The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 24, 1948 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 24, 1948
Page 2
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Kcm. Prcicriek. MA., fttturitar. July 24.1141 Weekly Church Services Her. Samuel S. Johnston, rector. Rev. Jesse M. B. Woodrow, viear. S a, in.--Holy cc='Jaiou: 10 * ML, children's service; and sermon. 11 a. m.. L*tker*n Pariih ·The Time EST) Rev. A. G. XulL pastor. St. Matthew's, Church Church school. 10 a. m. Hill-- BAKER FAftK SERV1CB t*» p. m. In charge of Evangelical Luth- ,by Felix Boroxvski, Mrs. M. G. Rogers and Mr. Charles Aader* Invocation Hymn "' -Scripture lesson, read by Rev Walkewrllle Metho41*l Circuit f Lewistown -- Worship aervic*. £(}(//p PfOOfOfn worn WMAJL WBAL mmo Sunda ' Khool 10:3 ° Jit it ·· kc kc tit kc S. S. Lesson Old Directory Presented By Mt. To Archbishop Cicognani iTOBAY'S FKOG2AX St. Mark'?. Doubs -- Church \V Mcrval Weaver Anthem. "The Lord Is My Light" Pleasant Churches Of The Brethren (The Time EST' Rev. Carl H. Zistler. pastor. St. Barnabas" Chapel--9 a. ra-. j school. 10:30 a. m.: preaching. 9:30 coming prayer acd sermon. ' a. m. H W. Parker St. TtaWfay-s Ch*p*!-9 a- n { St. Luke's. Point of Rockj- Prayer, by Rev Paul W Kiase! Row l,nd Reictard. guest jtanv and sermon: 10 a. m.. church! Church school. 10 a. m ; preaching. Anthem. Hoo' Art Thou. Han- Pleasant View -- Sunday school, 9 . a. m .: worship. 10 a. ci., Rev. J. Litany schooL Calrary Meth»4ist Church Rev. J. F. Haas. D. D.. minister. 9.-45 a. m.--Church school: 11 a., m.. worship, subject. 'The Will To; Believe." the minister preaching: j 7:30 p. m_ Baker Park service; j Men~ 6:30 p. rn.. Bright Jewels; Class will nave a banquet a-. 11 a. m. del Offering Offertorv. ' Adasio " Handel. Mrs. M. G. Rogers and Mr Charles Anders Hvr ., n -Libert ytown Churches Rev. Donald E. Lewis, minister Linganore--Sunday school. 933 Sermon. "A,,o-.h«r Crucial Point a. m.. church service. 11 a. m. : n History" Libertytown--Church service. 10 a. m.: Sunday school. 11 a. m : The Time DST' Sharpsburg-- Sunday school. 9:45, a. m : worship, 7:30 p. m , Rev. S- . Ear! Mitchell, guest. j vacation Bible school Hymn Bened:cJio:i Locust Valley Church Of God Rev. Clair Ebcrsoie. pastor. Sunday school. 9:30 a. m.: wor- tx--St. Louis Ojwra--cbs Challenge o! Vision--si i:9Q^-Sy»prrary of X*«rs--nbc .N"tir*ea*t Kvtry Day--cbs Nfts'oric Music Tlra»--«bc J'ar.t* Tim*--mtw-tast T»!c» « Number--aSw-wesi · :t5--Art o* Living--nbc To Km AnaojRc«J--cb« «*roSt» o! Prayer--»bc ·:*0--Sumif.«-r SyispBony--rsoe K«d Barl«-r Sports--;!* Harry Warner Sports--abe Xaru:« Music--Z3s~e4t*£ or Fa!se-- mbs-west New* and Comraeruary--cia Jacfc B*a:i Corsmem--abo In case of rasr. service will 'jc . __ . _. -. i _.. T. v,xi»wi».i i^.viv svisw* »^r^»iii. .»i'j':- I" rs.*« i r r-«f~ v^f-.-:?.^ . « · ; ! ?srJrs3:?s3iS; sr ^- h « »··* **vz£-£^ - wUl have their regular meeting at - · the church. Adarnstown Trinity Evangelical And .Reformed Church 'The Time DST Rev. Morgan Andreas, minister. Centennial Memoriai Evangelical United Brethren Church Rev. J. K. Scbjmiti, pastor. 9:30 a. m.--Church school: 10:45 a. as., rue of Par (elical p. I Krieg: Tues-. 3 p. m . Women's. Church Of The Brethren ! Guild at home of Mrs. Erie Biser: »-,..,, ,,, Rev. Paul W. Kinsel. minister., Wednesday, the church school (-!,,,,,. A,TM, 9:45 a. rr.. -- Church school: U . p j cn j c to be held at Braddock Park.! a. m.. worship, subject, 'The Usu- tne bu5 w jll ! ca ve the church ai i ship. 10:30 a. m.: C. E.. 7:30 p. m.;. prayer service. Tburs., 7:30 p. m. ' Xittlestoun. Sharpsburg And j Antietam Churches Of God ! 'The Time DST* Rev V.' A. Herpich. pastor. Zinlestown--Bible study. 