The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 3, 1932 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1932
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Last Edition rpBB WEATHER FORECAST FOB A MARYLAND: Parti? cloudy and continued *arm tonight and Saturday possibly followed by thunderstorms Saturday afternoon wf night in extrcze west portion. VOL. LV. NO 197. (Af) Means Associated Press. Foil SEA Service. FREDERICK, MD., FRIDAY, JUNE 3. 1932. * it * Pr»»« K«n i N*««-- «.*tl T*Aav .' !"»** -- I.UA l T.t.i-- I«.CM FOURTEEN PAGES PRICE-- TWO CENTS BACCALAUREATE AT $1,115,000,000 TO BE RAISED BY REVENUE BILL * Measure Agreed Upon Meets Coal Of Administration. FIRE WRECKS CITY ETOOMITOSFL June 3 "AP.--The revised btii agreed upon by conferees in las: nights reeorti-breai- m? session prov.dt-s approximately SI.- . !!5.000.0!?0--the goal set by the ad- ALSO TOTAL LOSS CAPITAL Flower Show Prize Winners Named By Judges Prizes Presented To Students j Rev. W. C. Royal To Preach : For Outstanding Work During Past Year. Sermon To This Year's 160 Graduates. get today in an Building Of Harry F. Shipley Wife Follows Him In Another Plane For Short Distance And Guy Wolfe Lost. COMMENCEMENT EVENTS FINAL ASSEMBLY BEING BEGIN IN BRODBECK HALL j ARRANGED FOR TDESDAY Number Of Social Officers Also Held As Part Of Annual Program. . .. _. . _ _ __ , »*V*^*. *.v.u--I a ». V.? .?..· -1. *^~^ . t 14 V^A « *Concluding Exercises And Pre- every pro ,iswa insertM into the form to subset to the HOUS« Burned--Autos Of Milton Frank where leaders plan acsiors by tomorrow. , Forced to reach out for every available source of revenue :o meet the new ' j demands of the government the ccn- ! ! ferees accepted the higher individual I and corporation incciae tax rates pro- : vided by live Semite. All four luspcri taxes--on luniber and copper, as well as oil and coal-, nere kept in the bill. . It WAS authontat-vely learned the House conferees surrendered And Then Returns. Th» th'.rs! *:-.r.u.V: F*. '»«rr Sii-^w ct j the Gird-n Club of Fr-.-derlck TM'-'- be ' Vld !rora 3 o'-loci. '.his »::rt:ooa utitil 9 oVl.v* -.:r.isht. daring which thc*f j jif.cndiris *"i **e many beautiful!) »r- ', r.uijMi bl-joass »ud other «ririiJ?it» as Flowers cI aiAi'.y \arioties. artistic*!-; , to better asivsa-ta$e than wai pcvji3 la former yeara. »-- oe $5,000,000 Loss In Taxable Basis Of County Is Seen «V*M» *i-» S $65,000 Decrease In Revenue At Present Rate Of $1.30. EARLY AFTERNOON BLAZE HOPES TO MAKE TRIP THOUGHT INCENDIARY ACT i NON-STOP, HE STATES · _ fioor o£ :he parish . WAYS TO MEET LOSS BEING SOUGHT of oiir.:y anr.g a.--. al2-.o,-. . 7 '.a :o ?or c.- - General Alarm Brings Out Most May Also Make Visit To Croy- sentation Of Diplomas At Tivoli Thursday. i nue bili by the Senate. Th» asrroal Moving-Up Day exercises were teld at Hood Collrg* this morning In Brodbeck HalL The seniors, attired in cap and gown, and the other classes in white, took their o'.d seals is chapel until the moving-up ceremony. The senior tyam, "Lord and Father of Mankind," opened the program. After this there was a short prayer by President Joseph H. Apple. Then Dr. Apple gave a. brief address so the seniors. praising them for their fine trori in college and urged them '"to keep their burning" in the outside world they have daring their four years Commencement events of the Frexierick ! High School. Prof. Albert B. Ieary. princhal. Trill begin Smday »-ith the baocalaureate service in the school audi- toriuts in the agoming. r^aal assem- | bly exercises iviU take poe Tuesday, i Apparatus To Conquer Flames. don And Le Bourget Airports. !:Ov';i upon t: -Avrr Mrs. 1'. ·1.1:1 ' · ! -: a:- Crr:::'.