Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 21, 1961 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, July 21, 1961
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To City Subteribtri: If you fail to get your Star please telephone .7-3431 by ,,°i )- , m> and a special carrier will deliver your paper. 62ND YEAR: VOL. 62 — NQ. 238 Hope lt«r of Hope, m», f> r .,, ,oj7 J.n. ti, t»j» Bowit Knife Star For Weather RcporJ Sec Column at Bottom of This Page French Baffle Tunisia Troops tor Outpost By ANDREW BOROWIEC TUNIS (API-French and Tunisians fought in llic strecsl of Biz- erle city today, and Tunisian President llabib Bourguiba or- tiered seizure of the French pipeline that carries the output of dance's Sahara oil field. ^Bourguiba said he had ordered his trops to seize the pipeline at Skhira, in southern Tunisia. The Jinc carries the output of France's Edjclc field, 225 miles southeast of the Tunisian border. The president also called for volunteers from all "brother nations" to help in his desperate .fight against France. He said Tunisia's ambassadors in all coun- Wcs had been ordered to enlist flic volunteers and that Libyans and Algerians had already offered their services. The Tunisian government radio reported that clug-in Tunisian infantrymen and civilian volunteers were battling French paratrops supported by tanks and rocket planes in the city of Bizerle astride the channel from the Med- ilcrranean to the French naval Rsc at Bizerte. Radio Tunis said French forces broke out of the besieged Bizerte naval base and launched a predawn attack on the Mediterranean port city three miles away. Tunisian troops holding the city of -10,000 defied a French ultimatum to evacuate. They were ordered to fight to the death. The Tunis broodcast said there jlerc "numerous dead and wounded" but Tunisian infantry were holding their own in the heart of the city. Officials estimated 15,000 volunteers in and around the city were bolstering the troops. Many were wearing the red shorts and shirts of the youth section of the ruling Nco- Deslour (Freedom) parly. The fighting spread as the U.N. Security Council was called into ffii emergency session at the request of Tunisia to deal with the mounting crisis. The Tunisians charged France with aggression and demanded the French give up the Bizerte naval base they kept after granting their former protectorate independence in' 1956. The United States showed growing concern over the clash between allied France and friend P'misja and appealed to both to "end hostilities without delay." Arab nations lined up behind Tunisia and denounced "French imperialists." President Camel Abclcl Nasser's United Arab Republic and the Algerian rebel government based in Tunisia offered troops to fight the French, HOPE, ARKANSASTFRTPAY, JULY 2I,~J96T Av Av. r H M ^V Pnld Clre'l .1 FLASH FLOODS H!T CHARLESTON — AN upset bathtub appears to be (he only thing left intact afier more than a doien homes in Charleston, W. Va., were demolished by a flash flood following a devastating cloudburst. Twelve persons were drowned some of them trapped in thfiir bedrooms, by 15-foot hicih waves. At least four others are missing. — NEA Tolephoto Several New Teachers in Hope System Severa ncmbcrs new teachers of the faculty Weather ARKANSAS: Partly cloudy to cloudy through Saturday with scattered thundcrshowers north and central portions and scattered afternoon and evening thundershowers in south portion. High today high 80s to mid 90s, low tonight mid 60s lo mid 70s, high &lurday 85 north to 95 south. ^LOUISIANA: Partly cloudy and warm through Saturday with suat- lercd afternoon and evening Hum- dershowers. Low lonight 70-76. high Saturday 80-02. . of Hope School District. l-A for Ihe J9GI-62 school year, James H. Jones, Sup- rintencier.