The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 23, 1948 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, July 23, 1948
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

rl" TWO Nw«. Frc4*rRk. ML. FrMay. July 23. 15** i Drops Home Made Bomb On U. N. Quarters | Man Who Struck Match ! Killed By Explosion Winchester, Va , July 22 JP--The | match that set off the department i store explosion here last month was struck by the man killed in the blast. investigating officials Lake Success. K. Y. Jol 22 -f have been told i^ srssall plane buzzed. United Na- Chris. Spar.os. stock clerk. \ifao tions headouarters todav and drop- was in ;fce baemei:t at the time of , p«i a long object ·which police ;jj e blast v.nh Lawrence Owens said nucht have been a home- assistant manager., ^a« quoted as made bomb, saying Owens vtryck tne rwatch The object exploded 400 feet Owens died the day of the explo- from the main U. X building hous- s.on. June ^3. from bt,ros ics the offices of Trygve Lie, sec- Spano*' statement was nude to re^arv-general. No buildings were .\ j gel! Vepu y State Fire Marsh- caroased Eiirnet Rogers, a U. X a ij w lio indicated toaax r.e v as euard on ciitv near the s.ceae. re- \\tricing jp h^ official repoit Hi- ported pains in his stosaach from ^ has beeen mtervuv.:rg all c-r- the concussion bu» declined rneci- i pioyes of the Ra; las- Depart:: en' ca! attenisoi- \ Store, the interior of w hicli w ^i Several hours later a small plane. {wrecked bv tne exp'.o-ioti SpanOi 0 «-"" a »vpe similar to that reported , ls sl ,;j under hospital treatr-eist for ' "- -- " w " severe burn- New School Administration Asked By Emmitsburg Group Residents of Emmitsburg District at a well-attended meeting in the school auditorium there Thursday n'ght adopted a rfeolu- t.on calling on Governor Lare to provide new public school admm- istratio.n «n Frederick count} A committee will forviard the resolution to the Governor The resolution, offered by Samuel C Ha; stressed that in order to *e?p tne Erprnitibar,; H:£i Scncoi open and to raise the ita~- cards of puohc education in the county a r*c - . ad-r. :;:;tr«*io'i :^ R RhodcrJok and Samuel H.' Young Cited figures to show the rising cost of transporting schoc* children and large increase in the school budgets in recent years Delegate Jacob R Ramsburg ;jid the comrn'jni'y spirit eviden- nd -n Ernrnitiourg District gave .cj--f ·'o believe that the school v ou!d not be closed. O E Woods .-. arned tnat many communities i.aie io^t their tchools because tr.ey v. ere who by V N guards and others saw the crait which flew over the U N was ur-oouRded s.i La Gusr- Field in' New- York, a few Lake Success Tne eta miles from pi!ot was r.ot tmnsediawly located C onclud I_t Gerald B Vaicse. head o* the cf . he The b3a ,rj.,urti 18 e« ( p!ove- «nd shoppers m addition to 5atai: ourn.rsK O'A ens Federal Bureau fA M:iH-i expert^ concluded froTM! sl-cu investigation ,, explosion that lea^'ii^ gas New York State Pohce stationed at pipes JR , hc ,,. rce . allowed fias to Lake Success sold r-.evv srre-s ' thi $eep lhroup x ;r . e ^ r , n ,... o the definitely is the plane W e can ba scrnen; o r -he itose ard actuv.u- t-U frcr- tne -armies?" i a i e Identified By Cross Dr Carvor. P KiaiJcv v.Jio ^er- % t d as cnairman i-aid trie h:g'i -·chool at ETnm^burg i -n K.