Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 8, 1975 · Page 23
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 23

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Page 23
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. IO :A~LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL— Tuesday Evening, April fl, 1975 Soyuz Failure Hikes Fears Of U. S. Officials T "1 "M^l • 1 ~ - July Flight Questioned WASHINGTON (tll'l) The abortive launch of a Hus.sian S'oyux spticeship [nst weekend prompted Sen. William Prox mire. IMYis.. todav lo whether the lives of American .i-ti-eii:mis might be jeopardi/ed by a I'.S.-Soviet rcnde/.vuus spine next ,Iulv. There also wa.s a iiuestion of whether or nut the third staj.,0 lailure will require modilira lions that might delay Ihe July 1") launch date lor the ' Apollo-Soyu/ Iligln. A space agency spoke • s ''id l;.S. officials had heard from their Id: eounlci-parls about the failure. Hut the matter was expected to come ii)) lodav when the mission directors for both sides. < ilynn S. l.imncy and Konstan tin D. Bushiiyev. bond their regular weekly telephniie dis eii.ssion o| Highi jirep.-n ations. Seeks Assessment ProMiiir,. said he has askul Ilie Central Inleili-eiiee Agem-v lo i>re|.arc a safely assessment oi Soviet manned space technology (or his Senate The driver irot ,:l'f ihe vehicle, strolled to the curb and waleheil police efforts. CAP Wire- photoi appropria t i i) n s subcommittee which overseas (he U.S. spaee budget. "Tile iii-l.-airicli failure. of •another .SIM iet manned satellite: lasl Salu dav reinforces my <lee|> concern that the upeoniinl; loirit Apollo .Miyu/. e\|ic'rinii iu ma\ be dangerous lei Amd-i. -an astronauts,' 1 Proxmiiv said in a speech prepared lot- delivers in the Senate. Noting that live of the -j.s manned Soyu/ lights have been maried by some son ot failure and the loss ,,t lour lives-. JVo.vmire said lie cannot accept . . NASA's reassurances (ha! die joint mission will he a.s sale as any in the Apollo program. Space agency spokesman said however that a similar failure in July would not .ieopardi/e tile llv ''- s "I 'fie th.-re Ameiiean astronaut.-, who will nice! orbit with two Soviet, monaiits. Kijliuvs Olferud •'We're confident they will inform us of any developments which mi.dH impart the join; mission." a space a-^en.-y spokesman said Monday. ( .icorgc M. UMV. deputy space agency administrator. said 17 Snyu* spacecraft have heen successfully launched and "we are confident iha! Ilie problem experienced on this launch will be I nil), evaluated by Soviet .-p-i.-c oliiciiiis and thai the iie.'Ossary coii'eeti\'e actions \v ill be taken." Saturday's Sov u/. mission was mil cnnneeled with preparations lor the joint flight, but the ruek< I was believed in be <il the same type scheduled to launch Mie Soyu/ in July. The official Tass :\ews Aneney said the missii,;: was aborted when the third stni_'e \c-ered oil course, its SLIJU/ separated Irom the malfunc- iiunhu; iauilche:' and its iwo cosmonauts landed safely in Sibei ia. Stoi *ms Stale Snow Pelts West \\AI.]>I1KIM IN At STltlA l'..V. Score Waldhcim native Aus- i lo]) Austrian rcscnlativ es oi' headquartered here. Wiildiicini will also give a jeclure and a n.'nv.s c'liili.'n nee and is Schedul- <| to leave Weduesdav for Prague -:iay snoulu ,ic in lac middle dl!-. We.;t and soiith'AOsicriy winds are e.\;ieele(i In diminish .