The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 23, 1948 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, July 23, 1948
Page 9
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»w«, Frt4«fck. Ma., Friday. July 23, 194S Soviets Hold Practice In ~- ^ Air Corridor Difficulties At New Airjxwrt Are Moiiiiting t«av 22 (JH--Thr«« Rus-' While progress continues on cer- zuTfiCtiter planes engaged, tain phases of the municipal air- t*r»t practice maneuver to-. P°« construction, thc development £ « 1 «rt«* air corridor., threatens to surpass even the is faced with the outlay of fund*! far j.bove any amount contained jn ' the original estimates. In view of this situation. Mr ( Burall maintains the next logical ; «tep would be for the holding of a general conference attended by city officials, the Airport Committee, the CAA. the city's consulting air engineers and the contractors. Only through such, a conference cars the problem be approached correctly. Alderman Burall maintains, and a s-olution leached which \\ould be justifiable under the circumstances. Air Force to supply Soviet-; true, £ least from a financial blockaded W *f tern .? e f Ul _ r , cri . 1! . i ''Difficulties encountered v.iU'.in A four-eng"^ Jg^^^J recent v. eek^ have (^largely eeve-tcwmg aircraft--a com- · *£_ l developed by Ai type of target practice-- in the w .- n B 3ura ,, ,, ho ,,,. Berlin -Bueckburg corncor this- morning. "There is no evidence that tne three were shooting at the sleeve while the York \\as nearby." a British official said. ' but they probably \vere shooting." The British Military Government -j-";,, issued a statement saying the Russians committed two other breaches o£ flight rules today jn the same corridor. Aicerman :3ir.tams he is exerting e\er eflorl to 'get a true picture' of the airport situation and ;ti many ram:iica- I tion-- Fur %\ ei-'k:-. K:iti!nK -!iv: pa\ ::ig operat:«;s have b the T. Hope concern ha: been under v. u;. Rus'-cll Con;pa:; n,:a jnto consi'i- eraole phyMCal ci:2!c;;it\. however, due to --oft spots in cenasn run^\a^^. v.;:h principal di::".cuity i-.ov. ce!!ter::.g c-n the o-ea!'ed No 3 Another York crew saw two Yait5 Run\va. \\here t!ie "fit!" : !-·:· "climbiag up in front o' him about' adequate to'-am '.Me !·· pe of 100 vards away." the statement t pavsrsg cal:i-ti for :n approved said. "The rule is that aircraft' pjans and pec.!lcation- Chmax \\ai reached vi.lhsn the · about 163 past several i«ijs w i t h suiiv,ay ! operations tysn:ed In the mean- lime, the RusbeSS Company - equipment has been largely idic antl Kot approach other aircraft -earer than 150 meters Protest Registered In the third incident, a York crew saw 'a formation of Yaks flying in and out of clouds " Rape Offemler Denied Parole Application Annapolis July '2'2 «· --State Paroie Director F ^Suriay Benson today turned d o w n the icque^t of a rape offender because ' th;« :-· one ot too nia:! case^ of i«.-x crime'- ' Sc.v ca^fN !.-«'.- r-tpid:'-" i!!t:ca«- od Miice the '*ai Be.')»on ^ai'j at a paroSe board hc-an:!j; "These ha:~ been .\jj"e loo-eite^^ in relation*- wis'i women which may be a result of the war or may not." he ia:d. Ber.«!!i :»id the mothi-r of a 1S- vear-o'd MaryJander ente«ced to 10 ear- for rape that he -.\ou3d"not recommend to Governor Lane parole a! this «irne The case w i l l be leviewed in another year, he iaid Th«- bov was ?e«lenced in Mynt- County Csicuit C«jurt on 1945 and under state ed the Russians a -very strong protest." over a flight of Yaks which flew over Gatow airport in Ber- coiiMderation after" vei v.ciii os:e t h i r d of his sente.-Hi- 'Hie manufacture of c~sa:ettc* in the United States began about 1364 time lost which couid ha\c- been j a . v becomes eligible ?m paroie adequately .-.pent t-'^cwhcre. ·TWO davs ago the British hand- Costs Continue To Mount AH Jhe \\h. e. the cots continue to mount Pending conferences a-:d discu'-- sioni. no ofticia! statement has been foiIncoming ai to thc s i t u a - tion. It is understood, however, that ihe City is faced v.-ilh two methods of procedure. One is tu seek a waiver from the government thereby the runway "soft spots" can be surfaced, with the know- have to be Battle Over Taft*Hartley Law Begins ~ Washington, July 22 ·,--A hot legal battle began today on a government charge that John L. Lewis violated the Taft-Hartley law in negotiating bis new soft coal agreement. Attorneys for Lewis argued at the outset that if the agreement's contested union shop clause runs afoul of the labor lav.