Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 18, 1970 · Page 119
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 119

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1970
Page 119
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Page 119 article text (OCR)

ED1TIDNS The Arizona Republic 84 Thursday, Jmw 18. 1970 S55—Nurseries ifi»f~ 3TO 1 £ vT^ei -J-wwtW'-H'JiA.&OtUi.- 1 . •"S-0,1 E . L SfiST e V*[ " r »/ i«v ion"^63-584? VS * WMk> W .HILD care, any ffours, weekdays, >ee*ends. Hot rtieais, r lars* yard. Ilempe 0rne ' East 10th street< IpA^TEMFC Pi3iatric nurse. TNfiWTino 1 child careT mv" home. CHILD care"my" h~o"me~."l/TcT.nTfy~~237d Avenue-Camelback. 279-2125. BABYSITTING. 936-5786." JVHDbLE age lady wishes week end B».4,f i c'. h IP.ftir el i a KS,. & honest - fteak. 2» "*** '^«t SaVCT- 1 *'- 1 * 663—Mlsc, Jobs serviced, painted, repaired, guaranteed work. Elman's f72-3976. Master charge welcome. T'PEEworit. 269-6i«7. "*-*** Ruling. ?>m,.. repair: J 27E8, a s nd . W^'^~W«n¥r ^Irld. ^efelii?^'--'^^" 1 A_B.YSirnNGjW home. 934-9422. " -.-d. 26T7648. _" °" ftESPONSllLE-Tir year old wouTJ 3795)50 babysitting |ob. jpiBYSlT. My home. Meals, fencwf. 659—Domestic Work {RON ING7"939-03027 IfcOfJING. i ROTTING™— IRONING.176-16857"" " _943-69Tl 2l4-4M«. work '^ Tour A >*~«~wielc. 254-4AJA • -«• var^ « WCKK. EXPERIENCED white dayworker W transportation. 942-0091. J ^R-Q^FESiS JONAL_cieanlnci i _274-6992. IRONING:$1.50 DPT rWefT SA^T: yat 2724 n- Mary"- "!iQu'sEC"LlA'NTNG72Tr.?437: 'R°N ING. $1.75 dozen" brlncThaS* ' Avenu» IRONING. HOUSECLEAN'ING. 276-626l.~ " D A YWORK i .Mjjrn.lngs. 268-19617 DAYWORk. Experienced: Own tEBJKPprtatlon. 276-6832.. |RPJJLNG i _944-6224. ~ IRONING, ~$r.25""~3~dbrln7~ hangers. 526 East Flower, 266-2 IRONING. 253-3484. 6o3-~£Hsc, Jab: SUN.BRTTE~waT 9^3176T aChine - - Cleaned estima '«5. ca lfs n ~S uttin<I - Planting, "ancTolnDlete law c o a u [, EXPERIENCED gardener. 27fr7683~ PROFESSIONAL "^"MAINTENANCE ror home owners. Electrical, air con ' TWO" ha ndyjn en.278-1853 ~ STUDENT with pickup" to do odd guaranteed. 948-6164, ing. PA * _ trees <oravin«" and fextur- trimmer264~-l5yf. Inferior, exterior. i" "Gfadfhij "and"cleanup". nuwt cfeahlnBr. man, ~"wife," tile 9WH&0 M cl ««rt"18- 27? — - RSTOtiLLTNg." , rmmng, fnlscelianeous hauling, corral deam ing. yjq-yprVc. BACKHgfe service. 27J-0697 ni tikifNtA* 'i_.^ ^34-3689, B I LL'S LawnrnowTngr edging, ~" I'l'ght hauling seryice._934-5936.___ hauling, clean-uo work". ACKHOE "and dump" fruck^servke. xcavatlng and landscaping. 271-9244. --price., 258&1U DEPENDABLE lawn service. 943-7532... ROTO-fllllng;" leveling, 279-1013 E^oyjio>L4M-944L_ resoniBle". Reasonable. ?6>1761 serylce. Tempe, Mesa area. TOO- I/oI, yoi-yj/a. BACKHOE and dump truck service. 967-5963. 663-Misc, Jobs GRADING and"lot.leveling, J72-3734. HAULING, Cle8nup._997-1393. REFRIG'EftATION service S repair special, seasonal check {13795 plus parts, anytime. 956-7404. _ MAN needs work. Painting, house cleanlnq, etc. 263-B&9. LAWNS. Mowing, clean "up, e"fc 942-5356. KELLER'S Lawn Serviced Lawns gardening,Jiedges. 268-1789._254-9102. CLEANING, commercial and resl dence, specializing new construction and mpbMe_h_pme_s_.__277-8628._ HAVE lawrimower, will mow. painting. 277-3539. iE Owner maintenance, efectrT cal, piumbinq, carpenter, light haul Ing. 944-1919. PAiNTi'NG, handy man. 273-0509. _ INTERIOR ana exterior oaintlng" Houses, office buildings, larae or small. Guaranteed satisfaction, Cal =AINTI'NG." 2T»-836r."~_"~Iinn~I! HANgYMAN and hauflng 276 : 0158. " ..ANYTHING 944-1919. rfANDTMAN. ANYTHING 9'44-1919. 667-Building Trades pISCK, EfTck, stone masonry, pa- los, room additions, fireplaces, " es. 967-1935. -_.?AMTc"tlle:?45-"im — I -----------^Al NtffiG "• reasonable. 967-0040." ' PAINTI'NG, iio average room Interior, exterior. Free 4-9 ROC __ 12 YEARS experience Block woot estimates. 254-9558 ROCKSCAPING7 947-6301. or chain link Installed. Labor only You buv.materlal^272-4932. __ _ . __ _ YOUR home is a big investment, protect it, keep It painted. Free estimate. 254-1874. 943-0237. "" ._ _ SPRINKLER systems, autom'aflc or •nanual. Landscaping, all phases Rockscaping, grading. Reasonable =ree estimate. 967-5516. ftEMODELING, paneling. 937-16*4: "HAVES painted at reasoable prices '42-4348, .or_eves: 2M-6094. AiNTlNG and refinlshing. 945-854b. " " ' ' . _ _ INTERIOR, exterior • paTnTJSg. "My work can be compared witn any nterior decorator's. All work guaranteed. Fxee_estimajes. 276-1380. PAINTING, interior, "exterior. Ex- )ert_paperhaj\glng._Fast. 271-0850. _ PLUMBING repairs, Tfortfi'east area only. Call Pete 948-2414. AIR condltlonln repairs. Northeast ing r area only. 948-2414. PAINTING. ~SpecTanp~rTces on va cancles. 943-9370. ._ HAyLjNG, cleanup. 268-1777. __ lr. 93_4-0522T7 "Reasonable". HANDYMAN. 274-7253, mornings. EMPIRE Carpet Cleaning Service; Have your carpets, cleaned by professional men. Commercial and residential; Free estimates. 942-0030. REROOFING, repairing, coating, licensed. 939-4848. GRADING-tractor work. 992-1923". COMPLETE" tree,"hedge,"stump service. Reasonable. Anytime. _276-4962. CARPENTRY.^odd lobs. 274-8115, : INISH Carpenter wants work. 943-1997. „________ 3 A~T>J t I N G, interior/exterior. CDMHTR5 253-5366.. Rour service. CARPENTER7938-1533. EXCAVATING, "trenching! iri9_.!Laul^ng^934-1807. ___ ROOFING experienced, trade. 252-3325. HAULING. 275-71M7"~ HAULING, clean up. you? 254-9018, 268-0486! landscap- types. oJ™ CARPET "Installation, ail" Out-of-town service. Very able. 263!