Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 25, 1953 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1953
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE TSN ALTON EVKN1NO TfctlORAPH iATURDAY, Ami. f* IWf Family Liven In Six Houses By MM Stan Writer URBANA, m.-^Floor ptift« for a castle in Spain have given way In our dream-hem* file to more*realistic figuring on how to git the most for our money. We worry Over questions like: Do we new! t basement? Should we com* bine kitchen and laundry? Can »vc git by with two bedrooms? Tray furrow the brow much mert deeply than wondering what gradt of marble to use on the staircase, Unfortunately, building a horn* Isn't like sewing B dress. We don't usually gpt the chance to try a floor plan for size, let alone after It to fit. But if we eoultt we'd probably avoid many future regrets. So when 1 heard that the Kenneth Parks family in Urbnna, III., had been able to fry out the Hvo- aoillty of several home plans before i hey built their own, I went visiting to see what t could >nrn, The Parks', a young couple with two children, tested six different Decorotor»D«igned Color-Grained Sidewofls CALL US FOR SAMPLES OF THIS COLORFUL SIDING FREE ESTIMATE Monthly Payments on Labor and Material*. Plan an added room, new roof or nldewalls—Any remodeling; or Improvement. GINTER-WARDEIN CO. 450 FRONT ST. DIAL 3-3588 PITTSBURGH'S! UNBEATABLE PAINT TEAM PITTSBURGH SUH-PROOF HOUSE PAINT WALLHIDE Rubber/led SATIN FINISH SATINHIDE Enamel Now . . . refinish all jpaintablt surfaces in your home with the twin paints—Wallhide Rubberized Satin Finish for walls . . . Satinhide Enamel for trim! Both glide on swiftly, evenly, dry quickly, wash easily! No usual paint odor! YOLTON'S Smoke or gas can't damage or d/sco/or it—It's v rvne-ffas/sfant New Pittsburgh Sun-Proof, Fume-Resistant House Paint stands up in all weather, in any climate! No matter where you live, it's the perfect finish for your house. Sun-Proof House Paint has greater hiding qualities and will not check, flake or peel. Its tested dura* bility assures positive protection ... iti new formula resists all discoloration. Self-cleaning, too —surface soot and dust are washed/ off with each rain. Pittsburgh SUN-PROOF House Paint stays white! State at Delmar—North Alton DIAL 2-3916 plans in »lx months last year. VotmttMf To do this they vntunteerw! and qtMlftter! as a teat family to live in me spacl laboratory which It not, a* It sounds, (leveled to Interplanetary housing. The laborfltory is « nent, completely flexible house built by the small Homes Council of the Unf- vor^ity of Illinois for research into space requirem jnts of families. Mr. and Mrs. Parks agreed to assist research by keeping a dally chart of their activities and how much each room wa« used. Mrs. Parks, a brisk, petite blonde, wore a pedometer to check the number of steps she took in household routines. An electric eye counted (he number of times passageways were used. Earh month they reported fully on what 4hr>y liked or disliked about certain plans. Their own brand-new home foU lows the floor plan they liked best. And I must sny that their $13,000 home compares with many houses I've seen for nearly twice the price. It's a !ong, low, ranch- style home with three bedrooms, seven big closets, an entrance hall ar/ a big kitchen. The living -oom faces the back. This is an idea Mrs. Parks liked before testing, and llkod better afl-or she'd lived with it. The roomy attached garage will eventually be converted to a utility room. "How about no basement, do you miss it?" I nskcd Mrs. Parks, who had tested both ways. "We decided that if we had to sacrifice, we'd rather have three decent-sized bedrooms and no basement. I miss the extra storage space but it's wonderful to have the washing machine on the main floor. We put a sliding door in the garage ceiling and use that spore for out-of-season storage." "What abouO the washing machine?" It's hooked up in the garage and clothes are hung up to dry out there. There's room for the machine in the kitchen but Mrs. Parks test experience confirmed a suspicion of mine—that if you do three or four loads of laundry three days a week, there's just not space in a kitchen to sort and stack soiled clothing. One test floor plan had the washer and automatic dryer (the space lab is equipped with all modern appliances) in the bathroom. "This," says Mrs. Parks, "is a real labor and time saver." Clothes go from hamper to machine to dryer; then bark to linen closet and drawers with a minimum of hauling. "But, as much ns I liked the convenience and efficiency of a bathroom-laundry, we rejected the- idea for our own home. With just one bathroom, we didn't want it to be used as a workshop. Besides the appliances are pretty noisy and disturbed after.