Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 8, 1975 · Page 21
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 21

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

6-A--LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL—Tuesday Evening, April 8, 1975 TV-Musical Producer Wants 'Pertinent Themes' By .JAY NEW YORK SHARBUTT (AP) — Billy Cloldcnberg, who wrote the music for a critically-cheered CBS musical drama called "Queen of the Stardust Ballroom," thinks there may be more shows like it on TV in the future. want to write one. anyway. "I'm really antinoslalgia." says CiOldenhcrR. a short, soft- spoken man of 39 who says he'd prefer working on musical dramas with contemporary themes and ideas "that are very pcr- :inent to our time," "Queen." about a love affair Goldenberg says since the show's appearance on CBS last February, have ur^e various him lo producers collaborate with them on new TV musicals, "but they have no conception of what lo j, r o for. "What \vc should But the Brooklyn-born com- ibetwc-n a freshly widowed, about poser doesn't expert ihcre'llj middle-aged woman and mar-pi bout ever bo --1 inch versions of thc!.vice! mailman, wasn't a musical jnot old, lavish MGM musicals sini-'in the accepted It was ai.vri ply because Ihc cost \\oukl be,drama in which Ihe son^s bc- prohibitivr. And ho wouldn't ; cnmr an extension of tho dia- Columnist Gives Latest For Those Who Plan be talking Tips To Write Gardening Book By DICK WEST WASHINGTON' (UP) --• No other spring in my memory has produced such a luxuriant crop of gardening books. The profusion <iud variety (if literature on floriculture and olericulture is truly .imazing all (ho more so t.-> those of us who have "brown brains." so to speak. If you have ever tried to write a gardening book, or any other type of book, for that matter, you );n;Av how discouraging it can be. The foreword withers, the early chapters droop and fade and even the indcxdcvelo ps a blight. I was pleased to have had a talk recently with t'he garden editor of a national maga/ine vvhu is the author of one of the new books. Light Is All Important ife gave me some pointers that I'm sure will be a big help to persons like myself whose attempts to write books have never produced more than a few spindly paragraphs. Light — it's impossible to overslress the importance of proper lighting in writing gardening books. Scmo types of authors require more light than others and a lot depends on whether the book is being written indoors or outdoors. Generally speaking, indoor authors should place their desks before a large window or porthole that admits at least six hours of daylight. If no suitable aperture is available, one can quickly be created by Uicing a hole in the: wall. Adequate daylight is less critical for books written in the evenings. For most evening books, artificial ilUiminatL-n from whaling lamps cr jack-'o-Ianterns will do nicely. Good Drainage Necessary As for books written out of doors, partial shade, or indirect .sunlight filtered through a .small .suarm of gnats, is ideal. But try to pick a leeward location. When the leaves of a manuscript are tossed about by thd wind, the book may become disjointed. Also bear in mind that Iwoks written in longhand, or by hunt-and-pcck typists, usually require more light than those by touch typists. Moisture — Good drainage is essential in writing gardening books. Although authors need adequate moisture to prevent dry wit from developing, .standing water •-- for example, water that collects around the ankles as a result of an overflowing bathtub — retards book development. Among the defects caused by improper drainage are soggy snyta.v. sodden semantics and hydrostatic modifiers. Climate — Fortunately, gardening books arc exceedingly hardy and adaptable. They can be written in almost any climate in which ycar-aroiind advances and royaliic.s arc available. are pertinent subjects' contemporary ideas. I'm looking for a musical play- as much a,s I'm loking [for a good playwright, period. ! "!