9 30 . ton -- sirs Ca!U Musicians-- mbs 7:30--Cur.;a!n Time Dracia -- ctite Buckryitown Methodist Church Rev. E A. StXirjissii. njinisU-r. 930 a m--Church .-chool: 10 a m '· ·'·'orhip. 1030 a. m.; C. E.. 7:30. jr.. worship, subjeci. ' What The P m : prayer and praise service. · . u* Jury Trials -- abc of So:if Ju:z -- ra» C*rra:chz«! 5ont-- cbt o. OUr:-. iljeic-- abc ^!.''5 If Ai:ain uuiz-- cb- J'-oss D^iaii Dtltetf-- ate · . B:b!c Says About Sin." 7 10:15 a. m. -- Church schooi: 11 "50 Thurs.. 8.30 p. m. Sharpsburg--Bible study. 9:30 in.: prayer . 8 p. m. 9;30 3. service. Tues- \ Br · · mmi-ter. | dBte i* Thursday: Thursday. 2 p 9:45 a. m.. · ^ church school: 11 a. m . service.: ~ _. "' _ subject. "A Marked Contrast:" 7.30 i »*thany Methodist Church p m Baker Psrk service in charge,' R' v - Thomas Morgan, minister.! of Evangelical Lutheran church Thurmoni Evangelical t'nitcd Brethren Charje ·The Time DST Rev. Ivan G. Xaufile. pastor Thui 1:1011;--Sunday .school. : Brunswick St. Mark's Parish Rev. W. J. Reed, rector. Grace Church--Holy communion 7:30 a. rn.: morning prayer. 9-30 a m ; evening prayer. 3 p. 'in. no week-day services. Si. Luke's. Brownsville--Church school. 10 a. ra. morning prayer. 1! ' a. in. St. Mark's. Petersville--Church chool. 10 a. m.; morning prayer. 11 9'30 a. ra.--Worship with ser- RW"D7."GarrettTv"urspeak'on the !'»" by pastor: 10:30 a. m.. church ' a m . wo ,. 5hip , 0 ^ a m _ subject. "Another Crucial Point $c ^° o1 -, De'/rf-eM -- Worship, 9 a In Historv;" Moa.. 7:30 p. rr... Boy i Broox H:l!--9:30 a. m.. church v Scouts: Tues.. 7:30 p. rn.. Mothers' : school. Class meets at the home of Mrs. Ed- · * win Kikirk. 910 Motter Place;, Pleasant Hill Evangelical Thursday. 7:30 p. m.. choir re-1 And Reformed Church hearsal. i Rcv. Merle F. Solling^r. pastor. -^------ i Sunday school. 9:45 a. m.; wor- Evanrelical Reformed Church i *hip. 10:45 a. m. Rev. Paul L. Alihouse. pastor. .Sunday school. !0 a. s::. · Thurmont I.mhrran Charge ' 'The Time DSTi Rev. C. 11. Corbett. pa«lor. Thurmont--Sunday school, 'a. m : worship. 10-45 a. m. 9 '10 , . Brunswick Lutheran Parish re . "The Time DST Rev. Ralph K. Miller, pastor. Bethany. Brunswick -- Church ; s-choo!, 9:45 a. m : service. 11 a. m. j 'The Time ESTi Luther Chapel. Petersville-9.30 I Church school. 10 a. m.: Holy com- '' munion. 10 a. ID. Dr. "H. L. G. Kieffer. emeritus.. Emmitsburr Ellas Evangelical 9:45 a. m.--Sunday school: 11 a. j Lu * her *" Church m.. worship, sermon by Rev. I Rev. Philip Bower, pastor Christian Newmann: 7;30 p. m . i 9:3 ° a m--Sunday school: 10:30 Baker Park service: Thurs.. 11 a.! a - m - service, the boys and Kids' Sabi!lasvi!!f !» 30 a rn. Sunday school. ; Thiirmuiit Methodic C'hurch i 'The Time DSTi Rev. A. E. Grim, pastor. BM30 P. m,. luncheon by Ladies'; ««r will sin K an anthem. -Living !Su S.?SS~i5' O . r * IPi " '' Bible Cla, S in^hurch panor, ^^^^ ^^*. ' ' First Baptist Church [ - ~ Rev. William C. Royal, pastor, j Jeffenon Ei-an B eIicaI And 9-45 a. in.--Bible school: 11 a. m., i Reformed Church "A Sower Went! vThe Tlmc m.: i Burlcittsville Reformed Church j Rev. Wn. A. J3reiscb, pastor. | Worship. 10 a. 'in. i Brunswick First Methodist Church Rev. Geo. H. Bennett, minister. Sunday school. 9:45 a. m.: wor: Tom's"Creek--Sunday school 9; s h 'P- H a - m -: fellowship hour. 6:30 ;a. m.: xvorship. 10 a. m. I p ' m ; v -'O r ship. 7:45 p. m. . . f . . , Rev G. Ermine Plott. minister. worship, subject. Forth:" 7:30 p. m.. worship. Rev. j . , , , . , , TF. V. Garrett. minister: Maryland ! Sunday school. 9:45 a. m.; wor- Baptist Assembly. Monday through : sh 'P- I0: 1f a. m. Sunday. Hood College. j Feagaville--Worship. 