<>427, ROCKSCAPING, landscapfng, cleanup, 938-135JB, after 6_p.m. _ EXPERT painting,' InterlorTex'ferfor. ree. ..estl.males. Reasonable APT. free estimate, 278-41W5. westslde preferred. I 'do hauling, cleanup. 268-1964, before 2 p.m. _ BLACKTOP paving. 254-8151; "J" ' TOM. S. Lawn Garden Service. Experienced. Reliable. 936-3181. _... _ _ _ CAWN service, cleea"n""u"p, hauling, rnowing^.276 L 2J47,_?62-l482. R£SAJRlNG._947-630l7 ~ HAND expert grading, leveling, " 47-6301. HED'GES, frees "trimmed. Free estP rnates,_96.6-5?5?._af_ter 12/30 D.m TREES trimmed, removed. "264-1297, ' D''. ___ ____ TREE" trimming, Topping, ~ removal insured, free^ estlmates._278i3868. ' ' ARTHUR'S lawn service Complete lawn care, cleanups, hedge trimming. 9_3!-2_2_74i_937j:37_13. "~-NG." clean-UD: 99770739. drive- CONCRETE work, patios," ways, sidewalks. 278-3868. SPRIN RLEfn5vste"ms7~P(ahnedrin"- stalled, 942-6545. LAWN and "ya'rd work. Rea"sonable". SA'M'S ~Lawn Care SefvTceT" Northwest area. 269-0452. _ EXPERT yardwork, mowing an^i ££["5:.. .t r , e S. m removal. Hedges - T finishing, interior-exterior. Reason!-95«a . ab!e_._9S LAWNS. 276-3376. _____ LAWNMOWING, 942-3409. LAWN Service. Mowing", " trimrnina, clean-ups. Renovating, roto-tilling, seeding, fertilizing. 264-5301. CONCRETE_remoyed. 264-9201." TRASH cleanup, hauling. 2«8-f8727 __ Cut and grade' for desert landscaping Also toDsoll and granite. Free esJinjales J _934-7469. FENCING and sprinkl ler systems installed. 943-0659 Of 264-1943 COLLEGE student needs work. Experienced Interior painter. Very reasonable. . Free estimates. Wayne TREE S,~h"e"dge"s.""T'rlmf)ig, "removing. '"sured, reasonable. 277-1769, '-PlzTr I**- PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS SERVICE DIRECTORY GUIDE ADD a room, remodel, home or commercial. Since '46. Very reason. able. 264-2440. " . , footlfiQ,"" mlsceiraneoui trenching. Z*4-«0'. ELECTRlcTSfj, licensed, reasonable. 937-2498. _ CABINETS, carpentry, remodeling. 277-0046, PLASTERING," "drywall, texturing patching.^275t0468.____ PAINTING, average ro'om $10. 272-5273 or 272-8454. CARPENTRY, remodeling, cerhen' work. 272-1488, PAI'NTTOG, "inferior, exterior. R'ea sona_ble.__26M501. . ROOFING, repairs, hot tar, white coat vour roof, free estimates. . . Repairs. 278.269L CACTUS Cabinet shop. 9?2jJ580. PAINTER. Does own work. 265-90'... CONCRETE" wo'rk," free estimates. 272-9812. _ _ TILE Installed: ceramic arid floors. 275_ 1 950?. BRIGHTEN your rooms. Better .... let us! Interior/exterior painting 942-4348 ,0r eves 266-6094._ PATCHING. Cement. 947-6381. yet7 ting. _. Tnferlor/exTeTIor painting done a t good rates. Fast, neat. 942-4348 for free estimates. Eves: 266-6094. . SIGNS PAINTED" "__ '"_ 278-3703 ROOFING, re-roofing, repairs. Reasonable, guaranteed, 267-8453. AD"D~m6"N;remodellno.7kitchen, bathrooms, patios. Licensed. Bonded. ROOM ADDITIONS REMODELING, PATIOS, CARP'RTS LARGE OR SMALL 939-3540_ DRYWALL, " plaster, "repair." "AL 4-9789. EXPERT plaster, drvwall7~7tM 6-7632. PAINTrNG, Resldehtlaircomi licensed, reasqnab|e._93.7-3165. PLASTERING, dVywa'iflng, licensed". 266-7632. BUILD-REMODEL ANYTHING L|C BONDED NON-UNION 95S-152JL FENCE bulIderHcarpenferr 997"-4i 11. CARPENTRY pre-finlsh paneling our specialty, free estimates. CARPENTRY and remodeling. 942-6773. _ _ COMPLETE "paintlngi Interior "exterior. 992-5385. PAINTING, S3 "hour, 272-34237. BACKHOE service. 264-9201. CARPENTRY/ additions, patio, general repair. 942-1750. _ BRiCK-blpck-mascnry. 997-1875. PAlMTlNG, residential, commercia mobile homes. Airless spray. Licensed. 268-1.982. __ CARPENTRY" Small Jo'Ss, repair, pependable. 936-2073 a.flgr 5. PLUMBING, carpenter. 276-271.0. RE-ROOFING',"repairs, hot aspffalt, 936-5568, work. BRICK, 252-3752. _. block or stone _ Accountant, business consultant al forms of accounting. 937- REPAIR, all "kinds, air cond-refrlg Saye__50°o. Sales, 252-3804, 279-6078. Air conditioning. Sales-Service Install. Contractor. 275^111._ SERVICE & Sales. Specialize In converting swamp coolers to refrlg. Reasonable, call for free estimate, VBn's_Air__Conditionln9. 253.2200. »UTQ BEPAMt Complete auto rebulldirva Johnny •?- s s?^^J»2 E. Van Buren. AL3-9513 "Motor overhaul, repairs. 258"-6196 KRAFT AUTO 2102 E. McDowell B iassage. "EUROPEAN" ultimate in mi Mas_seur_or masseuse. 563-5119. Massage. Under new "management Masseuse. Open 7 days. 1-982-3261. NCTcash needed7~bul/d units on your Free_&_CJear lot._966-3B76. 955-7029. WE WILL BEAT ANY DUAL. BID" Remodel, repair. New construction, add-a-room, carports. FREE ESTIMATES. 273-1681; after hours New coristr, res 8. comm. Remodeling, addn's a specialty. Non-union, lie, bonded, guar. My reterences-any cus- lomer I've ever served. 253-3296. I'LL Beat any qualified written bio you show jrie. Llc^Cont. AM 4-3921. OC ENS ED Cbntr FHA approved remodeling, add-a-room, port.nes. Free estimates. Competitive 937-5344. We specialize In home and commercial Rempdelln9_|._r?p8.lri.._277J«» CUSTOM homes, will build on your lot or oura to your vlani or ours. Builder »56-3300, 956-4485. FREE est. Rm addns, remodel. Financing, Lie., bonded. 942-t290. No lob too large or small. Bonded ».