The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 7, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 7, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 7* 1*34 4HC PAMB NEWS. Forest Fires Spread Over HiBCpuntry Oklahomanft Call For Aid In Checking Destructive Timber Blaze Civilian Conservation forces. ASHLERS. Okla. —Forest fires, raging the past 39 days In the •aatern mountainous section of the county, have spread over the entire hilly sections in the northeast portion and causing great damage to range pastu rage. A call for aid to put out the j BLACK ARTS MASTER fire, wa, sent Carl Giles. State jg COMmG TQ p LAZA aeer In climr** «f th* forc«« here, said he k*d been Instructed by «tai« officiate to stand by. awaiting order* from the state FERA headquarters. Stock men in this county, already beset with pasturing difficulties due to th« prolonged drouth, have waged a. losing battle against the flames, and outside proialsvd aid indicates their success la calling attention to state and federal agencies of their plight- State Senator Paul Stewart, of Anciers. who im largely instrumental lit receiving FERA and Stat« Highway Department co-operation, also wired House, asking aid this section of the state. administrator at Oklahoma Crty. and the State Highway Department officials Monday. Giles im : *xpected to co-operate -with local FERA officials in setting up a. ptxxject for this purpose, in accordance with, regulations of the FERA, as immediate action has beer promised. E. B. Bursacl:. division _ engl- SPECIAL THIS WEEK , Oil Permanent* $2.25 Other Permanent^ . $1.5O up Set 15c ELITE BEAUTY SHOP Evelyn Seavers, Tel. 8»4 Beavis-Jones Seed Co. 32 Nozth Main Just Received PRESH j^osMfrt ot thow -' * M«8«r"* foo^* ^09* «» « « for « poutui <a «sd gav* -your <*®S * FREE Cbaniman Claims Title of "Professor of Black Magic" Manager C- J. Musselman of the Plaza Theatre stated Tuesday morning that advance report* Indicate an unusual attraction at the ill LER'S DOG FOODS special midnight show Thursday night. The feature attraction ot this show -will be Li Ho Chang, ''Professor of Black Art." that strange, supernatural power that was attributed to many men daring the I>ark Ages, and which many people, even today, believe in. La Ho Chang's performance Is more than a. magic show, more than a. spiritualistic seance. It is strange, weird, and impossible to describe exactly. In speaking of it Lr. Ho Chaj*g says "I give a spirit and ghost show — in bat-like darkness—seeking to pierce the veil Tfbich shrouds the living from those evil forces clwellinc beyond the grave. Is it possible to pierce the veil of death ana establish coTcmcnicatlon between separate i planes of existence? Are dreams ! authentic warnings? Can thought* j be transferred from the dead to | the living? Can the dead ' be coax- i e<i back from the grave? . ily sola- j tion of these problems, my answer these qaestions, I will present- ou may !es.rn."* Mr. Musseim&n asks that chit- ' to " Miners Are Trapped By Strikers Marshall Mills i» a. patient *i the Sanitarium of Pari*. Small Joy Marl« Spann i* quite ill at her home oa -"Walker «tr**t. To Examine Protesting Group Power Lines, Leaving Workers Penned j Mis* Opal Evan* of High, i* here ClltS i visiting her cousin. Mis* June Heigh. Red Cross Swimming Expert Will Visit Paris This Week [AGED MAIS" SLUGGED, I HOME SET ON FffiE i Firemen Rescue Denison From Flames Monday Man Four imrlflmrts -of Civilian Conservation Corps workers passed through Paris Tuesday morning. Off In Oklahoma (ff),—Chestey T. I>a- con narrowly escaped death in iiis J c it » 3»malle§l burning home Monday night after i being slagged into unconscious-1 Tlieft of a 1»1S model Chevrolet | aess - P°Uce believe, by robbers . JFVance, <AP).