The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 24, 1918 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

V T! V t- VAcm wont. • -• rii n 11 m- —m— ^^fitm^iummimmmmit i Adl* WANTIO-MAL* HtL*>. VV~\NT|.;p--Meii Tor the Oovcrnro*nt hod carriers ami o «t U. ~ -25 '.cr.i, ele.-lHr Inn", plumbers, mlllwrlRlits. ...... • „ InlmrtTB. See representative at u. n l-lrriplnynient office. * WVNTr .n -A sausacc maker; one «*o ululrrstiusUi the making uf bolo,rnn l ,Ml Vienna*. Steady .-itil'ioyttir-iit Mml- irn c. uipmeiil and a Buod <W"""".'.'i. Adilrimi ••11" ' Uox No. city. Kansas, Arkansas lS-Ct to pick up WhlVsiile IVANTKD—Men or women anpl.!' Frank Ix'hr ,t .. ,.„,..„ tarn ".re mllo west or town; also «'•> to for slock, ono that can » lll,t - 21 If. rare ic ivTn._ At the post office ."no man ladv must be a typewriter and at"-"'' griiphor. llKlltlrv »f_Pusl Mn*^;_ W\NTKD-l'o"k ntid liflp 'T for Student rucks and mean hull. _ FOR SALt—MI»CtLLAlMtOUt. Wilt HAM:—One ladles' wrltinp; desk; on»> electric piano lamp; one electric hhrary lamp; on». Icctne tan; one rocking rhuli ; one pedestal: cal-pet SiVeeper; Victor Vlrtrulo. l'hone 2993 or 123 A cast. 2<-3t Hutchinson Typewriter Uo. ROYAL TYPKWIUTBKS , Bargains In Rebuilt Machines. 807 Korabaugh-WUey Uldg. l'hone 1080. KOU HALK—OOIKI work horse; Found ami Kenlle; small marc in foal; two red Bows and 11 weaning plga; priced to sell. 4 blocks weat of Wolts grocery, youth Hutchinson. 23-21 SKCOND-IIANf) tlrca and tubes, all slsea. We buy old casings. Kor guaranteed repair work see us. Mid-Slate Motor Tiro Co.. opposite Missouri Pacific depot. s-lf I'Oll SALE—2 horses; 2 spring wagons; 1 buggy; ti stands of bees; also for rent, house and 12 acres land. \\ in. J. W'lldln. 2700 North Adams SI. 21-37 BT11A.M HOI LEU. We have a low pressure boiler for steam healing plant, will be told at a very low rlgure. See It at News Oltice. I KOlt SALK—Office desk; iir wi.--r\llTII~ (lood all around man at and cubnut; cupboard; otic IJ,,U , ,, ij day. 1'. f. Btnhl, stuvr; two Heaters; fourli-liu h kitchen table, kitchen hens. 1J7 13 -24 AUtOMOtlLlt. OoOfI mnnlnff order, rppaintr*), «o"d tlrw*. A bargain. Bulck, mcxlcl 10, bucket R<MU«: over- hjiuled, Iws mngheto, al In good »l»tr>o. Severn tMG Maxwells overhauled and In excellent s .uipe. AVe are offering I hese cars at low pricey? to cleitn up. Comu In and look thern over, CO. 1^2-1 4 Sherman Hast C ^ S I^^V^„ I'luur Mills, Av«. 11 1-iist. WANTKI'- Chicken pickers. Apply Pr«l Harvey Produce- l..c|.arunonl. Nowt.m Kans. j WANTED- Cooper; rtcady work; apply llartou ball Co. plant or down town nfflc.v wanted at | FOR SAI.K-22 rifle, fishing tackle, fine reel, fine wulclt, wading boots, canned fruit, rabbits, vuung chickens, Cochun huutuni; 2SU1 North Main. 23-24 2 )-tit 3-tf WANTED—FEMALE HELP. riuVMRN'MKN 'l ^Tv ^'Pvlcc exan .la- ntlons everywhere wtobcr 111. 1-|»-U women dcrlis IV. be appointed at "at"- UMW" salary $l2*k). Kxperienco uii»'» "striry! Women duslrlng government \ <>; silloii write for free particular*. J^ruiiard fornr ..r civil scrvr 4!;a Kenoib Hulldins examiner) Washington. 2J--'i \V.\NTI-.n-Apple pickers, Stic hour men, 2214c women, meet al I'll. tin.1 Main 7 o'clock, liring dinner, l'hone J.l;. Levi Hoyal. -'•"t aged !-'i.Ht SAi.l:—Orre car load fat white faced calves weighing over 4011 pounds; 1> ; ed from thoroughbred bulla, t'orsha tianch. l-.-lephone 7 -1-'-2l-2t Foil SALIv--one registered rolat.l iThma ht-rd boar of Koyul .lurrrbo sti tin; also registered boar pig. i'orslm luucjh .telc- phune 7-F-2. 21 -it I'OIl SALK—Cheap; drop head rotary Singer sewing machine; must sell by Tuesday evening; leaving city. 405 5th cast. 23-21 WANTKD-Housekeeper; middle woman without Incumbrance. Call , nc tor full particulars. L. / 1116 1st Hast. FOR SAI.E-Ono oak dining room set; 1 oak llbt-arv table; one rug; all first class condition. 