|lcense(T943-34U.278-613l ! _ _ REMODELING, repairs, add a room, pattos. licensee*, bonded. j!78' 1180. CABINETS Cabinets &" Cases". Custom or Modular., units. .938-0744 or 266-8962. CARPENTRY ^b lob too "smalir free estimates Low bjds, call_Dan.956-7455._ CARPENTRY remodeling gTrepalr* Small lobs a speciality. AM 6-8522. CARPET CLEANING 3 RO"67ip~&rHa"n~$T57~F7ei~ls> male. All. work syaranteed. PRO'FE'SSIO'NAL expert carpet lay^ ing. Cal.Ldax.px night, 252-9943. CARPET LAYING CARPETS install-clean repalr,""coh- .tractor 25MO$9. _ CARPETS Installed & Repaired, Days. Evening and Sunday. 275-3053. .'EMENT WORK A euro. 276-6607, COOLER SERVICB RELIABLE expe'rt. 955*114. Phil Ammer. A&R. Associates. I FIBERGLASS~4, repair coolers CONTRACTORS KlAR"! NGTHaW" rev"e)Th97~exeavJ tlon, grading and paying. New cal •rplllar equipment. 9J/-1951. D J>SNTIIT BR. EDGAR B". /we Dentist. Any denture repair, 15 and UP 254-3943. PIRT b'l'RT man. Best "top wit. Fill "dirt" & flranlte. 937-2761. _ TOP'SO IL-F TLL" Dl RT " Lowest prices. 253-1444 I* «. Fill Din "dirt."'B'ackh'oe FLOOR COVERING CARPET, TILE, LINOLEUM Installation, repairing, shampooing,' sales 8. service. 276-7371. "wn™, ' ___ _ __ . ___ ARIZONA Institutional decorators will beautifully drape, carpet, tile and paint vour home or office. Spe cial low commercial, package price. One unit, or 100. No money H I HAULING ^~ TRASH, tree brush, "rubbish clean up. pumpjruck. Willie. 252-9571. _ Johnny's Hauling M!sc"."c"leanup. Dumo truckrserv. Also van-trailer & pads. Reasonable. 944-1351. RALPH'S Hauling. Cean-ups, move l.obs,^etc. Pads. 276-1928i.266-l6jS7,_ ALPINE Landscaping.""Rock lawns, ponds, gardenlng,_cjeanups, 276-1928. ARTISTIC rock waterfalls, etc. Qual. guaranteed inst. 253-7367. SHIPP'S lawn" service 265-6418 Com & res yard & garden ' ' M l Hrnr. \jnv ufin, ur iw. rv Idovyn. Free estimate. 278-6071 ' RE'RO'OFTNG, repairing, coating. L 1 cen*»rl. 939-4848, REMODELING kitchens! baths, room additions, patios. City wide references._948-66?2.__ _ PAINTING, faplrifl,""texturlng, plastering^U hourly. 944;7698. REMODELING." Custom cabinet's", carpentry. 956-3667. PAINTING, Interior and exterior. Hourly rates. 9?7 : B862. PAINTING. Clean, heat. References. Fred. 274-964B. PAINTING! SpraVingf Reasona"6lel Work guaranteed! 265-J713. PAINTING-reasona'ble. Estimates. 263-7608. CARPENTER, Experienced: Cheap. PATNTlNG, all repairs, The Best at lowest cost. If you plan on sell Ing, I can save you money. 949-1827, PAINTING. 279-8301." MASONRY INTERIORS - sona.ble. Free estimates._9i4jl58p. Interior/Ext 'efficient 8, reasonaBle. Free., estimate^ 997-02Q4L _253-4797 SPECIALIZING Re-palntlng" Comm PEST CONTROL ~" " Delk" Pest "Controir Free""Estimate 1926 E. McDowell Ph. 258.-793J PLUMB ING_ CLfANEST PLUMBERS iKTTbWN Water Hlr-Tollet-Faucet-Repelrs -,,24 Hr servlce-Sewers-Free Est. .CJIff .Hpyt. J. Son Plbi^^^MI-O^ PLUMBING "24"""Hour""""Service: ', P L U M B I"N G repairs, sewers, cleaning" service. J44-8362, days REFRIGERATION Refrigeratibh" se'r'vlce, rm air cond. For sale, trade.. 275^53 ACTIO~N ROOFING TROOFTN SANDBLASTING Cooler Pads • Pjools - Homes" CLIFF HOYT 8. SONS SAW FILING se R vicj 3612 N. 27th Ave. »3J IBWINO MACHINES :MANT~OTL •77iDjusT"Aji m your home. 252-3821. 942-11 25JM43J SLIP COVERS I C'USTOM PLASTiC"QR"CU>TH Furn Repair-Free Est-Sands 277-S '-95H I TELIVIIION DOLTAT •—-nfi- J SERVICE 275-53« . ft Quaranteftf Jiry^gay. ft Ji]sM_saJJ| TRBtJERVICi tOPi SAM'S^SMPLETETREE SERVICE. TOP TO ROOT TREE SERVICE, LQWpST PRICES. 276-496JL_... y . MACHINE FOR REMOVAL. NO .AWN DAMAGE, AVG STUMP $15. V VACUUM CLEANERS "HOOVER • Belts - Brushes - KePflir Service WESTERN FLOOR CENTER 1W5 N. Scott&Ucile Rd. Sun 12 'j ' CRACKS fixed permanently Drywall, texturing. 274-7022 KITCHENS, baths "rembdeledr~Cer- malc tile and Formica work done. 969-8350. EXPERIENCED'ffrickiayer on f!r£ places room addition etc. Reasonable dependable. 278-3705,. and JOB PREPARATION 1 ocal Class or TvtorlM Classes M2 thrown «W 682—Schools Ueal ctatsjor TirteriM KINCHELOE BARBER COLLEGES" Barberlna. halrstvllng, razor cutting Classes Tor men and women. VX state rehab, approved. Free Jot placement. Id E. Jefferson, Phx VA ASA'S DIESEL DRIVER TRAINING Pays 2 T«rm> Eves, 942-2871 j$$$$jj$$jm VETERANS APPROVED GAS, ARC. HELIARC & SIGMA BUSINESS MACHINES REPAIR DAY & NIGHT CLASSES Phoenix Schools, Inc. ?_•>.. Jit..Ayftf CECIL LAWTER REAL ESTATE SCHOOL <OD W BASIC REAL ESTATE (36 HRS.) THURSDAY June.l8th... 10AM TUESDAY July 7th 7PM BROKERS July 6th 2PM 277-4841 277-1478 RESERVATION ADVISED 1628 E. OSBORN ESTAfP CLASSES BEGIN: .«&S 9 £J»: ARIZONA SCHOOL 1th /:' L 682—Schools Local Clan w rotorlm "BECOME' AN MROUNeEPT Cailj.B.A. ^_ 263-030 IBM KEYPUNCH ONLY 40 HOURS DAY «. EVE. CLASSES GREGG COLEGE 252-2331 ABC SHORTHAND NEW CLASSES JULY 6th ENROLL NOW Learn Shorthand In 6 weeks FREE The only college In Arizona teaching Speedwrltlng Is Durham. RESUME 'repared while U wait. Typists, Off- sef Copy, Counselors, Job Campaigns LNI ASSOCIATES, INC. 777 Camelback E. Suite 206 264-4646 COMPUTER IBM Mach ALSO KEYPUNCH PBX BUSINESS MACHINES BOOKKEEPING ACCOUNTING DRAFTING NOW OFFERING INDUSTRIAL ILLUSTRATION DAY & NIGHT CLASSES CTURAL - ARCHITECTURAL MECHAN.CAL - _ ELECTR.CAL STRUCTU AIRCRAFT — TOPOGR EDUCATIONAL LOANS MONTHLY PAYMENT PLA PLAC A E C^^D,TED BY A.C.B.S: VA APPROVED CALL, WRITE OR VISIT 252-4868 PLACEMENT SERVICE AVAILABLE 1001 N. 1st ST. PHOENIX CORNER. 1st ST. & ROOSEVELT GD NOW * * * * * * PAY LATER Summer Classes Beginning Now LAMSON BUSINESS COLLEGE PHONE OR VISIT 725 N. C ENTRAL *$i$Tm$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$»$T$~$$$$$T$»$ JOIN THE LEADER Sign up now 2 for/1-summer classes CALL FABULOUS FLAIR SCHOOL OF MODELING 1714 E. THOMAS 264-9685 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$($$$$>$$$$$$$ IBM KEYPUNCH " Wen 1 Women selected to be trained for a high paving & rewarding career In 8 to 10 wks. High School & Experience NOT required. For Appointment CALL: _W AJ 253-3166 _ GROCERY" CHECKED Day & Evening Classes Low Monthly Payments SCHOOL OF MARKET CHECKING __. 