—Two hundred miners were trapped Tuesday Jn die 1,000-fooi level of a coal miMc where they wece imprisoned Monday by m group of SO Polish miners protesting against the dis- chars* of tiro comrades. the group blocked tbe galleries and cut Air, water and electricity connections, entirely paralyzing tbe mine. A foreman, who descended tbe shaft Monday night to negotiate a relief, was also beld below. Heavy police guards surrounded the shaft but communications ceased at 10 p. nx. The 2OO miners had sone down tbe shaft unsuspectingly, bat when they left tbe elevator at the l.OOO-foot level the rebellions group suddenly rushed them, barricaded the galleries, and cut the power lines. The group which trapped the other minors is sharing the fate of its prisoners. Authorities said most of the miners were Poles and that, therefore, they were more or less In sympathy with earh other. They said It was perfectly possible for the men to escape by ladders and that hunger might force such an escape. asks that women attending come with, an escort. The unusual of tbe show taking place at midnight (for the mystic performance will be preceded by a picture), is sucla that excitable persons may need special care, therefore there • <lren do not attend this show, and will be a physician in attendance. HOT FAST WEATHER! DRIVING of the Get the Extra Son Mrs. Homer Coleman, of Biards- lown, i* a patient at th« St. Joseph hospital. .Norman Coker and Van Harris i are spending the week in Corpus ChristL Mr. and. Mrs. C. B. Turner, of Texarkana. were here Sunday to attend Mrs. J. E. X>bo"s funeraL Mrs. J. B. Sappington i* at the Sanitarium of Paris for an examination. Mrs. Buford Taylor of Grant, Okla_, I* at the Sanitarium of Paria for treatment. Miss Maralene L.ummu» «ill leave "Wednesday morning t» join her aunt and uncle in Oklahoma City for a trip to Colorado. Miss Virginia^ Richmond underwent a major operation Tuesday morning at the St. Joseph hoa- { Jl C. Holcomb. of Sulphur Springs, underwent an operation at the St Joseph hospital Tuesday morning. Mrs Morris Fleming is reported to be improved following an opera.- \ tion about a week ago at the St- i Ac cor<i.n. Joseph hospitaL 5 chairman c coupe with a green body from Hugo Monday night has been reported to Paris police. S City and county officers arrested ! two men and a. woman near Seno [Tuesday morning 1 and lodged them j in county jai! for investigation. They were traveling in a coupe i bearing a Harris county license. .Paris meat markets report the demand for barbecued meats has increased steadily through the summer months. Several Paris markets say they are selling more barbecue this summer than ever before. Grass flees continue to bcsy the fire department. Tuesday morning Fire Chief Jodie Moss was called to ISO Clarksviiie for a trash fire but Monday afternoon grass fires on Graham street. Fifteenth and a half street and South Thirty-seventh street called out trucks. A. T. McCu* to Fuller, Mrs. Pat Warner and Mrs. John TVatsoa of Hoxton were here to attend the funeral of Mrs. J. E- Bobo Sunday. 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On * ens-scorched <3e*crt a*ck *t Dekih V*Jley, two popular priced aatornobacs -were scl>jected to the most brutal punishment ever con- ceiv<d to test tie quality of motor oiL Imagine ruanins; X Jove e*?tir. . l^ fear . . then IO /tour* radial&r or teater . mile after mile -nfithotrt «top! ITitb tbe thermometer cizxlinj; around ISO degrees, motor temper•tares jasape<3 terrificany. .beyond anything ycroll ever experience, Tet, protected by MobiloQ, both motors functioned perfectlyl No power Io*a . . no bearing failures ,. BO scored cylinders .. no motor iroublr! MOB1LOIL STANDS UP Mrs. Artie Killer of AinariUo is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Alice Carroll. an<j other relatives in and around Paris. Mrs. J. J- Farrier has returned to h« home in Clarksviile after having been at the Sanitarium, of Paris for treatment- Master John Robert I-ane, sort of Mr. and Mrs. P. G. I-ane. underwent a major operation at tiie Sanitarium of Paris Tuesday morning. "W- A. Arnold, of Hottston. returned to his home Tcesday morning' after a short visit Here with. Mr, asd Mrs- Jeff Canning- harti on 2Cort3s Thirty~third street. Mrs. H. L- Geron and son of Kerrville and Mrs. R. "VST. Tanner of Arlington, are here visiting JDr. and Mrs. T. C- <3eroii oi? Street Fight Ends With One Seriously Injured Bv Bullets looted the house and set it i afire. Since ning of Statehood F< cast By Board OKl-AHOMA CITY. V?