Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 13, 1966 · Page 4
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 4

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1966
Page 4
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. taut it im ish Colon/of Decor la natriuM b«n- fie* ins* « iiiii 1* i flfcWgrt fcf fee i**!** at nufts a? L> deuBMdut' fufijw pkdted IB • firttajt-trinv > £fe fiest to a wickex AS Vfty. very Britij& co-; * t»*** fread to 0* i ft* Atttiet »**«** iugt &M aad w*s described by! «t ttMHKfire mpft w iiRgart* 'gae t&aivxhwl as being as basicl ; t» fettiita* as bfcttk is to fash-l fctt. Ute re«*oB. It go** well «8 a fort ir | tt wery furmtnrt style. I aft • floni <a*p«at«. a basic to Tbe flora) carpeting, too, fol-j rad&toBai EogHtb roams design. 'to 1 ** a design trend that has: tiVVftit thmj!ttMrt ftff tn^M 'been building. This it the us? However, bttge cabbage rats of strong pattern and cotor in la with toe ttow fa*v« been bett to * miBimHra rugs and carpeting. * lise bright gay flora* Tbe ^^ important function 'izjiof a patterned rug is to puU a room together. Pattern can be «t««rfb. n«r -ofttfytog- A » ln al! ^ English gigantic "°** r * ! colonial took makes a major tt«d by contemporary nig de- ^ ^ Mng orderly For this' _;#l color, ior example, is the use floral carpeting because it. too '"'it a friendship bouquet floral brings order and form into a toy Alexander Smith) in apricot room. green and gold. Dear Abby Try A Skillet Fbnl Aerilaa carpet IB xprieot. green and gold sets color scheme for room resetting ivring to Engliih colonial for a quiet study room. Tbe apri- j cot in the carpet was repeated in; Calendar , WSCS Elects New Officers Baker, supply work: and Mrs FKID \Y Auxiiiao of al IOOF " a11 for lo :,. Th ^ Woman /f oc i f ' t > of ^ m - Joe Ca^wd,'chairman of local of the senior class l < Uan -Service of the irimly Melh- ^ urch * activities tended school in Lh odist Church recent ;v heid their v ' " ....,,.. -.... DEAR ABBY: When my bus-row tlsirk of a ffcuiet placed v here I go. there is a certain! band eats an apple, it minds firralr oa ih* bask of bis head^ group of Kids, and if you don'tj like someone were using a My tips musl sealed.. DJ*> belong to this group you might j "plumber's helper." On «&er my hands are setting itchy. as wc ]] be dead. How can I get' occastofts TOT wwild swear that CLYDE'? WIFE in v.i'h this group? My mother; Clyde ttas inhaling food, piste DEAR HIKE: If feis "habit*" j. ;fre j >s leHing m e there is nothing 1 and all. 1 could climb the walls, disappear «be* twrnpacy mm- -vronj? with'me. but il still both-i He has otfcer "at home" hab- es. they are »e4 rcafly babiU— tT5 m< :_ -.