The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 6, 1956 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1956
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

Friday, .Tuly 6. 1056 National League Kace Ws!d One &uii Page 7 Your Team The SUN )5y FKKIS [>O\V.\ '(•ititrd J'ri-ss Spurts Writer Stan lliick's Chicago Cubs won't win the- National League potman! this year but it looks like they'll have a lot to say jihmit v.-ho does r:omo out on top in the eraxy. The circuit's "sad saek" team the .Memorial Day milestone, the Cubs iKH'e developed into official "spoiler's" with a 20-M price since June 1 that's topped only by the Brooklyn Dodgers' 2111 rate since that date. And, in the last, week they've Inken five of eifrht games from the Milwau- kee Braves. St. Louis Cardinals Valenttiu-ui limited the Braves and Cincinnati Kedlegs. to throe hits in •! J-o innings but The Cubs made it three out of had to retire with a strained lig- their last five with the Braves ameut in his left knee when he last nighi when Vito ValoniineHi collided with \\'cs Cnvington in a aiKl .Jim Crosnaa eoll;\bora.ted in play a; the plate in the fifth in- a four-hil. 7-1 triumph. The loss ning. Jim Brosnan, whose only kiioeUed the Bra.ves out of first other vieUn-y wv.s over the Bruves phice and enabh'\l the idle 'Red- on May 30. held them to one hit less to take over' the top rung' by the rest of the way to receive three percentage points. credit for the win. Eddie .Miksis homered to snap a ilaney's mini! that his "honey- 1,-t tie with two out in the sevvnlh moon" as manager of the Braves inning and the Cubs went on io ;•• over. The Braves reeled oil' II tally four more runs to so'.v up;hl vietori. s when li.iney loo It tile game. Hobie l.aadrilh and over but have lost seven oi 1 their Bi'esnan singled in Hie wake ol las! 1! i;:,mis dui'iri:; wlueh they .Miksis' liomer and Don Moak fol- have svoreii a. ;oiai of .'iii inns, lowed with :i double, iler.e I-!;ikei' In 'he American l.eane.,., the singled h.oii!e two runs and *iiolh- New York Y a n U e ( . s slr:'lehed er "fnllii-il on 0<.v !•';>:!.ly's doulii-. iheir lea;! over the i Me i'.-i..,:-o The loss lei't little doubt in Kred \Vhile Sox lo four game- when STARTING ROLE - - - - By Alan Mover Buffs 4 1 /2 00/7765 Quf . . . PAUL FOYTACK. Scotch Rli.K !'r. Kii.S 1'r. Scotch <•. r 75 - £ ' ~> §195 a !.W. HARPER ^49 J'.oiul V BOND ILL s _ 89 Knit. ISoiirliim "2 C Vrs. (>l(l -. COUNTY FAIR $139 G Vrs. (>lil. .Sli !'r. I'.icml of 7 Vrs. Olil Straighls $ 69 STILLBROOK $339 .J Vrs. Old. ,S('p .J'ruof.... OLD SARATOGA s 3 29 Rii i'P., n Yr-;. oiii IMPERIAL 5^15 S(> 1'r. 7(1','. (i.\S *** WALKER'S GIN 90 Proof 100% GNS $ 015 0 BAYTOWN'S OLDEST LIQUOR DEALER PACKAGE STORES 2511 MARKET 14 N. MAIN 1908 N. MAIN they defeated !he Boston lied Sox. the !:,.,! Ko\ to Sever, luls to win '•' 1. and lire 1' e t r o i t Tigers his IMth game eutiioared lo four vri|);«>ii a M - -aie.e home Ii MM- U»Si s. The triumph vv is the Van- ••iroaU witii a i:;7 triumph over lavs' ninth ia their lasl II games !!;>' l' : -vi l.n'-J |I;.