\3. cj:snty ar.J state »?r?::-ies are i-j:upjir«i jec ! Residents of Nor.h Market street be- 1 :Teen Fourth and Fifth s'.reets hat! i their flr«-»-orks a month early today. · and mth them a rlre which destroyed a j garage and tiro automobiles and brought oat all the city's flrefishiing --Stanislaus and the commencement proper wiU oc- i cur on Thursday morning a-, the Tivoii Former Congressman Makes theater. i : Rev. WiHiara C. Royal. Trill preach , AddrCSS In Interest Of PeaCC. * d by an incendiary, was m the frame the sermon to the senior class Sunday · Yori. June 3 (AP Hausner. o' Nowark. N J Warsaw. Poland, from Flovd Bennett f\eld today at S 4S a. m . e s t He hoped to maie the flight non-stop. H way Hausner's second start on the Fr; projected solo fii-jht to -.he country C'.: where he was bom Last Saturday he ; Suia The flre. believed to have been caus- . tooi oft but -*as forced back after sev- He was fo'.lo-A^d into the atr today by K.ase ^untai:'. c:,ia, Mrs l*t P-K'i- a.rc. Mr* Hu^.i Nak'r. Mrs. Emj-rj- and Mrs Ko»la:jd c:*;;. tan.'re Garden Clubs. Pr.'f. V. W. Bollard. University of Mary-anti. anJ Mr» ; Elmer Funshouser and Mn. Mev.l'.e ' Rilcy. Thry were entertained it Ivus-'h- : : \ lf total ton at t::c Fra:i,-j Sc-" Key hot*!, at ' ahich a:e:naors of, trie club also s'.tend- j , ed. ! Pruts were awarded as folljas. i Claas 1--Single Stalk vf Ir_s 1st. Mrs Hi".er; llnci, Mrs. \Vm. St-rm: = Frank Newman. 2--Collection o' Iris. 5-10. 1st. Mrs. R.teri Nicodeinu.-: 2nd. Miss Se- 1931-32 ."..·. quite half of the county -\pe:ise buds-t. Mttft of the r«:nr-.der to n-.ake S"-46,'.03.12 in sch»: cast* the state Tin* total fijure of sn the taxabl« e* Tiill be reciorj- r. county author- :ia\e no eisv tasSc ch .-'·are S^T.XK) by the co-jn-.y out of ah "-» a * bslanrm? t:v budge'., whi r i » i---Q=. R.S v i n:u5: be com;)t*3 oy July !. i ixyj'.r.v "j,»c^i', o. t ^- ·-- . ·- Sa;wrMsor o'. A^iesnients Alfr*d ' does not Inc'.jd* capital exi.'e:ii'.'.ur» for the jchoolx. \Viill« a denvvnd his boon made for :ed-act:oa in salaries of school t*rhers and oRlcUls. 't is a"--o shown that th«e ISscum. for the m.v. part, arc -set by law morning a* the baccalaureate serrice i , . . . . . . and tin storehouse and g»ra;e bui.diag | ano . n , r p : a! - e ;n «hich his pretty rena Motter: 3rd. Mrs. Stuart. Hallcr. ' and be changed only by the Legiilat-are ' which wiH place the program for the evejai Processional, invocation, aria. , at cO'Vee ' - ows - ^rooessionai, lavocanwii, ar»a. , After the address the Moving Up ex- "Z2on» Hiibr. Donald L^therman: i *rcis« «ofc 3 !ace. The seniors left bmn, "Gracious Spirit. Dove Dmne/ Class 3 -- 3 Rooes. one variety -- named. ercises *ooic place. The seniors left their places and stood at the sides of the chapel while ihe present Juniors moved up to occupy the vacant places. The other classes followed the same procedure, each assuming th* rank o? the next highest position. President Apple then spoie to the iacoaiins senior class, urging them to live irp to their new responsibilities. He said that lie hoped they Trould make Hood's fortieth anniversary the best year In her history. The folio-ring- prizes and a-warcs irers then presented t Aiurcnae Association Prizes t a. 