The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1953
Page 2
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TWO BLVTHEVrLLE (ARK.) COURIEtt NEWS Tougher U.S. Policy Evolves As French Continue EDC Lag By JAMES MAR1.0W WASHINGTON (AP) — The exasperation of the Eisenhower administration — in trying to get I he French to join a single European army — reads like a fever chart. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1981 Court Says WILMINGTON, Di>. itm — U. S. Dist. Court judRp Paul I/'ahy ruled ypslcrdny that the cellophane operation of the Du Pnnt Co, was not a monopoly or conspiracy in re- stranlni? of trade as charged by the Kovprnment. Leahy dismissed (he complaint, !?T LryB A a r l l ofil19 Bell Telephone Held by AEA LITTLE ROCK (/>') — Primary ballollne in Hie (-lection of officers for the Arkansas Education As"O- clatlon resulted In the selection of ;ui assistant school suneiinteM- Up $8 Million ST. LOUIS W>—The Southwesten dent and a college instructor as! Belt Telephone Co. reported yestcr- ruit-off candidates for the presi- dny Us net'lncome for the first 10 months of this year was $45,598,672, dency. Chris Corbin, superintendent, at Fort Smith and Miss Amy Jean Greene, a Hencler- asslBtant school or about $8,643,000 more than for the comparable period of 1952 Gross revenue for the six-state Secretary of Stale Dulles, representing the administration, start- Lame Puck This rolled off the French. They fd out fairly warm. He was red still didn't join Ihe single army, hot veslerda.v in Paris where he ' allhoush they're Ihe ones who pro- warned the French: 'po^d " «' ! >' s <"«• Since- l->b,»»<-y ev don't join the sinRle army I President Riscnhower and Dulles this country may pull it* have-met wiih them several limes, son Slate Teaeher Colle fi e instructor !" tility durlnis the 10-month period have bffn named candidates for the post. Final election for all offices of MIC AEA will be held April 2. Ol-i^, iicials will lake olfice July 1. was $473,5(15,381, approximate!'/ S35.000.000 above the figure for the same period last year. If the soon, troops out of Europe. As he. put it. this country would be forced to an "aeonizing reappraisal" of it.s basic policies toward Europe. Dulles showed his first sigi temperature last Jan. 27, sis days after takins office. He said ihis coun'.ry would have to do a "Jli.tle re-thinkins" if there seemed nc chance for European unity. Ke followed this up with a fiis tour of Europe, returned, and Dulles more than Eisenhower. This monlh at yormuda bolh sat down with French Premier Laniel and French Foreiun Minister Bi- o f 'dault. together with Briton's Prune 1 Minister ChtM-chill and Foreign Chi'i-chill Eden. [ The Americans and British re.- :porledly put the heat on the i Frenchmen 10 Ret moving. But it !\vfis noi reported they Rot any solid 'promises. Neither Frenchman w,us Feb. 12 said that unless there was Jin position (o be too positive. concrete evidence of progress to- j This month the French hold na- ward unity "future planning williticmal elections which may leaye be difficult." [Laniel iu\d Bidault unemployed. , . Stop New Car Halleck Says Ike Wants Farmers To Get Fair Share But They Shouldn't Become Wards of The Government FTC Drops Suit {Against New York | Publishing Firm I WASHINGTON W — In line with | its new policy toward use of the i word "free" in advertising, the I Federal Trade Commission today j dismissed a complaint against. Doubleday & Co.. Inc., of New York Last September the commission said it will proceed against Use of the trrm "free" only where the circumstances tend to mislead or deceive the public. Doublcday had been cited for using "free" and "bonus books" in connection with its operation of several book club plans. The now-dismissed complaint had charged books offered weren't really "free"| because persons getting them had to buy nt least four other books. filed six years ago under the antitrust Inws by the U. P. Justice Department, lie said that, the E, I, du Pont de Nrmours & Co., Inc.