|.;K;,.-. MV...V liiey dr..;-j><\! four s!iai.;h! il.l .McDoii'ald ,;r,.\e m !'.,nc u , „„. \ v!h; ,. ,,,,, Thi.' T;i!ei•.-. ie. ei-c.ime a I it dei • •I' :>!!•]' ho;r.. r !o ihe i'n>t -a am-; io MIM! I'eb I..':uo;i an,:l piv- ser.l Kt.u'u-. i.aiy wilii Ins I'il'Oi win "' *!'•>• yr;ir, I.ary .'.l-u yieide.l n tluve.niu homer to AI Kosea bm '.'.•as touched lor onlv three oilier By CNiTKI) 1'IIKSS way-; Thursday wiih 1'dlas ed ; The Ti'.\ns league virtually has ing AliMin. .'i In '.': llousMn dowu developed into a throe-way race in;;- 'I'us:. .'! lo I and Ihe h'oi; with third-place Fort Worth only Worth Cats mvreommg San An- six games back of the Pallas toniu 7 to '-'. Eages who top the sfuidings. j,, ,i,,, ,,(!,,>,. leaor.o gallic Tb.urs- In between, llonsion is se.-und ilay. Uie Oklahoma City Indians. only four anil one-half games oil' almost hopeies-ly iiehind :>! "ii 1 '! the leagiio-leading Katies. l!ul games in the hole, finally wen from there, the fourth [vi- over Shreveport. V to ,'! sition takes a sudden drop. Han ,\ t ]iai|.-e: the l-:a"1es scored Antonio stood IT names out ol t| 1r ,. e ,., ms j,, ( |,,, fonrih inniim' and first today. w ;,|, ,1,,. six .^ , M!l .! U ni: ef Fcr- Tlie thrive top teams, moan- n'mdo ICi'idrivviU'/' overcame ihe while. continued their winning Austin .Senaiois l'!ill Tosheff. who i, 11 .-* $!jj*d&k 'i'he liters poua.le.! ••.>;! M hit.,' i^V* i:! ,.:,.,.;„,, : , i,,,,,.,.,. L V Ha r ve -, *iaS W S 6 •% .... i ...-.,.;. l\ J ae;:a, ap'l e:'Mp'ei! in a -a\ MUI. •li'-a piiehcd s:v i::: ball. \va-. ilie -..'''uiiLl leain;: i \!'.\~ ai:u a h\'e nui. v;er. il'.ird ir.miiv. eiai-ui'yl. Toiii ll'l.'.he-: taimi'd seven men 'or 'i'i;': -: r and was char ::ed wilii the less l-'i'rl \Vor-iir> C,.is s:,ei :.I.VI.M .'e,r.'-.,'eii; I \.' ihl.., in id.. I'Mlh in iaiif; ::[ aiehia;! si>. runs ia lhai fiamc lo easily di'feal Sin Ani •. < i i i > . PITTSBURGH il'Pi— What e/'.y on a three week road Hip happens io a l,i;; league ball . 1|V ,. ., ,|isa-;lroiis home ". •,,,,! ,,, team xvi'ien its oiieiiia" finds, its , , , ' . , ,. - waien ihev won onlv six i>ame> hiltine' lades and n. 1 , fi-'ldim; 111111- blen all Hi the sam,. ;;ia,-" Tahe ^ v!ll! '' \"--'-'V I" 1 exhibit "A"--the piUsii'ir-h i 1 ;- In a de-.pera|e mo\e to pi.ii Vali!.", Ihe !.'a!.-,:;i'Y; i.'iaile;ela (earn i"i! Three weeks agi.. .Mana^"!- I'.ob. -n ii.-, .-.lump I-IIMIMII wenl lo le- by Bi'agan's bouiu in' l-:ii.-e;!iiei.!s liened. He haxi a second baseman blew into town on •'• wave of fan pit-'hin;; rellel. a i.'ilcher on lir.t fare a half-game in the N.