The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 6, 1951 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1951
Page 8
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,5 1 i . Th« Newt, Frederick, Md., Thursday, December 6. 1951 Cltsroom Facilities For Physically Handicapped Asked 8ymp*thetie reception but n definite agreements on classroom jfecifcties for physically handicap pe4 students, confronted officers o «t« Frederick County Chapter o « Society for Crippled Children and Adults appearing before the Sotn»*y School Board session, Wed ne**»r afternoon. Headed by the society's chapter president, ©larence C. Carty, with dkecton J. Milton Brunk, Mrs jsichard Maitin and Mrs. Paul S NKehsel, the group sponsoring education of courttians physicallj feat not mentally handicapped specifically requested that a classroom for such students be buili into the projected Hotter avenue school. President George C. Rhoderick Jr.. and School Board members listened attentively to the requests of 1he society representatives bu1 gave no immediate commitments oi action, Mr. Carty said. The chapter president said, apparently long range and specific plans must be placed before the County School Board, before action can be taken. He said the beard gave tacit admission that from State level authorization, a survey i« in progress in Frederick County to determine the number of physically handicapped students who might be recommended for such public schooling. Financed By Easter Seals Financed by the sale of Easier Seals and contributions of individuals and groups in or contiguous to Frederick County, the Society for Crippled Children and Adults is currently maintaining classrooms NOTICES Notice Application has been made to the undersigned by FINE FOODS INC. T/A FREDERICK SEA FOOD RESTAURANT 500 W. Patrick Street Frederick, Md. Austin W. Rice. Pres.-Treas. 2304 Yale Ave., Camp Hill, Pa. Marshall E. Fishpaw, vice pres. 87 S. Market Street. Frederick; Thomas H. Rauscher, Sec.. 500 W. Patrick St., Frederick, Md. for a license to sell beer, and light wine, at the premises known as FINE FOODS INC. T/A FREDERICK SEA FOOD RESTAURANT 500 W. Patrick Street Frederick, Md. the said license to be known as a Class B ON SALE license, which would permit the licensee to sell the aforesaid Beverage at retail, at the place therein described, for consumption on the premises or ekewhere. The application is made in accordance with Section 44 of Article 2-B of the Code of Public General Laws of Maryland. All persons desiring to be heard on either side of the question of the granting or refusal of this application should be present at the office of the License Commissioner, 10 a. m. Thursday, December 27. 1951, at which time and place a public hearing will be held. GAIL L. CUTSHALL. ^ License Commissioner For Frederick County, Md. lor a limited number of county children in the Federated Charities Building, Frederick. The County School Board pays the salary of two teachers. Dr. Winfred Phelps, specialist supervising the selection of the physically handicapped students, has already announced that more handicapped children and young people can be recommended for schooling of more facilities are available. Of prime interest to the Board of Education, is the subject of transporting the physically handicapped to classrooms, if and when they are provided in public schools, Mr. Carty said. Private Transportation The local chapter with assistance of the Frederick Kiwanis Club, Frederick County Chapter Red Cross Motor Corps and by hired taxis are presently conveying the students to the small class at Frederick. One child recently brought here from Mt. Airy by provided transportation, has moved to Frederick city with his family. Continuing study and fact findings on the need for special school facilities for the handicapped and the extent to which public expense may go locally in providing such public education, will be conducted by the county chapter Society for Crippled Children and Adults, Mr. Carty said, and such information will be presented as acquired to the Board of Education. The duck-billed platypus has a flattened bill like a duck, a body covered with fur, webbed feet and broad tail. McMurray Pieneer In Md. Canning Industry BALTIMORE. Dec. 5--/P)--The 1 work of Maryland pioneers In development of the cunning industry was recalled today by L. "W. Graaskamp. vice president of the American Can Company as a pattern for what he predicted will be amazing developments in the future. Graaskamp told members of the Advertisinp Club "the humble tin can, ns manufactured by Thomas Kensett in the 1840's in his little factory on the waterfront near Federal Hill, to pack your famous Chesapeake Bay oysters, has acquired global stature." The executive said Kensett made a second claim on posterity by canning Maryland-grown vegetables --tomatoes, corn and peas--for the first time in any volume. Other pioneers in the field mentioned by Graaskamp were: Louis MacMurray, whose "famous mojantain sugar corn cannery at Frederick was the first corn packing plant in the State outside Baltimore " Thomas J. Me$r. one of the first contractors to the armed forces in the war between the States and Isaac · Solomon, who developed a new process to boost production. J. A. Chisolm and M. P. Scott. who perfected the first machina for removing green peas from their pods; Edward J. Judge, who developed the chemical method of peeling peaches for canning, and otheis. "But no tribute," said Graaskamp. "to the great names of canning in Maryland would be complete 'without a very special word about the late Frank E. Gorrell. native Marylander and foundinu secretary of the National Canncrs Association. Frank Gorrell was the man who more than »ny other individual influenced the remarkable growth and progress of the canning industry for most of the last half century. He inspired three generations of us in the can-making and canning industries." Parole Candidates' Classes Commenced A new step In parole procedure has been taken at the State Reformatory for Males' at Roxbury, in Washington county, to assist in solving the problems of inmates are paroled from the institution. A series of classes is now held when parole candidates discuss with qualified persons the prospects of employment, educational and voca. tional training opportunities, causes of parole violation and other problems they will face upon their return to civilian life. Alton C. Whitmore, of tihis city, senior parole officer for this district, said the classes were started by A. Earl Shipley, director of parole and probation for the state. The reformatory is the first penal institution in Maryland to use this method of aiding prospective parolees to become better adjusted upon their release. Aiding the inmates at the classes are Supervisor of Parole J. Hubert Black, Maurice E. Williams, employment consultant for the Division of Parole and Probation and the institution's Jewish, Catholic and Protestant chaplains, along with Mr. WWtmore. In announcing the new program, the senior parole officer said that previously inmates were released on parole with very short notice. 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Poppa, convicted bookmaker, today filed a motion for a new trial because of what he said were "inflammatory remarks" made before the Jury by State's Attorney John Holly day. In his opening remarks, Hollyday told the jury thai "little fellows' have been brought to trial before, and now here is the "big boy, himself." On objection from defense counsel, the remarks were ordered stricken from'the record, but the judge denied a motion for a mistrial. Distemper, best known in dogs, is a problem to* fur ranchers raising fox and mink. There's relaxation and contentment in a cup of good coffee. And this fine coffee is really good. IIOUR FOOD B8US PRICES EFFECTIVE DEC. 7 AND 8 Bake Xraas Cakes With Sno-Sheen Cake Flour 39 BAKER'S Shredded A Must For Xmas Baking- 2 GOLD MEDAL "(Gfchen Tested" ENRICHED FLOUR 5 * 49- DEL MONTE sliced Pineapple 2 CAN G. JU BAKING COMPANY Chocolate Covered GraEiaBiiS " 59 MARYLAND BISCUIT COMPANY MARYLAND FIG BARS .. - 33 SUNSHINE BISCUIT CO. 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