9:30 a. m Grace Evancclical And j Woodsboro Lutkermn Parish Keformed Church Rcv R. C. Myers pastor Rev. Dr. R. E. Wilhelm. pastor.! ^oodsboro - Sunday school. 9:45 a. m.--Church school: 11 a. 1 10 ^ 5 a - J" - worship. 11:30 am. m.. worship, subject. "The Woman! Haugh s - Sunday school. 915 Who Did What She Could." : *· TM-=, WO «*'P- 10 - 5 *- . m ' Q -- I Rocky Hill -- Worship. 9 a. m : Presbyterian Church I Sunday school. 10 a. m. Rev. W. M. Weaver, minister, j Chapel--Sunday school. 10 a. m. I Thurmont Reformed Church ship. ; Thurniont-Sunday school, 10 a..' Brunswick Christian And , in.: worship. U:5o a. m ! .Missionary Alliance ! Catoctia-Sunday school 1:3", Rcv. T. C. Latshaw. pastor. ; p ' m | Sunday school. 10 a. m.: wor- ! «hip. 11 a. m.: evangelistic service. i 8 p. m. j T h u r m u n t ("atliolic Church j 'The Time DST' ! Rev. Roger Wooden, pastor ! Brunswick First Baptist Church j Mass. 9 a. m.; Sunday school. 10 P " ' Dr. C. E. Wehler. emeritus- , -9:45 a. m.-- Bible school: 11 a. m.. j Ltlca t '" th " a " parlsh church nursery: 11 a. m.. worship.! ^ev E. K HclwiR. pastor. of the Bethel-Church scnool. 1:30 . worship. ^.:30 p m. in care of the Lutheran Creagerstown -- Church school. Rev. Leonard D. Carmack. pastor. Sunday school. 9:45 a. m.: wor- Thurmont Church of thp Brethren '. 5hip '. I 1 a " m " topic - "Seeking God." 'The Time DSTi j worsnip. 8 p. in., sound motion Die- Rev. Chester Rover, pastor. : ; ures - " B *J'Ond Our O-VP:" -pic- Sunday school. 10 a. m - wor- ' u r c of t h e Month -" and more the ship. I I a. m _= "Picture of the Year--or Of Many j Years:" Mon.. 8 p. m.. Woman's 1 Missionary Society meeting. subject "The Vocabularv of the Christian:" 7:30 p. m.. Baker Park m - church. j 9:30 a. m. ; -The Time DSTi i Rcv. Wm. H. GrofT pastor : Bfttn * v - 1 ^ Church Of God Mt. Tabor--Worship 930 a m : : '' C!alr E ' E °ersole. pastor. p " Sunday school 10 30 a m ! Blo!e school. 10 a. m.: Young Peo- i Thurmont--Sunday school. 9:45 ! plc ' e ln « eti «P- ~ P- m.: worship. 7:30 | a. m.: worship. 1! a. m.: this is '. P' ra ' : VVed ' 7:3 ° p ' nl - P r ayer serv- Utica--Church school. 9:30 a. m.:! th . e last . w r s ! »P ""til September 5: '. St. John's Catholic Church Rev. James M. Hogan. pastor. Rev. Herbert R. Jordan, assis't. Rev. Robert A. Bozel. assis't. ". worship and service of infant bap- ' tism. 10:30 a. m. Women's Guild m.. J the church. jBrunsvick-LovettsviHc Walkersville--Worship. 9 a. m.- i e r - !eadei " hostesses. Mrs. John P. church school. 10 a. m.: Women's I St ' lc -, Mr;: Clinton Waesche and Sunday masses. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11^30 Missionary Society. Tues.. 8 p. in.! Miss Vio!a ^"hitmore. a. m.: Miraculous Medal Novena | Parish wide--Parish vesper serv- SabniasviIIc R c f o r m c d church devotions. 7:30 p. m.: week-days · ice at Tjtica. Sunday. 8 p. m. masses. Visitation chanel. 6:45 a. m.: church. S a. m.: Sat., confessions, 4:30 to 6 p. m.. 7:30 to 8:30 p. m. Glade Charge Evangelical And 'The Time DST Rev. Ciaude Corl, pastor. Reformed Church. Walkersville ! Ja c°t"s. Fnirfield -- Worship. 9 j l Rev. Dr. E. F. HofTmeier. pastor, i a - m - : church school. 10:l.- n. m. »,,,__. . , ,, . ! Glade. Walkersville -- Worship.] st - Stephen's, Highficld-Church i Cni ,' r ^ h . schoo! ' 9:lD a - m ' : w o«hi p J9:15 a. in.: Sunday school. 10 a. m . [school. 9:30 a. m.: worship. 7:30 And Reformed Church : ''The Time DSTi '· Rev. N. H. Fravel. pastor. ; First Church. Brunswick--Wor- : ship and Holy communion. I I a. rn.: ; church school. 11 a. m.; Holy com- i m-jnion. 8 D. m. · The Time EST ! St. James. Lovettsviile. Va.-- »ly communion. 