2il W". 10th. Phone 2098. 23-3t Wilt SALE— Black plush coat, satin lined, excellent condition; $75 coat for $26; size 10. l'hone 3220. 23-21 Ueebe, lS-tf W'A'NTICli-MM«rlenced 8«'"»«~P*' r ' col apply. 1'ucl ad­ it and l'oplur. U'-tt none oilier minlstralor's olflcc. W\NTl-:n--Capable while Kill or middle aged woman for house work; must^ be able to cook. l'hone 2012. -•' V\NTi;i)-Woman for general housework, 3 in faintly; no washing. «.ooil liav. I'lmue 3301. FOR SALE— l!;ibbita prlcctl right. One mile ciust .fine nrlle north 01 pucknlg house . W'iigoncr Bros. 23-61 FOR SALE—Base burner, kitchen range, dining room furniture, dressers, rugs, l'hone 1120 or- 1511. 20-24 FOR SALE—One No. 16 Smallcy ensilage cutter, pipe and distributor. C. E. Uu- rand Fluntnliun. 22-eod-tl 'ffifiK 110 Sherrann Knst Phone 457 Cheapest place in .lawn to buy your parts. Cash paid for old earn. 17-tf IN US I'll J CARS. \ 1H1G Dculge touring car J IOO.UJ It'll Ford roadster .electric Htnrl- er, new tlrca J">?-™. 1917 Hudson super Six I3OO .00 Allen touring car, electric start er and lights Moore touring car Terms can be arranged. 4. If, RENO BlUCK CO, mm BOir A MEM* TO Elf ©IS TTere'B ofie thnl's eheafter thftn building Tor, yourself; nil coml>letp nhd new 2 yerire nK't; S rmmiH Knd Rleeplna; porch InetinlinR breukfaSt room; All hotxlwood :tmt white ehfimel finish; attractive stucrb tlfslgn; owner la leaving- thld week. A hargaln ut $7(600; •SDS&S 1<BM • rtione 15. 6 rooms on enst 121 It ftnd thoroughly modern and In fine condition .only $3600. 6 rooms enst 14th, o.ik floom.^flre place JIIMI ftieeplhR porch; hanement;, furnace; this ID a bargain, $1,000. 5 room seml-modorn on WCJ= L 6th; gnr- ape n»d good shade, $2500, on payment of J &oo down, balance long lime. 5 room west 151 h In fine condition; modern except furnace, $2500. .150.00 1150.00 FOR SALE. . , . One Itco Truck Chasls, in first-class condition; four prncttcally new casings and tubes. Anyone wanting a truck chasls can save mouey by looking this up. Threo- quartcr ton at". i". W. UUNN1NU, 3-tf Sterling, Kan. A REAL BARGAIN. "Cole 8" almost good a snew; k-asl $1500. Ollerol al J6O0. 1IAMFEL AUTO CO. 23-U FOR SALE—2 Model 37 Hudson touring car, fully equlppen; 4 new Kelly Springfield casings and tubes; I extra set casings. Taylor Motor Co. 11-101 FOR SALE—CITY PROPBHTV. East 12th St, 0 rooms, sleeping porch, furnace, basement under cntlro house, nice lawn, back yard fenced, price »3200. Owner leaving clly. Call I*. O. Woodard, l'honu 1671. TWO. BARGAINS. 7 room houso close in, modern except furnace,. X2700.W). 5 room modern except furnace, good location on 6th East, for quick sale 12250.00. Make, our wants known, to the SHINI3Y UEALTY CO. 127 'A N. Main l'hone 130 W \ NT El i -loci seamstress Mrs. Moore, Fourth floor of building WANTED—Hood girl for general house work; small family . l'hone tiSoW. FOR SALE-Black lace hat, velvet crown, Jet ornament, white beaver sailor. , , l'hone 322U. • 22-2t .Apply j . . ; FOR SALE" Complete grocery store flx- I ture-s, chcaji. see Ben l..nmboru or phone S'JliJ. 23-20 \VANTEI>- Jjaundr y. 2 gotsl womerr 400 West I2tll. _ u ^. FOR SALE—Wlnesap and. Missouri Fip- -J" ., pin upplws from young trees, l'hono Marsh 29F-2. 24-27 l'hone 11)10 SUf POR SALIO WANTliO Bo; it. rayrie Co or Mirl press reeder. K. 12(1 North Main. 21--0 WANTEl'-'io 'Hl gill or woman; general houhework • Fliaric 27. tf'tt countanl. Address WANTEIl A cost J-S6 care News. W A NT EO—Ex pertcneed waitress, Ilotel. gtioii driving mare, 050 pounds, al Jim Mcilowns barn, IS E, west. 24-25 FOR SALIC- Canary birds; have a few extra fine alngi s left. No. I). 