( Kdward Albce came over 'and said. 'I have an idea, let's • see if it has a musical future,' 'or if Gore Vidal said, 'Hey, :what about this,' I would be • elated. I think that's where we have to go no\v." Writing "ICscupist" Series In short, musical escapism 'isn't the composer's full-time I bag. full TV assignment for Wilson,here lo was a "To Catch a Thief" segment, currently lists the themes of the "Kojak" and "Rhoda" series among his credits. Mis most recent, made- discuss a possible mas if only because the cost fa- project, said CBS vorably compares with that of Broadway may be interested in another j many made-for-TV movies. for-TV ABC's film "The zie Borden.' score legend was of for ; Lix-j musical drama because of relative ratings success "Queen." "Talking About That" the j However, he emphasized of again that he has no eyes for escapist musical drama and mildly groused that some col- He .said that show was an ex-|lege students once asked him jperiment of sorts, costing about Ihow he'd feel about doing' a TV The composer, who lives in|S750,000, but it may pave thclmusical about the blues. Studio City, Calif.^ jmd wasiway for more TV musical dva-i "That really gets my dander Security Agency Set Up For Films To Fight Industry Movie Piracy he said. "I say, 'Why do the blues? You're young, you live in ve.vy cxcitinR times. I TV and see the United a question about in Vietnam. And off.' a musical char- mean, you watch the president of Slates asked what's going ho goes jogging "If that's not actcr. I can't think of what is. But that's where we should be. jWe should be talking abcut ithal." LAFF - A - DAY "We have a splendid profit- sharing plan. Unfortunately, we've never managed to show a profit!" By BOB THOMAS LOS ANGELES (AP) — The film industry is finally doing something to combat the piracy I."<inieally. lie got his bin.! racket that earns an estimated television by writing 15100 million a year from stolen movies for what! films. break in incidental you'd call "escapist" TV scries. That was back in ;19GOs, when he was learning the ! complex process of writing niu- Jack Valenti, president of the the late Motion Picture Association, has "There are two areas injeventually move across statel which legal proceedings can be boundaries and interstate traf- brougbt. One is infringement of i fie in stolen property is a fel- copyrigbt, which is only a mis-lony. demeanor. Most of these announced the founding of the Film Security Office, which will sic for film under the tutelage u '>' to t ratk down and recover of tho late Stan Wilson, a Uni- ;rnovies tllal liave fallen into tho vcrsal Television music super- j wrong hands, visor famed in Hollywood for! "e appointed William John giving many of today's "name" j Nolan, a 32-year veteran of the 'i'V composers their start. ! FBI U. head the office, with Ooldcnbcr^, who said his first. JEwing G. Layhew, a '.'1-year ," ~iFBi man, as assistant. Cardiac, Lung Trouble Course films,' So is shipment of stolen property to foreign countries, and we plan to seek with law enforcement aboard. PEKING RESTAURANT TAIWAN RAILROAD SPECIAL $2.0 LUNCH SPECIAL Egg roll, horn-fried end , pe f Chop . suey $ 1.50 TO GO IS WELCOME OpenMsn.