The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 6, 1956 · Page 11
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 11

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1956
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

Friday. Julv B. 1956 s«» Classified World ' s Lar 9«t " Contract Bridge / —^ .I ._ _ , . .- "*•'_ ~ DAILY CROSSWORD. -ifi. Work Wanted Bulldozer Bought By U.S. Air Force By Josephine Culbertson MOWKD Yo'.i are South, both sides vulnerable. The bidding- has been: j I.ONGVIEW 'Sp> The world's South West North East - - ' largest and most powerful bull- 1 Jf, Pass 14 P.iss Lite* OoY Nurserv | ''"^r-type machine, designed for 2+ Pass 2* Pass lot i-aupon t>r. L.n<w.-.,.,.'i. 1'h. ;,!),.(. i moving crashed bombers from ? - | ni:iv.-!iys. has been delivered t o th 5 vVhat do you now bid with each . All wnrlt KOACllKS. ANTS Re!!e Lawns Cut Reasonable rules. I'll. 2814. | K. S. Air Force' by H. 0. I.eTour- O f lnc following four hands? ! HIM 11 I i>e of Ixmcvieu- Texas. ., | ' 3. So pov.-crfu! is the mammoth ! mover that a single pair of them | can completely remove ;\ .ii.K'.OOiV pound crashe,! bomber in Ic/'jj t'ur.n 2. 3. 48 VKJ7-4 4. +K7 ¥3 SPV:oiM.lZIN(;---ni reiininni:. JSn "^. a ™r?n,,,^S: iS: F-pe estinmifs. Cnli U A. Sinner, Pti. -!.IS. 13H New Jersey. 61. Beauty and Health same itisk usiiu conven- c-quipnient, foimerly r-:>- c[uire,l from five hours to i. r i hours. , i'rimarily. the- buniviio\v-si7.e vehicles are designed for use dur- | iny emergency operations \vhcn I an aircraft has crushed and is ; keeping other plaivs from taking ., , ; off or landing. ;K-.I!:S Operating in pairs, the 1.11.000- il:1 '" 1 i pound machines places scoop* ' ' , against, a i.Tashcd plane <ind lit- i o r j. i- ' erally shovel it off the railway. 62. Schools & Instructions j \v llOM ,| lus , ise u f or emergencies, _ : i (j,,, £i, m [ condition of the crashed | plane is disregarded. ! .R. I.j. LfTournt'iiii. vice president i of the firm •.vhieh designed and Kn '"' i6 H.U'KR SCHOOL,-- nSe°" SB. r 3 ™,e. 63. Lost and Found ir.M.F S"H : A Y K I ' I manufactured the behemoths, revealed that they are buili around the same functional components, and" use the name fundamentals ! of design, as all other mobile; 1 equipment built by the company. i A powerfld. high-torque electric i motor in geared directly to each A9 +KQJ732 ,?:.AJ9S62 1. Three not rump. Since each new suit named by the rcspondcr compels the opening: bidder to cpcak again, no further bid should be made on the hand which might sound as though It were made under stress. A bid of either two notrump or three clubs •. oulcl have such a ring to it, and cither of them might be passed by Norih. The two club bid already made was in the nature of. a signoff, and, although correct, understated the real values. It is time to balance the previous underbid. On straight merit, the hand contains seven probable winners, and it is not too much to expect North to produce several tricks for his forcing- bids. 2. Two spades. We are denling with a minimum hand, and it should b« bid as a minimum. A thre« diamond bid would be wrong on two counts. It raises the level needlessly, and it shows ! 7i^~~orKKp" ' "r"-..niar-ii •.-.