The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 7, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 7, 1934
Page 4
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VOUR tHF FARB NEWS, AUGUST T, 1 WOK3O PARIS. TKJLAS 1ft. KORTH TEXAS PPBUSHJSG OOMFAXY New York Day by Day BY O. O. MclNTYRE Life** Darkest Moment Class Mai) Pari*. Texaa. under Act of ttMCfc. I*'*Daily Except Saturday and Sunday SUBSCRIPTION RATI« 3acday*> On* Tear * s - fi ° Mail Six By Carrier MaiL One Month h* Post- VIEW YORK, Aug. 7.— Ix>w*r Broadway, be- j Con«T€«s|li| } ow 14th street, looks especially dowa-at- i i heel when nigrhi comes on. But a few places * are open, notably the garishly lit clothing: stor- | es and*~a forlorn all night lunch i here and there. Mendicants'; ; stand in the fugitive shadows, j j'Cats prowl, 1 In some blocks, vacant rooms • are in the majority, growing j shoddier in their emptiness. HThe one bright beacon in the fgloom is the old Broad-way- Central, with spacious Gay '90 lobby. Its clientele suggests Omaha cr those venerable inns fringing stock-yards of Chicago. ^fide Stetsons. String! ties- j Broadway at night ends in j «r» O. O. Mclntrre f The Fair Is deeded corly rum a corner and look back expectantly. 1 Grace clmreh, brooding in the moonlight, ! 1 filters a touch of solemnity. It only needs i I sadly fluting fro^s in the neighborhood to com- | i plete a picture of rural loneliness. Now and j post I mere- teatioa to another matter of reai tne •sque Lillian Russell de- . ly resist bannister sliding j Llovd Georare is a ban- resources of Lamar county that wiH challenge j msier slicer. the interest and commendation of ail who at- j Bruno messing has become America's most] widely Traveled columnist, -Just now he is 1 peoule will "be surprised by tne cinerenee .• on a swing through the Orient on way back to j "between what the exhibits show and what I Italy which has become a temporary base. I some people now are inclined to think we lack. \ Bruno Lessing is the literary pseudonym of { Th* rair- ha* been held -ererv year since ^ ts ; Kudolph Block, whose epic magazine stones ars ago whether times of the Ghetto are established classics of the i Courts nowadays do not appear to have th» -weight and respect they once carried. "Whether it is the fault of the judges or- of the juriea or of both, or of the people generally, the fact remains that decis- ons and pr*cedure are wonderful- inception rwentytwo ye was held and interested-large numDers 011 ile- It ^-ill do the same this year. Follow- j *re good or bad- Tbere have oeen years j a aeru should 'held I ago fair. peop in that transfer her baseball club 10 another neither "was done and. both ^ere success! carried on. Jjarnar county and all this section needs the fair. It -prill serve to make ns realize that ; quarter. For vears he ^ras also i<3« I heard the other cay that Mark i Train, for ag the great f~:re of 1916 there tras suggestion. | a few days in latter years, gave serious con- hat the fair be abandoned and that Pans j sideration to an excursion into daily eolnnm- ing. He was to turn out 450 words a dav on ciy. - j i any subject. His sDJked bis aims, 'she CHAPTER 25 IVECTUBJE Bob SSL-S- Marsha move toward j -•£->" the coor to slip a^way, despite the « rare "Every other 3Tridav_ you say?"* f he questioned- He laughed delight- j He wondered why sh« had stay- with Miss Moore to whom was iivlug one of These was not suited: with whom she had ne lig-ht moments TC!J pleaded^ that for one of his years t was too»«= ^i^eh of a srrind. Another time IVain turned ressia^. ot victoria* j j :«!2.r?ha arn2 Geoffrey bad bamed deep Into bis heart with the acid T. ?50.0GO a -ear for a neTTSDaDe lack a an cieal of being in the distress which ] sri:e; nmersi of the fair would connote, i fair directors are ready to go forward \ I snow but one columnist of worth who with their work. They should, fcave the lull J qun at n:s pea=:—quit because of the exact- ! e ::ons to Mng-er. "i=r.