'For the best, short story appearing in the -HeraM" during the year. $5. Awarded for "The Dress" in the Itarch. issue to Miss Agnes St.. Clair of the class of 1932. b. For rhe best poem. So, awarded for -Ii'Heure Bieue" in she April issue to Miss Catherine Ayars of the class Gottschalk; responsive reading. Apostles' j 11 o'clock.; ! **iongin){ to Harry F. Shipley, about ,-. fe rode . ^ pa sser.;er a."fo'- T JlBrt 1 PBHWn U U A P Q UT?B nalf^av benreen Market street a n d ' In the second plane was also Rev " ' Q - ' AlUjij U K U n L I ntiAtlO tlJjft Middle" alley. It broke out shortly after Paul Knappek. a .N»ars ?r!,-st This ' one o'clock. ; plane, after trailing Hausswr 'or a ! The cars destroyed belonged to Mil- ' while wen: to the Nrwarfe airport. i Riddcll. Mrs. James A. An ardeni pica for world peace was, , oa Prari and G .. y Wo!{e . xaval reser-.-e officers from the air ' Carlos deGaraie::d;3. exceptions are in the case of d 1st. Mrs. H. J Or:h Jr.. 2nd. Mr. Vin- j fa ., who are pa i rent Vini{lir.s: 3rd. Mr .p.cen: Yms- " . . . ;:ir.g. Honorable nu-ntion. Mrs. W A. '. aboat $16000 above the m:n.mum se made by former Consresswoman Jean- ses ar.d Mrs ' by law. ThL^ is the only sum which i can be iaiaifdiate'.y cut short. W. est:mat«! today that the new OIM» -Mil be at l-ASt $3.00-3.000 short of .ast VCA.-'« total o! SG4 449,046. Shc-j'.j the present tax rate of Si.30 p;-r S'.CO b- re-adopted reiultin; rev- o-.s-r S65.00A. T:-.e 193:-32 aisesimcnt figures which are e.tpcrtfd to undergo astwt drastic;us,ta:' nt are the assessments on ordinary b-x--.::ess corporations and evera hundred flrecrackers and tor- station a". Floyd Bennett field accom- Creed, prayer, anthem, "Send Out Thy i _. ish schools of t ents class, biic Sir^S DCljj^ 2J and letters that tir. sen ted. to attend, are announced at , more ana more tne » _ a j pledged antly with workers for that goal 10 si- e . ' conditions necessiuited he might make j Class 6--Three The blaze was termed incendiary by . a stop at London or Paris. He planned ; First, Mrs. Earl ZdRler: Dorsey Shipley, son of the corner of the i to follow a course slijhtly to the south o'. '· Hunter Bowers: building, who revealed thai about ten . the steamer lanes. plane into the air j of 132. Honorable mention for "On i The serdo: Hearing Wind at Night." by Barbasa) , Wild of the class of 1935. c. For the best essay. So, aTrarded for Tennyson's Theology sho'xn in "In Memoriam"' in the April issue to Miss Mary Louise Meyer of the class of 1932. Honorable mention for "Carl Sandburg. Disciple of · Walt Whitman" in the Norember issue ! by Elizabeth. Mataeney of the class of j 1933. Frederick Female Seminary AJunmae Association prize in the Department; of j English for work of distinction in Fr=sh- ; man English. 35. Awarded to Esther Topks, Art prizes given by Itr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Wood. Prize for Costuaie Design, SIS. For originality in design- in? and technique in handling various mediums, a"^arded to Miss Louise Brumbaugh of the class of 1934. b. Prize for in their efforts declared Commencement execi«s will be held second. Mrs.' honorable menu-oil. | i Mr:-. Mantle. Mrs. Edw-.ird Tiiouuis. i 7-Three Onental Poppies, one ' ols of the city This action has met with approval on of those who wHh to know the !arv status ar.d where savinzs . n ' · con- j variety. First. Mrs. Ma^ie: second. Mrs. | t over | prank N.codorniis; third. Miss Helena I him off. · stauller. honorable ram ; Hllnter BO^^. | ^ ^ Muntj -Paid Salarlr*. It Is brought out also the same ccn- Mrs ! eral rule applies to ofScials in the var- ten and j Class 8--Collection some of j O j. ;ess -i-jm 5 R0r :o start Sn an o p - · which he planned to drop orer the i s ;ems. (to two of Columbines, : offices. whose saiarisa are "given br pupils of the school.;^ «^estly fostering the ca«e, M · bi^ today appeared t, . . ..._ or dance was held last week, i*** 10 *- C:tasg tne leport or wiiuaai. .