The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on December 2, 1982 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1982
Page 8
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8-A THE BAYTOWN SUN Thursday, December 2, 1982 Stamps Issued As Tribute To Lighthouses O«» OVr^ VYl/'V^T'lftUr IQftC ... W n _ ii__ QVh«iMA Ot**»* 4 tn T*« »!•«.«« n i.««.« i '—1.1 A. » - ^te«^^ BySYDKRONISH AP Newsfeatures Lighthouses have been a boon to sailors over the years as their ships seek the safety of ports during storms and rough seas. As a tribute to its lighthouses, Singapore has issued three new stamps. The 10-cent shows the Sultan Shoal Lighthouse located southwest of Singapore. The shoal was originally marked by a beacon until 896 when the lighthouse was built. The now 670,000- candlepower light is visible more than 45 miles as its light flashes every 15 seconds. The 75-cent depicts the Horseburgh Lighthouse built in 1851 on a lonely rocky outcrop known as Pedras Branca in the South China Sea, southeast of Singapore in international waters at the entrance to the Sing- apore Straits. Its white light flashes every 10 seconds. The $1 illustrates Raffles Lighthouse at Pulau Satumu, 20 miles south of Singapore and marks the southernmost point of Singapore's port limits. Raffles was built in 1855 but now has 350,000- candlepower lighting which flashes every 10 seconds. These stamps are available at your local stamp dealer or Plastic Edging In Good Shape Can Be Replaced By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeatures Q. — About 10 years ago I made a kitchen table and covered the top with laminated plastic, the kind used on countertops around the sink. Recently the strips of laminated plastic I used as edging for the top have started to come loose. I recall using contact cement to hold them in place. Can I apply contact cement again or should I replace the strips with new ones? A. — If the laminated plastic edging strips are still in good condition, there is no reason why they can't be used again. Be sure to scrape off the old cement before applying the new. If the strips are in bad shape and you do not want to replace them with the same kind, you can substitute hardwood edging that comes in rolls or half-round moulding, both of which can be glued in place, although tiny nails also can be used in the moulding if desired. Q. — There is a cedar closet in the house we inherited a couple of years ago. My son recently called my attention to the fact the closet has no smell of cedar, which he says is necessary if the closet is to keep away moth larvae. I never noticed, but he said the closet had a slight cedar odor when we moved in. WhaL kino of finish should I put on the closet to restore the odor? As far as I can see, the closet is airtight, which I have been told is important in a closet of this type. A. — Your son is correct about the scent of cedar. You are correct about keeping the cedar odor inside the closet by making certain it is reasonably airtight. If the wood is real cedar, its odor can be restored simply by sanding well. This will open the pores and start the scent moving again. Do not apply any finish. Q. — In building the framework for the roof on a small building, what kind of wood should be used? I plan to use asphalt shingles. The framework will support a deck which, in turn, will support the shingles. A. — Any kind of strong lumber , can be used for the framework. For the deck, using large sheets of plywood or hardboard or any one of several other materials will ease the task of installing the shingles. Q. — I simply do not understand the reasoning behind placing insulation in the floor of an attic. Doesn't that merely prevent the heat downstairs from going through the attic floor and warming whatever living quarters there are in the attic? A. — Insulation originally was placed between the joists to stop the downstairs heat from escaping upstairs and heating an attic where nobody lived. If the attic is finished off into rooms in areas of the country where heat is necessary, a different viewpoint comes into play. What difference does it make if downstairs heat cannot move upstairs to keep the people there comfortable? The attic should have its own source of heat. Besides, heat kept downstairs is useful there, which is as it should be. It is far more important, once living quarters are planned there, to install insulation behind the new rooms. If you plan to finish the attic into rooms, the places that should be insulated are between the studs of the walls, up between the rafters where they meet the collar beams and between the collar beams. To put it another way, insulate the knee walls, the sloping walls and the ceiling of the framework. Some Disabled Vets Qualify For $305 Clothing Allowance HOUSTON (Sp) — Disabled veterans — those who use a wheelchair