7th east. 20-St KOll SALE—1917 Ford roadster with extra body and demountable rims; 24 Bigger Eaat ;plione 131SW. Call at noon or alter b p.m. 5-tI FOR SALE—1918 Bulck six, almost new 1U18 Mitchell good as new Detroit Electric Car Co., 18 So. Waluul . Phone 384. RADIATORS . Ptompt services on repair work. O. K. Aulo Raoiator Co., 10 South Washington, l'hone 030. i ' u FOR SALE—Forth Sedan type ,ln good condition . Call at Great American Uto Insurance ulflce for particulars. 23tf VOL'R chance to buy ai a bargain, If takne soon, ueo or Ford, 16 model. Near ly good as new. Phone 1440. 10-lf FOR SALE^-By owner. Six room completely modern cottage; oak floors • In three rooms; fire place;, basement under enllre house; good yard and location. 123 West 12th St. 21-28 PRICED For quick sale cosh or terms, 1513 E 5th, 5 room house and two lota, windmill, garage, cement -walks, good chicken pen and cave. Inquire of P. M. Shaffer. 500 West C. 14-tf FOR SALE— 6 room house east A street lot 40x176; plenty of shade; house In good condition; price $3,000; can get loan or 50 per cont . Call 123, C07 R. D. bldg. 23-lt )QHSW!®&3 The very'-deslrahle business r»"v»m»t No. 4 N. Mtln for lease. Inquire or a (S)® a JriB®tEES(S)iSl Effil!l [j8u 'itt y<8III!li8IBa .C©. MasSftlc Teniple. For Mml® Real estate and itt- suraucc business, established 10-years; worth investigating, Address, box 337. 160 acres miles from town; new 5 room house; new barn for 8 head of horses; 24x36 new cattle shed; silo; garage; 15 acres alfalfa; 130 acres to wheat this fall. All goes. Land lays level; dark heavy soil; wheot made 18 bushels this year; 16 miles from Hutchinson. Price $15,000. 307 First National Bank Bldg. 19 -6t F©iT Seal© 5 room house, modern exiccpt furnace, Vj block from new Liberty High School, iyi block from car line—nearly new. , lt „, „ . ,• .Half cash, balance at 7%; possession at 318 west 14lh, St. new five room house, on _„ phone 678. S300 cash, balance monthly. 1 _A*k McNaghten. Phone 1, 26-tf.. ^ Pc2) W ®Es@!El THE LITTLE*AT-A*TIME STORE Small Payment Down, Balance Ladies' Suits , Ijadies' Coatfl Ladies' Dfessca Misses' Coats Girls' Coats Ladies' Skirt) Ladies' Waists Ladies' Shoe? Men's* Suits Men's O'Coats Boys! Suit! Boys' O'Coats Mackinaws Men's Shoes Men's Pants di| A <J> 1 WEEK Ladies' Skirts $3.50, $4.50, $4.98, $5.50, $6.50, $7.50, $8.50, lo $10.50. Small payment down, balance 50c a Week Ladies'Shoes $3.50, $4.50, $4.98, f 5.50, $6.50, $7.50. Small pay- I Boys' Shoes 50c A Week ment down, balance 50c a week. COMER COMMERCE CO. 17-19 North Walnut St. Men's Shoes 50c A Week KOR SALE—One horse Van Brurtt grain drill. Hutchinson Implement Co. lS-tf WANTKD— Tinner's ton. WAlNTKl'—lilshwatlii'f l.roc Own:'i-Ji j -1 4~U i ].'oil SALK—3 calves. John Schlegel, U. 3, llutehlnaun. l'hone S38. K Tl. L '3-3u. '•XHt SAI^K— One Itcd Polled thorn cow. 0'J3 ICaal K. and one 21-31 '.VANTKO-nlrls 110 A Bast, i ... . l''OK SAl.iK--.\t a bargain. Hood col- "t CurrSylunil. . 12-tl | hil'slble K o-carl . Call S7J.1. POSITION WANTBD—MALE, j l-'Dlt HA1.10— Cheap; 1'^ acres of alfalfa 'urr ground . Phone 120a\V. 23tf WANTl'^Ir —Imtrtwllate eirtiiloynrenl; cler- '— ———-—-— • , L ~~r; T~ icil work, by jirui-ltcal accountant 1 Pull SA1.K—Stoves and household goods above drall aBe. 123' A Hint or phone I l'hone 1010 SI9 IS 3rd. 23-3t WANTKl' -Position b Icr. Can give rileTeu. c;iiv News. FOR SA1.B— Apple boxes. F. U. xperleiieod book '. baugh, 110 H West. Address 1 • 21™ Pull HAL.I-:—Household goods; town. Phone 1436. Brum- !3tf leaving 21-lf I'.vpelicneed book- 23-tf WANTKD — Post11on hy keeper . Phone 2C70.I. POSITION WANTBD—FEMAUE. WANTlOli— Position ur- collector or cashier. Can give r-estrericcs. Addl'-ss 1-85 cure News. 2l-:it SVA.NTKIr—Position it* housckiener. No. 8 Gretna Apartments or Phono 3377W. or 36U. 21-3t WANTI'lD — Position Cull 2038. eg, stenographer. 