254-365_7 MEDICAL ASSISTANTS" SOUTHWESTERN PREPARATORY SCHOOL VA APPROVED GUARANTEED PLACEMENT OWNED AND OPERATED BY MARICOPA COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY 2025 N. CENTRAL AVE. 252-5696 ADVERtTsTN"(f 8TCOMM ARf Day-Night Classes VA approved AMI 3520 N._ 7th SI, 274-1300 COMPUTER & SYSTEMS ANALYSIS iov't insured Tuition Loans (1st pymt. 10 mo. after araduation) Approved For Veterans Accredited by A.C.B.S. Full-Time Placement Assistance Day and Evening Classes GRANITE COMPUTER INSTITUTE 3620 N. Central 266-4483 Ply, of Granite Data Services EDWIN L. HENDRICKS REAL ESTATE SCHOOL 2701 _N. 16th St. 277-4131 REAL ESTATE .Icenslna classes. Salesman/brokers. :onllnuous class schedules to fit our needs. Guaranteed results. FORD SCHOOLS 956-0010 . PHOE NIX-TEMPE-TUCSON VA APPROVED WELDlNi i, easy financing, free placement. ABC WELDIN6 SCHOOL Buckeye Rd. AL 3-152J AUTO & DIESEL MECHANICS AIR CONDITIONING REFRIGERATION & HEATING NEW CLASSES JUNE 29TH STUDENT LOANS AVAILABLE CALL 264-4164 UNIVERSFTECIICAL INST. ACADEMY OTDRAFffNG ^.. Information 967-7813 SECRElARIES COA — Free Placement — Sterling Secretaries-At-Law iWOWN- MEDICAL & DENTAL ASSISTANTS & RECEPTIONISTS specialist ' or sec^. . ___ MEDICAL ASSISTANTS SOUTHWESTERN GUARANTEED PLACEMENT OWNED AND OPERATED BY MARICOPA COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY 2025 N. CENTRAL AVE. 252-5696 686- Schools r t>"tti.<;>.<it'>ii t o*! K! ;i«i» 693-RESUMES, Counseling A employment StrvicM "PROFESSIONAL RESUMES lnt SKilTwS 8 J5S Professional Resume Service 3.32 E. McDowell, 254-3462,_OeenJjJiJ Sperry Flight Systems Div. SPERRY RAND 19th Avenue N. off &ell' Rd. Emn. Lobby closed Weds. & Frl. An Equal Opportunity Employer WE BUYllAMONDST Experienced On Cord Console. Typing Not Required. Excellent Oppfy Call Pam 264-2525 Wpman's_World_4flOO_N_7 St No 106 TEACHING" POSITIONS Arizona Teacher Placement Aqencv Covering Ariz., Calif.. New Mex., Nov., Wash.. & Oreqpn — 24th Y o s P 40 EN w > Executive Making A Change Assoc OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT ALL JOB CLASSIFICATIONS INTERVIEWS BY INTERNATIONAL SERVICES MECHANICS-MACHINISTS Solid opportunities avail If you have exp. in auto aero Indus. Farm INTERNATIONAL PERSON- etc. 1808 N. CENTRAL Suite 104. MON. thru FRI. 9-6 SAT. BY APPT. 6NLY 607 N. 3rd AVE. 252-2482 Companion Hkpr, drive ...$250 B/R Day workers, car ........ $1.5o hr Resort maid, out/town $125 B&R NOW! OVERSEAS OPPORTUNITIES OVERSEAsliiwfsi INC." 3003 N. Central Ave., suite 111 274-3551 Mondays thru Friday 9 to 9 Vietnam, Thailand POSITIONS AVAILABLE THROUGH OUR SYSTEM CURRENTLY INCLUDE: Supervisors _ , Instructors Engineers & Technician*, Tele. metrv, USBS In radar .omputer Technicians, Unlvac 1230 Facility engineering types & trades, electricians, Power plant supervisors, Power plant operators, Cooks, Logistic, contract negotiators, Admlnlstra- lors 8, personnel managers. A/C draftsmen. Keypunch operators, forklift operators, carpenters, drivers, security police, shipping & receiving, stock control, warehouseman, transportation specialist, production control supervisors. Electrical engineers & technical types with background in- Microwave, Troposcatler telephone, data analysts multiplex, technical control, antenna, production control In black & while This requirement Includes US citizens only. !PO W. CAMELBACK ...CALL GARY EXEUCTIVE TRAINEE MANAGEMENT TRAINEE-Food $520 _ _ OFF^rPRESS OPR7 $3 PER HOUR If you can operate a 360 Off-Set Press 8. want a position with a local printing firm. CALL 254-4723. National Computerized Employment Service of Phx. 1017 N. 3rd St. Suite 8 EXEC SECY Outstanding co. plush ofc. Work for one man. Minutes at confidential meeting. Well qroomed mature person. West area. $500. Professional epj 6 "*' M0 ° N - «»h Ave. yuo , ORDER DBK TO "$450 EMPLOYMENT CIMMI 7N ttirMlflh 777 700— Situations Wanted— couples apartment "managers"" "lob"! > EMlTretlred cou"o"le"w"ishes manaoe- HJH nt t? 1 ".. apartment or motel or other building management. Good jealth, caoable and references. Box 37-RK, Reoublic and Gazette. m A I!i RE c ? upl f ln l«r£sted In motel 5?*j??oTH nt M " nPnoenlx »rea. 316-421-2721, M. B. Brewer, 2700 Crawford, Persons,' Kansas.^ __ ___ 703—Situatittns ____W§nt.«?'_ = FMnato :XPERIENCED davworker own ranspprtatlon._27J-07.35. EXCELLENT cook", partlesT~wed"- dings, dinners. 278-8602. DAYWOR K, Janitprcss: 254-2527." -----'''" _ charge JAY~"worir i book"k"eeper, all ° r P3rt 1lme bependabie; neat - -. _ WALLS washed, floors, windows', ryiis dprnestlc. 268-0906. STEADY "work'7 258"-046l7 ~ CONVALESCENT care, 944-0537. " . DA YWOR K trahsporfallon, ence. 258-5459. GIRL FRIDAY." 20 years general office experience, proficient most of- Ice machines, recent construction >ookkeepmg experience, desires work gjSmall_offlcg._9_47_-7293, 8:30-5 p.m. IAREER girls wishes permanent jookkeeplng or girl Friday, part ;me— day, evening or weekends. Work to supplement Income, Eves. 955-9442 or 944-3434. .ABORATORY technologist ""desires' ull time employment. Central Area days. CalLafter 6 Jim. _ __ :AFE work, very 'experienced. Pre- erably_ mprnjngs^_268-17p4. GIR'u Friday,"g"enToffice7TuTl lime experienced, no s/h, personable. 