•", M-n't* ! '"dividual 'vheel making each one a preference for diamonds as "•'nroat. mn!». Morrpii s'a:',(, ' an iiuiepencieiit drive unit. How- against spades which is based on v : u '.!' j '".""" N " " il " '' l! ; ' ; '' i ever they are designed to work strength and not length. When LOST .i;;.i,-k tin! :;ui tVT'ii<iiiin.-i mail, i tofiether as a team. If one or more t nc final contract has to tw in a s .''" K M, 1 ""'i"".! ! .i ! '' 1 p'-' > -!;r,' "" Jlflrvl '- ! of the wheels lose traction, their suit, the aim of the partnership — — — -' '"-'•" '"' ------ ~^— j portion of ih' 1 machine's total 1 3 to play in the suit with the Lost Red Cow j horsepower is automatically trans- greatest number of trumps, not Krsn.i TJV nioNK 271,1 I for™! to other wheeU which are necessarily in the strongest suit. _ ___ j takina hold. Quantity, not quality, should gov- s DER ' Another fcauire built into 1his crn the choice. North may easily TPII him who ou iircihiMiKiia Baytown • and oilier I ^'I'oui'neau equipment have more spades than diamonds; Sun cus»!fi«ii A<I. csii S302. j,., „ highly effective regenemtive he cannot have more diamonds system which furnishes opera- than spades because he would tumal braking without, wearing have bid them first. part.s. Mechanical brakes also an: 3_ Two hearts. This bid is not Y. \r.\Tio\'" Ken- n included on the machine for park- ma( j c j n the hope or the expecta- '"' " r il!E a! "' |1|lll '- 1 'K rlul - v conditions. lion tnat North can support ACHOSS 1. Yield over 5. Herds of whales P. Girl's name 10. Roman magistrate l var.) J2. Musical instrument 13. Sum 1-1. Conjunction 15. Jewels 17. Lit HP — -. character in "Uncle Tom's Cabin" iS. Glum 20. Metallic rocks 21. Paradise 22. Flap 24. Exclude 26. Money of account (Turk i SO. Loiter 32. Bark cloth 33. Clubs 06. Inflammation of ths' iris of ; the eye ' 38: A wing ' 39. Not closf d '40. Thorium (sym.> •51. Native of Rome 43. Lave 45. A small napkin 46. Anesthetic 47. Bend 48. Kind of manor court ". Unit 01 work 3. Lines connecting opposing corners •4. Anglo- Saxon serfs r>. Obtains '?. Fuss 7. .Bishop's headdress S. DriKlge V>. Fated 11. Cuulo's 16 ere, I . A re! c she; cned 41. Ueanit,.! article Hist.) DOWN l.Rusl Stm Page Tr Foreign News Analysis Shepiiov is Big Bust O;: Tour By OIAKI.KS M. ~>H('A,%N !">:.<,ippoimnient: >.v:is express-'d l-efore In: took o\-f>r the fnreipn t'niled Pre-.s Stuff Col-respondent in K^yi'l, Syria and Lebanon be uunistrv. He deckled to make it Dmitri T. Sh'pilov'-; first bi.i; i-ause Shop-Jo',- n-hiscd lo promise a jjnmc! tour by extending it to loin- a •; Soviet Russia s new for- tae Arab nations dill ;.;ippo;'t the other eouiitrie;-;. eU;u r.unisler appears to have ac.;uu:;; Israel. Shepu'ov otfcre.j Ki>Vp'. 'A big- been an rinhaiTassm- laihu'e ,,, ( ; nv ,,, p, V uiier fonstauune !or.;Morm loan to'help 'finance- the Mioi>:u'V. '.c.,,-, sue, c 'wi \vteran Ka"amanlis ., ; ,,| i,-,,,-,^,, Minister bmldiui; of the urc-ni A.-,w;m Dam Kvam;oln.s Ae.-i'pff rejected an til- on the Nile River. Premier Nasser vil.'ttion !o \jsit Russia. They also refused to commit himself N"si=er !<•>!•! Shepiiov t'nal (livece would also -.eems to ha-.e made it plain : 'and i)'. 1 i'.s Irea'v oolii;;!hons uatii lhat he mt.'ivls • to k'x'li Egypt on •lie \Ve>!ern Allic's- despite their 'Is present "ne'in a!is!" course as an!.:er over tin- Cyprus situation !'>cUvoen West Y.