kil. which should sit limi'-s b»? conserved. Yrvur Hod Cross offers the onlv n-il solution of the pr^Mem. These Kplondftt American Women nlmuM knit tint! knit nofonJln^ to the Fits. Cross regulations, and when thc-lr i?wentt;rM. socks, rlv.. nrf* completed, (urn them over to the U KNI I Hed Cross pimple r ware room to he wont to' tie* Division Warehouses, and from there dl.-itrfhutetl io file suldjer.s. Cv tlo- lilff this. I heir Woy (rein hU tinrl the mo»e unfort untit e l*»y—some other mother's Ffii—11 mother who hits no lln«* to knit— irftri hi"* and till are happy In the thought lliPi I'll (lie niothcru of the country — Col Hie-** IhPm—are back of their sons and ptviriK them n on the hack, with their tears filniost. quhichloK their hrave srnMes, tellltiu them to go get the "Hun". 1 um m«M sincerely. <"MiAm.ES a. nH\N, Field P'^ctor bureau Camp Service. American itcd Cr-jss. ^Food Conservation Items^/ As Much Cornbread as Ever. Cornhreatl continues to be the commanding officer in the battalion devoted to wheat conservation. Wherever you live, one of these good receipts should please „-you, for the T'nited Stales Pood Administration has picked these from a large collection sentjn from north and soulh. dish and bakt of an hour..;. in a moderate oven % A VARIED EXPERIENCE. u-j, ....... ti iuiiM!»wMjium— ±.L^JI~. , ±I The man who says time Is money Is trying to make you ueliuvo that he Is of some importance in Uio IiuttU- elul world.—Atchison Globe. Inquire Into . the Demand for Postum. A few years ago one could safely assume that most every family was drinking either tea or coffee. _ Now-a-days it's different. People from every walk of life in increasing numbers are drinking POSTUM The first users were impelled by reasons of health, but in the newer form Instant Postum there are qualities of economy and serviceability in addition to health value and splendid taste which makes it the paramount table beverage for discriminating people. "There's a Reason" One Young Man Who Is Bound to Get His Chance In the War Work. Toieka, September 'ii. —Some people have to go after good luck and some folks have good luck thrust upon them, .lames Floyd McPherson of Wichita was anxious Io serve his country and made hlfe first choice'ot the navy. He failed to pass his physical examination at Kansas CHy-aud underwent an operalion to make him self fit for military service. Before he had recuperated sufficiently to chance the physical test again he was called in the draft and ultimately ordered to Camp Funston. .McPherson made several attempts to get release from the Ft. Riiey Camp both because he figured his naval Induction would give him a voluntary induction status and with the Idea that he might havo a better chance In the,navy for promoUon. The last advises from the authorities at Camp Punston appear to put McPheJson's other chances In the shade as the reply lo his last request for a transfer was met by the Information that orders had been received prohibiting the transfer of men for the navy and marine corps and close upon this caino word from Major S. M. Williams of the executive Btaff at Camp Punston that McPherson had been transferred to the Officer's Training School at Camp Pike where he will have every opportunity In the world to win a commission. A BIG CELEBRATION. Itt Cooper College Pleased With Military Unit. Sterling, Sept, 24.-—Tito College had a big celebration in Sterling Monday night to celebrate the establishment of a Military Unit at Cooper. Music was furnlshed'by the I/yonu .Military Baud und tlireo companies of the 24th Battalion of the State Guards from Lyons, Chase and" Sterling were present. The collnge and hife'h school students of Sterling marched in the procession with appropriate banners. Over $1,000 was contributed by Hie citizens of Sterling to equip the Oyiunaslum und Auditorium for Barracks and Mess Hall, HOLD FIRST MEETING. House of Representative* Will Meet «t Y. T»nJ 8 ht The House ot -.Representative* will meet this evening at the Y. M, 0. A. for tlio' first, time Jtbia year. Vrot. Catlin sponsor for the club has many new pluus for the young legislators lo work