- then coal m:-.e owners who agreed to jt are equally guilty. Tne charge* being aired at a National Labor Relations hearing, are that Lew is illegally insisted on the clause in a contract signed June 31 with "captis-e ' coal mines --that as. mines owned by the st«.el induMry. IVurkrr-. -Mu^t Vote The Tali-Hastley Act sas a union shop cannot be established un- k--5 tne '.', orkers vote for it ic an election conducted by the XLRB. but Lewis v/a prevented from obtair-ing an election because accc~.-i to NLRB's. facilities is av- at'abSe only to unions whose o8i- cen i!Sn a non-Comr«iun:st aslida- v:t. Lew is refuses to sJgn one "as a matter of principle." Lewis argued in a motion filed by his attorneys that the miners demonstrated, by their refusal to v. ork the captive mines during the week of July 6. that they wanted ihe «n:on ihop. Such a provision has been in past coal agreements since 194!. The "captives" work stoppage ondcd v. hen they agreed with Lev. is--in an out of courf setllc- rncnt arranged v. j t h Federal Judge T. Alan Goldsborough's help--to put the union shop into effect temporarily pending the outcome of the NLRB case vn the election requirement. Lewis' attorneys also contended thatx the ejection requirement^ is invalid. Moi«» Testifies Most of today's hearing was occupied with testimony by Harry iloaes. negotiator for the captive- interesti. on details 'j' the lengthy contract negotiations leading up to the settlement. Motes testitied that Lewis insisted on the union ;hop without aT election. The reit of the ccal industry accepted th:b but Moses said he refused to go a!ong for the He *.e^'i!ie. the stet! seitlenier.t reached ;n Judge GolcU- borough's chambers w as a " compromise ' and preserved t f e right to contei-t the matter. The claute in que'.iio -requ:rei mi-.e ow ner: to f:re any worker failsng to jo:;: the UMW within 30 days afU-r being i::red. The hearn.g be::is held by an NLRB examiner wiU be re^ru:ned tomorrow. Any NLRB decis: a is expected to be appealed to the court:-. Lev. is hope- either to get the XLRB e?ecTi«,:i requirement invalidated by the courts or prevail on Congress to repeal it. Meanwhile the miners are v. orking under the unio*i ih'jp arrangement. the British Military Government rejected tomsht a ; Russian offer to supply electric, power to a factory in Western Berlin. A British spokesman said the offer to supply 10.000 kilowatt hours of power daily to the A.E.G. turbine factory in o e - - . - . the British sector, i r ?, p . d , rctrn :. mf replaced from tsmc to time. which is working mostly for tne. The aherna ; ivc .,, ;o CO!Ilp icteIy Russians, was the thin edge of a removc . the C xistins "fin," make an Soviet wedge drivuig toward eco- -, adequate substitution, and the» re- nomic control of the whole city.. fill at a cost roug hly estimated at The offer of electricity had been aroun{{ an(i between S7.-.000 and made by the Soviet zone's German $100.000 additional, it is reliably Economic Commission. The West-. rcp0 rted. em commanders already have de- ] j u; , t w hat portion of such ad- clared this^ commission has no legal'ditiona! expenditure thc C i l y status in Berlin, which they say is would be expected to pay is the under four-power control and not' problem now confronting the May- 3 part of the Soviet zone. or and Aldermen. At Ihe same Xew Record Haul ' time. Alderman Burall. who has Aa official British statement consistently opposed "undue" ex- ssid the British had "no wish to'penditure of funds for. and expan- refuse" the preferred 10.000 kilo- sion of the facility, holds thc view watt hours but "the British Mill-' that it is as much a government tary Government cannot allow* the' liability as of Frederick city authorities of the Soviet zone or o f , inasmuch as the CAA gave its ap- the Soviet sector to decide how · prova! to ail plans, current is to be employed m the Plan Devised By Bourne British sector." ! The original plans for thc dcv- The American Air Force roared eiopmcnt. including the master into Berlin today with a new record Pa"- =t was recalled were prep- haul of food "and fuel for t h e ' a r e d by Thomas B. Bourne and Soviet-blockaded western sector? Associates, thc air engmcerini; con- of the citv sultants of Washington, who were On the"27th day of the British- retained by the City. American air lift. Dakotas and! Cost of t h c project. Reneraih Skymasters unloaded i.638 tons of j considered to be around $278.000 supplies in 2S5 flights to Tempclhof, SIVCS every indication of reaching airdrome ! a much greater figure, in view of Yorks. Dakotas and Sunder- j conditions since arisen, land flying boats of the Royal Air While disclaiming responsibility Force flew 150 flights into t h e i f o r an " alleged techniea! defects. British sector with an estimated! 