— America's largest, chemical-making firm—.should not "be punished for its success." Specifically the government accused Du Pont of: Controlling manufacture a n rl salft of cellophane, limiting production, excluding competition, fixing prices, retaining light hold on patents. j Thieves had stolen the carburetor, | crease in revenue, the spokesman The Rovernment nsked that, I5u; a j r C | can0 ]- and automatic choke j said, were increases in rates and in Pont be required f,o divrst itself i - i the number of customers, of Rome plants and factories and establish a competitive industry in Who Wants A Drivers License? POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. (/P) — A Missouri highway patrolman accompanied a woman applicant for a driver's license to determine whether she could drive properly. As they neared the edge of town, the patrolman asked her to try and park her car at & point he designated. "Park here?" she Inquired "Can't we find a more secluded '• spot?" Governor III with Flu about $904,500 higher than for the I comparable month of 1952. and' Little ROCK WsC. .lae aL.. • uross revenue for the month was J LITTLE ROCK & — Gov. Francis | $38.585,746, up about $2,150,000 over I Cherry was confined to his home [October of 1952. yesterday with influenza. i His office said that Cherry's. scheduled meeting with a group; from the Ford Foundation had been KANSAS CITY I/ft — Darnell A ; A company spokesman explained Smith couldn't start his almost- . the net income figures represent new car. j earnings after interest payments. He looked under the hood. | Among factors in the sharp postponed. cellophane and caps and hands. Du Pont denied the charpes. Judge Leahy sairi "the facts de-' hereby warned to appear within stroy the chaises." thirty i.?0> days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Fairle Mae Thomas. P-ted this 14th day of December. : The firm's investment in plant I he wildcat once was a sacred facilities was placed at 51,300 000-1 animal in Egypt. 000 , up $105,000,000 from last year. | IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CIIICKASAWHA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Fairie Mae Thomas, Pltf. vs. No. 12,589 John Thomas, pft, WARNING ORDER The defendant, John Thomas, Read Courier News Classified Ads Aspirin At Its Bett SEAL ! GERALDINE LISTON. Clerk, i BY OPAL, DOYLE. D. C. i IKeck Si Partlow, Attys for Pltf. | I Marcus Evrard, Atty. ad Litein. i ;i 12/15-22-29-1,51 StJoseph ASPIRIN WORLD'S LARGEST SELUR AT 100 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL PUPPIES Fnx Terriers, Cocker Spaniels and English Shepherds- Give a Parakeet for Christmas. Young: birds all colors. BruuUful chrome eases. Mt-.\ican Red Head Parrot. The PET SHOP 133 S. Division Ph. 8875 i Wallet Stolen in Court CHICAGO W)—Rep. Charles A. Halleck of Indiana. Republican majority leader in the House, said today the Eisenhower administration wants farmers to Ret a "fair" share of the national income. But he said, it, does not. want to make them wards of the government in doing so. In a talk prepared for the annual convention of the American Farm Bureau Federation, Hallcrk said it, ^.^ „ ., „ ha, been established that a .pros- f Jj^,.^' ^^^ ^ perous agriculture is thf b-11- D i st fi c i Court that his wallet con- weather of our total domestic econo- |nin , n(r MM was slolcn r|Rht |n m - v - the courtroom. He said the wallet The GOP leader said answers to [disappeared while he was present- the problem of farm surpluses and j ing a motion in behalf of a client lower prices are to be found In de- charged with being a pickpocket, veloping new uses for farm nr'd- ucts, improvements in marketing systems, and development of 'great- Jood consciousness by people." "What I am suggesting," he SP "is simply that the problem of J GRACEFULLY STYLED Traditional Tables 0 WITH HAND PADDED 24 (CARAT GOLD TOOLED ? ' GENUINE LEATHER TOPS new