^oh naps." Sensible Features A sensible feature the family adopted is to leave room _for expansion. For example, their kitchen is 13 by 15 feet and only one wall is fitted with cabinets now. But there's plenty of room for more as the need arises without crowding the kitchen or overflowing into another room. Five- year-old Pamela's room has a full eight-foot wardrobe closet. Only a third of it is being used nosv but by the time she's a teenager it won't be a bit too big. Another feature that I mentally starred is the use of folding doors in entrances from the hall to the kitchen, and from the kitchen to the living room. They take less space and cause fe-ver accidents llian ordinary doors which racing children can push open at the wrong moment, such as when you're holding a tray full of food. Uvfftff A DMIflf WO" e 18'0" MAXIMUM LIVING SPACE in a minimum of construction is featured in this plan' for a small lot. With three bedrooms, bath, good sized living-dining room and a model kitchen, the house covers only 975 square feet without garage (which is figured separately). This is Plan ^2,366 by Victor Civkin, architect, 12 Ermine St., Fairfield, Conn. It vvas designed for the Young America homes program of the General Electric Co., to feature complete modern kitchen equipment, year-round air conditioning, new developments in lighting, and plastics. Kitchen Bright If You Can Stay With Nice Colors Tired of an all white kitchen or bathroom ? Wouid ylu like your own kitchen fixtures to blossom inHhe new bright hues? The most satisfactory shortcut is to remove the fixtures and take them to an automobile spray painting firm where you can select the exact color you want; or if you're a handyman with a power sprayer—do it yourself. The finish dries quickly and gives you a result like that of a new car. A narrow doorway or a turning hall has dampened the pride of many a "m a k e-it-yourselfer" when he found that his masterpiece could not be moved from the basement. A careful check of dimensions will tell you whether ! that desk you want to build will j ever reach tbe uedrobm for which i it was intended. Storm S a s h Is Only Answer To Cold Winter Nothing really takes the place of storm sash in regions with real winters. The l',i to 2 inches of dead air \ space between tightly-fitted storm sash and weather-stripped windows is hard to duplicate in insulating value. Another advantage Is Indirect ventilation. Without storm sash, a direct blast of cold air pours in when you ventilate a roont. Boom in Air Conditioning By DAVID 0. BAJWNfHMR AP Meal tmats Editor A big change ii now liking pint In new houses un in AD thinking •bout twines, It It being ipirtwd by • boom in sir conditioning, Thii change, heftpvfff involves much more than the mew addition of summer cooling ft is affecting the entire appearance of the new house-^lts design, room arrangement, windows, construction, location on a lot, even landscaping. Although no one in his sober mind expect! all houses to be air conditioned, the new trend inevitably will have some effect on the looks of most new houses — reflecting the change in style. This Is being brought about by necessity and experience—not by new fangled architectural ideas. If an average home Downer is going to be able to afford to operate summer cooling," houses must be planned and built to ward off the heat load of the summer sun. Oversize windows may enjoy less emphasis, or may be shifted to the shady sides of new homes. Wide roof overhangs may be even more extensivley used to shade the walls of houses down to the foundation' line. A lack of need for cross-ventilation, brought about by forced circulation of air, may lead to fewer corner windows, more wall space for funiture placement. Westerly walls of houses may tend to be* windowless, or .covered by garages and tool sheds. j Houses on the. north side of a ! street may be set back with front yards full of shade trees. Directly opposite, on the south side of the street, trees may be grouped j mainly in the backyard. This would be done- because trees that shed their leaves would shade the house from y^e hot summer sun, while letting the winter sun shine through for warmth.. Wide Scope The scope of the current air conditioning boom cannot be belittled. The National Association of Home Builders polled 255 of the most active home builders in the county and 40 per cent of them replied that they were installing' year-round air conditioning in the ; houses they are building this year, j The reason builders are on this j bandwagon is to maintain their an- i nual production of a million new j homes. Since the housing shortage i of wartime has been met in most j places, and the formation of newj families has leveled oft around three-quarters of a million, the remaining quarter-in1111 en new homes must be aimed at replace* ments of obsolete