^^ corner ot tne O uiiding from ; Croydos airport near ^ondon^ and -t^john Adams; second. Mrs. Button nxre than First. JO I Green, of Harvard Unirersu.. at the]_here the f^^^^ ,ere S r ore d on the i conditions were favorable he hoped to. stalei -; thlrd MrS] Helena StaufTer. ;Generr. Arms Conference now in prog- i secc ^, 1 aoor -j-jjey -^3 recently been ! 9y over Le Boarjet. Paris, to drop some, j O!ass n_Flrst. ilrs. T. Stuart HaSler. iress, she called aiiention to the activi- mnwd frurf from downstairs. Many His plane carried 525 gallons of sas-| second. Mrs. Edward P. Thomas: i ties of the Ycut-h Movement and of his persons were drawn to the scene j statement to the effect that young men crackling 3f the fireworks. third. Mrs Carlos tie Gxrmendia; hon- I object to going to war. . Representatives of the National ; Council for the Prevention of War will! : go to both the Republican and Demo- · cratic National Conventions in Chia this month and insist tha; ihe cause ! peace be inserted in the national plat- j forms. Asserting thai the supreme law ras composed of the Con- i sandwiches, two ham sandwiches, a j Or3b , e mention, Mrs. William Andcr- The Junior fire engine was first call- j gallon o' coffee and a gallon of water : s()n _ :o the scene and soon afterward a i Hausner appeared cool as he superln- ; 10-- First. Mrs. Cark» de Gar- set by the Legiiiature. birt who are paid bv the county, except in a few instances where the stale shares the payment. These were In !931i County treasurer. Thomas A. Chap- Ur.e. S3.003 and 10 percent, of dos license^-, John W. Loy. deputy. SMOO: Feme Snook Etzler. S950; Mrs. Grace Miller. $60 month. Sheriff. Charles W. aged. A moment later he * as off. Boxes of fireworks. dampeneJ by the j The flyer estimated he would fly a?- j C!ass J2 !_p.rsu Mrs. H. J. Orth: sec- water, were tossed from the building i proximately 4.375 miles to reach War- ond li; _ H D BaJcer; thinj Annual Observance In Honos O f ; o f :he , . .stitunon of the United States, laws en- b _ fcea-en and eagerly seized by the | saw. no-arf Tn Ro Qimriav j acted by Congress and sH treaties, she! { v ^^ who ^. ere ^ 5^,5 afternoon! -- ueaa i o tse iunaay. i emphasized the -r.^nance of the ^^at the sceae iRA^HR rHiRfTFri WM ' j 3rlanc-KeIlr?g peace pact and urged. About Sve mont hs.3go mysterious i UAoM/D, UnttRUIjU 111 ill I zU nersc^is to memorize the "on^ ( -ja-,,^ dsstroved a garage and two cars i SERVICES IN 2 CEMETERIES '$£*%£ SS ll »TM* ^ s *TM sceae - The ?arase be mediate i ::)nsed - former Sheriff William C. | SHORT SELLING, DENIES IT | Miss ! Serena Hotter. ! Class 14--Flowers for Porch. First. i Mrs. William Storm: second. Mrs. Charles Cor.iey: third. Mrs. Frank Newman. j Class 25--Card Table arranged for a ' (joch. S2.000. j Bridge Luncheon. First. Mrs Ridgeiy j supeVisor or -' Clert of Court, Eli G. Haueh. $3.000: this salary and those of deputy and clerks agsregatlng about S6.500 paid from fees of o3;ce. The county levy for the Cicrk of the Court last year was S2.81Q 00. County Commissioners-- $1.500 each: clerk to commissisr.ers. R. Bruce Mur- Assessments. Alfred W. share corpor.»t:or-s. The