-Iliurs.. I1:OD-2:30,5:CI)-IO:OII; '-tt-j Openfri. I S»l., 11:00-11:00; Opci Sui., 11:00-10:00 50th To Be Taught o Treatment Plant To Open Today i In Hereford I low widespread is film pira-1 cy As with any illegal activity, nobody really knows. But a recent raid in New York City dis- Cenlcr at, IJOth Street Oxford Avenue. I closed Ihe extent of a single op- icration. Included will be emergency • Police recovered prints of! first aid procedures in the _, | "Gone with the Wind," "Bam-!cvent of airway obstruction, re- I HEREFORD (Special)--Rib-itji," "Deep Throat" and cvenjspiratory arrest and cardiac ar•hon cutting for a new BioConjsucb recent releases as "Len-| rcsl ' jDivision plant of Scarle Apricul-|ny" and "The Towering Infer-] — [Uirc.Inc.. was to be at 1 p.m. lo.'no." i _ (lay at the plant location south . The illegal owner of thc films! L>atlfomia Mail jwas reportedly doing a SWO.OOi 1 ! parent annual business selling thc sto- jlen films in cassette form to be in hotel rooms of Florida and thc Caribbean. The Film Security Office has I \vc.-t of here. j The plant, whose company is Searle Pharmaccut-' iifcil Corporation of Skokic. HI-. | uscc i iwill process manure into a soil) 'conditioner. ; manager of Hackett. « thc BioCon i I'roblcm Area i "One of our big p ; areas right now is South Africa, (which currently has no duty on | films. Also, the penalties for Registration will continue to-| rccci M ° r stolen films are day for a three-hour course in i ln;ul l ' lc y arc here. We no,. ,!!cardio pulmonary resuscitation convince thc authorities j(CPR) sponsored'by the- Ameri-1 South Africa to help us ^ jean Heart Association. j down on Ihe trade." The course which is open to| Nolan cites an example „. I the public at nc, charge will be I how the international trade on- held tonight from 1 p.m. until] cratcs . An Australian theater 10p.m. m the Maxoy Cornmum-! owncr notjfics a Los Angc]es supplier of two films he would !like to have. The supplier "ao 1 I quires" them and ships ihcrn \ off for a fee that ranges from |S350 lo S450 for a normal film, as much as StSOU for a "Gone with thc Wind." j Most of the traffic is in IBrnm ; prints. Since a 16mm copy can ! be processed for about $220. the ] supplier makes a nice profit. I How do thc movies d ; s- I appear? | "It can happen at cvcrv "phase of the film business," Nolan explained. Faces Herculean Task ••6th & Ava. Q LUNCHES, TOO!! Dies In Crash CARLSBAD. in * Hollywood inia man was Divi- I pact car was N.M.—A Califor- :ilk'd anil a wcm- in his !in\- com injured in ;: car- CHOPPED SIRLOIN s or Baked Potato The plant \\ill treat manure with a natural heal process [which eliminates odors, harmful 'organisms and wheat seeds which arc in raw manure. Marketed under thc trade iname Tilleez. the product sof- itens soil for plowing and plant- ling and serves ;is a fertilizer. i according to Hackctt. Cost figure (or the plant lias mot been disclosed. About l'J-15 employe' will run the facility whirh took a year t-> build. flruck crash south of here . -day. a l Apparently killed instantly ^;was the driver, Marvin Richard '21. of Grass Valley,lit niav Hollywood Bowl. Will Work Wifh Law Nc-lan and Layhew received visitor amid thc confusion of new office, and they appeared J to he what you would expect ofjcalif FBI alumni — serious, deter-; Unc | a M. Soren.sen. Tr,, also of mined, convinced that justice!Grass Valley, suffered a frac- would be done. j lured arm and is in sausfactory "We plan to work closely'condition in a Carlsbad h >spi- \vith thc law enforcement i'al. agencies in making it tough for Epifanio Cisnorns, S3. ,,l New pirates to operate," said Nolan. | Dp al, TON., driver of n traclor- "Wc want lo prosecute, which|trailer rig owned by White "Thc movie could be lifted in Sun-ithc lab. the shipping room, in ;<! television studio. Say a lab yets! an order to make 50 prints, andi somehow 5.1 prints arc run olf. i is thc only way to this illegal trade. cut down on i