1 R C City's engineering jiafT. prob- 546 ton; ' a b:!y from a standpoint of ethic.-Soviet police seized U\o A m e r i - j I S loath to place blame, if any. foi can ?,lilitary policemen in the! condition of the terrain at thc air- Sox-iet sector. The Provost Mar-; P° rt sitc - a s it pertains to fitness shal's office said they were Pvts. for grading, paving, etc.. e.spccialK Elwood E Dwinnel of Mabton Wash., and George G. Hunt of Camp. Ohio, w'ho had driven into the Soviet by mistake. The ! with re-=Dec! to runways. i Turner Bccins Work i In the meantime, other phases of the work continue R Patrick i Americans expected their release. Turner, this cUv. who holds thc contract for erection of the big Ad, ministration Building, began prc- ' iirmnary woik last Monday morn- IIIET His mer are now digging ihc footings for the .structure, prepara- Wholesale Prices At All-Time High Washington. July 22 ;?--Wholesale prices measured by Bureau or Labor Statistics pushed to an all time high today. Thc index lopped any previous figure in BLS records gol^r back to before 1800 The indev reached the new record fay adx'ancina: 1 3 percent for the week ended July 37. It rose to 168 9 percent of the 35C6 average At that point it != 2.2 percent above four weeks ago snc 12.4 percent over a year ago. The prior record for the wholesale index of more than 900 com- roodities in May. 1920. following the Srst -.vorid war. The in- GPX. then measured mor.thiy. wa^ 137^ The new index increase was csuscc by boosts of 32 percent for the week in average food prices and cr.c percent in average farm prices. Food -\ holesale prices -\ ere five percent higher than their highest " r:l ct point Jast January. During the ^-' r July 37 v.eek. meats advanced ".-harp!y.~ BLS said, -\vith pork five percer.t higher and mutton up 60 percent. Wholesale price increases f o r . 5ard. sugar, coffee and wheat flour j helped shove average food cr.ces' UD to a point 5.3 percent higher shars a month ago and 13.S percer.l ; higher than a year ago. ' tory to pouring the footings 0:1 which the masonry will be erected Mr. Turner's contract call* for She structure to be completed m four months f i o m thc date operations beer.i. Thc Weather Bureau w i l l also transfer i:* station there as soon Officials nnek Issue Althougi*. Wcci: c-;i.iy nistht's rcg- U'.TT 3:ieetir!c of ihc Mayor and Aldermen was marked by transaction of an u n u s u a l l y large amount of biiMttew-. Bsira!! brought the airport psoject before the Board la'.e m the se.--io;). He ·.m.'.ucces^ Bought to have the Siord reoi:e*-t Mr Russell to ap- ·icar even a: that late hour !o fui- iy apprire the Ci'y of cor.dilion^ ;: cor.";iar.y fsco^ ni ui effort to fulfill the grading and pa\:r.g con- r.Ti'r« ronter.t.on \v:;h ro- -pcct to thc airoort ha- con;istent- "v been t n a t it- c:a«-ificatmn is "oo ambsliou? for -i?e and e«poc ; .£' : y t! iocatson of Frederic"T):e fact remains a City of thf c geographical that :nc City COCPOX SALE . JJ-c Men's Work Socks I B fo-~?!c -!3c Child's Polo Shirts 3 for 9Sc 2.S Tennii; Shoes "5 C 2jc Jl-bber Heels " "V c · Dr. Lyons' lOc Tooth Powder 3c FREDERICK 5 10 41 South Market -- Open Evcain?s ' A N Y 6 OR S ROLL. FILM 35 DEVKI orrn .*. PRINTED 30 HOL'R SERVICE ALLEN'S MARKET 8, 2nd ST. MONEY TO LEAD Loan* up iff $t..JOO on t/onr AITO-FIRMTURE-SIGNATIRE-COMAKER. ETC. Doa't deprive yourself of the thing* you need any longer. Let a loan from ns straighten things out for you immediately. 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MacDii! officials declined to say how long the planes stopped here or hfj-A- many were in the crew. The Air Force planned such a project more than a year ago, but the proposal was turned down fay' the State Department at that time. I There '.\ ere reports that this country did not want to arouse Russia then by any display of U. S. air power. Today's announcement said the' flight now underway has the "concurrence of the State Department." , The announcement described the flight--which will fo eastward by way of the Azores, Africa. Asia. Japan and Alaska--as 4 "routine long distance training" operation. It has used the same language recently to describe missions ot B-29"s going to England and Germany. ESCAPEES CALGHT Railroad pohce at Brunswick on Thursday apprehended tv.-o nie:i who h=«d escaped from the Springfield State Hi-'y-Ui' at SykeiVille. James F. Hove. 46. Kit^mi'ier. and Marshall L Skipper. 73. 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