The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 2, 1924 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1924
Page 11
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UESDAY. DECEMBER 2, 1924 THE T-fUTCHTNSON NEWS PAGE ELEVEN. €©F! POUND "uU.ND—Lady's pock.HJOok. Owner may havo same by ca .llim H147K. 'AKKN UP—HL'rcforrt~co\v, branded "!•>" on left hip. J. II. Knepp, i . -s wrat of Ymlor. i-.;0- L.;SlUNAi. ScHViv.ES e I »vll ,suN, L'luruiirnt'tnr. 11^ .h .Mil.11 l'huni> il'ih "'IHliJC*. Ill (ItllMg KlllrtSi'S 3hl|> '-'it*. M .iHnntr HliU . Ituivir. 1 UAHHfcN I tHINO A KI'i-..\TI';m.\u. uirnilurH ruuuir- 'H» I'huP" III!I8,| Work Carpenter, conuicln umt Bcneral re- l>nlr work of any kind, i.aumaus ana "anii tree. II, 13. Mauk gen. oontr. 'I">"» 1S13 or 7SS. (0 DRESSMAKING— MILLINERY lu aLTUHATIONo, suits nnd droasnmli ini!. romoilelln, uieaiiuit. turner lr* Ulchnnla. liliunc aawj.l KANTitU—Dress making: aallstHlion Ktinrmuced. Mrs, Mays. M4 N Maui MISCELLANtUUS FO . SALE (Cont,) FOR 8AI.U—"Star Brunil" slues for men. women, boys, girls nnd Infants, part payment ilown, bnlanco bUc a week. Comer Comni 'M -ee i:o., 17-1'J North Wnlmit. l-'UR SAL.K—Manuro for lawns. :tsifi .l. Can Kill* aAl.lJ—7'i real mlnte tlrst mortenwes. —auk Mr.Nagiinn: l J tioin. OIIKV I.U.KI) Huhy hlllfKy: heatliiB stove iiml 17*i cfK ItK'UliiUor, cheap. Phoii" IHM. l.'I.Ht HA1,;:—A|ipi. J .I. I 'llOII" Slf'iil rUlt •ALL'—-Uimiunl.fd eieirlrn: lions (a Chrl-'iWn.ty Kift), part P.iy- ment down. balanrn r .(>c a week. Comer Commerce Co., 17-1'J North Wn.itut. HJ..KSI-: I'KATHKU Pillows 3763.1. I 'lHinc MAtlA'/ING subscriptions Klli-s. '117 hunt Kimrtli Mrs. Ina TiliK Uaiuaiiia-3llx:'.; Jo.ID. 3()x31ti; JO .'J'J. 3 and 316 In. tubea (1.10 uu- vail Tire Co.. -112 K Sherman. VAl'dll HATH Cabinet. Phone 37S1. 27 PAINTING PAPER HANGINQ 14" liXCIIAXOfi fresh young Holsteln milk cows for Inrso size International ensilage cutler. Write K-U. •are News-IIcrold. AH WHri 'ti wall paper store, lUHi S Main, phone MUU Itftsirlc.nce «u!• •'flyer hanging; ' REPAIRING, ALL KINDS u I 1 '. F*ltlC15, upnolsterlng, phono 9'J4. . MVJ fuiiutnre, ui'iioi^u . I..I; n.o i pairing, furniture and stoves Mini airl Kurn Co.. 100 Kasl 7th. Pll ib'j JPIIOLSSTKUINO— First clnsa work I'lmiie 'i783J. J. 11. llaglanil. LAUNDRY WORK •UHTAINS laundered. Phone ltltlSJ. iVA .NTi '.L'— Wasning nnd ironing. *Ve wa : di lu soft water. Call at 3U1 Vest tlth. Phono HSliOW. VA.SHIAG mid ironing MJW. anted, Pnone SERVICES OFFERED -'A1.NT1MJ. cement work, building estimate free. Zlb 10. IJ.l'n.iaiaj lit ASK HAULLN'U—All kinds. RADIO EQUIPMENT IALMO for sale. liS Uaat lotli. SO.NUHA ltAUIO~LOUD (With tho concealed Horn) . "CLliAK AS A U1JLL" Tone quality unoxcelled, becauss it u II wood. tamo prlco as others. Phona 3412 toi lemonslratlon. ffci sell Dutch radio lubes on an absolute, money-baek guarantee, 'type, M. 12. J00. 20IA, K'.ii each. Curtm 01 North Vaoltiiien. 9 MALE HELP VYANTEO IX lAHUkUlliNO taught Quickly. Moler gntduates always busy. Big pay. Vine .Moler Uaiber College, Oil .Mam, ;HII..US City. ^VNTI-JD—Men to buy their while shoes. Work sho.s »2,1 >S, !!ie, $4.;!) '.less shoes 14 to Oxford* J4.y: o ttl-nO. part payment down, balane. 0v- a week. Comer Commerce Co.. ;-i» North Walnut. vA.N'fliD-A few mors boys over lu veurs of asv who want steady worK. vl.p.y before 8 a.m. Monday. Amen . . Laundry. wt.sTl':l>—lee machine man; one u bo understands Tiring, boiler ami ..tral repair and pipe work. Uooa .. my and Bte-ady position to ngi io .'.i. Personal Interview required. The ,.den Creamery Co., 4'^3 S. Main AA.vTelD—Someone to play sa.\o Phone Tuesday and Saturday even- ni;^; steady einiJloyiiieni. Phone Sl '.i .0 KEMALE HELP VYANTtD ;u.MPKTK.NT housekeeper, 2 In fnm lly. Call 607 R-W Wdg, or 303 Kasl !lh. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE OR TRADE 27 28 MISCELLANEOUS WANTED 28 LIVE 8TOCK, SUPPLIES (Cont.' (Cont.) FOR SALE—Good fresh cow; cabinet vlctrola. Call 2 blocks west and i north of Wells' store, Ssuth Hutchinson Ue:&TSTEIlr;i.) Holsteln Cow, fresh heifer, "ino.oo each If taken at once. A. SI. llnvls; phone 37P4. 33 PUBLIC AUCTIONS AL'CTIO.NKKil—Pete l'owelson. phone Mlillnnd hotel 04, Hutchinson. 