10 a. m. Trinity Methodist Church . l Rev. Thomas Morgan, minister, j Si. John's. Woodsboro -- Sunday \ p - J"- i 9:45 a. m.--Church school: 11 a.! school. 10 a. m.: worship. 11 a. m.: | ^ , J 1 TM f - Sabillasville--Church n r-_,!,,,.,,, r ,, t m.. worship with sermon by pas-; pastor's vacation, the Sundays of i school. 9.30 a. m.: worship. 10:30 LT. Lrcimail Frenches tor. "The Look Of Longing[" 7:30 j Aug. 1 to 22, inclusive. j a m p. m.. Baker Park service. Urbana Methodist Parish i Thurmont Episcopal Church Parkway Church Of God ! Rev. G. I. Loar. nastor ! 'The Time DSi Rev. C. O. Sullivan, pastor. ! Araby--Church s Bible school. °:45 a. m.: wor: Urbana--Church ship. 10:45 a. m.. Rev. Hazel Beard, j MYF. 7 p. m. i Ch «'cn school. 10:15 a. m.: worship. lhere Qn Suadav ^ £ .. b;ec , 4 of Kagerstoxvn. guest speaker: I Ijamsville--Church school. 10:30. l TM* *-TM- ' v.-hich he w'll tAe will be -The Baker Park service. 7:30 p. m.: i a- m.: worship. 11:30 a. rr.. i Sc. S.cphcn s Chapel. Thurmont Sermon On 'he M OU "t." j-Koly communion, every Sunday.. Dr _ Erdm3 ;' w ' hn ^ 1 S a. m. .Last Sermon On Sunday After 33 years as pastor of the school, "ll a. m . j ^v. Oscar F. R. Trcder. pastor. ' ^^""^utheran charge Dr. i school 10 a m - Harriet C h a n e l . Catoctin-- , f° C ' E ' ds «an. will preach his school. 10 a. m "If^^e"^. 8 "'^ P ? S -^ missionarv service. 8 p. rn.: Mon- · ----~--. day. 8 p. rr,.. raonthlv meeting ofi e "' M » rk ' t Methodist Charge the off o'ai board " ; Rev K " D - Sv -'ccker. pastor. tne otfcna. boaro. , Centra j _ Worsbip io a ir , . Graceham Moravian C h u r r h The Beth*! Tabernacle -church school. 11 a. m. i Hev. L. A. Kubfaard. pastor. 1 Xew Market--Church school. 10 . 10 a. m.--Sunday school: 11 a. rn . : a - m - worship. 11 a. rr.. ; worship: 8 p, rn.. evangelistic serv-i -^*- Carmel--Church school. 10 ice: Wed., 8 p. rn.. prayer and praise ' a service. Rcv. Paul Zeiier. pastor. Vacation Sunday. Christ Evangelical And '.: Youth Fellowship. 11 B ". m . ' Rc '°TM*, ! char *' Edjrewood. Oak Hill And Bark Hill Churches Of God Th e Time DST Rev Robert Eastcrday. pastor. Rcv. V.'arrcn A. Breisch. pastor. Church school. 10 a. m.: worship. Dr. Erdman. who came to Burk- ittsvi-ie in 1915. after having sen-, ed several previous pastorates, has been in the active ministry for half ' a century. Although 75 years of age. he remains in vigorous health. Dr. and Mrs. Erdman are planning to leave this community in : the very near future for Flo'rida. : -"5 -- HoS:yrrox! Kors* Eac* -- »i^ :IO-- Dicl: Jursen* Bacd-- ebc g £!a:oQ« -- abc 11*. Gas Sbow -- sabs araf!*. Sieatra-- .-be it. Ara*:«rdaia Show -- cbs Oang Busters Dranai -- ale Tire* for Uonry yuiz -- sb» · :"-- Can Toa Top This-- =bc i: Pays to B« lecoract-- ct-» Wbai'« Jiy Nam»-- «bc 10:CO--naj!o City PlayhO'-s»-- ebi I.*;'* Dane* Anie-rica -- ct» il,:s:cal Ktchlcjcs-- abc Chicaji Theater-- mbs 1C:M -- Th» Grand O:* O«ry-- ntc Haj-Jsrt llovdowu-- abc H:00-- Xt-.T» Vart»;y-- sfec News, variety. 2 hr*. -- cb» News and Dane* Hoar -- jibe Korn's a Krackin' -- mbs 11:30 -- Dar.c* Barj) Shoirs-- mb* 12:OO-- Dar.cicc Co=:!=ue:-- abc-trtX SUNDAY'S PROGRAM Afternoon 1:00--America (,"nS:eJ. TaUs--nbo To B^ Annotinced--cb* Sam I'ettS.'ieil! Taik--abc-basic To C« An:io - Jac*!--mbs 1:1S--Editor a: Home--abc Th» Music Cox--rabs-basic 1:JO--Chicaco Roundtable--nbc Tti! it Apain. Drama--cbs National Vespers--abc Co:itemixr3O" Music--robm Z:00--First PJar.o Quartet--nbc It'turn ICnKaserae:!;--«.-bs "\\Vek Around World--abc Air I-'orca Show--mbs 2:IC3--n^bertTMerr!:! Concert--cbc News Con^mensarx'--cbs STr. Prefi'ient.