-l of Schools, announced oday. They arc as lollows: Hope High School, — Troy W. Buck, Agriculture; Bobby Whit- riarsh, social studies. Junior High School — Mrs. Bely Beaslcy, Social Studies; Jim Faulkner, Health, Science, Assist- int Coach; Miss Phyllis Hankin, .fusic Elementary and Jr. and Sr. Phone Firm Can Borrow $3 Million LITTLE HOCK (APi-The slate Public Service Commission lias authorized South Missouri Telephone Co. of Mammoth Spring to ljc borrow up to $:u million from the j federal REA to finance a general i modernization and expansion program in Missouri and its north Arkansas area. Riders Again Pay Visit to Little Rock : from New York on which lev reS a „ ? son has been transferred from firt.dc school to Jr. High and will 'ported scattered M?s Fm" lll °r ' „, , tCSlS ° f ^ M ls Emma 1'ra.x-es Holt, has: Two while rabbis Thursday been transferred from the graclu! night f| ew home to New Jersey school to high school and will Uo be vvith their congregations 'for teach English. i services today serve as ele- of the Hope L. F. Slatlon will mcntary supervisor School System. New teachers of the Ycrgcr School System arc as follows: Hig'h School, — Miss Emogcno Wallace, Science; George Straiigh tcr, Math; Elmo Lou and Science. 1-lopowell _ Miss- Arleiic McFaddin, third; M,-,. juanita Hart fourth and Mrs. Kathleen Jordan fifth. All [caching pwositions have been filled in Hope School System as of today, Mr. Jones said" Complete lists of all personnel, with (caching assignments will be announced within a few days for both w'iiile and Negro schools. Rape Charge Filed Against Negro Here Deputy Prosecutor John 1,. \yjl- son, today issued the following JUilemeiit, concci'iifoig John D. Patrick who is suspected of raping an elderly white woman in the early hours of July 2, l!l(U; "AfU-r an exleiwivc investigation participated in by City Police, Hcmpstead County Sheriff's Office, and Arkansas Stale Police, i charge of rape' has been filco :igainsl John L). Patrick. The Prosecuting Attorney's Office will seek the earliest possible date for the trial of this defendant. "The law enforcement agencies arc to be commended fur Ilieh' close co-operation .anil work in this matter." Bruce S, Ford Dies Friday r ""' * *'""' •"""» •• Circulating ot. tnrilnt March Jl, 1»«1 _ J.JJ1 Bruce Shelby Ford. (it. died | (; . { to.v in a Little Hock hospital lie formerly lived at Washington. Survivors include a son, James of Jackson, Miss., two sis- Miss Winnie Francos Ford of Midland. Texas, and Mrs. Vcr- »ic Myrtle. Wilson of Sutherlin. Ore. Services will be held at 2 p. in. Saturday at lloi ndon-Corncliiis Chapel. Burial will be in Washington. disciual-i mnv training Farm Youth Killed by Lightning Arkansas Regional forecast .. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Central, southeast and southwest Arkansas: Partly cloudy and fi/ntinucd warm through Saturday with scattered aftcrnon or evening (hundershowers. High today mid 90s, low tonight mid 70s central, mid (JOs to mid 70s southeast and southwest. Northeast and northwest Arkansas: Partly cloudy and continued warm through Saturday with scattered Ihundershowcr.s. High today low to mid 90s norlh- ,||;sl, high 80s to mid 90s north- w'esl; low lonight mid CiOs to mid 70s. THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE By THE ASSOCIA6D PRESS High Low Pr- Albany, cloudy 1)2 63 .. Albuquerque, clear !)() (i(i Atlanta, cloudy i!(i G7 Bismarck, cloudy til 5-1 ^"ston, clear 71! lili Buffalo, cloudy 112 (17 Chicago, cloudy !I7 71 Cleveland, cloudy .'17 (i"> Denver, cloudy 7:i 52 Denver, cloudy 7:! 52 Dos Monies, rain K> (i7 Detroit, cloudy «7 (17 Fairbanks, rain 71 no For! Worth, cloudy (If) M .Helena, clear 7!) , r il y,<)iiolulu, clear (jf> 74 NEWPORT. Ark. (AP) - A lightning bolt struck and killed Wayne Duke, 22, while he worked on his parents' west of Grubbs, ne clay. The youth's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Duke, who were standing nearby, escaped injury. The elder Duke said he was stunned by the lightning and when he rccvocred, he saw his son lying on (he ground. The other three, two Negroes and a white college student, remained in Little Hock overnight but one of the rabbis said they probably would fly to New York today. The group arrived here Thurs- JIealth iclil >' afternoon and used facilities at (he Greyhound