1 can r.I'Mi'e >UII. Cii,EA OP SALE I will stll ut my farm, 2 miles enst on luiveil road find % mllo nouth oi .Vickt -fByn, Kan., Dec, 5, 11*24, 4 horses, S now.H, 21 hopH S. c. Brown Leghorn rhlckt.ns, impUrmrnlH, alfalfa hay, and huuHchold goods; 10 a.m. sharp. J. J. Welty . 40 PET STOCK 40 Dll. O. \i. MOUtJAN VBTIiKINAKIAN Specialtalng In dogs and cats. IL'l Kuat Flfti.-cnlh. Phono TM. AUTOS AND TRUCKS (Cont.) Ford roadstur, with J m*w tiros, 1H22 Told ncdan, 5 tires, t«rma to mi ft customer. Ford or Ford aedtin with n«w balloon Ur>-?«. Ford tMiirliifT. psccllfiit roT?dltlon $R0. One dozrn l-'ord Tourinns with prices ranging rrom f ^r. up. 11*21 climTo1(»i conp?, loolcw llko new. Ch«vroIul sedan with ?> balloon tlrea, lumiprtft, tn 'Xtji nii'l'-r, «U-p plates, nnnhboiP. IJCHS than th« prlco of n Kord Tudor. I!i2 :i t.'hi^vrolot touring name guarantor an new car. This t'.ir can be bought on iinuHuai tnnis. Onr* Moon Chummy roadster, 4 now tires,, new Fide <mrtalna, I -JaB (;x •* coach fi new cord tlrca. VJ Ford tourings with prlot-s rang- in'pr from Jl!5 up. Terms given on any of those cars. 10S-110 Went 1st. Phono A M.MJIJ Fox Terriers, well marked. I'hono 41 POULTrtY & SUPPLIES 41 WANTED- All Kinda of used rurni- ture; ono plo<:e or an entire qouae* (ul Cioolt Fuimturo Exchange Co.. phone UU. 29 WEARING APPAREL Mrs. Ina Klles, phone 2728 317 East Fourth. 1'iilt SAI.K—Two ladlt?3 cuaU, sport hat, DUO man's suit, several paird men's h-hoc 'H, good condition, reason- :iWf price.". 1'lioiic 303n\V. KOIl SAIJIV — Coat?, atltts, (liesscs; HIKO i. I'hone 1404. HiOllKST prlcea Tor men** ml ohoi-s l'lioiif? nnsJ. clothing Wf.iMl'N'S EX CI 1A N Ci K—Nice line of fanoywork, men's, ivonii-n's and children's clothing. 229 13 East, phune tQ MUSICAL INSTHUM6NTS -10 A SPECIAL model of Vlctrola; Kleai Christmas gift; a special price, .h -nkiiiB Miiale Co.. 122 N. Main. CASH for used pinno.s. I'hone 90S.' FOlt SAUK— Kimball COHHOM ; phono' graph, almost now, at sacrifice price. Call at 11S Slid West. A THAI' DKUM outnt la an Ideal Chilatmus gift; a complete outfit for JC2.&0. Jenkins' Music Co., 12^ North Main. I> 1A .\ OS—M U K1CAL IN ST It U M t.S TS Star piano, $10.1; Xyltrphune, fib, Tailor Saxophone, JO5; C-Mclody Sax- opl -ion^, ft»&; Clarinet, f;t5; Yo: k Cornet. $:»0; Violin, J10; Guitar, fS. Easy t '.Tins. KOUAnACOH-Wn.EY MUSIC OF FT yi.UiH'1'l..V used player 10IL1; thi.-s*' niako dandy Christmas v,itta; 6 for f 1.00, Jenkinii Music: Co.. 122 X. Main \VANTEI)-To buy several vised pianos for cash. 11. G. Philips. 1'tione , \vHd/THAbir'nidlo «et fur good used piano. I 'lmno HtlHT.l. 31 HOUSEHOLD GOODS 31 "AI'KX" "'octrlc washing tnachlncR at one-half the retail dealer 's price. They art* to he s>'en and had a* Hutchinson Hotid.^j Warehouse. 7Ul Cast Second Street. A HASK Burner; I 'erefction Oil heat- €u-s«. Hound Oak heater, bed Hprings, t.oolu, bedding, dishes, etc; cheap; :|yv W t= a t " n < I. _____ „______ 'N VALID lady wishes to b« taken Into capable home and be cared for. yddresg P-12, c-o._Xews. H-TJCE OIKL ; must be .-xpeneiiceu bookkeeper- BardwelL Auto W'ks., ireat Hend. Kans. .V AN TED— Mot hera to buy tlTeTr Kills' shoes for win tor, Mi.«seii* high hots, black and brown, $U.fcu; o\- ordri, low heels, I3.4S to J4 in, i >ittiv drls' high shoos and Oxfords IZ.ii to ;^&i). Infants' shot's, black, brown anu -'kttml, 2^4 to SH, Si.76 to 2 ."Fi, part payment down, balance IM'C vvet -ic. Comer Commerce Co., W -i 'j Jl ' h J v "'-l ut - - r^ii^'i. e-i>—v.'oin'aii In" make her homl' wlih young conji .e, one child; widow •referred. Addr.-ss 0-12 e ;,ro Ni-v..s. ttat-> salary required. •V'ANTr.D —Ladies to tutu out "iiT'w~uu^ of Oxfords for winter; brown ami -lack. $3.48, 14.50 to SC.r.0; patent and -tld strain, $2.45. $3.48. ?4, ${.i.n, part •ayment down, balance &0e a weok. "omer Commerce Co., 17-13 Nor in -S'alnut. iVANTED—White glri or middle-aged • woman for genera, housework. Mrs. 'jtr-ott Clark. Fhoni- :;i:.7. ,iV .\MKD- Oirl for umpomry woru. • must be good pi-niiian, Independent »:.-aniery, UOtt S. .Main. iv ANTED— Wumuu cook fur bridge gang; sQiall gang, but must bo good ;>-£k. Address 0-12 care Nmvs. _ V.'ANTED—ExperU-nced white girl for ! general house work: references; «1 U Q |. Monroe. Fhone ,95it. SALESMEN OR SALESWOMEN yrib TEKKITOP.IAL CONTHAC'l \ The .lohn Haunigariu Company, 1-19 ••:, \Va- ; hlngton lilvd., Cliicago, <te- :ru ambitious salesmen for Ilutchiri- • m i .nd adjacent territory, selling new \, lu.