23tf WANTED—MISCELLANEOUS. WANTKIi— I'alhers ftml mothers to buy llreli buys school suits orr credit, small payment down, balance 50c a week. Vrarilis long pants suits $1 a week.' Comer' Cumrnurce Co., 17 & 10 N. Walnut. • 21--'t 311 . Phone ISO. .'Olt HA LIS- Two long coats for ludies. Phone 007W. 23-21 11)11 BALI'}—0 year Phone IMS. old saddle pony. 21-tf I'OK SALE—New Zealand 128 1st east. rabbits. . H-U. KOll SALll—Base burner 73S B oast. Phono 2127. 21-tf POIl SALli —Canary singers. 12G K West. 20 21 Poll HALF.— Caille. Phone lo N, 3. 21 21" FOR SALE OR TBADB. FUH SALE Olt TltADill. LAiSO 13AHUA1N 331 aorca good wheat land of sale at.flo per ucre under the market or would „ Irade and taku In slock of mcruhandise in •Trrr ^MT" r j..n,« r,, i,nv nn.ii. f.,ll '• B lK| u location, located 3 mlcs north uud 1 \\ At\1 KM—1 -miles to buy tire [an » hpearvllle, Ford Co., Kami, suns, c.mts and dresses, a small pay- I «'»» ttu r" 1 „Ke ' cwnlr Ci. 11. Johnson 1 apearville. ,lianaas, 1-U. pott SALE— New Auto Tire tubes, 20 per cent oil. Mayflcid Kadlator shop, Hi South Walnut. *u-t' FOlt SALE—1017 six cylndor car; perfect mechanical combination. A bargain. Call 3-62. SEVEN passenger Studcbaker; first class condition; cheap. Phone 87L FOItU TOURING CAB—For quick sale, jatii. Appiy at tin W 0th street. 18-tf FOlt SALE—Ford swlan nearly new. ;\o. 5 south Walnut, phone 2317. 2Uf h'OU S VLE—Studehuker three passenger roadster . Phone 2163. 21-27 FOlt SALE—Touring car. lde Battery Station. Enquire Ex- 18-tf FOIl SALE—1916 model Ford East 3rd. FOIl SAJJE—Fords. MoVoy Livery. 8 tf FOR RENT—RESIDENCES. FOlt BENT—My beautiful 10 room house, completely lurnlshed, den breakiasl room and suu room etc., hot water heal; garage; rine location; lis per month. Mrs. Charles Cano, 107 Sherman east, Phone 1826J. "-St FOU KENT—.My beautifully furnished homo. Phoue 2713. Mrs. H. S. Bre voorl. --20-3t FOB BENT—House and 3 acres of land, >A mile south of Laraboe Mill, Phone 1680W. 2»-3« FOB SAL.E— ahouscs, one six- room, ono 12 room. Call 201 2372. FOB SALE— 6 Boom modern house, 1 nearly new, East Seventh. Telephone 1661. 6-tf B west or Phono Flrst NatlonaJ Bank uldg. 19-0t FOU SALE—Eight-room modern house, S2.500; 120 Fifth West. 6-tf FOB SALE—New bungalow. Phone 918, 23-36 FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE. HOUSE FOR DRYLAND 7000 AC UK HA NCH—Eastern Colorado— iQGO deeded, balance leased, creat opportunity; Improved. v eiUyTso^nW^on^ntWt.Voled by liig Majority. «o Make too old 10 farm himself; sell at sacrifice; a fine home lor some one. 320 Acres South Reno County—Fair improvements— 200 acres In cultivation; goes to wheat this fall; one third lease" contract; produced over 20 bushels per acre this year; only 166 per acre for .illicitI sale on bargain counter. Vacant and Improved city property, always bargains at right prices. Standard royalties; dividend payers Ibe United States Bone Dry July 1. "Thu drug firms arc rinitnqlng the anti-saloon league untl Ihose who vote In favor ot this bill will do so under the lash of the anti-saloon league. It Is the only organization that demands secret pledges from candidates before the primaries." "The organization Hint will take I million dollars annually from drug organizations will not stop at nny- ihlug lo destroy (he reputations or men, men who do not agree with its principles." .Meeker charged that anti-saloon leaders are not engaged In war work because they are "too busy directing what should be done, at the eapltol,' and added that prohibition legislation la before Congress only becuusc of their activity. Decker Makes a Reply. Heplying to Mr. Meeker, Represen- latlvo Decker of Missouri, Domocrat, said many antisaloon league members nrc war workers and that any statement to the contrary was to be resented. He added Unit with possibly three exceptions, the entire Missouri delegation in -the House would vote for wartime prohibition. Advancing across the floor ot the House to Mr. Meeker's desk, Mr. Decker said that "there are people who are professional antl-prohibltlonists" and