49-7203. 707—Situations Wanted^- Malp lONSTRUCTiON esllrnatoFTmFpro- eels supervisor, seven years experience in commercial and residential ipnstructlon. 938-0107. _ ^GH school graduate."Looking for pb_ with future. 253-4963, _ r RY cook,"dinner man." 276-321]'." "~ EXPERIENCED grocery m a~n— iroduce-rcashler, 15 vears,_942-!34!._ YOUNG familymah, " part-time, weekday, evenings. No selling. «•—••-'-• background. Evenings. COLLEGE graduate, responsible, neat appearance, with Life Science dearee. Looking, for temporary sum- m? r( .,,"av,» w °i"K, Phoenix area. 955-6266 9-12 am, 3-8 p.m. A C C'O U N T A N T -pfrmarienf. ) A I'll 1 AKIAN vi *.IGIIIMI> auiuaicif experienced In both fields. Married man 27 wishes to relocate to Phoenix area. Apartment l, 2441 West- w °8d li9rthern..Bouleyard, e Clnjiln., .Ohio 45211. n|Ti, >EfER " >EfERAN needs WorK.j942-6088. V*bO"NG raarrfed man, high school, las own i. home, looking for skilled Vork with future. 276-6450. :ARETAKER semi-retired man for lunlinq, fishing lodge or rural es- ate. Have trained German Shepherd o assist in protection. R. A. Jones, TO Ellis Street, San Francisco Wanted Employment Agontlei _ iBf-^ls&iiss^ CLERK TYPIST $&5 ~ Your typing skill will land top job n top location. Mod'n office Call Bonnie Soule, 264-9596. INTERNATIONAL OF PHX. lled Bank. __3550 N. Central. CHARLIE LOVE~'S ,„ AUTO DEALER'S AGENCY 05 E. Mclfowelf v 252-1728 Title & Contract $450 Young _man full chge bkpr $500 ,EGAL "SECTY:" Pleasant BTbup". Ice boss. Great potential here. 475. Kay Crosby 947-5456. SneMing Crosby a, 77 W . ing 3rd Aye., Scotts- DIAL EMPLOYMENT ili __. .IhdfuuSsh, ._. i 264-6032 GENERAL OFFICE-$400 ood future. SRSONNEC Cameiback' Mrs."Doh'n'sbn; mm. ""SECRETARY" ~ ~'" N. Central firm, needs skilled olrl ADJUSTER: Work your waYTtTa •eal position. Hurry on this $450. ob Jones, 947-5456, Snelllng It Snelllns, 77.W. 3rd'AY.e,. ScoftsdaV_ V9 K ';. Super .ability, hdwerblda ma'fl .. . _ Super ability, hdwerblda ma'fl yd estab firm UOOO Call ->I5 Snelllns acdgnald, OOO Call Rick S, Snelllng Xltiil Cu i,uiA, loir. Phutdix f ,.|) ' 7!5-He»p Wanted employment Aeenelnt „_ CUNHILL OF PHOENIX 3550 N. Central Rm J227. _264-1166 WAREHOUSE Start $476. Pref flooring exper., — ~ UN able to supervise. '•JL_CO._3625 N. 16th St. SECTY MED Secy east GEN —.office SOME COLLEGE TO $50(1 " No typing, no selling office position In customer relations. . OFFICE ASS'T $350 ADDRESSOGRAPH OPR. AND GENERAL OFFICE W/SM. TYPE SOLID CO/GOOD BENEFITS iifter training S700+expenses TRNEE adjuster doe J500 S/H, gen office $400 4004— - $350 PBX flllno'efc $350 COMMUNICATIONS Enqr doeopen DRAFTSMAN exp doe $650 DRAFTSMAN trnee no exo hr $160+ Esfab since 1957-Fees relmb 1960 726— Help Wanted Canvassers— Solicitor* E"X"P"ER I E NcE 6 " phone sol Icltors, from our office, $1.75 per hour, plus good bonuses. Paid weekly. This Is permanent work full or part time, and we are looking for qualified adults Interested In year-around employment. Call Mr. Singer, 264,1034 ""MATURE teenage sir! for babysitting, Sunnyslope, two girls (6 and 1 year), 17-19, 8:30-5, salary. Days 253-7315, evening 943-0777 or 943-7737. 735— Help Wanted Male/Female _ Commissions. Bonus, Etc. _ SALES representative lor TJewTproa". uct. Must be neat and willing to work, immediate earnings. Company - FULIER AGENCY Broiler Men, Cooks, Waitresses HANS & ASSOCIATES ward Ho - * Phone 258-8071 Hotel Westward Ho Suite 309 GAMELBACK EMPLOYMENT 279-2363 $650 SALES 279-2363 $1000 $400 HAIR STYLIST. "Pa~rlT"CenTFaT"foT. lowing preferred. Small exclusive salon. Mayer Central Building, WE'RE looking for people" who are looking ahead. Farmer^ Insurance Group offers complete training program, minimum guarantee per month. Learn without disturbing your present lob. Outstanding opportunity for people with an eye to the future. Contact Ray Trudeau, Phoe- 1ixJBlst_rict_M8naqer._9_49jJ02^. NEED EXPE'RiENCED Real EsTate sales people. Call Elmer at Woody's Realty, Tempe, 967-8859 or eves. 946-5J92. _^ SAVE on your cleaning' needs. Earn on your own hours training provided. Be a bestline distributor. Call Jim Sprague-279-9202. Between 2 & 6 p.m. for interylew_appolntment. REAL ESTATE SALESMAN~ Man or woman for homes. Member of MLS, refrig'd office, good working hours. Call Steve Wilbanks, REB REALTY, INC. 939-o397 482p_N ! _35J±LAy E N U E _ HOSPITAL INSURANCEler "GO WITH A LEADER" Experienced A&H salesmen. If you are self-starters, with our complete lead program, you can double your production & Income within 30 days selling our 100% coverage, up to $30,000, spaceage hospllalizatlo Program Also full Medicare supplement & disability Income. For experienced self-starters, we hae an earn as you learn training program. Call 266-4633 for appoinment National Surety Trust & Financial Corp. $3.50 "HOURLY, ea"rn"rn"g"s™8fteF~fre"e training. High School Education, car, phone necessary. Fuller Brush Co. 2770604. 