->!igiit- l\ lonlL'hi. \V'rul warnings were i.-su-.-d lor are.i lakes today. Sons, i w ill he al S :1!1 pan. tod iv, and sunrise Wcdne.-dux w ill b.' a: 7 ::!.") a.m. Mure Hind Korrcast Tile; extended foriva-' lor the Seuili Pl-iiili calK'd for partlv 1 clotirly with no ini]ioilant. tern- pel aim e .•haniit.'S Tlnirsiiav inroicMi Saiiirday. Most srelinni shi.iild be hit by diNt.v w inds ii;-i '. •;>.'. i lie altern,ion-.. WideU :-"lit icreil sliavvers or IhundL 1 !'- s'ornis can be e-,)is cli'ii in most sc'-timis Hi \<!ri!iw( si and Southwest Texas Thtii'sday and Fnday. lliLdis .should be in the Uls, and lows sh iitUi dip to tb.e i!Ds thrdii'.'.h Friday. Tile n al meaiiin 1 .: of '.a il" ramo home lo I'l.i ins residi nl- Monday noon wntn the Pa.-if'n batlert'd tin T; \ae \\ itli sands;01 ms. ind ;ornadi>es. Ahl'iou.^li no serious injurtes wcre rcpor'iii from Monday's tui bulf-ncc. lorniniijcs n porledly toitcifd (!ow n al Pi'ii. Pose'*, and Wliilhitn 1 ;)). Son: hw. --t of the Wi mil row comminiity, a stnall sh. |> i-i'iki iii'_! owned by T"oy Sander.-, was swept, up bv- the '-'. i'uls .a-.d <c; on a ncai by l< ncc. IJool s \ver< blown ol'i f;-r;n huildin s jn the \\'i -orlrow and Pc|) ai'( a -. Tw is'.er-liki 1 winds abo ruined (ill tile roof of a mobile home nu.'i'-rl by Horace Johnson in Sniye'-. A i cm din 1 .: ;u iln 1 h I : i 'iner.i of 1 Mibh Salc'v . i i,, rain Clayton Leads Battle For New Constitution iCoiilinticd IT-iiin T'a^r One 1 ! of Tex.c ' rklcu.nion to oi-esi liiKj.svllle. a sponsor said ol denliul nominalio;.; conv(-ntions proposci' posa; in Sullivan! s supported IJriscOe. I.t, i|>.< (nx'umcnl aid the pr- t)y I Io\ . In < ;ov. 1:111 iioi and Alt.v. flen. John Hill. The legislature eon:-iileriii 1 .'he proposed IH-\V- .-on-hMrion is almost ill. same body thai .-crv.'d a- last vcar's cnn- \-ention. SullA'iini said ihe bit; i|iie.-.- lion was v, het.Her the "petty, hurting issur/s thai divided us last year would a';ain rlenv tlic people a new coiistiin; ion. " In Monday's action, the House rejected Senate amend nieiils i<> a bill setlint; up a primary system to choose the bulk means ;i House-Senate renee .-on-aniltce will be pOl'lll 1 '!! Il Tl.'e bill i-onlairis a bel( il "u iimer lake w ould av old '.;iv ill',' v (lida'.r- a share of deleualion basi'r! on po.'tion ol ihe loial l.loyd Centsen. a candidate lor the !!)7li Domocialie presidential nomination, would probably '-rain the vast ma.jorily of the Texas delegation through this mechanism. Senators added an amend merit (hat would make the bill elfeetive only for ihe li)7(i election, then cause ii ID ".sell de- slruet." Liberals ur.^cd the House lo accept the Senate's vd'sion be- canse it. would not |)erpetuale "winner lake-all" beyond I!i7(i. "Jf we're nitiiv.', to have a winner-take-all provision, then ;nt lo,f nr - Cud's sake, let's limit it lo Dan Ku Robbery Case- Goes To Jury The armed robbery against Freddie Carney w- a 72nd District Court jury this on( , time." nr^cd Stej morning following closing ,-ir'.;ii- i,i;,] <t D itockdale in wits. Tl-ij. v( )( f . t 0 Carney, 22, o. , -. ^uirt A\r-. K.'stilierl in hi.s own defense Monday afternoon thai h< wa-. in Fort Worth al me he i- a licked to have bt-aLcn and rohbrd Collins Woodlo.v. Woodlcy earlier te.stilied that ('arney \va.s one of tun men who beat and robbed him of about SKHJ April 2, 1971, at the Green Door Cafe. vote to call for ;t (.