Bus Terminal j without incident. They had visited I Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Roanoke Pa., and Charlottesvil- lo, Va. here was no violence. They were never arrested. The group spokesman, Henry Thomas, Negro of St. Augslinc, Fla., said they were refused service at Stuttgart, Ark., Culpcpper, Va. and Elixabclhlon, Tenn. and once while in Chattanooga. The calm atmosphere in which they arrived here Thursday and were served at the white waiting room lunch counter was in marked contrast lo a Freedom Hide stop here July 10. After advance publicity on thai ride a crowd of 300 while persons met a bus carrying five rid- Rebukes JFK's Health Program LITTLE HOCK (AP)—Stale Education Commissioner Arch Ford today mildly rebuked President Kennedy for urging more emphasis on physical education in schools. don't oppose physical cduca- jliou," Ford said, "(nil I think the .schools should be left lo offer what the school boards and administrators think should be offered. Pilkinton Resigns as Prosecutor James Il.Pilkinloiv today resigned us special prosecuting attorney r>' appointed to assist Prosecutor Ki.-yee Wciscnbcrgcr in trying persons indicted by the grand jury. All of (he persons iixlietedi by the grand jury have been tried except L. E. Pot.ect. Former Judge U. G. Garretl was acquitted in two trials, a mistrial was declared in the -case against Mrs. Wanda Grimmett. Mr. Pilkinton served without compensation whoiv Deputy Prosecutor John L. Wilson il'ied himself. In 'his letter of resignation lo Mr. Weiscnbcrger, Mr. Pilkinton said: "The. greatest compensation' dial, any of us can receive from our .services' in I his regard, I think, is the knosvledgc that what, we have done is right and that we liavo endeavored to make this county a better place in which to live iiv I'he future. I came into the criminal cases only because of the disqualification of Mr. Wilson, who, by the way, lalc.r testified, as a character witness for one of the defendants u-liom you and I were attempting splendid! iu prosecute, ar.<l I now feel that it. is limi to turn the whole responsibilities of the o-ffice back to Mr. Wilson. "In addition to the above,I'here arc several civil suit.-, pending in the Ilcimpstea.d Chancery Court which I will have to try on behalf of citi/.ens who. financed the 'special) audit, and my lime will be needed lo properly prepare' those, cases if it' is necessary lo try them. II is my understanding, 1 however, that most of these cases will be settled and That the money, or property in question will be I repaid lo the eounly." PRICE 5C COPY America Successfully Sends 2nd Astronaut on Journey in Space Hifs5310mph Then Almost Drowns at Sea ,. • * t^ i. n 1,/nn v.tu i y II1L; arm two miles crs from S1 . L(n , is Fw ,^ wc ,. e a ,, iuu hcie J burs-j rested when they refused to leave "I don't think too much of political interference from anyone from the president on down hi the area of school curriculum. This should be left to professional educators." Kennedy Wednesday announced plans to contact school adminis- tralor.s across the country because he is concerned about the physical fitness of America's youth. Ford said most A r k a n s ji s schools have an adequate PR pro! gram. Such a program is re- I quired'by law at the high school : level. Reports JFK to 'Freeze' Guards in Camp EW YORK (AP) - President Komii-dy was reported ready to< day to nsk Congress to freeze six National Guard divisions on ae- live duty indefinitely because of the Berlin crisis. Wan-en Rogers Jr., in a Washington dispatch lo (he New York Ilernld Tribune, also wrote Hint the Prusidenl is prepared to ask Congress lo increase (he Army's manpower limit lo !)75,()0(). from the present !t7f>.()00. The li Nalioival Guard divisions" llu'ir annual two week's are: 2(1 Infantry (Massachusetts), (raining at Camp Drum. N.Y.. July 22-Aiif;. r>. 