\OT IN" j jits which are eqaaEy revclt- Ibey are nasty little acts icte&d- DF;VR NOT: I can't think oh hng. The point is. they are all ed t» torroest y««. Ask Clyde a jjjgg er was t/? of time and ener-1 if of me ^"hen we have company, why be feels the ae-ed to panifh 2V { j, an tryjnjf to "get in" with; i Clyde is a perfect gentleman JOB? If be doesn'ttens*, ssggest a g rou p 0 { yis that apparently j 'iwith model manner? ar»d the be see a beadsferimkrr aad find jj as no j D ( eres t | n you. Strive! imost considerste behavior. His oat. If be refese?. twt persist to dfl we) j jn y OUf s(ot jj e g. A1-| explanation: "A man may do in hi* dissststiat behavior, trj wavs j^ a!5 we y . g roome d as| ;whatever he fee'? like doiae in a skillet. possible. Smile more, frown; ihi5 ow-n home " w ^ st _J R _:^ d DEAR AFBY A ; - i5 -^' loss, and don't gossip. Be frlend- _ - • .^ ^^ DO J forward, and be content to make friends one at a time. And if you have ONE worthwhile friend, consider yourself lucky. DEAR ABBY: Our son is 19. For the last six months he has been running around with a; -.vomsn who is 22 and has twoj ?ma]! children. She still lives; •;'it'-: her husband, who apparent-; !v doesn't care what she dons! "-•-?-.:• jujse he babysits with thej k.:ds •Ahil-- ?he runs around. Wcj ','.ed to re;-on with our boy,| b'jt it did no good. He knows x-rv of sn?'s a tramp, hut it doesn't attend- rnatter. S'r:c- drives by the house 69700, Los Angeles, Cat, 90089. For a persona] reply, inclose & stamped, self • addressed envelope. For Abby's booklet, "How to Have a Lovely Wedding," send |50 cents to Abby, Box 68700, JLos Angeles, Cal., 90069. BOYS AND GIRLS. THE REDDY KILOWATT \ f >~ sr.-? iElida Graduates Reveal College, Future Plans : ELIDA -Sr-eciali — A list of year oid daughter of the EI}da Hi£n x-hw] graduates ?,L-f. Monroe Gilm/rt and some of their activities El-da Schc»ls i n the earned and their future plan.- a trade and has gone to ;.! a? follow?. There were f i v e here rince that rime. Vi : girls and four boys receiving p!ar ; ? tc enrol] in Eastern I their High Sch»ol Course. Mexico Ur/iversitv th;s fall • Karen Ann Rocer?. tiehtt-en- rr.s.i?r ;n E>me:Aary Edacv year-old daughter of Mr. and Yonr-e Yul». the d:..:r:.'-; Sirs. A. L. Rogers. !5 president Mr. £.->••: Mrs. Yule is ?:•.-<-; IS ON THE AIR! and ha? atferced ' installation oi officers ana ed window seat filled out the color scheme. and ha? at- year da jjnce the xja H;rn Shool fine first grade. Her plans are to at- this year. She piar tend Eastern New Mexico I'rn-'i-e a bu-;ne?; ?cno versitv. when she won a schoi- Carolyn Kay ' il 30 a.m. — Junior Women's FoHovjng the bu-inw> meet- Clabfemcbeon and regular meet- ija ?- conducted by Mr.-.. L. A. Handsome bookcases from a ing at the borne of Mrs. Gerald Johnston, oui-going prudent. collection (by Thomasville) Gunnels. 1640 Courtland Circle at aH hours, toots the horn and h<? runs out and goes off with arship in business on Talent Day cever/ec-n-vear-o'd C3V.;:r.ur of her. 'and plan? to major in Business y lT , and Mr?. Dcc^aj J. G'.at- v -> ^v mi'moers participated in the pledge Mrs. Rufui Fret-mar ; this Jof treasurer. secretary; "Tafce a Towel and was the theme used George Hinch as each s installed. The ofi;cerj are as follows- Mr?. Ei!l W;;:-.ams. j/rcsidf-nt; :. vitt-pres- Businesswoman's Guild Elecfs Officers The Westminister Business- 'EFaabeth C a g 1 e. woman's Guild met recently at Kathryn Campbell. tne home of Mrs. Lucia Duck-!Mildred Vivian, reporter. worth with Mrs. Nell Conoveri It was also announced that the Mrs L A Johnno: a$ assistant hostess. 