added that Mr. Meeker w'as elected rrom a brewery district In St. Louis. In reply to another member, Mr. Decker denied that he never had been asked to sign a secret pledgo sent out by the anil-saloon league. Mr. Meeker Immediately jumped to his feet and advancing to Mr. Decker said: "Do you mean to say that it has not been done?" "You will not Intimidate me," replied Mr. Decker. ' As the two Missouri representatives stood facing each other, thorn, were calls from other members tor order. "I'll maintain order here," replied Mr. Decker amid applause. Returning lo his seat; Mr. Meeker said ho would put into the record a lcller proving his charge that secret pledges aro demanded ot candidates for Congress by the antl-fialcon league. Standard royarires; arvioeno payers- Washington, Sept. •21.—National Enyart-Harmon Surely on any of above prohibition, effective next July 1, for propositions. Details (riven by asklns I the period of the war, was approved 11-11 M - J^^L.U | i tt3t nl g Ut by Ule !i[ 0use which udonl . IT MTPAISS WhiriO l ed - 171 t0 ;H ' the Senate prohibition 11 MlltsiBklN a (QUO II rider to the 12 million dollar Bmer- A snap for your lifetime. 10 or 13 gen«y Agricultural Appropriation acres of the very best land with an lrrl-i Bill. The measure now will lie sent re ^M&'fhiS'^iufty's,-: jo cp U TLn% e X r %dTstm v l 1n t b of X J2000 an acre . These 66 lots going for the ferences between the two houses on paltry sum of 185 per lot or a total of appropriation items. JSi'-.n^W 1 a e waran h d er has 0, Ju B t Cr tn el A » the legislation price one-half, or more. R, F, McDermed were defeated A proposal by Re- 15 1-2 South Main «treet, i6-tr j preventative Kahn of California, Republican, to extend the effective date' Buy a Loaf From Your Grocery Today and Find Out for Yourself. Modern Bread MARSHALL HAS MASK May Use It in Senate—Wanted It Last Night in l-'ire in a Washington Hotel.. FOR KENT—Hve room residence, 1020 X East. »10. Phono 1912J. 20-lf FOU IlKNT—Furnished G room cottage; piano. 422 IS 6th. modern 23tt FOlt KENT—Oct. 1, to adults, 7 room house. 422 East B. 9-tf ment down, balance al Jl a week. Corner Commerce Co., 17 tfc l'J N. Wul- , "Ut. 21-" |,'on SALE, HUNT Trade—7-room .... . . ,, . , , t . r house, No. 15 Twelfth west; newly WANTl'M'-You know (hut you hud bet- I bLunt ,„j'. papered and revaruishixt; mod- lei have an old chimney and foun- i , ru BXCC , lt furnace. See or phono Carl datlon repaired belole cold weal her | NL , lau „ foj jjoulh Main. D-tf l'hone s&till. 21t,t • WA.NTlOi' — I'leaiiiint rooirr In pr-rvnte family by IVM> yoiniK ludies; roferenccs fnrnthltcd. A^l^lre^s K-ST, r-ure Newri. 21-31 FOlt SAUS OH TllADK—»-room seinl- modcrn eollaac, doublu garaife blue ' rji-Liii) lawn, sltude tree 60 It. lront, will : consider smaller property and difference, i i'hoiw 1612. . ti*!f. FOL'lt room cottage nicely lmiulre 221 1st west. furnished. 21-tf MGfJKllN residence, Nov. 1. Call 667W. 23 tf t.'lcHli. bright ulniw; will pay FOlt SA1.K OH THAOI^vBu'lek five pa< ll .ll'j per uur delivered lo Ills llulcniusoll • j, l;Mii er irr Ut*< law nmoltlon; will con Uo.\ iuciid ami 1'aper Co. if-tf Nlder- illai.K.i..i.v.*,, |, UJ t oi ull; call phoni \VANT>:l >--i ')idi'Ny lady t" borne Willi IW" old peoijlf Hiiu lien, IO Fti'th i-iuri. make her Add 23 1S32W or "."South Waluul. WANT l-ili cd farm li 1U2I. ;tr.b pi r r city cs ''ni'rtnTirirnpruv- ''.r-^vV^ Alford, phone V^Holt SAI.F. OH THAOE--Three lots on Secotrd uveuuu east of l'lum street for i equity Irr house or for good auto. Ask i .McNaghten. Hiono 15 4-tf WANTF h '>is- r -j'o contract your cement wijtTf" sidewalks a specialty. Call 177 21-tf | FOU KALE— Or trade. Uust oulu for tlm money, 1150.00. Need the garage. 1 East Eighth St. 21-28 WANTED—All kinds of rugs. nbsJhltcly highest price paid . l'hone 3I19J. : j l -5t \V ANTEl>---l!ood seeoiul nund Ueerlng coin binder lor cash, l'hone 1S80J, 23-21 WAHlllNU WANTKO -Family or by the doxen. 