^ivo line Annual Culendus, lloll- t \ i iruetlngs, and Monthly Mailing -ivK'c. Wonderful opportunity for ,.;-manent connection, liberal corn- ubision basis with weekly checks. 5.'e\v .1^ season opens December 2«tli. Ex- cutivo will Interview In person, Write ul v nnst experience. SITUATION WANTED, MALE 24 POSITION as salesman or hookkeep ! «r. Fifteen year*' practical expen 'ctce. Phone IW2J. Address N-U', \are N FU UN 1 Ti; HI:' B A110 A INS •i piece l»ed room .suite, vonlty, chiffonier, bench nnd bed, first class condition, ?i'.:.:-U. 1 niahoLviuy frame duofold, newly covered, f 10. 1 mahogany ducfold. }'.',\. PHliNOtlKAl'llS 1 Brunswick machint*. good condl lion. $Gi.', with -0 records. 1 Columbia Grafonola, like new. with 20 records, $70. ] Vlctrola. practically new. 162.SO. THE CKOOK FL'UNITVKB CO. ALL KINDS Live and Dressed Poultry TLENNINUSEN PRODUC13 CO I 'hone 770. Wo deliver- BUFF ORPINGTON Cockerels fruin famous owon farm stock; at Areh- r's. 2G20 N. Adams. Phone 37tiHJ. •'OK S A LE—Pure bred Mammoth Bronze. Gold Bank strain, prize winning turkeys. Mrs. H. J. Haller. Hiirrton. Kan., fit. 4. Foil SALE—Aristocrat dark barred itock cockerels. E. E. Brown, iNarth Whiteside, Hutchinson, Kansas. FOB SALE—Purebred S. C. Rhode Island Red cockerels; |1.G0 each. John E. Oaede. Partridge. FOU SALE—Some fine Buff Orpington and Muff Rock Cockerels; a nen of about 50 laying Rock hens. Mrs. Frlnln, Silica, Knns. PUREBUE7> Rose comb cockerels, 81 to 53, Nelson Smith, Hutchinson, U -Ii. Phone Darlow 705, Mon. Wed. Frl. S. C White Leghorn cockerlfi. ?l .ou and |a.50 each. Claude Heaton, Partridge, Kan. 45 MONEY TO LOAN 45 BIJ^T^^first mortgage rTal^estfite loans. Phone 348J. Ono Ford Truck 1024 Olds Sedan Chandler Sport touring Hup Roadster APARTMENTS FURNISHED (Cont.) VERY attractive apartments. East. 610 lot 2 ROOM apartment for rent, largfl, light and comfortably furnished. Phone nt 'ti. 56 HOUSES UNFURNISHED t>b A beautiful Main street home In Hyde Park Is being vacated by tho owner, win. will tint on tho rhriit terms to the proper parties. This hmi.i« Is complete nnd built 4-lcht In every detail. Full basement, furnace, sleeping porch, garage, ntc. I'liolle Wl during daytime for appointment or phona If-'.t-I f'vciuntrs. BACHELOR wants to rent hli S room house in exchange for., board. 141 East 2nd. EIGHT room house, closo In, noL modern but In good repair. 3, H. Spanglcr, Phon^3;i3'), AT LOWEK 1PEECES 1920 l.=odge Touring 1923 Chevrolet Coupe 1924 Studcbaker Special "ti" Sedan 1922 Ford Touring, winter enclosure 1923 Ford Touring 1920 BuioU Touring 1921 Ford Roadster 1316 Four cyl. Sttidebaker 1920 Jordan Touring S3 Cadillac Touring, 1919 Marmon Sedan 1023 Studcbaker Special Six CEnirDs Motor C® Plume 450 ' 110-112 W. Sucona FOU HUNT Dani3y nowly decorated strictly modern unfurnlshcl nimrtmcnt, 4 rooms nnd liatli. Nothing furnished; Jllj.UU with Karapp. Practically ftirnlshr.d R rooms, modern except heat, closii in, paruKS and largo hnrn, $40,011; tl loonid. a pood one, Campbell. East, HS.OO; fi rooms 10, En.«l. Jl'i.r.o. LA.M110RN-MAYF1ELD CO. KEALTOl'.S. Phono 1785 a North Main FOlt KENT, lny homo In South Hutchinson, after Dec, 4, .Mrs. A. B. Best.- Phono (IMW. , CITY LOANri—Stralghl loans; Newlln MannlnK Loan Co., 1H« N. Main. ITSUTISID ILoso&s ON IMPROVED SECU1UTT REASONABLE COMMISSION SEE US BEFORE PLACING YOUn , LOAN J. H. IBAHLEY <fi S • Established 18SS Phono 2224 I Dodge Sedan 1 Dodge Touring i Ford Uoadster. starter 1 Ford Roadster, etandard 3 l-'ord Tourings, .starters 2 Ford Tourings, standard* 1 Ford coupe Bulck'ft Touring; blggeat bargain in town. SBiill'Bir'ffl M©U(3)p EscOuffliinJc USED CAU MAKKET 19114 CHEVHOLET road.'Uer with extras. Driven 3900 miles. A anap, \Va have other bargains. 47 MOTOR SUPPLIES & REPAIHS WE BUY and Hell uacd Fords anu parU. CLASS A GARAGE 20 West Sherman 50 RODMS WITHOUT BOARD oU FOR KENT—Large sleeping room; private) (•ntrancM;; also sleeping rouin with kitchenette In modern home heat furnished; 12.» 