1966 birthday offering would go ident Mr; p.-by 'to the people of Eastern Ken-'recording H-rt-tarv Mrs. Ruby St. Clair presided ^^ Freeman. Jr »rea over the business meeting and Gertrude Martin president Georse Ska2.£ Opal Moore gave the opening .. My Cathedral .- a vot . a] solo try: Mr:- S prayer. During the meeting, the accomnied bv Luda Duc k. Christian :o.i new officers for the upcoming worth ^ rest ' of th(? program Weldon Hav., year were named. They are Le- was a book re%1ew by Umisc tivatiorr Mr> nora Kraus, president; Helen Maple on "Up the Down Stair- f'onary edi; at;on Van Arsdale, vice - president; case" by Bill Kauffman. •Mii£ii^MiH£!iSi^£SSi^tt^ The devotional was given by Ruth Barton on the topic "Run itu *I l-'i'e ; the Race for Which We Are Call jed." ! The next meeting will be wjij Mrs. Edna Stalker, with Mrs .Lee Laughlin as assistant host ess. Hears Reports Kathlera ^ daucMer a ^ . ELIDA (Special) - State Con- Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kiker i, sv\- f ]r =t E: vention reports and a special enteen years old and nas ^o.,e j]^ film on "The Earth Is T h e to Elida Schools since the irst bu ,.,,, Lord's." was given and shown at grade. Kathleen plans to aue-.d v ,^ the Elida Woman's Club meet- Eastern New Mexjw Lmve-0 lorr , are to either ? o to c ,.^e or djrec-tjy to Sryd^r. fon of lay Sr.ydcr of Kerna. '.iV:r:an of * r :e Sen : or C'lcvs. Torr.n:y his been av«\-;rc>d in tne cc "c c-r^'j'.'S G"-- oore '^ i»,. f , .I,, ii^in.^ >€-. Mr. G-i-:. (.-arni."« LOOK! NEW LOCATION THE CLOTHES LINE 821 HINKLE v BREAKTHROUGH FOR ROSE GROWERS an easy, sura way to feed your roaa bushes and control insects NEW ferti-lome, ROSE FOOD to control c*tM MMds ««w« you Iwtf your row* MM wit fati-tom* ROM Food coBt}iai*| Sjrtttalc l«»«ticid». SCTVP •«<.«* ^. niv. A JUVJtl i»u»i*v*iij*i^j«i%-v,.v - ... , "_,-»• f t r *~i » f •• Mrs. ins on Thursday at the Court-'and her major will be »n spew.., ana .^ officer house ' !b which field she recenu> re- IS t.v, S Mrs. Joe Louis Powell, pro- ceived a scholarship. gram leader for the day, pre- V^e_Gilmor_e._the_seventeen .^^ rented Leland Mechem. a mem- . ^ "' *her of the Soil Conservation ^f-.PianO SfUuBntS ;lv.'^; t fice in Portales. Delano Arnold,;— D I O ' C ' " Agriculture teacher of Elida ! JO ["[65601 J Hiah School, showed the filnv^i D«^i4-alc "Tne Earth Is The Lord's." UldSS KeCITdlb whic!i was in keeping with Soil' Three groups of piano atuc Sti-'Aardship Week, the third from the class o; M:;. N' we'.-k in May. The film was per- prothro will pit sent t:.e;r a: tair/irji 1 to God's gift to man, the spring rccitai Saturday 'soil, and that great results will noon at the Marshall junior be obtained with adequate care.'Choral Room. Reports on she State Conven- Music arranged for sc tier, of the Federated Woman's two piano ensembles wsl (."lub was given by a delegate, sented. Interested fire! Mr.