\\:=.\. \\ u-:,.; noted aso th:it not ion;i I- 1 ' Syria !;;<;>',<•!>". r's-e.-jirlfnt Said after Shepiiov lei'i Ksvpl. !he Kl-Kuvvatiy tn|rl Shepiiov thai Svr- Kr.ypfian supremo military court ' a intends ! .o stick by \ jxViiev of si'iii.'in'.'cl III Communists: Io ."itrie! nc'iitr:ili!y t'-nns ramraic up lo so\eu years \ n i,e|,:ie.c.p. Pi''Miner Svibri F.I Tlvv wore accuse,! of iiiotlmi!' to ,\^;i!i tried vii;orou--;lv io cvt Shrp- ovor;!uc»,v the iviiimo of I'lv-adenl do 1 , to r'romisp the Arab roimtri-'H ilam-il Ah.lei N.K.-er. |ui| '-upixir] airainsl I-raei He. Sliepi!l^\•, ;i • lou'ertuHv'eje,; .^ix. and Arab* ii,-,fif,|--»||-,- \\',>re ''ii"i,? footei'. U'a^ haile.i :is a d![M'Mi:;'.'!e displc'ased \\'hen Sliepiio'.- retuspd. i'ai! 01" fir,'' -A'heii he succeeded In Olreocc. it M-.II; uiarie i-viilfl!it Molo'ov after !i,,\",:m ser\'e,i as i» Shrpilo'c thai (ireeii> li.'id not e.hior of Ihe C'oeiliiiiiii--! parlv fc'>r>;"itc'n 'he er> -,i-:;-,ip:Tn('r.'. Rus- neu'spapor c'li^an i'r-'.vd.i sia i;a\'e ilrr-ek (..'oniinumsis in the As Ptavda's editor. Shc-pilov vis- !l111 .-' bitter civil war. lied Ksypt ;,,.st yea'r and m-t m An Atlu-ns nloliois the deal bv u-liieb Russia. .H ran^e^ \'yaches!av M. Mololov in his |'i> Syria. l.ei>anon and Dreece. lu noil, 1 ' o: the foiir ,-ounirles d, lu- acco!!>.piish a!i\iliM'^. so fa;- ;i can !M» s t eu. to step up r.'.cv-aa ponelraiior. or t!:e Middh- ieisi ai-.y value to tlie Kremlin, ami h iiief \vith some rehuif': Liberty Defeats Anahuac "Ponies' (o.-ialiv thai (In ! for I'ommiiiust fjeeho- f' 1 ' 1 "- 1 ' 1 "J lilf> . ' !i'' seiiii Kirypt iiidilr>ns of '—ei!', v\ ,10 .IMCI of >.'.'a!" material i^f all • il ' I -^i' ! ^as piaii .er said edi- has n firm 'i States, a His visil was amuped cc«mi'|etC'!v out of the league ruce hy a hard njjhtir.K 1 ,Hifny team. I','-' 1 .Xo\v. unless liarbcr-i lli'.l t,e;its Ihc'iu. Ijibcrtx' '.\il! i>e a shoo in for tile league c'hampinu.ship t-'ddi'- I-'ereuson pitch)',! to! Ana- hnae \vhde I'ud^e \Vilc><\ eausht The •eair: u'ill have t[i,. .varne s'arlillj; line-up ulieu Iliev meet Sour I.,cii,. M.v,,!av In oth--r l'o:i\ He,,,', of Cub I 'ack ~n, hi- n f<im- l,e:v : ;;ie aclion Mceidny, ilart'ers ,,,,.,- r , 11:11 ^ ll! !' 1;l >' "' IVl.vtor.. ;,u,iu...-..s ;,nd hiMorica! P l«, THK LINK SCOJU: '"'' K:1Vl ' -I o o :, <) l>h ' Cub Pack 96 Has Visiting Program tinu and "like a vulture '.va.7> :-avo,e,5Ui^ down to prey on us Shepilov's mvitMinit lo Premier K r !i-aiuanhs a'td l-'oreCu Mmister \veri,f: in visit Mfve.m- w.'!^ re- |ec|i-d as ••prematiiro." HIT', not .-ileulaled to be ".viistnieMvr- 1 ' a'. ti'.ls tlllle A hic ; hl\' placed ftirelpi diploma'. In AMirns callc-d Sb.epilie.' .=, visit a ei',piiil"le failure 64. Special Notices Technicians Walk Severe/ Thousand Mifes Parke-Davis Men Answer Scores of Varied Questions I' S1.95 'I'n si"or tin.. rfiliin<; giani, an hearts. Its purpose is to caution j operator merely fingers an dec- North thai there is neither spade 1 irieal s'.eiu h \vhich sends ihe ma- nor diamond, support, and that . ,, , ,. , ,, ... , sKW,N,i M |V :mN, M SM I ve^. ^ j ril , m , to the left, right, or strati lhcrc is also an "crsion to play - V( ' :tl '" waik 'h'"'"""" " ; "'"-•" ; <•*>•»« "'»"• "- "^^" oiLKiV.'.uursTki'i-'iN "yoV/j''iio':.!!