Stores. Inc.. received minor injuries and u;j.s no acliTiUo:! the hospital. Thc wreck occurred ;T( p.m. at New Mexico T and U.S. (JM80 near White's Citv. not be thc lab owner's! : doesn't know anything! S until he discovers a- loss (if raw film stock. i "An executive might borrow a print overnight from a pro-; jjcction room. In 2-i hours he can have the movie copied and return the original." ! Nolan admitted that thc film | Security Office faces a hercti-i COMPLETE TUES. THRU FRI. ONLY CHICKEN FRIED STEAK...Served With Baked Potato or French Fries...Tossed Green Salad...French Dressing Cream Gravy & HOMEMADE ROLLS OPEN 24 Hn. Tues.-Sot. 4925 Brownfield Highway RESTAURANT 795-3481 Program informalion in TV Weekly Lo <B/W 1:00 iTi! Days Of Our Lives 6:30 © Farm & Ranch News 6:45 QT) .New Mexico Report 7:00 O Farm Show (B) CBS News © AM America 7:30 (!D Today Show 8:00 (O! Captain Kangaroo Treasure map leads the Captain to a magic pencil. 3:00 © Sesame Street — No. 777. Big Bird sings song that treats thc alphabet as if it were one long 2fi-lcttcr word. (IB People f'lacc — Discussions of creative stilchcry, March of Dimes Bihe-n-Thon, microwave cooking. (IJJ Jack LaLanno ® TTO Show 'J:30 ilji Wheel Of Fortune (33) iNol Tor Women Only 10:00 Csj Electric Company No. SIS. Mad Scientist creates fiend whose specialty is telling lies. in) High Rollers iVJj Now You Sec It GS Lucy Show 10:30 ;D Villa Alefire d~\i Hollywood Squares MI Love Of Life OJ Brady Bunch 10:5S 03) CBS News l!:00 (SI Misterogers — No. !>57. Mr. McFccly shows a movie of his seaplane ride. fTD Jackpol & Young & Restless & Password 11:30 rrj) Blank Check 03) Search For Tomorrow © Split Second 11:55 fU) NBC News 12:00 (0) Celebrity Sweepstakes lU) News, Weather, Sporls © All My Children 12:,10 (IT) How To Survive A Marriage Hi As Thc World Turns tjt_S> Let's Make A Deal OjC fiuiding Light ® 510,000 Pyramid 1:30 in. 1 Doctors iQj Edge Of Night & Big Showdown — 2:00 iTJ Another World & Price Is Right ® General Hospital •1:30 iU, Match Game ® One Life To Live ;!:()() fs") Sesame Slrcct (Repeal of morning telecast) ;H; Somerset ;!i Tattlelales fft; Monov Maze :):M in, Beverly Hillbillies <U; Joker's Wild t?8: Movie: ":iO Winchester for Kl Dinhlo" Carl Mohncr, Topsy Collins, John Ileslon. Secret Federal agent is sent lo wipe out cattle rustling Sang. (:0fl 31 MisteroRers (Repeat of niarninR telecast) ;n,i fiomcr Pylc HI (iambiI ):,10 isj Villa Alegre (Repeal of morning telecast i (in Ironside (13) Bonanza .>:nO CD Klectric Co. (Repeat of morning lelec.isl) 5:30 © Zoom O'.i; NBC News 0?; CRS Ncus - Waller (,'ronkilo. U» ABC N'ews fi:00 fsi Consumer I'erspcrtive — "Meal Market in Texas" iff: ii}} tjt, News, Weather, Sports (i:Sfl i.'sj Assignment America ill) Laredo 1)3 To Tell The Truth ill Jim Kd Brown's Country- Place 7:03 :}j Solar Kncrgy — Simple, inexpensive ways to heat the energy shortage. i|j; (iood Times (Rl J.J. is is supplied hv Ifi,/ .NVtworks aod local television stations and is subject lo change. Black and While Program. (R) Repeat Program. gifts for his birthday. @ Happy nays (R) Richie buys a car from Fonzie which turns out lo be stolen. 7:'il) ' s; An Kvcning Of Championship Skating IRi if) Boh Hope Presents — "Tho Gillette Cavalcade of Champions Awards 1 ' Winners, chosen by a public poll, in 11 sporls categories and llic Alhlcle of Ihe Year will be presented 197-f awards. nj; M'AVS'H IR) As officer of Ihe day. Ilawkcyc directs the unil in a series of not-by- Ihc-book decisions. ® ABC Movie: "(lucss Who's Sleeping in my Bed?" (137,1) fRI Barbara Kden, Dean .Jones, Ken Mars, Rcla Shaw. H\-husband brings his new wife, baby and dog on his annual summer visit lo his siill- singlc ex-wife. K:00 (13, Hawaii Fivc-0 (Rl Autopsy reveals slaying victim had two physical identities. Jessica Walter, Sam KllioU guest. 