-J- paioy a:id pointed vut ;'.«' E'i Mi'^burg has a =pcc:a! prooie::i Others spoke Dr Hasr\ Hd^s re^d tl-e r«^eiitl: :ele^icd sc«.o«: j.ur\e\ report a i d jt U-t'er from G C Rhoderick. Jr s^r'"-:dint i nf local "-thoj! ixj^rci to po.'.t to difference* of op-n.o- oa "Choo! ccn-ol.datic-i George Martin, a member of the Counti School Board, sa.d ti- board ha* not accepted tne survey on ^thool needs and had arranged a public mee;j"K !a^t Monda here to get pubi.c reactio-i Kubeit J l DGES AXXOUN'CED Bait.more. July 22 T-- :· e'e announced today for tne ea ter'i "at.cnal itvestocle shoA- to oe nt-Id djrng the v.eei-, of No% 13 at the T:aaon.u"n State Fa:r Kitnard C R:ggs president of t-.-,',, 1 !ed the following t-n-' R.zac of Taoor. S. D ilrreford oreeaing clauses, Otto Nob.-- of Davenport. la. Angus o-^ft!.!-.^ i^aiii'b A E Darlov. of Sti!:-.« ae-. Okia . a!! fat cattle; Roert H Black of Morgantown \V V.i asi fat hogs and George W L t;o:i of Blatk^burg, Va, ail fat Salisbury May Trim Airport Project Cost Salisbury. July 22 i/p.--Salisbury [ 1 and Wlcomico county officials to- , day considered trimming costs of tneir new airport project. ' About $150,000 from city, county and Federal funds is available for the construction of an administration and other improvements on the airport But two rounds of bids have been rejected oecause no one na- offered tt do the 100 for that sum A S^'-sb'-ry firm offered to put up the for S135 G9S Th:s left !ess than S13.000 for p*\ ing, ard ! v ie lo-Aest b.d for th.s -Aorji vvai rr.orp then fojr t.rres tiat Citv Eng.neer Gardner ia.d a negot.ating committee competed of himself C.'y Sohc-to: :iar.-y H Cropper ar.d \V. Ecaar Proter! for the cojr.ty commissioners, would try to rego"ate ··.·sin oortractcr'- to down the tost of the project Delicious Drinks KoolAid "7-e craft had a Red Cross paint- r . ^ ^ j on its tail. Lutheran Clergyman Die*. In Baltimore ed fieadquarters of New York Cit police also were told by ofJicers .v. La Guarc^a Field that the plane there was the one wnich buzzed the V. N headquarters The small craft had landed La Guardia Field at 2 41 p Baltimore July 22 4' -- Dr Henr B Hcrr.-rc-ler one of the ( most w :del i.r-ow» Lutners:! a - ' clergymen :n the countrv. d.^ at m · his home here iocay j The 78-year-oid cluirc-iman was The pilot had v.alked a u a y a f - ' president emeritus of Concordu r landing and boirowing 40 Lutheran Seminary at Springfield. Countj Comrni A Comp/efe Vacation al «Admiral Cop* May. H. J cer.ts. saving he wanted to buy some gas. airport workers said The pilot was quoted as saying he v.-ould return by 7 p m «EST but he still had not returned scv - s,uire eral hours later Records of the Port Autnonty v.hich operates La Guardia listed the pilot's name as S J Supsna HI. He \va5- str.cKen \vith a cere- oral hemorrhage Sunday mornrig Dr Hemmeter \vai a native of Baltimore and returned here to as- :o-r.t'- a f t e r semmai in 18S2 He held pastorate^ a: var : ous time* at St A-xlrev s ard Tr.'