•nee eoiiiinitter 1 was 01 -If). Senators pa.sserl lo the House a bill allowing Health Main- lenaiH-e Or^ani/ation.s |,, operate in Texas. Hep, Tim Von fjoblen. I)--(',o- liad. the House sponsor, said he liopwl for House dc'oalc on (lie bill next. week. HMOs provide a wide rariL;c of medical services, Irom snr- Ktry to routine doctor vi.sils had first" hit him with a rock,'that ordinary health insiranee but that Woodlcy then beat him,does not, normally cover, for a with a pool cue ami argued 'rcKiilar pre-n.'iid fee similar to with the other man lo hill him.,,'in in.surance premium. Woodlcy said the accomplice liivh winds apiiaremlv a roof n'l a church in C In l.nbiioek. \\ ind m 'i' 1 miles ]jer b-'it, homes and l:i:;ldinL's. iijeioos linini 1 cloiuls vii^h.ed in the area. Th reported thc \\jni! tl'im- :i'4e to the -city came irom ibe sandsiorm that preceded the rain and hail. KisevvJK ]•(• in ihe nalion. lieavv snow an.I hitjh w i n (I s oclled the itorllH'i'ii llockies and adjacent Plains tjday. A severe bii/v.ard warniii'.; was in ellect in Abjnlana. Seven inclies ol snow was dropped on Havre. •UoiiL tiirou::h .Monda.v. Crcat KciJi.s and Hiiliny- measured si\ aiciics. Hi'^h winds rakeil "• c r o s s the Midwest with .S \i;b.. leporiin-j; mists uj miles |,'ir hour. Visih:!ty one mile al Akron. Colo., blow iiu<; ritist. Kecord l.invs Set An earii<'r stoim. <iiii"ti|ied snow- in (.arts and Norlhras! I is' remained stalled i !: soul in'asti rn v'auada. and snow lin.izei'ed over N'ew l'/i r ;laiul. Some nidirniain of Ver- mifiil are diy:;itl'^ oul of the I'nur lei'i ol snow 1 llial lias lallen ihci e in the pa.-.! four dav >. Arctic air lollovvint,' the storms brought record lows lor Aprii as lor as Arixona, Fla 1 ^stall' lied the record for its low- e-l maximum tenil-^ rai lor A! ril vv'ni'ii the mC L c..n-\' tailed to rise above L'S Monday. Clear skies were confined lo ibc i 'aciln- (' >a.-; and an area ln.;ii 1'ie western ('.real Lakes i.o Ihe Mid-.Ailaiitic area. Where 11 Ixatuecl l.iihliuck (Oflirial) .-'.:> As|iermini( . . . -II I5ii; Sprini; ."il i >| o\v i)l U'lil . . . Diinuiitl l-'l(iyilaila l-'riniia lierel'iinl Murder Case Bail Reduced In Odessa ODESSA (Special) .v. ;,(;year old eensultiii-,' xeolo»isl ac-i eused in the Faster slaying of. liis cxwile remaini.'d in lectori County Jail here early today lieu of ,S7:>,0(1(1 bond. A district, .iudfje .Mondav ordered bond in the murder'ease ai^ainsl Ralph L. Rodline reduced Irom an unprecedented .SoOIMiUO to the STS.OOU amount. liedline i.s charged with kill- in!,' his -lf>-year-eld former wife Xotma. The woman was found .alter hav iui; boon .shot numerous, times al her Odessa resilience on .rjasfer. She died a ;>horl time later in an Odessa result of hpad. AlcKim ordered Jury Hears Testimony K'onlimicd I'Ymn rago. One) i llyron Cha]->pell was sealed at the defense table with Tibhotls! (hi.s morn ing and the two eon Icrrcd fir-quenlly. hut Tibbctts continued lo conduct the case. UttT being warned of lu i against. seli'-inoriminriUon, [Mrs. Tibbctls lestilid thai Kast- wood had arrived at. the residence shortly before the otu ,-ccrs, carrying- thc paper bay I containing Iho dm;;.,. She said he went lo thc bedroom immediately on his arrival and Tib- j betts went lo the bedroom only jahout. thice minutes before the jofficers arrived. She said she had never kno \n her husband to use