}. —Okla- smallest cotton crop sine* The police theory was that the | robbers left the 67-year-old victim i to die in his flaming house, in-! statehood, with the exception of tending to cover up their crime.; 1921 - i was forecast Tuesday by ta* D«eon'a house burned to the " cr °P reporting service of 'the state ground after firemen pulled h:m ; *>oard of agriculture. out of the place and rtishe<j him! On the basis of condition as of to a hospitaL j August 1, the board estimated thV He had not regained conscious-j-' ieJd would be 4S2.0QG bales from ness Tuesdjf-- and. until he does, j -.557.000 acres- police said they -would have diffi- i In 1921. 3,205,000 acres yielded, culty determining just what hap- \ only 4S1.000 bales, pened before the fire was started. j The average acreage since- 1323 jhas been 3.SS5.000. i Condition ^of the crop, seared by • drouth and 'infested nevertheless j by twice as many boll -weevil* as a year ago. was placed at 4S per ; cent of normal, as compared, -with 0 per cent a year ago and a 10- ear of 7113. Castaways Are Rescued FORT WORTH. C^ — A free- for-all street fight, in which three persons -were shot, one seriously. and another was beaten oa the Mr- and Mrs. B. F- Johnson and daughter, Xhelma Marie of Dallas, have returned norne after a. visit hers -with E- U- Hazards and family. ed a. zeud of a. year's standin between two residents of a block- long street. A shotgun, pistol, lead pipe and meat cleaver ^vsre brought into play. Police confiscated, tiie weapons. J. B. Hanson. SS, was wounded seriously by a. charge of buckshot in the chest- J. W. Barton, 70. received a pistol bullet wound ia the I?it .arm aziG cuts on tae head- Mrs. Bartoo, Iiis "wife. v.-as beaten oa the head with a lead P ?e. Mrs. Ixjis Corristubble. 24 was struck by a stray buckshot while at work in ner i.i*chen.- She took EC pan, in tne affiay. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McL*more are expected to arrive home Wednesday from New York where they have been attending Columbia, university, ~ I Mrs. Berta. Smith has returned j from. Dallas -where she has been I vis!ting her sister, iliss Hazel Ales- { ander, formerly of Paris. j Mrs. Gantz "Williams Jr. is at the i St Joseph hospital for treatment- I ^Ir. and ilrs. J. S. Colley ar,<? Miss Klisabeth "Woodward of Kerr- -ellle, are the house grnests of Mr, Coney's mother. MrsC J. S. Col ley. 475 West Kaufman street. Mr Coiley is postmaster of Legion. Texas. ice of the local Red Croas chapter, A, T. McCue. representative of the organization's midwestera area headquarters at St. Louis* win arrive here August 10 to assist the chapter in Its efforts to reduce the hazards of aquatics. During this visit the swimming expert Trill qualify new life saving examiners and give tests to local swimmers -who already have successfully completed the rigid Hed Cross examiner's course. Each year these examiners spread their knowledge o* -water safety methods to many others with the aim of holding casualties to a minimum. In announcing the visit of Mr. ilcCue,. the life saving chairman • called attention to the appalling j death toil from drowning. Each | year, he said, about 7.400 persons j are drofrned. These fatalities exceed by hundreds the numbers of lives lost In steam raii-ws.y accidents and explosions oornbined. "In spite of the forward strides the national Red Cross has made in life saving-." he added, "the annual loss of life from dro-wriing; continues to be staggering. The I death rate from this cause rl imbed I seven per- cent bet-ween IS20 and | 1930 because In niore recent years ! additional Tnillons hav<? arrs-wered { the call of the surf, lake or pool, j "The -worst of It is that the ma- j joriry of the deaths are avoidable j DEKBY. Va_ — Afier an all and generally can oe traced to | night vigil at the Stoneg-ap Coke lack of kao-wledsre on tli-s part of i a.n.d Coal Company ~- Xtimber the victim. Aside from th»* tra^-?