The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 28, 1969 · Page 11
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July 28, 1969

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 11

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, July 28, 1969
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

Corduroy can Ret the glamour treatment, loo. This.evening topper by Lola Capel is in chocolate brown ribbless corduroy trimmed with rhinestone buttons. _._A PAGE FOR Women Kbine g JUjjijier Monday, July 28,1969 Page 11 Stitch Up Gloves On Sewing Machine By Heloise Cruse Dear Folks: Did you know you could mend white cotton gloves using a No. 11 needle on the sewing machine? Most of these gloves are hand- stitched, and they come apart between the fingers, along the thumb and down the edge of the palm, . Just sew very slowly with a medium-size stitch. If you don't get the two edges to- hlnts from gether perfectly, take your scissors and whack off any excess material. Wet your gloves thoroughly. Then take a toothbrush and scrub where you've sewn. When they're dry, you'll never know the difference. —Heloise Corn Off Cobs Dear Heloise: Have you ever tried taking corn off the cob with an electric knife? The other evening 1 was faced with 120 ears of corn and no sharp knife, so I de- cided to try it. It works beautifully. —Lillian Landeen Whipped Shampoo Dear Heloise; My husband suggested that I try my electric mixer to beat up the foam I use to clean the upholstered cushions. My portable electric whipper m a d e a marvelous dry foam, and I found I was able to shampoo the upholstery in less than half the usual time. — Mrs. H. Samuel Ironing Rack Dear Heloise: If you don't have an ironing rack to hang finished garments on, you can use the upper legs of an opened card table placed on its side. — Mrs. Melvin Traut Cosmetic Rack Dear Heloise: Paint that discarded spice rack to match your bathroom walls, and hang it in there to hold your cosmetics. —Mrs, Joe Brooks of the volume Her column mill ih» *Hy wta the AMY ByJackTipptt 7-20 "Don't look now, Rosemary, but we're being followed." First and Last Word in Fashion: Corduroy My Malinda Wie.sner (Th« R««lst«r's Fashion Editor) /CORDUROY is cutting ^ capers around the fashion scene. Once it was restricted to the narrow pinwale version for casual wear, and every kid on the block- had a pair of cord pants. Now these kids have pi-own up and they .still put corduroy near the top of the list of favorite fabrics, But the narrow wale corduroy isn't the only one in I he family petting credit. Nowadays corduroy comes in every width rib from the tiny pinwale to the super-wide rib. There are plaid-cut textures where the pile is cut vertically and horizontally in plaid patterns. There are honeycomb ' and nail head cuts and Check the new corduroy for kids. This houndstooth print on snappy knickers, vest and cap is by Selwu Shaker for Jon Jon of Canada. Turtleneck and socks complete outfit. A deft combination of corduroy and leather is shown for fall by Nan Herzlinger for Mallory. The ribbed jacket is trimmed in leather to match the wide legged pants. Everyone Knows Picasso Dear Mrs. Bicker: I am a boy, junior high age, who has a huge problem. I am a sissy! I know that sounds blunt, but it's the truth. I am so lousy i n athletics, fun- -Doritty Hckw TEEN-AGE MAIL it isn't ny. I have only a handful of friends and no one to call "best friend." I've read that, in a case like mine, you advise kids to find something to do in which they can excel. Well, I am fairly good in art, but I have to wait until September to take it in school. In the meantime, what can I do? I don't want to talk about my problem to anyone, because everyone knows about it anyway. —"Pretty Pete" Mrs. Ricker says: There are thousands of boys who cannot excel in sports. Most of them have dreams of being rugged, top-notch athletes, but many cannot make the grade. This does not mean that they are sissies, and this applies to you, too. If you are interested in art and you have talent, you do not have to wait until school opens to do something about it. Buy a sketch book, and start looking for interesting subjects to draw indoors and outdoors, or create your own picture ideas. Experiment with oils, water colors, and pastels. Then, when school starts, take art lessons. I realize that this advice is not going to satisfy your desire to be an athlete now, but try to look at it this way. In years to come, who will remember the name of the football captain who graduated from high school this year? On the other hand, the names of