The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 2, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1924
Page 12
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1.^ PAGF TWFT.VR THE -HUTCHINSON NEWS. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1924 by EDMUND «i DEGIN HERE TODAY i '..n ii-M'i I.-, pi M |rri "t"r In K.tvit. ... Hi.. ,,nn>- "I !•.<"•> ;t!!t.,!l..n I" ,mM i.n.. "I ' 1 -.i(f-' !.:•".i- .t .i . \v hn hn'll. ill:i f . I.' i.-mion i.f ]•'' ll"^ 1 •'• 1 A iilmid. the sin IlKlll I Ml.llV.-.l'. I riu.iii ... In ino:i|i •ird MI lit.* ,r..' P Ml- Inl •\\tv In I' i.l- i-ili I'. •J- r.i r „l III: :..t i i- ,.i ; ,,.:..,i; in. I hi': t.-.-I l-lt-- liiu kti'- ,!,,. li,...|s -till r ^ii" iIn- I opiir...- It wns. Hi a I 111 lint HII<-<-»*' - '!' lii-i l..|hav.:> l„.li.v .1 !»• i.iil wi-lii'il 1 !,„i; ..!' f ..rr I,, tin- i:i:l ' ii'..ul.In.-' ill full. 1 nuii'l-- • - (11 ,H - iwiHcM. .u«'l| k,u,< ' k ' ,, » ; "Wji<n't il slmiu; iiM| -: it i <l i;i r 1 11«••<': 1 1 !y. t )•'< llmvi's il;nijr)t 'Ml i ' < July ii'.Miul I w irn - I tisiliilly tiike II *." j Tlie y.\r] litiU 'llfil, tun, .1 Htt t rip' ; ['line In it j li (liiii ihiilk-d lu'r ruin, p.Mlinn, '• j " VDII ('"i-iiiiiily looknl im if >ou „ j WJUIIIMI n plrUini'up." Mio d i'».*laro <l. Th" fi'f .'llrm of jtwkwaiihu 'SH was wnarinc nff. Me Ml ffiupU'd tu pliiy Willi (Hie of thus* 1 Iruaiil smtmta thai. loM't tirldliiK Mm. Tln-y *;it UIITO . InokHiK nu( (n- h» Dm din knoHs. tlm lirtM '/.c nisi I* IMP ; tho P !ts ;i.i thtiti'U »!»ovo \honi. Tin* cliiimv (Milne with stirprmtip i-| j'.uildetinesM. A fat spider. Us body i tlin size of ;i pigeon's ct-tr, dropped NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY I Uilo E|lU , v ^terson'f. lap. The pirl ! iiftrrcd :t Hi 'i'i-iiri) und HuUK tmlH inns rtniinl Knllows* nnek. He the tliliiK urf with the Inu-W viV his hand, hut .still tho yirl clunk' to him desperately. !!<• was iievr finite clear how It happened. .SnnrMliiti:? .seemed to snap in lifa 1 rain and h<> woke to I find himself kis.>iiiK 'he iiiiieslst- in.i,' lip .H of ii woman '-''ho .sobbed hysterically in pin .ivrn.-. A tall, thin figure, stayed suddenly up ihe path, the lamp Hf-'ht falling on <i face that was whit*.* as death, on the blue lips nf a man who H t ;i -'.'irered toward litem, a native opium pipe in one hand. Knid sh'iipKlotl to her fi_pt with a Ift'le scream--ami Fell owes went slowly down the steps to meet I'atersou, n«,» caught him hy the shoulder and fchook him violently. Oner more he \r ;is the first assistant with the interest of the estate at heart. Obvious of every!hint; except, the niily too palpable condi- If"ii of the doped eveiUure, he shinned nt him .-avar-'ly: "Whero have you boen? What have you been tip to? Where did you p't that pipe?" I'aterson blinked up at Uim with iinseeins eyes. "Ohandu, old bean!" ho murmured rosiatirnlly. "i*,ood old ih.indu!" He collapsed suddenly on Feitowes' shoulder. The first assistant, picked him up like a sack and carried him past a woman whose face was hurled In )\*sr hands, Into his room. 11a shm.e him unceremoniously on to the bed, lit the lamp and emptied the contents of a water ju™ over his head. His hands on his hips, he regarded the inert pnterson with a look full of the deepest loathing,. Presently, hi throw open the window lo Ha tarthesL extent and went out at the door, hx-kini: it after him and t iuau ••!\es Up: it .d F'-l.o hat rule. • Iinut Kn- .if IP t on the narrow f 1 itr 1U. inn nintiioiily biid sii: 11 rival nf tlii- u hisky had led in loiisiu}.: mm from y. The tirst assistant • knew hi'-- own mind. In-- rnuhl sift to the hot- ri'.:Hn'" Vi-iled antipathy n ;inrr Viob'f ey*-S Were m:iol. Iff had never to mala- a miss precisely what in*: him at that niotnenf. . :t.