4llj West.. FI.'liMrCKE, Stuves, llo East 10th, MuDEltN meepina rooina. Sherman. MODEtt.N BlfacpiiiB rooms. au4 W. 6. Examination of any atovo giving trouble. Will buy stoves and secona' hand furniture. Stovo repairing a I>eclalty. Phong 537W. FOB SALE—Walnut dining table and B!X chairs; Queen Anne style; Leonard Cleunnble Hefrlgerator; Mahogany tilt top table and Prlscllla a^-wtng cabinet. Call 120 E. lith or 3ST6. Foil SALE—tlan range, Kitcnen cabinet, dresser, day bed, and oth- • household goods, 110 North Blum street. Full SALE—Large size Garland gas heater ineludlny; brickr.tts and pipe. I 'iu 'Tie 3 7.SC. Fl'l'.MTFIM': and Moves. I IS IS. lUtn. IIHJJII.'ST cash prices paid lor itlt kinds of used ttirmture. Nothing IOO good; nothing to poor. Crook Furni- lurc Exehiingp Co.. |)hon«' 96, ____ Hi'Uli'.MAhK Comforts. I 'hone 22i7. .MAJESTIC UAN(3E J35; Burks Uflui range 1 Ji2.5u: gas rang.* J13.50; base burners ?10 and ?15; heating stoves $4 and up; davenport extra good Brunswick and records, Si>2.riif; nice npscrtment of rockers* $1 ; i" [ l U P Wanted cabinets, buffets, duofolds and chains. Hay WotItmati, 202^i Norm Maple Phone 3S41-15T4.T. 6 'A 5'-i% f>% We reprvs^ni loan companiea witn millions available to place on goon Central Kansas farms. f»% with mfid- erat' 1 commission, $%r f , with small commission, or 6% with no commission. Annual interest. Commit us now. THE COE-THOMSON IMPROVEMENT CO. Loans and insurance. FAKM LOANS $1,0011,000 to loan at 5% ana low commission. All central Kansas New­ lln -M. 'iuuing Loan Co., II N. .Main. GET TTe on first mortgage real us t a it? securby. —ask McNaghten' 1st Nat'i »ldg.. u'ciiiuu ro 'inw. Ph 221 LI. Mol>EKN sleeping rooms. Cull 1M4.(. 2Lt \Vi*9i Kiitn. -•.lei.t^V iuini»iiud rooms with bath, jyi) WLMI 1st. phone lTi ^J. FO tt KENT— 5 room house, good location; modern except furnace. 'A room house, South part. Phone 2266. FOU ItENT—Modern h room cottage; close In. Phone 1494. FOR RENT—ft room house. 1700 block on iSast 3rd, $15 month. Cad at Penant Cafeteria. FOR RENT—New 4 room semi-modern cottage, with garage, on car lino. Call 1S4. Tho Snyder Co. FOR KENT--Seven room house at Td'd East Sherman; semi-modern; fine garage; per month. Call 21S East Sherman or 2708.1. FOR KENT—10 room modern house; suitable for roomers or apartment. Phone 22,"5 or ISO .'t. HOUSES FOR SALE (Cont.) ©© Toon Waiisrt A E<aaB One of the most complete, new bungalows in north end, five rooms, breakfast room, full basement, double garnge, fireplace, oak and pnnmn finish, nil oak floors, firm cabinets, beautifully decorated; $1,000 cash will nntidte. l-'hnne :J r * 10,1. Fi ilt SA LE—If* loom rnrtdern house, j excellent condition, or will trade for j smaller property. Phono 22T1S ov IfilKt, I WE wain resldeiiee loan.-*, stiaiglit oi monthly PHVIIIPTUS a .<*U MeNaghtetr Obtain B ROOM STRICTLY MODERN {solid oak floor) home WITH EXTRA liLDG. Slto, on high ground northwest part. Home with I SITE at $'Jti00 CASH TALKS. LETS GET I3USY. A FINE XMAS. gift. Close to Roosevelt and street Junior High School. Consider North End Lot. Star Brand Shoes for 'he Whole Family Infants' Shoes, 24 to 8, Girls' Shoes, 81 to 2. $1.48 to $1.98. $1.98 to 53.50. Boys' Scout Shoes $2.48, $2.9? ^ 18^ Boys' Dress Shoes $2.98, $3.2.,. . J O .^T Misses' Straps and Oxfords $2.98 to $4.50.^ Ladies' Oxfords and Slippers $2.98 to S6.50. Men's Shoes $2.98 to $6.75. Oxfords $4.98 up. Part Payment Down, Balance 50c a Week. Comer Commerce Co. ™« North rilnut St. No. ft East Sherman FOR KENT—lU-room houao m Hutchinson, semi-modern; garage, $20. Claude nachus, Abbyvllle. Kan. FI VE-rouin cottage, modern except furnace, garnpe. 311 West 6th Phone Dar;ow 1 i-u~i. FOR RENT—Six-room nouae, senil- modern, llfi s. Poplar. Ph. 2aF2L FOR KENT—-Good house, reasonable. Phone .171CJ. MODERN 3 room bungalow, on car line I'hone JJKUS'W. PAV off tho loan on your homo on monthly payments. —ask McNaghten! First Nat'i. F.ldg. RENTALS. 307—6th west, newly furnished ?^&.l)t) 215—11th west, 7 room, garage a7.;j(J 1*28—4th east, garage liu.uu 413—A east, elegant room, house 45.UU 1-2—A east rouming house Iti.oU JiRKIIM REALTY CO. Five room, new bungalow, Carcyville, income $22.60 month- Prlco liiUoU, $200 cash. itusiness 50 feet In downtown district, a bargain at $6o()(>.