^ knows I wanz all the ino- _ ^ents alon- with vou that I car. ^a= is known oniy &y tnose wno have." said Bob after Marsha had j =ove overpowerinsiy. disappeared. He stood. looking at i "Kiss her." he muttered, "and -he spot where he had seen the last, f^esd her flowres every ath-sf Fri- flutzer of her skirt, as h.e costiifa- j Say — " shake a torce 0 oDinic-n and the f&l measure \ rnents of public cooperation oeninc tne must not be abandoned even for ore year. This was the late 1 The fair ; Charles B. Barnes, who flourished in the mid- \ die-west 20 years aso. At the same mates. Sensible Voters quit nction just as tne clamoring tor his stuf vVritins: nme, ne magazines were oecame snd- *TT5AT the voters in the Democratic primary A election refused to make sratewide prohibition an issue is a eheerfnlj&ign tsat tne peo- 5= of a candi- ite to be governor 01 lesas is not to be lased bv his attitude on this asre-olc probler _ ;i»-i.x>j. j~=. i>_'i iijvs j^ui-j.. »TiiL-±i— L'scc-^j-ic; siiti— i --i^-s- " v---.~ j - j «n5r , = irh«».. So rnueh so he^ve his irpe- | "^ fiT^SEST* «r . L?" writer away arc in iis lest years reiused ev e n }- ew wo -cs to VOT:, Robert, for j vritii -. "Ton could raake It another day. 1 of course, Robert, If yon tfcius^ "I feel That we lack. Robert, j another day ^s-ould be better tfean •when she is not here. I iiave rso j Friday." s^nse. -K-ith your -w^fe near, of is- j "Tes," he ros«, patted ] trusion." * i her shoulcsr and btrrrled up the" Mrs. Powers paused: Bob sa^v ; stairs. Marsha opened her door to him: •was •wearing' the sold segrl i re^ wores 10 yvu, ^.vue. w -.---. >.>.,.,n cfc« soft yellow fur at the isoine days." j neck and broad raffs. He ««^~ j hav« to B O I "Tes. Mother?" ' she -srotild get rid of it. It broacht j * "I canr.ot fee! that you Quite ap- i to close to him a moment he | isot been happy. Ke bad s Marsha, to be without income own. ilarsha spoke as it she had bear his thoiig-hts- = 'I lived with Aunt Gertrude. sh.9 said, "becaiise—I sruppose it sounds silly arsd it's not easy to explain—I thotrsfet if I le't people naigiit tlilnk sbe had lacked in. BACKWARD GLANCES BY A. W. JZTOIE or more Perhmpa it was became in those day« the courts were little affected by politics and did not Jhave to give time to being: elected, at least the case of the higher court*, and the Juries evidently had srreat- er regard for their oaths and for the ri^ht* *nd safety of law-abid- citizens as against the alleged rights of known criminals. Such a court was that of Judgre 1. C- Parfc- er at Fort Smith, Looking over some old issues of Fort Smith papers we find this: execution April 21, 1S76. counts up IS human beings who suffered by sentence of "United States court for murder since 1ST3, two years and eight months. The certainty of punishment is the only sure preventive of crime and the administration of the laws by Judge I. C. Parker of the United States court of the western district of Arkansas has made him a terror to all evil doers of the Indian Terrirory and of Arkansas. j "The determination shown by i the judjje that the laws shall be faithfully and fearlessly administered and the firmness of purpose he has displayed hits won for him I justice would b* dealt by Judge Parker. "Qne man. old an<j trey, followed the murderer of his son for month*, continuing: the trail through the Rocky mountains. When at last he captured th« prisoner he fastened him. with. rlv»ts brought him'back to Fort Smith, where he listened to the trial and later saw the criminal hanged -under sentence of Judge Parker." At the time this story was printed, nearly sixty years ago, th* dis- H. H. Clayton, who was later *, ^udge in Indian Territory wh«n courts were established there preceding statehood. General Jam«s Fagsen was United States marshal and Stephen Wheeler the clerk of the court- Judge Parker was recommended for appointment as a circuit Judge in 1SSO and his