or a prosthetic or orthopedic device — may be entitled to an annual clothing allowance of $305 from the Veterans A d- ministration. The clothing allowance normally is paid on Aug. 1st of each year to such veterans with service-connected disabilities to assist them in their normal daily living, said Ted W. Myatt, director, Houston VA Regional Office, as a National Year of Disabled Persons reminder. Congress has recognized that use of such devices can damage a veteran's clothing. Therefore it authorized the annual payment. The special allowance is in addition to the veteran's monthly compensation from the VA for his or her specific disability, or military-retirement pay. For further information, contact the Houston VA Regional Office. For those who think the holidays are incomplete without fruitcake, food editor Marilyn Hansen again presents Old-Time Molasses Fruitcake Delectable and easy to make. You'll get four 3-lb. cakes from her recipe. Serve to guests; give as gifts. In this week's. . , Family Weekly Th* Baytown Sun Weekend Magazine 1/4 Carat of Fine Genuine Diamonds Set in Marquise Shape" ^mr$r i Era $585 .'rom the Whitehall Boutique Collation o* exquisite precious get-., A unique open lattice fiii'iip^'i 'jf'siqn in lustrous 14K vellou. gold. Phone Order* <713) 420-5743 .- *• •*• it'C'•*»''<>*tvnok "^a'i HouMc' *\ ""••'•'•'• a.;.-, = " saks-i HSU P'LI* S6 50 shp'/ f, hrt 1 ; 6O Oaiy Unconditional Money Batk Gturanlef stamp store. Ethiopia claims the coffee plant was first discovered growing wild in the"Kaffa" region of Abyssinia (its ancient name). To hail its coffee growing — and nearly 25 percent of its population is engaged in coffee production — Ethiopia has issued five new stamps. The 5-cent depicts a coffee plantation, the 15-cent a coffee tree, the 25-cent coffee groves, the 35-cent shows coffee harvesting, and the one bi^r shows the serving of coffee. Recently we described the designs of a block of four new U.S. c o m- memoratives honor- ing the sport of ballooning. These stamps will be issued next year. It is interesting to note that the designs were unveiled during the opening ceremonies of the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, N.M. The closing ceremony features a mass ascent of more than 500 balloons. Hot-air balloons were invented in 1783 by the Montgolfier brothers in France. A few months later the first passengers — a sheep, a duck and a rooster — made a successful flight covering eight miles. The first manned flight that same year traveled five miles in 25 minutes. Balloons, however, lost much of their appeal after the invention of the airplane. Improved techniques to keep the air inside the balloon hot helped revive the sport during the 1960s, and now thousands of enthusiasts are flying the multi-colored balloons throughout the world. Tuvalu, a tiny group of islands in the South Pacific once called the Ellice Islands, has been issuing several sets of well designed stamps. One of these stamp sets honored Lady Diana, the Princess of Wales, on her 21st birthday. There are three stamps in the; set. One stamp depl.ets an Informal/portrait of Lady Diana. A second features 'Queen Wilhelmina Caroline (1683-1737), who held. the title of Prim.cess of Wales from 1714 to 1727 when she was officially crowned queen. The third s tamp depicts Caroline's coat "of arms. a CHRISTMAS - g & BAKE SALE 2 Friday & Saturday 5 >, ; December 3 & 4 ^^sTSk 9a - m -- 5 P- m - iVH^tf^, 3500 KNIGHT LANE (Kingsbend) Ceramics, kitchen items, bak ed goods. Owners: Connie Litteer Ann Adlong; We invite ym to com by aind get your new holiday look! NOW OPEN SHEAR , ELEGANCE 604 Williams 422-6856 (located beside Rogers • fin. store) V Unisex V Salon This year, make your Christmas one to remember with gifts of eternal beauty ....from Robson's • San .iartnto Mall • Wlllowbrook Mall MO and Garth Road FM 1960 and 149 Baylown. TX Houston. TX We invite you to shop at our one location in downtown Baytown avoid the hustle and bustle, the crowds, high overhead prices and chain store promotions. Back Row: Jack Bishop, Marie Bullard, Jennifer Batla, Doryce Oliphant, Norman Hargrave Front Row: Diane Bench, Louise McMahon, Rain Lokey, Marion Hoff. Gifts Galore Robson's has everything you could want for Christmas, diamonds, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, chains, silver service, crystal, fine china and so much more at low overhead prices! Try shopping in comfortable, uncrowded surroundings where friendly, personal service comes naturally - the old fashioned way! We even offer free gift wrapping; and free delivery service. After all, we've been doing it for 53 years! 41111111111 Enjoy Christmas Shopping and Save at -V s ** wn'f Escort S«rvlc» to your car on r«qu*st ".-ifnmU\ tnulitiott si 228 W. Texas 427-5655

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