- | Three mine, rescue is-orkers Tues- dies involved, cro^n-ng-. -which' is | g a j- broiishi oiit the body of the the second most important cause las _ of tae 17 victims of 3Iondar"s of accidental death amona: men e^pio^iQT,, and boys, is extremely costly to j with" all workers who had been radcsiry. ^ | in tbe mine accounted for, It vfas j left deserted although large fans i continued to displace poisonous ! monoxide in its passages tvit^i I fresh air. Any investigation to ce- | terrr.ine the cause of the tragedy I _ . ^ T^as postponed until the air was residents of Derby. 5*ive injured men, t~wo of them struck by force of the explosion while -working near the mouth of head, Tuesday morning: culminat- j Iasd natives rescued them from ; The General Society of TOKYO, (J?) — The rescue of' chanics and Tradesmen in Xeir three Americans — two women; York inaugurated their aansal and s. man—who had drifted on celebration of the Fourth of the Pacific ocean in their sailing " in 17S5. vessel with its mast broken since ; — June 24 -was reported to the Unit-i ed States consulate Tuesday. - The consulate was informed | that the Japanese sur'.'eying ship. '= Soshu. called at isolated Fey's Is- \ land near Yap July 20 and rescued the three Americans. ' They are- i William LL. T-ewardo, a painter; | Mrs. Te-wardo, a writer; i Miss Marion Phillips, a. nurse, ; of Santa Barbara. Calif. i They sailed from Sa.a Diego, 1 January 3 in a 7-ton pinnace, ' registry 2320. ; The mast ^vas carried away. Is- ; At The Plaza picture at the Plasa theatre Wednesday and Thursday might -well have been named "L,ookin^ for r"un" for "ixe characters find much trouble, -while the unsympathetic J audiences find more amusement in I>r. S. H. Stark was removed to j these troubles than seems exactly his home Tuesday from St, Jo- j ri£ht, tor really seph's hospital -where he has be«?n shoula be a. patient for the last several j Inst •Fn~-• weeks, after the amputation, of . and for Complete Smooth performance... Mobilgas Ask For Magnolia Products At The Following: W. A. CAWTHON MAGNOLIA \YHOt,ESATJE Southern 1*»rtflc Yard* .--, AG'EVT tl SERVICE; STATION. M Clarksviiie * CJmreh. I»hon« M« MA^NOIJA SERVICE STATION", »*7 No. MMfn Fhhn« «Ot ^ P. LUAVT IV>nh»m Strict W. H. WITEKUER North Kit Str«et *** «tl» At The Lamar A F 3 ^ 1 !? of diamond smus^iers. In fact a gang o* rae^i "who -would not hesitate at any crime -whatever. safely ensconed almost in reach of the smug- center of Srltish La-win the island of Trinidad, furnish the action of the picture "Murder in Trinidad," the feature at the Lairiar Theatre Tuesday and "Wednesday. To Trinidad, from Ix>udon, comes a detective. Nisei Sruce. with a monkey ei;sconed on his shocider and addicted, like the monkey, to peanuts. Roaming about the island. th5s detective. x«rho looks mor*> h'ss a slifrhtly rotsnd tourist and acts like a slijrhtly insane sightseer, solves the crimes that have proven anstirniOttnta.l»»e to many of his predecessors, and solves for himself a very totichins romance. Set in the lush tropical beauty of Trinidad th« picture Is scenically attractix-e. Bruce, in a very unusual manner, furnishes both the interest, the solution of the mysterious deaths and of the smu^jrl- ing: ring, and also plays the romantic Iea5 In & picture that Is without a dull moment. the characters iven a little sympathy Instead of having every fresh misfortune greeted -with ss.les of the mine and the ether three brought frona the mine suffering' from gas poisoning, were reported imr> roved. Spencer Tracy. Jack Oakie and Constsir.ce Cunxmincrs take the leading: parts in tiis uproarous comedy .