friends la Fort Smith were outraged to learn, that his opponents had been circulating In Washington a report that the judge had been a. member of Quantrell's guerillas during the HITLER DELIVERS FUNERAL ORATION Funeral Oration For I>e*d President Heard By World the respect of the members of the \ BERL.IN. (rP)—Chancellor Adolf, bar and of our citizens as weJI as j Hitler Monday delivered the la.w-a.bidin=r men of all races In ' Indian Territory and will soon remove from Western Arkansas the ium under which he fouad St. eulogy his predecessor. Field Marshal Pa"u! von Hindenburg, before a. packed audience of government Of"If the people want justice they j ficia i S- legislators, and citizens in prefer that the courts should make ;.,-,, . „„ it, said Judge Parker while he was the ^ r °" Opera house - ?***.*• on The bench for 21 years. There j departed by airplane for Tannen- were only thre^ cases "of mob vio- } ber S where, Tuesday he will preach lence in his jurisdiction during that j lhe funeral oration at the tomb of time. Prisoners taken by the denu- \ Germany's war hero president, ty marshals of his courts were oft- j The ceremonies Monday wer« en brought hundreds of rr.iles to j heard in the heart of Germany's his courr without beSn:: molested ) capital befitted the rites for at so confident were the people that ] statesman. Tuesday's serx-ices w:ili j be ta the great monument which I marks the Tanneaburg battlefield ! where, in 1914. von Headenburg | the general turned back the Jnvad- jing Hussians. 'killing 50,000 of The Day's Dial All Hours Central Standard Time 6 -00 C3S lAveede Lace; XBC Kenry and Old Orch. It is there that the old warrior b * eatombed Tuesdaj* «Jid it to there that Hi * Jer CBS XBC Musical Memories. | 7:30 CBS Richard Himber's Or.: { XBC Gusher, drama, i peace, freedom and honor of Gcr- S:00 CBS Fray and BragrgriottL pianists; XEC Beauty Box Theatre. S:15 CBS The Troopers. S:30 CBS Melodic Strinsre. 3:00 CBS Party Issues: NBC Committee Purging Wall Street s«aate Frank Buck, adventures. •sray. And she did do her best and I didn't -want them to tfcjnk she hadn't, yon see," "There are moments -when you T3ia.ks me feel sma.IL" he admitted: h« added quickly, almost briskly. "Toti'Il have to take money froni me; I o«"« you everything: you're doing 1 so much here"Xo." she combated. "I don't ! WASHINGTON. VPS — A _ ) committee suggested a 9:15 CBS* Ishain Jones* Orch; ! cleaning Monday to purse W*ll XBC Gene and Glenn. j street investment bar.kins of E:30 CBS litham Jones* ~''Orch: XBC X-eo Reisrr.on's Orch. S:45 CBS Joe Reichman's Orch. 10:00 CBS Karry Sosnick's Orch; XBC Enric Madrli=ruera's Orch. 15:30 CBS Frank I>3!icy's Or.: XBC Bobby Mseker's Orch. 11:00 CBS Karry £?osn!ck*s Or.: XBC Clyde I.aca,V Orch. , Toi2 it ba _ rd for ra ., T Mar _ CBS STATIONS &£',<x:7c?»-' ................ l..»t(i XBC STATIONS I "afeockiiig" | tnethods In selllrss the pcbii'c f lions of securities, many of w i iiave become stliaost | since isrs. the committee declar- . I ed: j "Many of the abuse* tn invest| banking- have resulted 'roaa i the ir.c-ornpetence. ncstHgrence. lr- f reaporsslbility or ct:p>t!ity of Indi- j vSd'usls tn the profession. I only by ellniinaUon of snick per- 1 sor.s from the field. I Other abuses 4-re Inherent tn tb;% ; American sy»t*Tn and are. tiwrre- ! fc«re. susceptible cf rern*dial l^s- in^ey -%ere tSIiCiSg- at the Cafe Jbaiayette ; r-reciate ilarsha. Robert; hers is ai-arotJie forget. tre Ot.ner e"en:n'£- abont locales IOT fiction Xe?r i rarelv selfless, s-^eet. Zovi-g- char- j "If I may hav= York, Londo- and Paris ar e stand-bv=." Xe^ ! a=-er> !-^sth you?" he-said. pie are realizing that the fitness^ o date to be governor of Texas is sruased bv bis attitude on this asre-oi' Tfie^e a^ vast!- -ore I-r>ortam things for a; ~^^ ^-' r ^- r^i^c^a ie aa tee second a> | .„ i a v. are ^ governor of Tekas to consider than that of iT 251 ;^^ 0 aur: -? t:ie ?a^ -f^ years Hollywood [ «!