-.-i-'a:its l'unm-d them>n ih'-tr lord and master, wa -i no <-\Ti 'pl ion to And \ i t he felt, so sure d. in an affair of heart, K in normal eir.-um- . t n unrciisomihjy short v. IsirU to luj-ie ill" extent ... .. at i (•( : inns ; but on hoard ! iml i;i l.taely pornouH of the | earth's .-url'ai'ii eom\itious uro ad- unite i!y abnormal. Tie' arrival of the object of his dceaij.s, aitired In a wonderfully eml>].•»iiier"d kimono, put an abrupt fom'l'.ij-'.nn to \\\?, vi'verh\ "]'!• a-e don'i p**t tip.'' she int- l-hn-'-il. " VIIII look so ti'diirhtfully 1 - mt'ori -liil' , "Why. \ on musi bo Vou Inven't had your cVd- :iiit'-: drink!" she uncorked the bottle and poured our aii o\«. t• yenerous- heljiint: of '-pirit. llejore he could gather his wits • tether, sue )uol turnst .the i-iass n:o bis hand and had 'smiL'(;!<_-(( ;own on the floor he.-ide him. '•It's r-'al'iy too uoi-.d of you,** he n-arm tired, w.uriurm the bubbles :-i- : ij)L-, "Ti-d'« rathf-r late tonight. Wonder whiir on onrth he can ave found to necupy him'.''' l-inid's evfs op"(o-d uid< 5 . "Hasn't he cmne homo yet? Isn't • disfnu-oful? I've be .-n asleep for The. spaco bet weep the two door j ;.>Ms was absurdly small. They j .• j-r«- so tightly wedued in that, he j heL -an to wonder how on earth they : .ere pidtii; to iz/-t out: Her proximity was positively *'ni harra.- sting ray strands of her black ban •.ept touching his check. He rather l.ked the (-f-*ni she used. Jt was MtwjcWy intoxIcatitiE'. "I hope you'n* coinforia!)!^, Miss l 'atc .r .-on'. 1 " !ir Hsked. utter a pause. "There'n not much room to spare, is there? 1 ' "Don't you like me being here?" she murmured. She spoke softly, hut Feilaw'-s thou^-u h<? eon Id " detect a slight suspicion of pain, "Of course I do," lie blurted out hriMily. "I was feeling pretty down- in-t.he-mou .th utitil you came out. It 's perfectly Hplcndtd of you to , ,'tay hore, Ar* you sure that post isn 't hurting yon?"' Ho took a deep draught and put tho fihtSF. down on the floor bohimi him. "1 think your hand must have slipped with thai whisky," he add- od with a KTin. ioiisness of Paterson's lappo htiitR Ukt- an n«ly elond, Wbatnvrr nil;?ht b»t the nmi elsewhero, Cor* tigaii'ii assistants were i-OKardud [ by their men as little nod*. This; dniK fi- tid whoso Klster Fellowes ' had kissed had poswihly Hhattered j the wall of solid respeet years of 1 patient toil had built up. For Knid'n sake he had refrained from ( tolling t 'orrif :au of tlm (nuntlessi mistiilo'^ Palerson had made in his \ daily nork, mistakes that he himself had Invariably cleared tip. I At the conclusion of the final j course, the girl rose slowly to her feet, dabbing her checks, with her handkerehief. "May 1 sen him.," she asked la a low voice. Fellowes handed her the liny without a word. He Rat down again ami began disserting; n green orange. Ho heard her close the door after Iter, caught the tapping of her slippers down tho pns- sairo, the sound of tho key In tho lock of tho bedroom door. A sudden revulsion of feeling urged him to folltrw her. Ho r* memberod that, sho WHS a newcomer to tho oast, that perhaps she had no knowledge of her brother's failings. Ho felt that It was! up to htm to comfort her. HU heedless shoefi made no noise on tlu> boanlod floor as ho hurried after her. The sound of voices mining from the room where Patterson Iny • brought him suddenly erect in the passage. Ho had no intention of listening, but tho words the girl spoke in a strange, hissing- voice that he scarcely knew, held him rooted to tho spot, struck motionless with amazement. "You fool I Why couldn't yon hnve kept, away from it for another work? I'd done my