-. Jot Henry Aschbacher. She ;nuted to attend any < snowed many souvenirs of the programs, banquets which were attended, Member.- of the i'^<\ . She also mentioned points in perform at 2:15 p.m. are \\ i 11 snip :n pn; which the various speakers, .\nderson. Regina Kelley. Cindy ^~ ipra:sed the large and s m a 11 Williams, Caroline Anderson. £|Qy{s women's leader.'clubs of their accomplishments,Lo\- Christian Joann Chappc-11. i i ~ •• Hesson has an--during the years. | Tina Rundell. Meredith Ander- | Q I OUT HdWail will be a Mrs. Lewis Cooper, member'son, Terri Edwards, Brad Jor- j^ei ar ,Q Evtlvn Wa::ner will group, of the Elida Club, served as!dan, Phyllis Beum. Trumie leave QOVIS t.xiay for a trip to ea criurch of IP -., - n r ^ niz " General Chairman of the State; Christian." Glend Kelley and the Hawaiian The cou- ter Dav Saint- rh : nst °; Lat " meeting and was elected as sec-;Marsha Lovelace. V.c- were awarded the trip in a Acre* Rn->rt Cl c:i on Gretn ond vice-president of the Feder- Performing it 3 p.m. will be con :est durir.J wnich the sale- L ' cs "Oau. .sne encouraged " ~' ' our son. Abby. He's attend:'r £•'-'-«>'? been such a good hoy. ?;r,;e the ••'>' ^'^'b^nd sa>-.s that this wom- and has o;>ened a new world to - ; m •:• ex-, and we should just et it run its course until it burn- out. I'm afraid if we don't Mr. 'rv t > -*op him we will ruin his What can we do? HEARTSICK MOTHER Mrs. ^laxFra^-r. program m a : cu;t;\;/ti«n: Mr-. C. E RLDS Women Plan Meet and DEAR MOTHER: You CAVT risk letting it ''run its course,''j — what if it doesn't "burn itself I flit" — but becomes more of a habit? Are you aware that this; lad is breaking the law? (Adult-j "\", KTVI. Some parents can't get! ':-,.','_ thru to thtir own children How about asking a relative, a clergyman, a doctur. a teacher, or; :-.'.:'.- even a buddy to talk some sense, M:-. into your son? If it doesn't work,I at least you tried. - ,.- Trr--jb;ed? Write to Abbv. Box IN COLOR PRESENTED BY . ELECTRIC Mr. N'.••.;• Mrs. Milton nounced meeting Monday night at ed Church " to attend this meeting i ail ated Woman's Club of New Mex p au l Dunlap. Delynda Dickson. inen at \vag ico. Parsons. DR. BRYCE STORRIE CHIROPRACTOR J«> \V. Manana ijohn The hostesses. Mesdames W.: Dani J. Crume and Berlin Barnard i son \. Aru . s,n-ed re, res h m en, s o, d-.l^'-^'J"^^,,.. TH Debbie Rury. T e? cake topped with whipped cream coffee and nuts to around 20 members and a guest, the er of Mrs. Lewis Cooper. Loel Waper. sold Accompan\.r:s; Lie c- be Vim! and Ck-o Hi Howard. Galen Gis'.er. Kath- Qo\is The uuartet v. Ha'-ne? Nancv Bu;' owned ,ore au- .-r deal- :>ie will •i^on of •v ironi take, wiorM MNM M4 cwfavl «Ml wckinf imacU. Tht Sjrstenc Itwcti- is *b»fbed fey tht iwd a* fnwt protCCtiM M OW M4 M« ffMtk *ph.». toe* heft, kuf hoppm, mtn. ifmt-. wWvfWi. birca-iul mate, pta* tip s*=t« Cocta:n$ cottoiiiiN nc*:. boot met) *«><: R>U!. cb«i«te4 me* elements from Me* TRAC1K is MttfcM U {Muury piMt •00*1 tor » protw «•! fer cH roses. S !b. boi *«tc$ SO amtft busMi. HMtft MM$W« w **£* »» w ei^r BEDDING PLANTS SIM OOZ. - ONE WEEK ONLY MSES \<m Patent In Containers 3 SNOWBALL • FLOWERIM QUINOO MOK NAME • WEGELtt • LJU08 NnOPLY IUSN • ALTHEA - SMREA SJ.78 NOW . ME OP MY IMKE vmmu . . . 