> otft p i uc ic at that nail. , .,- i; ^ r iJsconjr'S a S6ncus coiitcncicr- iu<ic$(i. tilers J you*n make ft sore." fete fo-r a ' Orleans and San i-rascisco lead the second di- j. "Oh. I kaovr that. I Icno-s- that." ; "Certainly: come !n/ y I Ke stepped from his room to dear. 1 hers. "'Will yon sit do-era?" she I a£ked. his hands; j ""Well, perhaps. I -^arst to tal<c ih'ngs—" prohibition. ^ ^_ _ U ave b&en three d ; st ; s<vt ^-^^ ^^^^^ ^V | "Sorry." He clasped The ieg-alizjn^ of tne Sale Ol n^UOr IS a ; rr ,- ^ , 7 — n^^'- *T~ M ~jT ! raised his face- over with you a fe-=r matters." he DroPer -nani- fo- iV* Consideration of the i 7^^ -1""'* -" f. T - 4 f—^Ot^d.. Qaa^ eaoagft «i- von-had added Tour ^-ord to answered. "There are several proper ma.^. ^. L_^ -j— * -_ . uEe c ^ Itn r;ire i v sto intneri€ color and i -^- ^«fta.*'o= -»-ar sh- wocid Tioiers of any state, at tne proper tirce. ana f „__ -.-__ :_.,-- , - • , , ! rn - -n—a.-on^ _^a-. that time is certainly not -vrhen a eovemor is • l>eiiig norcinated. For the sroremor has as little j to do "scith the enactment or repealing" of pro- : ; Mbiflon l&v: as ar.y other citizen, barring ^"nat , influence be mig-ht have Tx-ith members of the j legislature. And in Tesas, for son:* time at j •least., that influence cas appeared to be neg- | i "Toa make :t hard for me when words i y OU ^^^ t{? reward rjie -with money t — a service I long to give; or '; er-—-schen you ask to" pay me for a. privilege you allow me, I can't take auythlnsf from yoTi, Bob." { '"We'll have to talk of this I again.** he said, as he rose. "Really niwst •«•«?" she asked. socking up at iilrn. "Tes." fee srniJed do^wn on fccr as he said his inflexible. "1 TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS Solution of Saturday'* Puzzle 7. Assent IS. Envoy "n«r or V SyniboS for tantalus 5. Sr;-*U cas* again il, c-een tne occasional natirrt of aimost ever^ Htterateur of parts. Edith "Wharton liked it best of Xe-w York restaurants. EdTrfc Arling-- ron K.vD'nsoT! stii: g'oes there on increasirc" 1 ^" frequert nights he dines our. David GrsbarrJ Pt;iuDS ffsve o"ie* dinners fher** Ev^>^ s^jf-^t I --^ _ . . vj .J _ A_ J Fitzgerald and Sinclair I "Be tender -critli her. "Robert o"e* inners tere. rr.odems as F. Scott - Le^ris a topped taes n te The governor of 'i esas for tne coming tens i "sril! have bis hands full ^th problems that I .affect the po-cketbooks and the progress of the ) state- The iegi= T a:ure at its regular session ) may properly discos? rhe advisability of sub- \ laittmg to the people the repea' of the prom- ! com:noes and cubito. And Jjiiory ameridment. b"ut the jrovemor ^rill have . are tne ^-;dest flanged in t veto such scr;on shou.G it De tsnen i — Eor to forward it sr^"'d the leeislat-re de-1 B1U He had a flash of her. iis G«ff- rey TarSetort'B arms. He rose -•> ^car-der to ar.d fro and' hoped—f«T- vent'y—that it wouldn't l£!rt rr."r:ch longer. This particular lecture Vs.,s nor easy to endure-! "Sl:e loves you so!" 'e r.orc ard then patrons. The marble j "God"' T>>° <~-M hard pi^ of vi_ :„ *-„. - O f fee roo:n gjjjj f eature j beart Classes ask m« to." (To Se Continued) Ton can't make tne. r." i thine she -wore or torched. "| Don't you understand anything— Ke must have bored her fright- Q * , his? - CKE ,-^ You aren't fair to ' fully, he realized, despite the fact -hat he had exercised an amazing: restraint. She remembered his kneeling 1 at her fe«t; kissing a. -mall, gold shoe before he sllpp»<! Wales Saves lomtt .-. on for her and how she had felt: h^r Inner plea that ran. "Don't! Don't' Let rn* 5cn»el to you ar.<J tell fins'. i vou how cheap I've been and hear ""Of course/' Bob rsana-sred to | ;.-o^i say *I Io^^ you! It doesn't .y quite »tea<5jly. "of course t 1 ^satter! I iove yoa anyway!" t-j-^ that." 1 But that drcarn -w»s past. He "You accept the fact too «tsca;- t knew how cheap «he had beer, arid i- % -_-- dear. Every rr-stn is not lo*-"- ' h* didn't LGV<* her: arid he couldn't 15. Germ 16. Mexican rnbb«r trees IS. PfcHjppia* Mohars- 13, 3.H15 20. Stftftr 21. Ch*ract«r But Won't Play Hero! , c Sftort shelter ~"~^~^~~""" I BIARRJTK, France. (j5*5.