part. I had that poor idiot between my finger and thumb. Oh/you fool!" The weak, mumbling tones ot Patersnn followed. "Why can't you leave mo alone? I couldn't keep #ff H—and that's all there is to it. I had to have something, hadn't 1?" Fe'lowes crept back to the living room, his brain reeling. He tried to force himself to think coherently. He clenched his fists. So he was the poor Idiot? God! What a blind fool he'd been! And still he couldn't see clearly. Was it possible that Knid, knowing full well her brother's fallings, had come with hint, desperately resolved to keep him straight? The agents had said he was a good man, at any rate, But "that poor idiot" rankled! And why should he keep straight only for another week ? The atmosphere of the hous.^ stifled him. He felt ho must have air, buckets of it! He grabbed a Tern! hat from a nail which served as a hook, and pHmged for the veranda. He reeled back iu utter astonishment, hardly honoring his eyes. Corn^ui, cool and collects, sat calmly in a chair by the'bamboo table. His topee was on the floor by hia side and a Ua 'f -empty glass stood at his elbow. He was grln- •i ng from ear to ear.- "SH.iper.% pyjamas and telt hat ; rmiplete;" he murmured as if to , Ymself. "Ye Cods! it's wonderful i •A 'hat a, clever woman can do to a ' inn!" i Fellowes gasped. i "Weren't going out like that, hy ny chance?" pursued bis employ- r relentlessly. 1 The first assistant collapsed on , 'j a seat hy Corrigan's side. ; "How much do you know, Corri"an?" he inquired lamely. *'I know that you want, a good stiff tot, old son!" (To E> Continued.J MULES SOLD FOR BIG FIGURE Teams Brought $300 to $325 and One Mule Sold for $225 in Lane County. niKliU'ii. Kiin., Deo. 2.—Miilus 3(.U1 (in Horn $300 to $325 per tin. mill ono flno inula brought J2U'i, nt. mi auction snlo hold lit tlip farm nt H. O. Durr, olglit miles c.'int nt Dlnhlim. A total nt im mules wor« sold nt tho miction for fin ngKregate of !ll.TDi). The host niulo, a prize winner, solii for $225. Muycra were at the siile from over Konsas and Oklahoma. * Mr. Durr owns a 1,600 acre farm In this county. He puta In 1,000 or more tuTos of wheat everyyeav, and this year harvested 20,000 bushels of ^iieat. WOMAN OF FORTY VICTIM OF CONSTIPATION YOUR BOY Sec to It that he get» the body-building and strengthening elements that Scott's Emulsion supplies in great abundance, it is the famous white food-, tonic that builds strength for all ages. Scott S TVrew, BtooraneM. M. J. *-6 Mrs.. Fannie White ot S78 Mnicy Avenue, Brooklyn. N. V., writes: "Almost every morning;, for tlie List five years 1 suffered with sick headaches, 1 felt this was clue to nervousness, never dreaming that faulty, intestinal elimination caused my suffering. 1 felt wretched, my appetite was gone, I lost interest in preparing my meals, life was not worth. living. A few days' treatment of Carter's Little Liver pills worked wonder*. They are small, easy to take- no griping — and leav.€ pleasant after effects." Use tho Shop-O-Hcope—use your head, not your feet and make this the merriest Xmas ever. tt Combing Won't Rid Hair of Dandruff The only sure way to get rid of dandruff is to dissolve it, then you destroy It entirely. To do this, get about four ounces ot ordinary liquid nrvon: apply it at night when retiring; use enough to moisten the scalp and rub It in gently with the 'tinser tips. Do this tonight, and by morning, most if not all, of your dandruff will he gono and two or three more applications will completely dls solve nnd entirely destroy ever' single sign and trace of H, no mo ter how much dandruff you ma have. You will tind, too, that all itch Ing and dlgplng of the scalp will stop at once, and you' hair will be