226 I'iast 3rd. 16-If WANTKI 1 -To buy new uud second hiuul clothing. , Call lUb. IS-Ocl. 2 WANTED—Second hand lurnlture. Furniture Co. itaun 26-tl NOTICE—MISCELLANEOUS. tap®irifiitSi!Egma§ Phono 971-W. 11. Q. UoMeirltl. 21-61 C U. JAMES, contractor and builder, Plana and upeoiflcallon furnished, l'hone sa-FO. 9-tf. HIKiS made from old carpets; rug clean- lug and sizing l'hone 26] Hutchinson Hug Factury. 2Jif I JOST—Purtlal set brliUte work teeth between 1st and nth street. lleturn to 110-11 Wist. Heward. 23— lALS'l' -War Savings Slump. Weaver. 112 ave. O east. Mrs. M. E 21-U IjOST I'uckct book containing M and a letter . Phone 261'J. 2(-2t lAlST— lililek side lteno Uulcli Co. Howard. 21-21 FOUND. FOUND--Pair strayed mules. Police sluliou. APP1-.Y al Globe Coffee House for good Kelly home made pies, lunch. , 106 N. Main. 23-31 DEA1> horse and cattle removed freo ot charge, Phono JSSDtiJ. \V. A. Hons, NOHTil Side Coffee House, homo made pies and home uiado chill and lunches. NOTICE—To real estuto agents, 313 B \V is off market. 24-86 NuUuno Corsctelr . Phone 3214. 24-Jt LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS. FOU HUNT— Two nicely furnished light housekeeping rooms; no children. Phone 6r>y,l, alter 6 o'clock. ... 23-3t Folt HEI-i'T-—1 nicely furnishrd rooms ^.for ' sei.copfii'g. Birds, cauarleer for sale. No. SI, 7th east. . 21-2S FOU SALE—Quarter section Reno county land; only 3 miles from city limits; « room house; barn; hon house; thrce-quur- ter .under fence; 60 good apple, plum and apricot trees; Ideal farm for trucking sweet potatoes, watermelons ;3 acres In melons paid owner 11700 net this season This is a dark sandy loam, but no blow sand . Price VfiM; greatest value In state of Kansas. Phone 133. 60? R. D. bldg. . • 33-3t ~ 2 FOR SALE—My 5 acre home place, miles w'e at .?0 lu . l . c ' h .' m I? n on ^"HfVl the^Whole to accept an amendment tor prohibiting the. sale of vrine and beer to December 31, 1919, was defeated, 112 to 52, as was one by Representative Beshiln of Pennsylvania, Democrat, to change the date for stopping the manufacture ot beer and wine from next May 1 to December 1, 1919, „..-.-No Importation "o/ Wine, After yotlng in the 'committee of street. l>r. Mark MeAlllly. - 6 " tf " permitting the importation of wine I until next May 1, the House later re TO TRAO«, •• ..-—;—versed its decision, and by a voto of ^^'^T^rW ^Ha 'ffiSS "I to 59 retained the original Sen- Opening Concert at Wlitrat Shov/.. Sophie Braslau, who is to appear at the dedicatory concert In the Auditorium of the new $200,000 Exposition building in Wichita Monday evening only, Sept. 30, entered the Metropolitan Opera Company tour years ago and was immediately recognized as ono of Ibe most gloriously girted singors of this generation. Dorn in New York and, with tho exception of one year's study in Italy, educated at home, she is an artist of whom America is justly more than proud. Her brilliant work at .the Metropolitan, and what Is of still greater interest to audiences this far west, her charming and intelligent singing at. the Sunday night concerts in the Opera House have attracted thousands of ardent admirers in New York. t .,J<oft)'-?rsi'~ '."as been heaped upon niisu liraslau by the press of the nation—and especially the musical Washington,' Sept. 2-1.