-ilional and a leu iieldrr i-iaying thud. League lead. In fifth plaee and i'.ut the e!o, I; struck iweive and Ot so bluslery. they departed to- uotliing secoied lo help. :.! Don't Sweat Over Your Dirty Car! i ' '.j You Need A \^ MINUTE ''^fv.v'5 CAR WASH ~ AT . . . ATTENTION HOME OWNERS! UT. n:<iK vor TO t'llMr'K on; I'KK'KS O\ ALUMINUM AWNINGS BEFORE YOU BUY C:dl I > IMII- !•>,••> On-Tlii'-Joli I'Jsliinnte. Jill's. i«o %=> Jusf What Is s f Easy KOCiCV'ORT — iSp.)-- A judge's job is no '.' one aceordiav; 1 to planners of ihe uj.'eoming l ; 't'',M'l>ort- Kotkport fishing boat, marathon, rtphiduli-d for Aug. 1.1th. The rule* committee, they say, did some tall head .scratching heforr they finally eame nil with o .satisfactory definition of what constitutes an outboard fishing boat. "V.'hile you can always get an argument. I hat you can fish from any boa!,'' said Fred Palmer of Frceport, "its equally true that a real til-bins' boat for these waters has certain recognized qualities apparent to anyone who know.s anything about boats. Generally speaking, a fishing boa I should hove ample beam n ml depth to negotiate roii'Th wafer, and has a more or less, straight .sheer or rising shoe!' line, some flan; forward, .and mi interruption in the bottom planing surfaces. No non-trip chines or «;cp bottoms miaUfy and we do not think thai uar.snm jacli'j are a necessary part of fish- boat equipment. Of course there aiy ai'.vays borderline cases in di'ie'Tuining whether a boat is a fishing type or not, ro we drew up a measurement chart, Covering the \'a.".ous i lasses." *i The chart Palmer rt.-foi'a to i.s ini'huled in the mit-.s for the nice which may I,"-.' obtained from citlicr •]•),,. Braxosport BO;XL Club 105 ^^ _,., ^^ n; . f ' ,; 0 ,| c port Owmhcr of. u, mm R O(;kpo ,... TcSiW . ; ALUMINUM AWNINGS -^ Givct y«or 'round protadiort . , , Won't 103, rot, or Itqr . . . Fir*. pioqf and ruitpmoF . . . Proltcu J^. droptl, (urnl!ur» and llotki . . . tlirn!not«» "Hol-AIr" potliel., ;' SoVsd on .nom.l colon . . . Coin V£ no mor« . . . loth o lif s .|l m ». THAD P. FENELON illll tirr.stm.m Dial 3- HO!) |j v (".\r|'KO I'KKSIS AnieHcan Team Now York Chieapi Cleveland Boston Baltimore Detroit. Washington Kansas City W L l'c(. GIJ -1926 .(!53 ... -)2 27 .(>0fl •! 4230 .5S3 W-. :17 35 .. r )M V)\-\ 3S -10 .5-12 .15 .11 •!] ..131 Ifi'i 31 47 .337 10 'i 27 -til .37021 ;«?CTCTiJM3jTOaBric*^J!C3iW6nq^ Announcing fee Opening ©f MARKET STREET ROAD— WOOSTER Lsrge sand Small Animal Practice 8:30 A.M.—12:00 NOON; 2 P.M.—6 P.M. Office Phone 2006 Residence Phone 5016 HEMRY C. DISMUKES. D.V.M. Tln.rsilay\ Results N"''*' Vork li Boston 1 list) Adroit. ™ Cleveland 7 >"'W^ork at Uostor, (2nd. ppd.. '""J'J scheduled.) • • 1,-^ne • •11 oil .577 .. ,"f( 2il .."7-1 ' •ID :;a .r,7i i 37 3l! .fil'17 5 .",i :i5 Am fi .",0 ,"S ,.|.|.t !!' "0 41 .'12" 11 US -10 .111! ]P I'.rooklyn Si. Louis Pittsburgh Philadelphia Xew York Thursday's KesiilK 1-^i'ooHlyn at Xew York, night, ppd. rain. Chicago 7 Milwaukee 1 fnighi) i Only games schi.