--abc Noirs: Veterans' Panel--mbs Z:*5--Opinion Comment--cbs 1:09--Music Parade--nbc Hollywood Symphony--cba News Broadcast--abc Summer 3:»5--American A!rnanac--abc 1:30--One Man's Family--nbc Treasury Band--abc Lir» Begins at SO--mbs 4:03--Quiz Kids. Joe Kelly--nbe Cal Tinney Talk--abc House of Mystery--mbs 4:15--To B« Announced--abc 4:30--News: Living 1S4S--nbc Make Mine Music--cbs Milton Cro-=s Records--abc Detective Mysteries--mbs «:OO--Author Meets Critics--nbc To Be Announced--cbs Personal Autocraph--abc Under Arrest Drama--rnb» 8:'.5-- Phil Davis Orch.--cbs 8:30--Jane Pickens Show--nbe To Be Announced--cbs Counter Spv Drama--abc "VVhaC Makes You Tick--mbs Evening «:00--Catholic Radio Servic The Family Time--cbs Drew Pearson Comment--abc Thos« Websters. Skit--mbs B:!J--News Summary--abc 6:30--Hollywood Preview--nbc Summer Guest Concert--cbi Kar! Godwin Talk--abc Nick Carter. Detective--mbi 8:45--To Be Announced--abc 7:OO--Let's Talk Hollywood--nbc Th» Geno Aatrv Show--cbs 1 Love Adventure--abc Mystery Playhouse--mbs 7:20--Pat O'Brien Drama--nbc B'ondis and Dasrwood--cbs Bill Goodwin Comedy--abc Gabriel Heatter Show--mb« S:M--The Shaw Chorale--nbc Sam Snnd" Adventures--cbs Stop the SIr.sic Quiz--abc Ths Mediation Board--mbs 8:30--itFP America Quiz--nbc The Man Caiied X--cbs Movies Commentary--mbs 8:*5--Twin News Comment--mbs *:00--Xerry-Co-Cound--nbo Winner Take AH--cbs Sunday Journal--abc To Do Announced--mbs §:15--Hollywood Comment--abe 9:3O--Album Familiar Music--nbc Strik« ft Rich. Quiz--cbs Superstition Dramas--abc it's a L.ivinjr Shew--rnbs 10:BO--Ta!t» It or I.eare Ft--nbo Miekev Rooner Shnw--cb.i ComedT Writers Show--abc Voices of Strings--mbs 10:30--Horace Heidi Show--nbc Kscaps Prarna Serle.*--cb« CnmmenTary on Music--abc Ctary's Gaictte--mbs 10:*5--We Care Drama--abc ".1:33--New- . Vari'ty : hrs.--nfcc News. Variety. Pance 2 hrs.--cbs News Rnd Dance Band--abc News. Pance Band 2 hrs.--rnb» 12:CO--DaceJni Continued--»fcc-we«t aKe their home LEGION ELECTS B?ble Comment f»r July 25 By WILLIAM E. GILKOY, D.D. Every school boy knows the j story of Damon and Pythias, the two Greeks so Joyal to each other ! in mutual j typified in = , . . . . . affection that they have ' known ^^ in thl the world's life and lit- ohc Directories A collector's treasure, one of four this country of Cath- of tlie United 1S33 to 1890. Slates from ^« Mme handwritten cor- rectioos appear. Father Phillip* established the writing as that the Most Rev. Simon William Gat 1 erature the deepest and strongest ' ! relationship between mac and has been presented to Archbishop j rid Brute d* Remur. S. S.. v] ' man. " '. Araleto Giovanni Cicognani. Apost- i became the first bishop of Vi They exemplified the words of oiic Delegate to the United States, j cennft*, now the Archdiocese Jesus, many years before they on °«Q a ^ of Mount St. Mary's Col- I Indianapolis, one of th« most col- · were uttered---"'Greater love bath ' e 2e and Seminary, Emmitsburg. jorful_ figures of the early Chufd»| j no man than this, that a man lay "' The presentation was made by 1 *** ti " s country. {down his life for his friends." In Msgr. John L. Stieridan. president. I F*ther Phillips related that I that famous story, of course, the acd Rev. Hugh J. Phillips, li- · 1834 volume of the Director}- was 1 loyalty of Damon and Pythias for brarian. of the Emmitsburg institu- i Punished by Fielding Lucas i each other was the caeaas of sav- tions. Monsigrjor Sheridan pointed i Baltimore and from that time un\ ing them both. out: 'Much of the vital information ! t U 1861 wfa en the War Between j Pythias, condemned to die by about :he development of the i . Slates started, a directory w»s : Dionysius. obtained leave to visit Church 12 the United States liesjj?