hard dri, 1 ;-. j but admitted on cross exanvn i- jiion Unit both she antl her luis band had smoked marijuana I IMS Xn idea After first refusing to answer! fiucslion on why Kastwoodi i had brought the drugs to thc! (trailer. Mrs. Tibbctts said shn j had no idea why Easiivood I I brought the drugs. ! ! Tibbells testified thai be had] i worked in a 'rehabilitation pvo-i jgrr.m in Vietnam and \vasj 'trying- lo help Eastwood kick aj hard drug habit, i He said he had just gone to f'nc bedroom to order Ivistvvonrl, from hi.s home when the officers entered the 'room. Mis testimony coniradielcd that, of throe agents \viio tcsti-l tied they entered the bedroom j to find TibbttU and Kastwood [ HAPPY BIRTHDAY—First Lady Betty Ford k'll.s- lier son. Jack, haw many candles she has on the cake just given to her by the President. The celebration took place aboard Air Force One Monday evening as the family returned to \Vashmgton from the West (AP Wirephotoi Thieu Not Injured Bombs Rip As Palace Bombed Substation In Cambodia forces wi't^stood an had never touched Ihc plate. Asst. Criminal Dist. Attv. hospital as wounds in the Jud'^e K.L. kneeling beside the bed, stiiTiiv,'! (Continued From I'aijn One) cocaine with a km'fe in a plate, j ores to reform (he army and loives withstood an all-ni-lu at ":'hbbells said he was recruitment. jtack across -the M-koiv' ri\er with his back to Ibe door when! Lung [; 0 ret left Cambodia j from Phnom Penii \-inf? arm v " the oli'iccr? entered and said he eight days ago with Presidenljunits four miles north of the .' Lou Nol. who was prcssuredicity's airport were rep irtcd un- into .seeking virtual exile'dcr heavy pressure. The army Alike [rish then asked about ihe abroad in hopes that would help!reduced its forces in two more conflict in testimony. ibring about Defoliations. i isolated enclaves - - Prey Vent;. Mistake (l:umoil The South Vietnamese gov-':>0 miles east of Phnoni Penn! "I'm noi saying Ihe officers jernment ordered a '.M-hour cur- and Sv ay Kicn;;, tt miles 10 the reph-.'d, "Ijut.iew in Saigon but lifted it in..southeast - to .strengthen the midnftenioon after six hours.,defense of the capital. Heavy cily normally is under cur-i fighting was reported in anotli-, a.m. each;or such encla ve. KompongK' oimt > sheriff's office s.tiid. "isl't I-Speu. 30 mile southwest of; No injuries were reptu ted. Ciimmiinisls Attack ! Phnom Penh, whore the Khmer (liurrd lii'movi'd -Meanwhile, heavy Viet Cons' K^nge liave penclrr.tec! into tlie !ii;d .\oj-th Vietnamese attacks cits'. lied," Tibbeits, replied, "but there has been a mistake soitie- whcie and i; i,s not mine." After Tiblictts' testimony,jl'e\v from 9 p.m. to Ii Irish put on Department of' l>ullt ' 1 Public Safety mircolk-s agent [Herald Howard, the third olfi- cer involved in the raid, How SA.Y JOSH. Calif. (APi - - nenl Terrorist bombs tipped through a Pacific Ga.s & Klectric Co. substation early today, knocking out power to 22.(!()0 homes, authorities said. It was thc see ond .series of blasts <il the facility in 12 days. Tlu-ce bombs exploded at the utility's Hicks substation al 12:'_T) a.m.. causing extensive damai.v to two transiormei :and disrupting service over n i'O mile area, the Santa Clara lieaniig HI llilst District Court here. Od,-ssa lawmen said ihe half million dollar bail originally set by .lusn'ce of the Peace .liinmy Harris is possibly (he over in cily liis.lnry in capital murder case. | );ld;ud up thc testimony ......... two other agents that. Tibbetts Saigon, was kneeling by the bed when thcv er.tercel. reported cn.