out this coming year and It is expcclo'd that much good will be derived this year not only by the members themselves but also tiie entire school, ' The paxllaiuenwry training recelvod in those meetings has been a wonderful help to all who havo been present at any of them. The subject (or this evening's debate will he: "Reuolve4 That the Boys \i Years old Should Be ot Age." horn* of Hut bchifltw Is M ATS Men's Hats The Fashion Vogue for Fall, Rough Finished Soft Hats. All the popular and highly fashionable shapes of the season in rich, plain colors and blended two-tone- mixtures. Smart in appearance, luxurious in quality.' Featuring the very.finest hat productions, from Stetson, Knox, Crofut & Knapp, Borsalino, Shoble, at $3,- $4, $5, $6, $7.50 to $10 Every G& J Tire has the G & J Name behind it. And that name stands for everything that a tire should have. It stand s for experience. G & J Tires have been made for more than a quarter of a century. They are constructed by skilled and experienced workmen. They embody the principles worked out by long practice. It stands for reputation. G & J Tires were first and foremost in bicycle days. All riders knew their worth. G&J Automobile Tires have well upheld this splendid reputation. It stands for RELIABILITY, Motorists have learned, like bi­ cycle riders a generation ago, that G&J Tires can be depended upon for extreme service. It stands.for economy. For the kind of economy that works out in fewer tires to buy and fewer repair bills—in less cost per mile of travel. . ' Pin your faith to "The Name Behind the Tire". Equip with G&J Tires. If you want a tire thatembodies the latest improvements in cord construction, get the G&J Cord. It will give you surprising mileage. Other G&J Tires are the well-known "G" Tread, the G&J "Stalwart" and "Plain". THE G .& J TIRE CO., Manufacturer* 1784 Broadway, 1W York The Frank Colladay Hdw. Co., Distributors A TEXAS WONDER The Texas Wonder for kidney and bladder troubles, gravel, diabetes, weak ana lame buck rheumatism and Irregularities of the kidneys and bladder in botli men and women. If not sold by your druggist B ill be sent tyx mail on recoui of H.JS. ne small bottle is two months' treatment, and often cures. Bond for sworn testimonials, Br. E .W. Hall, 21)20 Olive St, St. i.ouk>, Mo., gold by druggists.— Adv. • • • REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS, • • • (Kerorted by Hall-Ittigtand Abstract Co., No. t Bast rilicroian.l Gilbert R. Marteny to S. A, Marteny, NVi 8-26-6 J1.00 Gilbert B. Marteny to Julia A. Marteny, Lots 11-12-13 H-16-18, Blk. 16; 1M B 17-18-10-34-35.38, Blk. 17; Lot 16 Blk. 18, Haven ...... ,$580q T. H. Arbuokle to Eoilery O. Hopper, Lot 14, Blk. 2, Voder...... H .U.O00 P. M. Harris to R. F. MoPermed. S. W. % See. 30-23-7, ., faOOQ, Chas, a Foudray to F. MoBride,* I^ots 6 and «, Blk, OU & TewkBbury'u Add. „,..,,.. W50 -00 The Favorite Schiller Pianos and Player Pianos are sold at 108 North Main Street, A beautiful stock of new fresh goods, Fair Week thty will be sold from the store at 108 North Main. Now is the time to buy a Schiller. The Superba Phouograpbi plays all disc records, none better. ^ Phone 2431 J.H.HARPER Piano Man 6 ft. lot 23 Campbell SU east, Bandy's add-, ., $50.00 G 6. Gnogy to Perry Vervain, Bast 11CVI toet. Tract 24, Woodbine Hts. .f 1.00 Reno County By GeQ.,W. Lee, Co. Clk. to Anttipny R pull, Lots 31-30-38 Ave. Q. west, J*t« 8 and », Oik, 8, Rlduway's.First ..H60.m Best Auto srnlp* for supplies and tiro repairing at King's Au(« flvfply, m South $fsln. 25"itt A Tonic and Health Builder Take CALCBRHS to rid yourself; at ttaac weakening, persistent cough, Which Is threatening you with throat or lungs trou bles, Kveu In acute cases affecting throat and lungs, CALC1511B8 have given tnuoh relief^-ln many ease* hjdplng to reswo health. They give strength to combat III- noss. Contain 7 calcium (a lime salt), so compounded as to bo easily absorbed. Calcerbt, 50 cents a Box. At ell dru«ailtl or from m»nuf»oturer, nestpakj, . BCKMAN LABORATORY .PblladelpjR'*.. Maker* ef $9Kman'f AlHrsiWt vt

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