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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin • Page 17

Racine, Wisconsin
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Every Resident Shares Cost of Insurance Carried by City of per Person A bad fire, violent windstorm, burglary or breakdown in health is the hard way to discover the imtjortance of insurable values. This is true whether you have only one or, like the City of Racine, you have 100 buildings and their contents to worry about. Or whether you have only your family or some 1,300 ployes to be concerned about. City government is big business and like any major business it protects Itself with insurance. A file in the city clerk's office in the City Hall bulges with the policies and surety bond contracts with which the city protects itself.

Its bulk is testimony to how widespread this protection is. This year the City of Racine, including the Board of Education, will spend $2.45 per resident on insurance. Exceeds $200,000 Because some of the costs, particularly those for Workmen's Compensation insurance are only estimates, a total figure is difficult to determine. It certainly exceed $200,000, or l.OjDer cent of the entire cost of running the city and its schools. Racine insures most of its buildings and most of its vehicles.

It carried hospital and surgical insurance on its ployes, and some workers are covered by life insurance. Where applicable, a function is covered by liability insurance. In some areas a policy is carried as protection against vandalism. And all employes who deal with fees or handle money are covered by surety bonds. Not covered by insurance French Gourmet Finds Penguin Egg Recipes CAPE TOWN Penguin eggs, already a highly prized are'the city's fire stations and the police station because someone is on duty on the premises around the clock.

Total coverage on 79 city buildings and the contents of those which have contents is for $5,722,600 at an annual premium of $9,629. These figures do not include the schools. The coverage is based on actual value less depreciation. The Board of Education carries policies to cover its serv ice building and 20 schools, the coverage amounting to $10,424,200 at a cost of $24,300 annually. The school board is currently studying its overall insurance picture because it is some what unhappy about the present protection.

Thomas director or business services! for the schools, pointed outi that present coverage, based on value of the building less depreciation, resulted in a policy coyering the Winslow School, for instance, bearing a maximum of $189,000 insurance, which includes the more than $100,000 room which was added in 1954. One of the answers would be a coverage based on replacement value of the structure, but one of the stumbling blocks is the cost of the initial property appraisal which would be necessary, estimated to run about $20,000. Fringe Benefits Expensive The most expensive insur-i ance carried by both the city and the school system is hospital and surgical coverage for employes. The schools take a standard policy, at a cost of $40,000 annually, with the ployes having an option toi take comprehensive coverage at their own additional cost. About 90 per cent of the ployes do.

The city provides a comprehensive plan, at a cost of $94,000 annually, to which employes contribute. All vehicles in the city system, except fire trucks, are covered by fire and theft and liability insurance. In addition, for those using their own autos on city business, th6 city carries a non-owner auto policy on liability. One of the more unusual coverages is a liability policy on city voting booths which is offective during voting days only. Another is a floater policy to cover library projectors and films wherever they may be.

Eight sirens in the city's Civil Defense network are covered for wind and fire damage, and the bleachers at Horlick Athletic Field are covered against wind and hail damage. As security against loss which may result where em ployes handle collecting fees, or taxes, or paying for city takes surety bonds on the personnel. Such coverage ranges from a performance bond bf $1,000 at a cost of $5 annually, for most clerks and department heads with limited dealings with funds, to a $100,000 bond on the city treasurer, at a cost of $344.88 annually. Among those insured in this way, for instance, are policemen who handle fines in cafe terin court, parking meter collectors, golf professionals, recreation department clerk, managers of Horlick Athletic Field and Memorial Hall, the license clerk and a host of others. The city and school insurance plan for buildings, vehicles and liability Js carried by five Racine insurance agents who then distribute the commissions gained from city business among members of the Racine Insurance Assn.

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