-i highest a Shepherd On cross o.varnination Tibbetts asked. "Did you knoiv at that time that tile woman who an- """••swered ihe door (Mrs. Tibbctls i was the district attorney's daughter'.'" Irish objo.'toti to the question on the 'oasis of iclevancv and said the question was a misstatement of fact. Wright sustained '.he objection. Final arguments jn Ihc were scheduled to begin afternoon. The west of Ar Terrorists hit the same sub tation with five pipe l;omi:s on closest attack was; liner with W2 South Vic'.namese.lhrce 21) miles to the east, on the [orphans left the Philippines tor were Lone? Thanh armored sohooliCalifornia. They were UK last where five soldiers were killed. I of more than 1,700 28 wounded. Ihe Saigon com- cv:; dialed from Saigo; mand said. 'rial Amerienn, Canadian. Forty-five mile to the east of'traiian and Briti.-h ahlil;-- chilrlren hv s|je- -•(• Ans ,-it The hi .Saiuon a government intan;ry South \'H:tnrtmese -overjinieni 'piisifioii repulsed an attack kill-, said orphans, would c minute to ;n^ nine Vic! Conic .-aid logins be seni aiiroad as their adnp Uvo .{jovcrniYicni .soldiers. laoi was arran<jed bui on a Noisy Dog (Cniili'mii'il l-'rom J'a^r ouej able liobby. though, since Ken- say.-; be .sells for N5I) a sweater that takes him (JO days lo knit. Hi- beuan twisiiii" his own >-ai-n while herding sheep ba<:k in (be l!>:;ils and first put his supply lo use weaving saddle blankets. He be;:an whiUlin^ his own needles and cxporimentin'.; with knitting in the TiUs. but says. "I didn't reaily know what I was dijine until 19IJ1" when thc wiCciand of an Oregon rancher j;ave him but some- instruction. Miorn. 1 lUju^ii In: still string- his "lie was probably jtifi vat n on weadeii slicks, his need, bored." said un official of the tiles are s!.,re houjrlu now. Denver Humane Society." The Bui silling in his trailer door, kiw says a doj; iia.s to have clad in overalls ant! a railroad 1 shelter, food and water, anil in the Mekong Delta, a tlion- much reduced scale. sand round ban-aye hit a base J-'eel Indochina l.osi ii-amp near Moc !!oa. a provin Many Amerii an coiifre-smen case) ( .j.i| ,.;i|!ilal al) miles \iest ol'|r( turning to \Vr\sliitiyion after ' llls |.Sai^on. Five yovcrnmeni troops ;jhe Kaslor reccs-s reported n ;\\ere roported killed. AiiarUsifcelini,' amon- consMtu'enls lhat als .1 were rlported on TuyeniCambodia ;,nd South Vietnam I-!inli, a district town in thc^are lost and that any m ire 'area. and the jrovornment American military aid would be d. timed 1'J Nonh Vicinrmieselwasted. Furiher' coneressional anrl Viet Con.a killed. 'action or Preside;)! Ford's Nil Hit-pel Assnull t'.S. officials ere uere (Continued From TURK One) neiyhne.rhood. There was foodisaid water inside Ihe vehicle. ;tiic Communist.; would not the doir kept honking the; mount a direct ass-nil; on Sai th fM'iibably nn official Idr cmerL'eni-y in Washin.;;on Cambodia was dt-fcrrt indications that 'Friday, after Ford's poli.'y speech Thursdav 1 . Thc Viet t'onu; .'iiit><- Ihe Cniti.d Nations for roopenin.s the airfields Nan.; and Hue t.. snee national relief airlifts. .•ii had all of that. ^ you could charge the Maladur M.n-lDii Miilcsluic silverliin Spur . . .!ll . 11 .i-; .. .11 .ll.'l .111 .:•;<; ,., . I .