ordinary corp- orat.on n^ure last year was $2.225.000. and the share corporation assessment was $6.250.000. Th«« are due ;o be heavily defiated. Other losses forseen are !n the assessments on stocks and bonds, which last year was 54.477.930 at the 15-cen5 rate, and Sl.67I.526 at the 30-cent rate. and on the assessment for franchise tax on savings banks, which last year was $1,959.113. Bank stock shares taxed last year at one per cent, on a basis of $6.000.000 are also expected to be greatly curtailed. The county will laee $15,000 tax on Central Trust Co. stock. Fewer Automobiles. Another pre\iict;d loss is in the motor vehicltf account. whi;h will fall below last year's budget figure of $2.525.000. Railroad rolling stock, assessed last year at 5497.956. will undergo som$ curtailment, it is foreseen. Not a great deal of variance Is *x- perted in the real estate assessment. which is the outstanding item in de- terminLns the tasabic basis. A comparison of this account !or the past three years shows little variance. It is as follows; 1929--$46.258.045; 1930^S46.434.367: 1931--S46.237.980. A fail increase in 'h* last personal property assessment was seen, however, when that figure rose from S9.5G6.055 in 1930 to $10,114.040. Present Tax Kate 51.30. At the present tax rate. $1.30 oa tb« $100, the tax revenues on which the county operates are $952,795.65. That is the figure for the fiscal year 1931-32. It will be seen, therefore, that if the basis on which this sum is determined Is to shrink between 7 and 10 per cent, the tax rate must either be raised or the budget cut. Public sentiment ts so decidedly against a raise in the tax rate, demanding a lov.'erin; U anything, that it is extremely unlikely an attempt will be made to raise It. The saly alter- natr-e. therefore, is in slashing of the budget, ar.d this the County Commissioners must determine, through cuts made by tlirm. The commissioners do not expect to have the budget worked out before the last of June, it was stated at their office today. MIDDLETOWN MINISTER ADDRESSES LIONS CLDB Alumnae '"Biue and Grer' AvT2r of JTe- Weea," Miss 3 Of 1 "Blue and Grey" Award, S2.oO, for j the best eaitonal of the preceding edi- | toria! yeari "Progress," March 23. 1932. \ Former Judge Glenn H. Worthin^-on ! M make ths address. The ceremonies :r . n conclude with singi eet her and her partr. The iaiter : more than 20 of the fires were set. ac- v.ell known l a w - j cording to his confession. all of! The arrest of the man grew out of awarded » Mi» Ma . Louise Meyer = of j Me/a^a'prayer by Rev.'Fr. Land.-- , ^o^^l^. route";oVSc=to for the ' the fire Tuesday which destroyed the .ae c^ss Oi .:ai-. t,..0ie_ as jKtesest^ 5 g^ Albert- S. Browri. member of the: jjepujj^csj, convention later in t-he Charles D. Miller warehouse, spreadinz preside and music will. _ by Mrs. Grace P. Smith. J " S ne was orc-jght to this city ; to the Potomac Edison warehouse and j that which broke oat almost simultaze- san _- ce award Scholarsiiip. be shared equally by three ttuc Awarded for the year 1932-1933 to 3relm Harcing of the class 01 IS34. Miss \ ,,. Mildred Philips or the class of 1934. i^r,"-* 1 * L-ee OT Miss Molbe Escn- · res wi2 be deo"~3*«rl tierc. Montsoincry Olivet cemetery. Mrs. C. [ is ?vy To Remain At S1.30 Per SI 08. =·-·-·»·* at a loss of $200.000. one o t.h^ ·s' lone Hccnc-erger of trie of 1935. e. The Helen Hedic Memorial ·, " _ Scholarship. SI 50. This scholars;-.:? is · to be sirred by two sprits Award- S | X | N C H E S Qf RA | N ea for the vear »3o2--333 to Miss Marione Adam of the class of 1934 and FLOOD O K L A H O M A CITY Miss Hel-en Harp of the class of 1334. i f. The Sally Conrad Patzntlsro? Schol- j arshit in expression is awarae; . of 19 5cnolarshi-51 a. W. A. ILantz .