-"; i ahead. nl notrump, even though all four KJIKPM'A^- SKvVr-e'(' : K:sT--r i '" f ' a ~'- 1 ll "' nl:ll ' llin( ' ls mol ' l> suits are accounted for. '-..•a'\V. TK.X'AS" 'ni "'.'r,m' ! than 17 feet hiph. «n,| mo,- ( . than i Four diamonds . A great '\T7 ; ciHuucs"AN'br:VMOb'S " • ); ' fr ' |vi '•'•''''""• li triivels on .six of c ) lange j n ln e evaluation of the T:i-ntjpf Oroup-Ph. 2«8. 9S32. | the lai'K'PSt t.ire.s in the world harld takcs p]ace - >vhpri NorU) IJF.Tl'OI'r A sree.ip ,if Ifiii PM'icicl'.enr.y b.avc c-xiiminalicniH !;,,i\i vitamin eapnuies lo uniibio- Fpeeially-tramed tech '.ii'ians at nn certain se,-!ion« of the map.unl. ;:,-.. I'aike, Davis and < v,. | : .|;e time Knce.vled;;,' of Ihe manual is pre- The lollowiiis- dav another team out from thejr reKlilar cliities each r, u!r.--|ic ; M rc-mainini; on the of es.-orts i;uides Ihe visitors ihrnuch the extensive leKearcli \Viliiam I'. Cusic-k. ilin-i-lor of facilities. I'arke-Dcivis vas the j.iality control, says ewort train- n '' sl eommeivial in.sntulion in Ihe and ,''er hundrerl^ of ihonsarnU of queHilon.s on pharmae\". These employes arc 1 volunteer guides who (innufillv c-ouduct an Mrs \V 1 i Se\ :'| iccl ; ic umpan- ic'd ilu i 'uh... to The Sun cifl'i.'v. J'i .-x'loMsly the hoys have visit'•.i tile I'-a.yfieAc, tunnel .'intl the San .la.•'ill, 1 ) monument with M I'M. .1. L. I- r-inliliu as «poiiM>r. Memher.i of the <len ;i re Larry I'"e!'xu~oc.. Hill Si.yfried, .lanne Kranlibn. John M.-( 'hnloek. John Mason. Jolin \\'iiiirin!;liaiii and Ward Tnche I'nited States to erect iiuildiuL; solelv lo house .scientific research Knvtewn Group— Ph. 807c. . iancis Kxfh;.nse Ph. y.i62a or 2-2735. i |l;11 ''l ,,,,--, , , .,,- , 10 feet ill|ih and loin |, iljs lwo diamonds. The one club O.irinl 1 r>t^ -Butial Lots . ; ft'"' v -' i(1 ''', a » f l |l;u ' h wiUl a ground bid was of lho minimum variety, I '' on!;lr; . H''ea of almost l.oilfl squan.: and lhc lwo c!ub ,, jd i,j cn ti fied it j in ,, lu , s A | lhoilKh O r f ioisiiy it h™ bul a brand ncw hant , cvolvcs '< been labeled the Crash Pusher W hen rcsoonder names diamonds. >,i iabulous" because of its "fan- V.i'v''Ni'i\v"'AN'ii lastie" ami "f!'.buious"aspeet?j. M-'ini'm-i' K. 11. r> i>i-.!"•'' I: \' S L.'ice,r T !-,'-n';ipM--' -rrr r ! CP '' Air I ' V " V1 ' P erfa!inel have Put into points, our hand changes Pi': ; n''\;'. I'.\I:K•• ''',,' ; JiiVv'' in '.-in i,!'c':Vi ' affectionally labeled it. the "Fan- i o rov ighly the equivalent of an 18 point hand with balanced distribution. A raise to three diamonds, especially when it may be j^.f r U 1" attributable to North's forcing Ull jCQSOfl nUnTinQ bid, is inadequate. The new com- I J n 'l B rVC£ plcxion of the hand has to be nnd all Jusl uoesn t ray UTt iordb 'y expressed. BUCKHANNON. \V. Va.- -illv— ~'_^_~^'_'. - ....1"11'^^1. _l._.'l.^ Cdnsiu-vation offieer II. O. With- kirtvir»r CM-S found out the other day that LEGAL NOTICC it is a small world, after nil. \Yithers heard shooting in the i.iKDir.-A:;CK NCI. :;-u \voods near his home 1 during the -,0 «:<M;i:.m,, [ireti:l,:Mni; ;o-.v pr off season. He entered the area il l!.;','.. 1 ;!?"™ l . l! " ! ;.. 1 " r '''' r| "'" : " l: " r " am] discovc'red a, man had a gun nyi'iur'''Ivii'irMi-viT in one hand and a squirrel stick- ^..",' : !1,/!;..^"i '.;.'