8:!IO !sj Woman — Look at bolh sides of currcnl controversy over voluntcerism, the traditional bailiwick of educated middle-class housewives currently under altat'k by feminist groups. 9:00 (5) interface — Investigates progress of desegregation plan for public schools in Boston. fl'J 197Ti Academy Awards Prcsentalions — 47th annual ceremonies to present Oscars for outstanding achievements in motion pic- lures. Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Shirley Macl.ainr. Rob Hope are masters of ceremonies, Ducats Available For Tops Nile* Stars of the enterlainmonl world will p r e s e n I thc awards, fix CBS News Special — "Indochina I!)75: Knrf of (he It (i a (1'.''' 0 v c r v i e w o f situation. @ Marcus Wclby, M.D. (R) .lulicl Mills, Mark Miller, Logan Ramsey gucsl. Woman with severe heart condition almost loses her life when she inadvertently finds oul her husband has contrac-ted a venereal disease. is Local Government Compliance With O.S.II.A. Regulations — Guests Jerry Ranscy of Tech's industrial engineering ricpt., Walter Marlin of Texas Slale dcpt. of health, fire marshal A. C. Black discuss Occupational Safety & Health provisions. ' is; Lilias. Yoga &• You 1)3: @ News, Wcal'icr, Sporls JO:.™ (sj Focus — "Food and Nulrition" Uj: CBS Late Movie: "Thc Jerusalem File" (1972) (151 Bruce Davison, Nicol Williamson, Donald Pleascnce. Young American archeologisl hopes to arrange peaceful meetings between Arab and Israeli students. 01 Wide World Mystery (R) "Legacy of Blood" Clifton Davis, Moses Gunn, Jonellc Allen, Frances Foster, Insurance man halches plot in which bis wife will inherit a huge sum of money from her wealthy dying brother. ! 1:00 QD News, Weather, Sporls 11:30 in) Tomorrow — Orson Welles is the sole guest. 12:00 03! News, Weather, Sports 12:30 iljj News, Weather, Sporls ] About 100 tickets for the Lubi bock Symphony Orrhostra'.s an-; jiiual Pops Xitc April 15 havei become availahla. rotvirned by| [Texas Tech University j ] Arthur Fiedler will be f;ueslj i conductor for thc 8:15 p.m. i-on-l I cert. j ! Th; tickets, all priced at S". I are in the third tier of the biil-l cony. Informalion about availability may be obtained bv calling thc symphony cficc. 762-1707. j lean task, hut he is encouraged! I .--,3 by thc concern of law agencies; at present a federal grand jury • here is considering; thc problem. "The only way to keep film piracy under cc-ntrol is to improve the industry's security," he reasoned. "Eventually we will have to keep track of what happens to every film. But when some movies have 500 prints, you can sec what a b:ij job that will be. 1 ' RESTAURANT Traditional Nflfl PALM RCXDM BWn, And Tu«s.-Fri,-Sol. Privnli Party & lonqiMt Fodtilies Music 8y Jimmy Btoklcy For r«s«rvolions Call 76J-37M . _ B.Y.O.B. 55 HAVLOFT DINNER THEATER NOW PLAYING IN JEANS KERR'S BROADWAY HIT COMEDY "FINISHING TOUCHES" PROUDLY PRESENTS THE FANTASTIC "CANOV MOUNTAIN" APRIL? THRU 12 -FEATUR1H6- M6M RECORDING STAR SAMf JO - 2 NIGHTS APRIL 8 & 9 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT BOJANCLES PRIVAE CLUB 797-9240 (1 MILE WEST OF LOOP ON LEVELLED HWV.) OPEN 4 PM TO 2 AM 6402-19TM Area Television Log KOS.l CIM.V.VKT. -— OfHMSA •fuesitay. Aliril ». I!):". Kfl.NC ( HA.'i'.VKr, 4 — A.MARIMXI •n»-,iln.v. April 3. I9'.l K.MHl CHANNEL I — Tuesday, April S. T:00 CBS News 8:00 C. Kangaroo 9-00 Joker s ivua 9:"0 Gambit 20:00 Now-fc'ee It 10:^0 I-ove or Luc 10:30 Youiw-llfslloii 11 '30 Kffarcrt-Tmrw J2:00 Ncwi 13 30 World Tiirni J:WI Guldine Li. 1:30 F.aecol Nlzht 2.00 Price- R! 2:30 ;cno 3:30 .VGO 5:30 , 6:30 /:CO 7:.0 8:30 11:00 11:::0 Match Onmc Tftltlc T^ilcs Mcrv On/I;r. 1.11 c-y CBS News Dragnet ^^3ud& Hawaii 5 -ft CBS Movie NWS ens MQVIC 6:20 6:30 ;.HJ 0:00 !