* 1 "TM aaauaUy. The war condi- ; his home and left Dair.on as has- buried in the Directories. For this: I^L m ^ de ll »apo«sible to publish ; tage. But Pythias was delayed and reason it is only fitting that a = '""ctories again until 1864. : returned bareiy in time to save fairly complete *et of the direc- "O 111 "^ s Catholic Director ! Damon. But even a tyrant w« . Mrie . should be in the pos^on , ^ C'SfleS fef^rf^l rluS; nrm was bought out in 1896 by I in the Bible is the siorv iof David and Jonathan. In this : 'case the friendship was the more i remarkable in v:ew of the jealous · i hatred of David on the pVt of -n-r-i- e l e a » air? as it is known to- Th« company continued the until 29H. wh en it .vis .° VCr by P " J " K*"** *»* New York publishers, who in !uc:d and generous moment, he : i ·, adjourned his vengeful feelings . for lf sas . and his attempts to kill David to ea . ' saia t h a t a n English manifest some affection. | -The situation might have pu! a strain on both friends. ·" j bly one of the most complete sets = | of directories in the United States ] is located in Riggs Memorial Libat Georgetown University. 1 David was resentful toward Jona- in size each ' ear and eventually | the other known set is at Mount than because of his father's hos- included a list of London's churches.! St. Mary's College, containing all tiiity. and Jonathan took the part and addresses of clergy and containing volumes except the 1817 issue. Father Phillips said , of his father. But their friendship .' other data. j had its roots in a Sne integrity of i * n 1801 the first Ordo was pub- j character and withstood every test. Hshed in the United States by John ! until the day Jonathan died with Hayes of Baltimore, but it had' W I N S FELLOWSHIP his father in "bat tie. none of the directory features. In ! Rockville. July 23 C-P,-- Sgt. I The lament of David for his lost 1817. Matthew Field, a New York i Charles E. Peter, of the Montgorn- I friend is among the passages that publisher, brought out "The Cath- j erv County Police Department, to! make the Bible a book of literary olic Laity's Directory To The I dav . received a $650 fellowship to i beauty as well as a book of truth. Churcli Service With An Almanac : stud " traffic police administration j Such friendship is brotherhood at Of The Year." under the sponsor- · at Northwestern University, Evans- i its best and typifies the relation- : ship of the Most Rev. John Con- ; ton - ni ' . · ship that would exist between all '. nolly. New York's second Bishop, ! : men. Despite our much talk of ; which contained pioi-s reading mat- . tions we have a long way to go be: Another Directorv"along the same I i fore all men recoen-ze one an-; !ines was published in New York! j other as brothers. But such an ai- - j r 1322 ' ' j tainment would be little more than ! ' ' democracy at its best, and it is'. something toward which we must strive. Meanwhile, whether we are at! tached to others in friendship or 1 ! not. whether we like them or not. ! In 1S33. James Myres. a Balti- j more publisher, brought out the j , next publication. This. too. con- I "f 3 lA he . Ordt ° fe f tures d ""' oiy m "TM'" L *«w. v i,i%,iii^j. v^ t Aj-rvc k^i^.^i v/i iJiri. . -n. _ noi l i _* A we can treat them justiv. And we ! ^ Tn ^ , 1833t . TM l ?TM e P^sented to can strive to establish'for all the! ^ e Dele gf'°n » « f ^ 0c ^' *"?"? reality of those rights that in our j ^^« a ^^!^ .£?,?