2111 h Infantry (Pennsylvania): Camp A. P. Hill, Bowling Green, Va.. July 15-29. :tlh Armored (Tennessee); Ft. Slewarl, Ga.. July l(i-:i(). IHilh Infantry (exas): Ft Hood, ex., July 1(1-20. Mill Infantry (Kansas-Missouri i; Camp Hipley, Minn., July 23- Ang. (i. .'filth Infantry 'Indiana): Camp Grayling, Mich., July ail-Aug. 6. Guard division may be frozen if the President or Congress declares a national emergency or if Congress passes a joint resolution extending indefinitely all officer appointments and enlistment terms. Tabernacle to Change Church Name Charleston Searching for Bodies the white waiiing 'room" They- i'T' IIOWOVL>r ' mosl junior lliyhs wore charged wi(h threatening Ji^ ™™* las ^ mcnlary schools Ford said some small schools breach of the peace, fined $500 each and sentenced to six months in jail. The fines and jail tcrm s were suspended on condition lhat they Continued on Page Six iJiave difficulty offcriiij ;cause they lack funds i trained personnel. PE be- to employ All Around Town By The Star Staff Webb Laseler, Jr., of Hope is among the ill! bureau and collection service managers attending the Midwest Managcmc nl In- titule at I he Cnivci'sily uf Kansas July 1(1-21. public schools, succeeding Hamy Garland who has accepted a p 0 y- ition with t'iie Foreman school system . . . he. is a r/ative of ! O/.iin and had been superintendent of Guernsey schools for (he past | five years . . . they have alrcadj Terry Huffman son of Mr •mil''"° ml lo Emmtlt ' ' ' Mrs - Clr;i ' v Mrs. H. E. Huffman. Hope l'{| " i'".". ""T ,'", '' l ' m » sll!aij M 1 '"""'- I'iekc,! a cucumber lrom'h,sp! l( c|ii K '' huSp " al ^' Ilia Imeasural II) inches lejig •>,<•,' i'H-hes wide, II 1 , inches around" and weighed 2'^ pouixi.s, .01 .01 .05 .0,'! .0;.; T .02 M Jerry Westmoreland. Prcscoll an announcer lor K.XAR, is competing today in a (ri-stalc bitier- spei-ch contest ol the FFA in •Memphis . . . | u - represents Ark- ar.-sas after winning in Hope, the dislricl at Arkadclphia, and (Instate at ..Monliccllo. Shcritl Jimmie Griffin Icll day for Greenville. Texas, to turn James Kenneth Pearcc. to Hope. lie was accompanied by Chief Jack Brown. The youth will be tried here for burglary of The Pla/.a cafe several weeks ago. Charles Tittle will preach Sun<:ay night at First Baptist church - . . diaries is an hoiv.ir graduate from Hope High and Ouacli- ila College and will enter the Cniversily of Texas this fall as a Dar.-fnrlb anr Woodruw Wilson scholarship student. Conluiued on Page Four i J. Arthur tirav. Jr., h 'named .superintend!.m of 'J'.'-oj- \V. Buck, agricultural structor of Hope High, has called an FFA meclir.-g for Thursday, Juh L!'.', at 7::;o p. m. ami loin grade agri urj'.eil lo be present. Alter r ending about Ihe $'J million .-pace ivpsiile which kakcd and nearly drowned its occupant thi.- morning, aiv office wit said. •'Even a $l.ii;i umbrella wcn't It ak the. first trip." Cities Charge Arkla Data Changed LITTLE ROCK <AP> -- Two cities fighting a $1.2 million Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co. rate in- .crease charged today Dial flu- company is trying to introduce evidence contradicting some previously presented. El Dorado City Ally. J. V, Spencer Jr. and Pine' Bluff Ally. George Holmes said Arkla now claims operating cspncscs of nearly $:M million, which they said is $2.5 million highci previously claimed. The allorncy.v lilcJ a motion with the Public Service Commission asking dismissal of the new evidence. • 'J he I'SC has been conducting hearings in Hie ca.su, in- Tlmmla.s a utilities rate expert tiled a series of exhibits favorably comparing Arkla's Little lif.Iv rales with those of -!0 other ^talc capital cities. The expert. James II. Honakcr, of Frankfort. Ky.. was hired by I he I'SC alter two Arkansas cities attacked an Arkla rale increase in 5:; cities. Arkla began rebuttal testimony Thursday. Tlk: hearing:; will resume Monday. CHARLESTON, W. Ta. 'AIM — A weary band of mud-caked men began anew today a search they prayed would be fruitless. A flash flood here already had taken 17 lives. They hoped a h.'ilf- do/en people still listed as missing had escaped. "It's our worst disaster." the Charleston Mayor, John Shank- Jin, said sadly. 