Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 8, 1968 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1968
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

MONfcAY, JULY 8, 1968 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Ad LibbingDepends On Keeping Quiet EDITOR'S NOTE-Ed Newman, with a long experience on the journalistic front lines, Is one of NBC News Department's utility men—reporter, analyst, narrator, writer .or anything else needed. He was among the network correspondents who, for hours on end, Were on the air and talking during the slow progress of Sen. Robert Kennedy's funeral train between New York and Washington. He was asked to describe the fine art of the marathon ad lib. By ED NEWMAN NEW YORK (AP) - How do you write a column about ad lib- bing on the air? Ad lib it, I suppose. I have had to do a good deal of ad libbing of late—in connec tion with President Johnson's decision not to run again; after the death of Martin Luther King Jr., and again in connection with the death of Robert Kennedy. Successful ad libbing depends first on not talking too much and too soon. If you dazzle them early, you may bore them later. It depends in the second place on having a large and miscellaneous body of knowledge, and on the association of ideas—you see something and it reminds of something else, ideally something relevant and illuminating. Even with the News Department behind you, there is nothing so reassuring as ideas which you have not used running through your mind. By the way, you can sometimes dazzle by accident. I once had to ad lib at length about the Royal Ballet and its star, Margot Fonteyn, whose married name is Arias. As it happened, I could remember her husband's nickname, Tito, and not his real name, Roberto. I said something like, "whose nickname, of course, is Tito." The "of course" did it. People were as-| tonished: "He even knows-the man's nickname." The next essential asset is calm. Consider President Johnson's announcement that he would not seek re-election. About 30 seconds passed between his announcement and Movies to Be Shown At City Playgrounck The Alton Park and Recreation Commission will show free cartoon movies at city play grounds beginning today at 8 p.m. The films will be shown at a different playground at 8 p.m. each night during the week. The schedule is: Today—Hellrung; Tuesday — Northside; Wednesday — Salu; Thursday — Haskell; Friday — Olin. my having to speak. That isn't much time for reflection, and the only way to deal with such a situation (after closing the mouth that surprise had opened, and opening it again with sounds coming out) is to think out loud and make your analysis as you go along. You have also to avoid looking agonized while waiting for help to arrive. How you look does not matter on the radio. The first lengthy ad libbing I did for NBC came at the funeral of King George VI in 1952.1 was on the battlements at Windsor Castle, ready to go on as soon as the funeral procession came into view. For a variety of reasons, 1 was called in as the funeral procession left my view. Also, It was a cold day, I was wearing heavy gloves and holding- a micro* phone, and couldn't get »y notes out of my pocket. You have no idea how long 10 to 12 minutes can be. There is one other key to sue cessful ad libbing. You have to talk to the audience in the way that is natural to you. Anything else, over the hours, would be an intolerable strain. * * * * If you're at busy •f mett people... You need 41 "Time-Stretcher"...