•',', in"' out .if a pc.'cUei. \\'ilhc'rs arrc'Stc'd the hunter immediately and later found thai Ihe •'.'"•.'"-Vhin,: "•!' man had been arrested for H hunt- inn,in'.i i -;ei in^: violation several years before \'^,,,,\l" : '"''' in a nearbv c'Oiinty. .IMI.. ;' n to eomplete. John 1, Kitchen. e,uide sup-,visor, savs ea-1, Kui-le i.s earefiillv ehosen and i-'oes thmujrh several ,, . . • , , rnonihs of training before eon- o'uetine hi.« first tour. ''Kscort.s are technically (ruined the nei es^.ry person- i\«limtitc(1 in.OHo professional vis- parfment since the tour program aclivitic's. itors through the 44 aeres> "f floor ''^ full stride' shortly after World After the second (,alf of the space in the' Parke-Havi,^ lahora- \Var_Il. dear, an open form is held at lories here 'at ,]os. Oimpau jmd "\\'e wniiled the lours lo c in- which a panel of I'arltc-l lavin ex- the Detroit River' Each tour P^asr/.e parlieulnvly the careful perts answers ail cimvnion-; per- Inkes two days and Id miles of e'neeluni;' and li'slinp nrocednreH, idinint; to the pharmaceutii-al tlie constant training of cmr j-,er- field. soanel in (piality control melhods. I'ia.r!-, la'*: y./ac. a. (,'ie\ eland. <>, the qniilily control division, and physician was honored as th" its funelion in assurinr. visilln^ luu.oiioth ]u j ofe:-w;onal visitor at. physician:--, and ])harniaej,!!s Iliey I'iirUe-l mvif. The tour is :;o pop- c.'in have the utmost confidence i n ular thai mi'mhers of the medi- cuir pi'rKiuels. 1 ' he savs eal and pluii'maec'Miticai professi.,), A typical lour befjins ai ;i a.m. make bookini;s as mucn us. a yc'ar . alify qualific-ntions." Kitchen ex- itf) |. s ' a ,". | ( ! ( , 1 ; vl ^ ( i.. vn h o ', r |'.'where olten have com,, back ])Mined. they are quests: of the' \vorlcl-widc for a .sc'Ciuul and even third op- Before a e,uide is ready In ion- pharmaceutical firm. The buses porumity to wnlli the Id miles duct. a. lour, he has spent: some .'10 iranHpnrt them to the plant, lo- through the plant hours acquainting binisef with cat",.! along the' Detroit Hiver. tliu various depariinentr-', has taken a course in speech, nnd has familiarized,If with a 7.1- guests are escorloii to Ihe plant LjaJ/rt pa«c hook giving a brief Hrsrrip- cafc'teria for lirc-akfast Then, tlii'y ndRC lion of each plant operation. are introduced to their esenrl.s in WIOIIITA KAI.LS. Te\. il'l'i — Kileheu S.MVS the motto for t.he t.ln> modern visitors' lounge hefore \Vichila h'alls police said todav eisc'ort group is "Xo (jui'ntioii asked divided into separate ;,'i'oupn with thai Ihe ihiel who stole two fires by a visitor should receive an un- individual guides. and wheels from a 1951 aulomo- certaln il .^iiess sol answer." The- visitors walk some NIX niil«'.s liilc. at Ihe Highway \Vrockiur, f'o. "The sub.jec^t matter in the man- t.he first, day. They see- I'arke- returned '.'! hours later and U>ok ual is reviewed trocpiently. \Ve I.tavin employee* maUins; every'iliinp ihe otlu-r two, Sforlc Stops hKH.MUN Mr mid Mrs Dcrrell I.emirion of Baylown announce the inrlh of a dan ( rht.-r. Mary Dlani', July 'i in ,Sau Jacin'o Memorial hospital, l'li'audpii rents are the liev. and .Mrs. Sidney ||,IW|IIIIM of Aii.-lm and Mr. nnd Mrs. K. F. Lemmon of P.aytown. Maternal treat .j;i'nnd- parenls are Mr ami Mrs A. !