-> .11.1 'I'riii-i- !•: N I N . Ariz. owner with is nuisance.'' Leaves Warning A police ofticer t'inalK was summoned, but there wasn't much he could do to ^et the do", to stop honkin;-; ihe horn. He left, a written warniir,' on the the doe. "on for the next Iwo or weeks hut instead would press for the ouster of Thieu and a negotiated sin render. The t : .S. Defense Oepurtmeiit technicians said l.r»(ll) more I'.S. Mar.nes wej'e needed have- been moved to ihe Philip i ines to providi hiltty" ;or the i! TO P H 0 S-'ii. r.mi i.'ajniin. lis. says bejcar's windshield savin; Viill seek a third Senate term in'was creating a nuisaiic Hiiii because the country is The car --and 11 reachiri:. 1 , a turniivj ]io,nl in the honking do;; with it ee..nomie crisis arid needs ex- disappeared sometime pericneod leaders. The Arizona .-One resident of Ihe I'.epubli.-an and former ^ovcr-' hood had disconneeiod is ranking licpublican on by then. Senate Interior Committee "If I could ;^et hold nor the aad was rankirK; J{c|'iul)lican on the c•;iifen i iHT> rnmmiltfe that nc'.ailialec! Ihe tax I'cbale bill. aboard C.S. Navy ships oil Vietnam. The naval (ask force has bee; assembled l> e\ac- uaio Americans Irom Sai'.;r;n if the ihveal to Ihe cily become.-; acute. Hut Pentagon sour, c.- sairl evacualion nlai'.s are beiii 1 ; -• ;n-ide (juicily lo avoid Iri^jer- e iKirn-ljn^ defeatism that could hasten finally:the counuy's collapse. Monday. Tlie wife of thc British am leishber- bassador and -11 other British Ihe horn wives, -children and nonessen .tin! embassy personnel arrivd U" that'in K-nit; en route io Lon and ber attso filiations at bntii ;-:ri)ori "hat kup cai;a- were dismantlerl before ill 2,.Kill Marines Soulh Vietnam* se retreat. i'i. On that occasion, banks of translormrs wiped out. and service was disrupted to :',!">.OUi) hoiiics. A Pi',&}j; spokesman said a security hat! been posted the substation alter that bombiriy but wa^ removed Monday ni^hi. A !' t e r ti -day's bombing. PCi&K i'lished two pottable transiormers to the sul)station. some la miles soul Invest of downtown S.m Josi-. and a spokesman reported that service had been restored by '•'•'.'>} a.m. An estimate .if liamavt was not immediately available, bin P ! '• &• I-'. .spokesman l.atrv Mcilonneil said "il was less e\ tensive than last lime." Illasls llciiril .ieannie Oirrie. who lives a half mile Irom thc siilistal i>.in. said she heard three- explosions to about two or Iliree, minules in apart. "Thev were povverln! )a lilasts. l-iul not as powerful as the lirs.l ones." she saiit. A bom!) ,si|uad and l-'BI The aerial attack on f.-ilaee came alter inrrea-ir. : domands that tlie president siep down because of ihe iTiili- taiy debacle alter he ordered the South Vietnamese army to ruslied to the scene, cordoned off the aiea and scar, lu-ii unsuccessfully lor olh- e ei 1 possible bombs. Ollicers said they did not yet know what lypo of devices were u.-ed. The sheritt's office first, re porli'd no major disruption i/f service after today's bombings. but -i) minutes later power was lost in sections of the Almaden Valley and ihe communities of l»s (iatos, San Teresa and Saratoga as well a.s areas (; f owner. Pd »ive him a piece of;don. The embassy siall wns re- my mind." one neighborhood, [lorled rrdur-ed lo seven resident said. ei-ht .staff members. Film Awarc or ictreat from thc Centra! Hi'_'h lands. The '_ r ov ernrn,-!)