^^. u ,»» ., _ , - as ,=-jccen Hoods swept early today trapping .3 the history of western Mary- Mor.ts:irr.e-- cc-unty'.s 3932-1933 tod- · -3,,^ jje also admitted, officials w.d. Srin? the Lowery Produce Company plant February 3 of this year at a loss of S50.O30. Tuesday's fire loss was placed z~. between S4".000 and S50.000. his regu- in two transactions, in which he admitted that he was "technically short." Gray pointed to one particular sale in 3927 which he said was a transaction sr,-d a?ked wr.y Raskcb s-M the st^cic. "Far some pore." Raskcb replied. "For income tsx purposes to establish a profit cr loss " There were frequent references to politics and protests from Senator Glass. Democrat. Virginia. Just before Raskob concluded. Gla^s ptit into the record a list of members of the board of Genera". Motor? po-r.tms nut that there are ' 23 R?puo'.:car^ and r.o Democrats." David Lion, publicity of N» V-r.r-1. the firs: to'ri tne ·rvritrs:!- rr..ll.on dollars out of stock put at hi.- di^Tosfel without cost in return :or pub,."?.TV n^ nSiTi'u»*s^« .or* s.ors. p^o^^s. .ioned before i ^^"r" IS-Growin? Gardens: r a Dish ' .-mi-'ee bv its Ga: " clens - flrs - J° h » Molter; second. , Home Demonstration s?"'d lie al- ' " Wiss c;3re Reynolds: ( b i Growing Gar-| Pcarson $1.250 and expenses. Total I dens, other types tr.nn dish: First, j co -jnty budget for this work: last year. ' Mrs. F. C. Njcodemus: second. Miss' 52 553 i Margaret Motter; third. Mrs. Jo!m | "'p-^^.^ officer. ?.Irs. Michael E. i Quir.n. ; Pue _ 51.200. in additwn :o salary as ! Spsaiing to the Frederick Lions Ciub Class i9--Arrangement of Flowers in ' e x? secretarr of Children's Aid i Tinirsday noon on 'The Long Look," Rev. L. Ralph Tabor Talks Here On "The Lone- Look." «.-,,,,_. , - lfc e con_ainers opcn to members of · so-ietv taken frorn state appropr^ition · Se". L. Ralph Tabor, pastor of Zioc "*""' ' Garden Club only) · First. Mrs. Rob't. o r 53 ooo. i Lutheran church. Middiftown. gave a H. De;apla:r.e. second. Mrs. Frank New- , . bl:; Health Nurses. Gauld Leckic, ! comprehensive thoiirlit c-n prreen ' mis: tr-ird, Mrs. John Newmar: honor- «;2.s -y- mor'h ar.d 'ravelin; expenses: 'conditions in which he warned his au- able mention. Mrs. Stuart Haller. Class 20--Chikiren's Ciass. First. Betty Zcizler. second. Louise Tnomai. third. Joe Baker: Honorable mention. J. D. Hendr.r*ison. Flvr.n. S600 paid by county. i diencc not to oe guided too strongly m Other Salaries. ] us options by ;he cr-nditions cf only a Other salaries are more nominal in | few years. irr.3urr"_=. sarh as the County Const3O. "Our ase is predominated by fear.TM BULLETS FLY AS BURGLARS ESCAPE AT SYKESVILLE.^^J^y Bal* .m'"'re. J'JTi*" 3 A? ? --Ts~o rr.^n .n a r.--x iUVornro.;? r.hlcr; a short t:rr.? rarlier had been s'^len fr^m a Scfvn- .ec thro'igrs Syke*ville early ! who,=e salary is paid by fees, and the Orphans Jourt judges and Election Super-, isors. whose salaries vary. T.-e Chief Jud?e of the Circuit Court, paid SI 1.500 per dges Arthur D Willard and Robe: B Peter receive $3.500 ea--h. SalarX' npli?r. Car! W. Koltz. SI .400. co-ir: '-rier. Marion S Mo'yr'.y. si.200. are rr- Jodi;e$ Paid With SUir FnndL Tht salanes of tn; local judges come frcn Jti'.j fund?, from tr.e State Comp- th? He referred specifi- thc court .".or.3- ] sccca. set siil b^lar.r? th« presc-t ;sx r of r_ : »-'*=^?i ·..'