Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 8, 1968 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1968
Page 15
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ALTON EVENING TfiLEGHAPH MOOSE By Bob Water APARTMENT 8-G By Ale* Kotzky I/WON'T YOU STAY fOR C&FBL , PROFESSORif A« THE SIRS M AtWffMBffS-'G BREAK THE HEWS TO PROFESSOR 1 HAVE TO PRSfcRE A fOR 1OM3RWW/THANK YOU 90 MUCH POR DINNER.' I'M SORRV W&TOU? HIM/ HE'S STILL IN tOVS WITH HSKi rz IOWWS RETURN/ HB f SUPPENUV BECOMES QUIET MO EXCUSES.HIMSELF/ THE WIZARD OF ID *»y Parker and Hart 4$*Mfe«? FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry / IU BET Hff UfB OH IT/ . rr WAS AWSTATUE ISAW i ARGENTINA/ THE STATUE •< OUT MORE THAT DISAPPEARED UNDER J ABOUT MY NOSE/ /PBOF.HIMOR.' ...XWP WITH THIS NEW SATELLITE DEFENSE NETWORK, EARTH WILL BECOME A UNIFlEP PORTRESS/ IN OUR STRENGTH/ . . -r. FUTURE vSL-Li PEACE SHALL. BE SECURER/ By Bud Blake Mr. and Mrs. George Smith THE SMITH FAMILY I'LL SET OP WOVK. cmr PAPPY OOT OF WE WO^KH? SO JEFF OOBB By Peter Hoffman AND A SHORT TIME LATER.™ YOU WANT ME TO ALERT , ALL THE GUARDS ON THIS ESTATE? ...BUT..... ALL RIGHT, HALj KAYNEWTON RECEIVES AN URGENT CALL FROM HER. BROTHER.* GULP..A WM.KIN<5AD FOR GUN -< CONTROLS IF I EVER SAW ONE I gma../. PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates PHUMPLE GALLERY OF ASTRONAUT ART; *MAKl 6TANPIN& ON MEAD TWIRLING HDOLA-HQOP* X GUE6S I 6AVE PUITEA MONDAY, m* 8, IS** i M mi' i " ""• By Alfred Aftdfiote fMftiflft By A. LEOKUM What la Mythology? Win The New Book of Know! edge (20-volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper, You must Include your Zip Code, In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner Is: Angela Quarino, Solvay, N.Y. Mythology arose because man felt a need to explain what happened all around him in the world. Me created stories, or myths, that explained why the sun rose, why the corn grew, why people died, who ; Created the universe, in fact, about everything that puzzled him. In primitive times, man believed in many gods. So there was a god that lived to the corn, a god that threw a hammer across the sky when he was angry and that was thunder, a god who, made the sea move, a god who made tire, and so on. They gave the gods names, praised them and worshipped them. Mythologies an over the world reflected the life of the people, the climate, how much progress they had made. It is an nteresting thing that many mythologists from different parts of the" world are similar, and sometimes even the same story is told in their myths. If there Is one mythology that has had the greatest effect on our lives, so that even today we make references to it constantly, it is the mythology of ancient Greece. It was actually the religion of the Greeks and existed five hundred years before Christ. For example, the Greeks built beautiful temples in which they worshiped their gods. The architecture of those temples is still being copied in cities all over the world. The Lincoln-Memorv< ial in Washington, D.C. is modeled after ancient Greek temples. An "atlas" is a book of maps. It is named after Atlas, and the Greeks believed he held up the world on his shoulders. If you .think of speed, you might think of Mercury, the Greek god with wings on his feet. A- man with muscles is strong as Hercules. -The "vulcanizing" process is named after Vulcan, the god of fire. "At first, myths were told by people, from one generation to another; Later on they were written down, and some of the greatest literature of the world consists of the great mythologies of various nations and peoples. FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Smart Guy (getting on bus): Is your ark full, Noah? Driver: No, I'm lacking one donkey. Come in. Tourist: What's the speed limit through here? Native: Haven't got one. You strangers can't go through here fast enough for us. THE TRICK BOX KERRY DRAKE awrnit™ jgWSUAW WAS \ WAY, SER jWttDSETMe V* SEANT/ OVER HERE, MR, HAS JUST ««* DAVID CRANE By George Sbtto Make this drawing on a large sheet of paper. Then cut the square along the lines shown into seven pieces. Mix up the pieces and challenge your friend to put them together so as to form a square. It won't be easy! Win the New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "Riddles, Jokes: Tell Me Why!" Give Zip Code. Today's winner Is: Nathaniel Cooper, Comer, Geor- Sell your "Don't Needs" in the bargain hunter's paradise.... The Telegraph Want Ads! Phone 465-6611 THE BEERYS By Carl Grnbert HENRY By Carl Anderson JUMBO TUBE OP TOOTHPASTE fi True Life Adventures! vicious VISITOR BEAR SMITHS AT KOUMV? SQUfl?KE)- HOJ-ES. THE AREA SEJSMS TTESETCTfiC'. - , ATI-AST/ DbtribultdtgrKIJfrwtiiniBptfcil* 7*8 LITTLE PEQPUE'S PUZZLE '/ '1VIS 'f 'HWVi '51305 *m 'tn» T '9m ' CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbeffer HORIZONTAL LHaul 6. Kind of knife •.European river USandarao tree M.Mln» entrance 14. Bom 1C, Rhetorical unit rr.Makelae* 18. Foot ball team 19. Soil 21. Printer*! measure 22. Compel 24. William 27. A rapport 28. Noblemaa 81.TahlUaa go4 32. Native metal 83. Philippine peaeant 84. Labyrinth M.Land measure 87. A bird 88. Foe 40. Therefore 41. Himalayan animal 48. Sharpening 47. Work unit 48. A governor (Maco.) 61, Time Of life 82. Midday 68. Band hill 64. Diatm* signal 68. Obstacle 66. VERTICAL 1. Headland 2. Inland «e* B-Unuaual 4. To Journey 6. Farm building I Harem room 7. Lablum B. Addition*! 9. Plea 10. Flesh food 11. Son of Adam Answer to Saturday'* puzxle. Ararat* tin* •! toll tl«i i MMlMte** 16. Jewel SO. High card 12. River boat a*. Curved molding Jon «• 80. Period of Urn* M. RhoraM 87. Type of •oU 89. Operated 10. Worm larva S3. Concluitoej 87. Minute almple organism* 88. Win* througU •Wort 40. The tun 41. Vegetable* 42. Jaton'B •hip 48. Depended 44. Detail 45. Not any 46. Expanded 49. An eternity 60. Tibetan gaselle a IS" 18 24 31 5 41 2$ 41 26 2| W 39 19 27 3Z 9 22 60 23 19 40 20 2 37 1 17 4 1 M $ V^V^^\jy^ij, . •... . .' ^ . •ABYOAD XAYftBFA OZH HAO »«00, HX00 Q»> A. "' ' '' •' •' '- iitarMri Crypjw«ujpi YOUNG TOURIST BRJNOS BACK •liACJC, LAX7T UNOBRia : /••..,. •> •• 1 fft IBM, i King JFAAtuirM fiyndlAki* wrw '*^"!F* • "**P^ .^Wff*^*BBp wd'-W l *V*l » *l

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