'We won't know for 'a long lime just how bad it is." One stale official estimated properly damage alone in West Virginia capital city would amount to $5 million. Da/ed survivors started relurn- ig to the ravines where (heir homes once stood. They saw what had happened when a torrent of water, fed by nearly six inches of rainfall, had swept through the valleys late Wednesday night. About 50 houses were splin- Icred by the flood. Countless' cars were battered beyond salvage. The waters chased an es- tinjaled 500 families from their homes. Gov. W. W. Harroii asked president Kennedy lo declare Charleston and surrounding sections a j C (disaster area, eligible for federal | aid. Kennedy replied he had or- dcrcd an immediate report. The , said the President, "is For the past 27 yeai's the congregation which worships at the corner of North Main and West Avcivne D has gone, by the name jof the, Hope Gospel Tabernacle. Its official affiliation has been I with the Assemblies of God will) ('headquarters at. Springfield, Mo. By a vote, of the membership, the name of the church has been officially changed lo (he First Assembly of God church of Hope. This aclioi; will bring t'iie name into conformity with other churches of the Assemblies of God. Locally, I he church will probably be referred In by many a.s the Tebarnaclc, but. for its worldwide ministry, the new name will )jc adopted. Autos Recovered by Officers In t'ho past two days I wo aulos WITH slolon in Hope and botli have been recovered. Ono' car didn't gel over three blocks. Officers said two Negroes ar.il perhaps three look C. II. Beavers' car at his store on »|<j Highway (i? East.They had (raveled only a couple of blocks when (hoy sighted the police car. jumped out and ran while (he car was si ill in motion. One stayed and stopped Hie vehicle. Officers ai'e holding Thedois Limlsey, 211, and Columbus l,ealh. III. Jimmy Brashcr's aulo which was stolen Wednesday night was recovered by Slate ' Policeman Karl Orr at Gurdon. Bell Leaving Christian Church Here Will Not Join Municipal Group LITTLE HOCK (AP) — Little Piock and North Little Hock have turned down invitations to an or- Uini/.alional meeting of a soulh- crn municipal association. One aim of (he proposed group is lo provide a lobby in Washington for Southern cities. North Little Hock -Mayor \V. F. Laman saiel ho was willing to let the state's congressmen look alter their needs. Hc.v. Clifton Boll, pasloi' of First Chrisliaiv Church for the past two years, has accepted the position of Arkansas 8la(e Chaplain of (he Veterans of Foreign Wars. The part-lime job demands his immediate attention so he is leaving the, local pastorale but. will be available for supply and ail interim work a ivy where in the state. A retired 1 army chaplain, Hev. Bell began his work with (he C. C. G. camps' in Iowa, lie continued 'his service with the army during World War II, having been stationed at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked 1 December 7, JO'll. During and after the war he served aboard troop carrions, crossing Hie Pacific '12 times and the Atlantic 12 times, lie also sailed in (he Arctic Circle for six weeks. Mis service ribbons include those. For World II, Victory, American Defense, National Defense, Asiatic and Pacific, Philippic Liberation, Philippine Independence, European Occupation, 20-Year?-- Service, United Nations, Korean, and Commendation for Meritorious' S'e'rvice. Mrs. Bell will continue (caching in Hie Texarkana scliools as her 'husband's duties will take lim over the entire slate. Though [(irissom's his headquarters will actually be in Little Hock, his permanent address will remaiiv in Springdalc, as it has been during his army service. Board Finishes Processing LITTLE HOCK (API—he Litlle Hock School Board has finished processing reassignment requests of if, Negro .students, but probably won't announce decisions on them until next week. So said School Board President Kverctl Tucker Jr. Thursday after a li'iiglhy closed-door .session Thursday. Fifteen Negroes wish lo transfer from all-Negro to formcr- Jy aN-whilc schools. 