The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 10, 1970 · Page 66
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May 10, 1970

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 66

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 10, 1970
Page 66
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Page 66 article text (OCR)

READ HELOISE RBSULAfcLY IN THE DAILY KRISTER r\EAR FOLKS: " A TJ^ e 5 entI y went visiting to a dear friend's home and when I walked into her bedroom and saw the new canopy on her four-poster bed, I couldn't believe mv eyes! _ - • - " Know canopy •what the •was made from? Her grandmother's hancl- crocheted bedspread, that's what. So many of us have these spreads tucked away. "Why don't you get yours out and try it? There are lots of good things" about this crocheted canopy *-- besides looking adorable. v For one thing,-it-always fits perfectly, Because the part of the spread you would normally tuck around the pillows allows the spread to hang down enough at tlic head and foot of the canopy frame to be even with tho fringe on the spread hanging .Jilong the sides of the canopy. And, of course, it's airy. (So if you have claustrophobia, you \von't feel hemmed in.) Moreover, when the lamps On your night/stands are turned on, trie light makes a beautiful lacy design on the ceiling. But best of all, folks, 'tis easy to wash the spread because there's no ironing. ._ I think this gal really cooked up a brainstorm when she thought this one up,dp n 'tyou? Heloise .DEAR HELOISE: t have the-barefoot blues with my little toddlers . ... Got to thinking about it and finally mil-slicked my 'tots' tricks., I put a shoestring through the bottom two holes of their Shoes, then tied a double knot.'and continued to lace as usual! Then. I tied a double-knot bow. Now I have some really ^toasty-toed tots Mrs. John Dtrga * * » A double-knot bow means —tie a hid bow, and holding both "bows" (not tho string ends), tie a knot! . Heloise STEREO PLATTERS DEAR HELOISE: . , I have a hint -that maybe your readers would like. . "Whenever I bake a cake to give to someone and I don't want to make them feel that they must return' my plate with something, I' just take a record jacket ana cover it with foil. It makes a perfect platter* arid it. is the'right si2e. I don't put my records back in the covers anyway. Machellc DEAR HELOISE: My four-year-old brother had a problem with his hot dog slipping out of the bun. We solved it by 'cutting the hot dog in half lengthwise and putting it;back on the bun in two pieces. . This way - it doesn't slip because the rough side of the meat grips the inside of the bun better. Worrrirnecsler DEAR HELOISE: Help! I wish the cereal companies that put free toys inside cereal boxes would do us mothers a big favor. Whenever they suggest starting a collection of toy cars, license plates, etc., I wish they would state pn the box .exactly what mak< or model is inside. I am nftw the proud owner of twelve green cars and ten identical license plates, plus all those half-eaten boxes of cereals. Any suggestions? Mrs/Kay Havern DEAR HELOISE: ' I would like to pass along a 'party idea that worked out very well for me recently. ' I filled a sturdy earthenware bowl nearly to the brim with sand. Then I put a circle oLaluminum foil.on top of the sand and placed a few pieces of glowing charcoal on the. foil, I used this to toast little sausages or shish kebab spears, and it went over very big .with the'guests. . .,. .i,If:f;your 'women readers jK^attt'a decorative touch on -;tppV;6f the aluminum foil, 'tney.can coyer irwith a thin | ? 'layer of colored aquarium gravel "before adding the coals. !'..•',. ..Bachelor.'Army Officer DEAR HELOiSE 1 : I live alone and when 1 get in the mood for roast chicken, 1 don't like to fix a whole chicken. So I buy two breasts of chicken and pile the inside of each with stuffing. Then T put the two back together, spread butter on the top, and tie with a string. It looks like a nice plump little stuffed baked chicken and is enough for two meals for me. I keep a bag of prepared stuffing in the cupboard so that I always have it on hand when I want chicken. Mrs. H. C. H. DEAR HELOISE: Did you ever wonder what to do with your old rural - type mailbox when moving? Take it with you. Put it at a little slant on a tall post and fasten the door with a small chain or string' so it will remain open. There now, you've got a nice feeder for your feathered friends. The open door provides a nice landing for them, too. Bird Watcher DEAR. HELplSEV Here is a'hint for mothers of infants who wear drawstring-bottomed nighties. First, spread the bottom of the, making sure the string ends are even at the opening. Then, at the seam opposite the opening, sew the string and seam together. In this way, when th» bottom of the gown Is pulled open again (as for diaper changes), the string does not pull to'one side and disappear inside the hem. This idea came to me after several "string^ sessions 1 ', and I hope, it will help other exasperated mothers. Helen Pinkston SALAD DAYS DEAR HELOISE: When making tomato and lettuc* salad or just lettuce salad, try-sprinkling a little celery salt in it It gives,, a deliriously different flavor. . ,, , A Reader JUST THINK OF TJ ALL.THE YEARS /" WE'VE BEEN P-. THEIR . MEXr-DO'Of I WELL, AFTER THEY GET OVER THE SHOCK OF IT AND PULL.THEMSELVES TOGETHER AGAIN, THEYLL.MAMAGE OEAR.EST HOPE V SO SOMEHOW WHAT WILL THE ; .VOODLEYS SAY WHEN WETELLTHEM " WE'RE'GOING TO SEU_OUR HOUSE AND MOVE AWAY ? / DASWOOC} WHATtS \Tf . >-»-- *JckV -W-^^-A.^-^—<r r^ f ^^< OH.ICAN-Ti ijusfcAN'rr • TELL.YCHJ ; IP THEM DEAR.YOU KNOW HOW EMOTIOMAL. BLONDIB '•: AND! HAVE • WELL, HOW EXCITING/ DECIDED TO THEYARB SELLOURHOME ANP'MOVE AWAY WONDERFUL/ CAM WE HELPVOU PACK ANYTHING THOPE OUR. NEW NEIGHBORS Wlt-LBE AS MICE : AS YOU 'AA/SRE WONTYQU Y AREN'TYOU GOING TO BE SAD .EVEK!>M$S A OR ANYTHIMG, CAUSE WE'RS US? -"$ N GOING I WOULDN'T MOVE . MOW. FOR ALL THE MONEY IM THE WORUD' ME /EITHER GEE, THIS .IS A NUTTY- NEIGHBORHOOD AN> I PPOM ISE THE LOCAL CENSUS THATI'P PPTW6 C5EE/KAV- Y I'M ON UEAVg W6 HAVE TO \ FPOM TH£ NEW> GET BACK. TO W PAP£K H/6H Cl -1 5HOUC-P Y IT A1IC5HT PO THE CENSUS JOB TAW MY MINP AMP BITSY CAN OFF STgVE EARN THE TfcANW CANyoN BEING PORTAT10N FEE/ A A1ABEIEP.' «7&PTP VISITS JSPsyVN WITH A BZOtSEH l£G. V ARE yc?U W WHATHAPP£N£J?ToV CERTAIN Y0A THE C£N$y$TAK^ PJPN'T BRMfc } W$> WiNT UP Tlfepfi THATl£4<| THAT'? ONE Of THE HOPS YPU PSACH S;:i4«f?-:Xa/i«il--S

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