!:tv ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR TROUBLE? I \LL J A S T fcM CKOCfcRV 1C5T \ N Y T I 1 I E Commercial Domrstlc Franklin .-Bud) Stockman 100 E. 6th St. H'Cirlcal Appliances Repaired the plane'-: number as XC-3690E Lutheran churches :n Pittsburgh, craffs owner as Allied Bethlehem Lutheran church in i: cf and the Aviation. AVilhmantic. Conn The police report to headquarters said the plane had flown from Connecticut without proper clearance and had landed similarly at Louis and St Matthews church Rocheite- N" Y Between h:s pastorates .:i Pittsburgh he served on the facultv of 'school from 1914 to !918 In 1936 he went to Sprmsficld Ray Ives. secretary of Allied Aviation said later in Willirnantic! as dent f the , cminarv and that Supina was a student in a G I , ^ £rom h t m 1943 flying course He said he was- ^ aSout 36 vears old and lived i n ' ·\Villington." Conn. j «- GAMBRILL RENAMED Ives further identified Supina a s j Baltimore. July 22 -?V-Garncr a former "flight engineer and top'Wood Denmead was re-elected turret gunner' in the Air Force ] chairman of the State Game and during the war. that he had been | Inland Fish Commission today j.tatiored m England, and that he| James H Gambrill. Jr. of Fred- had been "very much concerned' crick. v\as re-elected vice chairman over the current European situa-' The commission rejected as too tion low bids for the purchase of 138 ' acres of the Gynnbrook State game Sheet steel manufactured in farrr Tie acreage has been ad- some mills speeds past the opera-, vertised for sale for some time. tor of the manufacturing machines at nearly 70 miles per hour. TRUSSES BRACES CRUTCHES SUNDRIES PRESCRIPTION SERVICE MODI UN PHARMACY (SBCCISSOR TO PtAKRE'S ORU* STOW) DIUIttPltESCIUPTION SERVICE PttOWE 20g - IftS*. MARKET ST. Sj9»cittis I 7 **r This 11WA- Canned No. 2 Tomatoes N?« Pack 2 i° 29c BACON ENDS . . . . 39 PAN ROLLS 12 PINEAPPLE BUNS . . 25 The Kind With The Delicious Fillins; SUGAR 100 ·» *8.29 SUNDAY MORNING OUR FIRST 100 CUSTOMERS WILL RECEIVE A SUNDAY PAPER ABSOLUTELY FREE. SYRUP . . . . . . . . H n i: nozE--ai'T XEYJEH CLOSE COUNTRY BACON . . 49 SLICING TOMATOES ^ 10 LARGE LEMONS . . . 29 CAVELL'S 501 N. Market St. 67 S. Market St. APRIl SHOWERS WHEN THE WORLD HAS TURNED YOU DOWN III GET ALONG SOMEHOW BLUE EVENING SERENADE IN BLUE BANJO POLKA PRETTY RED LIGHTS Tax Wiffi»m Hear Your Favorite on Our New Silvertone Radios Visit Our Record Bar! Frtdcndr. ML None 1580 WHAT MEANS TO YOU How the New Hudson, America's most streamlined car with the low silhouette, brings you roominess and comfort never before obtainable in an automobile. You'v c~ seen them fi.i=hinc lv "« ?i! their s"arkrlnc color -- those trim, c^r^cojis NVvr Hi-rdsons with the low. *irram!.ncd silhouette. r t :t have o.j rca'.K rxamir.rti otic of U«-*c amazing car/' '1 hry are the l-j nc rs in the autorfiobilc world Joiia;.' Hudson,always known for^rcn! fomnrd SICTIS in the development of !hr anto- rnobil". and for rff,cicnt ;:,"· o"' nn',ic ?o:ic~. is acsin "way out ahead Yi:Jh .1 moto-rar Jhai 'ills anew inch m r'~c* f · cr tc'if o" I's io'c' s^r-r c-'-." ;/ c* c\- \Vrci "-f" ta\p a clo~c Iii'-v. vo : .1 '.r.d taat Hudson, throug'i t'i"- i ^c o c a i.cvr. exchhc "^'cp-dov-^" rone, reclaims «o much vitally tinsjH space tli'.s scri^a' ionaily ciScicr.l car civ r« v 04! ivn-c j ^c''u! interior room {bar vor'vo over This new kind of mo! or C.T has 3 «{j:rdj fo .ndn'ion si-iictvrc ?;.rro T .nd:aj; the pa^-rno-- compartment. Tihi~a rxrn''i!s fran.e -o Jisat voa step tio i ^he:i entering. This m ikr; space between frame inetnricrs. w hii'i is iiMialK wasted, a\a:!nb!e for UM: in-nlc llic c,ir. ?e.i! can thT-.s W :o«erc(l to harmonize ·Kith !iie new lower tup aiu! rt\ stopp-iig f./! " into HiiijMni. wsiiilii i' only fix'c feet from ground * top. \o: set :?orc tend room thai: in aii\ otiur ma~s- pro!'.:ccc! car bi.ilt toda\' And how about seating room 1 Hudson's new ileNij'-, rrrlnin'- ^pni · formerK taken i;p ti\ wii'-e! ho!i~!»a» ana fe;iue- '1 »ji-is ae{om:iii-IiCS 1\ plam.s rear N.-.sJ^ ahmi of t!-c rrr.r wheel-, in a 7on- i.nre-ir.vUd b- wi.eei Hot:-".::-. \v a refill'. rear ^oaN are 1 ~ niches w nier ;'i '"':.= iKil i^ o.iK h'ilc more than fo'ir ri''li'- w -iicr vv "r-ali Ioih "ear ar.ti fro-t ^e.T*v -\:er! !li.' {'.I! v.irtti, of l,,e t n n i ^ . ci\n;r I!r:-o,i !ieroo\ · - ? -CS'N 1:1 am \n*o~ ran 1:5 ute · a"' !!· i'- i n s i,"° of I* e "^e;^-**"*^ ,1 ''O'ie 37 o ' i .r ·»eatri^ .·r'~5'!C'"« 1 e '» .~~c 3ll .-tr?t«i in J:.e "-xc'ircj. I at :oli\\ NEW HUDSON -- Yon rM"- CTi »ou« ln»- frame of lh- r-Tr Mtw-cl" viullii of *S«" rar ! is n' r «f i« U.« arad room is prov fo"~i witii.T Hiiii- . ^^d »l«n ah-id --f"-r cx'c-i'l f u! i - !" Ill- -rf for and ; n ic rin "r^p of a framt. as ^- rftir v^'^ w«««^^n rrar The New- Hi'J-on even reclaims the un- i;'cd 'pare in door- by Tiroxuhnsj CT- jjrov.'K tailored. rcces-"(i co'iiparti'ieits where interior doo- liai'd^-. wir.'iow rr-ink-. a=h rei ei\ crs. ami ceuero.;^ inn re-t-- are pla cd out of the -.\r.y to a 1 ow increa'-ed elbow room Ksr ;a-:-cngers. This development of IlrtNon"^ o-wl I-.T.C. a- 1 steel ^lonobiil bOvK-arwi-fraire^ v sili it- "vtep-Gown" 7OPC rtjuircd jca-s f cr.srieerir.c wo-k. the perfection of rew r'rrx-siction {cei'iiioi.e 1 - ar.d fi 1 .' oi - o! dol.n-s In \i\z h" «;i'.-"i ed "c~ ·'.»ai in\e-!rnent Th's na\ b" why H;:d-"ii. aj;d Hiiu-on a'onc, offers important ad\ancc toda\I '"?{eppl;i£ down" is so 'jTpo-"ant to motor-car bea^tj. ndiis; q :il Si^- iru safe'\--as weil 3^ roominos and COT'"O-I --'hat the nearc-S Hudson dea 1 - r ha-, a bookie!--jo' witho.:t obiicatlon-- f'.I'y e\piai'ii'ic 'hi- de-:cP pr.nciple H..L-oa Mo.lor Car Conira;-\ Detroit 15. c-*o pc^erts pending SEE WHAT "Stepping Down" M E A N S TO YOU-AT YOUR HUDSON DEALER'S Ki:il HOI I / MOTORS. INC ..,. iiunsos nru.FR WEST PATRICK STREET (Extended) PHOXE 1163 M T. BRAN OBI KG. Tro.-is FREDERICK ID-SUMMER VALUES Ladies' Sunner Dresses *5 .50 A wonderful assortment of some of the newest summer creations. 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