Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 31, 1942 · Page 3
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 3

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1942
Page 3
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||§y% : '^£$%;& r •' -"tfVv ; • '•""•'.-'.:•'•.• P^^^^i-;:^-. -<.: : --.^ - " -•-•••--• MORNMNG AVALANCHE _Lubbock, Ttxp^Tuesdoy, March 31, 1942 Oiaf 4343 For The jjileralizations For Family Expense Deductions Oh Irieonid taxes ISevefal Changes" ' Desirable CENTRAL AMERICAN COUNTRY ••''.•' (By The A«v>d»led Preu) 'WASHINGTON, March 30. — ' -The Treasury proposed today three ;• Jjberah'zations of the present fam- v ,Jiy expense deduction?, in comput- ' ,3ng individual income taxes: .-•-• >'- Randolph Paul, tax adviser to • -^Secretary Morgenthau, told the jHouse Ways and Means committee '. rthat "in view of the increases in • : -.Hax rates which the present situa- ' (tion necessitated" these changes "./t. iV/ould be desirable: ' [. Medical Expanses Deducted *•• *.'' "1, Medical expenses—a dednc- Jtion should be allowed for extraordinary medical expenses that are •Jn excess of a specified percentage of the family's net income. ,'The amount allowed under such a •deduction should, however, 'be limited to some specified maxi,~mum amount. i "2. Credit for dependent chil- ;drcn—the credit for dependent [children should be revised to sl- ilow a credit for children between 'the ages of 18 and 21 who are in ^attendance at school. j "3. Additional credit where wife earns income—where the wife 'works outside the home, additional .household exenses usually are incurred which are not present ;where the wife is able to devote | 'her full time to the maintenance ' , of the home. For this reason it Is suggested that an additional "| credit be provided as follows: There should be allowed as a • credit against the tax upon the 'family an amount equal to 10 per ; cent of the wife's earnings. Such, however, should not ex- •\ceed $100. A similar credit should \ be allowed where a person occu- Ipying the status of head of the 'family, such as a widow, works." ;Seventeen Births Are \ Reported Here During ; Past Week-End • Lubbock ana vicinity counted • 17 new residents over the week• end, seven of them Sunday and . Monday, the remainder late Fri,' day and Saturday. -; Births have been reported the ^.past two days for the following ; parents. i Mr. and Mrs. Vernon McCul- 7 lough of 2419 Twenty-eighth .'Btreet, a daughter weighing 8 y pounds three ounces at 4 o'clock VSunday afternooa in Lubbock *• General hospitaL The father is v employed by the Builders Lum- r.ber company. ^ Mr. and Mrs. C. B. McDonald of ..-.Eloydada, a son weighing 7 pounds > 13V5 ounces at 6:15 o'clock Sun°:day morning in West Texas hos- vpital. McDonald is an imnlement -- dealer. . : Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Holder of .'2132 Nineteenth street, a son i weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces at •• 9:50 o'clock Sunday night in West ; Texas hospital. Holder is a stu- .' dent of Texas Technological col- • lege. "." Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Meaders of ,2304 Eighteenth street, a daughter weighing 8 pounds at 11:25 • o'clock Sunday night in St. Mary's ' hospital. Mesders is purchasing -•agent for George P. Livermore, -: Inc. ;'.- Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Looney of Idalou, a son weighing 8 pounds '•5 ounces at 10:43 o'clock Sunday : night in West Texas hospital. The father is a farmer. ;' Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Hood of 319 '."Waco avenue, a son weighing 6 pounds.15 ounces at 12:22 o'clock •'Monday morning in West Texas hospitaL The father is employed .by Ben E. Keith companv. _...Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Peek of Lubbock route 2, a son weighing .7 pounds 5 ounces at 9:49 o'clock Sunday night in West Texas hospital. The father is a ginner. Mr. and Mrs. Owen E. Marcy of Lubbock route 6, a son weighting 9 pounds 4% ounces at 9:05 o clock Saturday night in West .Texas hospital. Marcy is a farmer. - Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Roberts of 1625 Seventh street, a son weighing 7 pounds one ounce at 11:10 o'clock Saturday morning in West Texas hospital. Roberts is employed by West Texas Gas company. R HA A Bfc B O N OR N Mygim DE w AR WO|R K ERR ftRE N Ef5S og HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted country. 