Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 27, 1962 · Page 7
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 7

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 27, 1962
Page 7
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uerrillas Hold Igerian Capital GOLDSMITH [tERS (APi - A group of unruly troops of the guerrilla No. 4 occupying Wilaya (zone) . „...„ guerrilla officers proclaim- Algiers and the surrounding leftist. anti-Western views area, today to impose their will; Tne guerrillas 1 physical control ceria. ... • „. . , „„„„ of the capital gave them power . n ! flc !L 9 J5". d _.^ t !!*_ affl L 0 !!!)!*nd influence far beyond their relative strength. They paralyzed Deputy Premier Ahmed Ben Bella's Political Bureau and forced it Saturday to abandon its powers as the provisional government only three weeks after taking office. The bureau's withdrawal brought new chaos to the infant nation. Ben Bella flew to Oran, in western Algeria, where he felt sure of the loyally of the Guerrillas of Wilaya No. 5. The guerrilla warlords were more than ever in unchallenged control of their areas. Progress toward a centralized government was once more brought to a stand still. larges Filed ainst Three [Accidents driver was charged by Charles city police with len driving and a 13-year-old Ivith leaving the scene of an lent as a result of late week- Iraffic crashes. state police today filed a less driving charge against Elton man involved in an ac- nt east of here. [ibert McFarlain. fi7, of 3.15 j forecast when and how Algeria •angc street, \vas charged j would obtain an elected legisla- .drunken driving in connec-1 lure and an effective elected civil- ,vith an accident at 12:05 a.m. 1 ian government, ay at Broad and Kirkman Wiiaya No 4 isgued a fjcrcely worded statement accusing the rolmen Stanley LaKlcur and | Political Bureau of betraying the y (jillarcl reported McFarlain Algerian revolution, onto Broad from Kirkman The slalcme nt, rear, to a crowd- Milk Producers To Meet Friday For Nomination Calcasieu parish milk producers will meet at 7:30 p.m. Friday in the county agent's office for the purpose of nominating a producer member for the new Louisiana Milk Commission. Established by an act of the 1962 state legislature, the commission will be composed of six members. Three will be milk handlers, two from the public at large and one a producer. Its main purpose will be to set minimum wholesale and retail prices for milk and dairy products. The commission will not BUSINESS & MARKETS AUGUST 27, 1952, Lake Charter African Ertts Of Tn^f* A *^ ay P^tod must P ass be-;tivif.y to help with Negro voter I C5 1 fflre resu{tt o( tfw {wts ^ ^^ | fggjjkatton GREENWOOD, Miss. (AP) — ; Samuel Block. 23-year-old field tetfffed whft* Some 31 Negroes are awaiting to- j secretary of the Student Ffon- 1 fcMc* is wwl&i *Kh L The election of a Constituent Assembly scheduled Sept. 2 was j put off indefinitely. No one coulc have authority to prices. set producer Its. Producers in each parish of a district will nominate one person whose name will be included on the mail ballot to be sent to each producer in the district by the Commission of Agriculture. Each producer will vote on two nominees. The Governor will then appoint one of the six nominees as the producer member of the Milk Commission. The meeting Friday will a 1 s r discuss the Milk Commission bit and its provisions. II and collided wi(!i a car driv- ed news conference, demanded an STOCK MARKET Prices Move Unevenly in Early Trade STOCK AVeftAGES Compiled by the Associated Prits DOW JONES CourfM» « A. 0. ttfWBrtlt A t«nt, TW ! day the results of voter reglstra- violent Coordinating Committee, I Brown. 17. *nd Llfowmci GtfySt, tfon tests taken hi Leflore Cowfty. ' said he would continue hi hfs ac- 23, both of Prlv. day ..320.1 1M.8 128.7 22J.4 Tank Truck Catches Fire; Driver Saved STROUD, Okla. (AP)- A truck „., „ ,. . . .., carrying 8.000 gallons of liquefied Hie 72-man council met in Lib-1 petroleum gag crashed and burncd ya during the Algerian war and j two miles east of here Sunday laid down general policy for the night on U. S. 66. nee Miller reported the boy nationalists. Members of the coun- jj m Armstrong of Oklahoma fed from .Jackson street onto cil belong to various factions cecity pulled the truck driver to \\ Shatluck street and struck! the National Liberation Front (safety before the cab burst into krkcd car owned by Mildren \ <FLN). the dominant nationalist j names. A half mile area was by Roland C Scogm, 45. ofi cmcrgcncy mcpling of lhe o|d , ... . . . : revolutionary "parliament." the J- lii-year-old boy. charged in! Nationa , Colinci , of the Algerian hilc court with leaving the• Rcvoluljon (CNRA)I to revise the B of an aracknt ami dnymg nalion . s , itjcal ]cadership . put a license, was involved crash about 6:30 p.m. Sun- officers said. Itrolmen D. L. Tavlor and ny of 1502 Anthony street,i Rfoup during the rebellion against j cleared because of the danger of i T.