*?? mory democratic conceptions belong herently to all. _ '· Catholic Directory. ~ For instance. i the 1833 volume has but 120 page:: j compared to 1.825 pages in the SUNSET SERVICE The Montgomery County Chris- : : tian Endeavor Union will hold a ' ! sunset service atop Sugar Loaf' mountain Sunday at 7:30 p. m. '. McCiain Cochran. song lead-., er. Field Secretary of District of j ^ Columbia Christian Endeavor Un- ! P i latest edition. In the 1833 issue, the ^various are listed by States, not populated Massachusetts in those days -listed seven churches, notation: '·Waltham. church services occas- i lonally. nbc I Commander Charles Giauque. · ! will speak. In case of rain, the i | service will be held in the Pres- j . Throughout *""TM Illinois bUt ^ olume given to the A beautiful monument In gnnitc a die 4 «gei«s way to prejcrrt the memoty of thoie »ho hive pused oo. - M«- we show rou wh r Bute Grtaite monumena trc»a-taT«tinenKfOKhT of tcu most imporoac tribute- to g.,' a · belored !i*"«l i4MMAKER BROS., Int. Frederick, M*. Thurmont, M*. Htreritown, Mi. \Vijhlniton, D. C. j byterian church. Boyds. at the j · same hour. i . '· IS The tallest mountain in Hawaii i Mauna Kea ("White Moun- ! j tain"), with a height of 13.675. j OF ACES GARDENIA and Start off 4 AFRICAN VIOLETS AD 5 for only Sl.OO. I lead lovdv 10 to 15" GanJenU plant fall of : buds aad the start of 4 different · African Violets in asserted I :p!ont all for SI. Gardenia shipped with fresh · rich "ao-cake" potting: soil. Extra potting soil · for Violets, a xl other plant:: coraposcd of leaf '. mold, peat oiost. and taad. 3 lt$- SI.OB. SEND NO MONEY. Pajr postsua C- O. D- plus postal charges. Cash orders prepaid. Return at once · for fun refund if not pieued. - j i OWEN'NURSERY : 1O1 C +1,1 i BIoorBington. IU.. Utpt. 1S1-C. Clip this, i -l--J-'OOUtll i' U A. LOUGH · SON Phone 1569 Ec.cewood--Sunday school. 10 3 subject. ' Discoverinp Jesus." Christian Endeavor. 6 Chnrch Of The Xazarene Kev. John E. Xorth, paster. Sunday school. 10 a. m.: worship. 11 a. ra.: Young People's meeting, 7:15 p. in.: evsngelistic service. 8. p. "rn.: prayer mettins. Wed.. S p. rn. ! Bible study. Tues.. 8 p. m i Oak Hill--Sunday school. P.30 Christian Science Society a. rr..: preaching. 10:30 a. m : Bible Pythian Castle. Court Street study. 7 p. m.: Bible study. Wed.. Church service and Sunday school.; 7:30 p. m. 11 a. m.. subject, -Truth:" testi- · Bark Hill--Sunday schoo!. 9-30 monial meetings, the first "Wednes- · a. m.: preaching. 7:30 p. rn. day of each month. 8 p. m.. second · floor. Pythian. Castle. ; Keysville Evangelical ] Lutheran Church Qninn A. M-_E. Church . Rev. Richard K. Miller, pastor. He-.-. K- R. lomiin. pastor. 9:30 a. m.--Sunday school: 10 30 9:30 a. ir..--Church school: si a. a. rr:.. Christian Endeavor: 7:30 p rn.. sermon by the pastor: 3 o. m.. rr... Fellowship hour. victory serrr.or, by Hcv. David A. Mt. Tabor--9:30 a. m.. Reformed Wilson, presiding elder: 8 p. rn., church: 10:30 a. in.. Sundav school sermon by Rt. Hev. K. L. Kernir.s- way. D. D.. bishop: 7Ion.. 8:30 p. m.. Jefferson Lutheran Parish cabinet meeting: T-ues.. 8:30 p. m..' Thc Time DST H a. :r. : subject 'Discovering ' ln the ij c.rnorial Home Community! Lawrence Harne, Thurmont was! Penney rarrns. a short d-stance Jesus " Bt:rkitisvi!Ie--Worship. 10 a. sn south of Jacksonville. Selection of a successor to Dr. Erdman at the Burkiitsviue charge Middle-town Zion Lutheran Church has not yet been made ·The Time DST' Rev. \V. Ernest Fox. pastor. ship. H:!5 a. bosm. .cues:. Hnriv.ony--Sunday CHl'KCH MEETING Mr. Andrew Reh- , Salisbury. July 23 four-aay convention of the Church mander: John J. Gal!, finance offi- of God sn Maryland and the D:s- cer: Charles R. Stitely. Jr.. ser- ! ance elected Commander of the Edwin j C. Creeger. Jr.. Post Xo. 16S. Amer- j ican Legion. Thurmont. at the reg- · ular monthly meeting held Tues- i day night. Other officers elected I were as follows: Charles R. Downs, j Sr.. first vice-comrnander: Charles i ·--The E. "Bob" Miller, second vice-corn- 1 r.i.. worship, i n u r s . S 30 p. m. Burkittsville l.nthcran Charge 'The Tin'.e DST Rcv. Dr. H. C. pastor. SurkittsviiJe--Sunday school. 