—The j ^^ ^ Priac* of XVale* refused Jforsday ? 37. FaTf^ro to play * hero's role for aiding tn j the resctse of a Jad from Sunday. The small boy , T — ^—„— -^ —- abj«: 2$. BuJldir.cs for wave which lifted him from 3Z. Klr.a sepa; the .•t!.ave better g-ov-r-rrrr^-r. i and saner tiou of the other problems that cry tion 8i the hard* of Tb« governing powers. : The News has nev^r favored tne legalizing ! or so!n- ! of or and does nor now favor it, bat The rents s Tesas governor chosen "without to thai ouesTJon. In tKe News 13 Years Ago round the room. Robert," files •/ The Parti Mont, ing News thirteen yearn ago •". acain he s»*- | you. st<x>I- He umr- ] T.- ; ona dear. But sr*', R ou It's simple. Reduce the lawmaker's salary 20 per ceci vrh-rs he increases taxes I per eettt; raise bis salary 10 PT e*r.:t for every 1 per cent reduction.—San Francesco Chronicle. SUNDAY, AUGUST 7, 1921 C. X. Jetton and Miss Isabel Smith, living soutlj of Paris, were carried by Rev. Leslie Firs ell in h:s studv at Christian church. Ke slsrh-sd tied to the mured. "AH :t. I mast ch "She i« *o "Oh—of "I don't raean to take exeepv.on. nor to na^, Robert, bat there i« no 'cf course' ab-out it. She te rare, tia would sot have b*en "No,"* he admitted. He hop«4 is? Marsha, out- Ixj I arn not sufficiently affec- "You ar« jjood about al! this. "No. I'm not," she deuIe-2 flatly. "EK>n't o*{er me «!"v«n one laurel; I <5on"£ <S«««rve U; I'm floinsr what I lo^e to do. Mother—your mother —thinka -w«*r« rather ch!31?" **Tha.t I ain." "I s*e—"So yoti *e« occa«loaally, I The first rude awakening coaaes with the ! Asnour.cernent -sras raade that 62n<i di politics is mostly i triet court wouM not be in session .Monday, f voic*; conssciouB, "that tliat w>rt of ] h« *xJd*<L T«t a^aln h* he»ftat«d. i:nr ha« rather ^i$co^"€rv i-iiiii grrftt.,!ti3ue us r , ._ _ ,. , —Dsilv Okiahornari. j Judge Dohaney saving ordered a recess for "Weil. »n ri*ht I win b*re*.n- ' "__ __^ ; t-wo weeks because of few cas^s and extremely ?* r -" h * Jwurt«n«<; to promte*. •""""" ' j , i "I would! Sfrs. Power* Ramor flifs That Hitler is going to be , not weaker. J-Toa come tn and kl« m«, Gtvinjr up his dictatorship, eh?—! ~~ ; «*v*r kiws Mansha, I can *< but it Gr««»Tin« Banner. A «!*«r gmuit of Me, I Joe Abbott, a yonug farmer at SI inter, rid- j^ound* h< ! injr to a baptizing in the afternoon, suffered a | ^ n ^ S<! « is tfce tramp eard in broken «rno when his horse ran too close to a 1 tree at the side of the <J«*r father e nt »* Cow*r« every other FrJ- "Yoa must n««<2 mon«y." **Ko. I flon't Bob, tha.nk yoo «o moch—** "But • -"'* "I hav« «, sufficient lncotn« of my o^n; it"* not &. «re*t d«*l, but it's <fcu;** «nou«h—I meant to «j*eak to yo» *t»?«t it, but w« n«v«r t*!k- ed of mon«r «*v« at th*t moment when you toJe. n* I could cb«ck on yottr aoeottnt.** the b*ach into a st*-irrsrning Th<s prJnce was one of those plunged to th« aid of th« choking; I as. ii. Auction >n CC-.TXI Tor choic* 42. Go<S o' 8ftT» 44. Toward ?J:a ocean *S. Chin«»c p*ffo<Uia 45. Kind of perfuTr* £9. And: Latin 41. animal ss, w*rK-» &S. Daubs DOWN 1- One wfao runs Powerful 3<>. Rubber 37- Top*r* W. Mor« pro- 2, M»n;*>«r of th« 43. SuUkB 4S. Pok*r t«rEn 47 Or**'* l«tJ«r Sbori for a lad and palled him to *af«ty. Princ« Edward pointed oat that -, Jxs vfstx OTiTy one of surroundlnjc t?i* poo! tci th« Many Simons crowded about conjcra,*Ti1at« him. y after U»e Incident, r»turn^d to hi* villa, arrived several d*.y» ajsro for 57. Not* or th« to th* H* a Today*. Amusements KISS AND MAKEUP r»nt <3cn«vl«rv<i» Tobln AT THE PLAZA MURDER IN TRINIDAD H«MtlHtr Andrei. M*«l Brocc AT THE LAMAR MIDSHIPMAN JACK Brw* C»bOt Betty AT THE GRAND /5 32 33 54 44 /o

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