8 Lyre-like musical instruments. 10 Waste allowances, 12 Clan symbol. 14 Companions. 16 Insects. 17 In addition, 19 Satan. 21 Type of canoe. 22 Disagree. 23 Injury. 45 Regimen •24 Very (Fr.), prescribed 25 Postscript (pi.), (abbr.). 46 Verse 26 Singing voice. compositions. 30 Measure of 48 Analyze e area. sentence. 31 Imitated. 49 The country 35 Portuguese was taken' by coins. the in 36 Its mountains 1524. have many Answer to Previous Puzzle OO N OR M N S'P,* Apij A1NY O E N 0 B.i £B£ EH O A fN 0 38 Decent. 40 Article. 42 Performer. 43 Untamed. VERTICAL 1 City of New York. 2 American Indians. 3 Dutch measure, 4 Tensile strength (abbr.). 5 Mountain (abbr.). 6 Limb. 7 Conducts. 8 Bear witness. 9 Rotating part of an electrical machine. 11 Disjoin. 12 Precept. 13 Behold! 15 Trigonomet- rical ratio. 16 Miles r«r hour (abbr.), 13'Poem. 20 Lieutenants (abbr.). 25 On the affirmative side. 2G Circle part. 2 7 Norwegian masculine name. 28 Red ocher. 29 Egyptian underworld god. 30 Hail! 31 Passageway. 32 Kind of cross. 33 Biblical name. .34 Drone bee'. 37 Landholder. 39 Source of artificial light. 41 Laughter sound. 44 Meadow. 45 Oriental dwelling. 47 Symbol for tin 48 Parent. Sadler Has Answer For Eledra Mayor On Question Of April Oil Production Slash (By Thf Ajscctat-d PKss) AUSTIN, March 30. — Member Jerry Sadler of the Railroad commission tcday made public an answer to Mayor T. Leo Moore of Electra who had taken issue with ttie commission's assertion that oil, men who protested the April crude production slash were motivated by dollars rather than patriotism. Chinaman Was Right In Thinking Bowling Ball Not Cricket ' NEW YORK, March 30. W> —With a bruised head and disc olored eye ; -Doo Hoc Dong, a Chinese, appeared in weekend court and stated his belief it was not cricket to use a 16-pound bowling ball as a weapon during a free- for-all fight. Agreeing, Mag islrate Thomas Aurelio added it not only wasn't cricket, but was also against the law, and thereupon held Joseph de Carlo, 20, in §500 bail for a hearing on a simple assault charge. Dong said, de Carlo took the ball from the alley where it - rightly belonged and bounced it off his (Don's) skull, where it didn't. "There Is a pipeline running from your district to Chicago," Sadler wrote the mayor, "and if you will place your mouth on one end of this pipeline . and suck as hard as you have been blowing in a short time you will have a canal excavated that will relieve the transportation problems caused by Axis submarines." Asking Sadler several questions, the mayor said he was giving his salary back to the city and that citizens in his area had "built and created what we have by hard work." He added "we hate to sec'oit go down with the stroke of a pen." Sadler answered that for three years he had paid his own expenses in traveling more than 6,000 miles monthly by plane in efforts to "help the working man, the oil operators" and to aid "those in Washington interested in the .welfare of our state and nation." The commissioner asserted the Federal Bureau o'f Mines selected the oil fields which, providing crude suitable for aviation fuel, were permitted to flow more oilthan others. Wild rice is said to flourish in England, along roadsides and ir the harbors of the sea. Court Agrees To Review Penalty 'Sr The United Press! WASHINGTON, Mar. 30—The Supreme Court today agreed to review a lower court decision unconstitutional the 49-ccnt pen- , altyon wheat marketed in excess j of AAA quotas. A special thr^e-judge federal court in Ohio earlier this month held the penalty invalid in a suit brought by a group of Montgomery county farmers against the local AAA administrator and Ser> r e t a r y of Agriculture Claude Wickard. In Effect Last Year The 49-cent penalty was put into effect May 26, 1941. The oen- alty previously had been 15 cents. The lower court held in a split decision that since wheat crops had been planted prior to that date the penalty was retroactive and in violation of the constitutional