* A close In business and residence for $2;ji"i0, , Now six room bungalow, 5500 cash. Phone 77U. Good room frame soml-moiiorn home, 3 bedruom» and bath, large lot. good location, recently aiiprai*" > d fo r loan at $4fi00 fc Can now be bought for $^00. —aislk McMagMcBiiijJ Fhomj 6T»r>: Evenings call 318- First Na tlona 1 f.Jldg. IF©r $S< Tib® STOP.Q-gCOPlE Chriatmas Gift Suggestions—Do Your Shopping at Home —Your Buying at the Stores. CHRISTMAS GIFT RCnOESTtONM QIFTS FOR HER BABY GRAND PIANO—A lovely gift she will appreciate. J. W. Jenkins A rions Music Co. RATH RoliES lor all the family; sonardy priced. Hoston Stor*-. Cam Nome, Three Flowei, Karv-^ or Fiancee Perfume seta. A. &c / Drug Co. EXCLUSIVE line of Libhy Cut Glass, '/inn Jewelry and optical Co. GOLD COMPACTS—Single HIHI duu- bb?, beautiful designs, $1-00 to each. Cash Drug Co. A and Main I'.OOE ENDS, door stops, d -.'f >k acts, lampM, perfume bottles, kitchen flappers, pictures, Xmaa .statlont.-ry and hundreda of oih*-r artistic gift* at Janeways, 14 East S-eond. Open to 3 p. in. until Christmas. HOSE THAT FIT—IDEAL CHRISTMAS GIFTS. JONES-O'NEAL SHOE CO. HOUSE SLIPPERS In all tho desirable shades; alt kinds and prices Uoston Store. HOSE—Luy her a nico pair of silk hoae. Ann 13urke Hat and Hosiery Shopp.\ HOSE that will please her. Gut our box prlet*. Frank's FaRhlon center SEVEN-room house, motit'in except heat. S21 N. Washlnqlon Ph. 374«W 67 HOUSES FURNISHED FIVE ROuM furnished, modern house $2S. Plioiif :n70W. , FOR KENT modern e.-\ WfSt —5 room furnished house; ,:ept furnace; garage; 6U'J piuuu* 2(r,:iW. 5-UOOM CL'iti'.Ku furnished with piano, gas for i -noking. 221 We>t 1st. FOR KE.NT—4 room furnished house $15 mo. East 3rd. FOR U !•: N T—M y h ome strictly modern, garage. Sherman, pbune 2432W furnished, B20 Etust ONE modern 3-foum furnished cottage, also 3-room modern furntsn- • d downstair apartment. 223 Ean 2na ROOMS WITH BOARD 51 DOAKD and luuin, furnace huat. l^t> East Sherman. UOAKD and room, 327 Stiunnan, east. Phone l »7rt. HOARD and room close In. Fifui Avcnu" Rooms, 23 We.sL Fifth. MODERN i-nriii ^iifd rooms single or two connecting. Uourd if dL -airt-u 24 East Hlh, Photo.. 37. fins. Board. oOG. W. 2nd. ROOMS FOR , HOUSEKEEPING FOR KENT—Two niceiy furniMied roums for light housekeeping, with bath, 3D0 \V. Isu 1'hone 175 6J. FOR RENT—5 lar(s« unfurhlntied rooms, 4"7 \' z N. Main. Call S2 'J NICELY furnished 5 room house. modern except furnace. Phone 21)3t. Mrs C*a IT \V . Ta y lor. We offer a etrtelly mo<lern. seven room house, located on East 13th, in one of the best residence districts In Hutchinson. Largo living room, dining room and kitchen downstairs. Living room and dltitni; room floored and finished in high grade oak. Kitchen fin.shed in enamel with maple floors. Upstairs finished In oak and pine. Four sleeping rooms and bath upstairs. Full basement, Front Rn nk pipe fu rnaee. Good garage, fine lawn and Rhude, fifty-foot lot. This Is a real buy. Ask to see it. Troy C. Marklc, Insurer. SlisiiicynTtetoini KIEV . G®. Realtors. First and Main, Phone 400. isa ID© BUSINESS PLACES FOR ' RENT FoR llKNT- Sheriuan. R-W. P.dg. -Office Will om ovur 2U Vvest Thompson, $i'J BUSINESS PROPERTY Hot'SEKl.;El'ING rouiu». au« W. 2nd LIGHT houst:keeping rooma; stairs. 522 East First. liown- MoOi'.KN liglit houickeepiiig rooind. 11 )0 East 4th. MODERN FURNISH ED light-house keeping rooms; 504 East C; iVJTrjJ. It Is a pleasure to explain tt to you at your convenience In your home, office or place of business, .lust phono 973 for an appointment, which will in no way obligate you. We want yuu to know ull about our 6% Savings plan. The Salt City Building Loan & "savings Association. Phone 972 603 N. Main E. Carey, Pres. Lloyd Brown. Secy. MONEY to loan, amah aniuuniB. Wtdfarp Loan Co." If.w. North Main MONEY TO LOAN Improved city property or farms -ask McNnshten. TRADE your old furniture for new. Phono Shaeffer's 498. WANTED —Furniture, rugs, stoves- highest pr'cea. Johnson Furniture Co.. Phone :PJ4. 32 TYPEWRITER SUPPLIES 3* '"I'Vctoo ^Yu ^lniift tuvd' slightly used ITnihrrwoods*. }4"> to $55; Remingtons. 540 to ISO; Roya's. $t:» to $55. .Special titudeiiL rental rates. Repair work and supplies, .RENO TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE.. 40JJ N. Main. Phono 3ti3u Tue .4.. Thurs., Fri. REPAIRED—RENTED, BOUGHT—SOLD H08 N Main Phone iSi '/o ARM mans. Anderson investment Co.. Phone 53$. 27v*j a Main. AUTOS AND TRUCKS Springs for all makes of cars. One- half price. BARNES APTO SALVAGE CO 22-24-2C-2S West Sherman One 1H21 Ford cha.