« CHECKING ACCOUNT Save time, money, trouble •nd travel and put your family finances on a bud? iWM-llke basis.., with... A Wedge Checking Account. TV LOG (R) Denotes Rebroadcast (C) Denotes Colof KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4, KSD (NBC) 5, KPLR 11 6:00-2 Wells Fargo (R) 4 5 News Report (C) 6:30—2 Cowboy in Africa (C) 4 Gunsmoke (C) (R) 5 The Monkees (C) (R) 11 Truth or Consequences (C) 7:00—5 The Champions (C) 11 Passport (C) 7:30-2 Rat Patrol (C) (R) 4 Lucy Show (C) (R) 11 Of Lands & Seas (C) 8:00-2 Felony Squad (C) (R) 4 Andy Griffith (C) (R) 5 Comedy Playhouse (C) 8:30—2 Peyton Place (C) 4 Family Affair (C) (R) 11 Steve Allen (C) 9:00-2 Big Valley (C) (R) 4 Premiere Playhouse (C) 5 I Spy (C) (R) 10:00—2 4 5 News Report (C) 11 Hitchcock Hour (R) 10:30—2 Joey Bishop (C) 4 Movie (C) 5 Johnny Carson (C) 11 Movie 12:00—2 Movie 5 News (C) 12:10—5 Panorama '68 12:20-4 Movie (C) 12:25—11 News 12:45—5 Weather 1:35—2 News/Sports 1:40—2 Thought for Today 2:10-4 News/Religion (C) Tuesday T 1 4"k July 9 5:15-4 Religion/News (C) 5:30-4 Summer Semester (C) «:H— 4 Town & Country (C) 6:30-4 P.S. 4 (C) 6:45—2 Thought for Today 6:50—2 Farm Report 6:55—2 Newsbreak 7:00—2 Lone Ranger (R) 4 News (C) 5 Today (C) 7:05-4 CBS News (C) 7:30-2 Fury (R) 4 Cartoons (C) 8:00-2 Winchell-Mahoney (C) 4 Capt. Kangaroo (C) 8:45—11 Modem Almanac 9:00—2 Romper Room (C) 4 Candid Camera (R) 11 Ed Allen Time 5 Snap Judgment (C) 1:25-5 NBC News (C) 9:30-4 Beverly Hillbillies (C) (R) 5 Concentration (C) 11 Superman (R) 10:00-2 Dick Cavett (C) 4 Andy of Mayberry (R] 5 Personality (C) 11 Movie 10:30-4 Dick Van Dyke (R) 5 Hollywood Squares (C 11:18-2 Bewitched (C) (R) 4 Love of Life (C) I Jeopardy (C) 11:25-4 CBS News (C) 1:30—2 Treasure Isle (C) 4 Search for Tomorrow (C) 5 Eye Guess (C) 11 Cartoons & Comics 1:45-4 Guiding Light (C) 11 King & Odie . 11:55-5 NBC News (C) < Soon— 2 Charlotte Peters (C) t 4 Dennis the Menace (R) 5 Mike Douglas (C) 11 Dream House (C) 1 12:30-4 As World Turns (C) \ 11 Wedding Party (C) !:••— 2 Newlywed Game (C) 4 Love Is A Many Splen- . dored Thing (C) ™ 5 Days of Our Lives (C) ™ 11 The Texan (R) ™ 1:30-2 Baby Game (C) e 4 House Party (C) a 5 The Doctors (C) c< 11 Love That Bob (R) a 1:55-2 Children's Doctor (C) s< 2:00—2 General Hospital (f) . 4 To Tell the Truth (C) " 5 Another World (C) n 11 Woody Woodbury (C) " 2:25—4 CBS News (C) f! 2:30-2 Dark Shadows (C) u 4 Edge of Night (C) ? 5 You Don't Say (C) u 3:00-2 Dating Game (C) 4 Secret Storm (C) e t Match Game (C) s 1:25-5 NBC News (C) " 3:30-2 4 Movie ? 5 Merv Griffin (C) " 11 Captain 11 (C) P 4:45-11 Cartoon Cutups (C) 5:00-2 ABC News (C) n 4 Leave It to Beaver (R) r 5 News Report (C) P 11 Room for Daddy (R) * 5:30—2 News Report (C) s 4 CBS News (C) B 5 Huntley-Brinkley (C) e 11 Perry Mason (R) * 5:50-2 Weather/Sports (C) ° V * MOVIES „ I g MON. EVE e T 10:30-4— "Timber-jack" ( (1954) (C) Vera Ralston, Sterling Hayden i Ai — UU U,I ^ « VV 0 , Mary" (1949) Patricia f Neal, Ronald Reagan 1 12:00-2— "O.K. Nero" 1 (1953) Silvana Pampa- f nini, Walter Chiari 12:20-4— "Bernardine" (19-) (C) Terry Moore, Pat Boone TUBS. DAY 10:00-ll-See Mon., 10:30 -». fil* 1 1 p.m., Ch. 11 3:30-2— "Unknown Man" (1951) Walter Pidgeon, Barry Sullivan 4-"Blowing Wild" (1953) Barbara Stan- wyck, Gary Cooper EARLY WEEK SPECIALS! U. S. CHOICE BEEF RIB STEAKS .... 89c TOM BOY , SLICED BACON . . . - 65c YOUNG, TENDER SLICED BEEF LIVER .... 49c FREEZER BEEF Chtek Our Lew Prlcti en Sldti and Quarters BETTY CROCKER OR SWANSDOWN CAKE MIXES . . . 2 49c HffBPJBtSilPIIPIMPPH<B^^^^^^*^WSHiW*iB™aM^^"te™8^yWwy j Jjl U i Jin] U U i j IIHKIigBS^^^lW^ll^>wK<«i^^JxtW^»««-J'JWJ*^>JW*T»M PM . wvwn XVI~T-~TVI, imu v j^ •^^^^^•^^^p^^ OIL SKIMMER — To help keep lake Welles Products Corporation, Roscoe, water, harbors, and beaches clean, 111. The 1 catamaran-mounted device Standard Oil Go. (Indiana) is making helps clean up oil spills in lakes and its recently-developed oil skimmer harbors, available worldwide under license to Standard Develops Device to Skim Oil Slicks From Water CHICAGO (Special) - In the interest of water conservation, Standard Oil Co. (Indiana) has made its new catamaran-mount- rotary oil recovery device available worldwide under license, Arthur G. Gilkes, manager of patents and licensing, said today. Welles Products Corporation headquartered at Roscoe, 111., has been granted a license for manufacture and sale of t h e recently - developed