The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 3, 1932 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1932
Page 2
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TWO THE DAILY HEWS, FEEDMICK, MD fMDAY, JUNE 3, 1932. PROPERTY VALUES Llnkms Continues Testimony In Coblentz Trial. by the subsidiaries » p'.edged wiih the I Central Trust Company and bit-re i among its assets for $100 000 Out- swiers hola flm ana second mortgages QB tcis property for a tot*; of S3tO 000 accorc-ns to the prosecution On U» Deeves- Apartmecis, »h-cfa appraised at S9G T5O 'lie if- coepaaies owned .«o.ctli »cd | had pledged Tinth the Centra! Trus? Ccmpanv a third tsongage of S*3^9C «rh_:e o"aer ter«Rs noJd a f.rst for M4.60C He said. this propertj was Mseesed »t $70124 The EarUngtoo Ap«rUnent», by T.inicin« at H59J40 were «ut.«ct according to the state, to a tint deed of trust 'or »147.7SO. held by outsiders I and second and third deefe o! trusts. i,eid by th* Central Trust subsidiary for $13.250 and S42MO Piles of ttoces raised for unknown ! ceremonies by ancient Indian* save been f j3d in a ruszed. waterios* taeca- Jarxi of northern tower California. i ON STAND AT CUMBERLAND _ 'I. J-ne 2 -Tit ' _r.° r~-P""~ '· ^ Was~i-s~ n s'.-3-ed xr~pari» cf *~e C ~ T~w . - _ ,, ; - -» -^ G - '-. r 1_ r -- · _ c' r S-Citor Er- - I. Cob^TU, C TV_- £c'^'_"; a c~r. .i.- it" E_- C * ~-i-.%n ap j. ~." I *is IT roc-rec in N*^V as a r-a' crj - c "»p»-* ·· e^a -- '" TM« ^-^ c- ""·x-r'v ·= p" 1 p^r'v h ^ -~ ^^ K.S ··";".-- --v cj\»-- ed rea. rs i^ --=KIS or ·-;-* p~ " sa?'* ard cnher .-" 1 * .- b ' " C -. -a: S«-^ .-*. .ti o:r-n'- a: c J" E -" R if «· p ^;?ed is co "s-p-s *~"i ^e Cer* r a' ' TT-S" CoTiDir- as «"·.-- ·* fr r:ot^s ol sp,-o\-r--; - '- S3 3i r ?0 and are : j:- J e; a~- -s t -f as£t^ rf ^e Cen'ral , ~- A . -^PSS ^a-d tna* o"« !·· ^i Wa- sV _r;*or: o- ·» h t* 1 ··» B'ue R't!;» S«*'-."".'i C " -- a" J"" d a no"t?3i? c' $:0VC --_s a_;vo55c-a 'o- $75: 3-ic vtis -a-eci b v -r. at S3 "00 I__rs_ns d«-_ired T.S rrop^-*v in TVasnj cvr o- ?n.--h t!v Cert-a' T--st Co or a'! j;-pd cor.c»rr.s \re'C recc-ci arc I 1 - "a ·".··Q-!e'i£« :n 'h anic^.i of spp'Ot-mate'-. S l ^ n s n o xrss vcrtn spp-o--^r^a^'i S2'S7000 I_ri-rs -c^k t,p lo -M.I es»-c ^cm one a "re -~c srsrt rr^, of · I ~* da !,,, I sessec \alje- and s-^e -.a 1 ." tat be as a r-al esta;« expjrt .n V.'^-on . p'scred on :heai as of U:e s^iur.rr of 1931 As the s«sscn ?rdxi 'odav tbe statr xras asked by rte court to ha\e Lj-Wlni Qtia';f-ei as lo '.ne yahie of t^e rou and ceeds of trust on tl"» proprUas tsd so haie aun 3-epare to 'est'f-. uex* week as to tielr va,u« in 1929 indicating that the oourt .n °nded "o consider these a^seu as IU:fd b-. the Centra. Trust Qxnpanv from ti*e.r verv origin ' Dp untJ Septe-nbe-. 1931 is ben «--p ccmpar--- ^as priced in tJ-e hands Ot she ba"-z comir'-ssioier He tcst^fed t"ca%- -hat Prince Kvl Aparliients n Wa^.^toeton on ^oicb one of the afftluitea corrpanies hoidi » th^rd c«ed of tr-st 'or $20 OQO ana has first and secc-d iro-tgagc^ Sctal^:^ S66 400 -a-as wor h S63 320 ar.J ' \ras assessed for taxation at S83 250 Property at 2401 Ca vert stret' Washington fcno's-n as the 'Wardmir ( Par-c Ar.nex he said -K-SS wo-th S300 000, \rhjue e th^d ceea of trust hcla JACOB RUPPERT BARLEY MALT SYRUP l"TKe of tKe Dress Up Your Beds In Beautiful Hand-Tuffed Candlewick SPREADS .25 Single or Double Size This Suznzier dreu your beds in COOL summery siriclewi'i spreads. They're so ser-.lceaale . . so easily ;»-ndered Thwe are harxl-tJCed by the mountain g 'is of Georg a I-. beajtiful designs on \ery eood Q_a..!y unbleached Rose--Blue--Gold Green--Orcli id Marquisette Flowered Sale! 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