-» nM- *_. I. i* f _ll ; . l I _ . ° drove awav. France. Their public following has arged by slate police with never been tested at the polls. SS driving was DeSilvcr Le- 5ii, of Elton. Troopers said is involved in a three-car |p on U. S. Highway 90 about miles east of here Satur- jcvening. nopers said Lemclle's car tied about 60 feet and hit the of a car ahead, knocking it la third which had stopped toj cue Labor Day, Monday, from 11 I before making a left turn. a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Council | home on Ash street. Air Force lingo, "three-head-, Guests may cither take their are men qualified i barbecue plates home or eat in [inly to fly their planes, but to the air-conditioned Council home, ate and serve as bombadier Home deliveries will be made Benefit Barbecue Set Labor Day SULPHUR (Spl.) — The Sulphur Knights of Columbus Council will sponsor a benefit barbe- an explosion. The fire burned four hours until 1:30 a.m. today. Trooper Charles Page said the truck driver apparently went to sleep and ran off the road. Truck driver Lester Vaden, 54, of Enid, suffered cuts, bruises, internal injuries and some burns. ell. from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Divorce Planned By Comedienne LAS VEGAS, Nev. (API-Comedienne Carol Burnett, 29, plans to file for a divorce from actor Don Saroyan, 34, late next month. They were married in 1955. Week ago 318.3 104.0 1J7.4 J24.1 Month ago .....308.9 104.0 124.7 218.8 Year ago 367.4 124.0 133.4 J53.S By ED MORSE AP Business News Writer NEW YORK (AP)-The stock market moved unevenly in sluggish trading early this afternoon. The Associated Press average of 60 stocks was off a minimal .1 at 226.3 with industrials off .6, rails up .2 and utilities up .2. Gains and losses of most key stocks were fractional. A few selected issues showed movements of a point or more. The approach of the Labor Day weekend, a traditional milepost for business and the market, was in mind. Some brokers saw the lack-luster market as hesitancy based on caution regarding how things will go in the fall. Although steel mill orders were reported up again from the prior week, steel stocks were about unchanged to a shade lower after starting on a steady note. Motors were narrowly mixed along with most other important groups. An assortment of slocks in various sections of the list responded to special news or recommendations. Twentieth C e n t u r y-B"ox was fractionally lower after Darryl Zanuck, president of the firm, said some films on the production schedule may be postponed. Howard Johnson, the restaurant and motor hotel chain, was admitted to trading on the New York Stock Exchange and opened at 44 3 ,i, up a point from last Friday's bid price in the over-the- counter market. The price moved up a substantial fraction in later dealings. IBM added about a point and Polaroid was ahead around 4. The Dow Jones industrial average at noon was up .17 at 613.91. Corporate bonds were higher. U.S. government bonds were unchanged. MONDAY • Fourth Hour Averoyti: Industrial* «I3.W up .25 RalU 125.14 up .82 Jtllitin U1.3»up .12 Fourth Hour Stock!: Allied Chemicals 38'» American Bakeries 23' < American Can 43?'4 American T&T 114 Anaconda ttVt Armour & Co 40H Boeing Aircraft 41 Braniff «'.<i Cities Service <W'.* Continental Oil SO'/? Eastern Airlines 19"« Firestone 31*4 Ford 44H General Dynamics 23V» General Motors S3Vt General telephon* 2i'/» W. R. Grace 35 I Gulf Oil 35'/» ! Gulf States 35H ! Hercules Powder , .1*V« ; Kenneeott Copper 70V« 52 Lockheed Mack Trucks Montgomery Word ................. J7V> National Airlines ................... 17'/» I Olin Mafhieson ..................... 32Mi Pan American ...................... 1TO I J. C. Penney ........................ w* I Pepsi Cola .......................... 4W4 ' Pittsburgh P. G ..................... 51 u I Polorold .............. . ........... lot I RCA .............................. 49V.' Sears Roebuck ..................... 73H ' Socony Mobil Std. of Calif 51Vt ! Texas Co. 54 < United Gas 37HI U. 5. Steel 44H '• Woolworth 71V« ( Zenith £6}* NOW! FOR YOUR AIR TRAVEL! MAKES MORE SEATS AVAILABLE NEW ORLEANS LEAVE — _ 6:30 A.M. ARRIVE 7:52 A.M. LEAVE 9:59 A.M. ARRIVE 11:17 A.M. LEAVE i.... 3:23 A.M. ARRIVE ... 