.l-.ia' "ith rcfnt-oc of ; cf SI 30 per SI03 R. PAUL SMITH ON STAND ofc: ,j. OTna C ,. T okla Jurie 3 .. A? ,._ _· d _ OTrcd Ki ~ ?Te Class of 1933. 3. Bertha MoCai: Alurr.- , nae Scholarship, awarc-^c for the year : 1932-1S33 to M_=s Muriel Weaver of the | class of 1534. c. The Charles -J. Little. Scriclarsli-p. awarded for .lie year 19321933 to Miss F2"r:r of tr.e class . of 1934. d. Captain Sarr.uel Dawsor. Scholarship of S1W civen by Mrs. K. D. Shepparc, av.srded for tr.e year 1932-1933 to Miss Virginia Trc-xell of the class of 1335. i As a climax t£ i-he ex-erclses, the rins i csremor.y was performed. In this Louise ' Patterson, president of the class of 1932. passed on to Alvi Dursee, presi- sdisn rlve^ and L.srfr.ia» frees st;r;ed over a wide area Wat^-r poured thrcush V:ic buS-r.c=- : district, flood.r.g basements and r^t:t- .r.g fanulies ir. csrcos for the destitute. Tr.s c~.~.rr_^i"nDr=. the county tosrc c-f oi" / "3-t'r; ar.^ o?hc-r county of£ci?.l^ _-.r or. f.-.? cc 31'= ;-f -r.e fcudstt for -r.e f-.-csl v^r. -riirh b-r;-_-is Ju'i" I, 1932 r lt safe to an- :rv!*e will be needed rr.-ft ths res ;i-err.»r.-A o: Rate Not Set. sr? had not set the r.s~ ta- r-t« at 2 c-'riors this afterr.oor.. t^day -jr.der a rain "f bul^ts after a dr-puty sr;eriff arid a s'ate policeman OLSCC--.tree them trying to breaic into the Maryland Mill.r.g and Sunplv Company. ; ".roller's office, and are not paid from Tr.e a-rorac-b.l-, beartss dealer iicerJe cour.ty A a.z-s. The H«?is;cr of W:lls. TIT T T /innr riiT-i/ T T J T I T ?: "* :s No 25 - e: ' 0 " aa = "- ^^ -°- ' as : : " e :AX °' *'~ crk ° r :hs Courc IN E. L COBLENTZ TRIAL ^^^^^^^^^^^^L^^ ^ a f t e r by Patrolman Walter tr.e^ co^nt.. :?./. 3r---rr.jr.. ··'. th» Pik's-.ille pl:cc. · The ?5_:rt hou** :.\r..'~~ M^rsr.all S Ah-;,;: 'r.» s».rrje time r. WAS diyciver- ' Grurr.b.r.-, ^ paid SI-00 by tr.e »^s- cally to three things which we fezr. We 'ear the raac'mne, the speaker asserted. When the machine came into wide acccr:snce we gave it- a great ovation. Now v.e are afraid of St. We are afraid of standardization, he If wo .all beconie equalized in :;r.c capsci'ies riiroueh beins .;7«d. we fear that the mar: receive nt :o helps to socialism in ?.h:. o-sn.- the rr.achine more ^'3?"^ than the man rjn it. W* fear a sort o so not One Of Guarantors Of Notes Held By Central Trust. ?jrr.e. Xo in ic- c^'r.t^r: :^ to ih a mtt-ro^t cc^-in'y s ptio..r 5*:^^ THE WEATHER TODAY Mari . et Dctermined .^, 3 , APt. 'srward in ;.| ^^ de; :_.,..- ed nZ .^ o! lhe i , T - ae .^.....^ ,., shares _ ^ v , !ent of the class tf 19"i3. the noad ring · bv e2 ,...r af . ?r . 1O as a symbol of wr.lor.ty. After tho ij ;,.. n .ii,.. ,,,_· coitege'hymn. ' of Eternal ' ^ ' 's'-'fr:-'" Ths btidr,'' 3 .f.i;-...velv prepared .r.-.orest or. the S-l On» c-"0 bor.d issi:c for S-c;ir:t.-:-.s srhcc-ls ar.d roads of 1S3- which has r_? tf the r.ot born .=old. The cxmir_is5iorior5 ex- j rear v- pect to sell th'^se bor.d; within the i rt«Tt tv" rr:"ntris and have tncj.ided" in - ^e le--- f InT.tcs -he 5 p-r OT.'_ *.-i» ^~ ^,,_ 0 .. ·; V oi iCOXTE,-TJ353 OS PAGE % __ ?3.68». ! $2,000,000 increa^-s uz tbe tasai^e basis. I Prec-.p.taf.c-n for 24 hours er.dT.j, at 7 a. m. today--none. Precipitation. June to date--r.jr.? Xonr.a'. June prec:p:ta:.or,--4 35 ir.-hes: actual. June, 1931--375 tr,-hc,= ir. 1932 prectpitattisri to Jur.