-dnled.l TKXAS I,I;A<;I:I; Team \V i. I'd, (il! Pallas "iS I'fl .liC.7 ... Hoiisti^n :*)« .TJ .IJ19 -t 1 Fort. Worth ... .71 31 .600 fi S-in Antonio ... -Kl •!. r i .-171 17 Austin -HI 'in .'MO in Tulsa :» <!S .'14S HI Shreveport 37 -IS .-tHa 10 Oklahoma City 27 a!) .:!M 30U 'I'lnii-sdav's IJcsulls Dallas ::. Austin 2. Hoiislon o. Tulsa I. Oklahoma C'ily 7. ShrevcjXM't 3. Fort Worth 7. San Antonio 1, Plumwood Addition OPEN FOR INSPECTION DAILY $11 Jn«A $ *& rt/Pno/ ^* i 100% ©I AND GIV-No Down Payment! OTfl,Y A I--KW LF.PT ON THESE TERMS Baytov/n's Most Exclusive Addition... All Brick toies... Paved Streets, Sidewalks, Cwrfos and Gutters We Are Just Starting IB NEW HOMES Bay Mow a nd Pick Your Colors COME BY AND SEE DOC RSCHARDSON BROWN BOUT HOMES, INC., DEVELOPERS & BUILDERS Drive North on Hwy. 146 to East Fayic ... East on r-ayie to Oa!» fr'.orth or. Dale i wo Blocks to Field Offic« PHONES 8429—or HOUSTON HU 6-1083 • 'M 'iTvn (i ?''):.•,':i ;j.jr 1 :'j,:;:,r KiviorcJ TS 7 n AT s IN IT lor you — ii \ on step on I. ^ TS * ' ;IIH! liny a 195(i Huick right uovv. J \"\ r cll, first ol ail — I lie: lime is right. Right now, your present car is at i! peak \vorlli. And, will) the, whole simiiiier am.1 aiir- >s. hall of T)f"i .still aheaij ol you, you i! gel SiioiX' enjoyment out o! a spirited nc\v Buick this year — ii you hi.iv now. Oecond, tiieres the matter ol how much more automobile your money h;;\ -: MI !!;e best litiick vet. \\'c Irl! t/ott fltillij iJutl utnrlicrc, hul in a for M> lil.llf. bii;ilij. i'"or c.\;uii|)lc, Jaki'- (lie licanlroiis iii" ~><> Hnick Si'Kf.iAi. piclnrcfl liciv. I( s OIK- lift; n-itMiii why ijuirk iin\\ - ranks in the (<•>}) thn-c oi Ainci'ifii's i;i",l-st.-llin!.; <.-;i!'s. Ycl. ijini'll find it jiricrd. fi^lit <:lo\<' la I lie u:i,:l[-l<uoicn Mritillci' rni':>. \ iial sure makes 15inck a \vha!(.' o! a l-i', iii (',>..}' lor ihe niiiiicy. And look: Nouh'Tr hu! in a }'•!'>(> linick can \CMI ge! the: iilitioluii.: .\!not>l!int:.\N ami tlir: clcclril yini; pcrii'irrnaucc ul I?nick's (ri'rific nr\v \arialile Pilch Dynallou.' ; \i.i\\ here c-Kc can \'DII °;c! liic olirdicnt ri.'spiiiisiM'ncss ol I5nick '-; hiij; and niii'lily in'\v •')^J-cni)ic-inch \'8 cn.uinc. Or I'nick •; n<",v liandliii'4 ca^t• and '•\ cr- lev 'id n'dc l)ii!:\a:i( \'-- -or Huick .s bold nev s\\'ccp-ahead slylin^, and snlidily nl sli'iiclnre, and stretch-out i'i K mimes-;. Add i! all up and ihe answer comes out ihe s.une. ;uiv \',av \DII figure it: \uws lltr lime In haij I/OKI' l'-i~yfi Knick. \\'iil '.'on come in — belorc anoliier sun .-.els — and '^c[ set wilii \'onr !>es{ \t\\\ \'ctr* AIFJCOr4DITIONINQ at « COOL NEW LOW PRICE It tools, filers, dt^'j-inifipv. Gf t t-S^aion Comfort in your new Eu.ik "Hh g FRIOIDAIRE CONDITIONING •" MCKIc GLEASON J : ON r^ U BETTER AUTOMOatlFS ARF. BUILT BbiCK Will SUll.n THEM' 2800 MARKET STPEET fit BAYTOWN

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