5:00 P.M. LEAVE 7:29 P.M. ARRIVE 9:08 P.M. HOUSTON LEAVE —- 8:48 A.M. ARRIVE 9:49 A.M. LEAVE 9:09 P.M. ARRIVE - — 9:57 P.M. FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 47741660 If tht Ultphonei tr» buiy, plt«i« call TT» again. FLY* Sulphur Court Sets Trial Date ForCalifornian SULPHUR (Spl.) - Clifford Piert, 40, Richmond, Calif, pleaded not guilty in Sulphur city court today to charges of drunken driving and speeding. Trial dale was set for September 26. Earl Johnson of Port Arthur, Tex. was fined $75 for reckless driving. Bench warrants were issued for the arrests of Eugenia Grandee of Waco, Tex., for non-appearance on charges of drunken ajid reckless driving, with new bond set at $600; Willie Turner, Nome, Tex., charged with drunken driving, new bond set at $500; and Ossie Huggins, Nome, Tex., charged with disturbing the peace while drunk, new bond, $100. Other cases involved cases of failure to yield and running a stop sign. Bring out the best in your drinks; bring out Dock Theft Ring Broken At Houston HOUSTON (AP) — A ring that has reputedly stolen thousands ot dollars worth of cargo at Port Houston was reported broken today. Dist. Ally. Frank Briscoe said he will present evidence of dock pilferage to a grand jury Tuesday. The evidence was gathered by a firm hired by the grand jury, and local law enforcement offk cers. Loyd Frazier, assistant chief j deputy sheriff, said 25 or 30 per-j sons may be charged in thefts of goods ranging from foodstuffs and beverages to clothing, firearms and machinery. Howard Tellepsen, chairman of the Houston Port Commission, said he knew about the thefts "only by hearsay," and that "it is a grand jury matter." The commission is probing the handling of steel imports here, following the complaints of importers and certain underwriters | of excessive damage and losses. | Authorities said the two investigations are unrelated. ' | The Houston Post first disclosed the slory. Laredo Has First Polio Since Drive LAREDO (AP)-Laredo recorded its first polio case today since completing a mass Sabin immunization drive about five months ago. The victim, Dora Alicia Garza, two, received neither the Salk or Sabin vaccines. ,, ...the best name in Gin and Vodka Vodka 80 Proof. Distilled from 100% Grain. Gilbey's Distilled London Dry Gin.'90 Proof. 100% Grain Neutral Spirits. W. & A. Gilbey, Ltd., Cincinnati, Ohio. Distributed by National Distillers Products.Company. STILL SETTING THE PACE Announcing LAKE SIDE'S LAUNDRY NEW -X- Air Force Warns Of Sonic Booms PERU, Ind. (AP)-This flight; next week by B58 Hustlers of the, 305lh Bomb Wing stationed at: Bunker Hill Air Force Base near! here may create sonic booms. I (Times Central Standard): ! Aug. 27, 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.; Farmington, Mo., to Laurel, Miss.,; three aircraft, three possible sonic booms. Roaches? ifrviiif Tht Great Southwest Region B65TI Economical monthly service contract available. Call for a helpful free analysis i>f your pest problem. SOUTHERN TERMJNIX CO. 3231 K1RKMAN-HE 3-905U Meet the Poly Clean girl . . . The sparkling Fresh, clean symbol marking top quality coin operated laundry and dry cleaning centers tranchised by the Whirlpool Corporation. The Whirlpool Corporation is happy to announce the appointment of Lakeside Laundry as a franchised Poly Clean Center. The Poly Clean franchise is awarded to coin operators who qualify . . . meeting high standards of cleanliness, service performance and convenience... and pledge to maintain these standards. Mr. R. L. Cline, Jr., owner of the Lakeside Laundry and Poly Clean Center, located at 2201 Kirkman Street, Lake Charles, has planned a special opening starting in early September. Special bargains on coin operated laundry and cleaning and professional laundry and cleaning will be featured. RCA Whirlpool dry cleaners have been awarded the Parent's Magazine Seal Commendation and, the McColls Mogozine Use Tested Tag. A typical coin operated dry cleaning load consists of the following, (3) children's dresses (3) ladies, sweaters (2) ladies, dressess (1) slacks and (10) neckties. Watch for advertisements appearing in this newspaper for news concerning Lake Charles' first and only Poly Clean Center, at 2201 Kirkman Street. Always First in Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service! FOUR CONVENIENT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU! * in W. BROAD ST, * 2202 KIKKMAN * 4349 COMMON * 1501 ENTERPRISE s &

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