houses. So far, according to House and Home, builders' trade magazine, only 6 per cent of the new houses are sold in the replacement market. The automobile Industry, on the other hand, sells M per cent of its output in replacing older cars. "ttomebuildlng", says House and Home,, "needs something dra* matlc to make the home buying public sit up and *ake notice that yesterday's house is Just as obsolete as yesterday's car. That is where air conditioning comes in." Now Popular Last year iar conditioning was installed in approximately 25,000 new and old houses, according to figures compiled by General Electric. This year more than 50,000 homes are expected to join this parade. S. 3. Levtne. general man* ager of General Elettrio's home heating and cooling aepartnufil e§» umates that at least 30,000 of the 90,000 will be new dwellings. More than halt a million homes art now estimated to have tome form of air conditioning, Keep your head down, You'd Better keep the other end down, too.—Colonel Instructing reporter! viewing A-bomb blast from ad« vanced positions, Telegraph Want Ads Click. liftitf Ijrwlili! * t • Pifcet LfnitM tnt lia <•, glMtM Will TIM 44e M. n. NftMWUI SN Hi, K. free estimates - Dial 4««ll WILSON PAINT €0. te N. WOOD Riven AVB, Get POTLAN'S Painti Rent SCRUBBABLE FLAT PAINT 12 WAYS IS BETTER IN ALL I 2 3 4 5 Flat, .vet absolutely/tcrubbable—you can scrub it with * scrub brush. f Chip proof . , , adheres to any surface — you can u»e It right over an enamel, Paster . . . dries superhard overnight. Applied easily without fuss or bother, using; brash or roller. Self-Smoothing . . . leave no streaks or brush-marks; can he 'touched-up* without showing. > Easily tinted to any desired shade using Kyanlze Clingcote Deep Colors. Hides and covers with just one coat, even In white and light colors. Odorless. Rooms -painted in the morning can be used We same night. Self-priming! Needs no priming or sealing coat on any type of surface. The newest type alkyd resin formula, contains no Water. I I Lasts longer . . . retains its new look an unbelievably long I time. IA Fully guaranteed. Money back if it does not fulfill the I m, above claims. The Same Paint For CEILINGS, WALLS and WOODWORK . . . because it's scrubbable 7 8 9 10 $eio Gallon .... V Quart .... Deeper colors slightly hlfber. $152 1 ST. PETERS' ELECTRIC & HDWE. 2502 STATE ST. DIAL S-8931 F Fixing it Yourself? \ THEN RENT OUR TOOLS r I'ower • Phone 3-1456 • Hand Ttorf EXTRA ROOM You've always NEEDED! and Materials for MODERNIZING Your Home ADD A ROOM Family getting larger? Need an extra room for guests? Why net add o room to your home this spring? See us for all your building needs, Stop in today for o FREE Estimate. PAINTS SIDINGS ROOFING INSULATION GLASS GARAGE DOORS SCREENS WALLBOARD BUILDERS HARDWARE ANYTHING YOU SPRINGMAN Enjoy top heating tomfort with oil- Whether you wont an oil-fired Winter Air Conditioner — — an oil-fired Gravity Fumoet -orjvrt o Convert loit Burner MwforOimdrol art yeir best bet fer carefree <o»fort ud lowest fuel bills I Yn, whatever your oil-hiMMf mfunumM may be, we on fwoouw you tte ban utver m oui aupjm Mi»lkr Quo*. BO! iuw. Bttrf wit » fiMeiufiy e»gw»»«d ID gtvt you top fuel eawcttf ... nrmieniaart aui tmkhrnl tudoor coofort Bar •»!• eeie io> buy eiv bs«ia| fTTnir mraT w« you t/ili aejof MM at fMl-dmrry oufon. U> uf beip you -'— - 1 - n«t« hwaafli kv m teuB, Tahf •dv»o»i» > oif our Call w I as wwff w emit in sooa Pboa* today MOI IAST IftOAftWAV LUMBER COMPANY DIAL 3 5526 SM Ui Flrt* TWng ^^^^^^f^^f^F^f i^P^^e^w ^^^BPvBI S Dial 448B4 356 MAIN STIirf EAST AiTOW You Haw To See It! To Believe Thof W/f/i o »c/i Worm Air Dvcf-tyifem You Con Gef So Much Mere Avfomotic Comfort You Hove Te See How It Puts "Wasted* Heat To Use! Only a Coleman Automatic furnace, with the sensational new BLEND-AIR heat-distribution system, gives you such •v«n temperature from floor to ceiling day and night. It stops the hot ceilings that waste heat and cold floors that cause colds. You Havo To $•• How It Gives Individual Heat-circulation to each room. No more "freezing" in the bedrooms! Now each bedroom has its own warm air Blender! Each room automat!' cally gets the right amount of heat for greatest comfort You Have To See How It Cuts Installation Costl BLEND-AIR not only gives you more comfort, and cuts heat-waste! Usually, it costs less to install than an old* style heating system Come In And See The New let swfof I* tedtviM i SM ui, and Itt ui show you wny tbe new Coleraan Automatic Furnace, with BLEND* AIR, ii tbe talk of home.owntn and horat.buildert »iili*. Coot in-Mk (or» demonstration, oowi Automotic Furnace With ASK TOR FRCI ESTIMATE — NO OBLIGATION REFRIGERATION APPLIANCE Your Exeiuiivt. lUivlnMor Dealer 315 Belle Si Ph, 3-7776 v i i

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