-sls. $Ci>. One 11124 Chevrol .t touring, St;i5. One 11120 Ford touring, gui*d tires, %\2T>. ^ BAKO ENAMELING SHOP 127 Ka*t Sherman. YOUR choice of 3 Ford touring cars, $70. Hodge-Foster Motor Co. MODERN housekeeping rooms. Phone T.220. NEW light housekeeping rooms; everything furnished. Phono 272oJ. TWO or 3 well furnished housekeeping rooms, priced right. 221 \V. 1st. TWo furnished ho\isekeepiug rooms. ?3 per week. 313 East R. 53 WANTED TO RENT 03 WANTED—Room and hoard for 2 ladles; downstaiis rouiu; Ea^t Slier- mau; East A or East U; in private family preferred. Phone 23«. E)4 APAKTMtlNTb UNFURNISHED .JS*15nng lEoasStictscs" One of the best paying bunlnw-ns on Main St., J8.000; a.-iU about It. tjood suburban grocery, fixtures JUe; will Invoice stock; total price $nf)t>. Sub-urban grocery, fixtures 5215; will invoice stock; Is all nuw iue;.ii:in- dlse; total prlco will run about S'jOf). Re-taurant and cofjfci liuti^iy west of Hutchinson; pay ]'.*% interest on J3.000 and $;">0 per week for your salary for sunning It; will take J2.500 cash; it's _ worth whllo. good buslneiw Mr. Man who can scrape up $100 cash: You need not pay rent longer, for wu can sell you a cozy little hom» for your family. You can pay the flU'l uu first payment, then a reasonable monthly amount like rent till the place is paid for. Why continue to ,<ay out rtMii dollars which never rome back when you can bei-onie- a home owner with tho same money or very llttie more'.' Tliese. ai e some nt 1 the homes which can be purchased with 4100 eii.-di, balance like rent: 3 room rottag<' near Roosevelt school, on P'.th West, price $12r,0. 4 room nearly new bungalow, nice condition, iH 'iir 4 th Ave. school, prlco $2000. 2 room (laige) bungalow, chicken house and yard, walks paid for, U0 ft. frontage. 1 block to cuilino and pavement, bandy to Larabee Mill and other east side Industries, price Slt 't'iO. Also acre tract near edge of city, tine rich soil, handy to good school, ready for buildings. If you can put small house on this tract with your own money, we will sell you the tract all on easy payments. We have other easy payment places. Waiting to sliow you any of them. I V'OKY. — Genuine Ivory Pyralin and Du Harry. The only on« we reenm- inend. Re sure and select your sets early. Special case acts to order. See tta today. Cash Drug Co. A and Main KODAKS—Select your KODAK LtOX liKOWME from our oompieio stock today, $2.75 to $36.00. "Eastman Agents." Cash Drug Co. A nnd Main MANICURE SETS—All essential, idea Xmas. gift for her. A. «fc A. Drug Co. oUK DIAMONDS are bargains; otiier wise wo wouldn't handh; them. W W, Tampiin Optical nnd JrwHrv Co., 8 S. Main. Phone HOIK PERFUMES — Exceptionally good numbers, beautiful parkacs In .sets or single pieces, $1.00 to jl.'.ou. : these big lines now. Cash Driiif Co. A and Main PERFUME BOTTLES—Economy oi your perfume by using a pniTum hottlu or petfumiz'-r. A. ft A. Drug Co. CH RISTMA S GI FT SI GG ESTIONS QIFTS FOR HIM Q StiSr^s i nTTr s^c bMrumT ~6^iy - ^vooi sii.rt*, *.J .7i). Arn-.y St.-.r"s Compun;-. BATH Kft 11 1~; S~"a:'.d'~ h uiTse coats ^t 1. 1'J. Hipplc 'a. in a v.inety or l '.".'»U tifnl colors and j •'a.-,<uiuhie prices. :'i L.L1- 11 Li -S- I'li.y innii'^ in blaci-: iM 'own and grey, ail su-de fin inn, S3.50 to $7.ii0. The finest shown. ts!i Drug Co. A and Main CIGARS— As-sorted Hileji packed ie. sp<-cia) Clirlstmas packages. R-W ' 'ignr_Stan<l. li-W L-.diby. 102 N. Main rdu : :ss ~Tl-oVlTS"A line of in«:" G? ade K loves, to J2 41., A: m Stf .ri'H CO. nriHI Tup leather boow. t- Sl",75. Army Stores Compa. > INITLVL l;c;fs~aL lieu. E. H,' ~TT any lett-r d-rsiv-^l or civic >> ' einub'infl !n gift b -i .\r,s lXATHlTTr"Ti";i"ven"::g cafes. A K n0(1 selection at Zlnn Jewelry and Optical Co. MEN 1 S A ND WOMEN"S IU.'SE 1 loleproof, silk or silk and wool, beautiful colors. Geo. K. [lipoid's. M EN'S l.» 11 E S.4 G U )V*F.S— Peri In 'a finest maku clresa gloves nnd autn drive I-H. S2.f,Q 11 p at G" t( . E. Htpj»l.»i. iiiirp, gold or ^u\™'. MLS—E & A._D 7.01 is—visit P AZORS —V is) t our store nnd " our complete, lino of Safety Razors. A and Main to 3(i.50. All brand*. CiRh Drug Co. STATION I a mo. K . Wee .Mvr : "a nd y, ::ng Toilttt artlci- ftaflurt ment at SHIRTS—Fine*! Manhattan and A"r : row brand quality in plain and fan- SAFET~Y KA/.i'uts aiiiiThaving uiuip- m<*nt, a nnn ',1 Hift. Weeyn -.T Drug f II Eh—A well selected nanorrment of imported and domestic Miks, knit nnd silk and wool. Gen. E. IhrM'tep. TRAVELING R,\ lea'ii.-r. Geo. !