10 s. rr... worship. I" :;i a. 7v. . with ?cr:r.on. · Scrmor. On The Mount." Kr.oxv;"c--Sunday .-chco:. 10 s ni.: worship. 7 30 p. in. the TT!er."s club will ir.eet at the church. County Churches Mt. Pleasant Evangelical And Reformed Church 'Tns Time DST- Rev. Jilfirle Sollinger. pastor. Worship. 9:30 a. school. 10:30 a. rn. Mycrsvillr Lutheran C"h.-.r5«- Rex-. Morris G. Zumbrun pasto-- ' T h c T:n-.c EST' St Paul's--Worship. 9:43 a.'rn.: Rcv H - L :vIa " ; -^". pastor. Sunday school. 10:45 a. m. St. P.v,;:. Myersv::le -- Church St. Luke's--Sunday school. 10 a. SCfio °'- ? a rr : Sunday school will worship. II a. rn. | Mt. Zion--Sunday school. ' a. m. arrange for picnic this Sunday. 5.33 St. Mark's. Woll'sviilc -- Church : school, f a . rn : v.-orsh:p. 30 a. m... subjec:, "A Tricky Business DCS:." annual picnic. August 21, near Wo!fsv:lle. St. John's. Church Hi:'.--Worhip. 9 a. n-; . topic. "A Bold and Chal- tr:c: of Columbia opened here sean:-ai-arms: Lloyd C Mackley ! yestcrcay. chaplain: EKvood 6. Riffle, histor- ! ncpresentatix-cs f r o m f i v e fan. ar.d Edwin S. Creeger. execu-· cnurcaes ;n the area are attending, live oif.cer for a three-year terrr. i Watches Diamonds Jewelry and Silverware Doll's Jewelry Store Germantown Bcthcl-BIur church Mountain Chnrches Of God ·The Time DST' _ Rex-. Clarence McGaha. pastor Braddock Lutheran Church Germantown Bethel -- B i b l e Icnjrir.g Storv." Date and hou- o-' ·n' « J-'^ DST ' school. 9.30 a. m : worshia. 10.30 picn-c w:!l fao announced Sunday. K«v. Dr. ri. C. Erdrnan, Trumster. a. rr..: missionary service. 7 p m - Church school 10 a m Worsnip. 10 *. m.: Sunday school, worship. 7:45 p. m. · 11 a. m.: Rev. Dr. Erdman will Blue Mountain -- Bible school , ^"Wlotown Valley preach his last serrr.on in the 9:30 a. m.: prayer service 8 p rn ' c h u r c h of The Brethren j -- " ' "l 'The Tirr.e EST^ | Providence-Kemptown ; Rev. Samuel Lindsay, pastor. ; Methodist Chnrches I Grossiiickie--Worship. 9 a. m · 9 SOUTH MARKFF ST. FREDERICK. HD. church. Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Rev. Leon P. F. Vauthier. rector. --Point of Kock.-:--Morning praver »:30a. m. " ' Zion, Urbana--Morning praver 11:15 «. m. Grace. New Market Evening Rev. Chester B. Smith, minister, i church school. 10 a. rn. 10 a. m.--Sunday school: 31 .· Myersville--Church school. 9 a. j m.. worship. j m.: worship, 10 a. in. j Montgomery--9:45 a., m.. wor-! Harmony--Church school. 9 a j ship; 10:45 a. m.. Sunday school; 8 j m.. Re,v. Pan! M. Robinson, pastor prayer. 7:30 p. m.; church school, *.0:30 ft. m. p. m.. Youth Fellowship. of Hacerstown Church of the Pleasant Grove--10:45 a. m., Sun- | Brethren, \v:ll preach at Gross- day School, 12 m., worship. jnickle and Myersvillc churches. ioii;ii\ IMI vioi vt v Successor To Pcarre's Drug Store Iriij* A: Prescription Service TELEPHONE 208 Wednesday, August 18 ? 1948 Set that day aside and plan to attend the Maryland Conservation Field Day which will be held on the 17o acre farm of Mrs. Nellie Thrasher, near Jefferson, Frederick County, Maryland. There will be plenty of activity, entertainment, and parking space for everyone. Come early to see the complete conversion of this farm to a modern dairy and conservation f arm--a normal four to five year job to be done in one day. Don't forget--August 18.1948--starting promptly at9:OOA.M.,D.S.T. CITIZENS NWWAl BANK M F U t l t FE!ECAt ttstlVt SYITfM *»· Ft»»AI. D E P O S I T IHStlllANCt CO«O"»TIm

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