6R"GATTIc~H6MT"PR6DOCTS— Eullj^perMlttifi-ssleSi ?a»-g«L_ WE have an immediafe need for 2 energetic salesmen In our NW of- fire. Join the most active real estate organization In NW Phx. - Glendale FAST GROWING CONCERN ... Western Personnel/Bob Geer 234 N. Central 258-8311 PROFESSIONAL PLACEMENT 112 N. Central 5800 N. 19th Ave. 3300 S. Mill, Tempe MX Socv SECY-N.E. Area SECY-Holel RECPT-Type GEN Ofc-Type F-C Bkkpr INVENTORY Clk FORKLIFT Mech INDUST Main! Elect DELIVERY OFFSET Press Opr MGR. Trnee-Relall CARPORT Installer SALES Trnee 254-7358 264-3906 966-6262 $350 $400 UP 1450 $39! $3 50 hr $694 $355 $500 up $500 S3.50 hr $695 Fee Pd-Bkkpr-Delall $500 Fee Nea-Secy-Bkkpr sjoo Fee Neq-F-C Bkkpr-NCR To $550 Split Fees-Secy to Pros To $450 Fee Nca-Secy-Dnln To $500 Fee Relm-Accts Rec elk $390 Fee Reim Cost Accl. To $550 Fee Reim-Bkkpr-Rccpt To $475 Fee Pd-Sales Rep Trnee 8K Fee Pd-Loan Review To 10.8K Fee Neg-Whse Supvr To 7.8K Fee Neg-A-Cond Svc To $6.00 hr Fee Relm-Acct-Constr To 12K Fee Pd-Proi Engr Trn To 12K Fee Pd-Malnt Mar-BSEE To 17K Fee Pd-Underwriter 7.2K up PARTIAL LISTINGS TYPIST" Gals, all you need are aood typing skills 8, gen. ofc. knowhow! $355. Call Barb at 277-7411. Job Finders, 1616 E. Bethany Home SEC., Tempe Location. Must have good Typing & SH skills, to $500. Joe Hlqgins Employment Aoencv, 444 W. Camelback. 264-2745. Muency ' TRNEE Young Vet ok. Class "B" II- cense. Sharp, willing. IMMEDI- R_OBER_SON 8, CO. 3625 N. 16th St. ART "DIRECTOR Vtanage dept. for a rapidly growing [Irm having national distribution, alary open. FEE NEG FAR Chief Bldg. Engr. $750 Excellent oppty. must have good knowledge of all building Malnt. supervisory type man Western Personnel/Morey Hall Sct^dle... P_apagp__Plaza _ 947-7403 ACCOUNTING CL'Kl?33 Figures vour bag? established Co. needs you now. Work w/chlef Acct. Variety of duties. Call 277-7411. Job Finders, 1616 E. Bethany Home Call A"BLE 253-6i7'5"' n _^_ Front Parking RECEPTS (2) accur type 350-400 KEY Punch, exp 2-3rd shifts 375 CREDIT Ci ks flnance exp 350 ACCOUNTS Clks, exp to 430 SECY to Registrar 420 SECY In Advertising 400 SALESMAN retail HiFi exp 400*50 RETAIL Sales exp 400+ l ee S3~i Lo " a ! l qcv ^O Fee Pd—Legal Secy 450 -ee Pd-Recept 350 Fee A p o f n A ?P" ance Serviceman 565 ABLE Personnel Consultants ATI T^Ofl.^iraFgTeT'^TaA ATLAS.AGE.NCY. _3550^N. Central TBX--TYPIST REIMS FEE. Filing, Receiving Inspector to $693 Must have flood solid exp. in ma- KEYPUNCH 1st, 2nd 8. 3rd shift opening for exp. oprs. $410-5475. Cafl Maureen, 279-7343 Electronic 10 ° W " CONTACT GETS YOU WORKING Secretaries ............ t 0 $«( Gen office ........ ......... ' *«1 r to. fie Ti.Ml^L ................... «'l Clerk Typist Finance Tra gu •anee etall'MSn'fraln : ront-enrf mechs ;to imal 1 —'— Route Driver Welder-mechanic Auto Parts counter arehouseman Bring Your Accounting Skill 2 Us And Find Your .Rite Job. We Have Many Openings. CalJ n Blll King [Oman's Worlj 40 7 St. No. 106 Wj Business Men's Clearing House 3003 N. Central Ave. 264-1414 Tuneup mech. needed for aenerous lirm. Most work on soli' carls and awnmowers. 2 weeks vacation & s. pad. $2.50 hr. Steady overtlm? ° 9 nent ' 112 N ' Ce "' SWBIJ OPFR $450 , 7 1 5- Help Wanted employment Atencle* PHOENIX EMPLOYMENT 1433 N. _ First St. 2S2_-5764 1WI5" PIONEER ...... Employment Agencies 5008 W. GLENDALE 934-3239 40 E. THOMAS 264-3477 2121 S. MILL, TEMPE 967-1684 ELECTR designer Sr doe S1200 .Design elec system comm'l-lndust SALES trnee lite mfa bkgnd $*50 you irrferesfed In earning "J50 to $100 a week In your spare time? If so, call 949-9706 between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. for appointment and information. WOMEN/GIRLS witFrterep"n"6ne"""ex- perience. We have four openin for real sharp gals experienced if possible, good earnings no Sundays. Call Mr. Daoust between 10 a.m. and • p.m.J25jy583. Telephone solicitors to work In Mesa office, $1.75 an hour to start. Can Jack at 253-7734 9-5 Wednesday and Thursd_ay. ^_^^_ PART lime steady telephone repre"- sentatlves for McCall and Redbook magazines to handle new and renewal business. Exclusive lists. Spec^l offers. Liberal commission. , WIVEl-CAREER GiRLS-TEENS ~ Join exciting fashion world as makeup artlsfs $4 hr average. Miss Bridge 264-8087, after 5 p.m. 279-1715 You Can Help the Family Budget. 3 or 4 hours a day will brlnq you a Profitable income. Phone Mr. Wren aj vyatklnsPrpdycts,_lnc. 278-7753. 743—Help Wanted FRONT END MANlXPERIENCED AUTO SUSPENSION CO. 275-2531_ __ 2532 E. McDowell ALCOA SUBSIDIARY. "Part tlme'or full time. S80 and $160 weekly. College students preferred. 967-8142. WATT RLTY & INV. 4247 W. DUNLAP AVE. 939j7586.. COLLEGE STUDENTS""~" ONLY $500 MONTH START $15,000 CASH SCHOLARSHIPS Plus Prizes 1-NEW CARS 2-MERCHANDISE 3-TRIPS 4-CASH INCENTIVES QUALIFICATIONS NO PHONE INTERVIEWS Call 258-0261/258-3319 For Appointment W-Personnel Mgr. COLLEGE STUDENTS" MALE OR FEMALE We have a summer job for you. We need 25 students immedtiy Work (n resort area fishing, qolf. travel. swimming. EARN IN EXCESS OF $130 PER WEEK for the full summer 30-S500 SCHOLARSHIPS TO BE AWARDED PLUS 1 WEEK ALL EXPENSE Trip to Hawaii For those who Qualify this work may be continued on a oart time basis when returning to school In the fall. For App't CALL: MR. RAMSEY 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mon thru Fit 277-6853 SUNNYSLOPE AREA. Real estale sales people needed. Liberal commission agreement If approved by broker. COCKRILL REALTY 943-7275 8839 N. 7th Street 2 HOME DELIVERY ROUTES AVAILABLE ONE SUBURBAN Cashion-Tolleson Area Call Fred Hinkle One City Route 27th Ave,-Van Buren Area Call Tam Garcia Profits based on number of customers. No truck necessary, 271-8301 Won. thru Thurs. -1 to 8 p.m. Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. WILL $25 ; OOFDO II lf 0 H', r ?, ea , fler *• wa ,"» t° ear that kind of money In real es es- L ate ',,, cal ! oda >'' Many fringe benefits included. Scoltsdale or East Phoenix residents pre- 947-4366 739— Help Wanted _ NEE"D Female Commissions, Bonus, Etc. "~ rnqney? Learn to teach ••— 7**~ >»viivri professional makeup technique*. No door to door. FU or . fashions an make-up? Need as ., collflfle students fg " . . DREAM JOB " I need l women to train as professional make-up artists. $5 hr. KSotA at the~top for fashion'con- 5?i9«s.womep. wanting fop pay as B^twur, Chez ....... , r artists. * De Femme Studio, y lEAUyiciAhi wani Up" 8 «% mfnmlssTonV ihOW Low. Arllr ___ Permanenf. B . Beauw - lfi - —-...».™. career In real > selling homes. The real estate -oom ,ls hure and now Is the time to make your move to $10,000-$40 000 incomY One of Arizona's recotinTwd real estate brokeraee firms pray des iSfinK^Bv??'?"*! 1 ^ "WITHIN THE ipiuug i KY irainina oroaramc An adjustable schedule % m you? needs, No experience necessary. Unlicensed — We Save You $$ CARl ERICKSON & ASSOCIATES 739-Help Wanted Female , Bonus, Etc. BlAUTY dperafor, take over Yoilow- ing, days. Northwest Phoenix. 272-1062. __ FASciKIATING foB; Need five'wom- en for make-up artist. Will train. $5 per hour. 943i4092 or 969-2365. __ LIKE mSRe-uP. tike money? Enter World of Fashion. Will train right woman, teen, full, part time. Executive position. 934-2488. __ TEENS, school outf Hav'e"Tun. Make money. World of Fashion. 934-2488. _ _ _ ____ ~ji wrss it"' Ladles full or part time, 2 nights or 2 days ajweek. Phone 959-6827 NEED a woman or girl for a "Girl Friday position. Also women and irls to train as makeup artists. -.aJL27.7j7.83?. ARE you AVON CALLING 266-2914 Commissions, Bonuses, Etc. LINE MECHANICS Need 2 full time men for our serv- ce department. Apply DON SAN- JERSON FORD, 5300 Grand Ave. A_sk for Gene Simon. BARBER. Under 40 vears of age. Mr. Lucky Barber Shoo. 2934 North 43rd Avenue. 272-2523, shoo. 272-0630, hprrie. REAL ESTATE SALES Executive salesmen needed We're expanding our facilities 8. are In need of qualified business opportunity sales personnel. First year's earnings should exceed $15,000. For app't call or write John H. Brimmer, Pres. Safe-Town Realty & Trust Co., 1809 W, Indian School Rd. Ph. 602-264-9919. All Inquiries will be confidential. CLEMENTS REALTY Due to expansion and Increased business, we need Real Estate Salesmen for our Temoe office. For confidential Interview, please call Tim Clements, 967-3308 or eves. 966-4895. THE Prudential Insurance Company Is hlrlna. Salarv to $200 per..week. Contact Mr. Stoneman 252-6015 for appointment _ j_. _ BOY who knows how to plug a lawn Age 16-18. $1.25 hourly. STOC K-'DELIVERY boy, part time, ages approximately 17-19, 4-6 hours daily. Approximately $1.60 hourly depending on experience. Thrift City Pharmacy, Mrs. Marcus. 2626 West Indian .School, __ 761— Domestic Help W_«nled_ _ __ LIGHT "housework and" child care. Live In. Mature lady. Scottsdale area. $30 weekly. 7331 East Villa Way. ___ __ _ MIDD"LE-aged lady, non-drinker, Live-In. Light housekeeping, cooking. MS patient. Small salary, room and board. Unencumbered. 942-6367. LADY desires same for llvSin'house- keeper-companion, with car. Refrigerated home. Near Park Central. 265-3414. _____ _ _ ___ MATURE unencumbered laUy, care for Invalid. Nurses aid experience. Can lift. Five shifts plus 3 nights. Own transportation. 254-2409, 252-3507. __ , $40 week, 937:3988. . , BABYSITTING, full time in our home. 966-96_50.__ ___ RELIABLE, mature women "for child care. Must have telephone and car. 955-8902. __ RELIABLE mature woman or girl wanted to live In Physician's home to serve as housekeeper and care for one school age child. Private, salary flexible. References required, 955-0672 . _ _ _ _ LIGHT" house work .babysit, live-in. 20-30 year old,J125_mgnth. 943-9097. HOUSEKEEPER" for elderly lady, refrigerated home, room, board ana salary. No drinkers, smokers. 964-4183 Mesa. ATTRACTIVE POSITION ., „ For wide awake man. No age limit. Neat appearance. Good character Steady work, no layoffs. Call 253-5732 In Phoenix, or 964-5634, In Mesa,_fqji Interview RETAIL route opportunity. Permanent emplovment. Above average earnings. Excellent fringe benefits and working conditions. Apply In person, ServUs Bakers, 1502 east Buekey SUNSET PLAN We pay 25% commission on cemetery spaces, vaults, markers. You can also sell funeral insurance. $30,000 a year potential. See Mr.,J«9JW._C_amelbaek. __ _ MEMORT Lawn Memorial PariTTias need for memorial counselors. Highest commissions, leads furnished, training program. Excellent opportunity for mature man to build good future. For Interview ca 272-5588. _ A T&T AGENTS & BROKERS Sell our INSTANT ISSUE, Medicare suppllments (2) and other field issued policies. No underwriting Great for cloosers. Phone Mr. Maiden, _956-!011^ ____ SALES""" " $213 -$426 WEEKLY PLUS CAR Professional career with expanding company. Call 274-B234 TODAY. WANTED Only for husbands who want more out of life than lust a routine existence. Enioy a professional career in real estate selling homes or commercial. The real estate Boom is here and now Is the time to make your move to a $10,OOCI-S40,000 INCOME. One of Arizona's recognized real estate brokerage firms provides the most extensive "within - the • industry" training programs. No ex perlence necessary. Unlicensed — We Save You $$ CARL ERICKSON & ASSOCIATES 264-7093 USED CAR SALESMAN . APPLY IN PERSON TO: DAVE DAVIS AT BIG 2 OLDS 64 E. MAIN, MESA BANMORRESPONDENrOFFICER Arch, firm, specializing in fin. Inst. Is looking for a retiring bank crspdnt. officer for PR work. Send resume to Sarmiento Architects. 