—Police and fire officials today were investigating the origin of a fire early this morning In the New Willltrd hotel, which caua- ed daniugc estimated at $100,000 and sent hundreds of guests, many of them of national prominence, scurrying through the smoke-tilled corridors to the lobby and safety. In tho first excitement of hurrying bell boys, jangling telephones and the clamor of arriving fire apparatus some ot the women guests became hysterical. Several fainted and ono .. attempted lo Jump from a third story window, but was prevented by a hotel attendant. Statesmen in Fliflht. Vice President Marshall, senators, representatives, and diplomats "with their families were among the scantily-clad guests who quickly reached the lobby by means of the elevators and stairways. The vice president, who was »roused from sleep by Mrs, Marshall, made his wny with her, the baby and nurse down three flights ot. stairs. After installing his family in a writing room the vice president, wearing a bathrobe, slippers and black folt hat and enjoying an unexpectedly early morning cigar, shook hands with a number of his friends in the lobby, and discussed with them the fire and . other topics. He told them that he had found the smoke In the upper cor. ridors distressing. His Gas Mask. "t wish I had brought a gas mask lo the hotel with me tonight" snld he, "I have one In my office that I have been threatening for a long time to use In tho Senato, . . CONVENTION HALL DATES. Big Hall Has Been Signed Up for a Number of Attractions, The date book for the Convention Hall usage shows that already ; the attractions are beginning to come this tfay, The following are the dates taken by the different attractions. -. , „ , , Sept.-29.—Band concert- and Uborty press—but we, here In Kansas have ] j Man speaker. • . . - 160 acres wer'.jrn laud for Hutonlnson properlvyf •?UM 'iloNaghten. Phone 16. .... 26-U. FOH HENT—Three strictly modern light housekeeping rooms. 515 per month. 3J3 West Dili. 23-31 FOlt HENT—Four connecting housekeeping rooms; modern. No. 0 7th east. \V11,U share modern home wllh ono or two ladles, phone 2371 or 1698J, 23tf. FOH RENT—TWO room cottage nicely furnished, 221 West First. 21^-tf FOR HI5NT—Modem light housekeeping rooms . 201 W 6th, Mtf FOR RENT—Modern housekeeping rooms 306 2nd west. 17-U. TWO modern llghthousekeeplng rooms. Phone 368. MU FOR R«NT—FURNISHED ROOMS. FOlt RENT—Very desirable rooms with board; single or en suite; 24 Out Sixth; rnohu 37, 2*tf VERY Desirable furnished room for gen Human at 14 i'iast 6in. Phono 1466. FOR RENT—Furnished rooms, east. Phone 20»"J. 408 1st 81-21 MODERN rooms. Phone 2668. 216 Sherman east 14-tf SL-EEPlNd room, 610 N. Walnut, phono 1667J. MODERN—Rooms. Klnis, 128 First Ea»t 4-11 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. KANSAS CITY Btar agency for sole uwtier going to war. A rauu s job at a man's profit, Phoue iiW, WW TO TRADE—Pague royalty for piano m good condition. Call Homo Furniture Co.. phone 259. 24-lt^ FOR TRADE—One smooth mouth horse for pigs or calves. Phone M6-K-S. FOR RENT—MISCELLANEOUS.^^ FO T MUWI^-117-419 South Main store; railroad track behind . Inquire .3*0:4 easl. Phono 2968J. . 24-30 FOR RENT—BUUdipg suitable for «»l>urban grocery. 803 taut B, H-ti FOR RENT—Oarage, 310 7th Kast. Phono loooj. a3 - gt FINANCIAL. MOHET 1TQ LOAM on city homos. Long terms on monthly pay ment plan. Farm loans. „„„,„„ THE KINKUS AOENCr. „ u Phono 206S. State exchange Bank BWg;. Money to loau on city property. Sec lleury O. Wells, No. 12 Sherman east. 24-6 mom TO ww Short time loans. See Henry C. Wells, No. 12 Sherman east. S16V0.00 first mortgage real estato for 'sale; security worth 14,000.00; Interest 7c/ 0 payable swnl .annually five year*. Address Don T. Kdwurds, PhtlM^n. DO YOU NtfBX) »50J, Private loans on furniture, piano, «.'. Easy payments. 