fluffy, lustrous, glossy, silky and soft, and look and feel a hundred times better. You can get liquid arvon at any drug store and it never fails to do the work. IF SKIN BREAKS OUT AND ITCHES APPLY SULPHUR Just the moment you apply Mentho-Sulphur to an itching, burning or broken out akin, tho itching stops and healing begins, says a notLd skin specialist. This sulphur preparation, mat' • into a pleasant cold cream, gives such a Quick relief, even to fiery eczema, that nothing has ever been fouud to take its place. Because of its germ-destroying properties, it quickly subdues "the itching, cools the Irritation and heals tho eczema right up, leaving a clear, smooth skin In place of ugly eruptions, rash, pimples or roughness. You do not have to wait for im- piovement. It quickly shows. You can jet a llule jar ot itowles Mentho-Sulphur at any drug store. Euger -Knist FRESH /J Try it / * SI IK I'OriiED OUT AN" OVEK- GENKHOUS HELPING. slipping the kev into bis pocket. . Tht: meal passed In silence. K'llowes trioil not to seo the roil eyes of. the girl who sat opposite liim. A queer, hard feeling had suddenly come over him. The ser- School For Club Leaders This Week AUTO RADIATOR REPAIRING MAfFIELD RADIATOR CO HUTCHINSON, KANS. 25 Ounces for 25 c less than of higher priced brands WHY PAY MOREt THE GOVERNMENT USED MILLIONS OF POUNDS Let Cuticura Improve Your Complexion Cuttcum Soap, assisted when fiec- essary by Cuticura Ointment, does much to prevent plmplev, blackheads and other unsightly eruption •, and to promote permanent aldn health. bariftM Frw Matt AddreM: *'C*U«*n U ttorUi, t*pt ilT, MftldM U,KMI ." Sold . «dwr». Soap£Sc. Ointalent £6 *ixtOUc.TaJtamZSe. •NT" Cuticura Products Ar« fUllabU. Mrs. Bert Faulkner Used KeHogg's Bran 2 months- Tlin 'O of puffr-riiip v.tth con- tliprition. "\Vli:il liuppinr^ •vv .-is 1 I:M rh. n K', jni<! iruinVx'1, ri-sUm «l Its* la-aUh. Hut v.i .l U« K -i.t.-r. "Pi'iir Sir--: . - tlii' U wlmt ' tliit.k of X«tr V (!iml:h -i| | M-;I>I. [ urn | M; within;I it (or «i,ythii!ir ir. tin- worli). . . . i„r Ihu-'y y.-.-ti. 1 nil i.!m!i* cT niinlirincs fm 1 rnifil iffitiiiii. jiiiit itnly tot. tniil»"rnry v» Ht-f. 1 was «ihi-.cil by ;» dnot'ir V. list- Ki.'!li>£uV. Jin.n, nnd •••'w.o I l>cr*in US-IIIL : I «ion't IniM 1 tn titiit' i>i!l^ or unythin;: «-lsi . 1 IJIO'C I'.fvl it uv" rin.'iitliy, iiini lift to i now iJiHti I hn'.o IIT tliit-e ii nn< " <Tii«- oij K in:i] <,f Uii* letter on fllr the K.-HntfK Cunipuny, lJallk- OL-.-k. Mutt.) liHldRC '.-f llrnn brini!" r. suits W- usu it A I. J IJ )<r;in. Ynu can M jght cotjitipatioii wiLh hah'way pica- Miros—with ViranH which nrc- only yxtt hnnu It taki-s ALU bran to bo 100 per cent rfiVctive, 15cc:ni -;i' KeHogg's Bran ia ATJJ bran it f-\v* cleans ami purifies tlio ititestiiif. It acts naturally—ju >4 as imtii r*> acts. 11 ^timtilatcs tho iu- te 'itiiif; nn-1 uiaVcs it l'mietinu regularly, ~\\ is guaranteed to Itring TO- stilts, or your grower will refund your iiKtney. K(-l!op;j*'a Bran has n delicious nut- liku flavor, Quito different from ordinary, unpitlnlahlo Itrans. You will like it' as a cereal, Bprinkled on otiVr corrals, conliod with hot cerenln, or in tho recipes given on every package. Kat two tahlespoonfuls of Kellogg V Bran every day—iu chronic casts, with every meal, Mmlo iu Battle Creek, ^uld hy uil grocers. Tlie ton district leaders of tho home demonstration work in Bono courtly will tnko up a two day course In making adult clothing here at the court house on Thursday and Friday of thia week. Miss Loretta McKImtirry, clothing specialist front the Kansas State Agricultural College will he here to awsf-u Mfss Edith Holmberg, county home demonstration agent In Introducing the leaders. The district