* --5 S9 '"cries. High temperature yesterday--83. temperature a year a^n--83. Lo^sr te-rnperture last night--55. Low temperature a year a^i--52. Sun «e*.; tsday--732 p m. Sun ri?ps tomorrow--444 3. rn Moon rli« tosr.orroTX'--4 27 a. m. seU tomorrow--8^4 p. m. S^i.t".'.. ·.icc-nr'.-.ccr.t x the P Eii=.jr. Coir.par.y ar.d a tuariir-'or an r.;-te.s held '. tl_- dcf-:r.,-t Crr.tral TniS' C"m3ar.TM te-.-tzfird txia^ a-i ili^ triAl --f Err. -y 1. C-:-b:i^. prc^.c-r-t of tit? oar.'*; tor jt-rcrr.r.s c ·-*-. "^ ?..-,er. ho irr.eT t-"." .r_-tif:t.-.r. ".'· co m.-'-lvcr-t S^r.-th ;.=v.S*d lx- iv ^re -' the =.27;- er.^ or. a c-jar.vr.'^-r?' :.yf sr.d that Ses etrfoer 2 tho dav before tr.e Central 3 a^ cit. : ed. r.e hie c"ou?r. a-^set. 11 to rr.."tt the oilirativ. Tr.e t^^t.K-.anr n?.; ofr^-fd by the "-re 3^ro.vs the ra.lroad tracks fr^rn tne harass hac b«ri rob'oec of a c jantity i o, j. o"^..cs ino provisions. pr^.Vjrnau.y by t r o .^^.rr;^ thiivos ~?.ho ?to'^ the auto- Sta.c police ~sre r.'jt.f.^d ir.d 2 g*n- · ifter 2 a m . stat» ?- State salaria pa.d h»re .n-lud-e that V Praf Isrr.atius 3;-vr». /-.f "ns Maryland State Schrjl for the Deaf. S4 5M. and the teirr.ers tr.ere. ran;- ir.z in xos* ir-stant^s from Sl.OC-0 to tojetrjcr af Walfr Blizzard Kv.t--d ;t thrc'.Sh He ~ald Deputy S'.-.friff DcVrif^ of Carro'.l rrjnty Tli? t u o cffi:er5 c .\rr.e i.pon the .stolen a-;tomo3;le parked r.'ar the MaryHr.d M.ll^-.s and Supply Company. Scrr.e: .state ir. an effort t- sho7«- the Centra". ; th.r.g fruhvntd the two n-.en. wr.o got was insolvent ?. lifr. th* deposits were · out of the macr.ine as the oSccrs were W..".-ir.i B. Frtnc'r. tr-.osurtr of Ir.- ' t'.ie atitorr. .bile, ^;th tr.e '.-fScers j ft-ms .-·iftftd-j-.' '.o the On' t.-al. rorr.t)'.--uJ h. tejfrnor.y t«-day ::.= i -,3 ob'.ca^-riS of the arm aad ip»rat.c-r.. Most salaries hire rr.jr.tiontd are set by law, ar.d -· sr.-yilc be r.xed that wh^n camtr.E? of ctr.-^r per.^-n? itrew in the ".-.:»?.-;·*·" 7cr:o.i af'or the war. rjiar.y c-f the =ar*r:es s*t by In connection *.t.. the pjol.: school expenses it has beer. br.u;ht out the total paici by the -c"»urly in the past year for ;t-- p.i"i:i- n'c.y.·"..-. ii:h n-.-vre than I! 000 FJ?i-'- *** ^546 103 12 the future, the We Te do c--- what ire i-hall SJid the slio-:ld b? no ;us-lf.od fear of ·~~" machin?. he stimmarizKi in clos- N-.-.-n-.e dan-ercus. s^"-? men have ctffer.-nt trials and d.ffcrer.t rr.sntai As 'f, the *ut;ir-c. he stated, we s"-.a:i have to exercise fs-tfe. 5-nc2 rr.en ha-.c rr.acfS prnjress m every ace. thT'* ar? TT.I-T hiiher ar.d rr^gh-ier The cteetir.- was presided ever by H. Lavisr Michael. ~~£f~ t;rcsidsr.t of the club :n tr.e absence of C. Thomas Surc- mcrs, president. Clas« Has Meeting. Tl-.e re~r.2T mor.tiily -- eettrij cf the Threads of Go'.d Biil-e Class of oCvarr M. S church school was held Tuesday^ ir. the ladies" parlor. The president. Mrs. Roser Evler. presided. *T""-.(i. -j--^.,-. * ·*·* J "X ^ ? O~/; '"C"* 3V S*" "*~ -T i? *'T*s ( t h e Garder." and "Near the Cross." anc! Th» i'.a'e polireman ar.d ; or a'-rut or.o-f ;:rth rn--re "han the prayer by the class Atwr the business r«d «ev*ral s'li:.^ after - 'r.e itate sorr^t ".i "r.e r"iJ prc;c-', thtt o- * wettr.g". a fcc.s! hour " held, iie :ar s- f:.^--.r.s'n-.AC.-.-r.' ! . bu* it continued on 1» : shc-uider-ir.? :no state road frosi Free- . refresr.rr.3Si corr.mittee was composed Oi I viay ani disappeared. j encs to Kr.ojrvilie. 'Mrs. Rjtciie ar.d Mrs. Hartsoci.

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