-which, the producers aver •was made -with only on-a inten —to make audiences laugh as had never laughed before, ana certainly these masters of comedy do much to live up to their intentions. GUN SHOT VICTIM BURIED EV HUGO Bullet, Accidentally $ In VTomaa's Abdomen ETTGO. — The funeral of Mrs, Odei Holley, agre 35. the -wife of , O. L. Holley. -who died Sunday The picture has a plot, which is | -*£->, t at Petty, -will be held Tues- rather attractive as plots so. and | da \. a fro-Tjoon at 3 o'clock in Hugo. possibly deserves much mention, j o - K " Ia at r^ e Methodist Prot^s-ar.i but the comedy is so excellent and j C > iurc j 1 Txi'h the Rev. Paul Ho-weu. the presentation so pcrlect^tiiat it | ^^^^3^^^, Burial •will be in Mt- is --..-.- ^ = ^-_, j- members reali the been anything ht:t a series of provokine: Incidents. COTTON PAYMENTS ARE DISTRIBUTED A5CTL.ERS. OkTa,. — Government checks, totaling SS.O«'C ar-* being distributed «j!s xctick to ^-5 farn^er* of the county as first hair cayrnant of rentals on the l?3-»Sj cotton cOTStrmct*. thnaajh th« office of Georj* lnn«». county farm a^cnx. About ?SOO was distributed Saturday, -with the cn«cks Apt-ruxlnaately $I.*00 was dts- tribut*d Saturday by the FEB \ office to -workers on made w*> k project* over the county. The county treasurer'* office te ex£** r«4 to di*bur«» *pproximat«*y fl.SOf beginning Tu«*day. to *I«-c- tion o*flciml» who conducted th* two primary »l«ction* held At The Grand angles is ng; new in romantic tri- introduced in "Mornins beer, xvorkinsr- Sunday they sper.i th« day x'isiting- in Kugo and on their return to Petty that nig-t. •while unloading: their cs.r. a sun fell out and discharged a bullet I -which lodged in Mrs- Holly's ab- I domen. causing her death. 30 minutes later. Mrs. Holly ia survived by her husband and ber parents. Mr. ar,.i Glor>%" KKO-Ka,d:o picture shoxv- | M^. pool of Petty, and er.e sister ir.g at the Grand theatre 'Wednes- | of Vfaeo, day and Thursday, which presents { Douglas Fairbanks. Jr.. and | Adolphe Mcnjou as love rivals -with } Katharine Hepburn as the girl. The unusual &ns^~ enters when Fairbanks and M«n>oa rerriJtin the closest of friends and business associate* even after their love Interests unwittingly cross. -Moming Glory." is an intensely human interest drama. about a jrirl's trials in winning recognition, on the Ne-vc York stage. That most ir.xerestins personality of the screen, iliss Hepbura, por- trsiya the girl sr.d meets with, ex- i periences which &re said to parallel Sn some respects tho*e she encountered in her own r«al Hfe career. Fairbanks w seen as a young playwrtght and Msnjoa portrays a Broadway producer. X<ow«u Sherman directed, and other* in the cast include Mary Duncan. Frederic Santley. C. Aubrey Smith. Richard Carle. Tyier Brooke and Don AUarado. tNTITEJ> TO TEXAS DSXVSR, v-?'—!>*- 5. K. Potts, president of the Overton. Tex., chamber of con^rr-erC'?: K. X. 'Bud' Price. n~.anas:er. and K. S. McGar- rj\ Sen Dau^rherty and J. A. Kendall. Overton businessmen, called at Gov. E. C. Johnson's office on Tuesday to invite him to attend the Texas centennial exposition in 1935. A "ahoppinir circuit** aroand which »hopp«rs couWl rid» for four hour* on one bus far« baa been proposed ia Fort WojrUk* TWL MAX MILLER Ton To Visit Tbe Par-Tex Service Sta. Corner BfTnhaxn and iSth St. Remember us for that good Par-Tex Ga* and Oil We wash,. srr*as«, fix flats and service trlth a smile MAX EDI>rE HUJtHOCSIX Assistant the sea. ; Tb.e Koshu took tb.e Americans : and their vessel to Pelew. Tite [ Americans sai-i they nvartted to i repair their craft and corstlniie on i to Manila but tiiat they had only i NOLDEN AUTO WORKS Has Moved To 9O in! We invite you to visit our ne^r location. l^ con tiii ue to feature atito painting. top and body \vork, and other similar- work. and Tviii in addition, handle Sinclair products as •CTrell as tires and barteries. Telephone 457 J for Hot Days Sizes For Everyone! 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