prohibition against taking property without due nrocess of law. Under current law, penalties are not assessed on marketed wheat grown on the AAA allotted acreage or on wheat grown on acreage in excess of the allotment if total production does not exceed the normal production for the al- loted acreage. DRILLING DEEP TEST HOUSTON, March 3C. (U.R) — Thf: South Texas Development company No. 1 oil well in the Lake Creek area of Montgomery county drilled below 12,259 feet today in an attempt to. prove the deepest production in the upper Texas coastal sector; The well is a project of Superior Oil company. EPIDEMIC IS UNABATED AUSTIN, March 30. </P> — A measles epidemic which has gripped the state continued unabated the week ending March 21, the state health department has announced.. . Department officials reported 2,363 cases over Texas as compared to a seven-year median of 481. Astronomers located 12 new comets in 1939. DIAL 5715 PUT YOUR MOVING And STORAGE Problems In Our Hands Want your furniture moved lo an- oiher city? Want it stored for the duration? Our many years of moving and storage service are your best assurance that your possessions will be' carefully handled — and insured — when we do ihe job. • Lubbock Transfer & Storage Co 701 - 10th St. Dial 5715 HEIRS LOSE DECISION WASHINGTON, March 30 (/P)— The heirs of John Dunn, who leased oil and gas lands to the Natural Gas company, which sold gas to Corpus Christi and the Houston Gulf Gas company, fail- d today to obtain a Supreme ourt review of a decision deny- ng them recovery of the market •alue of gas taken by the utility Buy A Defense Bond TODAYl FIRESTONE Electric Refrigerators $116.95 $159.95 $179.95 Buy Now While Stock Is Available! TERMS HOME. AUTO SUPPLY AND SERVICE STORE ; Bill Slater. Mgr. ' 13th and Ave. L Phone 558 Specialist In Disorder! of ihe Foot DR. HARSHWL HARVEY " CHIROPODIST U09 AVE. K. PH. 73*1 New Plymouth Motors $110.00 Fenner Tubbs Co. 10th At L, Phone 2-2111 WOULD ALLOW VOTE WASHINGTON, March 30. (U.R) —Rep. James M. Barnes, D. IU., today introduced a joint resolution to permit members of the armed forces to vote • in the November elections. to jet other wells. The case was appealed from the fifth federal circuit court. HmBULfliUE WEST TEXAS LARGEST Cold Fur Storage ANNOUNCES THE ADDED PROTECTION OF LETHOL GAS . . It Slops All Bacteria Decay BRAY'S TYPEWRITERS FOR RENT W. P. B. has released leitrictioru on renJal ol used Typewiif/srsJ THE BAKER CO. Printing And Office Equipment Hth And Av2. J Lubbock. Texas. Dial 8516 In wartime, ADVERTISING performs even greater services for you 17 Xor all of us, life is different from what it used to-be. All of us are busy with war work and war problems. All of us are pressed for time. All of us are watching our expenditures more carefully than ever. Anything that saves us time and energy and money performs a very vital service today. Advertising does that. In days like these, advertising performs even greater services for us than in normal times. In days like these, especially, we are thankful that we have advertising to rely upon. It gives us up-to-date and re'ilable buying news.. .something which we need today more than ever before. • It tells us of new products and services... new prices, new uses, new sizes, new containers. It advises us on how to economize, how to conserve what we have...and how to cooperate with the government's war program. It instructs us on what to do to protect our lives and our homes in case of emergency. It lets us know what the manufacturers of rationed products are doing to help win the war. • Above all else, it maintains the flow of available goods from producer to consumer... and in doing this, advertising not only makes it possible for millions of people to keep their jobs in factories, stores, and offices, but also protects, for the peacetime years to come, the high standards of American life ...Advertising, which has served you and ihe nation so wdl in the- past, is serving you and the nation, even better today. LUBBOCK MORNING AVALANCHE * The Bureau o/ Advertising *fr American Newspaper Publishers Association ft of which this newspaper is a member ft

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