Inseci-killing lie;ht bulb our! hns recessed pockets in which Bite j pfoel-I nsec naiticide nre viipor- sound and prosperous agricultural economy doesn't have fl trick nn- swer. [ "There isn't any panacea, and sooner we the sooner we all realize that the , tions," clal or camp UPC, the light bulb works In all positions and should burn more than 8000 hours. will rind the right solu- Baby Born with Two Heads, 4 Arms INDIANAPOLIS («—A baby born*Saturday with two hearts and [o»r| IN TUE rRfm , VTF . colmT FOR arms, remained in- an oxygen tank; Tm , r / m( . KASAn ,,' iA DISTRICT today at Riley Hospital at the Indi- op MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ana University medical center. ARKANSAS. Doctors said the baby, possibly j IN THE MATTER OF THE the only such child ever born alive. I ESTATE OF No. 2,217 remained i n critical condition, JOHN J. PARISH. Deceased, though there has been some very NOTICE slight improvement. Estale of .John J. Parish, Deceased. The baby was born by Caesarian ! Last known address: YOUR CHOICE ONLY section in Washington, Ind., to a 28-year-old mother of three normal daughters. WARMING O R D F. R IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. S. Pickens, Pltf. vs. No. 814 Lilly Street, Blytheville, Arkansas. Date of Death: 8 September. 11)53. The Undersigned. Mrs. Ella Boonc. appointed Administra- trix of the estate of Ihe above named decedent on the 10th day of December. 1953. All persons having claims against Ihe estate must e.xiiibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six- months from the date of the eee Pic, «?«j hereof and; \,V. ' named in the caption answer the complaint of the plaintiff. S. Pickens, Dated this 30th day of November, 1953. T. J. Crowder. Atty. [or Pltf. OERALDINE LISTON. Clerk, By VIRGINIA WALTERS. D.C. 12/1-8-15-22 MRS. ELLA BOONE, Administratrix 614 Lilly Street, Blytheville. Arkansas. Harrison and Harrison. Attorneys for Administratrix. 12/15-22 HOT WATER IN A HURRY C-E HEATMASTER'S last IK:lion delivery of piping hot water in abundant* means real luxury in living for you. Automatic, economical HKATMASTER it built for long and carefree lervice, Buy From Your Plumbing Contractor or dealer in Blytheville Distributed in this area by Midsoutl) Plumbing Supply Co. (WHOLESALE EXd.USIVELl'i Rear 213-215 Walnut Phone "MJ -wifh fhe NEW G-E Automatic Blanket Deluxe/ Usually $29.95 • Beautiful Mahogany Finish • Hand Rubbed and Polished • Decorative Grill Ends • Graceful Tapering Legs Here are the tallies of your dreams a I a price you'd never dream possible. Superbly crafted, decorator fashioned, with 24 Karat Gold Tooled Genuine Leather Tops . . . tables (hat look as if they're custom made for you. You'll surely want several when you see them! COME IN AND SAVE'- COME IN TODAY WHILE SELECTIONS ARE COMPLETE! These tables were bought to sell for $29.95. They were shipped late by the factory, so we are offering you this outstanding value for your Christmas shopping . . . only 19.88 each. C. AI. Smart Furniture Co. niylhcvillc, Ark. Please sent! me the table (s- indicated below. T enclose check or money order for S and agree in pay (he balance S monthly, plus a small credit service charge. Free delivery within 50 miles: D A—Step Table n C— End Table D B—Lamp Table Q n—Cncktiiil Table NAME (print- ADDRESS Phone. CITV STATE If you have a charge account with us, plcaso chrcK her? Jimmie Edwards FURNITURE CO. 01 E. Alain Phone 2487 C. M. SMART FURNITURE, Inc. Thrifty Shoppers Buy Smart Furniture" aa> fcM>kitt ^ OUR GIFT TO YOU! A handful of silver The boy] pictured above is filled with nickles, dimes, quarters, half dollars ami silver dollars. With every purchase of SI 00.00 or more we will apply against the purchase price (he amount of coins you can pick from (he bowl with one hand. Come in now, make your selection of merchandise and apply a handful of silver from us (oward (he purchase price. 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