3443 N. Central. STOCOALTSMAF Salesman & managers. Top commissions - leads furnished. 947-4221 for appointment. SALESMAN Top commissions-Leads furnished. A chance to better yourself with a ground floor opportunity in one of the States fastest growing Industries. No experience necessary. We wll train you. Wrfte or call, Mr. Morris or Mr. Loe, 947-4221, 126 e. 6th Ave.., .Scoffsdale, Arizona, 85251. . time s , al ? sm e n - If vou a'ren'f .to meet businessmen and 30% commission a tracts you, call 254-7624 now. Need three In Phoe" Sco'tfsdaTe ' 1WO> Tempe; ™° "TMANAGERTRAiNEES y district manager, 4103 E, McDowell, Pnpsnix. _ "SALESMAN" WANTED ~ Prosperous years are lust ahead Why not affiliate yourself with a firm experienced In the sale of income property. (Apts. Tr. Parks, Motels, etc.) Earn from 12 to S35,- 000 annually Plenty of advertising, lyings, & closing assistance. All of this helps In vour success. Call 1) " S ' " & Eves ' E R. RE A.UB: _ 26/M277 EXPERlENcEp shoe sa'JFsTSin fitting for men, women an ALLIED" CONSTRUCTION COMPANY , ,000 to $&,000 class appolntmflnt - J - " "' .r."" "«f aye._9_ajn._tiJ noon. lonarles", i .__._ . RETURN AAlsslonarles", hlghlnconie; you'll like this mountain work. Use y 89 EARN JO $100 A DAY And even MORE, Experienced Furn Salesmen._Be. your, own Boss. ; Make . Central CHADWICK REALTY 1432 E. McDowell Need Industrious salesman s alists In land 8. Industrial proper peci operty 743-Help Wanted MaM Me. SALESMAN, train" at $fS(i weekly salary. 60 year old life Insurance company. 277-3310. _ A&HIAN" I can furnish as many leads as you cart work; direct mail claims, lapses, orphan policy holders, if you can close and need to make iiooo per month see me, for appointment call 956-1010. ______________ YOU'RE LOOKING SO ARE WE for top notch sales associates for our Scottsdale "Gall«ry". A terrific real estate concept with international affiliation. If you're in real estate now, or have sales or public relations experience, come talk with us in confidence. Call BOB FLETCHER 2M-4000 or BILL SPAIN, 947-7524. WESTERN AMERICAN-REALTORS 6 CTN5MTTH Wanted, OPENING for""mobile""home salesman apoly 3402 A. E._Van_Byren . 752—Jobs For Teen Girls MOTHER'S helper and child care. 18-19, Scottsdale area, 1-9 pm, 6 days per week, $30 weekly. 7331 East Villa Way. ______ GlftL 12" to 16, Ironing, 1 Saturday a month, lOc a piece, own transportation. 4802 North 15th St. after 5:30 -_._ _ ____ _ o teen girist 18-19, Mother's helper and child care. One 7 a.m.-3 . BABYSITTER, 16-19, various even- Ings 75c an hour. 1001 East Roma. 756-Jobs __ For Teen Boy* _ TEENAGER to 19 "to learn decal and upholstery cleaner work. $1 hpyr_ BABYSITTER mature, my Rome. Five days. Northwest area. 279-1201 after 5:30_P.m. _ LIVE-in housekeeper', Scotfsdale. Good_sajary. 945-3072. HOUSEKEEPER", live-In. Private room, good salary, 5'/j day week. 943-6895,^ Young liy_ejn3oysekeepar_955-7J6p. _ 767—Help Wanted Male/Female—Salaried Jobs LABORATORY technician, 7am"-3om7 North Mountain Hospital. 944-2644. COUPLES - MANAGERS For apartment complexes Phoenix X. Tucson, no pets, no encumbrances, husband maintenance, wife rental apent, furnished apt. Plus salary, send resume to P.O. Box 10332. F U L LE R" Brush~~now"~h'i'ri ng~ representatives, $2 per hour to start. Free training. Both full and part time. For interview call Bob Wilson, 992-5701. "WTEL COUPLE For resort motel located In the cool pines of northern Ariz. Call M. Mikol, for_appt. 275-5796. COUPLES, semi-retired. Care for a tew.cabins. a.t..Pinetpp._937_-8.404._ CARETAKER - housekeeper couple for mountain home. Live in. Give 3 references. Prefer retired couple. Box 873, WIIJlams,_ArIzpria_86046. BEAUTY Operator needecT Experf- cnced preferred. 274-9969. 939-0933. PANTRY help. Some knowledge of salads and sandwiches. Full or part time. Aoply 9:30 a.m. 18th floor. United Bank Building, 3550 North Central. Desk Clerk, Cashier. Must be exper. on NCR-4200. Salary commensurate with ability. Paid Insurance, paid vacation, meal. Prefer ages 21-35. Apply to David Spradling, The Caravan Inn, 3333 East Van Buren. SURGICAL TECHNICIANS Maryvale Samaritan Hospital Is Sponsoring A 3 Month Program In Advanced Surgical Technology. THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THOSE SCRUB TECHS. WHO WISH TO EXPAND THEIR KNOWLEDGE OR DESIRE A REFRESHER COURSE. A GENEROUS STIPEND AND TEXT BOOKS WILL BE PROVIDED. SUPERVISED EXPERIENCE AT THE OPERATIVE FIELD AND TECHNIQUES IN CURRICULUM. APPLICANTS WILL BE INTERVIEWED THE WEEK OF JUNE 22ND. CALL 939-6511, EXT 255, 8 A.M.-3 P.M. MONDAY-FRIDAY. MARYVALE SAMARITAN HOSPITAL COUPLE, 30-45, to manage new small apartment group. Pleasant surroundings. Apartment & utilities In return for management. References required. 279-4146, _ COLLECTORS agency, experience a must, good opportunity for hustler, Surety Acceptance Corp., Mr. Hagan AIRESEARCH MFG. CO. PHOENIX, ARIZONA NEEDS SHEET METAL WORKERS Fabrication and assembly of precision welded and brazed sheet metal components for gas turbine engines. Materials In- ENGINE LATHE OPERATOR (Set UP 8. Operate) An Equal Opportunity Employer. Employmenj Sffice 402 S. 36th It Mon thru Frl. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. THE CIRCLE K CORPORAU IMMEDIATE VACANCIES permarenV employment there 1 * f2 g^HK«T35ag ESaOS^?^ SSn D BfflS2l "KFt.** . m m Jn Per- .. ___ JOURNEYMAN auto "mechanTc 5 p - m - 2409

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