oil pollution control device, which helps clean up oil spills on lakes and in harbors. The device was developed by engineers working in the research and development department of American Oil Co., Indiana Standard's domestic refining, marketing, and product and process research subsidiary. Manufacture of the first commercial oil skimmer units is nearing completion at Welles plant in northern Illinois. Welles Products Corp. will market the skimmer units under the trade name "Reclam-Ator Oil Recov ery System." Welles specializes in environmental .protection, bi ological hydrodynamics, and water pollution control products Invention of the catamaran - mounted skimmer, first an nounced in February, 1968, re suited from Indiana Standard'! extensive program of air and water conservation research Gilkes said. Described as "the most effective device built to date for the clean-up of oil spills," the new Reclam-Ator oil recovery sys tern consists of a super-sponge inch-diameter rotating drum The cylindrical sponge, made from water - repellent polyure tiane foam, soaks up oil from he surface and repels water. The drum operates through he deck of the catamaran, be- ween the pontoons, as the [rum rotates, whatever water he sponge absorbs is largely squeezed out with low pressure oilers. The oil is then removed by roller that apply greater pressure. Recovered oil can be stored; in a large plastic contain er towed by the catamaran, and later taken ashore for treat ment. American Oil earlier made a prototype of the commercial oi skimmer available to the U.S Coast Guard and other.publii agencies for test purposes an< to help deal with an oil spill age accident. QUALITY CONSCIOUS? BUDCET CONSCIOUS? SHOP YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD TOM-BOY HELP STRETCH shutz Tom-Boy THAT BUDGET AND «<** River STILL MAINTAIN Ro.ed.le Tom-Boy THE QUALITY! Rosewood Hel R M* FRYER WINGS Fresh FRYER BREASTS With Portion of Back 820 BELLE ST. 8602 STATE! ST. 1210 MILTON BD. VVILSffiRE VILLAGE 65 E. FERGUSON ALTON ALTON ALTON EAST ALTON WOOD RIVER "We Reserve the Right to Limit" FRESH NEVER FROZEN U. S. Government Inspected In Addition to | BEST FOOD BUYS -ANYWHERE NEVER LESS THAN *1AA°° IUU CASH EVERY SATURDAY There's NO LIMIT . . . if there is no Winner one week, we add another $100.00 until it .s Won) WEGENER'S FOODLINER 9th & Alby— Alton CUT-UP TRAY PACKED LEG QUARTERS BREAST QUARTERS YOUR CHOICE Ib. KINGSFORD B EEF CUBED STEAKS ,TEMS BREADED PORK STEAKS Convenience 9 2-oz. steaks SAVE 35 C Campbell's SOUPS CREAM OF MUSHROOM CHICKEN NOODLE CHICKEN WITH RICE PAKE BITE SHORTENING . Your full-service W«4g« Bank MtmlW F. D, I C. LIGHT TUNA . . . 2*.. 49' MMMM^MMMPMHV rf9"*v H'*w«P T*QvlVlr 199 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^W TOMATOES MI. 19* CUCUMBERS ............ 2 For lie ZUCCHINI SQUASH 2 Ubi. 29c GREEN BEANS 2lbf.39c FRESH GREENS 2 Lbf. 39* PEARL MARKET HAXjORGA... Spanish, inspired elegance from Fox; a whole living room in solid oak at an eye-opening low price 5-pc group $333 • you get on 82" "stretch-out" sofa, loung* choir, 2 lamp tablet, cocktail Mbfc Marching Rocker Extra Here' is Spanish elegance with the authentic Moorish flavor of turnings and shaping expressed In heavy, solid oak. The finish fe warm brown f ruitwood, lightly distressed and rubbed and polished to a si Iken lustre, Anns ore padded In rich, Woek Vinyl, thick poly- foam cushlom w* nrvwlpl* ond * ltt«l with zipper sow*. We'vt a fine selection of cover* . , , Mediterranean print*, florals, plotdl, tweeds and splidt, but the best will go out first, so com* *or|y for feast selection. i YOUR CHOICE 310 WITH EACH $5.00 PURCHASE Vista Pak CRACKERS !£ 25< r^ v*jw ^j vrv **• ^ ^*'" **y^ r^ \fr --^-f C.W. ICE CREAM Flavor of the Month "FRESH PEACH" HALF GAL HOUSI FURNISHINO COMPANY Gtrtor'f Strained 4%-oz, f^ f Dining Car M f± f Baby Food "8 Coffee » 59' CLOROX Sc Off label , y ,. 8O | BLEACH 78

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