•. '.JS tor nidi, gvnutii,; Hipph.-'rt. QIFTS FOR HOME ti PLEATING gift than to ha\* pleated. Lewis i.'b-n pi; RE"S I Del Tos E T 'I ways an acceptfild Store. •\Vo know of no bvtl ave UJ of no I material re- c to J2.M0; Hi- gift. P.opion SLIPPERS—The niofl gifts, soft felt, p:i . ; !»'Ti trimmed, S.'r. C- Useful of all t / :les, rir>- ' :;iinpli ,, !l. STATU.'N ill:Y—Pur* IhT'n colors. Evf-rybody van u cry. A. ^ A. Drug r , TOIEf-.T S! ITS- .l7>7»7e~ v l make evil y woman h, I >nig py- We havo several „— , %u p 'w1mt n we w have- H h * eliid 10 8how C ®<B »TI !aoaBs ©iffi linnapir. Co. 3 ° U —^ 1 " n *t fr* | A Home for you on Easy Payments. COTHNBIT IBsfclK tar. C®. ~~ 304 "lU N»U. bldg. Phone ^27S 64 HOUSES FOR SALE FOR SALE at iiargaln- and 301 D East. Write G.n.^eO. Kan. FOU SALE—6 room, motieru except furnace: $250 down, balance Sun per month. Phone 25'j7. 2H. West Rth. .1. C. Heherllc. PACTOEA Apartment, !• irt-t and Poplar. Uni'urnisdieD 5-room etficiency. Call 1C7G or 2a:t0. 55 APARTMENTS FURNISHED 55 APARTMENT closo in, furnished or unfurnished. Phone 20flt;w or MSI MODERN furnished apartment. TWt > room apartment down stairs. XsVl Fir .St. e;i.«t. s T 7 i i r' i • I~Y "T I iTd". MTI THTJ ?! t« m. t 'l h i u v\ !• I: K.MSHI:D apartmeul, modern, hot water heat; 3 rooms built-in features Call Itth). ' ONLY }2Si) DOWN will ifiy nice 5-room modern corner clo.«e In with room for- another hou. j \ Prlco 52.5UO. —ask MeNughten! I'hone <iri5 or 424SVV_ev.>nJjU[ff : _ LOW" rate loans on" iiiumo.^ property. McNaghlen! 1st Nat'i HI Ig. 5 ROOM cottage, with bath, douOK garage. Near school and trolley. Northwest part, $o-0L» Terina. Drown I3roH -» ReaRorfi. ]2 ',i N. Miiii). 52,50!l" 4 Rooms, bath, basement, garage, northwest part, $500 euah. East front lot North Poplar, t)0xsa»^ feel with double garage, ?7&0. Will take Ford coupe as part. A, A. MILLER, REALTOR 10 Sherman E. Phone UtS'JU ^22 East Carpenter, 5 rooms, 2 Ped- rootnf. nice lawn, good Hhado; (ran he bought very reasonably on easy term". —ask McNaghten! Call cr>5 or 3'J'J'JW evenings. _____ 1 nt Nat'i R'.dg. W MIST l "URS A (ti-: — 1 ":e vrl very n e w. a 1 * o T,-i r r> • t e. Burke Hat and Hosiery CAXPI.I-: S'ilClCS —All Eixfln in latefii impovt-d d-sicna. St.CCi to $7.00. Ja'd- an -y numberit, C;ish Drug < 'o^ A rtnd__AIa^n TiTVE SO~M"ET 11 IN Ci Y 'lFFKRE NT •• Nothing cm id Oe. morn v .'eic <inn th:in a Kiibj .-'ripllon to The H'.iT''So;; x»n lb'_!,i!H Ro p • Store. _ ^ 7l'lG !f~SC "ll' e SlUl t ""•tie t the different I 'mh 1'iutr Ct T NOLVS uANKETS. $ J winter. Bo . MEM -.MtY Id n,)K.->' lay. Corno In ami ^- - ."tyi^p and nomh.-r- A nnd MIM iu;i: NE RS—i'!«Ti'no to™- H-• 1 'et finio !Ul.i ben Oil 111 !jiT*. ^hJtruu_Co. ^ A ami Mam .'fiiTiiwiiiLF. c7nusT\TAs"^rTFT A yo .'ir'fi KUb.-*criptbin to Tho Hofcti- GIFTS FOP. CHtLpREN .•••b.MH. lorKetrt for •I^w.-lry nnd Oplieal TRACTS FOR SAL' Sea Thus Trsicil A very desirable, well improved 16 acres north of Hutohlnson-NlckorPon paving. Phono 373W evening, or write Box r .:i2. 15-Year city loans — MiWuinieii*" FOR SALE—lly ecliool teacher, F.12I1 Ford roaiister; §50 cash; terms.. t!22 East 7th. Phone 1175. NOW wrecking K-ii Uutck; 37 Olds- mobilo:. Fords und others. - "A. K. Johnson, 15 South Washington. FOUR rooms and bath. Phone •12 , )>J. TWO or three rooms cheap, modern, furnace heat, garage. Phone 8t7&w. TWO room and thr..-c room furnisned apartment, 515 First, east. Call 1M daytime, 3252W eventny^. So. 1—Five rooms completely modern, l.irge concrete basement, large Garbind furnace. Hoi and cold water in h;i.^iniont, also coal bin. Located in north went part of city, one-half block of car line and in two blocks of school. A big bargain at $2200.00, down. No. 2t-12S East 0. five rooms partly modern and a real home, house is boxed, papered and sdded and In tin" eoli-ti' ion. Lot yiie ihixltif) feel. All varieties of fruit are grown on thU place, The entire lot Is enclosed with a good woven who fence, good shade, and hluegrass lawn around house. Price jrjOO.GO. Owner will tak« good cheap Ford as part of first pavment. KJNG BliOTHERS T Realtor. 507 First Nat'i Bank Bide. T'hone 5u9 — Evenings 1927W. I 66 FARMS FOR SALE bb FOR SALE —Improved 160 adjoining school, 7 miles town, worth $s,ut'U. fiuick sale $ii,G0O. terms Ji.OuO. Johr Bruier, Runlet t, K ;i nsas. IMI'la.'VEO farm, close to Hutehln- ;ron; money making investment. Phone 2135. CIP'ICH SO acres close lo mm Ret; priey right; exit^ nico onicken, f.