'dicker would not say whether :my more Negroes will be added to I he 4!) already assigned to formerly all-while junior and senior high schools. Will Be 100 Years July 24 i (ban | disaste of great concern lo me si ream j recount- On one litter-strewn bank, Mrs. Enid Bossic cd her night of horror. "When the water started swirling down Hie hollow. I called our preacher hi have him pray lor us. But there wasn't time to pray." By HOWARD BENEDICT CAPE CANAVERAL. Fin. (AP) —Astronaut Virgil 1, (Gus) Grissum safely look a 5,2110 mile an hour ride into space today, then had lo swim for hi.s life as his capsul-cralt sank in 2,1100 fathoms (lii.ttoo feet) of water. Grissom blew his escape hatch and left the sinking capsule in the manner all astronauts had been (aught in their rigorous training. After swimming about 70 feel, Grissom was picked up by a hell. copter two minutes after his escape from (lie capsule. Attempts lo recover the spacecraft failed as it plummeted lo the bottom. "Give me something lo blow my nose. My head is full of sea water. America's No. 2 space man said when he was deposited on I he deck of Ihe aircraft carrier Hamlolph. Otherwise, he was re- porled in god condition. Grissom rode lilt miles high on I lie nose of a Redstone rocket and :m;i miles down I ho Allantic mis- Hile range. And he looked down on a view so fascinating he forgot momentarily (hat he had chores lo perform during the 15-minule journey. President Kennedy watched on television with millions of other Americans as Grissom followed (he space trail blazed May 5 by astronaut Alan • B. Shcpard Jr. Then lie expressed "great pleasure anil .satisfaction" in a telephone call lo Grissom on the Handolph. The :tri-year-okl Air Force cap- lain had flown higher (two miles), farther (one mile) and faster (by IliO miles) than Shepard. His polite wife, Bully, who alsu sal glued to a TV screen at New- 1'iirl News, Va., disclosed also dial IK; "achieved a first." She and their sons, Scott, 1, and Mark 7, "talked by telephone to Gus as he lay flat on his back in Ihe capsule before it was launched," she said. National space agency officials There had been indications that good dala were obtained by flight, two additional suborbilal flights on Ihe schedule might be eliminated. Now, it wa\ reported, at least one more sueli shot would almost certainly be made, anil perhaps even an empty capsule will be flown over the same up-and-down course, before proceeding with orbital flight. Shcpard told newsmen Grissom "sprung .sort of a big leak, u was coming in through the door." After making his escape from die. doomed space ship, Grissom was not in danger of sinking, lljs flight suit was buoyant. But he did go under water briefly in the wake of the rescue helicopter's ' spinning blades. The pickup was made at 7:5t a.m. iES'1'i ;ii minutes after (he Hcdsloiic bo.slfi- rocket thundered away from Cape Canaveral. At (1:01 a.m., the Handolph re- porlcd it had Grissom on deck. He was smiling and appeared in excellent condition, none the worse for the crushing forces he had •suffered in the blastoff and reentry and for hi.s swim in shark- infested waelrs. Another helicopter tried to get . a cable on (he rung of (he space I capsule bill it disappeared in the depths. Tlie flight had been delayed twice previously—on Tuesday and Wednesday—by heavy clouds over the launch area which prevented camera tracking of thu Redstone during powered flight. Today a I bin layer of clouds was over the Cape but a hot suu burned I he cloud away. Grissom demonstrated his pilot training by asking to remain in the capsule an additional two Conlinuea on Page Four Gulf Oil Officer Dies in N. Y. | I NEW VOIJK i.M'i — Raljih O. Rhoadcs, a director and former chairman of Gulf Oil Corp., died here Wcdnc.-day. Sur\ ivors include a sisicr, Mrs. E. R. Ran-[ dall of Siloam Springs, Ark. "'•«'• HALL OF NEAR HOPE, WILL «""' H . a " M tributcs his Ion 9 evi»y to an old proverb, "Never " °" ^^ " lan VOU " n kick off at irtjm the ( in the English 'just u word".

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