Gainsborough, Rembrandt, Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec and many other famous artists will be remembered forever. One other suggestion, Pete, if you have acquired effeminate gestures or habits, try to correct them. Then, make up your mind that just because you cannot be a big-wheel athlete it doesn't mean you cannot be completely mascu* line and live a fine, productive life. Start Competing Dear Mrs. Ricker: We are a group of girls who really need your help. Our problem is about another girl who is our age. She has everything — and we mean just that. She's cute, has a nice figure, long blonde hair (natural blonde, no less), she's very smart, athletic, etc. You name it — she's got it. The boys flock around her as if she's the queen in a boehive. She is also very conceited, but she has very good reasons, and the boys seem to overlook it. It's not that we want to take all-the boys away from her, but wt would like to get a little attention from them once in a while. —"The Girls" Mrs. Ricker says: - You didn't mention your ages, but I suspect you all are under 16. Otherwise, the boys would be smart enough to realize they can't all have the one girl, and they wouldn't con- centrate on her and ignore the rest of you. My advice? Quit worrying so much about her, and do everything possible to be attractive, friendly, and fun to be with. Perhaps if you think more about yourselves and improve your own appearances, and personalities, you can give the girl some competition. _ Wrily to Dorothy Ricktr in cjre of Th« DM Moinos R*tiit*r. Toen-Ai* Mill ippian litre* timts weekly on «»• jjomon'i pagct ol The Dei Moinn KvQl9lCr« even a corduroy that isn't cut at all. This riblcss fabric has the look of veloui' with the sturdy characteristics of corduroy. Kids are still in their corduroy togs but they have changed. Now it might he a plaid jumper, an argyle dress, art deco pants, "houndstooth-check pants—all of the newest • patterns to be printed on corduroy. Corduroy is just as pretty all grown up, loo. Mom might like her new vest in print corduroy or a tunic in the plushy widest wale style. There are wrap-around dresses, blazers, wide- legged pants, western shirts and bush jackets all featuring the variety of ribbings. The ribless corduroy is • a natural for an evening out. It could turn up in a pair of evening pants and jacket, or be shaped in a short cocktajl dress. Most glamorous of all ~ will be the evening coats trimmed in rhinestone buttons. * * * OELL BOTTOMS may *J be at their peak of fashion but they also are the first things to get caught in' bicycle spokes. One designer offers bicycle bells as the solution to this problem. The pants are trimmed with a IMlle strap and snap at the ankle. When you are riding, wrap the strap around the ankle to belt in all the fullness. When you're just playing around, unsnap them and let them be bell bottoms. + * KR SINCE Uudi Gernrcich turned out a topless swimsuit, top- lessness has had more than its fair share of attention. Now you have to admit that one of those swimsujts would be a tough act to follow, but someone is trying—with a topless lipstick. The cosmetic company presents a case that is opened with one hand and a twist, leaving the other hand free to hold the mirror. With the twist, the top slides open like the shutter of a camera and the lipstick slides up. Inside the colors are semi-transparent with a pearly finish. Little girls can get the ribbing in an argyle printed skimmer dress. A flirtatious tarn matches. By Cinderella. Sears Your Dollars Go Further at Sears Luggage-Style Hair Dryers with 5-piccc Power Manicure Set Save $3.07 Regular $19.95 4 Days Only 16 88 A portable beauty parlor for a girl on the go! Five temperature choices to ensure her comfort. Manicure set with attachments for shaping, filing, cuticle brushing, buffing. Smart yellow and white case. Power Toothbrushes Rechargeable Regular $13.98 11 88 18(11) up-and-down strokes a minute for roaJly clean teeth. 6 color-coded brushes. Cordless, rechargeable. SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Satisfaction Gupranictd *r Yov Uoitey Back Lighted Mirror Sears Price 13 98 Circle mirror flips to magnifier. Shadow-free makeup sessions. You'll look your best. Two-Way Light Mirror Sears Price *20 Enjoy easy make-up perfection. Mirror flips to magnifier. Soft light. CHAK(iE IT on Sears Revolving Charge Sears Sews. Kocfecfc and Co. MERLE HAY PLAZA 4000 Merle Hay Rd. Phone 276-4911 De» Moines, la. STORE HOURS Monday tlu-u O.Oft Q.Uft Saturday ... "««> U a.m. to "»«HJ p . p.m.

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