leaders who will take, tho course are: Mrs- H. Kerl- die, and Mrs. Hugh Brownlee of .Sylvia; Mrs. T, H. bent, Langrion; Mrs, Walter White, Arlington; Mrs, J. O. W'riKht. Pretty Pralrio; Mrs. Walter B. Wright and Mrs. John McCaffery, t'a.stleton; Mrs, L. S. Swarona of Nickeraon; Mrs. Mao MeBaufchlin, r»plar commun- itv, and .Mrs. U S. Melherg, Tart- rid tre. Takes Place at Wichita, 1*. llaynoso. the young Spaniard who has served tho Hutchinson men's clubs at tho Korabaugh- Wlioy i' ea i( 0 otn has gone to Wichku where he will have charge nf similar work at the innes Tea Koom. . Children C ry FOR MOTHER:- Fletcher's Castoria is especially prepared to relieve Infants in arms and Children all ages of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhea; allaying Feverishness arising there­ from, and, by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids the- assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep. To avoid imitations, always look for the signature of. Absolutely Harmless - No Opiates. Physicians everywhere recommend it. Weak, Nervou* Women Can Find the Help They Need Springfield, Mo.—"I had a nervous breakdown and tried several remedies without, getting any pcr- mniient benefit from them. 1 suffered from bloating, chills and terrible headaches. Finally, a lady advised me to try Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription; I did so and It cured me completely and I uavo enjoyed good lioalili ever since. I advlsq all suffering women to give the 'Prescrlpliou' a fair trial."— Mrs. Bert Faulkner, L'OCS Howard Ave. Start on the road to health and beauty by obtaining this "Prescription" ot Dr. Pierce's of your nearest druggint, or send 10c to Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel in Buffalo, N. Y., fur trial pkc. We Mount Your BIRDS — ANIMALS — FISHES etc., make up Rugs, cow and hone ftobee, tan, clean and repair tun at most reasonable prices. K. Schwarz Taxidermy Co., 419 So', lath, Omaha, Neb. Gladys Hawthorne, B. A. Mus. Bac. Voice—Painting—Piano PHONE 3037-J Lounging Robes Rich, luxurious silks, Beautiful new effects in blanket robes. Solid colors with contrasting trim. New English^ light weight flannels. A robe, somehow, is a tiling - men seldom buy for themselves, but always need and invariably hope to get. Blanket Robes $8.50 up Silk Robes $15 up N V S S B A U M ' S sStdr GCotfiierv Established 18S7 In All The World* s History There was never a date that approached in importance that great event that we celebrate each year on December 25th. For when God so loved the world that He gave, his only begotten Son, it is fitting that that great Birthday be most reverentlv observed. Johnson SSons Established 1866 134-E.Sherman ^Hutchinson Kans. Phone 6 'A \ i 1 I I * •** J Solve a dozen Chriitma* problems with the gift that only you can buy—your photograph. . Mclnturf f Studio F. M. JOHNSON Use .News-Herald want ads. They pay. THE GUMPS — PLEASE REMIT • J AS I'M GvrvtNb T\4\S MONTH \>\_V_ RfY <^ ' ^ ^Rfe ^ HO ' IN- VATS ^ xjj^g ^ CAHCW \1 THE WORVft 60 'RDMNb BUT * 6W>t ^ 5ACr\ OV- VOTPCTO^S ^ V \N »A i P -HTS StTTVtt> TV\^ TR^SfiCTlOH - / , TV\C ^\R-5T OF TVM= MQKTH t>\t>V*-T / t.*.,l.(H^l#JI "TWU *TO U1E t>C>\MW rVV\\> WTH • lad Where do l<fet off for the Mew Stats ?" "Get off ax TwelTth and Main and Transfer or walk from there * its just two blocks West." .THE, ItimsasGtfs WewVamtoumliokl Htaelfth ana Wycoxkttb Sheas RATES 2R9 to 359 per day WITH PRIVATE BATH For the Best In Plumbing Service and Supplies Phone 545 Ebersole Plumbing Co. 121 Wait 141k PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentist 28A N.Main Phone 2659 GAS FOP EXTRACTION Hutchinson

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