3 FOB UT IM HOT VOU PUN VOW COMTUTE VACB- IIISNINE HURSERY • Ap]>earJng on the 4 p.m. pro- tours and entc-rtsjr.-rner.-t p: ..vie- fgram will be Paula D r a .< e. ed by Cnsler Corp. as well as iBrenda Moonty. Nancy jane the rr.any attra-tiuns 'AiiicT. any (Goodwin, Brenda Pulliam. Jona tourist may fir..: m Hawai:. iRucker. Debbie Bennett. The rr:.:n \-,.':'. return to Cl.i- iBurrous, Darlene Pulliam. Bee- jky Robinson. Scndra McDaniel. '•Karen McDanlei. Nancy Davis 'and Clem Kaloyanides. vis rit.\t >atu;ca- eiptist Church Route 2 IMcIrosc, N. Mex. REVIVAL • MAY 16th thru 22 HEAR Rev. James Ray Roach from Houston, Texas NIGHTLY 7:30 P,M, Special Home Coming will be held all dav Mav 22nd. iDemoWomen Pleased At Turnout The Democratic Woman's ; Club was more man pit-a-t- 'i war: l.'it fine turf! out of 44 women •for a Spani-v-i dinnt-r T.'..;rsda> at the Guadalajara Ca:> T ;; e _ President Mrs Ken White nani- i ed the Cha.rAcrr.en to tr:e Fur.-* I Raising dinner which was to be held Saturday mght at the Ranchers and Earnier^ Sale ;Barn This dinner at the Sale Barn was attended by o\er 210 people and netted tne Club mure than $174 (i) Tne ne\; Wo!:.-.-r.'s meeting will be Tnuisduy N!ry '111'.} a » tiie Siiver Gr;!i at r. •• r CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH 14th & Connelly SCHKDl'LE OF SERVICES 8:45 A.M. Radio KCLV - l', J 10 9:4.", A.M. Bible School lu.30 A.M. Morning Worship Hour 5.UO 1 J .M. Christian Youth Hour il.uu P.M. Evening Worship Hour -K;,m,v.i> K,,I-n.,-c,.,-,-,-! • -- DR. STAXLKY l.K'TX'HKU ,li: . Ml.MSI KP. "THE CHURCH WHERE CHRIST IS REAL" A- Cultured pt^rl i&d duaiond pendant gleams a. i.^.-rv 1-iK fcoid.'. $19.95 B. Vlcden: ctj>:g:: .:.; ;4K gold bell pesdar.t >vi:n dicrat.-).; via?i.rr $29.95 C. C< : «\.«- •:.^::.v.'..: Gct.^n in 14K £o,. , ,. .. S50.CO D. Spi;jj'.-., t ,.-.!-d:dc.rjr.d Efeatt shaped t^::--!:- ;,K fetid $59.95 E- 'I -.-. ••: -. t-tiu 1 ..:'•..: dutc'jtcs outhae a 14K i-olj ;„:..;„..: $150.00 f/ Primero Jo Meet El Primero Qu'.; w..: :;. • Friday a/tern*:; at I'M at t. KEA builduig ior their rei-!; afternoon mett:ng v. ;:h M : Leon Marks as hostess West 21st and Echols Ave. rch of Christ Can-, enieai Term* * $150.00 j; jev\e!trs J irr \3tr v •» f 0 fi •* *' f-- i- If- K O Mb UilN 7*.'-iHl PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Temporory Location Our Chapel o r Prince & AAonono MEETINGS AM SKRMON SI IVIIXTS: 10:00 A.M. "Blessings of Future" 6:00 P.M. Fabric or A Cht^iazn C'a/acfe/ lilKI.K SClItH)L . ... I. A DIES (LASS WK1I. MIUU'M.K Sl.UVK'iiS 9:00 A.H. U::iO A.M. 7::>0 I'.M. Miiti>U-r) CORDIAL WELCOME TO AU! an i tu 4:OU |».UJ. oil J fnjiMlu> the iu. fit- hii> iiud tniiuuiy aiul -x ;;t, if this tiiHf is not Jivi-p-table u, a( |J M . chun-li olli.v lur ix-r- iu UiU V»Ofk. (.all !i

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