-usy term:*. 5-room semi-modern house, tdostj in, cheap. We make farm loan.s in central Kansas. Anderson Investment Co., 27Vj. South Main, phone 5-'!S, Twenty-two acr-.s wei! improved, lu hi alfalfa, cut C times Gils year. Eight block-.* west of courthouse. $t )S00. X. H. Oldham. TTirttciisaBjl® Silft -sa As Hulchliison giows und new in* dustrb a anive there will be an au<ud demand for well located truckage site. Wu hnvo at this time at- vera I such sites that will no doubt grow lu value In the next few years or may ho needed by someone who reads this ad at this lime. 132 feet on the Santa Fe 3Vi blocks off Main. 132 feet on Mo. Pacific, ona block off Main. 7 1 1 acres on both Santa Fo and Mo. Pacific. Trackage facilities could probably be secured from one of tbes^ roads. This could be ascertained before purchase, For anything In residence, business, Industrial, suburban or farm piLp -Tty cansult- LAM RO UN -MAY FI ELD CO., RE A LTOUS. Phone 17S5 3 North Main TI:RMS TFJKMS A CHICKEN RAIS! )". PAKADIHK Tids propcily Is well located for tne family who wishe .H to rals^ chleKent T";vx'oURhly fenced Into chicken runs and i ivlng rbickrn houses with amp!" .si>aco for buiulreds of thf 1 featnereu money geit .MM. The hous-i is not pr**- ntlriu .H. but is comfortubU- and convenient. CAREY RE \L INSTATE A INS. COMl 'AN Y. Insui or - -Lloyd I u ov. n- -Realtor Salesmen Sanders Schoonover Boot, uuan. W 'NTED TO BUS 70 A 12*GCAGE WinobesTeT'rJumli"''' R\Tn, hamineib '.i .i preferred; must he i'!|t'ap for '"ash. ^hon« 3426. WANTJ-iD !.. iiuv- R~T"ii"TnITu rout" for cash. Mii-ht eimsider truck, l-'.'l acres otu: mii-' m.r'h of 11 u tcV.:n JOII Nlckersoii rmvinir. Phone 373W evening. Write B r 'X f,32 $5'D) SOTS A TOOSE 4 room lion«e, on Av«. B East In th« 200 lilofk. Prlca and terms Riven Lo sell. $50 in cash and $1000 In monthly payments of $15.00 a month, tlilH Includes Iho intoru»t on '••!.•!; 'inymnntu. H'. IU.HO n.-wli paperod and painted. If you are paying ?10 to {20 a month ri-nt, here is a chance to have Hoinettiing biu a rec 'lpt to « v ;n;- your money. 1 'ay $50 cash and let your rent money apply on the hoiije and It won't he long until you own your home. Lot us ahow you. Ed ML MOOlIg—K©.aGii@rr' and liisnror, 12 Bast Sh»rman Street. Over So yearn In Hutchinson. **hoe* 31^3—After 6 D rn |/RANK M «f f Real Estate. SITUATION WANTED, FEMALE • i-IOLR work wanted. Phono 30S2R. ij|j [OUR work. 3t)c. Phune 268GM. ,i'.;AC'l'iCAL nUi aillg or tiousckueii ; }i lug wanted by competent middle* j,g t -d 'ally. 915 A. '.iAi-'i 'iCAL NURSK r-gialoty. Phone Po.iii. wan i. auKill ciii.dun » anii us hon.sekeepcr. Mrs ,cl; son, Kan. iipOR SALl->- Real eatute 8«A contract if al discount -ask MeNaghtenl )—, ar-e to work for boanl •m by collego. girl. Phone SGC LLANEUUS FOR in SAtr . .. . -SAl.L—Boya' "Star Brand" hiioea. Scout shots ,?-.ifi, $-'.ltb; t . .SH HIIOO --*, black and brown, $\1MS, ^!t.25. J3.5U, part payment down, i>ai* nco fiOc a week. Comer Commerce 'o 17-Ri North Walnut. FUEL & FEED FOR SALL-- -Sudan ana cano nn> I-'arminjitori Nurseries, phone II K« FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—A Partner in Crime. By Blosser 3d GOJD THINGS TO EAT 3b CHILL!, Hot Tomaloa. Hamoergere The beat In Hutchinson. Try them C. and K Lunch, 20-A LSaat 1st : one 312. FOlt Al J K— Stay ni e u Wlnesap apples Phone J. W. Ploughe. GOOD homemade bread; pumpkin anu mince pies; a:so calces. Phone 1144J. OOOO bom,. baUmg I 'h ;)4<IJ IIOMK-MADt: Luad. cookies, divinity, mlnce-meat. Phone -507* w. Mra. Sherman Ploughe. 38 LIVE STOCK. SUPPLIES 38 AN extra good registered Hols tern bull for sale. Phone 3120, J. J. Klemel. Sylvia, Kan COWS for tsalu; some fresh, otnurs fresh Bonn. 2 Avr^hiro bull calves. FpinkHn. Rt. :». ^TjR SALU—Cash regiator. (iractlcally now. Phone 2300, J &ctuoa 't Con- . ^-i. .~. :>H:d Pubiud male hOgH sows w lib ^ pis.-:. R. M. Rehm, nutehin |-oii, Ri. 1. Foil SA i'7f A~V"I uTng" cTdr."''llTfTmiv 412 Faat Harvey. -r uiuv TA - 1! TA^ALOAi6ArB ALL ) VHEU., KC • MOT auiTS R&'O SE Sick. AW SO ( I M=tP=0 MIM A y UITTLE.'.' I'Ult MA Li .— 6 r'.-gi.-uurt'd Ji.rar> cows '4 heifers and 1 bull. Claud. Heaton, Putrid**, Xu, >. . t

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