> *0 I0:(0 )ri:-,o 11 GO 11:^0 10 i , nn 1 :OC Anwrlllo Col. Au '1 Ofiay 'loday Dinah -f^nniirdv Wizard H' woorf Si]». .IfK'kpot S\vccp5laka& News 3 on M.Tlc'h Unys Cit Live 2 2 ' 3 j (i: 7; 7 10 1(1: ! i 1 2 : :liO "0 .in) :30 :l:0 "0 :00 :no 00 !:;o 00 Another WorH Ho;v-Survlv« .-lomersci Movie N'[«: News News l.ucy Ar'ani-12 NBC My^leiT News .l.Ciirson Tomorrow 7:00 !I:UO !).'30 10:00 10:31) Today Dinah Wl/ard n'wd £qi. 11:UO JaokpM I '. ;:'0 Sivcrpstakcg 11:5.1 12:00 12:30 1:011 1-W 7:r.O -V3O News f^>nlact 3 On A MMoh Iiays n[ Lives Ditlori Nnf! Myiiery ., J ^ i \: .J : 5: K: fi: 7 10: 10: 12. :00 Anr>ther VVId. 30 How-Survive CO Beaver 00 A Gnttlth "0 star Trek 00 Somerset 20 NRO New i no mv« M Truth Ormsc. :00 Adanvn 00 Xws ::0 -I.Car.snr. 00 Tomorrovr KV1I CIIA.N.NKL t-.y) Klnrierzartcn 6:45 News 7:15 New 7xa 1M Cartoons h;uu hcs.-imc ?st. 9:00 Jell's Collie 0:30 Lucy 30:00 .Trnnntc J0:30 Brady Htmcd 11:00 Password Jl:30 Spill Scconil 11H5 ABC Kpcu. 32:00 New. 12:11} ftfake-Deal 1:00 Newlyweng 1:M Girl-My IJ/» 7 — AMAItll.fX) .liril 8. I37:> •_ M (jpn. Hospital '.: :.-.() one Life 3:00 Ixivc Am. Sly. 4:M Hpzan F:Ho D. Van Dyk) 5:30 ABC N«';» 6:00 Ncrr- «:30 TcJI-Truth 7:00 Hanny !'«vi 7:30 ABC Movie 10:15 Ncwi 11:00 Bonanza 13:00 ABC Spelt 1 ::iO f-ioetor. JOIOM CIHNNKr. 9 - MOXMIAN'S I'llf.iliiv. Aliril «, l'J7:i G:."0 Karm k «:00 fjen. HojplM) 7:00 New 7.00 J:::o one Life 7:30 Voyasc 3:00 Love Am. Sly. 8:30 Dan'l noon* 3:30 Voyage 0:30 B. Wnliers ^:30 Uiin 1 ! noonc 10:00 Call o[ Weil 5:30 AD" Ncwj 10::',0 Hrarty Hunch fi:00 News Jl:00 Paiiword fi:30 Tell.Tr.ilh 11:30 Split seeoinl 7:00 Hnppy [)ay» 1S:CO My Chllart-n 7 : :;o A(V> Movie 12:30 Make A Deal 10:45 Niws 1:(!D Newly weris 1.1 ;i; Movie 1:30 Girl In my Life KPKA CHANNKF, t» — AMAUII.I.O I'llfMl^y. Anril H. lo-r, fi:-0 Amarlilo rol. 2:^0 Match Oame 7:00 l!BS New» 8:0 [ J C. Kanvuroo !i:uO Jnkcr'i Wild 5:"0 Oambll 10:00 Nuw-Kcc II 10:30 I^ve ot l.ifo 10:.'.3 CBS N«\f* 1J.-00 Vcilln(/'f*C5tlc»i II :30 SenrctvTmrw '.•Ji«l Newi 12:20 World Turn* 1:H) Onldlna U. 5:CO Prlce-Rt 3:CO Tntllc Tdlcs :', :."0 licwilrnrrl 4M Thnt Girl 4:30 Hreen Acr«« S:00 Trulh I'onjcg 5:30 CHS Ncwj 6:00 NW5 6:30 U'hafi my lln< 7:00 Maude 7:30 Hawaii 30 fl:3D i.'BS Movie 11:00 NWS 11:30 NBE :.[ovi« ':00 New« Radio Orations .NKTH'OKK STATIONS KDAV {AllCi f,80 Khr KKMI (NBC) 1500 KhI KI-'VO <CBS> 100 Khz Kl.KK (ABC) 1340 KhI Kf.I.f. (Tb.V) lifil) Klu XO.N .VI'.TirOKK STATIO.NS ll'.'ll Khi K.SKI, 9,">0 Kh/ I'M I'H KI.IIK r-'M »\.i Jfhr. KI.IJ, I'M W.2 MTjz KOII.M KM 31.1 M.'n K*K[. I'M D:l.7 Slhr. KTK/. Illl.t ArliF KTXT I'M 31.0 Mil! KV.(it) I'"M 00.5 Mh« Kll.I. I'M M.:< Htii ANNIVERSARY PARIS (DPI) — Paris' Charles do CJaullc Airport ohsci'vctl Us first anniversary on March l.'i. Thc new facility lias already accommodated more than two million Air France passengers and is still expanding. Planning a Convention or Sales Meeting, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Reception Or Just a Weekend of Relaxation? ...Let us help. Convention & Banquet Sales Located in Lobby Phone 797-3241 COFFEE SHOP OPEN 24 HOURS 'Elegant ' S. ATMOSPHERE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE, AND WE TAKE PAINS TO ASSURE THAT MEALS ARE PLEASANT, SOCIAL OCCASIONS.. .SPECIALIZING IN STEAKS AND SEAFOOD! INDIANA AVE. AND LOOP 289 29 FOR 2 PERFORMANCES ONLY 'Scheherazade' BELLY DANCING will be performing 8:45 and 10:45 .. Mar. 28 & and April 4 and 5 .You; Featuring... TINA CHRISTINE SHOW AW QUESTOR • COVER CHARGE • OPEN 5 PM - 1 AM • DANCING STARTS 9:00 PM • HAPPY HOUR. i:00-6.30p ( Att DRINKS '/i HUGE)

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