1 Bhoruwn wont. J-U FARM LOANS? CIXV LOANS? ,„ —ask McNa«hU»l #W MiHpual Hdg, 1V-U ate provision that importation of wine must cease when the measure becomes effective upon its signature by the President. The amendment was approved by the Houso agricultural committee to meet on objection by the governments of Prance, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Wets and Drys In Clash. Debate over the bill brought out the wet and thd dry champions. California grapo growers, who produce 95 per cent of the domestic wine, will be. unable to liquidate their business before wine sales are prohibited next July, siiid Mr. Kann. He said sales of habit forming drugs aro Increasing in prohibition territory and complalnod that the present law does not stop the sale of medicines containing large amounts of alcohol and drugs. A ploa for prohibition was made by Representative Rainey of Illinois, Democratic member of tho ways and moans committee, who declared th^e committee had reached the conclusion thut the government can be conducted without the rgvenue received from the liquor truffle. The 1 Mi million drug users in the United States have developed to a greater extent In the immediate neighborhood at saloons, Mr. Raioey declared. He praised tho Anti- 1 Saloon league for its part in furthering the prohibition movement. Meeker Makes Charges, Representative Meeker of St. liouis, Mo.„ Republisan, charged the Anti- Saloon League with being financed by drug firms, and with fostering the use of drugs, "The aiitl-sRloou league is an agent for users of drugs," suit) Mr. Meekor. no nood to take the word of Eastern critics. We too have heard - Miss Braslau and we know what she can do. Two years ago In Wichita, this artist appeared upon a program with' the great Scolti. Of course, Seoul was supposed to be the star and he was accorded a great reception, Rut when tho modest contralto, "the girl with the golden volco," appeared, we forgot all about Scott 1. From tho moment she finished her first solo she was the favorite. Her subsequent rise In the operatic world has proven that the musical taste of Kansas was right; Draslau today Is one of tho world's moBt famous contraltos —and tho most charming one. She will appear together with Lazaro and the Innes New York Band at Wichita, Monday Evening - only— the dedicatory concert, Mail orders for this event—the greatest in the 'musical history of the Siuthwcsi— aro being received and fillod In ibe order of their receipt by 13. V, Mcln- lyre, Manager of the International Wheat Show, the Forum, Wichita Kansae. ' Oct. 18.—John McCormack, Oct. 1)1—Mothers Club— Russian Ballet. • ' Nov. 2.—Democratic political speaking. Nov. 19 or 22—Holding Tor Century English Opera',Nov. 28.—Lympn' Howe show^ Nov. 30.—Held rpr L. Adas, Doc. I and 5.—City Federation has use of hall. „ 'i; . Dec. 13.—"Everywoman." Jan. G-ll.—Poultry show, Mnrch 14.—Mothers club. March 27.—Lyman Howo. A'esta Batteries contain four great triumphs. Hill-Howard Co. ?4-3t First Methodist Church Mjd-VVeek Meeting. Wednesday 8 p. m. la prayer meeting time. Sunday school officers and teachers will attend and occupy sec- •tion reserved for them. liesson,—Acts, chapter eight. You will enjoy the conversational method. Sunday school teachers aro to be elected, after prayer meeting closes. A very large attendance is expected. W. G, Lemmon. The Vests Battery uses Poro-Hard plates. mil-Howard Go. Washing Won't Rid Head of Dandruff There are still a. few poke shapes uutong the pe \v Uuu The only sure way to get rid of dandruff is to dissolve it, then you destroy It entirely, To do this, get about four ounces of ordinary liquid arvon; apply it at night wheu retiring; use enough to moisten the scalp and rub it in gently with the finger tips. • Do this tonight, and by morning, most tf not all, ot your dandruff will be gone, and three or four more applications will completely dissolve and entirely destroy every single sign and trace of it uo matter how much dandruff you may have. You will find, too, that all Itching And digging of the scalp will stop ouce, and your hair will be fluffy, lustrous, glossy, silky, and soft, and look gl-gt'und feel a hundred times better, You can got liquid arvon M any drug store It Is inexpensive ft&4 never tolls to do the work,. / ^'fiiiify

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