•'. Kinyidiury of NYwlon, Kan, FHgiddre Room Air Conditioners LOWEST PRICE IN HISTORY! "A STKA1T UliAJl.WTEE ON KVKHYTH1NC." STRAIT REFRIGERATION CO. ,'I.Wii Minnesiitii I'lic.iu. S'.!7li ca,". aong e r, A | t ,. r a i,,.,,.,- xveleome by Ihe TKjaf Ratlirnr Tf\ Trade Relations department, i.he 11111.1 IICIUIIIJ IU WE HAVE MOVED FROM 116 N. MAIN—ONE BLOCK SOUTH TO NO. 6 N. MAIN S.\.MK SIDK OK TI1K STHKKT, MALLIN'S PAWN SHOP Lodge Notices Area Bice Farmers Discuss Acreage Reserve Program Area fannc rs ivh<i plan to farm i rice nneer 'he acreage reserve i system are retr.ic.sved i.> e'intael the Agricultural Stabilization and, < 'onsevvalinn office immefiintely. \\'; \\'hitehnill of Houston told Kast Harris county farmers Thursday night. The farmers met at the Chamber of ('ommerc" office in, to hear Whitc-liill explain the acr- VilKr l'e.-,ei'\'e pol'tlOa of Hie !';':".'.' farm bill for I'.'Ml. l).a:i Clintc- x- jiiaiiied tile i:;iso|isie inx refund for fanners VVhiti-h.ll i.~ liiau.i.i;. l' of she Harris county ASC offii-e \ n Houston mid I'limon is the i.o'.iniy a^n,"allure iVKc'Mt. .\ppvos:ir»atelv 'J.'i farmers heard , \\'hilrhill explain t',i, reserve system nr.d ;;ive the- minimum and • maximum acrc';'..^c allowable- for the soil bank. He lixed ih-- r.-quin- merits aiid ho', 1 / ;,aymec,!s would he made beiivee;-, laiiiMoril.s and ti'-n- ants. Vi'hilehill. 1:1 leliiae. huw io sij;r. up for the service, uree'.l Ihc 1 farmers In contact the AS 1 ' nifii'c' as the fii'rt! ste|. in parli.-ipaUn^ IP, : lie .soil ban!-: prir.'.ram. Many Saddles Bought By . Living Room Cowpokes j CHK'A'iO ill 1 A rhicagn inventor and manufacturer says he's selling more saddles for liv- j irifT room cowboys than any one i U.S. manufacturer is selling for honesl -! O"S;oodness horses. The- manufacturer 'HaskeM Hr-n- so:i i eaters io T\'-t;;"a/y junior cowboy/;. He make.- ;\ real leather, custom- made s.i, idle Seal, complete with concho;-:, liaiher lie s!riti,\ r s. bc'd- roll and bii:;hl saddle blanliet. It's • iii.'iinti j i,,; it .st:iii.inary tripod. | hi say.-, Sit Ii.c kid',3 , ,;i.iu>i c.ili o;f | nc ;<;r h,..v wild ir.s chaie -±i \ JTiigi.'e.j ti.o l.rr'.in in tho V>'s.-c;r:i J scroll ;i.:::hr. , '°^^/0,p 5V <\vi S\OlM& DOWNEY BROS. BUILDS HOMES . . . NOT JUST HOUSES! $40 PER MO. ON YOUR LOT NO DOWN PAYMENT s 3995 Come ouf and see what Downey Bros, is putting into the homes they're building . . . your future home! Only quality materials, skilled workmanship . . . and building "know-how" ihat means your home will last for a lifetime. -" ~—*~ SHEATHIW6-? > N JOISTS ? >..- Compare price, qualify, materials, low financial payments, wirh ofhcr homes of this price . . . you'll ogrec Downey Bros, gives you more than four walls! • Payment less them rent—from S40 to 553 o month. • Some homes with no down payment; others wit-h very low down payments. • Low cost—from S3,895 to S5.S48. • Low - cost, on - the - spot financing — Downey Bror.. handle their own loans. • Even if you can't get o loan elsewhere —come to Downey Bros. — No red tope—No delay. downey Mo Brokerage Fee, Ei, ' HOUSTON 6925 GULF FREEV/AY * 01, 1-85 OPEN bA.ll V .vS'ii SI NuAV -j \ M 'SO :::-.» I'.M. [i.'uu.'co.^i B -ic..'s»., f.-o/ji i .irrii.* i '.Jti. t ; v .. i tc*' J»4 KR vO ON >OUfl 1.0' Titr'Tii H T'VD > THr \Vt"»f>i i

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