! sub sequently abandi/ned all of its holdiiV-'s in the central and northern part >if the country. most of it without a fi-nt. and Sliuil) S;ln Ju - S1 'now- controls less than a fourth of South Vii tiKtm. AttiU-k lOvpluincd South Vietnamese oifieials said the attacking plane was one of two F."> jets that took oil fnm P.icn Hoa Air Rase 15 c-m I'^l'"' 1 ^- ' miles norlheast of Sfiivm fur an air strike against the V'icL C'HIR. They said shortly alter tile lakeolf. Trims; peeled off and hc'i'uicd soulh for the (i.'il- ace. where be dropped four ;")')() pound bombs f( iinlimii'.l l-'roin o One) rockets niul his macrine fji.ns match, and then flew off. "The The attack occurred at H.-.'i'O'crystal a.m. At two of the bombs [exploded and blew out windows Ion the top three floors of one wint; of the four-story palace. Witnesses said one bomb bit a sandb.tgRcd tent housing members oi Ihe presidential ytiard in the yialaec compound less;| lv than 100 yards from the build- Howa.'d Koch, who is producing ihe Oscais show, prumi-es. "This is the year we return lo glamor." \Vilb the industry enjoying, a lv\o ID loiv.;-awaited prosperity. Koeli tired ;has plrinned a production lo whole show will have a look, and the women will a f> p o a v in glamorous .^•owns, all designed to match the sets." be said. The Motion Pic-lure Academy is striving to repair its ima^e after events that have tar ni.s-hod the Oscar - no-shows important svimuvs. refusals of the award by Gcorye C. Scott and Marlon Brando, n slreaker onstage at lasl year's PfCKIXG UP THK PIECES -Workmen prepare to ri«ht a trader on which a mobile home was being moved Monday bclo.-e a lirrce Htist of wind blew il, off the road. Thc mobile truck pulJniK the trailer was a pile of nibble, but thc driver was uninjured. The scene on Loop 2Sf) was one of many signs of the destruction wreaked during the violent, weather in the area Monday afternoon. (Staff Photo by Wcs PhilJipF) The identity of the casualties was not known, but Thieu in hi.s broadcast said "I antl my fa mi 1\ and thc personnel of the presidential palace are safe." f'Trinj!; fs If cant Shortly after the attack, sound nf small-arms fire wa •,< ,, heard in Uie streoU but u cnd-l wond . s on ,°-' l ^ c ' K ] ? mw ed ouiekly. An extended p>ili«:j"''!'" K ' r °' lllm ell|)s of cordon was thrown around the ul| " n ° I '- palace, 20mm antiaircraft wns K '"' n ho|)f ' s . lhl were wheeled into position! movc morc swlft! .V around the walled compound. year will he different, Koch said between rehearsals at the Dorothy Chandler Pavil. lion. Thc NRC telecast lil p m. '"-'CDTl will hark back to Holly a past ' VKMls .wars. and barbed wire and su-ei barricades were thrown vi[i lo block streets around (lie paJace. Shortly aflcr police with loudspeakers toured the streets, announcing thc 24-hour curl'cw. Most of the city's civilians fled from the streets immediately, but patrolling police look no action against thc lew stragglers. I The special curfew was ,?ndcd 'after six hours. SUViirfis « r| " not l»c pj-c.sented show will than in pre The sciemil lion camera, and the songs have been bunched into a single medley. "Looking back, T noticed (lie show sagged whenever the songs were done," the producer said. Koch has also repeated the academy's instructions to winners: Keep ynur acceptance short.

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